Ramsgate Parish Register Extracts from 1901

St Lawrence Burials 1919-20


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Date First Name(s) Last Name Age Abode Comments
1st January Edith Laura REDSTONE 42 32 Tansfield Road, Sydenham  
6th January Mary Ann BRISTOW 65 75 Byron Road, Margate  
14th January Stephen DANTON 73 17 Bloomsbury Road  
15th January Ann FOAT 98 Sates House, The Elms  
16th January Rebecca SAUNDERS 55 Gardeners Cottage, West Cliff House  
28th January Elizabeth Beatrice WILSON 28 1 Princess Avenue  
28th January Sarah Lydia BEER 53 General Hospital, Ramsgate  
12th February Jane SHEPHERD 81 54 Chapel Road  
1st March Kathleen Edith MAPLE 3 New Farm Cottages, Minster Lane, Minster  
18th February Florence Emily PETLEY 46 General Hospital, Ramsgate  
6th March John William BROOKS 59 Flvelen, Southwood Road  
5th March Sarah Fanny FISHER 75 103 Southwood Road  
27th March Horace Miles Benton BEEVOR 68 Glantony, Sellinge  
5th April William TOTTMAN 33 Royal Naval Hospital, Gillingham  
9th April Frederick CALTHROP 73 3 Black Cottages, Haine  
10th April Lucy Ann SAUNDERS 89 130 Grange Road, St Lawrence  
10th April Emma Ann SAYER 75 42 Bloomsbury Road, St Lawrence  
28th April Julia Fanny FLEMING 93 83 Grange Road, Ramsgate  
28th April Emma TERRY 70 60 High Street, St Lawrence  
26th June Thomas TUCKER 71 3 Chilton Villas, St Lawrence  
30th July Robert Nethersole SPRATLING 87 74 Edith Road  
14th August George William LARKINS 53 128 Southwood Road, St Lawrence  
20th August James DUNK 54 Napleton Road  
19th September Lucy KNELL 73 5 Vicarage Cottages, St Lawrence  
29th September Mary Frances ELLIOT 56 West Cliff House, St Lawrence  
2nd October Hannah FOSTER 81 7 Chilton Terrace, St Lawrence  
11th October Elizabeth MURRAY 87 23 Seafield Road, St Lawrence  
27th October John BANGER 67 Meeting Street, Ramsgate  
31st October Mary Jane AUSTEN 67 The Stables, Old Lane, Bayham Road, Sevenoaks  
1st November Winifred Caroline EMPTAGE 33 Hill House, Minster  
13th November Thomas SNOWDEN 91 Grove End, Grange Road  
11th December Frances Anna BROOK 85 101 West Cliff Road, Ramsgate  
18th December Caroline HARNETT 93 174 Grange Road, St Lawrence  
Date First Name(s) Last Name Age Abode Comments
7th January Henry George GARDNER 50 53 Chapel Road, St Lawrence  
29th January James CURTIS 55 139 Southwood Road, St Lawrence  
31st January Mary Ann HORNE 73 6 Denmark Road  
3rd February John BROWN 87 41 Sonerlegton Road, Brixton  
4th February Edward Austin FORWOOD 77 3 Liverpool Lawn, Ramsgate  
4th February Frederick Albert SAYER 2 months Spratling, St Lawrence  
5th February William JOHNSON 90 88 Grange Road, St Lawrence  
12th February Frances Mary COLES 81 Upnor, 60 Vale Road, Ramsgate  
28th February Gladys Florence Emily PETLEY 15 39 High Street, St Lawrence  
2nd March Peter Ravenhill WHITEMAN 4 4 Newington Terrace, St Lawrence  
6th March Susan Anne STROUD 70 62 Vale Road, Ramsgate  
13th March Ernest Arthur STOCK 51 20 Duncan Road, Ramsgate  
19th March Edwin John PITCHER 78 4 Elms Avenue, Ramsgate  
27th March Gartees PARKIN 52 1 Berisford Road, Ramsgate  
3rd April Ellen PARAMOR 45 1 Allens Cottages, Northwood  
3rd May Edward MOYS 70 75 Southwood Road, St Lawrence  
6th May John Thomas FOSTER 80 65 Vale Road, Ramsgate  
27th May Sarah HUXSTEP 84 48 Church Street, St Peters  
10th June Eliza JULL 82 4 High Street, St Lawrence  
16th June Sophia COOK 84 Salen, Cliffsend, St Lawrence, Extra  
2nd July Ellen Wellman DANTON 67 Hill House, Minster  
26th July Elizabeth Mary MAPLE 40 General Hospital, Ramsgate  
4th August Edmund PARAMOR 78 Northwood  
3rd September John HICKMAN 8 months General Hospital, Ramsgate  
28th September Eliza Maria SHAW 76 96 Southwood Road, St Lawrence  
4th October Jane Emily UPSDELL 85 Hill House, Minster  
9th October Ernest Harry MATTHEWS 5 weeks 31 Lorne Road, St Lawrence  
9th October William Stanley MATTHEWS 6 weeks 31 Lorne Road, St Lawrence  
13th October Mary Ann SPAIN 90 Hill House, Minster  
14th October Robert Green LONG 65 Hill House, Minster  
21st October Elizabeth SETTERFIELD 82 Hill House, Minster  
28th October Harry ALLEN 41 2 Mill Cottage, Newington  
28th October Kathleen Ellen COOK 7 34 Seafield Road, St Lawrence  
30th October Thomas William HOUGHAM 78 26 High Street, St Lawrence  
10th November James FRIEND 39 3 Chilton Farm Cottages, St Lawrence  
24th November Mary Ann BOND 70 67 Seafield Road, Ramsgate  
29th November Jane Rebecca SAXBY 86 23 Camden Road, Ramsgate  
9th December Frances BARBOUR 89 10 Herbert Road, St Lawrence  
14th December May ROGERS 31 42 Chapel Road, St Lawrence  
16th December Martha Ann STEWART 66 Hill House, Minster  
16th December Cyril Stanley GOLDSMITH 4 days 26 Grosvenor Road, St Lawrence  
17th December Lewis James HOLNESS 64 1 Red Cottages, Haine  

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