Ramsgate Parish Register Extracts from 1901

St Lawrence Baptisms 1955-1956


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Date Born First Name Last Name Parents ABODE Trade Comments Godparents
Baptised           Occupation    
2nd January 27th August 1954 Leonard Ernest FENNELL Stanley Norris / Lilliam May 87 St Johns Avenue painter   Lilly ROLFE, Lionel RICHARDS, Henry SMITH
23rd January 15th March 1954 Douglas Guy SAUNDERS Robert Dennis / Gloria Wood 7 Nethercourt Hill clerk   Albert SAUNDERS, Roderick DAVIES, Winifred DAVIES
23rd January 27th November 1947 Pauline Mary PIKE Harry Gilbert / May 24 Foads Lane, Cliffsend taxi proprietor   Ann HICKMAN, Elizabeth ELVERY, Harry HICKMAN
13th February 2nd July 1940 Michael James SMITH - Manston Childrens Home -    
13th February 2nd April 1940 Sidney Victor IRONS Sidney Victor / Barbara Manston Childrens Home -    
13th February 5th January 1940 Brend May CRITTENDEN Fred / Jessie Manston Childrens Home -    
20th February 10th September 1954 Glyn James WATKINS Glyndwr James / Hilda 38 Highfield Road plumber   Janet LEECH, Wyndham J WATKINS, Cyril J WATKINS
20th February 9th April 1954 Gerald Martin SILK Ross Lyn Herbert / Ada Margaret 5 Beverley Way baker   Kathleen DAVIS, Albert DAVIS, Frank TILLMAN
20th February 9th December 1954 Stephen Victor HORTON Harold Alfred / Stella Eileen 6 Brandon Road press operator   Elsie HORTON, Florence BASS, Victor HORTON
22nd February - Mervin Edwin MILES George Edwin / Alexandra Elsie 10 Manston Road school teacher   John LILLEY & parents
9th April 2nd February 1955 Denise Mortwen PEACH Rex / Eira 41 Greenwich Avenue, Basford, Nottingham sales representative   Mortwen WALTERS, Doris WALTERS, Hugh WALTERS
24th April 31st December 1954 Paul Harvey Brandon JAMES Louis Brian / Ann Patricia 42 Chapel Road engineer   Pamela Daphne MEADOWS, Frank MEADOWS, Peta ROLFE
24th April 5th November 1954 Susan Anne RANKIN James (RANKIN) / Joyce Betty 1 Gore Street, Monkton, near Ramsgate cowman   William George BUNDOCK, Florence Kathleen BUNDY, Ellen PETLEY
24th April 29th March 1955 Susan Lee BRYAN James Rice / June Avril 14 Holbrook Drive, Ramsgate U.S.A.F.   Shirley MORGAN, Iris Florence HARRISON, Edward MARSH
15th May 12th March 1955 Graham Frederick MACPHERSON Frederick / Dorothy Mary Spurgeons Homes, Birchington housemaster   Richard JOWCEY, Harold William WELLS, Hilda Evelyn DUNWELL
22nd May 28th October 1954 Trevor Paul JARVIS Donald Leslie Thomas / Ruth Mary 11 Melbourne Avenue public service driver   Herbert Roy & Peggy May WOOTTON, Donald Leslie Thomas JARVIS
22nd May 28th April 1955 Peter Christopher MOSS       see 3rd July 1955  
22nd May 22nd December 1954 Sharon Christine GALE Albert Henry / Mary Elizabeth 3 Brisbane Drive hosery machinest   Violet Ivy MUNNS, Percival MUNNS, Dorothy Jessie SEARLE
22nd May 4th November 1954 Irene Gladys WOOTTEN Herbert Roy / Peggy May 60 Hugin Avenue, St Peters, Broadstairs handyman   Ruth Mary & Donald JARVIS, Peggy May WOOTTEN
29th May 28th November 1954 Trevor Griffith COOK Mervyn Kenneth / Barbara 5 Quetta Road miner   G HOWELLS, I PARRY, G HUGHES
29th May 20th March 1955 Peter George GLYNN Cyril Edward / Dorothy Helen 33 Colombo Square labourer   John Victor & Dorothy Sarah GLYNN, Edward ??NDELON
29th May 1st September 1954 Dallas Maria BONELL Harold ThomasLeslie / Mavis Shirley Anne 1? Granville Avenue plumber   Olga May ARTHUR, Ellen Mary FOOTMAN, Ernest LANCE
26th June 4th February 1955 Susan Anne PARISH Charles William / Kathleen Louise 6 Riversdale Road R.N.   Betty CAVELL, George CAVELL, John CAVELL
26th June 19th January 1955 Philip George PELLATT Joseph Augustus / Kathleen Daisy 1 Norman Road manager   Kathleen GRAY, Arthur SHARP, Harold WHYBROW
26th June 30th April 1955 Robin Pryce BEER Reuben Arthur / Mary Catherine 35 Grummock Avenue coal merchant   Nan SPEARS, William SPEARS, Ernest BEER
26th June 2nd June 1955 Catherine Harriet FAGG Charles Richard / Laura Catherine 5 Picton Road agricultural worker   Georgina CHAMBERS, Wesley CHAMBERS, Jessie ROGERS
26th June 20th April 1955 Vanessa Jane BENEFIELD Cecil James / Audrey Allison Little Cliffsend Farm regular Army   Frank BENEFIELD, Rose BENEFIELD, Margaret BOREMAN
26th June 26th July 1954 Neil Ashley HARRIS Michael Charles / Gwendoline Mary 7 Grummock Avenue branch inspector   Edna FREEMAN, Charles FREEMAN, Timothy HARRIS
3rd July 28th April 1955 Peter Christopher MOSS Samuel Arthur / Patricia 47 Walmsley Road, Broadstairs Postal & Telegraph Officer   Albert Henry & Marion TURNER, Samuel Arthur MOSS
24th July 5th January 1955 Peter Richard THOMAS Eric Alan / Gladys Ruth 17 Southwood Road insurance inspector   Eric Alan & Gladys Ruth THOMAS, Philip Alan THOMAS
24th July 2nd October 1954 Kevin Paul MITCHELL Raymond Albert / Audrey Kathleen 40 Princess Margaret Avenue plasterer   Albert Frederick & Lilian MITCHELL, Brian Ernest MACMILLAN
24th July 25th August 1950 Pamela Ann WALTERS Emrys Thomas / Fanny Lilian Grace 12 Fairlight Avenue labourer   Edith May FAGG & Fanny Lilian Grace WALTERS, Robert E BECK
24th July 7th May 1955 Michael Allan WALTERS Emrys Thomas / Fanny Lilian Grace 12 Fairlight Avenue labourer   Emry Thomas WALTERS, Jean Sylvia BECK, Robert Eugene BECK
24th July 14th March 1955 Carolyn Julie DAVIS Leslie Albert John / Frances Laura 9 Manston Road laundry manager   Irene Kathleen ADAMS, Edward Victor DUNSTER, Frances Laura DAVIS
24th July 25th May 1955 Graham Gerald ADAMS David George / Joyce Amy 31 Burshill Crescent fitter welder   Charles Albert & Beryl Alice ADAMS
31st July 25th March 1955 David John PITTOCK Cyril John / Joan Annie 1 Pole Ash Cottages, Spratling Street, Manston tractor driver   Frank PITTOCK, Margaret PITTOCK, Cyril PITTOCK
31st July 3rd September 1954 Thomas MOORE Charles Dennis / Lily Ethel 25 Princes Avenue carpenter   Gladys MILLER, Charles MOORE
4th August 4th July 1955 Julia Denise BISHOP Dennis Henry / Gladys 80 Manston Road house furnisher   Joan Winifred WHITE, Ethel SACKETT, Fred SHEARED
7th August 14th March 1953 Robert Charles FULLER George Robert / Kathleen Rose 21 Sterling Way newspaper circulation representative   Irene & Peter COLLINS, George Robert FULLER
7th August 29th November 1954 Jeremy Martin FULLER George Robert / Kathleen Rose 21 Sterling Way newspaper circulation representative   Irene & Peter COLLINS, Kathleen Rose FULLER
21st August 3rd December 1954 Rosemary HILL Stanley Thomas / Gertrude Louise 23 Links Avenue, Repham, Road, Norwich, Norfolk maintenance engineer   Ethel LANGNER, Joan LANGNER, Kenneth LANGNER.
21st August 15th April 1955 Raymond Allen HOLLAND Patricia 4 Telham Avenue -   George FOX, George MORTIMER
28th August 22nd March 1955 Wendy Heather KIRKALDIE Douglas Henry / Eileen 9 Highbury Walk miner   Mr JENNINGS, Mrs JENNINGS, Mrs A HICKMAN
28th August 18th March 1955 Neville Kenneth DOHERTY Oswald Roy / Brenda Jean Flat 18, Downs Road photo finisher   Brian STANLEY & Doris Kathleen BOARD, Oswald Roy DOHERTY
28th August 22nd April 1955 Margeret Jean NICHOLSON Robert Orford / Beatrice Annie 4 Qetta Road lengthman, B.R.   John & Ada BURK, C NICHOLSON
28th August 7th July 1952 Pauline Toni BENEFIELD Frank Leonard / Betty Joan 2 Farm Cottages, Little Cliffsend, Ramsgate agricultural worker   Brian & Brenda STEWONS, Elsie LUCK
28th August 3rd April 1955 Jacqueline Ann BENEFIELD Frank Leonard / Betty Joan 2 Farm Cottages, Little Cliffsend, Ramsgate agricultural worker   Brian & Brenda STEVENS, Elsie LUCK
28th August 27th March 1955 Philip Oswald PRICE Oswald / Rosie Ethel Amy 48 Nethercourt Hill coal miner   Betty Margaret & Raymond Frederick DENYER, Brian Arthur FINCH
28th August - Alan Peter Francis JOHNSTONE William / Grace 34 Allenby Road, Ramsgate -   Duwiss & Bridget DUNN, Alfred BELSEY
28th August 15th June 1955 Susan Jayne MCMAHON Thomas / Linda Norma 24 Fairlight Avenue miner   Jean & Winifred TAPSON, Reginald HEDGECOCK
17th September 10th August 1955 Shirley Ellen TEARLE Charles Walter / Ellen Rose 36 Kimberley Road grave digger   Bernard Wheatley TEARLE, O M H HUGGARD, Mrs GRIGGS
25th September 18th August 1955 Lloyd James BRISCOE James Patrick / Mary 41 Queen Bertha Road miner   Ronald PATEMAN, Joyce PATEMAN, Brian MOFFOT
16th October 27th August 1955 Ian Grant DEBLING Jack Dennis / Margaret Beryl 128 Shakespear Road, Gillingham, Kent police constable   David John PAGE, Grace WINDSOR & parents
23rd October 23th July 1955 Paul Charles GALLIMORE Walter / Jean Eveline The Leys, Manston Deputy Superintendent Childrens Home   Florence GOULD, Richard JOWSEY, Arthur STEAD
23rd October 13th June 1955 Beverley Jane BRILL Ernest Henry / Doreen Lilian 17 Melbourne Avenue maintenance fitter   Eileen BOOTH & parents
27th November 20th August 1955 Keith Corlett BATTERY Albert Corlett / Joyce Elsie Hope, Hopes Lane, Ramsgate van driver   Margaret BATTER, William BATTERY, Roy WILLIS
27th November 4th August 1955 Roy WHITE Roy / Olive 37 Newington Road postman   Pearl ADDINGTON, David ADDINGTON, Percy PRESTON
27th November 29th January 1955 Leslie Frederick BROWN Raymond Stanley / Audrey May 64 London Road electrician   Thomas CASTLE, Florence CASTLE, Vincent JONES
27th November 30th June 1955 Paul David PHILPOTT Derek Stanley George / Gabriel Lilian 165 Grange Road miner   Glenys WALLER, Sidney WALLER, Percy TIDBALL
27th November 3rd January 1953 Barbara Maria HAMBRIDGE William Ernest Leslie / Winifred May 25 Bradley Road bricklayer   William HAMBRIDGE, Winifred HAMBRIDGE, Rosemarie LAMSDELL
27th November 11th June 1955 Colin Charles BAVERSTOCK Roy Alan / June Mary 59 St James Avenue engineer   Alice HUGHES, Frederick HUGHES, Reginald BAVERSTOCK
27th November 24th February 1955 Michael Robert John GALLANT Arthur George / Winifred Adelaide 20 Hollicondane Road schoolmaster   John MULLETT, Doris GALLANT, Beryl ALSOP, Clement GALLANT
27th November 20th March 1955 Malcolm Keith SMITH John Thomas / Patricia May 1 Denbigh Road Royal Marine   Dorothy WARD, Albert WARD, David FAGG
27th November 23rd January 1947 Lynne BARNWELL Victor Charles / Helen Marjorie 13 Riversdale Road fence maker   Patricia SMITH, Dorothy WARD, Albert WARD
27th November 12th August 1952 Karen Doreen FAGG David George / Phyllis Primrose 25 Cheriton Avenue, St Lawrence gardener   Emily FAGG, Harry FAGG, Ethel FAGG
Date Born First Name Last Name Parents ABODE Trade Comments Godparents
Baptised           Occupation    
1st January 6th May 1955 Susan Mary KENNETT Norman Leslie / Maisie Dorothy 61 Chapel Road bricklayer   Rose MURTON, William MURTON, Mabel MURTON
29th January - Ivy May APPLETON - 12 Manston Road - ADULT -
29th January - Rosetta May GABRIEL - 52 Helvellyn Avenue - ADULT -
26th February 31st August 1955 Lynn Jane KNIGHT Patrick Stanley / Iris May 2 Haine Farm Cottages, Haine agricultural worker   V BURVILLE, J BRAY
26th February 1st September 1955 Tony Richard KEELER Kenneth Victor Richard Paul / Winifred Violet 2 Elms Villas, Nethercourt Farm Road coal miner   Robert James SAYER, Isabel SAYER, Barry Francis KEANE
26th February 3rd May 1947 Linda Ann ELLINGTON Ocie Needom / Vera Fletcher 12 Nixon Avenue salesman (deceased)   Norman Henry LLOYD, Constance LLOYD, Dulcie May GOULD
26th February 13th September 1951 Alan Paul RIDDELL Arthur / Vera Fletcher 12 Nixon Avenue laundryman   Norman Henry LLOYD, Arthur RIDDELL, Constance LLOYD
26th February 14th August 1955 Lorraine RIDDELL Arthur / Vera Fletcher 12 Nixon Avenue laundryman   Sidney Clarence GOULD, Dulcie May GOULD, Eileen Emily BREDBERE
26th February 2nd August 1954 Joanna Mary HUTCHINSON Robert John / Joan Margaret Old Forge House, Manston radio officer, merchant navy   N KELLY, S KELLY, C WILKINSON
26th February 9th December 1955 Rosalind Ann JONES Emlyn Dewi Meiron / Jean Dorothy 30 Herbert Road fireman B.R.   Dorothy Evelyn BUTCHER, Sybil Evelyn REDWOOD, Frank Joseph REDWOOD
18th March 18th December 1955 Leslie Jacqueline FULLER Rebecca Elizabeth Valencia, Foads Hill, Cliffsend -   Rebecca Elizabeth FULLER, Irene HOOK, Richard James FULLER
25th March 3rd September 1955 Jonathan Paul LLOYD George Dundonald / Sylvia Florence 43 Helvellyn Avenue mining engineer   Pauline SINALL, James BARNES, Edward PICK
25th March 3rd September 1955 Stephen Alan LLOYD George Dundonald / Sylvia Florence 43 Helvellyn Avenue mining engineer   Betty RADLEY, Alan SMALL, Clifford GEORGE
25th March 11th October 1955 Alison HILLS John Alfred / Barbara May 8 Pinewood Close ironmonger assistant   Brenda ROE, Kathleen HILLS, Dennis HILLS
25th March 23rd October 1955 Dereck Ronald PRICKETT Ronald Percy / Ivy Isobel Joan 30 Nethercourt Farm Road tractor driver   Joan SYCHOWSKI, Kenneth WATKINS, William WATKINS
31st March 23rd January 1956 Susan Ann CUMMINGS Malcolm John / Pauline O'Sythe 16 Holbrook Drive accounts clerk   Edwin CUMMINGS, June ROXBOROUGH, Minnie WEBB
22nd April 16th February 1956 Stephen Colin FREEMAN Colin Thomas John / Patricia Rose 23 Grummock Avenue plastic moulder   Ruby DAISY, Phillip Duncan BLAKE, Terence John POWER
22nd April 25th September 1955 Roderick Shaun BRETT Lionel Albert Seymour / Hilda Maud 47 Melbourne Avenue colliery beltman   Raymond William KNIGHT, Shirley Doreen KNIGHT, S E RISING
22nd April 6th December 1955 Barry Charles FINCH Roy Albert John / Elsie May Ogengal Grange, Haine Road farm worker   Laura FAGG, Charles FAGG, Thomas TAVINER
22nd April 29th September 1955 John William LAWRENCE Shadrack / Dorothy Elm Lodge, High Street, St Lawrence lorry driver   Jessie SHAW, Wilfred SHAW, Ronald SHAW
27th May 1st December 1955 Zoe Gail ASHBY Alan Oliver / Olive 15a Vale Square Rediffusion maintenance engineer   Valerie NORRIS, Barbara COOK, Griffith Morgan HUGHES
27th May 9th December 1955 Susan Mary DIMOND James Donald / Doris May 45 Cheriton Avenue fireman   Joyce WALKER, Maurice WALKER
27th May 15th March 1956 Philip Charles STEVENS Alfred Charles / Doris Hilda 12 St Vincent Street, London, W1 maintenance engineer   Ronald PITTOCK, Gerald STEVENS, Ellen PITTOCK
27th May 6th December 1955 Sally Jane TAYLOR Thomas Richard / Hilda Queenie 3 Ringold Avenue miner   Nora Maud GROOMBRIDGE, Bella CONWAY, Thomas COSTELLO
27th May 27th March 1956 Julian HEWITT Colin David / Evelyn Julia 82 Nixon Avenue railway employee   Ivy BUSH, Cyril DYER, John ISAACS
27th May 25th January 1956 Martin Richard GEORGE Christopher  / Jean Ethel 14 Fir Tree Close news editor   Joan GEORGE, Clifford GEORGE, Edward GEORGE
24th June 13th April 1956 Janet SANHAM Frank Maurice / Betty Rosetta 37 Melbourne Road garage hand   Arthur Albert PITCHER, Alice PITCHER, Daphne Alice PITCHER
24th June 8th March 1956 Paul Edward RILEY Peter / Betty Phyllis 10 Beverley Way postman   Betty DAWES, John Michael DAWES, Derek Edward PRATT
1st July 29th May 1956 Stephen Charles MALE Charles Ernest / Patricia Barbara 93 Cecilia Road R.A.F.   Marie SHEPHERD, Nicholas SHEPHERD, Reginald MALE
8th July 16th April 1956 Johanne Lindsay Marion DALE Edward John / Ivy May 61 Helvellyn Avenue insurance supervisor   Norman HOOKER, Elizabeth STRONG, Gladys STRONG
8th July 11th July 1953 Nicholas Charles Richard BOWLES John Richard / RosemarieJean 12 St Mildreds Road engineer   Sophie GALLIMORE, Frederick ARGUE, John Main HOOD, Frederick GALLIMORE
8th July 10th February 1956 Michael Antony BOWLES John Richard / RosemarieJean 12 St Mildreds Road engineer   David MAINHOOD, Margaret LAVERTON, Joceline LAVERTON
12th August 18th May 1956 Philip George Anthony RALPH William George / Ella Lilian 7 Hamilton Close bus conductor   Florence BROWN, George BROWN, Arthur RALPH
22nd August 25th November 1955 Tony Martin STOKES Thomas / Flora Alice 15 High Street, St Lawrence dockman   Lilian GLYN, William ABBOTT, Thomas STOKES
26th August 12th July 1956 Susan Anne OFFERMAN John Laurence / Joan Ethel 19 Highfield Road medical  technician   Henry OFFERMAN, Mary BREWER, Joyce SMITH
26th August 24th August 1955 Stephen Paul CHASE John James / Jean 2 Chilton Cottages, Downs Road moulder   Brian WARD, Emlyn DAVIES, Florence DAVIES
29th August 24th January 1955 Christopher Charles BAVINGTON Charles Anthony / Pamela Ann Ramblers, Cliff View Road, Cliffsend journalist   Fred FISK, Thomas ANDREW, Gladys ANDREW
23rd September 9th May 1956 Barbara SMALL Alan George / Pauline 45 Helvellyn Avenue miner   Charles LUCKHURST, Sylvia LLOYD, Ann  SAUNDERS
23rd September 20th May 1956 Wayne Peter BRILL Peter Arthur / Mary Irene 21 Duncan Road, Ramsgate carpenter   Hilda BRILL, Reginald HOUGHTON, Lesley MATTHEWS
23rd September 26th June 1956 Stephen Edward Young GOODBOURNE Trevor Edward Young / Betty Doris 108 Crescent Road foreman bricklayer   Constance PIERCE, Derek COOPER, Trevor COOPER
23rd September 26th June 1956 Susan Jayne OVENDEN Stephen Charles / Joyce Amelia 7a High Street, St Lawrence insurance agent   H CONNOLLLY, W CONNOLLY
23rd September 22nd July 1956 Martin John KENSALL Ronald / Daphne 15 Pinewood Close locomotive fireman   Anne HURST, Stanley LONG, Charles KENSAL
28th October 13th June 1953 Beverley Ann AUSTIN William Leslie / Patricia 5 Clifton Road clerk   Ida AUSTIN, Mabel TAYLOR, Colin TAYLOR
28th October 3rd July 1956 John William GAREA John / Joan 2 Lorne Road U.S.A.F.   Edna PARKER & parents
28th October 22nd February 1956 Jennifer Susan DRYDEN Alfred George / Doris Francis 20 Abbotts Hill boatman   Violet WOOD, Patricai DRYDEN, Donald SAUNDERS
28th October 11th July 1956 Wendy Jill USHER Albert Ernest / Sheila Joan 38 Marden Avenue sales representative   Jean MUGRIDGE, Winifred USHER, Ronald ARNOLD
28th October 23rd August 1956 Sheila Ann KNIGHT Kenneth Louis John / Mary Gwendoline 65 Ashburnham Road municipal engineer   Anne GOLDFINCH, Shelia FINCH, Donald SAUNDERS
28th October 30th May 1956 Nicholas HOUGHTON Reginald Francis / Mabel Eileen 40 Bursill Crescent furniture porter   Rose BRAITHWAITE, Henry BRAITHWAITE, Peter BRILL
28th October 3rd July 1956 Steven Tony MAPLE Sidney Abraham Charles / Mary Louise 48 Stirling Way master butcher   Gladys DEBLING, Peter CARTER
28th October 18th August 1956 Graham Alan TONGATE Alan Raymond / Evelyn Emily 16 Fir Tree Close assurance agent   Winifred SACKETT, Fay SACKETT, Edward SCHOLFIELD
28th October 15th August 1956 Christina Rose MUNDAY Alan Denne / Elizabeth Ivy 34 Queens Avenue clerk   Ruby Pearl WILSON, Lilllian Rose MUNDAY, Colin WILSON
28th October 30th July 1956 Karin Anne WRATTEN Edward John / Gladys Pauline Meadow View, Nethercourt Farm, St Lawrence police constable   Vera BOULTON, Vic BOURNE, Cyril BOURNE
28th October 21st May 1956 Keith Peter ADAMS Leonard George / Shirley Jean 1 Haine Cottages, Haine Road farm worker   Marie BELSEY, Sidney BELSEY, Frederick SETTERFIELD
23rd December 26th October 1956 Janet Susan CHEESEMAN Aubrey Charles / Elsie Lilian 28 St James Avenue laundry hand   E PARKER, G PARKER, F HEYST-TWYMAN
23rd December 2nd November 1956 Nicholas Bryan STRAW Bryan / Valerie Florence 47 Park Road schoolmaster   Margaret MARTIN, Anthony STATCHBURG, Norman WHITLING
23rd December 22nd October 1956 Yvonne Carol BUNT Ronald John / Stella Marion 49a Upton Lane, Forrest Gate, London E7 lorry driver   -
23rd December 28th July 1956 Judith ROWDEN Alan / Elizabeth Christina 1 Annexe Wellingrove, near Lincoln Squadron Leader R.A.F.   Moira BABER, Phyllis ROWDEN, Brian BOND
23rd December 22nd August 1955 Janet MORGAN Leslie / Dora Evelyn 27 Auckland Avenue painter decorator   Denis CAMPBELL, Violet CAMPBELL, Stella BROADWAY

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