Ramsgate Parish Register Extracts from 1901

St Lawrence Baptisms 1969-1970


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Date Born First Name Last Name Parents ABODE Trade Comments Godparents
Baptised               Occupation       
5th January 2nd July 1968 Sheila Anne WERRY Graham John / Patricia Evelyn 11 Picton Road carpenter   Mr & Mrs K DODD, Mr & Mrs P WERRY
19th January 30th October 1968 Roland Maurice ROTHWELL Maurice Laurence / Elizabeth 41 Park Road storeman   Florence MILLER, Maurice L ROTHWELL, Elizabeth ROTHWELL
19th January 22nd November 1968 Paul ROBINSON Peter / Linda Margaret 6 Nethercourt Hill butchers manager   Maureen ROBINSON, Alan ROBINSON, Walter NICHOL
2nd February 16th May 1968 Stephen Glen MILLER Barry David / June 52 Whitehall Road welder   Sylvia SAUNDERS, Paul B MILLER, Richard MILLER
9th February 31st July 1968 Owen Clifford EMPTAGE William Albert John / Olga Jeanette May 3 Cliffs End Farm Cottages, Cliffs End Road farm worker at Cliffs End Sylvia ROBERTS, Ernest J ROBERTS, Peter KEMP
16th February - Dawn MCCULLUM Thomas George / Patricia Ann 24 Meverall Avenue, Cliffs End chemical process operator at St Marys, Cliffs End Thomas George MCCULLUM, Patricia Ann MCCULLUM, Linda MCCULLUM
23rd February 10th January 1969 James Francis YARKER Peter Francis / Rosemary Margaret 16 Ringwood Road Eastbourne hotel manager   Jonathon RUSSELL, M Hayes WILLIAMS, Maria BUTTERFIELD, Robert BALSHAW
23rd February 4th November 1968 Linda Jane SIMMONS Norman / June 177 Grange Road process operator   Eric S SIMMONS, Jean C SIMMONS, Peggy DAY
2nd March 20th February 1968 Martin Dennis CAVELL Dennis John / Penelope Joan 17 Vincent Close, Broadstairs carpenter   John LARKINS, Janet MORGAN, George CAVELL
16th March 2nd October 1968 Philip Clive NEWPORT Philip John / Olive Alice 17 Marden Avenue train driver   Dorothy BOWLES, Thomas BOWLES, Horace J NEWPORT
23rd March 31st January 1969 Vanessa Mary JORDAN James Kenneth / Martha Elizabeth Sandwich Road plant operator   Derek JORDAN, Olive ROWLAND, Violet JORDAN
6th April 26th December 1968 Matthew George LAWLEY Sidney Roland Elwyn / Maureen Elsie 6 Rydal Avenue G.P.O. engineer   Jennifer LEE, Keith SMITH, Collin FORREST, Norma FORREST
6th April 15th December 1968 Ann-Marie NEEDHAM Peter / Barbara Jean 85 Newington Road E.R.A. Royal Navy   June CHAM, Geraldine CRUICKSHANK, David GRIFFITH
13th April 25th September 1968 Robert Allan CRAYFORD Allan William / Jeanette 30 Coniston Avenue Navigator, merchant navy   Peter KERRY, Ann CRAYFORD, Robin CARTER
20th April 23rd August 1938 Alan PALMER-HUDSON - 14 St Catherines Grove - Adult -
20th April 1st November 1916 Elizabeth Frances KEEBLE - Homedean, Manston Road - Adult -
27th April 25th January 1969 Adrain Christopher CULL Christopher Francis Rodney / Kathleen Margaret 59 London Road carpenter   Derek P TURNER, Douglas FOREMAN, Josie POWER
4th May 18/69 Jonathan James Fautley WEBB Peter John / Elsie Peggy Gladys Kimbra, 71 Rydal Avenue cost accountant   Jennifer FOSTER, Tony FOSTER, Peter J WEBB
4th May 4th March 1969 Neil William ELLIS Kenneth Charles / Heather Mary 34 Telham Avenue welder   Betty M SIMPSON, Clifford A HARWOOD, David ELLIS
11th May 22nd November 1968 Kevin Donald SYKES Frederick Thomas / Betty Elizabeth Florence 65 Southwood Gardens collier   Rita YATES, Norman YATES, Arthur SYKES
11th May 3rd March 1969 Joanne Helen DUXBURY Gordon Peter Carr / Lesley Pauline 6 Kevin Drive municipal engineer   Aileen CRESBAR, Lynda CORK, Edwin PURKESS
11th May 4th September 1968 Martin SUSS Leopold / Valerie Anne 19 Marden Avenue second head waiter   Diane SEARLE, Brian SEARLE, Leopold SUSS
18th May 27th June 1968 Rebecca VRBANSKI Alfred / Doris 4 Ringold Avenue driver   Ivy KOWALCZYK, Kozimierz MAZGAJ, Marion ZACHARZEWSKI
25th May 12th January 1969 Lorraine JEFFERY Raymond / Valerie Ann 10 Schlaun Strasse, Paderborn Corporal R.E.M.E.   E J HEWITT, J M RANDELL, W F JEFFERY
25th May 3rd March 1969 Anne Marie DUNWELL David Arthur / Margaret Elizabeth 157 Grange Road newsagent   Henry S ANSELL, Betty M ANSELL
25th May 31st July 1968 Ruth Margaret FOULGER Kenneth Alexander / Dorothy 15 Cliff View Road, Cliffs End motor ditributor at St Marys Ann M FOULGER, Kathleen M FOULGER, Allan H FOULGER
31st May 4th March 1969 Alison Marita FACEY Richard Philip / Ann Marita 34 Picton Road driver   Virginia J BROWNING, Brenda R M ROBERTS, Colin ROBERTS
1st June 29th October 1968 Dean John CORNWELL John Travers / Audrey 44 Foads Hill, Cliffs End radio technician at St Marys Lilian J GOODENOUGH, Graham SAUNDERS, John  T CORNWELL
29th June 16th February 1969 Kathryn Elizabeth HOLLOWAY Dennis Leonard / Constance Vinisha 55 Langdale Avenue engineer   Rene HOLLOWAY, Patricia ELSTON, Dennis Leonard HOLLOWAY
27th July 3rd May 1969 Sarah Elizabeth HORN Susan Jennifer 48 Telham Avenue -   Michael HUBBARD, Glynis MILLER, Irene D NEWING
3rd August 15th January 1969 Julie Lisa SIMS Malcolm Edward / Gernaine 49 Fairlight Avenue factory worker   Irene J IMPETT, Linda M FEUILLATRE, Stanley MATTHEWS
17th August 6th February 1968 Stuart James OSBORN Melvyn John / Margaret Joan 47 Downs Road seaman   M MADGE, A R FERMEYHOUGH, P AMOS, R CORNHILL
24th August 11th April 1969 Alison MUNDY Brian Dereck / Eileen Florence 4 Marden Avenua printer   Hilda K PONDER, Margaret R GANNAWAY, Peter J BROCKMAN
7th September 31st March 1969 Carol KEMBLE David / Karla Ingrid 38 Burshill Crescent hover craft engineer   K I KEMBLE, D KEMBLE, Carol Joyce CURTIS
21st September 15th May 1969 Sarah Louise THOMAS David Gareth / Margaret Christine 85 Newington Road (Flat) process operator   M C THOMAS, E M THOMAS, JOYCE BOOTHMAN
28th September 23rd June 1968 Anna Elizabeth PIDFORD Brian Douglas / Susan Suoni, Nethercourt Farm Road pharmaceutical technician   Jane MOSS, Patricia & Patrick ARNOLD
28th September 27th July 1969 Sarah Jane CURTIS George Henry / Valerie Ann 1 Meverall Avenue, Cliffsend architect at St Marys, Cliffs End Sylvia FOX, Sylvia MCMAHON, Ian MCCARTHUR
5th October 20th June 1969 Joanne Rebecca HOWES Charles Winston / Margaret Patricia Chez Nous, Arundel Road, Cliffs End production & RD Planning Manager   Susan THORPE, Julian HOWES, Jacqueline MARGESON
5th October 5th July 1969 Marcus Paul MILLGATE Barry John Henry / Lorraine 52 Foads Lane, Cliffs End process operator (chemicals) at St Marys, Cliffs End Linda NICHOLLS, Owen NICHOLLS, Barry J H MILLGATE
2nd November 12th July 1969 Shelley Elizabeth ANTHONY Charles Edward / Winnifred Eileen 85 London Road builder   Susan & John HOLIGHAM, Lorraine ANTHONY
9th November 17th October 1969 Kim Susan HALL David / Susan Coraline 13 Newington Road glass grinder   Julie A HALL, Carol BAILLIE, Charles R COX
15th November 23rd June 1969 Kim Marie BROWNING Derek Thomas / Virginia Jean Launceston Park Road, Ramsgate accountant   Ann M FACEY, Olive B BROWNING, Sidney A BROWNING
23rd November 23rd November 1968 Jacqueline Elaine NICHOLS Kenneth John / Janet Elizabeth 23 Princes Avenue valuation officer   Heather TOBIN, Sheila MACKETT, Frederick NICHOLS
28th November 18th August 1969 Tom Nicholas MACHIN Peter Charles / Marion Eleanor 39 Hazelbury Road, SW 6 trainee patent agent   Peter NACHIN, Timothy MACHIN, Linda BEECHAM
30th November 16th September 1969 Marie Margaret Ann COOK Leonard George / Margaret Ann 22 Canterbury Road, Westbrook chargehand   Georgina F PILCHER, Janet BANNISTER, Terry BANNISTER
30th November 7th October 1969 Patrick Brian MAYO Brian Vincent / Jennifer Barbara 19 Granville Avenue electronic engineer   Janet K SLADE, George H SLADE, Donald MARKS
30th November 14th May 1969 Karen Ann MAYO Michael John / Jean Edith 36 Chichester Road labourer   Jenny MAYO, Jill MAYO, Donald MARKS
6th December 21st September 1969 Amanda Beth CHAPMAN Robert John / Valerie Ann 28 Telham Avenue driver   Doris PENNEY, Monica TERRY, Denis DICKINSON
21st December 20th August 1969 Elizabeth Anne NELSON Stuart Edward / Anne Maureen 51 West Cliff Road, Broadstairs porter (hoverport)   Patricia CRADDUCK, Philip L JOB, Patricia GOULD
Date Born First Name Last Name Parents ABODE Trade Comments Godparents
Baptised               Occupation       
4th January 28th July 1969 James Eason DADD Norman Patrick / Jennifer Mary 52 Highfield Avenue, Harpenden accountant   John ADKINS, Brian GILBERT, Norman DADD
4th January 19th August 1969 Nicola Elaine HARNETT Anthony Robert / Jill Margaret 77 Winstanley Crescent army   Anthony Roy EUDEN, Rosemary Ann EUDEN, Carol LUCAS
4th January 4th November 1969 William John Raymond HOLMES John Charles Goff / Tessa Margaret Mary 33 Foads Lane, Cliffs End yacht broker at St Marys, Cliffs End Rosalind Ann WHITE, Peter Douglas WHITE, Keith David HOLMES
25th January 13th October 1969 Tara Geraldine BROWN Gerald Victor / Rita Frances 42 Burshill Crescent draughtsman   Shella Joan STAPPLES, Wendy Jean LUCAS, Anthony John BROWN
15th March 12th January 1970 Jonathan James MORETON James Neville / Edna Christiana 1 Grasmere Avenue quantity surveyor   June Ann PRICE, Leonard John PRICE, Neal Glyn PRICE
29th March 9th July 1969 Adrian FAIRBOURN Kenneth / Rita Rockley, 16 St Mildreds Avenue civil servant   Roy FAIRBOURN, Irene FAIRBOURN, Donald TOWLER
29th March - Nicholas Peter MORLING Geoffrey Gordon / Barbara Ann 35 Rockstone Way plant operator   Jennifer MASON, Peter MASON, Ronald RAMPLING
29th March 2nd March 1970 Tracey Helen BLACKWELL Collette / Anthony 144 Southwood Road - baptised in hospital -
29th March 12th December 1969 Mark MCCULLUM Thomas George / Patricia Ann 24 Meverall Avenue, Cliffs End chemical operator at St Marys, Cliffs End Thomas G MCCALLUM, Patricia Ann MCCALLUM, Daniel HAWKES
5th April 17th December 1969 Stuart ATCHISON Colin Barry / Selena Hepburn Mack 1 Kevin Drive carpenter   Elizabeth DADD, Ronald J ADDLEY
5th April 13th August 1969 Paul Andrew DENTON Graham Keith Martin / Patricia Margaret 14 Wayne Close, Broadstairs electrician   Fay KING, David KING, Kevin DENTON, Keiron DENTON
5th April 10th February 1970 Heather Laura HOPPER Ivan Eric / Dawn Valerie 55 High Street water meter repairer baptised Margate Hospital Daisy MASON, Joan LEGGETT, Donald LEGGETT
12th April 15th April 1958 Jane RICHARDS - 55 Wilfred Road - Adult -
12th April 31st March 1955 Ann RICHARDS - 55 Wilfred Road - Adult -
19th April 9th October 1969 Simon George Bolam STUREY John Bolam / Corinne Jane 5 Armstones Close, Colchester bank official at St Catherines David ASH, Sarah ASH, Charles DYER
19th April 15th October 1969 Mark James Philip WESTON James Henry / Patricia Anne 61 Helvellyn Avenue electronics engineer   Ann SUMMER, Andrew BUNT, Philip BUNT
26th April 13th August 1969 Sarah Jane GRIFFITHS Michael Enos / Susan 12 Oakdene Road engineer   Jane WATSON, Douglas ANDERTON, Margaret THOMAS, Norman GRIFFITHS
26th April 28th September 1969 Scott Martin FLEMING Arthur / Jaqqueline Dawn Lorrain 3 Dane Crescent driver salesman   Laurie JOHNSON, Keiron DENTON, Kevin DENTON
26th April 30th November 1969 Adam James SANDERSON James Ernest / Anne Margaret 21 Clifton Road ceramic & glazed tiler   Anne SOLLY, Michael SHORT, Rodney BENNETT
10th May 20th May 1969 Andrew Philip KITCHENSIDE Brian Philip / Eileen Joyce 62 Cheapside, East Rayleigh draughtsman   Iris E EDGECOMBE, Anthony B EDGECOMBE, Brian P KITCHENSIDE
10th May 14th July 1969 Edward Laurence James GREENHAUGH Joseph / Pamela Ann 19 Vale Road chargehand C.EM.   Maureen Rosile OLIVER, David OLIVER, George HYNSON
17th May 16th November 1969 Donna Marie MCGRATH Emmanuel Christopher / Sonia Patricia 13 Stanley Road bread salesman   Sylvia Anne GRIFFITHS, Mandy NEWBERRY, Keith Joseph CLARKE
24th May 8th February 1969 Warren Anthony LEE Kenneth John / Barbara 38 Southwood Gardens electrician   Hazel DEAKIN, Malcolm DEAKIN, Richard LUND
24th May 11th September 1963 Shane Rion ROBINSON Michael Rion / Gail Valencia 76 Chichester Road taxi driver   Terence M SANDERS, Reginald MARSDEN, Joyce MARSDEN
24th May 23rd May 1965 Stephen Paul ROBINSON Michael Rion / Gail Valencia 76 Chichester Road taxi driver   Terence M SANDERS, Reginald MARSDEN, Joyce MARSDEN
24th May 26th January 1970 William Richard PLOWMAN George William / Pamela Gillian 10 St Catherines Grove mechanical electrical draughtsman at St Catherines Leonard M HAYDEN, Michael CUCKNEY, Carol Ann CUCKNEY, June GOODBOURNE
24th May 16th November 1969 Sara FORT Clarence Clifford / Margaret Elizabeth Glenbeigh, King Arthur Road, Cliffs End company director at St Catherines Kathleen DUNN, Marjorie PAGE, Harry CROWTHER
31st May 9th August 1969 Helen Philippa WINFIELD Philip / Alice Mary 25 Langdale Avenue fitter   A & M WILKINSON, Mrs J A THOMPSON
7th June 20th March 1970 Gary Charles JAKEMAN Colin Henry / Sheila Joan 58 Windermere Drive builder   Dennis FILE, Herbert EUDEN, Saundra FILE
7th July 11th March 1970 Simon James YOUNG Bryan Stuart / Barbara Mary 50 High Street computer programmer   John PENNY, Brian SIMMONS, Nichole AURIAULET
12th July 12th April 1970 Jonathon Lewis MASON Reginald Lewis / Doreen Edith Worlds Wonder, Manston Road, Manston depot manager at St Catherines Shadrack LAWRENCE, Grace LAWRENCE, Roger MASON
19th July 1st April 1970 Christine Yvonne BROWN David William / Patricia Jean 4 Oakdene Road wholesale bakery salesman   David SAYER, Phyllis SAYER, Patricia BROWN
2nd August 31st December 1969 Selina Lorraine SOLLY Michael Laurence / Ann Lorraine 34 Cliftonville Avenue approved electrician   Keith SHORT, Susan CANNON, Janet MASON
2nd August 24th May 1970 Catherine Jeanne EASTES Alan Michael / Valerie Jeanne 5 Stephens Close toolmaker   Carol BELSEY, John BELSEY, Lynda WELLS
9th August 4th April 1970 Martin Garnet DAVIES Joseph Charles Garnet / Mary Ruth 11 Beechdale Avenue, Birmingham civil servant   Glennis HAWKINS, Ronald HAWKINS, Terence DAVIES
19th August 24th February 1970 Helen Jane AUSTIN Lance Brian / Susan Elizabeth 31 Thirlmere Avenue building contractor   Lance AUSTIN, Susan AUSTIN
23rd August 20th May 1970 Clive PEACOCK Joseph Terence / Annette 13 Beaufort Avenue furniture shop manager   Ann BUBB, Michael BUBB, John HURDMAN
30th August 21st November 1969 Melissa Gay MORTON Michael Peter / Susan Patricia 45 Queen Bertha Road supervisor   Edward COOPER, Susan Evelyn MUNT, Elsie Elizabeth HILLS
30th August 29th August 1969 Peter John KNELLER Christopher James / Margaret 49 Plackett Way, Slough postman   Derek POINTER, Sylvia ALLEN, Allan RICHARDS
6th September 16th June 1968 Lynda Jane OAKLEY Michael Leonard Thomas / Christine Constance 31 Burshill Crescent interior decorator   Felicity WILLIS, Minnie MUMBARD, A L LUMBARD
6th September 14th December 1969 Joanne Catherine OAKLEY Michael Leonard Thomas / Christine Constance 31 Burshill Crescent interior decorator   Felicity WILLIS, Minnie MUMBARD, Paul BEAMES
13th September 26th March 1970 Tereasa Lea DENBY Geoffrey Frank / Christine 46 Meneage Street, Helston electrical mechanic R.N.   Brian CRAMPTON, Sheila CRAMPTON, Christine DENBY
13th September 25th January 1970 Neil Rodney MOODY Christopher John / Kathleen Joan 49 Coriston Avenue production control   Jean BIRO, Rodney EAST, Ann EAST
13th September 5th July 1970 Darren Michael COLLYER Brian Eric / Janet Denise 15 Lancaster Close motor mechanic   Terence SAMMIE, Shirley HARRIS, Andrew LEPINE
20th September 10th June 1970 Ashley Gavin WHISKIN Roy Charles / Avril Dawn 29 Thirlmere Avenue civil servant   Janice Beryl PALMER, Martyn SYMONDS, Bernard Handley CAPP
27th September 12th March 1970 Mark Ronald JOHNSON Ronald / Janet Elizabeth 41 Crescent Road driver   John A TAYLOR, Sally Jane TAYLOR, Thomas Richard TAYLOR
4th October 15th June 1970 David BRISTOW Philip David / Kathleen Mary 6 Clarenden Gardens press setter   Robert G ALLISTON, Kathleen I BELSEY, Stanley H A BELSEY
4th October 19th July 1969 Jennifer BELSEY Stanley Herbert Albert / Kathleen 102 Westwood Road, Broadstairs plasterer   Charles E LINCOLN, Agatha LINCOLN, Mary LINCOLN
4th October 24th June 1970 Peter David HOUNSOME David Michael / Margaret Ann 3 Southwood Gardens butcher supervisor at St Marys Bronwin C SHARMAN, John SHEPHERDON, Richard C HOUNSOME
11th October 25th July 1970 Jason Anthony SMITH Leslie / Pamela Joan Flat 3, 2 North Avenue gully pump attendant   Peter WARREn, Martin SMITH, Kathleen Lyda HOGBEN
11th October 20th February 1970 Lara Racheal (sic) WOODS Roger John / Gillian Ellen 31 Chilton Lane service technician   Carol Margaret JAMES, Janet SANHAM, John Michael BURROUGHS
11th October 24th July 1970 Sarah Jayne BURROUGHS John Michael / Suzanne Mary 277 Margate Road coach builder   Jennifer Eileen HUNT, Michael John HUNT, Carol Rose HUNT
11th October 20th April 1970 Sian CLEGHORN John Alfred / Gillian Louise 24 Cliftonville Avenue sales representative   John WEEKS, Brenda GRANT, Adrian BAMPTON
11th October 20th May 1970 Nichola Jane GOULD Brian Sydney / Susan Irene 4 Queens Avenue electrician   Lynda Anne WHITEMAN, Eileen PULLINGER, Barry Charles GOULD
18th October 18th July 1970 Claire Victoria SAUNDERS Graham Charles Phillip / Evelyn Teresa 72 Southwood Gardens toolmaker   Ronald ROWSON, Jennifer GOUDER, Betty POTTS
18th October 21st May 1970 Michelle Suzzanne HARDS Derek Ivor Laurence / Dorothy Winifred Etty 12 Cheriton Avenue labourer   Kathleen SAVAGE, Colin SAVAGE, Doris FOX
25th October 6th August 1970 Karen Elaine DURSTON David John / Christine Pearl 14 High Street bus driver   E SHARP, L SHARP, A BEST
1st November 15th May 1970 Ian Kirk PATRICK Jeffrey / Sylvia Denise 20 Oakdene Road electrical engineer   Rosalind WATKINS, Richard Lloyd WATKINS, Mary Thelma FOMISON, Roy FOMISON
8th November 17th January 1966 Jon James BROWN John Abraham George / Tanya Mary 1 Holbrook Drive amusement caterer   Lydia PURSER, George PURSER, Michael DAVEY
8th November 15th May 1970 Kerstie GILLIS Jeffrey Edward / Susan Audrey 89 St James Avenue buyer   Barry DURDO, Gillian CLARK, Jeanett GILLIS
22nd November 18th March 1970 Lorraine HOLDEN Clifford / Sheila Ann 15 Claremont Gardens quality inspector   Pamela Louise ROCKHILL, Albert Edward ROCKHILL, Rita Margaret HOLDEN
29th November 27th May 1970 Jonathan David BELL Robert George / Faith Maureen 21 Winifred Avenue process operator   Ann BRYANT, Tyrone Arthur BRYANT
29th November 11th August 1970 Joanne SMITH Morris John / Rita Ann Tanya, Cannon Road foreman electrician   Ann GREGSON, Audrey GREGSON, Arthur GREGSON
13th December 5th October 1970 Joanne Ellen LEGGETT Donald Leslie Herbert / Joan Mollie 31 High Street, St Lawrence service engineer   Dawn Valerie HOPPER, Philomena Anne RIGDEN, Brian Lawrence LEGGETT
27th December 4th July 1966 Neil Antony MARSH Cyril Edward / Brenda Rosemary 22 Manston Road plastics moulder   Linda PUCKETT, Rosemary PUCKETT, Thomas PUCKETT, Stephen MALLAM
27th December 18th October 1970 Alan Thomas MARSH Cyril Edward / Brenda Rosemary 22 Manston Road plastics moulder   Linda PUCKETT, Rosemary PUCKETT, Thomas PUCKETT, Stephen MALLAM
27th December 24th November 1970 Nicola Jane MARSON Peter John / Jennifer Carol 36 Lonsdale Road, Branston, Burton-on-Trent welder   Barbara MOLLING, Carole ARTHUR, Michael LEADBITTER

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