Ramsgate Parish Register Extracts from 1901

St Lawrence Baptisms 1973-1974


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Date Born First Name Last Name Parents ABODE Trade Comments Godparents
Baptised               Occupation       
7th January 19th May 1972 Lean Joanne CRACKNELL Philip James / Marilyn Robina 30 Rowney Close, R.A.F. Wibden, Essex R.A.F. police dog handler at St Marys Alan MAXTED, Wendy MAXTED, Gail HASKELL
14th January 26th February 1972 Joylon Edward Wood MARKS Colin Aubrey / Jocelyn Kathleen Crundale, 99 London Road provision merchant   Felicity DOCHERAY, Jean WITHERS, Richard DOCHERAY, Edward Wood Leonard MARKS
4th February 1st November 1972 Keith Charles NICHOL Joyce Patricia / Walter 62 Spratling Street Fireman (Ministry of Defence)   Ottilie HAWKINS, David HAWKINS, John E NICHOL
4th February 5th October 1972 Ashley Brett TAYLOR Roger Steven / Jacqueline Leigh 23 Borrowdale Avenue insurance   Eric G TIDEY, Joyce STIRUPS, David MARTIN
11th February 12th September 1972 Alexandra May STEED Edwina Ruth Spence / David Spratling Court Farm, Manston farmer at St Catherines Francis Mary STEED, Ian LACHLIN, Vivien Gay EARL
25th February 22nd August 1972 Hayley Jane SKINNER Stuart Peter / Carol 4 Hobart Road wireman fitter   Lynn MURROW, Stephen JONES, Jane SKINNER
25th February 29th September 1972 Lee Roddy Thomas EAGLESON Paul Anthony / Diane 25 St Johns Avenue builder   Stephen R JOYCE, Leonard F LEDLEY, Edith M BYRNE
25th February 5th July 1972 Shelley Marie GOULD Brian Sydney / Susan Irene 4 Queens Avenue musician   Jennifer A BARRS, George E BARRS, Sandra BUTTER
11th March 11th March 1972 David George THOMAS George Walter Joseph / Theresa 131 Station Approach Road upholsterer   Gloria JEST, Sidney Thomas JEST, David DUNGAR
20th March 2nd October 1960 Alan Laurence COUSINS - 95 Staner Court -   -
25th March 10th March 1961 Doreen Olga LANE - 68 Station Approach Road - Adult -
25th March 13th September 1972 Helen Louise FASHAM David Anthony Victor / Beryl Rosemary 29 Granville Avenue, Ramsgate hospital engineer   Shirley May SWINGLER, Derek Godfrey SWINGLER, Olive Joyce SMITH
1st April 10th November 1972 Mireille Donna WALTERS Keith Owen / Jennifer Dorothy 16 The Retreat electrical engineer   Brian FAGG, Sue DOBSON, Pamela WINDUST
1st April 18th February 1971 Mellissa Claire WALTERS Keith Owen / Jennifer Dorothy 16 The Retreat electrical engineer   Audrey WHITFIELD, Linda MACLEOD, Michael WALTERS
1st April 19th November 1972 Karen Jane WHITEHEAD Brian / Marilyn Joan Willow Hollies, Burnt Oak Lane, Sidcup superintendent childrens home   Hugh ALEXANDER, Brian WHITEHEAD, Marilyn WHITEHEAD
8th April 18th September 1972 Philip Kenneth BLAKEMORE Ernest / Vivienne Patricia 66 Melbourne Avenue colliery fitter   Stanley MATHERSON, Kenneth BLAKEMORE, Frances BLAKEMORE
8th April 23rd December 1972 Garry Daniel BRETT Robin Lional / Jacqueline Anne 47 Melbourne Avenue motor mechanic   Jennifer Dawn JARVIS, Terry EVANS, Derek LAWTON
8th April 21st April 1969 Jason Shaun JARVIS Jennifer Dawn 47 Melbourne Avenue -   Roderick BRETT, Robin BRETT, Jackie BRETT
8th April 6th April 1967 Rosaline Dawn JARVIS Jennifer Dawn 47 Melbourne Avenue -   Robin BRETT, Jackie BRETT, Sandra CRANE
8th April 17th September 1972 Amy Marie TAPPENDON Raymond Colin / Rosalind Florence Mary 33 Telham Avenue lorry driver   Joan Dorothy MORTON, Reginald James TAPPENDEN, Linda Joy GODFREY
8th April 23rd January 1973 Amanda Jayne BROWN Derek James / Valerie Joy 9 Windermere Avenue builders clerk   Marian HOWELLS, Bernard HOWELLS, Linda Mary KEEP
15th April 6th September 1972 Jacqueline Lesley SMITH Leslie / Pamela Joan 31 Coleman Crescent council worker   Christine LIPSCOMBE, Jeanette WALSH, John WALSH
15th April 10th January 1972 Andrew Stuart YOUNG Bryan Stuart / Barbara Mary 50 High Street master mariner   Brian David LUFF, David COUPS, Jean COUSINS
22nd April 21st September 1972 Joanne Lesley MUSK Terence Brian / Margaret Rose 44A Dundonald Road general worker   Mrs J TUCKER, Mrs W M STEER, Mr M TUCKER
22nd April 12th February 1973 Louise Gayle MILTON Michael John / Jill Barbara 33 Cliff View Road sales manager   Geoffrey SYRETT, Sandra CAITHEW, Michele CUMON
22nd April 12th January 1964 George Charles FRANKLIN Kenneth Charles / Sylvia Elsie 32 Douglas Road, Deal colliery worker   Patricia R FRANKLIN, George E FRANKLIN
22nd April 3rd October 1972 Heidi Deborah FRANKLIN George Edward / Patricia Rebecca 52 Newington Road coal miner   Brenda June FORINO, Henry Charles FORINO, Carol Ivy USHER
22nd April 2nd August 1972 Zoe JENKINS Glyn / Joan 2 Stephens Close turner   Alan M EASTES, Sheila J WOOD, Eunice M O'KELLY
22nd April 21st January 1970 Scott Frederick Graham LEDLEY Graham / Linda Elizabeth 5 Bathurst Close bus conductor   Charles Francis SUTTON, Barbara SUTTON, John HAWKINS-MOSELINE
22nd April 5th June 1972 Nigel Kevin LEDLEY Graham / Linda Elizabeth 5 Bathurst Close bus conductor   Sylvia F ROLPH, Ronald R ROLPH, Raymond SUTTON
22nd April 3rd December 1972 Anthony St John DAVIS Kenneth John / Pearl Rosina 10 Pinewood Close accountant   Maureen GRAY, Gerald GRAY
28th April 24th December 1972 Alan James BROWNING Derek Thomas / Virginia Jean 12 Ashbourne Avenue, Runcorn, Cheshire accountant   Edwin James Taylor WILLIAMS, Ronald WILLIAM, Peter ELLIOTT, Elizabeth S ELLIOTT
29th April 22nd December 1972 Teresa Ann HAWKINS-MOSELING John / Margaret Rose 46 Coleman Crescent insurance official   Christina Brenda BURDON, Christopher John BURDON, Christine SUTTON
6th May 23rd December 1972 Gillian Linda BROWN David William / Patricia Jean 4 Oakdene Road supermarket manager   Faith BELL, George BELL
6th May 10th March 1973 Katteryn Elaine PIDDUCK Antony Richard / Elaine Dorothy 5 Bengal Road postman   Jeffery William SEARS, Gillian SEARS, Margaret PIDDUCK
6th May 12th December 1972 Nicholas Leslie COLEMAN Raymond / Patricia Rose 83 Staner Court machine operator   Phyllis Doreen LAMPERT, Avril COLEMAN, Alan COLEMAN
20th May 22nd April 1973 Antony Martin Ramsden SMITH Martin Alfred Stanley / Pamela Ann 15 The Centre, Ramsgate carpenter at St Catherines Janet MEREDISH, Peter Frank DOUST, Frank Seymore DOUST, Ada Lilian DOUST
27th May 8th March 1973 Nicola Jane TODD Colin David / Pamela Suoni, Nethercourt Farm Road building surveyor   Patricia CAVE, Betty MACHIN, George BURGOYNE
27th May 22nd December 1972 Michael John BOOTES Michael John / Lynette Suzann 6 Marden Avenue H.M. Forces   Alan L BOOTES, George HARVEY, Edeith HARVEY
27th May 30th November 1972 Keith KIRKPATRICK Jeffrey / Sylvia Denise 20 Oakdene electrical engineer   Richard L WATKINS, Rosalind WATKINS, Roy FOMISON, Mary T FOMISON
27th May 8th February 1973 Kevin James ROSSITER Ronald June 4 Calverden Road driver   James ROSE, Terry ROSSITER, SUSAN MOYES
10th June 22nd November 1971 Neville Keith PERKINS Ernest Adrian / Heather 57 Pegwell Road schoolmaster   Cynthia Evelyn BURNETT, Peter Matthew MAN
1st July 2nd October 1972 Karen Alison OYSTON Thomas / Carole Anne 5 Kevin Drive service engineer   Pamela MOYS, Janet PEACHY, Anthony CHAPLIN
1st July 11th May 1973 Spencer Grant HOULT Alan Frank / Christina Winifred 6 Clifton Road electro plater   O WHITE, M BARNES, S DANN
1st July 13th April 1973 Bradford Ross CARTER Roger / Georgina 54 Helvellyn Avenue Petty Officer, Royal Navy   Ernest IDDENDEN, Sheila IDDENDEN, Chief Mechanic David ROBINSON
1st July 30th November 1971 Eleanor Ann STOCK Barry Michael / Ann Ruth 168 London Road, Deal estate agent at St Marys Pauline GRACE, Christine BLUNDELL, John Michael FIDGE, Lily WADE
8th July 16th July 1972 Stephen Jeremiah CORNETT Samuel Robert / Hilary 5 Grosvenor Road scaffolder   John HOWARTH, Tom LEWIS, Elsie LEWIS
8th July 12th September 1972 James Robert HAMMETT Barbara Jennifer 110 Grange Road -   Wendy ROSCOE, Michael ROSCOE, Gordon BULPITT
8th July 4th September 1972 Andrew William CRAYFOURD Allan William / Jeanette 30 Coniston Avenue Chief Officer Merchant Navy   Allan WILLIAM, John KERRY, Peter KERRY
8th July 8th March 1973 Judith Ann ROWLAND-HILL Michael John / Ann 97 Sandwich Road, Ramsgate hovercraft pilot at St Marys James William HOLMWOOD, Sandra HOLMWOOD, Janet ABBOTT
15th July 31st March 1973 Andrew James BARRS George Edward / Jennifer Ann 123 Station Approach Road electrician   Valerie WALTON, Peter WALTON, John PARSONS
22nd July 19th June 1973 Zara Louise UNSTED George Edward / Nora 64 Manston Road hovercraft car deck supervisor   Eunice HEYES, William HEYES, Emanuelle WARINER
29th July 1st March 1973 Daniel James BAX Terry James / Jane Ann 17 Woodville Road carpenter   A COUCHMAN, A GOODWIN, Mrs P GOODWIN
4th August 10th December 1972 Keith Edward BRUGDEN James Edward / Joan Margaret 5 Wilfred Road prison officer   Reginald TURNER, Rosemary TURNER, Michael BROGDEN, Mark BROGDEN
19th August 12th April 1971 Blair Ann PAPWORTH Michael / Lorraine Rose 12 Kevin Drive tool grinder   Alice COOPER, Yvonne DALY, Anthony PAPWORTH
19th August 26th May 1973 Daniel Michael PAPWORTH Michael / Lorraine Rose 12 Kevin Drive tool grinder   Peter PAPWORTH, Susan ZYGLEMAN, Stephen CRAY
2nd September 22nd December 1972 Kirtsy EDGAR Michael John / Nina Agnes 12 The Retreat civil engineer - local government officer   Marion R WARREN, M WARREN, J BRIGGS, J JOHNSON
9th September 28th February 1973 Jane Rebecca THOMAS David Gareth / Margaret Christine 64 St James Avenue process worker   Jane FOX, Janet WAKEFIELD, Christopher WILKINS
16th September - Nicola ATKINSON Edward James / Linda Shirley 46 Newington Road electrician   Stephen MOORE, Maria FARIA, Jennifer ATKINSON
16th September 1th June 1973 Geoffrey John GOUGH Kenneth John / Jennifer Anne 29 Fairfield Road postal officer   Nigel PARKS, Barbara E BARRETT, Brian S SMITH
16th September 24th September 1969 Mark Norman COVUS Norman Derek / Joyce Patricia 10 Weigall Place carpenter   Pamela PORTER, Charles PORTER, Reginald BARNES
16th September 12th October 1971 Michelle Naomi COVUS Norman Derek / Joyce Patricia 10 Weigall Place carpenter   Shirley SIMPSON, Cyril SIMPSON, Gladys BARNES
16th September 31st September 1967? Paul Anthony JOSEY Richard John Thomas / Valerie Alice 66 Foads Lane, Cliffs End electrician at St Marys Keith GARLAND, Kevin GARLAND, Pamela BATEMAN
16th September 5th June 1973 Andrew Mark JOSEY Richard John Thomas / Valerie Alice 66 Foads Lane, Cliffs End electrician at St Marys Keith GARLAND, Kevin GARLAND, Pamela BATEMAN
30th September 4th April 1972 Duncan COTTON Michael / Barbara 20 Claremont Gardens electrician   John FEARNLEY, Maureen FEARNLEY, Terry COTTON
30th September 29th April 1973 Stuart COTTON Michael / Barbara 20 Claremont Gardens electrician   John FEARNLEY, Maureen FEARNLEY, Terry COTTON
30th September 12th June 1973 Karen Anne PAY John Frederick / Christine May 40 Marden Avenue farm worker   Frank PAY, Carol LLOYD, Rose HARWOOD
21st October 20th May 1973 Andrew James PALMER Philip James / Norma 5 Queens Gate Road design engineer   Audret BRADLEY, Leward BRADLEY, F J PALMER
21st October 22nd April 1969 Philip John MARTIN John Charles / Wendy Elizabeth 20 Swinbourne Avenue, Broadstairs builder   Philip James PALMER, Norma PALMER
4th November 13th August 1973 Stephanie Jane MILLS Roger Francis / Linda Muriel 71 Burshill Crescent chemical process operator   C R MILLS, Germaine SIMS, Sharon SHEPPERD
11th November 17th May 1973 Steven John DAYNES John Stephen / Linda 69 Church Road, Murston, Sittingbourne motor fitter   Alan & John DAYNES, June TYLER
18th November 29th July 1973 Roger Trayton GOLDSMITH Roger Ernest Trayton / Monica Patricia 61 Princess Margaret Avenue police constable   Francis GIBSON, Anthony GIBSON, Christopher HODGES
18th November 29th July 1973 Phillip Trayton GOLDSMITH Roger Ernest Trayton / Monica Patricia 61 Princess Margaret Avenue police constable   Christopher GOLDSMITH, Janet DRAY, David DRAY
25th November 11th March 1973 Karen Lisa ROLFE Stewart Horton / Brenda 43 Pegwell Road lecturer   Sheila BAMISH, Anne S STIEFEFHAGEN, Michael BELDIN, Andrew DI PALMA
30th December 22nd August 1973 Aaron Stuart PARNELL Derek Alan / Christine Phyllis 45 Foads Lane marine engineer at St Marys David CIRCUIT, Herbert PARNELL, Janice PARNELL
Date Born First Name Last Name Parents ABODE Trade Comments Godparents
Baptised               Occupation       
13th January 27th September 1973 Nicky Stuart THOMAS Lyndon Barrie / Judith Phyllis 5 Princes Avenue export packer   S A RICHARDSON, V F WEBB, A G THOMAS
27th January 29th October 1973 Robert Spencer COCKS Reginald George / Susan 106 Southwood Gardens railwayman   Deborah COVE, Michael COVE, David COCKS
27th January 19th July 1973 Kelly Joanne OLIVER Brian Michael / Ann Hazel 35 Duncan Road coach driver   Pauline OLIVER, Derek OLIVER, Joan BLACKBURN
10th February 29th December 1973 Elizabeth Jane DEAN Jeffrey / Pam 26A Margate Road coach builder at St Catherines Pat CRUSH, Pamela J RUSSELL, Matthew RUSSELL
17th March 31st August 1973 Kevin Paul SIMMONS Norman / June 4 Manston Road process operator   John BOTTLES, Dieter JOHANNSEN, Janet JOHANNSEN
17th March 7th October 1973 Lianne Marie BLACKWELL Anthony William / Colette Helene 33 Norman Road merchant seaman   Terence BLACKWELL, Kim HOEY, Deborah CHAPMAN
17th March 31st October 1973 Wayne Leslie Erik PEARSON Erik Charles / Laureen Mary 2 Claremont Gardens foreman timber yard   Hugh BARR, Delina CAREY, Michael CAREY
17th March 14th December 1973 Louise Elizabeth GOWLAS Richard / Susan Peggy 43 Crescent Road production engineer   George KING, Elizabeth KING, Erica GOWLAS
31st March 17th January 1974 Steven Mark DUXBURY Roger / Patricia Barbara Anne 96 Newington Road aviation engineer   Stephen MARSHALL, Jennifer WALTERS, Keith WALTERS, Ivor BARRATT
14th April 4th February 1974 Tina Sharon DUNMALL David / Joyce Lydia 46 Belle View Road milkman   Melvin SMITH, Heather SMITH, Brenda SHEAD
14th April 4th February 1974 Lisa Michaela HILL Trevor Michael / Angela Harriet 14 Hambledon Close, Bordon, Hampshire H.M. Forces   I D AMBERS, L F WOODWARD, D G E AMBERS
14th April 9th March 1974 Adam James HINTON Terence James / Gillian 136 Melbourne Avenue fitter   Pauline GARRISON, Kevin FRICKER, George HINTON
21st April 11th April 1962 John James LANE James / Mavis 68 Station Approach Road - Adult -
5th May 28th December 1973 Mark David SEAGARS Stanley Robert / Priscilla Ellen 18 St James Avenue welder   Pamela WOOD, Robert WOOD
5th May 20th February 1974 Nicholas David ASH David Michael / Sara Peggy Newlands Farm farmer St Catherines David FLELLO, Anne FLELLO, Richard ASH
19th May 21st May 1974 ? Spencer Henry RAY Leslie John / Lorraine 6 King Edward Road, Ramsgate plant operator   Derek RAY, Isabel RAY, Edward O'HARA
16th June 3rd June 1973 Robert John NEVE John Keith / Marcia Dawn 67 Southwood Gardens railway driver   Barbara STEVENSON, James STEVENSON, Rodney NEVE
16th June 9th October 1973 Joan Annette HAWKINS Valerie Anne 29 Queens Avenue -   Brenda HART, Jack HART, Peter HAWKINS, Beryl ADAMS
21st July 5th May 1974 Sally Emma BING Alan Charles / Susan Macy 152 Ospringe Road, Faversham civil engineering agent   William BARNARD, Margit SYMES, Alison BING
21st July 17th May 1974 Jason John COLE John / Carol Irene 8 St Catherine Grove, Manston mechanic   Judy COLE, Clive RUSSELL, David DEACON
28th July 28th February 1974 Stuart James COLLEDGE John Michael / June Florence 2 Stonar Close, Dumpton printer   Robin LAMBERT, Karen JARVIS, Christopher COLLEDGE
28th July 28th March 1974 Jason Karl ROBINSON Kevin John / Susan Anne 9 North Grove, Blandford signal man (Royal Signals)   Bruce HULTON, Robin PARNELL, Janet PARNELL
4th August 6th September 1973 Sean Ian PETERS Robert William / Jean Ann 12 Manston Park Bungalow, R.A.F.Manston telecommunicator at St Catherines Brenda THOMAS, Maurice THOMAS, Hayden BATEMAN
25th August 3rd July 1974 Stuart Peter REDSHAW Peter / Janice Frances Hackthorne Farm, Woodchurch, near Birchington helicopter navigator at St Catherines Donald FARRINGTON, Jane HOOKER, Roy BRACHET
25th August 21st September 1974? Michaela Sue BAILEY Michael / Sheila 32 Wemucha Bagillt Clwyd, North Wales labourer   Jacqueline BAILEY, Dorothy JOBSON, James JOBSON
25th August 5th May 1974 Alison Joy PARAMORE John / Janice 17 Holly Road local government officer   Deidre June D'EATH, Linda Lilian CHAPMAN, Michael PARAMORE
3rd November 4th August 1973 Steven Mark PETTMAN Robert Stephen / Valerie 38 Belmont Road, Ramsgate bricklayer   Mrs R HARRISON, Mr P E WARNER, Mr J J HARRISON
3rd November 14th October 1973 Christopher Grahame WARNER David Kenneth / Margaret Ann 70 Boundary Road Royal Navy   Victor WARNER, Ernest LIGHTFOOT, Susan LIGHTFOOT
3rd November - Andrew Peter WARNER Peter Edward / Doreen May 47 Ashburnham Road, Ramsgate builder   Susan TEBBUTT, Richard WARNER, Eric TEBBLITT
15th November 17th August 1973 Melissa ALLINSON Ernest / Pamela May 10 High Street capstan setter operator   Jill KINNILL, Robin KINNILL, Pauline ALLISON
17th November 11th February 1974 Sarah Louise BROWN Tanya Mary / John Abraham George 1 Holbrook Drive amusement caterer   Derek PEGDEN, Tamara PEGDEN, Teresa MARSH
1st December 25th August 1974 David Michael Eliot CUCKNEY Michael / Carol Ann 4 Fair Acre, Broadstairs practising accountant   James E ROBINSON, George PLOWMAN, Thelma May WIGFALL

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