Ramsgate Parish Register Extracts from 1901

St Lawrence Burials 1915-16


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Date First Name(s) Last Name Age Abode Comments
2nd January Ernest SHERSBY 33 Street Farm, St Nicholas at Wade  
12th January Oliver SMITH 28 3rd London General Hospital  
17th February Harriet WEBB 92 Infirmary Thanet Union  
18th February Harold Frederick Warner COURT 19 months 79 Chapel Road, Ramsgate  
4th March Mary ALLARDYCE 80 7 Vernon Place, Canterbury  
15th March Jane APPLETON 67 Black Cottages, Whitehall, Ramsgate  
29th March Edith Lilian ROBINS 18 Wood Farm Cottages, Manston  
31st March George KING 74 6 Paragon, Ramsgate  
3rd April Emma Gertrude HIGGINS 48 Kirkdale, Chilton, St Lawrence  
13th April Jane WEBB 77 72 Grange Road, Ramsgate C E PAntram - Minister Ellington Union Chapel
19th April Stephen Robert PAGE 81 3 Lily Terrace, Herbert Road, Ramsgate  
22nd April William George FINNIS 24 The Asylum, Chartham  
23rd April John William WEST 73 Infirmary Thanet Union  
3rd May Winifred Daisy PETLEY 7 months 13 High Street, St Lawrence  
8th May Elizabeth LONG 66 41 Winstanley Crescent, St Lawrence  
8th May Henry Clarence Edward POINTER 19 27 High Street, St Lawrence  
11th May Fanny Maria HUGHES 56 Cliffs End, St Lawrence  
13th May Julia Sarah Elizabeth LANGRIDGE 3 134 Southwood Road, St Lawrence  
15th May Charles ADAMS 32 Danescliffe Cottage, St Lawrence  
20th May William John SAUNDERS 56 47 Chapel Road, St Lawrence  
24th May John JOHNSON 79 127 Southwood Road, St Lawrence  
26th May George DANTON 65 1 Southwood Road, Ramsgate  
29th May Annie Elizabeth JARVIS 43 47 Ashburnham Road, St Lawrence  
2nd June Sophia Ellen PHILPOTT 86 15 Denmark Road, Ramsgate  
9th June Florence Emily BROWN 6 weeks Fleet Brickfield  
12th June Louisa Florence WOODWARD 38 2 Lily Terrace, Herbert Road, St Lawrence  
14th June Avice Wells HUBBARD 69 6 Gordon Street, London  
16th June Laura Emily MOODY 53 22 Ashburnham Road, St Lawrence  
19th June Barbara Ann COADE 69 4 Thanet Cottage, Northwood, Ramsgate  
1st July Eliza POMEROY 85 3 Clifton Road, St Lawrence  
7th July Anne DAVIS 80 8 Prospect Terrace  
9th July Robert William BAKER 66 1 Field Terrace, Chilton, St Lawrence  
10th August Alfred William MIRAMS 26 37 Seafield Road, St Lawrence  
20th August John LAWRENCE 60 9 Bellevue Cottages, Ramsgate  
4th September John FORD 86 78 Grange Road, St Lawrence  
10th September Robert DONNELLY 72 12 St Mildreds Road, St Lawrence  
10th September John KNIGHT 7 2 Laurel Villas, Chilton, St Lawrence  
11th September George FISHER 27 days 3 Vicarage Cottages, St Lawrence  
11th September Henry William DADD 20 Kent & County Hospital, Canterbury  
13th September Hannah WILLMOTH 40 6 Bay View Villas, Manston Road, St Lawrence  
22nd September Robert Morris COLLIER 61 The Royal Hotel, Bangor  
30th September Louisa HAWKES 27 Preston Villa, Manston  
6th October Jane MAXTED 89 2 Black Cottage, Haine  
13th October Arthur BRENCHLEY 60 Upper Court Cottage, St Lawrence  
13th October Louisa Rose HAWKES 18 days Preston Villa, Manston  
23rd October Alice MONEY 70 57 Vale Road, Ramsgate  
29th November Raymond REDWOOD 15 days Manston  
1st December George PIDDUCK 76 Manston  
3rd December Anne CORNISH 84 Kenilworth, Edith Road, St Lawrence  
11th December Richard HOLMANS 68 8 Grosvenor Road, St Lawrence  
22nd December Ellen HEARNE 61 2 Newington Terrace, St Lawrence  
24th December Thomas JONES 71 132 Grange Road, St Lawrence  
29th December William Isaac WALL 34 3 Tilbury Villas, Whitehall, St Lawrence  
Date First Name(s) Last Name Age Abode Comments
1st January Frederick William KNIGHT 12 39 Ashburnham Road, St Lawrence  
8th January Ann RYE 85 57 Chapel Road, St Lawrence  
12th January Victor Charles WOODWARD 11 128 Southwood Road, St Lawrence  
12th January Esther Jane MOORE 33 Cliffs End, St Lawrence  
27th January Clara Jane SETTERFIELD 55 4 Chilton Villas, Chilton, St Lawrence  
3rd February Margaret Alice PATTISON 16 General Hospital, Ramsgate  
10th February Matthew GRIGGS 87 12 High Street, St Lawrence  
17th February Emily HOLLOWAY 71 2 Clarendon Gardens  
19th February Louisa BUSHELL 51 Venice, Ellington, St Lawrence  
24th February Sarah BURLEY 73 1 Newington Cottages C Stanley Pite - Vicar Reculver & Hoath
6th April Alexander William PEDDAR 40 43 High Street, St Lawrence  
28th April Mary Ann GIFFORD 53 38 Chapel Road, St Lawrence  
28th April Eliza LAWRENCE 79 Infirmary Thanet Union  
6th May Sarah WINKETT 60 20 Vale Square, Ramsgate  
8th May Sarah Emma HARNETT 79 Rosslyn, Southwood Road  
22nd May Edward LONGLEY 78 1 Broad Street, Deal  
18th June Lilian Margaret LENNON 3 142 Southwood Road, St  Lawrence  
19th June James Curtis HORNE 62 64 High Street, St Lawrence  
23rd July Bertha Frances SMITH 44 59 Grange Road, Ramsgate  
14th August Ann Maria LINCOLN 84 50 High Street, St Lawrence, Ramsgate  
22nd August Ellen Amelia PEYTON 60 4 Beatrice Villas, Ellington Road, Ramsgate  
2nd September Edith SIMMONS 36 2 Salisbury Terrace, Haine  
7th October Ann Lee FURE 82 20 Claremont Gardens, St Lawrence  
26th October Mary Ann LAURENCE 60 38 Flora Road, Ramsgate  
30th October Eliza MEASDAY 75 1 Preston Villas, Manston  
3rd November Emily PINKER 69 30 St Mildreds Road  
13th November Maria JOHNSON 74 Infirmary Thanet Union  
17th November Susanna MASTERS 92 10 Guildford Lawn, Ramsgate  
18th November Ernest Thomas HEADECH 49 1 Napletons Road, Ramsgate  
25th November William BAILEY 69 Blean Union Workhouse, Herne  
29th November Hillman FENNER 75 148 Southwood Road, St Lawrence  
23rd December Ethel Annie ELMORE 32 41 Townley Street, Ramsgate  

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