Ramsgate Parish Register Extracts from 1901

St Lawrence Baptisms 1953-1954


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Date Born First Name Last Name Parents ABODE Trade Comments Godparents
Baptised           Occupation    
4th January 19th October 1951 Laurence John Charles BARTH Norman John / Beryl Mary 13 Edith Road locomotive fireman   Charles TRUE, Edward BARTH, Sybil TRUE
15th January - Irene Doreen JACK Seabright William / Hannah Jane Voisey 6 Claremont Gardens, St Lawrence - MARRIED WOMAN -
15th January - Bettina Maureen FISHER James Benjamin / Keziah 103 Southwood Road - ADULT -
19th January 31st August 1952 Nigel Edward BATH Herbert Thomas / Peggy Izillah 13 Nethercourt Farm Road school teacher   Joan DOWNING, Ronald BATH, Herbert BATH
19th January 27th May 1950 Brent George Bowen NOKES Victor Arthur / Margaret Mary Chalmers Nokes 39 Auckland Avenue builder   Wilma Jean DUGIND, Terence John NOKES, James SOLLY
25th January 16th June 1952 Laurence John SMALL Ronald Eric / Joan 26 Manston Road Post Office Engineer   Joan DENNE, Alan SMALL & father
15th February 6th October 1952 Cherise Anne Winifred NOKES Victor Arthur / Margaret Mary Chalmers 39 Auckland Avenue master builder   Winifred Ethel May MCPHERSON, Marie Anne DUGIND, Colin Campbell MCPHERSON
22nd February 5th November 1952 Paul Martin DALE Edward George / Ivy May 37 or 57 Helvellyn Avenue insurance inspector   Janet STRONG, Leslie HOOKER, Frank DOW
22nd February 13th October 1952 Peter Robert POINTER Horace Richard / Emmie Millicent 131 Downs Road engineer P.O.   William POINTER, Gladys POINTER, Derek POINTER
22nd February 28th December 1952 Martin Keith LINDLEY John David / Zeta Esme 1 Queens Avenue steel erector   Peter PETTMAN, Eileen PETTMAN, Winifred SYMES
13th March - Betty Patricia BURRELL William Frederick / Ellen May Highlands, King Arthur Road, Cliffsend bricklayer ADULT -
13th March - Olive Joyce ARCHER Reginald Ronald / Florence Edith 16 Bathurst Close painter & decorator ADULT -
13th March - Donald William FISHER James Benjamin / Keziah 103 Southwood Road carter ADULT -
13th March - Kenneth FISHER James Benjamin / Keziah 103 Southwood Road carter ADULT -
22nd March 5th October 1952 Adrian James MORGAN David William / Phyllis Eliza Mary 9 Burshill Crescent plumber   Thomas PERCIVAL, Ethel Eliza & Oliver JAMES, Thomas LUFF
29th March 21st October 1952 David Leonard PILCHER Leonard George / Eva Blanche 33 Napleton Road radio dealer   Frederick J J ROGERS, Edith TRICE, Reginalf HEAYSMAN
29th March 19th April 1952 Gillian Margaret Elizabeth JONES Gwyn / Doreen Constance 10 Lagos Avenue railway clerk   William R STIMPSON, Margaret STIMPSON, Gwen JONES
29th March 5th August 1937 Shirley Ann SLYFIELD Frederick Charles / Louisa 26 Clifton Road batman   Frederick SLYFIELD, Louisa SLYFIELD, Jean C O'DWYER
5th April 5th November 1952 Kevin John FREEP Christopher Sydney / Beryl Olive 45 Chilton Lane farm worker   Frederick YEATES, Joyce YEATES, William YEATES
5th April 26th January 1953 Joy Emily Jane EUDEN Dennis George / Doris 18 Princess Margaret Avenue jewellers assistant   Donald HAMLIN, Margaret JOHNSON, Heather BARNES
26th April 30th July 1952 Christine Ann BELL Thomas / Ella 36 Rockstone Way coal miner   Vera CASTLE & parents
26th April 21st February 1953 Tony John SPENCER Thomas Henry / Daphne May 3 Dunedin Road miner   Audrey WELLS, Arthur WELLS & father
26th April 19th December 1952 Linda May REDFORD Ronald / Irene May 120 Melbourne Avenue coal miner   Victoria DOWNS, Edith LAMBERT, Thomas REDFORD
26th April 7th November 1953 Marilyn Ann DEAL Maurice Austen / Patricia May 180 Clarendon Street, Dover railway fireman   Nancy SPICER, June FASSAM, Augustus FASSAM
26th April 27th October 1952 Christopher Ian KING Harry Ernest John / Pamela Jean 7 Weyburn Drive overhead linesman   Arthur BELL, Gwendoline BELL & father
26th April 5th January 1953 Hilary Rosemary BOOTH John Ernest / Dorothy May 1 Woodville Road miner   Winifred WALKER, Rose Alice BARNETT & father
26th April 15th July 1952 Linda Margaret REEVES Frederick John / Patricia May 27A Princess Margaret Avenue gas fitter   Kathleen CHANDLER, Carla VERION, Herbert CHANDLER
26th April 17th September 1949 David Charles REEVES Frederick John / Patricia May 27A Princess Margaret Avenue gas fitter   Kathleen CHANDLER, Carla VERION, Herbert CHANDLER
3rd May - Jacqueline BAVINGTON Charles Anthony / Pamela Ann Braeside, The Grove, Cliffsend journalist   -
3rd May - Pamela Ann BAVINGTON Charles Anthony / Pamela Ann Braeside, The Grove, Cliffsend journalist   -
17th May 25th April 1953 Robert Edward JOHNSON Robert / Violet Alice 136 Southwood Road gas fitter   William JOHNSON, Edward George BUSH, Molly Amy Faulkener Rowarth
24th May 8th April 1953 Catherine Ann FARLEY Norman John / Margaret Augustine 15 Princes Avenue furniture salesman   Patricia HOGBEN, Margaret PRESTEDGE, Dudley PRESTEDGE
24th May 30th October 1952 Robert Edward Kenneth ATTWELL Kenneth George Jones / June Rosa 26 Kingston Road motor mechanic   Miss DENNIS, Mrs DELLER, Mr DENNIS, Mr ATTWELL
24th May 1st February 1953 Wendy Joyce SHARP Ronald Oliver / Joyce Lilian 25 St James Avenue salesman   Doris ISGATE, Reginald Maud SHARP
24th May 15th September 1952 David Robert PETTMAN Robert George / Doris Winifred 22 Riversdale Road railway fireman   Ellen ROBINSON, Doris Winifred PETTMAN
24th May 27th December 1952 Penelope Lynn RICHARDSON Kenneth William / Olive Verna 130 Newington Road factory hand   F MATTHEWS, Alan RICHARDSON, Pearl CHAMBERS
24th May 12th February 1953 Gillian Mary GREENSTREET Bernard Bertram / Kathleen Mary 103 Southwood Road machine operator   Mrs E GREENSTREET, Mrs MORRELL, Donald FISHER
24th May 28th November 1952 Susan Mary GOLDSMITH Albert Ernest / Audrey May 26 Grosvenor Road wireman   Doris & Albert FISHER, Rosemary MACKINS
21st June 12th April 1953 Vanessa Pauline PITTOCK Cyril John / Joan Annie 1 Pole Ash Cottages, Spratling Street, Manston tractor driver   Elsie & Raymond BRETT, Beryl HUBBARD
28th June 8th March 1953 Rita Ann STOKES Thomas / Flora Alice 15 High Street, St Lawrence labourer   Thomas STOKES, Florence B BARKER, Jessie J ABBOTT
28th June 29th March 1953 Stephen Edward MORRELL Edward James / Elsie May 3 Cheriton Avenue fireman   May BAYNTON, Arthur BAYNTON, Edwad MORRELL
28th June 28th January 1953 Andrew John SHARP Leslie / Sylvia Gladys Station House, Grove Ferry signalman   John SHARPLES, Edwin M SHARP, Jessie SHARP
28th June 30th October 1952 Sandra Alma REDMOND Leonard / Muriel 4 Denbeigh Road miner   Olive TOWNSEND, Charles TOWNSEND & parents
28th June 2nd July 1951 Susan REDMOND Leonard / Muriel 4 Denbeigh Road miner   Olive TOWNSEND, Charles TOWNSEND & parents
28th June 6th August 1949 Shirley TOWNSEND Charles Frederick / Olive May 9 Clements Road, Ramsgate miner   Muriel & Leonard REDMOND & parents
26th July 4th June 1953 Jennifer Mary HARTY Roy William Charles / June Audrey 12 Brecon Square postman   -
26th July 23rd June 1953 Dianne Lesley SYNES Gwyn Valentine / Kathleen Doris 78 Sterling Way carpenter & joiner   -
26th July 22nd March 1953 Patricia Joan NEWMAN Richard Keith / Kathleen Elsie Joan 4 Granville Avenue chemist   -
26th July 13th March 1953 Alan John PHILPOTT Peter John / Elsie Edith 45 Helvellyn Avenue miner   -
26th July 22nd April 1953 Julia Patricia CURTIS Kenneth Stephen / Florence Ethel 14 Sterling Way railway clerk   -
26th July 28th May 1953 Robert Michael BOOTES Victor Charles / Mary Margaret 26 Picton Road labourer   -
26th July 2nd June 1953 Anne Pamela BISHOP Leonard Oswald / Pamela 20 Auckland Avenue clerk   -
26th July 8th March 1953 John Alan TAYLOR Thomas Richard / Hilda Queenie 3 Ringold Avenue miner   -
26th July 22nd April 1953 Janet Caroline LAURENCE Shadrack John Henry / Dorothy May Elm Lodge, High Street, St Lawrence miner   -
8th August 24th April 1953 Helen Mary FEARN Alec / Helen Doreen 3 Stancombe Avenue, Ramsgate head brewer   J MARSH, Alec & Helen FEARN
23rd August 11th March 1953 Maureen Elizabeth LANGRIDGE David / Ellen Madge 51 St Johns Avenue, Newington switch board attendant B.E.A.   Gertrude BALDOCK, Emily BALDOCK, Robert BAILEY
23rd August 4th June 1953 Shelly Elizabeth ROLFE Peter Frank / Audrey Winifred 37 Alexandra Road trainee manager multiple stores   Charlotte JOHNSTON, Maureen HARVEY, Arthur FOWLER
23rd August 21st February 1953 Geoffrey William WHITCOMBE Albert John / Doris 112 Southwood Road railway fireman   John TITHERINSTON, Lesley & Ernest TITHERINSTON
23rd August 28th May 1953 Rosemary Eileen BURBRIDGE Albert Horace / Theresa 96 Thanet Road Pullman car attendant   G BURBRIDGE, N BRYCE, B MILLER
30th August 13th July 1953 Susan Annette GLEDHILL Frank / Rita Doreen 25 St Mildreds Avenue sick berth Petty Officer R.N.   John & Jessie EDWARDS, Rita GLEDHILL
27th September 6th April 1953 Adrian Ernest SHARP Arthur Herbert / Joan 14 Goodwin Road dairy director   Marjorie PITT, Victor WOOD, Arthur SHARP
27th September 21st September 1952 Linda Joy TUTT Frank Arthur / Valerie Florence 128 Southwood Road, St Lawrence builders labourer   Ronald HOWE, Georgina CHAMBERS, Yvonne CHAMBERS
11th October 7th November 1952 Peter Ronald MILLEN Wilfred / Macline Ruth Cecilia 18 Berverley Way, Ramsgate journalist   R & R COLEMAN, N LASLETT
25th October 12th July 1953 Peter George GREENSTREET Peter James / Violet Rose 8 Prestedge Avenue gardener   Peter & Violet GREENSTREET, Leonard WOODCOCK
25th October 4th June 1953 Geoffrey Robert CLASBY Bert John / Sheila Mary Lavender Cottage, Cliif View Road, Cliffsend traveller   Bert CLASBY, Thomas BROOKES, Alice BRYNING
25th October 2nd September 1953 Graham Stephen ASHBY Alan Oliver / Olive 27 Preston Road musician   Olive ASHBY, Griffith HUGHS, Phyllis ASHBY
25th October 5th August 1953 Jeffrey Laurence EDWARDS Emlyn / Patricia 33 Foads Lane, Cliifsend store keeper   Terence HYDE, Irene HYDE, Henry EDWARDS
25th October 25th July 1953 Joanne Rosalind VOWELL Joseph / Rosemary 70 Edith Road U.S. Air Force   Elsie SACKETT, Margaret MOORE, Frank ADAMS
25th October 21st August 1953 Brian Kenneth SUTER William Kenneth / Dorothy Irene 7 Sterling Way miner   Nancy NICHOLS, Ronald HUNT, Dennis JONES
25th October 3rd October 1952 Leigh Hazel WHITE Frank Christopher / Audrey Hazel 2 Rossalind Road labourer   Muriel MILTON, Frank WHITE
25th October 4th September 1953 Malcolm Scott SNOWDEN Sydney John / Florence Ivy 40 Station Approach Road motor engineer   Joan SMITH, Percival SNOWDEN, George STIRUPS
22nd November 23rd September 1953 Philip Anthony WOOD Percy James Alfred / Audrey Elizabeth 68 Melbourne Avenue miner   Leonard WOOD, Pamela WOOD, Jennie WOOD
22nd November 17th July 1953 Suzanne May DAVIES Sheila May 78 Newington Road -   David DAVIES, Edith DAVIES, Grace HUGHS
22nd November 24th May 1953 Kevin Rhys JONES Harry Austen / Alice Margaret Evelyn 44 Marden Avenue factory manager   Florence NEWMAN & parents
22nd November 22nd October 1953 Gary Christopher MUNDAY Alan Denne / Elizabeth Ivy 34 Queens Avenue clerk   Evelyn WILSON, Elvin MULINGS, Gwyn SYMES
22nd November 27th October 1952 Jeannette Patricia BROWN Royston William / Lilian Patricia 14 Bathurst Close miner   Sydney ALLEN, Doris ALLEN, Lilian LOWEN
22nd November 23rd June 1953 Linda Mary RIDGEWAY Frederick / Kathleen Mary 17 Southwood Gardens professional cricketer   George GURNEY, John GURNEY, Edith HILLS
22nd November 12th April 1953 Christopher Leslie JARVIS Donald Leslie Thomas / Ruth Mary 11 Melbourne Avenue PSV driver   Herbert WOOTEN, Peggy WOOTEN & father
22nd November 9th January 1953 Jean Margaret WOOTON Herbert Roy / Peggy May 13 Prince Charles Road, St Peters handyman   Ruth JARVIS, Donald JARVIS & mother
6th December 3rd January 1953 Kevin Michael THOMPSON Horace / Joyce Eva Gertrude 11 Rockstone Way KCC fireman   Horace THOMPSON, Joan & Albert WARDEN
27th December 22nd October 1953 Dianne BRODY Peter Thomas / Ethel June 57 Princess Margaret Avenue KCC Police Constable   Iris Alice & George James LONGROVE, Blanche May NELSON, Robert BOYCE
27th December 10th September 1953 Marjorie Joyce SMITH Herbert Arthur / Olive Joyce 2 Hill Terrace, Clare, near Sodbury, Suffolk Local Government Officer   Elsie MAITLAND, Shirley May SIMMONDS, Peter SMITH
27th December 28th October 1953 Ann Doreen STILL Peter Frerick / Margaret Rebecca Everest, Canterbury Road, Cliffsend typewriter mechanic   Esther & William LEHR, Doreen CRUNDWELL
27th December 20th June 1951 Emlyn Richard DAVIES Emlyn Cyril / Florence Maud 1 Chilton Cottages, Downs Road miner   Ellen & William George SPICER, Emlyn DAVIES
27th December 6th September 1953 Peter WILLIAMS Derek Reginald / Margaret 181 Pegwell Road labourer   Derek Reginald & Margaret WILLIAMS, Francis BAKER
Date Born First Name Last Name Parents ABODE Trade Comments Godparents
Baptised           Occupation    
24th January 19th December 1953 Charles Eric BRIDGER Charles Victor / Josephine 4 Marden Avenue R.A.F.   Leslie LANDELL, Ellen BRIDGER, George BRIDGER
24th January 7th December 1953 Michael Gerald John STURGES Gerald Edward / Grace Winifred 43 Melbourne Avenue plumber   Gerald STURGES, Winifred STURGES, Irene HAROLD
24th January 24th May 1953 Alexis Lorraine ROSE Denis / Margaret 10A Westcliff Terrace Mansions, Pegwell Road miner   Brian CASE,  Gwendoline CASE, Margaret ROSE
29th January 23rd December 1953 Carol Patricia MULCARE Dennis Owen / Annie Agatha 12 High Street, Manston furniture porter   -
31st January 29th October 1939 Douglas BAITUP - Childrens Cottage Homes, Manston -   -
31st January 15th December 1940 George FRENCH - Childrens Cottage Homes, Manston -   -
31st January 19th December 1939 David BOORMAN - Childrens Cottage Homes, Manston -   -
31st January 8th March 1940 Catherine CULLEN - Childrens Cottage Homes, Manston -   -
31st January 7th June 1940 Constance WENDON - Childrens Cottage Homes, Manston -   -
31st January 6th August 1940 Madeline ALFORD - Childrens Cottage Homes, Manston -   -
28th February 5th July 1953 Marilyn Leslie MITCHELL Robert Bertram Henry / Elsie Elaine 61 Princess Margaret Avenue R.N.   Doreen MITCHELL, Henry MITCHELL, Doris MITCHELL
28th February 11th December 1953 Alan David HEWITT Colin David / Evelyn Julia 82 Nixon Avenue carriage service man BR   Alan ISAACS, Doreen JONES, Walter SHAW
28th February 8th November 1953 Philip Arthur KINNILL Denis Herbert / Margaret Alice 73 High Street, St Lawrence locomotive fireman   May KINNILL, Herbert KINNILL & parents
28th March 21st September 1953 Raymond Donald EATON Kenneth Arthur / Norma Mary 3 Edgar Road radio operator   Wilfred MOORE, Edna MOORE, Kenneth EATON
28th March 21st January 1954 Robin Lionel BRETT Lionel Albert Seymour / Hilda Maud 47 Melbourne Avenue miner   Georgina RISING, Robert SMITH, Doreen SMITH
28th March 24th February 1953 Doreen Grace ROLPH Ronald Leslie Ernest / Betty Grace 23B Kimberley Road fitter   Reginald MILLS, Margaret ROLPH, Sylvia GIFFORD
28th March 5th March 1954 Kenneth James GREGORY Albert William Henry / Mona Theresa 68 Newington Road taxi driver   Joan ARMSTRONG, Berta SHEILDS, Joh SHEILDS
28th March 22nd January 1954 Noreen Lynn BURRELL Frank William / Iris Hilda 24 St Johns Avenue labourer   Julia CONSTANTINE, George CONSTANTINE, Marion MASKELL
28th March 23rd December 1953 Christopher BUSH Wilfred / Molly 17 Wentworth Drive lorry driver   Elsie MOCKFORD, Jack CHEESEMAN, Molly BUSH
28th March 1st April 1953 Jane DARBY John Wenham / Margaret 3 St Mildreds Avenue bank clerk   Patricia KEEN, Elizabeth KING, Laurence KING
28th March 4th June 1953 Teresa Jane JOLLEY George Edward / Mabel Dorothy Freda Bradgate House, Lydden, Margate carpenter   Patricia WILMOT, June CEYLEY, Ronald ALLEN
7th April 7th April 1936 Beryl Enid WREN John Charles / Louisa Kathleen 12 Central Avenue gas fitter   Stanley & Norma BOUNDS
18th April 24th November 1953 Stephen William LEVIS William Albert / Irene Maria 1 Walnut Tree Cottage, Haine Road, Ramsgate steel firer LEGALLY ADOPTED SON John LEVIS, Mrs BROWN
18th April 30th December 1953 Peta Caroline KNIGHT Victor George / Margraet Barbara 9 Auckland Avenue decorator   Mignon & Gerald WILKIN, May JEFFRIES
25th April 26th January 1954 John LYCETT Henry George / Gloria Dawn 24 Grummock Avenue carpenter   Eric HURWORTH, Alfred & Doris MCGRATH, Gloria Dawn LYCETT
25th April 26th November 1953 Stuart Charles Henry MASKELL Charles Thomas / Betty Lavinia 21 Rockstone Way clerk SEEB   Owen Valentine SYNES, John Charles & Rita Winifred BROWN
25th April 6th December 1953 Christine Mary COTTON Douglas Frederick / Joyce 16 Bengal Road B.R.   Doris & Kenneth DUNK & Kathleen EMERSON
21st April 4th December 1953 Adrian Paul BISHOP Ronald Arthur / Betty Elizabeth 25 Southampton Street, Farnborough civil servant   F M ROSE (Mrs), D H BISHOP, B J LARKIN
25th April 4th March 1954 Lorraine Emily MUNN Kenneth Ernest John / Christine Nairn 33 Margate Road engineer   Mr & Mrs W H JOHNSTONE, S MITCHELL (Mrs)
25th April 20th June 1944 Gillian BRIDGEWATER Hayden / Betty 25 Auckland Avenue miner   Leslie & Peggy POINTER, Glenys Doreen JONES
2nd May 7th November 1953 Keith DRAY Kenneth William / Marie 87 Helvellyn Avenue radio engineer   Audrey DRAY, Brian WILLIS
23rd May 15th March 1954 Kevin Philip CONSTABLE Thomas / Joyce Helen 5 Rossalind Road B.R.   Philip OTWOOD, Irene BROOKS, Joyce CONSTABLE
23rd May 11th February 1954 Susan Ann LEADER George / Patricia 44 Rockstone Way miner   -
23rd May 23rd February 1954 Colin Lawrence MARKS Jack William Lawrence / Ivy Helen 4 Princess Margaret Avenue carpenter   -
23rd May 18th February 1953 Pamela Eunice ROBERTS William John / Helena Elizabeth 13 Bengal Road miner   -
23rd May 5th August 1947 Elaine Elizabeth FISHENDEN Selwyn Charles / Vera 51 Auckland Avenue sub station attendant S E ELFC BD   -
23rd May 2nd June 1953 Charles Douglas FISHENDEN Selwyn Charles / Vera 51 Auckland Avenue sub station attendant S E ELFC BD   -
23rd May 15th March 1954 John George EVANS William John / Eileen Violet 5 Weyburn Drive miner   -
23rd May 17th March 1954 Gordon Henry SPENCER Thomas Henry / Daphne May 3 Dunedin Road miner   -
23rd May 8th March 1954 Barbara Ann USHER Albert Ernest / Sheila Joan 38 Marden Avenue sales representative   -
27th June 30th March 1954 Ronald Keith DICKINSON Whitfield / Elizabeth Mary 28 Telham Avenue miner   Richard PENNEY, Doris PENNEY
27th June 20th March 1954 Malcolm Shawn KIRKALDIE Douglas Henry / Eileen 50 Manston Road carpenter   Harry HICKMAN, Ann HICKMAN
27th June 16th February 1954 Anne Frances THAIN Reginald Arthur / Joan Winifred 29 Rockstone Way school teacher   Dorothy APPLETON, Eric APPLETON, Sally WILLINS
27th June 2nd May 1950 Janet Lesley THAIN Reginald Arthur / Joan Winifred 29 Rockstone Way school teacher   Jean STEWART, Alan STEWART, Peter WILLINS
27th June 17th November 1953 Pauline Betty BRITTON George Charles / Vera Betty 22A Princess Margaret Avenue bricklayer   Ethel LYNAS & parents
27th June 25th April 1954 Raymond Alan MASON Thomas / Vera 13A Weyburn Drive miner   J CHEESMAN, Margaret BUBB, Harold BUBB
27th June 28th April 1954 Philip John TUCKER John Victor / June Melina 106 Newington Road, Ramsgate nurseryman   Leslie Henry TUCKER & parents
27th June 18th April 1954 Jillian Mary SHARP Edward George / Ruby Joan 29 Park Road dairyman   Brenda SOUTHERN & parents
27th June 1st March 1954 Carol Christine BOOTES James Donald / Florence Emily Edith 42 Coleman Crescent cable joiner   C GRAINGER, F GRAINGER, D J BOOTES
27th June 27th June 1953 Josephine Cheryl HEYBURN William John Frederick / Florence Ewell 17 High Street, St Lawrence labourer   J W HAWKINS
25th July 7th February 1954 Ruth Agnes OFFERMAN Henry George / Vera Agnes 11 Wilfred Road school teacher   Jean GRAINGER, William OFFERMAN, Christine RADYS
25th July 27th April 1954 Jennifer SMALL Alan George / Pauline 45 Helvellyn Avenue miner   Francis BROOKS, Margaret SMALL, William SMITH
25th July 25th June 1954 Lee Kevin CROXTON Leo Arthur / Betty Mary 93 Flambourough Road, Ruislip clerk   Pat SAVIL, Peter SIVIL, Thomas SIVIL
25th July 4th May 1954 Joyce Anne REDDICK Kenneth Roy / Vera May 8 Woodville Road, Ramsgate carpenter & joiner   Albert REDDICK, June REDDICK, Nellie REDDICK
25th July 31st May 1954 Barbara Christine SHAW Ronald Albert / Lena 145 Melbourne Avenue engineer   Barbara ROUX, Horace ROUX, Ella SHAW
25th July 15th November 1953 Marilyn VAUGHAN Idris / Violet 37 Weyburn Drive miner   Doreen HOOKER & parents
1st August 11th August 1953 Maureen Kay KNIGHT Harry George / Barbara Olive 13 Wentworth Drive, Ramsgate railway fireman   Dorothy Lorraine Joan & Norman BROWN
22nd August 15th April 1954 Mandy Ann BRILL Peter Arthur / Mary Irene 21 Duncan Road, Ramsgate carpenter   Reginald FRANCIS, Eileen Mabel HOUGHTON, Hilda Victoria BRILL
22nd August 20th July 1954 Hazel Frances BOOTES Victor Charles / Mary Margaret 26 Picton Road gas fitter mate   Mary Margaret BOOTES, Sydney Gerald & Annie Ellen
22nd August 27th April 1954 Linda Susan CHANDLER William Henry / Joyce Alicia 7 Cornhill, Queen Street, Ramsgate miner   W H & J A CHANDLER, E WATERFIELD
22nd August 9th June 1954 Sheila JACKSON Peter / Louisa Mary 7 Brisbane Drive, Ramsgate store keeper   Dennis George & Nora WELLS, Doris EUDEN
26th August 10th June 1953 Lesley Ann STROVER Ronald William James / Renee 122 Wentworth Crescent, Hayes, Middlesex surveyor   Audrey & Peter ROLFE, Mrs YOUNG
29th August 30th March 1954 Stephen James ISAACS Ronald James / Eileen 28 Goldsmith Road, Acton W3 factory worker   Henry PORT, Bertram PRICE, Daphne WILSON
19th September 7th June 1954 Frances Teresa TERRY Robert William / Evelyn Nellie 3 Spratling Street, Manston plumber   Cyril & Doris DADSON, Patience DADSON
26th September 20th July 1954 Ian Paul SMITH John Walter / Jean Evelyn 7 High Street, Manston garage employee   Harold BULL, Alice BULL & parents
26th September 28th July 1954 Deborah GAY William Charles / Freda 4 Rockstone Way miner   Joan WOODWARD, Lydia HARTY, William GAY
26th September 30th May 1954 John Kenneth LAGUDKA Werner Johannes & Ellen Annie 77 St Johns Avenue bus conductor   Mabel RETTER, Paul RETTER, Walter HOWES
26th September 16th July 1954 Janice Laraine CASTLE Douglas Ernest / Vera Florence 19 Kimberly Road machine operator   Mabel SACKETT, Ella BELL, Edward CASTLE
26th September 20th June 1954 Sidney Alan MAPLE Sydney Abraham Charles / Mary Louise 136 King Street master butcher   Adelaide FOX, Sydney MAPLE, Henry CARTER
26th September 19th July 1954 Robert William Henry MITCHELL Robert Bertram Henry / Elsie Elaine 22 Picton Road Royal Navy   Bertram MITCHELL, Sale MACZREWSKI, Patricia CARLING
3rd October 24th September 1954 Margaret Joan OFFERMAN John Lawrence / Joan Ethel 71A Grange Road medical laboratory technician   Joyce Doris & Frederick BREWER, Edward OFFERMAN
5th October 29th October 1953 Geoffrey Michael BOWYER Stanley Robert / Julia Gladys 47 Auckland Road butcher   Alfred John & Ivy Hilda LEDNER, Stanley BOWYER
10th October 6th July 1954 Jonathan Peter DESPRE'S David Percival Birch / Phyllis Margaret 91 Helvellyn Avenue bank clerk RECEIVED INTO CHURCH- bapt 6th July 1954 at R John O'KELL,  COTTET, Derek STEDMAN, Vera COOKE
24th October 28th April 1954 Lynda Joan GILLARD Thomas Ray / Pamela Maud 37 Crescent Road driver salesman   Mr & Mrs GOLDFINCH & Mrs KEMBLE
24th October 22nd May 1954 James Kenneth LEHMAN John Kenneth / Betty Rose 57 Auckland Avenue miner   Eileen & Edward JONES
24th October 14th June 1954 Kevin FOORD George Henry / Sybil Ena Claudine 10 Denbigh Road labourer   Mr & Mrs FOORD & Mrs ALLAN
24th October 12th April 1954 Janine Eileen JOHNSTON Peter Macdonald / Margaret 2 Nelson Place, Broadstairs shop assistant   Christina MAIRN, Audrey Winifred ROLFE, Keith Edward JOHNSTON
31st October 8th July 1952 Stephen John NEWPORT Philip John / Olive Alice 17 Marden Avenue railwayman   Mr & Mrs D WEBB, Mrs G ROSE
31st October 31st August 1954 Carole Ann NEWPORT Philip John / Olive Alice 17 Marden Avenue railwayman   Mr & Mrs D WEBB, Mrs G ROSE
31st October 15th August 1954 Malcolm Leonard COX Ivan Walter / Joan 21B Princess Margaret Avenue fireman   Edna COX,  Herbert COX, Trevor PHILIPS
31st October 28th October 1952 Donald John HOWARD Donald Douglas Kenneth / Joyce Rita May 7 Lorina Road salesman   Joyce HOWARD, N A IREMONGER
31st October 4th August 1945 James Neil GIBBONS Albert Edward / Doris Maud 10 Dundonald Road nurseryman   Cyril OVENDEN, Elizabeth Ann COLTHAM
31st October 2nd July 1954 Andrew John COLTHAM John Edward / Elizabeth Ann Rose Cott, Stodmarsh, near Canterbury farm worker   Charles DAINER, Eric GODDEN, Ellen Mary ELLEN
7th November 24th December 1946 Kenneth Peter MORLING Archibald / Joan Mary Abbeyville, Seaview Road, Cliffsend civilian driver R.A.F.   Dorothy & George MAYHEW, William MORLING
7th November 29th January 1948 Christopher John MORLING Archibald / Joan Mary Abbeyville, Seaview Road, Cliffsend civilian driver R.A.F.   Dorothy & George MAYHEW, William MORLING
28th November 12th September 1954 Susan Elizabeth WOOD Percy James Alfred / Audrey Elizabeth 68 Melbourne Avenue miner   Sarah CLARK & parents
28th November 24th September 1954 Paul Douglas TIDBALL Percy Douglas Hugh / Vera 8 Melbourne Avenue miner   Thomas PERRY, Thomas PERRY junior, Christine PRICE
28th November 5th October 1954 Andrew Roy FERNYHOUGH Roy Albert / Margaret Joan Chilton Farm, Chilton Lane USA Airman   Grace WINDSOR, Trevor FERNYHOUGH, Joseph SMITH
28th November 14th August 1954 Robert Martin EDWARD Edward Ernest / Peggy Ada 28 Brecon Square transport driver   Jean GRIFFITH, Norman GRIFFITH, Albert PAY
28th November 29th July 1954 James Henry MIRAMS Harold Henry / Lily May 28 Foads Lane, Cliffsend decorator   Thomas ANDREWS & parents
28th November 25th April 1954 Glenda Margaret HARDING Wyndham / Mary Elizabeth 35 Rockstone Way miner   Margaret EDWARDS, Elizabeth EDWARDS, Granville EDWARDS
28th November 4th November 1952 Diane Mary HARDING Wyndham / Mary Elizabeth 35 Rockstone Way miner   Joyce MEACHAM, Katherine HARDING, Maurice MEACHAM
28th November 24th August 1954 Richard John WILLS William John / Millicent 28 Goodwin Road salesman   Elsie STEWART, Dennis GRACE, Dennis WILLS
28th November 2nd August 1954 Lorna RICKELLS Albert Frederick / Molly 68 St Johns Avenue policeman   Edith RICKELLS, Peggy HORLICK, William HORLICK
28th November 7th September 1954 Leslie Victor KEATLEY Gordon Thomas / Brenda May 21 North Avenue grocers assistant   June SELLS, Horace KEATLEY, Charles SELLS
5th December 19th December 1952 Dorothy Gail MASON Albert Edward / Doreen 4 Auckland Avenue diesel mechanic   Frederick & Maud HAMMOND, Ivy MASON
19th December 25th September 1954 Deborah Joanne WOOD David Richard / Doreen Winifred 20 Avenue Road telegraphist R.N.   Wendy WOOD, Julia WOOD, George BUCHAN
26th December 20th July 1954 Glyndwr Michael CHAMBERS Wesley Rees / Georgina Phoebe 5 Picton Road miner   Thomas Henry & Graham Charles CHAMBERS, Margaret Frances LONGSTAFF
26th December 18th April 1954 Joanne ROWDEN Alan / Elizabeth Christina R.A.F, Little Rissington, Gloucestershire Reg. Off. R.A.F.   Geoffrey & Stephanie ROWDEN, Moira BAKER
26th December 1st November 1954 Rosemary Louise HAMMANT William Frederick / Mary Gladys 21 Burshill Crescent, Ramsgate insurance agent   Edward GRINSLEY, Lillian & Hetty ROBINSON

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