Ramsgate Parish Register Extracts from 1901

St Lawrence Baptisms 1951-1952


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Date Born First Name Last Name Parents ABODE Trade Comments Godparents
Baptised           Occupation    
21st January 10th August 1950 Jennifer Jane GROUT William Leonard / Suzanne Frances 67 Ashburnham Road R.A.F.    
28th January 25th November 1950 Diane Linda Ruth GREENSTREET Peter James / Violet Rose 142 Grange Road farm labourer   Winifred Sinclair
25th February 17th September 1949 Diane LUCAS Dennis Walter / Ethel Winifred 33 Kingston Road milkman   Elizabeth LUCAS
25th February 16th December 1950 Carol Ann GOLDSMITH Albert Ernest / Audrey May 26 Grosvenor Road wireman   John FITTALL & Nora MORRELL
25th February 5th October 1950 Andrew Edward FARNHAM Harold Edward / Edith Maisie 28A Princess Margaret Avenue builder   Elsie May MORRELL, John Cecil HEALY, Edward MORRELL
25th March 13th November 1950 Caroline Ann JOLLEY George Edward / Mabel Dorothy Bradgate House, Lydden, Margate carpenter   Donald G THOMPSON, Hilda THOMPSON, Rosina
25th March 13th June 1950 Terry COTTON Horace / Mary Jean 16 Bengal Road miner   Douglas F COTTON, Elizabeth MC COLES
25th March 19th February 1950 Maureen Gladys WATSON Ronald George Hubert / Doris 11 Fitzroy Avenue school teacher   William SAYER, Ruby THORNTON
25th March 13th April 1950 John PATERSON John / Dorothy 65 Picton Road school teacher   Walter J WAYNE, Percy COATES, Elsie COATES
25th March 19th February 1946 Peter Ian COATES Percy / Elsie 65 Picton Road chartered accountant   Walter J WAYNE, John PATERSON, Dorothy PATERSON
25th March 31st January 1950 Judith COATES Percy / Elsie 65 Picton Road chartered accountant   Walter J WAYNE, John PATERSON, Dorothy PATERSON
25th March 5th February 1951 Ann Margaret GREGSON Arthur / Audrey 21 Willsons Road labourer   Elsie HUGHES, Margaret P SIMPSON, Frank HUGHES
25th March 21st December 1950 Lynne Beryl BRANDRICK George William / Beryl Marjorie 166 Grange Road scaffolder   Ada BRANDRICK, Jean BARTLETT, Frances W O'BRIEN
25th March 21st October 1950 Brenda VAUGHAN Idris / Violet 37 Weyburn Drive coal miner   Nell COUSINS
25th March 17th June 1946 Pamela Ann PRESTON Arthur Frances / Margaret Mary 10 Riversdale Road bus conductor   Sarah A LACE, Ronald A PRESTON
22nd April 3rd August 1950 Dilys Moira COOK Mervyn Kenneth / Barbara 5 Quetto Road miner   William COOK, Doris MORGANS, Martha HUGHES
22nd April 5th September 1950 Roger William WALE James Joseph / Irene 24 Stanley Road commercial traveller   Mary LYONS, Daniel LYONS, Basil DIVERS
22nd April 14th January 1951 Gary John HOPE John Charles / Joan Pauline 51 Southwood Gardens photographer   Edward BALDOCK, Douglas MALIN, Helen CONSTENTI
22nd April 20th January 1951 Robin Edwin MARKS Jack William Lawrence / Ivy Helen 4 Princess Margaret Avenue carpenter   Eileen HALE, Jack HALE, Donald COOK
22nd April 3rd January 1951 Margaret FOAD Frederick / Florence 10 Roman Road brick maker   Harold FARBRACE, Margaret FARBRACE
22nd April 1st February 1949 Elizabeth Teresa Ann NEWMAN Richard K / Kathleen 4 Granville Avenue commercial traveller   Ian ROBERTSON, Agnes ROBERTSON, Barbara BROOKS, Pansy LESTER
22nd April 23rd December 1950 Myra Elaine WILSON Frederick / Joan 51 Kimberley Road railway crossing keeper   Edith PENOTT
22nd April 15th March 1951 Michael DEBLING John Alfred / Rose 11 Grosvenor Road stoker   Frederick JOHNSON, Dorothy JOHNSON
22nd April 13th September 1950 Beryl Anne JOHNSON Frederick James / Dorothy May 13 Grosvenor Road firework maker   Daisy COX, Winnie COLLIERS, Graham COX
22nd April 14th May 1950 Michael John SPENCELEY William Timothy / Winifred Julia 93 London Road -   Mary PAIN
27th May 15th October 1949 Geoffrey Frank PURTON Harold Frank / Louisa Frances 23 Melbourne Avenue bus conductor   Esther BOWMAN, Jack BOWMAN
27th May 6th March 1951 Brian Keith PURTON Harold Frank / Louisa Frances 23 Melbourne Avenue bus conductor   Esther BOWMAN, Jack BOWMAN
27th May 8th April 1951 Susan Mary LEONARD Frederick George / Mary Ellen 35 Fairlight Avenue bakers roundsman   Dennis POOLE, Winifred CORK, Mary POOLE
27th May 29th October 1950 Suzanne Afra CASTLE Cyril James / Kathleen Miriam 25 Rockstone Way grocer   Lucy CASTLE, Thomas CASTLE, Anne LYDOFF
27th May 16th March 1951 Richard Anthony BATH Ronald Alfred / Violet May 144 Crescent Road baker   Herbert BATH, Maurice LUGG, Elsie RALLP
27th May 19th December 1950 Peter SANHAM Frank / Betty Rosetta 37 Melbourne Avenue window cleaner   Daphne PITCHER, Arthur PITCHER, James SANHAM
27th May 25th February 1951 David Charles SUTTON Alfred William / Kitty Annie 12 Princess Margaret Avenue state registered   Dennis HUNT, Jack HUNT, Frances BROOKS
27th May 27th May 1950 Jaqueline BROWN Royston William Arthur / Lilian Patricia 67 Sterling Way plasterer   Ivy BROWNE, Albert BROWNE
27th May 12th October 1950 Roger Melvyn JOHNS Robert Evan John / Marion Minna 11 Hobart Road driver   Reginald MILLS, Alan BELSEY, Gwen MILLS
3rd June 5th April 1951 Graham Charles CLARKE Eric Charles / Winifred Gertrude 11 Marden Avenue electrician   Dorothy May CLARKE, Florence Emma LENTY
24th June 7th November 1950 Angela Helen BREWER James William / Mary Constance 19 Manston Court Bungalows, Manston instrument maker   Joan Muriel BREWER, Richard Gerald HARTLEY
24th June 29th November 1950 Anne Patricia DARBY John Wenham / Margaret 3 St Mildreds Avenue banker   Beryl GREEN, Raone TUCKER, June STANDING
22nd July 1st May 1951 Ivan Gordon SHRIMPLIN Gordon John George / Mary Joan 84 St Johns Avenue, Newington soldier   Ann WILLIAMS, Gerald GOLDING
22nd July   Christopher Robin POTTS Raymond A R / Violet Ena 16 Marden Avenue taxi driver   May HASWELL, James HASWELL
22nd July   Peter William HARRIS John Rufus / Lena Elsie 6 Cheriton Avenue, Newington, St Lawrence coalman British Railways   Henry GRIGGS, Joyce GRIGGS (by Proxy)
29th July 31st March 1951 Anthony DOX Brian Langley / Gladys Evelyn 18 Bush Avenue G.P.O. Telephone Engineer   John TOOGOOD, Irene TOOGOOD
29th July 15th October 1950 Terence Raymond POTTER William Richard / Alice Anne 37B Brecon Square window cleaner   Amy PALTER, Shadrack LAURENCE
26th August 15th May 1951 Susan Elizabeth FAGG Herbert Barham / Beatrice Margaret 29 Quetta Road railway clerk   Edward FAGG, Edith WHITE, Freda FAGG
26th August 16th June 1951 Felicity Gay WILLIS Harold Watson / Doris Edith 358 Margate Road permanent Civil Servant   Richard HAZELWOOD, Daphne SMITH, Joan HAZELWOOD
23rd September 17th February 1949 Robert Irving HOLT Irving North / Thelma Joyce 79 Sterling Way railway worker   Roy HOLT, Howard TAYLOR, Evelyn HARRIS
23rd September 30th April 1951 Sandra Lynn HOLT Irving North / Thelma Joyce 79 Sterling Way railway worker   Roy HOLT, Howard TAYLOR, Evelyn HARRIS
23rd September 7th November 1950 Joan Anne Elizabeth EDWARDS John Scayton / Emily Eileen 20 Marden Avenue miner   Elizabeth HILL & parents
23rd September 20th April 1951 Geoffrey Michael COX Herbert Ernest / Edna 4 Calverden Road gas fitter   Dennis BRADLEY, Eileen BRADLEY
23rd September 13th July 1951 Linda Anne BLAKE Philip Duncan / Ruby Daisy Ellen 72 Manston Road factory worker   Patricia BAILEY, Hilda WORTH, Frederick BLAKE
23rd September 5th April 1951 Valerie Frances TUTT Frank Arthur / Valerie Florence 44 Melbourne Avenue builders labourer   Georgina CLAPSON, Joan TITHERINGTON, Albert WICKAM
4th October 7th August 1951 Martin Chadwick WARD John Chadwick / Olive Emma 8 Station Approach Road, Orpington motor man   Walter J ROALF, Violet WRIGHT, Edward LAMBERT
28th October 15th February 1951 Jill Helen MAYO Maurice Charles / Doris May 19 Granville Road, Newington miner   Joseph HOLLINS, Anthony HINNIGAN
28th October 30th April 1951 Peter Douglas BRETT Raymond / Elsie Violet 2 Poleash Cottage, Manston engineer   Joseph HOLLINS, Anthony HINNIGAN, Lily HINNIGAN
28th October 1th July 1951 Pauline Yvonne S? C? Frederick / Edna - factory worker   Arthur WELLS, Ellen WELLS, Amy WIGGINS
28th October 21st July 1951 Robert Francis HOUGHTON Reginald Francis - butcher   Patricia WHEELER, John WHEELER, Robert BOOTHMAN
28th October 27th June 1951 Sandra Ellen LAKER George William 39 Goldswid Road, Tonbridge fireman   Janet LAKER, Patricia WIDDAMS, Lawrence LAKER
28th October 12th Augusr 1951 Janet Elizabeth TAYLOR Thomas Richard / Hilda - miner   Bella CARTER, Nora GROOMBRIDGE, John Albert TAYLOR
28th October 1th June 1948 David Alan MOSELEY Henry / Lilian Mary Green Cables, Cliffsend ex Policeman   Gertrude SKINNER, Eric LYE, Bert PARKER
28th October   Graham John SANDWELL Edward Robert / Eileen May 1 Spratling Street, Manston -   -
28th October   Mervyn Norman Francis SCOURFIELD-THOMAS Norman Winston / Mavis Helene Forge House, Manston school teacher   -
28th October   John HINNIGAN Anthony / Lily 13 Lagos Avenue -   -
25th November 18th June 1951 Ian Charles MACKENZIE Roderick / Jean 46 Southwood Gardens buyer   Geoffrey O'BRIEN, Elizabeth O'BRIEN
25th November 29th June 1951 Robert John TURNER Philip / Margaret 119 Melbourne Avenue P.S.V. driver   Nancy TURNER, Philip TURNER, Jack SHINGLESTONE
25th November 14th September 1951 Jocelyn Heather SKELTON Joseph Henry / Margaret Reid 2 Colombo Square civil servant   Heather PATTERSON, Netta  STEWART, Alexander SIMPSON
25th November 18th September 1951 Anne Judith MIDGLEY Douglas / Betty Joan 67 Helvellyn Avenue pharmacist   Sheila PAIN, John PAIN, Rena HAIGH
25th November 22nd July 1951 Royce TULLEY Reginald Gerald / Margaret Octavia House, Pegwell Avenue Quantity Surveyor   John TULLEY, Laura TULLEY & parents
16th December 24th May 1951 Angela Mary SALT Kenneth Harry / Ruby Edith 183 Pegwell Road Army   Eileen MACKEAN, Edith FORD & parents
23rd December 17th August 1951 Keith Raymond MITCHELL Raymond Albert / Audrey Kathleen West View, Thursby, Carlisle Army   Violet RICHARDSON, Henry MCMULLEN, Robert KING
23rd December 24th November 1951 Colin Michael GOLDSMITH William Edward James  / Violet 38 Clifton Road fitter   Ethel DEBLING, Albert GOLDSMITH, Frederick MARLEY
23rd December 17th October 1951 Christopher Robin PARISH Charles William Henry / Kathleen Louise 22 Kingston Road Navy   Edith BELSEY, Edward SANDWELL, George CAVELL
23rd December 28th October 1951 Terence James HINTON George Thomas / Alice Louisa 25 Kingston Road shed labourer British Railways   John HARRIS, Lena HARRIS
Date Born First Name Last Name Parents ABODE Trade Comments Godparents
Baptised           Occupation    
27th January 30th September 1951 Pamela Kay KINNELL Denis Herbert / Margaret Alice 73 High Street, St Lawrence locomotive fireman   Hilda LAMBERT, Barbara KINNELL, Denis KINNELL
27th January 6th September 1951 Peter WARREN James Henry / Evelyn Elizabeth 57 Downs Road bus driver   Bernard WARREN, Kathleen HOGBIN, James WARREN
24th February 1st August 1951 Jennifer BROWN Percy Alfred George / Jean 165 Grummock Avenue PC   Beryl I BROWN, Gladys BISHOP, John E Brown AYRES
24th February 2nd April 1951 Susan Mary LAMPKIN Reginald / Evelyn 12 Bengal road, Newington electrician   Rosemary CLARKE, Herbert CLARKE
24th February 1st January 1952 Philip Albert HEWITT Colin David / Evelyn Julia 140 Grange Road gardener   Margaret ISAACS, Albert CHANDLER, Jack BUSH
24th February 2nd November 1951 Malcolm John BOYLE William Albert Henry / Marjorie Alice 38 Southwood Gardens traveller   Derek TAYLOR, Joy COLLARD, E COLLARD
24th February 27th August 1951 Beatrice Esther Anne MEADES Thomas / Muriel Elsie Gertrude 101 Southwood Road deputy miner   Beatrice SAYTCH, Mary BIGGS, Ada PEDDLE
24th February 9th December 1951 Paulene Ann GOLDSMITH Edmund Henry / Dorothy May 29 Kimberley Road, Newington farm labourer   William GOLDSMITH, Doris GOLDSMITH
24th February 3rd June 1951 Geoffrey Ivor KING Harry Ernest John / Pamela Jean 27B Princess Margaret Avenue linesman   Harry KING, Derie KING, Rose KING
2nd March 2nd December 1951 Kenneth Paul Mowbray SMITH Kenneth / Joan Barbara 3 Princess Margaret Avenue police constable   Florence JONES, George JONES & parents
23rd March 6th January 1952 Carol Ann WHITCOMBE Albert John / Doris 112 Southwood Road locomotive fireman   William MAKIN, Valerie TUTT, Maureen MAKIN
23rd March 2nd November 1951 Andrew Hugh John JEFFORD Gordon / Esme Mary 70 Queen Bertha Road builder   Hugh HUNTER, William ROWLAND, Joan GREEN
23rd March 9th December 1951 Brian Peters John GREENSTREET Peter James / Violet Rose 142 Grange Road farmer   Leonard WOODCOCK & parents
23rd March 22nd December 1951 Kevin Paul FAGG Frederick Walter Thomas / Olive Mary 42 Belleview Road glazier   Valerie MORRIS, Harry BISHOP, William MORRIS
23rd March 13th January 1952 Janet Linda DEVERSON Macdonald Frederick / Doris Gertrude 36 Nixon Avenue projectionist   Elsie BAILEY (Mother) Alfred BAILEY
23rd March 8th October 1951 Neville Paul BISHOP William Henry / Alice Louisa 3 Lagos Avenue P.C.   Frederick FAGG, Henry AYLES, Joyce FAGG
23rd March 9th January 1952 Godfrey Medhurst GEORGE Clifford / Joan 23 Rawdon Road leaded window maker   Edward GEORGE, Christopher GEORGE, Vera GEORGE
13th April   Hugh Anthony STEPHENS Donald Ernest / Doris 17 Cowley Road, Uxbridge glass worker   Arthur Leonard STEPHENS, Maxwell TIMOTHY, Anne TIMOTHY
27th April 23rd December 1951 Alan Thomas STOKES Thomas / Flora Alice 62 Chatham Street builder   Florence BAKER, Thomas STOKES, William ABBOTT
27th April   David Clifton LLOYD George Dundonald / Sylvia Florence 10 North Avenue miner   Margaret SMITH, James BARNES, Frederick RAPLEY
27th April 5th January 1952 George William BIRCH Ernest Charles / Emily 8 Grosvenor Road warehouseman   Edith LAMBERT, William WRIGHT, Arthur BOOTS
27th April 27th January 1952 Philip Charles ROWNEY Christopher Hubert / Lucy Ann 29 Melbourne Avenue British Road Services   Florence ROWNEY, Paul ROWNEY, Charles ROWNEY
27th April 13th January 1952 Peter BURTON Percy Horace / Betty Irene 29 Lorne Road builder   Evelyn BROWN, Edward BURTON, Percy BURTON
27th April 6th November 1951 Suzanne Grace BURTON Edward Lawrence / Ivy Wheatsheaf, High Street, St Lawrence paint sprayer   Eva BURTON & parents
27th April 3rd April 1951 Linda Gail ROBERTS William John / Helena Elizabeth 13 Bengal Road miner   William WALKER, Olive WALKER & parents
27th April 15th November 1951 Pamela Anne BROWN Raymond Stanley / Audrey May 64 London Road electrician   Emily BROWN, Megan MATTHEWS, Kenneth BROWN
27th April 27th November 1951 Barbara Anne FARRAND William Henry / Winifred 87 St Johns Avenue CSM British Railways   William & Violet FARRAND
10th May 7th April 1952 Carolyn Jean BOWLES John Richard / Rosemary Jean 12 St Mildreds Avenue engineer   Gorge ORBERG, Ewart MAINHOOD, Eunice MAINHOOD, Victor BOWLES, Anne MAINHOOD
18th May 1st February 1952 Frances Mary STEED Norman Harold / Margaret Nethersole The Grove, Manston farmer Manston Edward WORSFOLD, Agnes WORSFOLD, Valerie PRENTICE
18th May 9th April 1952 Valerie Jeanette TUCKER Arthur George / Florence Rose Stonehaven, High Street, Manston bus conductor Manston Pearl COBBETT, Mary CHADMAN, John TUCKER
25th May 17th March 1952 Kevin Peter BRILL Ernest Henry / Doreen Lilian 17 Melbourne Avenue storeman   Peter BRILL & parents
25th May 9th March 1952 Moira Lesley CRIBBENS Leslie George / Veronica Amy 44 St Johns Avenue factory worker   Geoffrey HOARE; Gladys HOARE
25th May 19th March 1952 Christine Joan SHARP Edward George / Ruby Joan 29 Park Road dairyman   Elsie WILKINSON & parents
25th May 4th October 1951 Susan Lesley GRIGGS Norman Sidney Richard / Maureen Alice 172 Sandgate Road, Folkestone shop assistant   Alice TISSINGTON, Eva BULL, Harold BULL
25th May 12th February 1952 Alan Dennis SAUNDERS Robert Dennis / Gloria 7 Nethercourt Hill clerk   Winifred DAVIES, John SAUNDERS, Kenneth SETTERFIELD
25th May 17th March 1952 Richard Edward BETTS Edward William / Mildred 52 Southwood Gardens shoe repairer   Ronald ANDREWS, Joseph BUNGARD, Lilian BUNGARD
25th May 10th April 1952 Frederick Arthur HARDS Frederick Arthur / Doreen Agnes 27 St James Avenue railway attendant   Ronald HARDS, Floss POVEY, William WATES
25th May 21st November 1951 Sylvia Anne COUSINS Arthur Harold / Alice Margaret 14 Fairlight Avenue electrical engineer   Ruby COUSINS, Nancy BETTS, John PEATE
22nd June 11th April 1952 David Michael RANKIN James / Joyce Betty Woodsdale Farmm Cott, Godnersham, Kent stockman   Jean PARFRED, Thomas PETLEY, William G BALDOCK
22nd June 25th April 1952 Barbara Jean TOMLINSON Albert Edward / Nora May 73 Ashburnham Road fitter   Jean WILLIAMS, Grace TAYLOR, Albert TOMLINSON
22nd June 2nd June 1952 Margaret PROUT William David / Mary Esther 52 Kimberley Road tunnel miner   Patricia STEAD, Eric STEAD, Dora KING
22nd June 16th February 1951 Maureen Lilian KING Charles William / Dora Lilian 53 Kimberley Road labourer   George KING, Jessie KING, Mary PROUT
22nd June 8th January 1952 David Peter JONES Evan Thomas Vernon / Mange Elizabeth 38 Auckland Avenue electrician   David JONES, Gwendoline JONES
22nd June 17th May 1952 Brian STIMPSON Alfred William / Eileen Doris 37 Auckland Avenue fitter   Alfred STIMPSON, Doris WALTER
22nd June 24th March 1951 Robert John JALES Albert Ernest / Florence Lilian 54 Manston Road railway worker   Daisy GARRETT, Cecil GARRETT
22nd June 22nd January 1952 Trevor Eward WRIGHT Norman Victor / Evelyn 2 Summerhill Gardens plumber   Frank CURTIS, Betty CLAUS
6th July 4th May 1952 Michael John GLEDHILL Frank / Rita Doreen St Augustines Hotel sick berth Petty Officer R.N.   Ronald John HARTWELL, Fraces Avis HARTWELL, Cyril MORRIS
6th July 18th February 1952 David Peter GALLANT Arthur George / Winifred Adelaide Faati, 4 Victoria Parade schoolmaster   ? MULLETT, H G CLIFFORD, N M PRITCHARD
27th July 21st April 1952 Lynda Elizabeth SUTTON George Frederick / Florence Gertrude 28 Kimberley Road stoker   Colin MATTHEWS, Sylvia GIFFORD, Phyllis BROWN
27th July 23rd December 1949 Ian Richard BROWN Peter / Phyllis 26 Kimberley Road shunter   Florence SUTTON, George SUTTON
27th July 3rd May 1951 Hazel Elaine BROWN Peter / Phyllis 26 Kimberley Road shunter   Florence SUTTON, George SUTTON
27th July 25th April 1952 Linda FRIEND William Alfred James / Mary 26 Southwood Gardens postman   -
27th July 3rd March 1952 Rosemary Evelyn GOLDSMITH Reginald Gordon / Joyce Edith 41 Melbourne Avenue boiler washer   Grace COLLYER, Phillipa POTTLE, Geoffrey WATT
27th July 21st November 1951 Paul Keir AUSTEN William Leslie / Patricia 5 Clifton Road clerk   Rita BERAET, June LLOYD
27th July 14th May 1952 Roger Trelawney WILSON Arthur Trelawney / Mollie 18 Manston Road reservation agent   Dorothy COOPER, Alan BUTLER
27th July 20th June 1952 Pauline June DENT Jack / Gladys Mabel 13 Wilfred Road, St Lawrence store manager   Edward NEWBY, Hilda NEWBY, Martha KRULL
27th July 19th August 1951 Sheila Jane MASON Albert Edward / Doreen 25A Princess Margaret Avenue diesel engineer   Maud HAMMOND, Frederick HAMMOND, Margaret MASON
24th August 25th April 1952 Angela Jane COLE Ernest John / Cecilia Mary 13 Burshill Crescent, Newington hosiery mechanic   Sarah Hannah FOY, Constance Phyllis COLE, Hubert Clayton BARLINGTON-JONES
24th August 9th May 1952 Christopher Steven CAINE Jack Gwynne / Pamela Sylvia Ombersley, 219 Lichfield Road, Sutton Cold Field rubber technician   Betty Jo CULVER, Gwilym John CAINE, Jack Gwynne CAINE
24th August 22nd May 1952 Peter Richard STEPHENS Richard Bristow / Paula Doreen May 10 Firtree Close, St Lawrence -   Jessie DICKINSON, Richard DICKINSON, John JEFFRIES
24th August 17th May 1952 Graham John BALDOCK Albert Edwards / Marjorie Doreen 35 Riversdale Road stoker received Private baptism at Ramsgate Hospital 20/06/52 Bernard SCRIVENS, Walter GRAVES, Eileen GRAVES
24th August 13th June 1952 Robert John WOOD John Thomas / Kathleen 53 Princess Margaret Avenue miner   Jane TWYMAN, Ernest WELCH, Dorothy Grace WELCH
7th September 25th July 1952 Susan Lesley BRIDGLAND Donald John / Betty Rose 48 Maidstone Road, Rochester police constable   Albert F BRIDGLAND, Marjorie BRIDGLAND, Kathleen NICHOLSON
28th September 27th July 1952 Stephen WOODCOCK Leonard Gerald / Jessie Elizabeth Ruth 21 Willsons Road laundry employee   Jessie Elizabetn Ruth & Leonard Gerald WOODCOCK & Peter James GREENSTREET
28th September 2nd July 1952 Jane Isabella DEVLIN Edward / Vera Joan 29 Marden Avenue miner   Mary LILLEY, Thomas LILLEY, Gladys MARKER
28th September 31st August 1952 Sandra Marie SMITH Bert / Edna Maud 16 Rockstone Way miner   John MARIE & Cissie YORATH, Iris WHITE
25th October 17th August 1952 Susan Joy MIRAMS Herbert John / Margaret Dorothy 68 Byne Road, London SE 26 engineer   Joy POTTINGER, Ronald POTTINGER, Joyce DENGATE
25th October 1st September 1952 Michael John GOLDSMITH Alfred Charles  / Rose May 31 Riversdale Road R.N.   Florence WILKINSON, Alfred GOLDSMITH, John JOYSON
25th October 5th June 1952 Anne Shirley HASWELL James Joseph / Henrietta May 24 Marden Avenue painter   Violet POTTS, Raymond POTTS
25th October 5th August 1949 Christine Anne Edith HASWELL James Joseph / Henrietta May 24 Marden Avenue painter   Violet POTTS, Raymond POTTS
25th October 26th February 1948 Robert William HASWELL James Joseph / Henrietta May 24 Marden Avenue painter   Ann NEWMAN, Ernest NEWMAN
25th October 1th December 1945 Terence James HASWELL James Joseph / Henrietta May 24 Marden Avenue painter   Alice NEWMAN, Edward NEWMAN
25th October 9th June 1952 Deborah Marylin VOUSDEN Bertram James / Beryl Winifred 3 Coast Guard Cottages, Sandwich Road cowman   James RANKIN, Joyce RANKIN, Jean PATTERSON
26th October 7th August 1952 Andrew John SHERRINGTON Frederick Arnold / Violet Rosetta 12 Goodwin Road shop fitter   Rosetta CHAPMAN, Charles CHAPMAN, Wallace SHERRINGTON
26th October 27th April 1952 Allen WHITEHEAD Harold / Ruby Ivy 8 Kimberley Road miner   Sylvia HURLE, George HAMMERSLEY
2nd November 9th July 1952 Sandra Janice Ruth BRITTON Peter George Milner / Grace Agnes Avon, The Grove, Cliffsend insurance agent   Leslie BRITTON, Ella BAKER, Frank BAKER
23rd November 6th March 1943 Pauline Ann PALMER Albert / Amelia 131 Crescent Road carpenter   Florence FOAD, Edward PARKER, Joyce PALMER
23rd November 8th April 1952 Terence COOMBES William Daniel / Dorothy Emily 50 Sterling Way butcher   Ida VINCENT, William COOMBES, Dorothy COOMBES
23rd November 4th October 1952 Reginald Philip JACK Philip Albert / Ira Doreen 6 Claremont Gardens, St Lawrence mattres maker   Cicely THOMAS, Basil THOMAS, Ruby VOISEY
23rd November 21st July 1952 Robert Douglas GREEN Roy Douglas / Patricia Anne Ellen 22 Manston Court Bungalows R.A.F.   Iris BORVILLE, Reginald BATCH
23rd November 28th August 1952 Joy Ann BURGESS Richard Edward / June 2 Princes Avenue U.S.A.F.   Robert DODDS, Violet WALKER, Hilda WALKER
23rd November 29th July 1952 Glenda Joan HUGHES Lancelot Milton Lloyd / Grace Emily 12 Cheriton Avenue miner   Robert DODDS, Violet WALKER, Hilda WALKER
23rd November 1st October 1951 Anne Maureen JOB Albert Leslie / Jessie Emily 144 Melbourne Avenue bricklayer   Leonard JOB, Beryl JOB, M BARKER
27th November - Sheila Irene SHIPMAN Arthur / Rebecca 36 Bush Avenue miner   Muriel LEVITT, Donald WRIGHT, Alfred HALLAM
28th December 25th November 1951 Kelvin Stanley TYLER George Edward / Lilian Dorothy 141 Melbourne Avenue builders labourer   Douglas KIRKALDIE, Eileen JENNINGS, Gladys KIRKALDIE

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