Ramsgate Parish Register Extracts from 1901

St Lawrence Burials 1903-04


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Date First Name(s) Last Name Age Abode Comments
6th January Mary Ann MUNDAY 83 St Lawrence  
9th January William Nathaniel MATTHEWS 66 8 Field Terrace, Chilton  
9th January John NAIRNS 79 Chapel Road  
20th January Ann REYNOLDS 66 Minster  
21st January Esther Elizabeth SAUNDERS 42 St Lawrence  
29th January Elizabeth PERKINS 68 Monkton  
4th February Charles FRYER 5 months 3 Bay View Villas, St Lawrence  
14th February Sarah BUSHELL 82 Manston  
23rd February Hilda SHERSBY 6 Infectious Hospital, St Peters  
25th February Eliza GIFFORD 83 Manston  
10th March William DARBY 21 2 Pretoria Villas  
14th March Fanny GORE 60 3 Seafield Terrace  
18th March Caroline HODGMAN 71 Thanet Union Minster  
20th March Allen HYDE 53 Minster  
6th April Henry AMBROSE 30 Minster  
9th April Helen Mirna ATKINS 6 Deal  
11th April Elsie May SETTERFIELD 1 St Lawrence  
15th April Isaac DANTON 65 St Lawrence  
9th May Alfred Thomas BARNES 76 Ramsgate  
11th May Henry SMITH 74 Pegwell Cottage, St Lawrence  
12th May John Twyman PRITCHARD 86 St Lawrence  
14th May Thomas MORRIS 86 St Lawrence  
14th May Susannah TAPSELL 79 St Lawrence  
18th May James BLAXLAND 80 St Lawrence  
20th May Thomas BEERLING 60 St Lawrence  
20th May Mary Ann BRADLEY 71 Westgate  
23rd May William Foster LONGLEY 56 St Lawrence  
2nd June Laura Emily MOODY 17 months St Lawrence  
3rd June Mabel Ellen PIDDUCK 11 months Haine  
3rd June William WOODWARD 86 St Lawrence  
24th June Fanny LAWRENCE 72 St Lawrence  
6th July George CHAPMAN 67 St Lawrence  
8th July George SHERSBY 60 St Lawrence B Senior - Primitive Methodist
16th July Annie Louisa COURT 2 months St Lawrence  
27th July George Knight REDMAN 4 months St Lawrence  
30th July James MARTIN 24 Dover  
8th August George FRIEND 25 Little Cliffs end  
13th August Thomas MAITLAND 59 2 Hart Terrace, St Lawrence  
22nd August Elizabeth FASSAM 46 Mill Cottages, Ramsgate  
25th August Martha BROOKER 72 Southsea  
2nd September Robert WOOLWARD 77 Ramsgate  
5th September Esther Hopper LAWSON 73 St Lawrence  
8th September Annie BENNETT 43 Chartham  
22nd September John STANNARD 31 St Lawrence  
24th September Dorothy Grace AMOS 11 months Herbert Terrace, King Edward Road  
25th September John SOLE 79 Thanet Union Minster  
1st October Thomas MILLER 84 Hart Terrace, St Lawrence  
1st October John David HAWKINS 64 Beverley Farm, Canterbury  
6th October Annie PAGE 15 Minster Union  
12th October Frederick Arnold LONG 13 73 Winstanley Crescent, St Lawrence  
13th October Emma WOOD 78 Minster Union  
31st October John KENNETH 86 Danepark, St Lawrence  
9th November Susan CHANDLER 57 17 Ashburnham Road, St Lawrence  
14th November Susan BEERLING 53 Haine  
26th November Alfred BURTON 50 Cambria House, St Lawrence  
30th November George Edward HILTON 3 30 Chapel Road  
5th December Clara SAGE 42 Manston  
22nd December Charles THEOFF 54 Minster  
26th December Cyril John GIBBS 7 months Winstanley Street, St Lawrence  
28th December Sarah SCOTT 63 Forge Alley, St Lawrence  
Date First Name(s) Last Name Age Abode Comments
1st January Violet SAUNDERS 2 months Providence Cottage, St Lawrence  
1st January George Patrick WELLS 1 Ashburnham Road J A FOX - St Augustine, Roman Catholic
2nd January Susan WHALES 69 Minster  
7th January Katherine Alison CROSS 5 102 High Street  
8th January George WOODWARD 59 8 James Street, Ramsgate  
11th January Louisa TOLFREY about 85 Ramsgate  
26th January Frederick Seager HUNT 65 11 Royal Crescent  
26th January Maria REVELL 77 Chapel Road  
8th February Emily Gladys HUGHES 2 months 5 Bolton Street, St Lawrence  
9th February Percy Wilfred Edward PAYNE 20 months Wilfred, Grove Road  
29th February Robert MEDGETT 86 Hanover Cottage, Grange Road  
5th March Elsie CURLING 9 months Southwood  
5th March Sarah BARNES 46 21 Westcliff Road, Ramsgate  
9th March Jane BUGDEN 78 9 Victoria Terrace, Ramsgate  
17th March George HOWLAND 75 Sholden  
22nd March Mary Ann CLARK 69 Ramsgate  
4th April William David COCK 4 Mays Road, St Lawrence  
8th April Herbert Charles NEEVES 8 4 Katherine Terrace, Chapel Road  
13th April Ernest George POWLESLAND 45 Seaview, St Mildreds Road  
27th April Annie ROLFE 60 13 Alma Road, St Lawrence  
11th May Elizabeth LAMING 67 6 Belevedere Terrace, Northwood  
18th May Edward POWELL 79 Grove Road, Ramsgate  
19th May Julia Henrietta Louisa De VAYNES 51 Up Down, Northdown  
9th June Arthur Henry SCOTT 6 5 Seafield Road, St Lawrence  
11th June Henry Horton FOAT 83 44 Bonham Road, Brixton Hill, London  
16th June Catherine PETTS 85 St Lawrence  
23rd June William Henry MARLEY 7 Thanet Isolation Hospital  
8th July Sarah ARNOLD 78 Thanet Union Minster  
22nd July Ethel Palmer PAGE 2 months 2 Edith Villas, Chapel Road  
5th August Marianne GIDDY 69 Westbrook Road, Margate  
11th August Thomas George BOULTON 20 months Grange Road  
22nd August Elizabeth Ann CHAMBERLAIN 22 Grange Road  
3rd September William NEEVES 75 Thanet Union Minster  
3rd September Winifred Helen DILNOT 3 weeks Haine  
5th September Patience WILSON 20 Colliass Green, Margate  
8th September Alice Maria REDMAN 4 months Claremont Gardens, St Lawrence  
13th September George James LUFF 53 1 Newport Villas, Duncan Road  
21st September Mary Bertha PRESCOTT 5 Ashburnham Road  
26th September Jessie Louise LAWRENCE 17 1 Prospect Villas, Southwood Road  
26th September Edward PARAMOR 69 Northwood Farm  
29th September Sarah Retsul SMITH 80 Finsbury Road  
8th October Emily PICKERSGILL 50 Southwood Terrace  
21st October Robert COOPER 60 Minster Union  
27th October Rerwena Sophia SOLLY 80 Manston  
28th October Susan CARTER 95 Minster Union  
29th October Martha COZENS 77 Ramsgate  
4th November George TURNER 65 Ramsgate  
23rd November Annie LONG 70 Ramsgate  
23rd November Charles LEDNOR 23 Coleswood, St Lawrence James Goudie - Wesleyan Minister
2nd December Sarah Wootton MAXTED 82 Prospect Place, Broadstairs  
10th December James WILMOT 62 Hesse Villas, Southwood Road  
15th December Ann BRADLEY 83 9 Southwood Terrace  
29th December George William TAPSELL 56 South Eastern Road  
30th December Richard PERKINS 36 Thanet Union Minster  

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