Ramsgate Parish Register Extracts from 1901

St Lawrence Burials 1909-10


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Date First Name(s) Last Name Age Abode Comments
4th January William Frederick HOLLOWAY 69 Thanet Union Minster  
29th January Eliza KING 63 21 Grange Road J Hancocks - Minister of Cavendish Baptist Chapel
8th February Aliza Bowen GRANT 90 1 Albion Place  
9th February Henry John COCK 87 Thanet Union Minster  
13th February Edwin SHERSBY 36 34 Ashburnham Road  
23rd February Elizabeth CULL 74 106 Hardres Street, Ramsgate  
24th February Martha HOUGHAM 92 2 Percy Road  
4th March Caroline MIDGET 74 Thanet Union Minster  
5th March George Frederick WALLER 60 23 Southwood Terrace, St Lawrence  
11th March James Fletcher APPLETON 79 2 Newington Road  
12th March Leslie Alfred PARMOR 10.5 1 Allen Cottages, Northwood, Ramsgate  
20th March Eliza BAX 64 Whitehall Farm Cottage, St Lawrence  
22nd March Sarah Jane RANSOME 33 24 Eastbourne Street, Sittingbourne  
23rd March Arthur ROBERTS 70 Oakleigh, Eltham  
26th March John CLIFFORD 80 29 High Street, St Lawrence  
21st March Susannah GOODBAN 78 41 Chapel Road  
1st April Hester MAPLES 80 29 Albion Place, Ramsgate  
1st April Richard Edward BORDEN 71 Stuart Lodge, Edith Road  
5th April John ADAMS 73 1 Vasconia Villas, High Street, Ramsgate  
19th April Winifred Daisy LAST 13 46 Margate Road, St Lawrence  
20th April Henry IMPETT 66 Chilton Cottage, Chilton, St Lawrence  
23rd April Mary Ann WOODWARD 63 20 Southwood Terrace, St Lawrence  
24th April Sarah READ 69 152 Grange Road, St Lawrence  
27th April Mary Ann FENTON 68 166 Grange Road, St Lawrence  
5th May Lilian Mary WELLS 4 8 Ashburnham Road, St Lawrence J A FOX - St Augustine, Roman Catholic
18th May George BRADLEY 77 Thanet Union Minster  
21st May Mary GIFFORD 7 days 3 Forge Cottages, High Street, St Lawrence J J Anselm Fox - St Augustines Ramsgate
24th May Alexander FOAD 68 Manston J W Beck - Wesleyan Minister
26th May Alice Minetta PARKS 43 1 Ashburnham Road  
4th June Caroline SAUNDERS 52 26 Vale Road, Ramsgate C E PAntram - Minister Ellington Union Chapel
4th June John WEST 81 Thanet Union Minster  
8th June Edward Milford RUSK 24 Langhurst Rise, Woldingham  
9th June Anne MILLER 77 The Asylum, Chartham C E PAntram - Minister Ellington Union Chapel
24th July Arthur Gwillum SCOTT 66 41 Lexham Gardens, London  
9th August George SETTERFIELD 95 5 Field Terrace, Chilton, St Lawrence  
21st August Mary Ann Elizabeth POINTER 5.5 69 Chapel Road, St Lawrence  
23rd August Kathleen Emma GEORGE 4 months 16 Seafield Road, St Lawrence  
4th September Elizabeth Jane NEAVES 40 30 Chapel Road, St Lawrence  
4th October Norah Mary NOBLE 4 months 7 Ashburnham Terrace, Southwood Road, St Lawrence  
16th October Alfred Richard WILLIAMS 65 Chapel Road, St Lawrence  
19th November Mary SCOTT 75 Infirmary Thanet Union  
30th November John GOODSON 90 Derby Lodge, Margate Road  
24th December William James GARDNER 4 Thanet Isolation Hospital, Parish of St Peters Extra  
Date First Name(s) Last Name Age Abode Comments
20th January John James Wat?es DIVERS 39 The Asylum, Chartham  
24th January Arthur Edward BULL 18 Thanet Union Minster  
4th February Lilian Buckingham DOWN 3 Thanet Isolation Hospital, Parish of St Peters Extra  
10th February Thomas WEBB 80 Infirmary Thanet Union  
12th February Margaret Alice FLEMING 52 13 Poplar Road  
14th February Sarah MILGATE 83 84 Grange Road  
18th February Sarah PUTT 83 6 High Street, St Lawrence  
28th February Elizabeth Sarah PAGE 81 4 Lily Terrace, Herbert Road  
22nd March Gracie May CLOUT 3 months 62 Grange Road  
23rd March Harriet GIFFORD 72 127 Margate Road  
4th April George CRONDEN 81 Santos, Rawdon Road, St Lawrence  
6th April Annie Louisa ANDREWS 45 The Asylum, Chartham  
14th April Fanny SHARP 32 Gordon Road, Redhill  
27th April Susan LARKINS 74 13 Bloomsbury Road, St Lawrence  
2nd May Leonard George Edward HAWKES 7 days Manston  
6th May Alice Annie BRADLEY 39 Ferndell, St Peters  
12th May James WOODWARD 62 Wheatsheaf, St Lawrence  
13th May Walter John TOTTMAN 3 13 Grosvenor Road, St Lawrence  
18th May Mildred Elizabeth WRIGHT 6 months 6 Chilton Terrace, St Lawrence  
31st May Jane MIRAMS 79 158 High Street, Ramsgate  
1st June Alice Richard MERSER 32 The Asylum, Chartham  
4th June James Marshall UPFILL 76 Christchurch Vicarage, Ramsgate  
8th June Minnie Rosetta BAILEY 26 4 Hesse Villas, Southwood Road  
15th June John FOX 93 21 Ashburnham Road, St Lawrence C E PAntram - Minister Ellington Union Chapel
18th June Richard Thomas BEAN 52 2 Mount Pleasant Villas, Margate Road  
23rd June Phyllis Ellen SCOATES 19 days 1 Ashburnham Road  
30th June Lilian Mary DOBBIN 7 weeks 19 Seafield Road, St Lawrence  
23rd July Harriet PUDDICK 88 16 Southwood Terrace, St Lawrence  
26th July Stephen WELLARD 79 Manston  
13th August Mary Jane SETTERFIELD 65 Cheriton  
29th August Jemima COPPEN 75 Laurie, Southwood Road, St Lawrence  
30th August John Thomas BAILEY 22 4 Hesse Villas, Southwood Road  
10th September Frederick CHAPMAN 29 9 King Harman Terrace, St Lawrence  
12th September Mary WATSON 47 8 High Street, St Lawrence  
15th September William HUCKSTEP 63 Nethercourt Cottage, St Lawrence  
30th September Millicent SHAW 3 months 11 Ashburnham Road, St Lawrence  
20th October Tom MORRIS 60 1 King Edward Road, St Lawrence  
27th October Elizabeth DARBY 84 Jackey Bakers Farm, Northwood  
3rd November Sareina Jane FOX 77 Flint Cottages, Albion Road, St Peters  
14th November Sydney Walter James FRIGHT 26 20 Southwood Terrace, Ramsgate  
22nd November Annie Louise PARKER 37 13 Winstanley Crescent, Ramsgate  
30th November William PERKINS 75 Bute Farm, Staple  
3rd December Ann GRIGGS 77 12 High Street, St Lawrence  
15th December Charles Aubrey HAWES 31 8 Newington Terrace, St Lawrence  
17th December Edward William LAURENCE 23 13 Castle Road  
20th December Elizabeth Jane MAXTED 77 15A Allsop Place, London  
23rd December Arthur REDWOOD 18 months Manston  
27th December Frances Teresa HEMBERT 79 St Mildreds Road, Ramsgate  

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