Ramsgate Parish Register Extracts from 1901

St Lawrence Burials 1905-06


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Date First Name(s) Last Name Age Abode Comments
5th January William HORN 77 Hardres Street, Ramsgate Joseph S Silcox - Wesleyan Minister
6th January Isaac HUCKLE 63 Crescent Road, Ramsgate  
6th January Sabina BROCKMAN 70 7 Buxton Road, Northwood, St Lawrence  
12th January Maude Douglas Langdale LUXMORE 21 Beachcote, Felixstowe, Suffolk  
25th January Edward RUSK 57 Chelsham  
30th January Harriett WOODWARD 89 Thanet Union Minster  
10th February Emily NASE 69 Thanet Union Minster  
14th February Annie BRADFORD 52 1 Bay View, Manston Road  
21st February John Ely VIVIAN 92 Ely Hall, St Mildreds Road, Ramsgate  
28th February William NEWINGTON 77 3 King Harman Terrace  
1st March Eliza BROWNE 82 9 Westcliff Terrace Mansions, Ramsgate  
9th March Alfred PARAMOR 65 1 Allan Cottages, Northwood, Ramsgate  
24th March Richard APPS 82 19 Willsons Road, Ramsgate  
6th April John William SETTERFIELD 58 Thanet Union Minster  
12th April William BRISTOW 80 Thanet Union Minster  
15th April Ellen May PETTS 10 56 Winstanley Crescent, Ramsgate  
17th April Elizabeth Jeanne SOUTHEY 45 Nethercourt, St Lawrence  
20th April Stephen POINTER 63 Manston James Goudie - Wesleyan Minister
3rd May Alfred Edward GREEN 9 Cliffs End, St Lawrence C W Scruch - non conformist Minister
10th May Ada Scott WHITE 36 The Asylum, Chartham  
11th May Jane Philip SIMMONS 85 1 Montefiore Cottage, Hereson  
17th May William NORRIS 65 The Asylum, Chartham  
29th May Isabella ALEXANDER 72 17 Upper Loom Be Sut??, Croydon  
1st June John COZENS 84 13 Albert Terrace, Margate  
9th June Henry GEORGE 88 Lane Cottage, Ellington Road  
10th June John Thomas AMBROSE 33 Chilton, St Lawrence  
8th July Harry Morgan MICHELMORE 43 Corrington Road  
8th August William Francis MAYHEW 14 Edith Road  
19th August Jane JOHNCOCK 82 Newington  
1st September John TOMLINSON 64 4 Cecil Terrace, Ramsgate  
2nd September John Charles SMITH 56 St Mildreds Road, Ramsgate  
9th September Mary FOAT 78 Newington House, Ramsgate  
13th September Charlotte Louisa BOND 64 20 Claremont Gardens, Chapel Road, Ramsgate  
13th September Rose Florence BRISTOW 26 Claremont Gardens, Chapel Road, Ramsgate  
14th September Charles Frederick BERRY 38 10 Southwood Terrace,  St Lawrence  
16th September Agnes Lillian MACDONALD 6 weeks Haine  
25th September Hannah LONGLEY 65 6 Southwood Terrace, Ramsgate Bertram B Portnall - Wesleyan Minister
27th September Samuel BANGER 84 Pegwell Bay  
28th September Henry DARBY 65 High Street, St Lawrence  
2nd October Dora Emily WHITEHEAD 10 months 21 Grosvenoe Road, St Lawrence  
5th October Rebecca WEST 65 Westcroft, Margate Road, Ramsgate  
5th October George Henry LAWRENCE 77 15 Castle Road, Ramsgate  
20th October William NEAME   Minster Union  
4th December Sarah TUCKER   Minster Union  
7th December Margaret Rose SINCLAIR   Chapel Road, St Lawrence Joseph S Silcox - Wesleyan Minister
12th December Alice Louisa TUCKER   St Andrews Villa, Southwood Road, St Lawrence  
12th December John SAUNDERS   Cambria Cottage, Grange Road, Ramsgate C E P Antram - non conformist Minister
19th December Harriet BUTLER   3 Radnor Terrace, Hereson Road W Duxbury Woods - Congregational Minister
23rd December Margaret Mary FARRER   1 Cambridge Villas, Grange Road, St Lawrence  
29th December James Oakley COLES   The Vicarage, St Lawrence  
Date First Name(s) Last Name Age Abode Comments
2nd January Herbert Ernest MOORE 22 Worlds Wonder  
6th January Daniel BING 70 2 Hereson Cottages, (Holy Trinity)  
11th January Minnie Louisa SMITH 36 St Winifreds, Queen Bertha Road  
11th January Hannah CURCHOD 74 Thanet Union Minster  
25th January Anne PARAMOR 75 59 Vale Road  
13th January Elizabeth Emily SMITH 83 Dunmore, St Mildreds Road  
26th January Sarah May LANGRIDGE 80 53 Vale Road  
7th February Elizabeth LOW 81 4 Claremont Terrace, Dundonald Road Francis Joshua Kirby - strict Baptist Minister
15th February James Thomas Rhodes FORWOOD 14 weeks 5 The Quadran, Grange Road, Ramsgate  
20th February George WILLIAMS 84 Thanet Union Minster  
23rd February Sarah WORSFOLD 67 2 Hesse Villas, Southwood  
1st March Gordon Herbert MACK 2 Newington, St Lawrence  
1st March Mary Jane OFIELD 70 Crusernt Villa, Cruesernt Road, Ramsgate  
7th March George Leslie WOODWARD 4 Thanet Isolation Hospital  
16th March Alexander John Doudney SINGER 71 Ramsgate  
17th March Elizabeth CHEESEMAN 50 Manston  
20th March Florence Ethel SUTTON 2 months 71 Winstanley Crescent  
21st March Andrew Ralph GORDON 66 The Lodge, Southwood House, St Lawrence  
26th March Benjamin Collard BUSHELL 81 Felcourt, Lingfield  
26th March William John BAX 48 20 Chapel Road, St Lawrence  
27th March James ACOCK 68 Lorne Road, St Lawrence  
31st March Dorothy Frances BARBER 14 Glencoe, Church Street, Walmer  
9th April Isaac VINTEN 90 Tenby House, Ramsgate  
12th April Alice GOODCHILD 70 8 Southwood Terrace, St Lawrence  
14th April Doris Ada EASTOP 3 St Lawrence  
20th April Emily Ann ALLAN 39 The Asylum, Chartham  
26th April Edith Lily CURLING 3 months 7 Queens Avenue, Ramsgate  
5th May Alfred LAWRENCE 5 months 27 Chapel Road, St Lawrence  
8th May Isabella Elizabeth COURTNEY 78 Wilton Crost, St Lawrence  
23rd May William FENCHAIN 57 Thanet Union Minster  
1st June Emma WEST 75 St Lawrence  
6th June Thomas William LINCOLN 76 St Lawrence  
7th June Louisa Diana Victorine NEEVES 4 St Lawrence  
9th June Alfred John LOVEMAN 14 days St Lawrence  
15th June Henry FOSTER 44 7 Newington Terrace, St Lawrence  
25th June Arthur Edward LODGE 9 months Manston  
12th July William LAWRENCE 34 27 Chapel Road, St Lawrence  
14th July Mary Eatwell HORN 38 28 Chapel Road  
20th July William HOFLAND 76 3 Queen Bertha Road, St Lawrence  
4th August Mary Ann NOWERS 87 129 Leigh Road, Southend, Essex  
8th August Emma THORNINGTON 36 Southwood  
23rd August Kathleen Violet WATERS 22 months 1 Alexanda Terrace  
25th August Cyril Francis COOKE 4 months London (died at 21 Southwood Road)  
25th August Ethel Emily Frances STEAD 6 months 3 Vicarage Cottages  
25th August Mabel Frances WILLIAMS 8months 3 Belevedere Terrace, Northwood  
1st September Mary Anne TUCKER 65 Manston  
3rd September Albert Ernest BUSHELL 27 Manston  
6th September Edward PHILPOTT 70 Southwood Road, St Lawrence C E F Antrim - Minister of Ellington Union Chapel
6th September Hilda Elizabeth DILNOT 7 months Haine  
8th September Winifred May SAUNDERS 4 months Haine  
8th September Harriet Alice HALL 72 Southwood Road, St Lawrence  
15th September Hilda SHERSBY 2 1 Grosvenor Road  
3rd October Dorothy MASON 5 months 3 Field Terrace, Hilton  
3rd October Ivy May TERRY 3 Manston James Goudie - Wesleyan Minister
15th October Maud Mary TWYMAN 44 34 Boundary Road  
18th October Alexander Putnam SHAW 83 Southwood Road, St Lawrence  
18th October William James HUCKSTEP 2 Manston  
20th October William EASTLAND 60 Ramsgate  
17th November Rebecca Sarah GRANT 78 105 Ellington Road  
22nd November Ernest Frederick HOWLAND 14 months 2 Stanley Gardens, Chilton  
23rd November Sarah Mary Appleton CURTIS 80 6 Bayview Villas, Manstone Road, St Lawrence  
6th December John Miriams SHELVEY 71 4 Birchington Terrace  
17th December Isaac BELSEY 56 2 Thanet Cottage, Northwood  
20th December Elizabeth GEORGE 86 Seafield Road, St Lawrence  
28th December Martha PHILPOTT 70 73 Crescent Road James Goudie - Wesleyan Minister
29th December Robert MAXTED 75 Haine  

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