Ramsgate Parish Register Extracts from 1901

St Lawrence Baptisms 1975-1976


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Date Born First Name Last Name Parents ABODE Trade Comments Godparents
Baptised               Occupation       
5th January 2nd March 1974 Sarah Jane LILLEY David William / Ann 1 Army Brigade, Signal Squadron, B.F.P.O., 102, Germany H.M. Forces   John HINNIGAN, Janise HINNIGAN, Linda PHILLIPS
5th January 23rd November 1973 Peter Anthony HINNIGAN Anthony / Shirley Anne 12 Lagos Avenue miner   David LILLEY, Thomas MUNDAY, Maureen MUNDAY
5th January 19th September 1974 Claire Ann GOODBAN Rex / Ann Ruby The Clump, Valley Road, Lydden, Margate farmer at St Catherines Jillian SHARP, Mary AUSTEN, Barry AUSTEN
2nd February 29th August 1974 Lee STACE Brian Jeffrey / Carol Ann 20 Cliffs End Grove, Ramsgate electrician Cliffs End at St Marys Dorothy RIPPON, Gordon RIPPON, Keith DUNMILL, David MATTHEWS
2nd February 7th November 1974 Carrie-Ann KNIGHT Ivan Frank / Christine Linda 63 Foads Hill service manager garage   Gillian KNIGHT, Pauline MOODY, Susan SCOTT, John BARNETT
2nd February - Philip John BROWNSELL John Arthur Leslie / Joyce Irene 46 Thirlmere Avenue industrial buyer   Avice WINFIELD, Grahame BAKER, Charles SAUNDERS
9th February 9th August 1974 Christopher Stuart TURNER Stuart Ronald / Christine 4 Oakfield Court, Newington Road police officer   David DRAKE, Susan DRAKE, Josiah TAYLOR
9th February 17th April 1974 Lacey Louise GOLDSMITH Stephen Charles / Sandra Elizabeth 14 St Georges Road commercial admin, assistant (Seeboard)   Sydney WILLIAMSON, Christine GOLDSMITH
16th February 21st September 1974 Darren Mard DENNE Eric Michael / Sylvia Joan 24 Stephens Close telephone engineer   Michael CLIFFORD, Velerie CLIFFORD, Reginald DENNE
23rd February 8th September 1974 Simon Spencer JAMES Stuart Martin / Lynda Mary 7 Pysons Road plumber   Susan CAMPBELL, Bob CAMPBELL, Bernard BEALE
2nd March 31st October 1974 John Frederick LLOYD John Henry / Rosemary Agnes 13 Queens Avenue carpenter   Patricia TODD, Russell HARDS, Royston HARDS
2nd March 8th September 1974 Oliver Charles Michael MOORE Michael Musgrave / Olivia Jean Elizabeth 32 Abbey Grove company director (opthalmic optician)   Patricia O BRENNAN, John M MOORE
9th March 18th December 1974 Victoria Kathleen ALLEN Brian Frederick / Sandra Mary 6 The Villas, Hersden, Canterbury miner   Hilda M EMBLETON, Sidney EMBLETON, Kathleen ALLEN
23rd March 7th May 1974 Elizabeth Anne LASKEY Trevor David / Carole Anne 119 St James Avenue motor vehicle electrician   Margaret SKELTON, Jocelyn PREBBLE, Jack CHIDGEY
30th March 24th December 1974 Adam James Edward HOLLADAY Nicol Adrian / Rosalind Susan 64 Orchard Lea, Mislingford Road, Swanmore, Hampshire product manager   Francis ADAMS, Ian HOLLADAY, Jennifer HALL
30th March 21st July 1973 Simon Peter Christian SAXON Peter / Susan Mary 30 Princes Avenue upholsterer   Kathleen HIGGLESDEN, John HIGGLESDEN, Derek & June HILL, June & Ken HAWKINS
6th April 7th September 1974 Deborah Clare BLADON Robin Ronald / Beryl May 4 Upton Road, Broadstairs draughtsman   Mrs V MASON, Mrs J COLLINS, Mrs J MAXTED
6th April 30th May 1974 Ian Mark MAYO Michael John / Joan Edith 36 Chichester Road storeman   Jenny MAYO, Brian MAYO, Robert HOUGHTON
20th April 21st May 1973 Natalie Ruth FOORD Peter Bryan / Susan Mary 7 Bengal Road miner   Mavis CASTLE, Carol GREGORY, Terence MOUNT
20th April - David Carl BRUNGER Robin Albert Cecil / Patricia Rose 22 Nicholas Drive, Cliffs End central heating engineer   Michael TEDFORD, Jill LAMMIN, Robert LAMMIN
3rd May 9th January 1963 Sharon Lee JEFFERYS - 2 Fir Tree Close - Adult -
4th May 24th December 1974 Jonathan David RUSSELL Graham Keith Mayhew / Joanne Penelope 50 Nicholas Drive, Cliffs End branch manager   Roger GELDARD, Clive Pike GELDARD, Susan WARD
18th May 14th March 1975 Johnny CRIPPS John Maurice / Christine Carol 29 Cheriton Avenue R.N. electrical officer   Barbara Ann MATTHEWS, Leslie Richard MATTHEWS, Herbert Vincent GREEN
1st June 11th December 1974 Ian James WARD Peter James / Maureen 53 Manston Road police constable previously baptised in hospital Samuel JONES, William James YEOMAN, Patricia Anne SMITH
15th June 28th February 1975 Nicholas Alexander Douglas GRAY Peter Malcolm / Rosalind Mary Gillies 11 St Catherines Grove, Manston, Kent hovercraft captain St Catherines Rodney LAKE, Richard GRAY, Elizabeth HUNTER, Jane RITCHIE
15th June 7th November 1974 Emma Louise COE Ronald David / Wendy Grace 2 Clive Road, Cliffs End builder & decorator St Marys Janet SEARS, Gillian JOHNSTONE, Alan JOHNSTONE
22nd June 3rd October 1974 Karen Ellen GOODEN Ronald Charles / Margaret Anne 12 Seafield Road, Ramsgate storeman   Sandra GERLACK, Joyce BOOTHMAN, Brian GERLACK
22nd June 25th September 1974 Kelly Alicia READ Anthony Thomas / Linda Wynifred 37 Chapel Road, Ramsgate boatman   Thomas Michael READ, Joan DAWSON, Jo-Ann JACKSON
29th June 31st January 1975 Paul Raymond WINDUST Raymond George / Pamela Ann 9 Homefield, Daventry, Northamptonshire electrical design draughtsman   Margaret June BUTTIFINT, Dennis BUTTIFINT, Derek Graham WINDUST
29th June 27th May 1973 Kevin Mark DENBY Geoffrey Frank / Christine 44 Walker Crescent, Wyke Regis, Weymouth, Dorset electrical mechanic   Thomas MCMAHON, Ian MCMAHON, Susan Jane MCMAHON
29th June 15th April 1975 Stephen Neil DENBY Geoffrey Frank / Christine 44 Walker Crescent, Wyke Regis, Weymouth, Dorset electrical mechanic   Brian TAPSON, Keith Frederick LEESE, Anne LEESE
29th June 20th June 1969 Alison Dawn TAPSON Brian / Janice 59 Knights Avenue, Gillingham, Kent H.M. Forces   William FINAL, Gwendoline FINAL, Christine DENBY
6th July - Elizabeth Anne EWER Michael Patrick William / Christine Anne 34 Vine Close sheet metal worker   Christine THOMAS, George THOMAS, Elsie ROWLETT
6th July 21st November 1974 Stuart Michael ORRILL Peter Graham / Sandra Mary 95 St James Avenue, Ramsgate sheet metal worker   P G ORRILL, S WHITE, Janet WHITE
27th July 13th April 1975 Glenn Wesley TAYLOR Roger Steven / Jacqueline Leigh 23 Borrowdale Avenue insurance broker   D J WHITE, G W STIRUPS, B TIDEY, M EVERETT
3rd August 15th April 1975 Sean Alexander BREWER Peter Roger / Patricia Yvonne 29 Southwood Gardens transport driver   Bill HATFIELD, Georgina SMEE, Richard MEYER
3rd August 9th March 1969 Michael James BREWER Peter Roger / Patricia Yvonne 29 Southwood Gardens transport driver   Bill HATFIELD, Georgina SMEE, Richard MEYER
3rd August 27th August 1967 Elizabeth Jayne BREWER Peter Roger / Patricia Yvonne 29 Southwood Gardens transport driver   Bill HATFIELD, Georgina SMEE, Richard MEYER
10th August 4th November 1974 Kirsty Amelia COOPER Philip Anthony / Maureen 30 Borrowdale Avenue schoolmaster   R J COOPER, G HUDDART, K E MARKS
24th August 29th May 1975 Ian Stuart FELSTEAD Graham / Patricia Ann May 24 Rydal Avenue industrial chemist   Jill REDWOOD, Reginald FARMER, Trevor CHAPMAN
31st August 17th March 1971 Victoria Lorraine YOUNG John Douglas / Rosemary Linda 6 King Edward Road, Ramsgate retail salesman   Doreen JOHNSON, Ann PETT, Neil PETT
31st August 11th July 1974 Susan Linda HARNETT Geoffrey Martin / Pauline Linda 70 Newington Road guard B.R.   G & J GLEDHILL, B C LANCASTER
14th September 11th November 1974 Stephen Victor MORPHY David Victor / Hazell Jean 59 Whitehall Road decorator   Michael TUCKER, David & Carol STONE, Olive MORPHY
14th September 15th May 1974 Stuart Ray TAPPENDEN Raymond Colin / Rosalind Florence 33 Telham Avenue labourer   Dawn SPICER, Norman SPICER, Maurice TAPPENDEN
5th October 9th June 1975 Roger Paul BEAMES Paul Donald / Felicity Gay Thane, Buxton Road, Ramsgate operating department assistant   Arthur LUMBARD, Christopher BARNETT, Barbara BARNETT
12th October 1st August 1975 Shane HOUGHTON Robert / Jill 44 Burshill Crescent civil engineer   Judy Ann ROBERTS, Christopher KEELER, Nicholas HOUGHTON
19th October 25th June 1975 Emma Louise HARRIS David John / Sandra Elaine 47 Cliffs End Grove storeman   Mary GOODHEW, Linda HARRIS, Philip HARRIS
26th October 24th April 1975 Robert Stephen VAN WALWYK David Brian / Pauline 47 Manston Road police officer   Keith & Susan MANNERING, Henry MANNERING
26th October 8th March 1975 Mark David FASHAM David Anthony Victor / Beryl Rosemary 29 Granville Avenue, Ramsgate hospital engineer   Derek SWINGLER, Daphne LINCOLN, Tom BROWN
26th October 2nd September 1975 Natalie SNELSON John Peter / Pauline Elm Lodge, High Street, St Lawrence collier   Brian JOHNS, Valerie JOHNS, Deborah LLEWELLYN
26th October - Keith Andrew REDSHAW Peter / Janice Frances Hackthorne Farm, Woodchurch, near Birchington builder   Christopher REDSHAW, John CRAMPHORN, Beryl FARRINGTON
2nd November 27th August 1975 Stephen DYSON Brian James Frederick / Janet Mary 53 Seafield Road British Rail employee   Ken HOLMES, Michael GOODES, Jackueline DANN
2nd November 20th July 1975 Vicky Sue MALLOY Christopher Thayne / Gillian Rose 29 Quetta Road baker   Jacky Susan HOLTER, Marion CHAPMAN, Reginald BRADFIELD
21st December - Dawn Marie Anne LOOSELEY Kevin Arthur / Susan Elizabeth 8 Marden Avenue skilled welder   Colin J TODD, Sheila HOLT, David HOLT
28th December 2nd November 1970 Paul Wayne WELLS Barry John / Ann Muriel 12 Helvellyn Avenue carpenter & joiner   R LILLEY, P & C MOULT
28th December 2nd November 1970 Brian Wayne WELLS Barry John / Ann Muriel 12 Helvellyn Avenue carpenter & joiner   R LILLEY, P & C MOULT
Date Born First Name Last Name Parents ABODE Trade Comments Godparents
Baptised               Occupation       
4th January 9th August 1974 Yohann Joseph LAWRENCE James / Valerie Dianna 110 Grange Road painter & decorator   Raymond COX, Robin LAWRENCE, Valerie SUSS
4th January 21st October 1975 Toni Donella LAWRENCE James / Valerie Dianna 110 Grange Road painter & decorator   Devina COX, Linda SAINT, Anthony SAINT
25th January 2nd June 1975 Robert Peter WING Robert Albert / Marion Rose 34 Cliffs End Grove salesman   Lawrence BRIDGE, Angeria BRIDGE, Robert BRIDGE
1st February 26th August 1975 Helen Suzanne DERRETT Clive Richard / Sally Ann Jane 3 Anthony Close hairdresser   Pam  & Eddie ROGERS, Dreena DAUGHTERY
14th March 12th March 1970 Justin Micheal (sic) SMITHERS Eric Michael / Moira Lillian 10 Clifton Road plasterer   John BURBRIDGE, Anthony SEAMANN, Jean SEAMANN
28th March 28th February 1963 Kevin Thomas Charles CHRISTIAN David John Victor / Lillian Dorothy 26 High Street, St Lawrence engineer Adult -
28th March - Robert Ernest ABBOTT Robert Alexander / Elizabeth Jane 56 Ashburnham Road - Conditional / Adult -
4th April 26th December 1969 Rachel Jane OLIVER David / Maureen Rosalie 26 Chilton lane chief draughtsman   Pamela GREENHALGH, Joseph GREENHALGH, Joan SOLLEY
11th April 10th April 1968 Michelle Kim PRIEST John  Richard / Maria Lilian Florence 4 Grosvenor Road injection moulder   Ava WYATT, Jennifer & Terry GILSON
11th April - Simon James MORETON James Neville / Edna Christiana 7 Beech Grove, Cliffs End quantity surveyor   Neal Glyn PRICE, Elizabeth MORETON, Leonard MORETON
25th April 17th September 1975 Stephen Daniel TRICE Michael Ronald Charles / Patricia Anne 7 St Catherines Grove electrical salesman at St Catherines David TRUFETT, Jacqueline THOMSON, Graham TILLYARD, Margaret TILLYARD
9th May 7th February 1976 Lisa Claire MUSGRAVE Linda Christine / Leslie 77 High Street srgical appliance technician   Evelyn HARBUD, John HARBUD, Penelope DUNK, Gary DUNK
16th May 3rd March 1975 Simon Justin ROLFE Stewart Horton / Brenda 43 Pegwell Road lecturer   Philip WENDHOLT, Herman & Anne STIEFELHAGEN
23rd May 27th March 1976 Christine CLARKSON David / Kathleen 10 Manston Court Road Assistant Air Traffic R.A.F. Manston at St Catherines John GOODSHIP, Doreen GOODSHIP, Elizabeth HARRIS
30th May 11th September 1975 Lisa Amanda MCGUINESS Ernest James / Sylvia Lilian 76 Southwood Road plumber   Steven MCGUINESS, Linda MCGUINESS, Julie MCGUINESS
30th May 14th August 1975 Kirsty Louise WENBOURNE John / Maureen Janet 56 Coniston Avenue sales representative   Jennifer CROLE, Sarah WENBOURNE, Robert EDWARDS
30th May 27th October 1975 Christopher Ian WHITEHEAD Brain / Marilyn Joan 11B (of 116?) Prospect Place, Swinson, Wiltshire social worker   Barry WHITEHEAD, Josephine WHITEHEAD, Allen WHITEHEAD (sic)
6th June 29th March 1976 Christopher Thomas HINTON Terrance James / Gillian Park Lodge, Ellington Park gardener   Pauline RICHMOND, Philip RICHMOND, Chris WATSON
6th June 13th September 1975 Jared Thomas BLOOMFIELD Albert David / Valerie Rose 1 Stephens Close, Ramsgate production manager   John  DUFFY, Ellen MARSH
18th July 28th May 1976 Andrew Patrick MILNE William Alexander / Sheila Susan 38 Eskdale Avenue ledger clerk   James BELL, Robert MILNE, Carol BELL
18th July 21st May 1976 Samantha Jayne LAWRENCE Colin John / Julie Patricia 69 Whitehall Road wood miller   Stephanie WRAIGHT, John WRAIGHT, Yvonne CURTIS
25th July 21st February 1976 Andrea Carol WALLINGTON Raymond / Joan 26 Addiscombe Road, Margate electrician   Patricia LIDDIARD, Derek LIDDIARD, Jacqueline RICHARDS
25th July 23rd January 1974 Karen Tracy DENNE Eric Michael / Sylvia Joan 24 Stephens Close telephone engineer   V CLIFFORD, M & R DENNE
25th July 30th March Jonathan Charles Reynold HILL Charles Bernard / Joanne 118 Southwood Road teacher   Brenda LAMBOURNE, Peter WADSWORTH, Gillian CLAYDON, William John CLAYDON
1st August 3rd December 1976 Penny HARRIS Peter William / Margaret Ann 16 Bloomsbury Road factory worker   Philip HARRIS, Linda HARRIS, Pauline GRIFFITHS
8th August 8th May 1976 Richard James COCKS Reginald George / Susan 106 Southwood Road senior railman B.R.   Wendy COCKS, Stephen COCKS, Peter COVE
15th August 16th May 1976 Joanne Ruth HUBBARD Harold John / Yvonne 19 Herbert Road bank officer   Janet GAMBRILL, Anthony GAMBRILL, Sandra BRITTON
15th August 28th May 1976 Kerri DEBLING Barry Thomas / Anne May 21 Burshill Crescent toolmaker   Patricia VICKERS, Gillian MASON, Brian GUTRIGE
29th August 9th April 1976 Richard FEUILLATRE Albert Victor / Agatha 5 Mill Cottages, Grange Road process operator pharmaceutical manufacturers   Agatha FEUILATRE, Albert FEUILATRE, Kathleen BRISTOW, James WICKENDEN
29th August 24th December 1976 James Michael Bernard SECKER Anthony David / Yvonne Rowena 21 Clifton Road pattern maker   Anthony SECKER, Anthony Bernard TOLERODEN, Patricia MILLER
12th September 14th July 1976 Julia WOOD David / Annette Marie 28 Marden Avenue press operator   Mrs V E R FAGG, M A L MOODY, R L D MOODY
26th September 26th October 1975 Michelle WILLIAMS David William John / Lynette Anne 22 Lorne Road senior computer operator   Anthony POTTER, Valerie LAMPRELL, Susan COTTON
3rd October 14th May 1976 Catherine Julie MOSS Alfred / Barbara Erica 9 Canterbury Road West garage proprietor   Janet LANE, Megan FARNSWORTH, Anthony MOSS
3rd October 4th March 1976 Steve Andrew SACKETT William Martin / Shirley Elizabeth 10 Beverley Way plumber   -
17th October 27th June 1976 Joanne Elizabeth SMITH Robert Vivian / Susanne Phyllis 40 Wilfred Road clerical officer   A & P SMITH, E CROWDY
17th October 27th August 1971 Darren Robert SMITH Robert Vivian / Susanne Phyllis 40 Wilfred Road clerical officer   E CROWDY, P CROWDY, P SMITH
17th October 1st October 1975 Claire Louise PILE Raymond Malcolm / Jacqueline 2 Manston Park Bungalows airframe fitter R.A.F.   Diane HALL, Raymond HALL, Sybil NORWOOD
17th October 18th September 1965 Sarah Victoria HORNE Thomas John / Maureen 21 Queens Gate Road bank clerk   Anne HOME, Janet WATKINS, A TAYLOR
17th October 6th December 1975 David James Joseph PELLATT Philip George / Denise Ann 46 Chapel Road butcher   Susan CROSS, James PELLATT, Michael ROOK, Sheila HYDE
24th October 15th January 1976 Sarah MCDONALD James / Susan Janet 181 Widmore Road, Bromley, Kent bank clerk   Sylvia MARLOW, Georgina DAVIS, David MCDONALD
24th October 2nd June 1976 Nicholas Robin BLADON Robin Ronald / Beryl May 4 Upton Road, Broadstairs draughtsman   Gillian MASON, John COLLINS, Patrick MAXTED
24th October 15th June 1976 Adrian Neil WEST Harold Arthur / Melanie 13 Granville Avenue engineer   Peter WEST, Malcolm CAMPBELL, Delyth ANDREWS
24th October 14th April 1973 Martin Law WEST Harold Arthur / Melanie 13 Granville Avenue engineer   Peter WEST, Malcolm CAMPBELL, Sian ANDREWS
24th October - Anthony Lee COLE John / Carol Irene 3 St Catherines Grove, Manston civilian fitter, R.A.F. Manston at St Catherines Clive RUSSELL, Glynis RUSSELL, Gerald JORDAN
31st October 26th October 1975 Stephen WARD Brian Frank / Eileen Margaret 37 Foads Lane marine engineer   Emlyn DAVIES, Colin BELLINGHAM, Madeline NEWBERRY, Coleen COLLINS
31st October 6th April 1976 Piers David STEED David / Edwina Ruth Irene Spratling Court Farm, Manston farmer at St Catherines Corinne Jane STOREY, Barry Ernest AUSTIN, Veronica GIBBS, Henry EDWARDS
7th November 24th October 1976 Christian John BATH Laurence Charles John / Shelley Elizabeth 51 St Georges Road overhead linesman   Carol R WHITE, Nicholas P BATH, Peter H ROLFE
7th November 20th August 1975 Kieron James HALE Paul Adrian / Linda May 20 Lorne Road maintenance engineer   Gill GREENSTREET, Fred MASON, Roy KENNETH
7th November 30th July 1976 Robin Ian KNOX Geffrey Charles / Meryl Elizabeth 4 St Catherines Grove, Manston teacher at St Catherines Michael WHICHCORD, David CHARLTON, Jacqueline CHARLTON
12th December 26th August 1976 Matthew SANHAM Derek William / Janet 75 Melbourne Avenue carpenter   Robert SANHAM, Valerie OLPHERT
12th December 11th August 1974 Peter James SANHAM Derek William / Janet 75 Melbourne Avenue carpenter   Robert SANHAM, Valerie OLPHERT

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