Ramsgate Parish Register Extracts from 1901

St Lawrence Baptisms 1957-1958


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Date Born First Name Last Name Parents ABODE Trade Comments Godparents
Baptised                       Occupation       
27th January 18th October 1956 Ann Lesley BATTERY Albert Corlett / Joyce Elsie Hope Bungalow, Hopes Lane, Ramsgate van driver   parents & Elizabeth Mary ELVERY
27th January 14th September 1956 Valerie Sheila BUTLER John Stanley Hamilton / Freda Dorothy 39 Marden Avenue road surfaces labourer   Dorothy WILMHURST, Robert HODGES, Sheila WELCH
27th January 4th January 1955 Betty May BUTLER John Stanley Hamilton / Freda Dorothy 39 Marden Avenue road surfaces labourer   Dorothy WILMHURST, Robert HODGES, Sheila WELCH
27th January 27th October 1956 Stephen Trevor HONEY Brian Albert / Janette Rosemarie 159 Pegwell Road insurance inspector   E H C SMITH, E C SMITH, J R PEACE
27th January 17th February 1956 Janet Rence BROWN Harold Thomas / Irene Elena 45 Marden Avenue tree feller   Freda BULLER, Renee GOLD, Norman GOLD
29th January 26th August 1942 Thomas Henry Arthur WARREN Thomas James / Ada Matilda Chantry Cottage, 9 Ellington Place -   -
29th January 26th June 1943 Edward Leonard PASSEY Edward Leonard / Avis Lenora The Leys, Manston -   -
29th January 11th April 1904 Florence ROBERSON (HARRISON) George Harris & Mary Jane HARRISON 67 Helvellyn Avenue -   -
29th January 20th August 1942 Beryl Jean WRIGHT George / Dorothy The Leys, Manston -   -
29th January 1st September 1942 Carol Christine THURSTON George / Jean The Leys, Manston -   -
29th January 3rd June 1944 Joan Irene HAMPSHIRE Neville / Nell The Leys, Manston -   -
7th February 27th June 1956 Sherene Amelia May PALMER Ronald George / Rita Ellen 131 Crescent Road R.A.F.   Audrey HORNERSHAM, Pauline PALMER, Albert PALMER
7th February 28th July 1955 Stephen Michael KEELER William Henry / Joyce Evelyn 131 Crescent Road mechanic   Amelia PALMER, Albert PALMER, Robert PALMER
24th February 29th October 1956 Adriane John ELLINGWORTH John / Rose Ella 51 Whitehall Road goods porter   Margery BENNETT, Alan George ELLINGWORTH, Bernard Gerald FRISBY
24th March 25th September 1956 Christine HARRISON Harold / Violet Ann Fairway, Canterbury Road West, Cliffsend caterer   John Charles HOENES, Elsie PAWLEY, Christina Mary CACKETT
24th March 21st July 1956 Julia Anne SHARP Maurice Cliiford / Celia 25 Brecon Square engineer fitter   Bryn JONES, Jean JONES, Douglas ELLIOT
24th March 6th April 1955 Keith Andrew NEWMAN Richard Keith / Kathleen Elsie Joan 4 Granville Avenue medical representative   Margaret GARDNER, B K NEWMAN, Douglas BREWER
24th March 17th December 1956 Heather Marie GREGORY Albert William Henry / Monica Theresa 16 Quetta Road R.A.F.   Mr SAVAGE, Mrs SAVAGE
10th April 25th January 1948 Robert Hamilton EDWARDS Daniel Evan Hamilton / Margorie Rosina 3 St Johns Avenue miner   Mrs W JARMAN, Mrs W QUARTLEY, Mr W QUARTLEY
10th April 17th September 1949 Maureen EDWARDS Daniel Evan Hamilton / Margorie Rosina 3 St Johns Avenue miner   Mrs W JARMAN, Mrs T CRITTENDEN, Mr C QUARTLEY
10th April 27th December 1951 Christopher EDWARDS Daniel Evan Hamilton / Margorie Rosina 3 St Johns Avenue miner   Mrs W JARMAN, Mrs W QUARTLEY, Mr W QUARTLEY
10th April 4th July 1954 Peter EDWARDS Daniel Evan Hamilton / Margorie Rosina 3 St Johns Avenue miner   Mrs W JARMAN, Mrs T MCANN, Mr C QUARTLEY
20th April 24th August 1956 Julia Ann HOLLAND David Kerry / Mavis 41 Princess Margaret Avenue carpenter & joiner   Patricia HANSON, Alice EYRE, Reubin HANSON
20th April 31st January 1957 Wendy Joan COCKS David George Arthur / Joan Beatrice 6 Whitehall Road railwayman   Kathleen HOUSE, Patricia PIPER, Ernest COCKS
20th April 17th November 1956 Angela WILLIAMS Evan / Gwendoline Maude 19 Riversdale Road miner   Ethel HORNE, Albert HORNE
20th April 13th November 1956 Jeffrey CHANDLER Eric Henry Stanley / Marjory Louisa 82 South Eastern Road factory supervisor   Albert MOODY, William LYNNE, Ethel LYNNE
28th April 3rd February 1957 Barrie John ROBERTS Raymond Phillip / Nance Raita (?) 32a Colombo Square factory worker   Rosemary GILBERT, Trevor GILBERT, Thomas KEALY
28th April 28th June 1955 Karen John KEALY Thomas Patrick / Edna 5 Highfield Close factory worker   George CARR, Rhona CARR, Ruby GILBERT
28th April 15th October 1956 Margaret Allison MIRAMS Derek Albert / Joyce Alice 19 Lorina Road fireman British Airways   Hilda MIRAMS, Bridget RAYMOND, Ronald RAYMOND
28th April 23rd April 1956 Terri Ann ROSE Denis / Joy Margaret 26 Wentworth Drive coal miner   Eileen BAILEY, Robert BAILEY, Gwendoline CASE
28th April 15th February 1957 Sharon MARSHALL Thomas Frederick / Norma Ann 32 Clifton Road engineer   Rosetta ELLIS, Ena SHIRLEY, Dennis ELLIS
28th April 8th March 1956 Clive Leonard FINCH Frank Arthur / Amy 42 Chilton Lane window cleaner   Frederick FINCH, Dorothy FINCH
26th May 21st February 1953 Leslie HOWELLS Reginald / Doris May 92 Southwood Gardens salesman   Frederick FOAT, Leonard HOWELLS, Glenys MORGAN
26th May 16th June 1956 Graham HOWELLS Reginald / Doris May 92 Southwood Gardens salesman   Frederick FOAT, Leonard HOWELLS, Olive HOOPER
2nd June 16th February 1957 Carol FRIEND William Alfred James / Mary 26 Southwood Gardens postman   Alice MILNE, Mary FRIEND, William MILNE
8th June 13th March 1957 Martin Alan SAWTELL Francis Welton / Betty Blanche 24 Auckland Avenue carpenter   June HARTY, Roy HARTY, Peter SAWTELL
23rd June 23rd November 1955 Mark Piers GILBERT Kenneth Frederick Edward / Janet Aiano 47 Downs Road engineeer Merchant Navy   William George LUCAS, Anthony SLAUGHTER, Doris LUCAS
23rd June 11th March 1957 Carol Ann READ Walter Cyril / Joyce Winifred 3 Hamilton Close welder   Sylvia BORER, Laurence SHEEN, Joan SMITH
23rd June 18th February 1957 Janice Ann KNIGHT Patrick  / Iris May 2 Haine Farm Cottages, Haine tractor driver   Jean BODLEY, Violet BURVILLE, Edgar BRAY
23rd June 16th December 1956 Sylvia Rose DRAY Shirley Rosa 7 Kings Avenue -   Elsie DRAY, Maud TRASK
23rd June 16th December 1956 Lucia Heather DRAY Shirley Rosa 7 Kings Avenue -   Elsie DRAY, Maud TRASK
28th July 12th October 1956 Sharon Ann GRIGGS Edward / Violet Winnie 14 Third Avenue, London E13 tool maker   Alice BULL, Ethel WILSON, Walter WILSON
28th July 17th March 1957 Malcolm George WEEKS George Ernest William / Jean Betty Louisa 97 Newington Road lorry driver   Betty MCWILLIAMS, Dennis Mark MONKTON, Charles BROWN
28th July 21st April 1957 Stephen Derek BAILEY Derek George / Jean Violet 14 Pinewood Close driver British Rail   Mary HORNE, Robert CLAYTON, Albert ROCKHILL
28th July 28th December 1955 Stephen William TERRY Robert William / Evelyn Nellie 134 Crescent Road plumber   Patience DADSON, Charles DADSON, Douglas DADSON
28th July 9th October 1956 Nicholas Paul BADGER Albert Edgar Thomas / Alma Helena 22 Goodwin Road shop manager   Aidan JEFFERSON, Dorothy WARD, Eve JEFFERSON
28th July 12th February 1957 Robert Arthur BELSEY Arthur Charles / Barbara 18 Princes Avenue fireman B.R.   Arthur BELSEY, Terry HAMMOND, Rosanna BURGHAM
28th July 1st March 1957 Robert Henry Sydney BROWN Robert Kingsley / Elizabeth Mary 4 Pinewood Close sales representative   Marjorie HUSBAND, Colin FINDLAY, William COPLEY
25th August 12th July 1957 Carol Julie EVANS William John / Eileen Violet 5 Weyburn Drive miner   Olive BIGGINGTON, Daisey PERRY, Leonard BIGGINGTON
25th August 28th February 1957 Sheila BARTLETT Reginald William / Mercy 38 Gwyn Road dockman   Sheila HARRIS & parents
22nd September 10th April 1957 Michael Edward BRANDRICK Edward / Kathleen 33 Auckland Avenue car attendant (B.R.)   William BISHOP, Paula STEVENS
22nd September 6th March 1957 Care Lee TINNION Leonard Oliver / Sylvia (?) 61 High Street, St Lawrence civil servant   William CRACKLE, Michael CRACKLE, Annie CRACKLE
22nd September 6th July 1957 Susan Joy YOUNG John Rolfe / Molly Joy 91 St James Avenue clerk local government   Mavis HAWKINS
22nd September 9th April 1957 Carol Jayne HEAP Harry / Patricia Esther 35 Fairlight Avenue motor fitter   Walter BIRCH, Joy PERRY, Gertrude HEAP
22nd September 22nd March 1957 Angela Rita YOUNG Graham William / Patricia Frances 139 Grange Road miner   Leslie RICHARDSON, Gwyneth RICHARDSON, Lorraine MENZIES
27th October 21st July 1957 Cheryl June THOMPSON John Leslie / June Louisa Grace 7 Granville Avenue miner   Patricia APPS, Harold BONELL, Mavis BONELL
27th October 12th September 1957 Peter John MARTIN John George / Ellen Louisa 104 Grange Road locomotive cleaner   Ethel JONES, Thomas LEWIS, Peter MARTIN
27th October 19th September 1955 Linda Joy ADEY John Arthur / Eileen Frances 52 Helvellyn Avenue butcher manager   Winifred CLAXTON, Marjorie ADEY, Ronald ADEY
27th October 28th March 1956 Deborah Ann ROBERTS - 44 Newington Road -   Reginald ROBERTS, Beatrice ROBERTS
24th November 31st August 1957 Paul Kenneth SMITH John Walter James / Daphne Alice 23 Manston Road baker   Beryl PAGE, Alfred SMITH & Parents
24th November 16th July 1957 Sharon Ann TAYLOR Derek / Jacqueline Ann 70 Manston Road miner   Gerda COURBETT, Roger COURBETT & parents
24th November 27th June 1957 Sharon Ann YORATH Anthony Peter / Patricia Ann 4 Nethercourt Hill caterer   Mary PAGE, Elizabeth LINCOLN, Oliver YORATH
24th November 2nd August 1957 Trevor John WILLIAMS Dennis Albert / Gladys Mary 32 Kingston Road labourer   John KIRKALDIE, Joan KIRKALDIE, Dennis WILLIAMS
14th December 6th July 1940 Brian Francis WOODFIELD Bernard Alexander / Joan Louvain 14 Wilfred Road builders foreman   Michael DRAKE, John YORATH
22nd December 7th December 1956 Vyvienne Christina BISHOP Dennis Henry / Gladys 80 Manston Road company director   Frewe BISHOP, Blanche STEWART, Ronald BISHOP
Date Born First Name Last Name Parents ABODE Trade Comments Godparents
Baptised                       Occupation       
26th January 12th November 1957 David John PETERS Leslie Thomas / Margaret 5 Brisbane Drive Local Government Officer   James HEWETSON, Ronald SINAR, Frances MADDOCKS
26th January 14th September 1957 Neil Robert DURHAM Peter Graham / June Dorothy 95 St Lukes Avenue carpenter & joiner   Mavis PEETE, Chris DURHAM, Colin BAGNELL
26th January 18th November 1957 Christine June FULLER Reginald Francis / June Margaret Rose 41 Marden Avenue lorry driver   Brian FULLER, Betty FULLER, Rita SUTER
26th January 6th May 1957 Andrew Frank PIGG Stanley James / Irene Mabel 4 Helvellyn Avenue salesman   Christine WHALE, Gerald WHALE, Peter REDWOOD
26th January 5th September 1957 Annette Jean SUTER Bertram Graham / Rita Annette Irene 16 Wilfred Road miner   Betty BRIDGEWATER, Frank STOCKBRIDGE, Veronica BLACK
2nd February 23rd October 1957 Stephen John POINTER Augustus Edward / Joyce Winifred 12 Chapel Road fireman (B.R.)   Beryl COURT, Derek COURT, Robert YOUNG
13th February - Richard Thomas AINSCOUGH Richard / Louisa Jane 26 St Johns Avenue, St Lawrence -   Margaret AINSCOUGH, Joyce BOURNE
13th February - Joan Priscilla FOORD - 6 Colombo Square, St Lawrence - MARRIED WOMAN - ADULT Margaret AINSCOUGH, Joyce BOURNE
13th February - Joyce Patricia MARLEY Fred / Gladys May 111 Southwood Road - ADULT Ernest PAPKER, Violet GOLDSMITH
13th February - Rosemary June THOMAS Morgan John / Dorothy Louisa 82 Newington Road - ADULT Maureen GOLDER
13th February - Betty Mary HUDSON - 12a Paragon, Ramsgate - MARRIED WOMAN - ADULT Maureen GOLDER
13th February - Grace Ethel WOOD - 14 Salisbury Avenue, Ramsgate - MARRIED WOMAN - ADULT John WOOD & son
16th February 24th November 1957 Malcolm Patrick WALMSLEY Reuben George / Janet Mary Lynmoor, Monkton Road, Minster panel beater   Sylvia HOPPER, Norman LAKER, Roy WALMESLEY
23rd February 3rd January 1958 Nicholas John CORNELIUS Albert James / Constance Marion 19 Pinewood Close cartographer   Ann PESCUD, Frank GIBBENS, Denis LILES
23rd February 30th January 1958 Simon Reginald MALE Reginald George / Jean Mary 13 Kimberly Road A.P.A. (attendant) Power Station   Stella HORTON, Harold HORTON, James MOATESHERE
23rd February 1st August 1956 Alistar Allen WALTON Henry / Edith Jean 53 High Street, St Lawrence engineer   Eileen BUTLER, Stanley ALLEN, Henry WALTON
23rd March 3rd February 1952 Leslie READER Frederick John / Ellen Maisie Ocean Breeze, Sea View Road, Cliffsend plasterer   George READER, Ernest BELL, May GOOD
23rd March 11th February 1958 Patricia Ann READER Frederick John / Ellen Maisie Ocean Breeze, Sea View Road, Cliffsend plasterer   George READER, Mary READER, Fanny MARSHALL
23rd March 6th March 1957 Stephen Nigel WILLIAMS Ronald / Marian 21 Southwood Gardens miner   Leslie HEAPEY, Elizabeth HEAPEY, Henry WILLIAMS
23rd March 21st July 1957 Jack Nathan HOENESS John Charles / Jane Ann 36 Clements Road, Ramsgate marine store worker   George HOENESS, Violet HARRISON, Harold HARRISON
13th April 9th March 1958 Laurence Georges Percival DESPRES David Percival Bird / Phyllis Margaret 91 Helvellyn Avenue bank clerk   John LOVELESS, Elizabeth WATTS
27th April 27th November 1957 Susan Joan LAVERICK Ivor / Doris Barbara 117 Newington Road draughtsman   Kathleen REYNOLDS & Parents
27th April 14th September 1957 Sally Ann CRAMPTON Ronald Ernest / Vera Lily 1 Holbrook Drive laundry proprietor   Dorothy ROLFE, Maud DAVY, John BRAZIER
27th April 9th October 1957 Julie Vanessa SMITH Lawrence Lyell / Winifred Mary 18 Helvellyn Avenue printer   Walter SETTERFIELD, Doris MCCANN & Parents
27th April 15th February 1958 Trevor John WANSTALL Keith Arnold / Gertrude Mary 15 Fairlight Avenue general worker   Ernest PEARCE, Margaret PEARCE, Ronald SYKES
27th April 12th March 1958 Russell William HARDS Frederick Arthur / Doreen Agnes 27 St James Avenue Pullman car attendant   Stella JONES, Jack CHEESEMAN, Leonard HOWARD
27th April 30th January 1958 Stephen John ABDELLAH Ernest Benjamin John / Patricia Ann 17 Bush Avenue miner   Frank GILLETT, Michael WILLETT, Nance ANDERSON
25th May 4th February 1958 Peter John JONES John Gareth / Betty May 41 Grumnock Avenue electrician   Brenda HARRISON, Michael COOKSLEY, David JONES
25th May 19th November 1957 Vernon Paul ASHBY Alan Oliver / Olive 56 Auckland Avenue electrician   Maxwell GRIFFIN, Mervyn COOK
25th May 14th November 1957 Lindsay Elizabeth May BISHOP Ronald Arthur / Betty Elizabeth 39a Perring Avenue, Farnborough aircraft designer   Norah GORMALL, Lily HOSKINS, Joan WHITE, Frederick ROSE
8th June 27th May 1953 Rosemary Eileen BURBRIDGE Albert Horace George / Theresa 52 Southwood Road Pullman car attendant   Joyce ROSE, Charles STEVENS
8th June 7th August 1954 Malcolm Richard BURBRIDGE Albert Horace George / Theresa 52 Southwood Road Pullman car attendant   Minnie READ, Charles STEVENS
8th June 11th March 1957 Virginia Susan BURBRIDGE Albert Horace George / Theresa 52 Southwood Road Pullman car attendant   Muriel BALDWIN, Virgil GORAN
22nd June 27th February 1958 Bryan Patrick MILHAM Robin John / Brenda Eileen 3 Coast Guard Cottages, Sandwich Road tractor driver   Colin HAYTON, Malcolm MILHAM, Andrew HAYTON
22nd June 14th November 1957 Clive BENNETT Cyril / Joan Margaret 3 Woodville Road miner   Irene HESKINS, Leonard HESKINS, Goerge LOWEN
22nd June 27th December 1957 Colin James NICHOLSON Robert Orford / Beatrice Anne 4 Quetta Road relayer (B.R.)   Betty COLLETT, John HILTON, John BURVILL
22nd June 1st April 1958 Stephen OBBARD Brian Richard George / Maureen Lilian 112 Southwood Road labourer   Rita HUGHES, Arthur GREGSON, Leslie TITHERINGTON
22nd June 11th March 1958 Francis Richard EATON Kenneth Arthur / Norma Mary 11 Holbrook Drive radio officer   Thomas KIERNAN, Joan JIERNAN, Leslie PHILLIPS
22nd June 4th February 1958 Andrew John USHER Albert Ernest / Sheila Joan Kewley, Rydal Avenue sales representative   Edward BAILEY, Kathleen BAILEY, Ronald ATWELL
22nd June 12th February 1958 Julie Rae Frances SANDY Raymond John / Barbara Grace 44 High Street, St Lawrence plumber   Peter BLACKBURN, Dulcie BLACKBURN, Jean JENKINS
22nd June 27th March 1958 Adrian Charles HURST Robert Alban / Ann Victoria 21 Grumnock Avenue locomotive fireman (B.R.)   Eileen JAYNE, Roy HURST, Derek HURST
26th June 29th May 1958 Hazel Mary SHELL James Allan / Stella Mary 74 Southwood Gardens health service office Christening performed by John KINGSTON rector of S.Bridge & S.Martin, Chester Arthur SHELL, Maureen Diana MOYS
27th July 26th January 1958 Paul Anthony COURBOT Anthony Edward George / Ethel Lilian 19 Southwood Road plastic moulder manufacturer   John Alfred William GREEN, Christine Betty GREEN, Alfred SMITH
27th July 9th November 1957 Nicholas Philip BARTH Norman John & Beryl Mary 12 Wentworth Drive locomotive fireman   Lorna KEEL, Charles TRUE, Malcolm BARTH
27th July 28th March 1958 Madaline Anne DAVIES Emlyn Cyril / Florence Maud 1 Chilton Cottages, Downs Road trainee instructor (mining)   Madaline SOAMES, Helen SPICER, William SPICER
27th July 16th October 1957 Ronald Stanley BROWN Raymond Stanley / Audrey May 24 Helvellyn Avenue omnibus electrician   Vincent JONES, Irene JONES & father
17th August 15th March 1958 Laraine Patricia TINION Leonard Oliver / Patricia Sylvia 20 Wentworth Drive civil servant   Brian TINION, Sheila TINION & parents
24th August 24th April 1958 David COURT Derek Sydney Charles / Beryl Ellen 91 Rock Road, Sittingbourne engineer   Joyce POINTER, Augustus POINTER & father
24th August 12th June 1958 Liegh Sandra BENNETT Ronald Alfred / Freda Lillian 43 Bursill Crescent salesman   Eleanor FRANKLIN & parents
24th August 30th April 1958 Kevin Bernard MATTHEWS Bernard / Mildred Ann 20 Manston Road driver   Pamela NASH, Leonard NASH
7th September 9th May 1958 Ricky Kevin WESLEY Terence John Stuart / Patricia Eleanor 61 St James Avenue R.N. engineer 1st class   Margaret WESLEY, David WESLEY & father
28th September 11th March 1958 Kevin John LEMAN Sidney Frederick / Elizabeth Edith 21 Riversdale Road, Ramsgate passed fireman   Laura JONES, Edward JONES, Sidney BALLARD
28th September 11th June 1958 Angela COOPER Ronald John / Isabella 47 Southwood Gardens, Ramsgate clerk   Frederick John PARKS, Enid May PARKS, Isabella Louisa Maud ECESTON
28th September 2nd August 1958 Susan Elizabeth GIFFORD Roger John Philip / Iris Myrtle 58 Manston Road turner   Laurence Vincent PETLEY, Margaret Rose WRIGHTON, Jean TERRY
28th September 30th April 1958 Marion Jayne ATKINS David Robert / Patricia May 52 Stirling Way, Ramsgate moulder   Shirley KEEN, Thomas KEEN, Marie BELSEY, Sidney BELSEY
28th September 4th November 1957 Lee Jane MACKINS Christopher William / Ernice Catherine Glenridge Farm, Callow Hill, Virginia Water, Surrey aircraft electrician (B.O.A.C.)   Rose Mary MACKINS, Jennifer Ann WILLICEMAN, William Henry MACKINS
28th September 11th March 1958 Vanessa Rose HAMILTON William Ronald / Margaret Rose 6 Woodville Road, Ramsgate glass blower   Ross BURTON, Linda Olive HAMILTON, Sidney George HAMILTON
26th October 30th May 1957 Colin Madge HEMMINGS Wilfred George / Amy 11 Grumnock Avenue driver   William EVANS, Lilian EVANS & parents
26th October 22nd February 1958 Diana Elizabeth STILLMAN Robert / June Catherine 37 The Grove, Cliffsend salesman   Elizabeth STILLMAN, Elizabeth STANDEN, Robert STANDEN
26th October 5th September 1958 Philip John ISAACS Albert John / Rosemary 125 Grange Road handyman   John LARKINS, John BOWLES, Marjorie HULKS
26th October 17th June 1958 David John BUTLER John Stanley Hamilton / Freda Dorothy 39 Marden Avenue tar tank operator   Daniel MURSELL, Frank WELCH, Pamela WELCH
26th October 20th August 1958 Peter James BELCHER John Leigh / Beryl Cicerly The Chalet, Elmstone Road cellulose sprayer   Cecil CHALONER, Kathleen CHALONER
26th October 2nd May 1958 Stephen Edward IRISH Edward George / Maureen May 28 Cliftonville Avenue driver   Dorothy REED, Jonathan REED, Bernard GILLMAN
26th October 7th June 1958 Julie Lynn WHITAKER Walter George Frederick /  Marjorie Kathleen Long Reach, King Arthur Road, Cliffsend insurance agent   Kate JARVIS, Joyce CHIDZEN, Douglas JARVIS
26th October 19th July 1958 Robin John YOUNG Graham / Patricia 146 Crescent Road miner   Jean NEAL, Gilbert MILLER, Brian OBBARD
2nd November 27th May 1958 Lorraine Rephna GIBBENS Robert Arthur / Rephna Anne 10 Dundold Road regular soldier   Jean AVERY, Elizabeth COLTHAM, John COLTHAM
16th November 1st September 1958 Graham Edward KNIGHT June Mary 30 Marden Avenue -   Dennis KNIGHT, Maureen HUNT, Leonard PALMER
23rd November 4th October 1958 Simon Ralph TERRY Alan Ralph / Beryl 75 Whitehall Road advertising artist   Brenda THOMPSON, George BOOTH-CLIBBON & father
23rd November 26th July 1958 Christopher Richard COLLEDGE William / Joyce 58 Southwood Gardens commercial traveller   Leslie WILLARD, Raymond HAMPTON, Marie HAMPTON
28th December 19th July 1958 Julie Frances DIMOND James Donald / Doris May 45 Cheriton Avenue fireman Kent Fire Brigade   Maurice WALKER, Joyce WALKER, Georgina DEBLING

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