Ramsgate Parish Register Extracts from 1901

St Lawrence Baptisms 1949-1950


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Date Born First Name Last Name Parents ABODE Trade Comments Godparents
Baptised           Occupation    
23rd January 17th July 1948 Garry Kenneth DUNK Kenneth George / Doris Edith 29 Granville Avenue engine driver    
23rd January 24th November 1948 Ellen Florence SPICER William George / Ellen Beatrice 27 Stanley Road marine fitter    
23rd January 5th August 1947 Barry John TAYLOR Benjamin / Nellie 45 Queen Bertha Road decorator    
23rd January 19th November 1948 Antoinette Ivonne BOURNE Cyril / Violette 15 Melbourne Avenue insutation coverer    
23rd January 21st November 1948 Ann Ruby SHARP Edward George / Ruby Joan 29 Park Road dairyman    
23rd January 31st October 1948 John William HEDGES Joseph William / Mary Elizabeth 70 Southwood Gardens R.A.F.    
23rd January 23rd January 1948 Caroline Frances LARKIN James Kenneth / Gwendoline 123 Melbourne Avenue miner    
23rd January 2nd July 1947 Geoffrey Roger LINERN Henry George / Elsie Irene 12 Lorina Road bus driver    
23rd January 3rd May 1948 Ivor John MORGAN David William / Phyllis Eluya Mary 9 Burshill Crescent plumber    
26th January 8th July 1942 John Louis HUNTER Clarence James / Mary Ann Hainault, Haine grocer    
26th January 4th May 1937 Mary Ann HUNTER Clarence James / Mary Ann Hainault, Haine grocer    
26th January 15th September 1938 Isabel LONG Reginald Arthur James / Eva Phyllis 2 Gwyn Road miner    
26th January 12th October 1939 Alan James LONG Reginald Arthur James / Eva Phyllis 2 Gwyn Road miner    
26th January 2nd April 1944 Fay BURGHAM Arthur John / Rosanna 29 Marden Avenue miner    
26th January 21st September 1947 Douglas BURGHAM Arthur John / Rosanna 29 Marden Avenue miner    
30th January 14th October 1948 Linda Mary SHEARWOOD Robert Clement / Yvone Victoria 14 Saxon Road R.A.F.    
27th February 2nd January 1949 Patrick Neale DOYLE Christopher Edward / Maureen Jean 27 St Mildreds Road police constable    
27th February 8th December 1948 David Barry BIRCH Ernest Charles / Emily 8 Grosvenor Road warehouseman    
27th February 30th June 1948 Christopher Anthony GILLARD Arthur James / Betty Sheila 1 Stirling Way heating engineer    
27th February 10th January 1949 Ronald Edwin Arthur BROWN Royston William Arthur / Lilian Patricia 57 Burshill Crescent salesman    
27th February 27th October 1948 Janet SMALL Ronald Eric / Joan 26 Manston Road telephone engineer    
27th March   David Rodney PROUT William David / Mary Esther 52 Kimberley Road general foreman    
27th March   Peter Graham BRADLEY Dennis Geoffrey / Eileen Margaret 24 Hereson Road motor mechanic    
27th March   Terence SHARP Clifford / Jennie 30 Stirling Way metal worker    
27th March   Keith John SHORT Ernest Albert / Violet 12 Holbrook Drive Corporation Groundsman    
27th March   Michael Denis COLLINS Denis Henry / Joyce Winifred 2 Princes Avenue insurance agent    
27th March   Linda Joy COLLINS Denis Henry / Joyce Winifred 2 Princes Avenue insurance agent    
27th March   Terence William BALL George William / Marjorie Eileen 51 Kimberley Road driver    
12th April   Charles BARROWCLIFFE George Thomas / Diana Maude 83 West Dumpton Lane engineer    
24th April   Rodney John MORRIS Raymond Clifford / Joan 89 Newington Road, Ramsgate lorry driver    
24th April   Susan Jennifa MORRIS Raymond Clifford / Joan 89 Newington Road, Ramsgate lorry driver    
24th April   Hazel Joyce TADMAN Sidney Charles / Joyce Ada 37 Southwood Gardens -    
24th April   Vincent Douglas CASTLE Douglas Ernest / Vera Florence 19 Kimberly Road baker    
24th April   Wendy Jean PARISH Charles William / Kathleen Louise 22 Kingston Road -    
24th April   Ingrid Emma COURBOT Roger Thomas / Joda 2 Lagos Avenue, Newington salesman    
24th April   Ian Franklyn RICHARDSON Kenneth William / Olive Verra 139 Newington Road tool maker    
24th April   Roger Graham WESTON Albert Edward Robert / Frances Mary 10 Prestedge Avenue -    
24th April   Susan Jennifer TOGHILL Archibold John Henry / Lilian Mary 51 Southwood Gardens bus driver    
24th April   Julie Margaret SIDE Gordon Albert / Margaret 23 Melbourne Avenue electrical engineer    
24th April   Barry Whitfield DICKINSON Whitfield / Elizabeth 28 Telham Avenue miner    
24th April   - GRIFFITHS? Richard Ronald / Ellen Mary 84 Southend Road miner    
24th April   Michael COTTON ? / May Jean 44 Marden Avenue miner    
17th May 27th April 1947 James Michael AYERS Frederick William / Marjorie Joyce 12 Riversdale Road R.N.    
22nd May 11th September 1948 Patricia Ann READ Stanel Reginald / Helena Florence 82 Winstanley Crescent electrician    
22nd May 27th November 1948 Colin Victor HONESS Ronald Victor / Hilda Mary 9 Kimberly Road grocer    
22nd May 28th February 1949 Martin William KELLY William Gray / Joan Patricia 34 Stirling Way salesman    
22nd May 20th December 1948 Christine Ann FRANKS Ronald Horace / Lily 61 Southwood Gardens baker    
4th June 8th April 1949 Avril Priscilla LAVERTON Joceline / Margaret Elizabeth 5 St Mildreds Road, Ramsgate sales manager    
11th June 6th April 1949 Valerie COOPER Ronald John / Isabella Laing 8 Catherine Terrace, Chapel Road clerk    
12th June 22nd April 19149 Linda Joy PURPLE Gordon Frederick James / Joan Irene West Cot, The Grove, Cliffsend cabinet maker    
26th June 29th March 1949 Janice Maud COLE Norman John / Lillian Gladys 20 Wilfred Road grocer    
26th June 4th March 1949 John Ronald William PULLINGER Ronald Alfred / Eileen Barry, Newington Road salesman    
26th June 20th April 1949 Christopher Reginald GOLDSMITH Reginald Gordon / Joyce Edith 4A Melbourne Avenue shed labourer British Railways    
26th June 27th February 1949 Christine Anne WARREN Jim / Evelyn 57 Downs Road bakers roundsman    
26th June 15th July 1948 Christopher Ian JONES Gwyn / Doreen Constance 10 Lagos Avenue railway clerk    
26th June 20th December 1946 Anthony Richard FARMER Henry Gordon / Muriel 4 Clifton Road, St Lawrence coach builder    
26th June 28th December 1948 Norma Linda Mary PHILPOTT Norman Arthur / Bridget 4 Clifton Road, St Lawrence bus conductor    
26th June 2nd April 1949 Barry Kenneth AMOS Kenneth Emrys / Irene Grace 62 St Lukes Avenue builder    
24th July 2nd August 1948 Sally Irene MAJOR Percy Walter / Jessie Mary 30 Queens Avenue engine driver    
24th July 5th May 1949 Richard Arthur FOX Raymond / Lillian Violet 1 Kingston Road wholesale salesman    
24th July 5th August 1948 Wilma Joan PEARCE Ernest George / Margaret Stewart 32B Columbo Square bricklayer    
24th July 27th September 1949 Pauline Frances STUPPLES Cyril Charles / Frances Edith 7 Claremont Gardens shoe repairer    
24th July 31st March 1948 Charles Francis SUTTON Frederick George / Florence 28 Kimberley Road stoker    
24th July   Raymond George SUTTON Frederick George / Florence 28 Kimberley Road stoker    
14th August 29th July 1949 Martin SALT Kenneth Harry / Ruby Edith 4 Chilton Lane Army    
28th August 7th March 1949 David Charles TAYLOR Thomas Richard / Hilda Queenie 3 Ringold Avenue mine worker    
28th August 20th December 1948 Carol Ann WALTER Robert Henry / Adeline Mary The Bungalow, Queensdown Road, Margate tractor driver    
28th August 19th June 1949 Elaine FOAD Frederick Geye / Florence Lilian Venture, Roman Road, Ramsgate brick maker    
28th August 27th March 1949 Ruth Margaret KIRBY Gordon Geye / Selina Maud Amelia 1 Hamilton Avenue, Ramsgate gardener    
25th September 24th April 1945 Raymond William PALMER Frank John / Sarah 22 Connaught Road, Margate butchers manager    
25th September 24th March 1949 Susan Catherine HORNE George William / Joyce Eva 87 Church, St Peters, Broadstairs labourer    
25th September 17th August 1949 Michael Franz JOHNS Robert Evan / Marion Gesa 12 Telham Avenue bread roundsman    
25th September 8th July 1949 Carol Ann Joan MIRAMS John Thomas / Joan 28 Hardres Street, Ramsgate cook    
25th September 13th May 1949 Robert Arthur SAWHAM Frank Maurice / Betty Rosetta 37 Melbourne Avenue window cleaner    
25th September 5th July 1949 Bernard James LANGRIDGE David / Ellen Madge 128 Melbourne Avenue stoker    
25th September 27th June 1949 David John WHITAKER Walter George Frederick /  Marjorie Kathleen Long Reach, King Edward Road, Cliffsend insurance agent    
25th September 26th October 1947 Karen Linda JARVIS Douglas Stanley / Vera Kate 2 Laundry Cottages, Minster laundry engineer    
25th September 30th May 1949 Patricia Margaret BETTS Edward William / Mildred 52 Southwood Gardens boat repairer    
23rd October 4th July 1949 David Norman WILLIAMS Edward / Caroline 2 Lorina Road carpenter    
23rd October 29th January 1949 David Hugh COOK Mervin Kenneth / Barbara 51 Grange Road miner    
23rd October 5th June 1949 Jaqueline Ann WHITEHEAD Terence Charles / Patricia Margaret Zilla 22 Holbrook Drive steeplejack    
23rd October 9th September 1949 Leonard William MATTHEWS David Ernest / Megan 57 Kimberley Road painter    
27th November 27th September 1949 Angela EWER Harold Edward / Kathleen Harriet Rose Cottage, Manston R.A.F.    
27th November 19th August 1949 Carole Ann DEBLING John William / Winifred Anne 19 Downes Road engineer    
27th November 5th September 1949 Nicholas Guy Dering HAZELWOOD Richard Noel Lyon  / Denny Joan Catherine 27 Marrose Avenue, Northwood journalist    
27th November 26th August 1949 Jennifer Brenda SHARP William Henry / Joyce Elizabeth 160 Grange Road dairyman    
27th November 18th May 1949 Jean Mary GORDON Albert Reginald / Rosina Gwendoline 24 Mayforte Gardens labourer    
27th November 19th July 1949 Linda Joyce HOUGHAM Herbert Edward / Doris Whittaker 18 Burshill Crescent, Ramsgate milk roundsman    
Date Born First Name Last Name Parents ABODE Trade Comments Godparents
Baptised           Occupation    
1st January 6th November 1949 Helen Diane HILL Harold Thomas / Vera Louisa 29 Fairlight Avenue shop assistant    
1st January 19th August 1949 Jane Susan TUCKER Leslie Henry / Joan Phyllis Barletta, Cheriton Avenue market gardner    
1st January 22nd September 1949 Alan John JAMES John / Marina 33 Fairlight Avenue gas fitter    
1st January 27th October 1949 Christine Evaughine HEAPY Leslie James / Martha Elizabeth 65 Whitehall Road miner    
22nd January 15th November 1949 Graham Clifford SMITH Clifford Thomas / Ethel May 37 Downes Road police constable    
22nd January 4th November 1949 Richard James WALLINGTON Eric James / Ivy 13 Southwood Road postman    
22nd January 12th August 1949 Jean Gwendoline PENN Ernest / Ivy 12 Hamilton Close labourer    
22nd January 14th September 1949 June Florence JARVIS Norman David / Irene Elizabeth 1 Coast Guard Cottages, Ebbsfleet engine cleaner    
22nd January 11th December 1949 Lynette Susanne CLARK George Henry / Mary Elizabeth 6 Marden Avenue, St Lawrence labourer    
22nd January 21st August 1949 Gordon Bruce CHAMBERS George Edward / Millicent Georgina 27 Marden Avenue, Newington, Ramsgate lorry driver    
22nd January 21st August 1949 Richard Allan CHAMBERS George Edward / Millicent Georgina 27 Marden Avenue, Newington, Ramsgate lorry driver    
26th February 19th October 1949 Terence Michael TURNER Philip John / Margaret Vera 119 Melbourne Avenue builder    
26th February 11th October 1949 Lesley Joan STAFFORD Edward / Jessie Ivanhoe, Stirling Way battery maker    
26th February 9th December 1949 Peter LATHAM George Peter / Sylvia 7 Claremont Terrace, Woodnesborough Council employee    
26th February 18th January 1949 Ian Frederick FIELD Charles John Edward / Joyce Florence 36 Park Road motor fitter    
26th February 25th November 1949 Malcolm Thomas DEVERSON Angus Robert / Lillian Doris 13 Morrose Avenue builder    
26th February 28th March 1949 David Ronald WOOD Percy James Alfred / Audrey Elizabeth 68 Melbourne Avenue cleaner British Railways    
26th February 18th October 1949 Jennifer Ann THORNTON Ronald Ernest / Vera Evelyn 66 Southwood Gardens clerk    
9th March 15th January 1945 Cecil BRISLEY-JONES Cecil John / Rose Violet 212 Newington Road fitter   Mary CAVELL
9th March 2nd October 1946 Pamela BRISLEY-JONES Cecil John / Rose Violet 212 Newington Road fitter   Mary CAVELL
26th March 7th December 1949 Pauline Ann FRIGHT Allan James / Blanche Olive 19 Claremont Gardens, St Lawrence plasterer   Rita May WILSON & Jean JORDON father
24th March   Robert Henry George DENNIS George / Dorothy 154 Newington Road - PRIVATE  
26th March 31st October 1949 John Arthur BOLTON George Arthur Joseph / Jean Clift 21 Kimberley Road milk roundsman   Evelyn BOLTON / William ROBERTS
23rd April 17th January 1950 Felicity Ann ROBERTSON John Sealey / Robina 9 Queen Bertha Road Local Government Officer    
23rd April 3rd March 1950 Jean Valerie STEVENS Hedley Gordon / Mary 12 Colombo Square cook    
23rd April 5th February 1950 Bryan William COLLEDGE William / Joyce 58 Southwood Gardens commercial traveller    
23rd April 7th January 1950 Jennifer Anne MARCH Leonard George / Ida 19 Quetta Road driver    
23rd April 29th December 1949 Simon Alfred MIDGLEY Douglas / Betty Joan 67 Helvellyn Avenue pharmacist    
23rd April 11th October 1949 John FERGUSON Robert / Freda 82 Newington Road miner    
23rd April 11th October 1949 Robert FERGUSON Robert / Freda 82 Newington Road miner    
23rd April 2nd October 1949 Vanessa Rose MASKELL Charles Thomas / Betty Lavinia 21 Rockstone Way clerk    
21st May 30th December 1949 Clive Richard Harrington TAYLOR Leslie Richard / Nora Gwendoline Anne 62 Helvellyn Avenue school teacher    
21st May 16th March 1950 Peter David MARTIN Harold Norman / Gladys Gwendolen 7 Southwood gardens school teacher    
21st May 1st November 1949 Philip Owen SPAIN Ernest William / Olive Alice 5 Norman Road, Ramsgate taxi proprietor    
28th May 11th March 1950 Kenneth Roy SPENCER Thomas Henry / Daphne May 10 King Edward Road miner    
28th May 26th December 1949 Carol Ann DAVIS Frederick Charles / Eva Emily 2 Jubilee Cottages, Manston labourer    
28th May 3rd May 1944 Anthony David HARRIS Douglas Haig / Grace Phyllis 14 High Street, Manston labourer    
28th May 29th March 1950 Brena Edith Florence COWELL Robert Edward / Ella Kathleen 5 Spratling Street, Manston horseman    
28th May 26th June 1948 Edward Stanley TEARLE Charles Walter / Ellen Rose 36 Kimberley Road light labourer    
28th May 10th April 1950 Maureen Ann TEARLE Charles Walter / Ellen Rose 36 Kimberley Road light labourer    
25th June 25th February 1950 David Glyn JENKINS Robert Ernest / Marjorie Constance 8 Nethercourt Hill electrical engineer    
25th June 14th January 1950 Roger John TYMAN John Henry / Joyce Mary 36 Whitehall Road motive power driver    
25th June 6th March 1950 Jill Margaret STONE Eric James / Edna 63 Sterling Way seaman    
25th June 12th October 1949 Barbara May SIDLEY Thomas Henry / Edith May 57 Southwood Gardens police constable    
25th June 23rd February 1950 Patricia May LESSELS Robert Murray / Margaret Mary 38 Abbots Hill motor fitter    
16th July 24th March 1950 Anne Elizabeth TUCKER John / June 106 Newington Road, Ramsgate farmer   Joyce DURUN, Dorothy SAYCE, John TUCKER
16th July 19th May 1950 Elizabeth Irene BEWHAY Edwin / Constance 33 Burshill Crescent baker   Vera BEWHAY, Elizabeth LOVE, Douglas BEWHAY
16th July 10th June 1950 Peter Douglas MACKLAN Horace / Eileen 3 Sterling Way builder   Phyllis Grace Ethel MACKLEEN, Douglas Percy CLAW, Horace MACKLEEN
23rd July 10th March 1950 Brenda Moreen WOOLDRIDGE Ronald John / Dorothy Lottie 55 Kimberley Road bricklayer   Thomas Wellman WOODRIDGE, Dorothy Sarah Elizabeth Annie WOOLDRIDGE
23rd July 14th February 1950 Neil Philip GIBBENS Royston Philip / Doris Elizabeth 1 Pole Ash Cottages, Spratling Street, Manston farm worker   Pearl COBBETT, Robert GIBBENS, Mervyn ELLIS
23rd July 6th May 1950 Martin COX Ivan Walter / Joan 218 Princess Margaret Avenue labourer   Edna COX, June COX, Herbert COX
23rd July 11th June 1944 Diane Marie COX Herbert / Edna 4 Calverden Road gas fitter   June COX, Joan COX, Joan COX
23rd July 12th April 1950 Sheila Doreen RUNDLE John / Freda 5 Princess Margaret Avenue laundry   Betty TAYLOR, Jane RUNDLE, Sidney BLANFORD
8th August 4th June 1950 Andrew Thomas CAVE Thomas Alfred  / Sarah Eileen 60 Melbourne Avenue railway clerk   Donald BREWSTER, Joyce BARNETT
13th August 16th March 1950 John Hilary UPWARD Jessie Cuthbert / Kathleen Doris Mendip, 20 St Lawrence Avenue estate clerk   Carolin GALLOWAY
17th August 17th March 1950 Linda HINNIGAN Anthony / Lily 13 Lagos Avenue miner   Winifred BOUGHON
27th August 13th July 1950 Janet BAILEY Ernest Leonard /  Mary Alice 52 Vale Road builders labourer   Irene BAILEY, Frances NORMAN, Archie NORMAN
27th August 3rd August 1950 Susan Kay SHAW Hubert / Phyllis 15 Colombo Square miner   Dorothy SHAW, Shadrack LAWRENCE
27th August 23rd April 1949 Alan Brian BRITTON George / Vera 22A Princess Margaret Avenue bricklayer   Frank PITCHER, Alice BRITTON, George BRITTON
27th August 19th March 1950 Vivienne Elizabeth WHITING Norman / Violet 65 Park Road corn merchant   Valerie WHITLING, Janet SLAUGHTER
27th August 28th May 1950 David John William BELSEY Alfred / Evelyn 32 Riversdale Road baker   George BELSEY, Evelyn BELSEY,  John BELSEY
27th August 29th May 1950 Paul Dennis KINNELL Dennis / Margaret 73 High Street, St Lawrence locomotive fireman   Barbara KIMMILL, Kenneth STARTUP
27th August 17th December 1948 Julia Margaret HAMBRIDGE William Ernest Leslie / Winifred May 25 Bradley Road bricklayer   Philip LAMSDEN, Rose LAMSDEN
3rd September 24th June 1950 Mary Jane AUSTEN Norman Charles / Nancy Helana Alice Ferndale, Manston farmer    
24th September 23rd June 1950 Linda Janice HOBDAY Alfred Henry John / Betty Edith 20 Dundonald Road, Ramsgate bench assembler    
24th September 12th July 1950 Brian James LEES James Blackie / Dorothy Ada 10 Hillbrow Road miner    
24th September 13th June 1950 John BIGGINGTON Leonard George / Olive Alma 3 Calverden Road railway worker    
24th September 11th July 1950 Sylvia Lesley HOLLAND Jeffrey Edward / Edgytha Honor 3 Downs Road surveyor    
24th September 10th June 1950 David Charles Maurice ASHBY Alfred Charles David / Eva Mary 56 Chapel Road plasterer    
24th September 17th June 1950 Wendy Doreen CRAMPTON Norman James / Minnie Mary 7 Ringold Avenue bus driver    
24th September 7th August 1950 Rosemary Agnes HARDS Frederick Arthur / Doreen Agnes 27 St James Avenue railway attendant    
24th September 8th July 1950 Graham Richard POULTER Lillian Joan 5 Brandon Road -    
- 3rd August 1950 Ann BURRILL John Robert / Esther Ruth 9 Grosvenor Road, St Lawrence house painter RAMSGATE HOSPITAL  
22nd October 2nd October 1949 Linda May SHAW Ronald Arthur / Lena 145 Melbourne Avenue electrician    
22nd October 8th September 1950 Robert Edward ALLEN Alfred Francis / Winifred Sophia 42 Park Road printer    
22nd October 28th July 1950 Margaret Ann KING Leslie Richard / Laura Margaret 6 Dunedin Road mechanic    
22nd October 13th July 1950 Brenda Joyce WELLS Eric Albert / Joan 58 Chapel Road garage hand    
22nd October 27th June 1950 Kathleen Elizabeth GOLDSMITH Reginald Gordon / Joyce Edith 41 Melbourne Avenue railway employee    
22nd October 6th August 1950 Gloria Elizabeth MARRIOTT George Joseph / Syliva Doreen Coldswood Farm, Haine iron & metal merchant    
22nd October 28th April 1950 Gillian SHAW William / Vera Constance 22 St James Avenue miner    
22nd October 23rd May 1946 Julian ROUNDHILL John Hartley / Patience Ann The Vicarage, St Lawrence Clerk in Holy Orders   W H WAGSTAFFE, Irene RICE
26th November 21st July 1950 Margaret Ann CHURCH Frederick Evelyn Francis / Dorothy Mary 121 Melbourne Avenue labourer    
26th November 30th June 1950 Dennis Martin BLACKWELL William Cyril / Olive Ruby May 23B Kimberley Road cordwainer    
26th November 27th July 1950 Jean WILSON Alfred George / May 23 Granville Avenue groundsman    
26th November 20th September 1950 Terence James LAW Harold James / Gwendoline Jean Rose 3 Quetta Road carpenter    
17th December 20th October 1950 David John EVANS Edwin Herbert / Phyllis Grace Ethel 36 Telham Avenue, St Lawrence Royal Navy    
17th December 8th September 1950 Roy Kenneth GRAINGER George William Richard / Mabel Vera 48 St Johns Avenue groundsman    
17th December 18th November 1950 Linda Ann WOOD Percy James Alfred / Audrey Elizabeth 68 Melbourne Avenue cleaner British Railways    
17th December 24th October 1950 Colin James GREENSTREET Esmond George / Eileen Grace 128 Southwood Road, St Lawrence miner    

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