Ramsgate Parish Register Extracts from 1901

St Lawrence Burials 1911-12


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Date First Name(s) Last Name Age Abode Comments
31st January Aileen Frances Edith BANGER 20 Hazelberg, Pegwell, St Lawrence  
6th February William Edward REDWOOD 8 months 2 Pegwell Avenue, St Lawrence  
11th February Horace Burt PARAMOR 13 months 1 Allen Cottages, St Lawrence  
14th February John ATKINS 3 days Cliff Cottage, Westcliff Road, Broadstairs  
17th February Daisy CURTIS 11 months 1 Cannon Cottages, St Lawrence  
25th February Sarah Ann WELCH 5 days 31 Chapel Road, St Lawrence  
25th February William WATTS 85 Woodlands, St Mildreds Road  
13th March Thomas Hatton CRAMP 41 6 Court Lodge Cottages, Churchham Sholden  
14th March Frances Teresa HOLLAND 91 20 Broad Street, Ramsgate  
30th March Mercy Alice HUCKSTEP 49 General Hospital, Ramsgate  
8th April Thomas James HUDSON 51 Haine  
13th April Frederick John AMOS 5.5 months 6 King Edward Road, St Lawrence  
18th April Mary Ann SPAIN 81 7 Vicarage Cottages, St Lawrence  
25th April Mary Ann ACOCK 75 Thanet Union Minster  
25th April Alfred BEEVERS 57 Northwood  
27th April Harriet Louisa SPAIN 36 Newington Villas, St Lawrence  
28th April Catharine GIBBS 86 Griffin Cottage, Ash  
4th May Alfred William DANTON 59 Cottage Hospital, Margate  
29th April Jane JOW - 23 Picton Road, Ramsgate C E PAntram - Minister Ellington Union Chapel
1st June Louisa APPS 29 Manston  
7th June Harriett ALLERTON 74 Thanet Union Minster  
20th June Mary HEMBERT 74 19 St Mildreds Road  
21st June Henry MAPLES 73 The Slopes, Bengro, Hertford  
12th July Cecil Gray MAYHEW 51 15 Edith Road, St Lawrence  
13th July Henry Arthur BRILL 44 1 Clarence Gardens, St Lawrence  
28th July Thomas SCOTT 78 The Asylum, Chartham  
29th July Mary Ann FOAD 78 Thanet Union Minster  
10th August Hannah June PILCHER 72 14 Herbert Road, St Lawrence  
12th August William BINGHAM 74 6 Queens Avenue, Newington, St Lawrence  
12th August Evelyn Winifred HATHERILL 1 month Philpotts Cottages, Haine  
17th August Charles William Hearn PITCHER 8 months 6 Catherine Terrace, St Lawrence  
18th September Alice TERRY 59 Woodbrin Cottage, Manston G E O R Forde - Wesleyan Methodist Minister
19th September Laura Elizabeth Edith TURNER 2 months 4 Myrtle Cottages, St Lawrence  
25th September Stanley Richard FAGG 19 months Haine Farm  
27th September Ernest William MOUNT 7 days Manston Court Farm, Manston  
6th October William GIBBENS 85 Thanet Union Minster  
10th October Isaac George HORNE 26 days 4 Newington Terrace, St Lawrence  
11th October Henry John William GOLDSACK 2 months 32 Chapel Road, St Lawrence  
19th October Thomas Henry PRESTEDGE 74 80 Boundary Road, Ramsgate C E PAntram - Minister Ellington Union Chapel
26th October William LARKIN 78 43 High Street, St Lawrence  
11th November Alice Maria EWEN 59 27 Seafield Road, St Lawrence  
11th November Mary GIBBENS 96 20 High Street, St Lawrence E Heathcote Barker - Wesleyan Minister
9th December James LAURENCE 74 9 Ashburnham Road  
29th December Esther HUXTEP 84 Alms Houses, St Lawrence  
Date First Name(s) Last Name Age Abode Comments
6th January Susannah CASTLE 65 20 Lorne Road  
10th February Charles William IMPETT 67 158 Grange Road, St Lawrence  
20th February Doris Evelyn MAPLE 10 weeks Haine Cottage, Haine  
7th March Alice Laura Elizabeth MOODY 6 weeks 4 Buckley Cottages, Southwood, St Lawrence  
8th March Richard BRISTOW 27 22 Chapel Road, St Lawrence  
18th March Arthur Louis TAYLOR 18 The General Hospital  
3rd April Sarah Elizabeth JOAD 95 125 High Street  
6th April Jane SETTERFIELD 88 Thanet Union Minster  
9th April Sarah Ann NASH 72 10 High Street, St Lawrence, Ramsgate  
21st May Mary Ann AUSTEN 80 Trinity Cottages, Victoria Road, Ramsgate  
17th June Edward MOODY 53 General Hospital, Ramsgate  
12th July Alexander Thomas SHAW 23 Alexander Cottage, Southwood Road, St Lawrence  
13th July Edward WEST 71 44 Margate Road, St Lawrence  
3rd August Benjamin John ROSS 46 Rosedale, Chilton, St Lawrence  
13th August Mary Ann JARMAN 53 108 Southwood Road, St Lawrence  
23rd September Edwin CAYLEY 86 39 Bloomsbury Road, Ramsgate  
2nd October Frederick WHITE 56 Australian Arms, St Lawrence  
12th October Grace Olive SPAIN 25 days Newington, St Lawrence  
17th October Edith Ann BENEFIELD 41 Manston  
31st October Sarah POWELL 96 10 Guildford Lawn, Ramsgate  
7th November Susannah JEZARD 75 17 Westcliff Road, Ramsgate  
8th November Maria Foster LANCE 75 51 Picton Road, Westcliff, Ramsgate H E Maddox Cartingford Road, Hampstead, NW
22nd November   WRIGHT 14 hours 6 Chilton Terrace, St Lawrence  
18th December Beatrice Alice PULL 7 months 1 Ellington, St Lawrence  

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