Ramsgate Parish Register Extracts from 1901

St Lawrence Burials 1901-02


Date First Name(s) Last Name Age Abode Comments
1st January William Henry SPAIN 44 St Lawrence  
9th January Frank Sisley KILLICK 3 St Lawrence ceremony performed by W Gregory Bestall Wesleyan Minister
10th January Minnie WHEELER 28 St Lawrence  
9th February William PILCHER 41 St Lawrence ceremony performed by W Gregory Bestall Wesleyan Minister
16th February Charles FORDRED 81 St Lawrence  
21st February Sidders ROLFE 57 St Lawrence  
25th February Samuel MACNALLY 36    
16th March John HILLS 65 Chilton  
18th March Winifred Edith BOURN 7 St Lawrence  
23rd March Susanna WILLIAMS 76 St Lawrence  
23rd March Winifred Elsie HORTON 1day St Lawrence  
26th March Catheine HIGGINSON 76 St Lawrence  
29th March Mable Rose RUSK 19 Ramsgate  
1st April Rockliffe Allison Plumptre SKIDMORE 40 Ramsgate  
9th April Ellen HUTCHING 40 Pegwell Bay  
12th April Harriett Florence TUNNEY 19 Minster  
22nd April Charlotte EASTLAND 70 St Lawrence  
25th April Mildred Irene PARKER 11 months St Lawrence  
11th May James Melton PUGH 87 St Lawrence  
17th May Ann BEERLING 82 St Lawrence  
17th May Sarah Charlotte GOODSON 36 St Lawrence  
22nd May Sarah MUMMERY 64 Minster  
30th May Eliza STEUART 64 Minster  
1st June William Gleach PRYNN 62 St Lawrence  
6th June Lilian PRESCOTT 7 months St Lawrence  
7th June Joseph BUSHELL 84 Minster  
10th June Thomas READ 64 St Lawrence  
12th June Louisa THORNINGTON 54 St Lawrence  
18th June Frederick FAGG 23 Minster  
19th June Thomas LEWIS 79 St Lawrence  
29th June Alffed John BURTON 20 St Lawrence  
6th July Charles COOMBER 75 St Lawrence  
6th July Albert Victor MIRAMS 1yr 11 months St Lawrence  
22nd July Ernest MARTIN 1 month St Lawrence  
24th July Susan MEDGETT 79 St Lawrence  
24th July John Thomas MATTHEWS 40 St Lawrence  
27th July Gertrude Ethel SWAIN 11 months St Lawrence  
6th August William Henry WHITEHEAD 27 St Lawrence  
7th August William CLINTON 38 St Lawrence  
17th August Ethel Maud SPRINGETT 4 months St Lawrence  
19th August Emma HOGBIN 86 St Lawrence  
19th August Katharine GIDDY 62 Ramsgate  
23rd August Henry ISAACS 80 Minster  
28th August Harold Frank LAWRENCE 19 months St Lawrence  
29th August Charlotte Patricia THOMPSON 60 Ramsgate  
30th August Helen Ethel IRELAND 1 year St Lawrence  
2nd September Stephen John TUCKER 41 Ramsgate  
3rd September Frederick Charles CASTLE 4 months St Lawrence  
20th September Cecil William DARBY 15 months St Lawrence  
20th September Sarah GREEN 62 St Lawrence  
23rd September William LARKINS 72 St Lawrence  
26th September George ROSE 53 St Lawrence  
28th September Jessie Maria FULLER 3 months St Lawrence  
2nd October Nina Esther Mary HAYES 10 months Ramsgate  
8th October Alfred Bricknell PARKIN 74 Ramsgate  
17th October Jane PEAL 7 St Lawrence  
18th October Mark WEBB 63 St Lawrence certified by Walter Wall, Ellington Chapel
18th October Rose APPS 6 weeks St Lawrence  
2nd November William CASTLE 49 St Lawrence  
8th November Thomas Belsey MASCALL 87 St Lawrence  
8th November Annie KIRBY 60 Minster  
16th November Fanny GRAINGER 35 8 King Harman Terrace  
18th November Thomas NEVILLE 70 Manston  
20th November Mary Ann ROBERSON 68 29 Finsbury Road  
21st November Susanna Jane MADDOX 62 2 St Mildreds Villas  
30th November Mary GRINHAM 38 10 Claremont Gardens  
9th December Jane BEALE 82 Elm Cottages, High Street  
14th December Marie Therese NICHOLAS de BIGNOLIA 92 6 Vale Road, Ramsgate  
18th December Archibald Robert WINSTANLEY 61 Ellington Road  
21st December Caroline Elizabeth BROOK 68 101 Westcliff Road, Ramsgate  
27th December David LAWRENCE 40 St Lawrence  
28th December Sarah Ann HILL 61 84 Boundary Road, Ramsgate  
Date First Name(s) Last Name Age Abode Comments
2nd January Albert Lemesurier PRITCHARD 57 Ellington Park Road, Ramsgate  
2nd January Sarah HOOKER 94 Cottington, Manston Road  
2nd January Mary POLWORTH 80 Ashburnham Road  
3rd January Elizabeth MARVELL 46 St Lawrence  
9th January Beatrice Marion Louise PARSONS 19 St Lawrence  
11th January Welby Thomas Windsor MOSES 20 73 West Cliff Road, Ramsgate  
14th January Ann MORRIS 78 St Lawrence  
14th January Albert Lewis GARDNER 9 St Lawrence  
20th January Sarah Jane NORRIS 40 St Lawrence  
20th January Russell Prebble LEMERE 10 St Lawrence  
22nd January George Henry WALKER 3 St Lawrence  
24th January Robert MINTER 8 Minster  
25th January Stanley Arthur ABBOTT 6 months St Lawrence  
29th January Anne PIDDUCK 77 43 Ashburnham Road  
4th February Ellen Catherine GILCHRIST 26 Saalbourn  
7th February Henry HOLLANDS 82 St Lawrence  
7th February Frances COTTON 89 Lewisham  
8th February George HENNEKER 66 St Lawrence  
8th February John JARMAN 14 days St Lawrence  
11th February William POTTER 86 Minster  
13th February Jane BEVIS 88 Arlingham, Glos W M Doxbury Woods - Congragational Minister
14th February Mary Ann ROBINSON 68 Chilton  
24th February William LARKIN 62 St Lawrence  
25th February William HEARD 51 St Lawrence  
1st March Mary WELLMAN 93 St Lawrence  
6th March Frederick Moule EVANS 69 Ramsgate  
15th March Frances OFIELD 74 St Lawrence  
19th March Edward HORTON 64 St Lawrence  
5th April Susannah Manley WATCHAM 74 Ramsgate  
7th April Catherine Ann SAMPSON 54 Dundonald Road  
12th April Mary Ann APPLETON 81 Whitehall  
6th April Marvellous John FOREMAN 24 Ramsgate  
18th April Henry ANDREWS 72 Minster  
26th April Charles Henry SINCLAIR 15 months St Lawrence  
1st May Thomas LEE 33 Ramsgate  
8th May Arthur Braithwaite WARRE 75 St Lawrence H Bartram - Vicar of St Mary the Virgin Dover
15th May Eliza YOUNG 73 Folkestone  
19th May Percy Leonard SILK 2 Manston  
2nd June Albert Edward GIFFORD 14 months St Lawrence  
5th June Joseph JOHNSON 86 St Lawrence  
28th June Mary Elizabeth AUSTEN 81 St Lawrence  
2nd July Alice Harriett HODGMAN 62 Ramsgate  
3rd July Elizabeth Susannah JAGER 73 St Lawrence  
7th July Annie TWYMAN 11 Montifiore Cottage, St Lawrence  
14th July Frank HOGBIN 3 weeks St Lawrence J Hancocks - Baptist Minister
16th July William John JOY 78 21 Grange Road  
23rd July Mary Ann PAGE 88 Minster Union  
24th July Richard John PHILPOTT 17 Ramsgate William J Brown - Wesleyan Minister
5th August Cecilia BRUNNER 68 Ramsgate T Hancocks - Baptist Minister
18th August Charles APPLETON 82 St Lawrence  
19th August Stephen PIDDUCK 69 St Lawrence  
25th August Alice HUBBERD 80 6 Gordon Street, London Wm Bramley Moore - late Vicar of St Gerrards Cross, Bucks
25th August Edward FOSTER 62 Manston  
28th August Eliza ELGAR 79 St Lawrence  
29th August George Thomas James PATTEN 43 St Lawrence  
29th August Jessie Jane SPAIN 22 St Lawrence William J Brown - Wesleyan Minister
8th September Susannah BLACKBURN 97 St Lawrence  
15th September Edith Emily BENNETT 27 St Lawrence  
23rd September Frances BUCKINGHAM 74 Minster  
23rd September Emily SETTERFIELD 52 Ramsgate  
2nd October Edward PEAKE 42 St Lawrence  
4th October Sarah Ann MAX 74 St Lawrence Henry G Godwin - Wesleyan Minister
23rd October George Fortescue FRYER 28 St Lawrence  
1st November Alice THORNE 28 St Lawrence  
1st November Stanley Harold COLLYER 3 months St Lawrence  
3rd November Alfred NORRIS 59 Thanet Union Minster  
8th November George WEBZELL 42 Minster  
10th November Mary GIBBENS 75 St Lawrence  
28th November William DARBY 55 Ramsgate  
29th November Ellen PHILPOTT 40 St Lawrence a stiilborn child
1st December Alfred IRESON 29 Minster  
4th December Ellen GRAINGER 49 Minster  
16th December Walter GRAINGER 4 months Minster  

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