Ramsgate Parish Register Extracts from 1901

St Lawrence Baptisms 1947-1948


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Date Born First Name Last Name Parents ABODE Trade Comments Godparents
Baptised           Occupation    
4th January 17th November 1946 Susan Elaine LIDDELL James / Joan Maureen Windy Bay, St Mildreds Avenue bank clerk   Margaret BARRON; Daphne JACKSON; Ian LIDDLE
26th January 18th October 1946 Linda Lillian COLE Norman John / Lillian Gladys 28 Burshill Crescent grocer   Eric EASTER; Maud BACK; Jessie COLE
26th January 29th August 1946 Marina Ann GARDNER Albert / Margaret 37 Cheriton Avenue builder   Marjorie CRISPE; Hilda CRISPE
26th January 4th December 1946 Richard Frederick George GABRIEL John Raymond / Gwenyth Mary 21 Cheriton Avenue, St Lawrence Corporation Employee   Alfred NICHOLS; Frederick HARDING; Grace NICHOLS
26th January 12th June 1946 John SOLE Sidney John / Christina Dorothy 38 Linden Thorpe Road, Broadstairs plumber   James SHEPHERD; Joan TAYLOR; George SHEPHERD
26th January 18th November 1946 Terence John DEBLING John / Lillian Rose 2 Seafield Road milk roundsman   Alfred ASHDOWN; Winifred ASHDOWN
26th January 6th January 1947 David John SUMPTER Raymond Vincent / Doris Gwendoline 5 Marden Avenue plumber   John ELVEY; Doris ELVEY
26th January 10th October 1946 Jaqueline Leigh SETTERFIELD Walter George / Kathleen Rhoda Sunnycraft, 92 High Street, St Lawrence clerk   Joyce STEWART; Benjamin DAVIES; Rosemary DURBAN
9th February 22nd November 1946 Virginia Jean WILLIAMS Edwin James Taylor / Maritia 36 Burshill Crescent railway employee   Margaret MANN & parents
15th February 14th November 1946 Sandra Donaldson GREEN Stanley / Janet Donaldson 59 Ashburnham Road R.A.F.   William GOLDSMITH; Hersella GREEN; May WRIGHT
23rd February 28th December 1946 Robert David SMITH Henry Robert George / Joan Lillian 10 Melbourne Avenue butcher   Dorothy SHEENE; Lawrence SHEENE; James SMITH
30th March 9th March 1947 George Thomas HINTON George Thomas / Alice Louisa 25 Kingston Road engineer   Selina GRIGGS; Henry GRIGGS; John HARRIS
16th April 8th November 1946 Jean SETTERFIELD Frank / Doris May 47 Newington Road lift attendant    
20th April 18th July 1930 Cynthia Audrey MARKS Leonard Robert / Elsie May 377 Margate Road, Ramsgate mill manager   Florence BARTON; Elsie MARKS; Leonard MARKS
20th April 18th July 1930 Doreen Olive MARKS Leonard Robert / Elsie May 377 Margate Road, Ramsgate mill manager   Florence BARTON; Elsie MARKS; Leonard MARKS
27th April 15th September 1946 Susan Valerie CLARK Frederick Edward / Kate Edith 89 High Street, St Lawrence engineer   David THOMAS; Emily MATTHEWS; Arthur MATTHEWS
27th April 15th September 1946 Brenda Ann CLARK Frederick Edward / Kate Edith 89 High Street, St Lawrence engineer    
27th April 24th January 1947 Derek Arthur HOULT Edward Walter / Winifred Lucy 39 Fairlight Avenue lorry driver    
27th April 24th January 1947 Alan Frank HOULT Edward Walter / Winifred Lucy 39 Fairlight Avenue lorry driver    
27th April 24th March 1947 Adrienne Vivienne BOURNE Cyril William / Violette Lillian 15 Melbourne Avenue carpenter    
27th April 2nd February 1947 Helen Irene KIRBY Gordon George / Selina Maud Amelia 1 Hamilton Close, Newington gardener    
27th April 14th September 1944 Philip Ian WRATTAN William Wellesley / Gweneth Joan Bakery, High Street, St Lawrence baker    
27th April 19th January 1947 John Leslie STREVENS William Victor / Irene Beryl 28 St Mildreds engineering draughtsman    
27th April 2nd December 1946 Gordon Edward HILL Richard Edward Henry / Laura Alice Mary 18 Newland Road labourer    
27th April 30th January 1943 Jeanette COOMBES Denzil / Grace Ellen Abbeville, Sea View Road, Cliffsend coal miner    
27th April 24th December 1946 Sandra COOMBES William Daniel / Dorothy Emily 45 Southwood Road butcher    
27th April 31st January 1947 Sheila Elizabeth JUDGES Percy Frederick / Hilda Grace 4 Mayforth Gardens leaded light glazier    
27th April 16th February 1947 David MORRIS Raymond Clifford / Joan 89 Newington Road, Ramsgate lorry driver    
27th April 26th October 1946 Nigel Hentell THOMAS Peter / Cynthia Jane Whitehall Farm House bank official    
24th May 31st March 1947 Sally LAVERTON Jocelin / Margaret Elizabeth Whitehouse, St Mildreds Road, Ramsgate sales manager   P UNDERWOOD; R OLDMENDAN
25th May 28th March 1947 Barry YOUNG William / Monica 32 Allenby Road fisherman    
25th May 21st September 1946 Barry Edward MORRIS Lewis Edward / Eva Winifred 2 Spratling Street lengthman Southern Railway    
25th May 28th April 1947 Bryan WHITEHEAD Harold / Ruby Ivy 67 Chapel Road builders labourer    
25th May 23rd January 1947 Patricia Eileen TOLEMAN Archie / Lillian May Mabid, Foads Lane, Cliffsend sick berth Chief Petty Officer    
25th May 7th January 1947 Peter LEES Jamies Blackie / Dorothy Ada 10 Hillbrow Road miner    
25th May 13th March 1947 John Norman WOOD John / Grace 14 Salisbury Avenue, Ramsgate vanman    
25th May 3rd March 1947 Valerie Maureen GLYNN Joseph Patrick / Bertha Rosina 152 Southwood Road porter    
25th May 28th March 1947 Sandra Ann LILLYWHITE Francis George / Ethel Marie Queensbury Lodge, Crescent Rd, Luton, Bedfordshire case maker    
12th June 29th May 1947 Gary STANLEY Hubert / Muriel 48 Hardres Street miner    
13th June 13th June 1947 Valerie Margaret SHORK George Edward / Beryl 11 Willsons Road      
13th June 13th June 1947 Victor Michael SHORK George Edward / Beryl 11 Willsons Road      
15th June 22nd February 1947 Wilma Ann WRIGHT William / Violet 2 Grosvenor Road Army    
22nd June 12th March 1947 Ellen Ann MIRAMS Harold Henry / Lily May Allcot, Foads Lane, Cliffsend decorator    
22nd June 22nd October 1946 Jean Carrol CRABB Ronald Charles / Elizabeth Rachel 5 Buxton Road, Northwood, Ramsgate labourer    
22nd June 23rd March 1947 Gaye Kathryn BOON James Thomas /Catherine Lydia 26 Kingston Road tote calculator    
22nd June 17th November 1946 Dianne Lynne BELSEY Alfred John William / Evelyn Mary 10 Holbrook Drive baker    
22nd June 20th January 1947 Jean Patricia WELLS Eric Albert / Joan 5 Melbourne Avenue bus driver    
22nd June 14th February 1947 Sandra Mary CARKETT William George / Elva Mary 52 Manston Road railway employee    
22nd June 4th January 1947 Terence William SPAIN Ernest William / Olive Alice 5 Norman Road, Ramsgate taxi proprietor    
29th June 18th May 1947 Janice Mary ROBERTSON John Sealey / Robina 9 Queen Bertha Road clerk    
29th June 8th May 1947 Dinah CULLEN Reginald George / Beryl Margaret 65 Edith Road Detective Officer Metropolitan Police    
29th June 15th June 1947 Ronald Edward SHAW Ronald Arthur / Lena 145 Melbourne Avenue electrician    
27th July 10th October 1946 David John SARGEANT Kenneth John / Mary Agnes 29 Marrose Avenue, Northwood Road, Ramsgate insurance agent    
27th July 16th May 1947 Robert James FISHER Harold James Horace / Eileen Lily 128 Southwood Road, St Lawrence lorry driver    
27th July 16th June 1947 Wendy Grace JOHNSTONE William / Grace 34 Allenby Road, Ramsgate metal worker    
27th July 24th April 1947 Derek Richard SANDELL Richard David / Frances Patricia 24 Edith Road plumber    
27th July 16th April 1947 Paul Edward DAVEY Dennis Frederick / Doreen Maude 84 St James Avenue painter    
27th July 19th June 1947 Trevor William BRILL Ernest Henry / Doreen Lilian 17 Melbourne Avenue groundsman    
27th July 18th April 1947 Janet Carrol WESTON Albert Edward Robert / Frances Mary 10 Prestidge Avenue warehouseman    
27th July 12th March 1947 Valerie WALTON Albert Arthur Thomas / Betty May 44 Summerhill Gardens gardener    
27th July 1st February 1947 Reginald James TAPPENDEN Maurice Reginald / Margaret 19 Ashburnham Road farm worker    
24th August 22nd March 1947 Jennifer Joy MARSH Hanson William / Mabel Blanche Elizabeth 14 Holbrook Drive, Ramsgate coach painter    
24th August 29th April 1947 Shirley Ann MACKENZIE Roderick  William / Jean Bonfabin, London Road clerk    
24th August 26th November 1946 Michael Patrick BELL Thomas / Ellen Rhoda 72 Newington Road, Ramsgate R.N.    
24th August 17th July 1947 Ruth Arlene MATTHEWS James Edward / Margaret Ellen 1 Jacky Bakers Cott groundsman    
31st August 21st June 1947 John Nicholas SANDERS Jack Victor Matthew / Myrtle 31 Southwood Road civil servant    
7th September 9th August 1947 Susan FOX Victor Charles / Joan Marie 64 Margate Road schoolmaster    
28th September 6th July 1947 Maureen Helen READ Stanley Reginald / Helen Florence Winstanley Crescent electrician    
28th September 23rd April 1947 Roger George CHANTLER John / Agnes Lilian 20 Melbourne Avenue branch manager    
28th September 19th December 1946 Sheila Jan DODD Montague / Marjorie 58 Manston Road accountant    
28th September 9th July 1947 Janice DOY Sidney H J / Marie F V 35 Crescent Road plumber    
28th September 2nd February 1947 Jean Mary COX Herbert James / Edith Elizabeth 447 Margate Road insurance agent    
28th September 27th July 1947 Gregory Ian THOMPSON Horace / Joyce 15 Elms Avenue N.F.S. Fireman    
28th September 8th August 1947 Sylvia Margaret ROSE Harry T W / Margaret Mary 20 Stanley Road main service layer    
28th September 16th April 1947 Leslie John ROLFE Henry / Lily May 37 Kinston Road police constable    
28th September 21st July 1947 Linda Irene HOMEWOOD Albert / Edna Celia Gatehouse Cliffsend porter Southern Railway    
28th September 31st May 1940 Joyce Margaret PHILPOT George Edward / Rose Louisa 49 Bloomsbury Road butcher    
28th September 28th September 1945 Edward Charles PHILPOTT George Edward / Rose Louisa 49 Bloomsbury Road butcher    
9th October 9th October 1947 John Victor GILLHAM Victor / Doris 51 Summerhill Gardens, Ramsgate electrician    
26th October 24th August 1947 Valerie Ann HOLT Robert Charles / Ethel Lilian 6 Bloomsbury Road motor mechanic    
26th October 25th September 1947 Colin CRISP Samuel Frederick John / Winifred May 7 Seafield Road lamp man    
26th October 30th August 1947 Daphne Elizabeth WELLER Frederick Cecil / Lillian Peggy Coppins, Nethercourt Hill, Ramsgate policeman    
26th October 10th August 1946 Andrew Donald BENN Donald Frederick / Mary Elizabeth 30 Nethercourt Hill builders manager    
26th October 3rd September 1947 Raymond Gordon GOLDSMITH Reginald Gordon / Joyce Edith 15 Grosvenor Road railway engine cleaner    
26th October 30th May 1947 Christine Lynn RATCLIFFE Frederick / Ethel Dora 41 Chilton Lane, St Lawrence newsagent    
26th October 1st August 1947 Rita Kaye MILLER Leonard / Hilda May 115 Southwood Road electrician    
1st November 1st November 1947 Peter John CHAPMAN Ronald Albert / Constance Edith 1 Percy Avenue, Kingsgate butcher baptised in Ramsgate Hospital  
9th November 9th October 1947 Edward Howard Michael EVANS Edward Michel / Nora 10 Manor Grove, Tonbridge chief chemist    
23rd November 2nd November 1947 Janice Olive TITHERINGTON Ernest / Lily 144 Southwood Road soldier    
23rd November 2nd November 1947 Jennifer Maureen TITHERINGTON Ernest / Lily 144 Southwood Road soldier    
23rd November 28th September 1947 Michael WOOLDRIDGE Ronald John / Dorothy Lottie 140 Grange Road bricklayer    
23rd November 8th September 1947 Rita Maria Celestina FLETCHER William Thamas / Ernesta 15 Saxon Road accountant    
7th December 30th August 1947 Jennifer Anne Maureen STROUD Reginald George / Doris May 13 Cheriton Avenue, Newington, St Lawrence bus driver    
7th December 7th October 1947 Linda Janice LAW Harold James / Gwendoline Jean Rose 8 Rawdon Road, Ramsgate carpenter & joiner    
7th December 6th November 1947 Richard Charles FROUD Walter / Hesther Myrtle 137 Grange Road tobacconist    
28th December 18th August 1947 Jennifer Carol HUNT John Henry / Marjorie Jessie 10 Mayfortre Gardens Chief Electrician R.N.    
28th December 24th September 1947 Keith Owen WALTERS Emrys Thomas / Fanny Lilian Grace 12 Fairlight Avenue miner    
Date Born First Name Last Name Parents ABODE Trade Comments Godparents
Baptised           Occupation    
25th January 28th November 1947 Susan Ann SAYER William Thomas Hilary / Ivy Ada 3 Grosvenor Road, Ramsgate laundry worker    
25th January 13th November 1947 Diane Margaret TITHERINGTON Albert Vincent / Margaret Alice 21 Edith Road, Ramsgate driver    
25th January 3rd December 1947 Trevor Michael HILL Harold Thomas / Vera Louisa 29 Fairlight Avenue shop assistant    
22nd February 3rd December 1947 Allen Rusel UPWORD Jesse Cuthbert / Kathleen Doris Mendip, St Lawrence Avenue estate clerk    
22nd February 9th December 1947 John David MATTHEWS David Ernest / Megan 2 Clarendon Gardens, Ramsgate painter & decorator    
22nd February 27th September 1947 Anthony David PETTMAN Robert George / Doris Winifred 13 Clifton Road, Ramsgate railway worker    
22nd February 29th October 1947 Colin Peter SHARP Wilfred John / Jessie Eleanor 28 Melbourne Avenue chef    
22nd February 8th June 1944 Ian Leslie SHARP Leslie / Sylvia Gladys Statton House, Grove Ferry, Canterbury signal man    
22nd February 12th February 1947 Christine Petula SHARP Leslie / Sylvia Gladys Statton House, Grove Ferry, Canterbury signal man    
3rd March 5th February 1948 Anne Patricia WEBB Henry Clifford William / Eileen May 3 Queens Ave R.A.F.    
21st March 14th September 1948 Andrew Richard Wall COLE George William / Daphne Torelore 1 Salmerstone Road, Margate Sergeant R.A.F.    
28th March 2nd March 1948 Victoria Ann PITCHER Frederick Gerald / Ellen Mary 30 Hillbrow Road painter    
28th March 1st March 1948 Julian Christopher MARRIOTT George Joseph / Syliva Doreen Catchwood Farm, Haine marine store dealer    
28th March 13th February 1948 Kenneth Richard PARISH Charles William / Kathleen Louisa 22 Kingston Road labourer    
28th March 26th April 1948 Paul Dennis LEONARD Frederick George / Mary Ellen 35 Fairlight Avenue bakers roundsman    
28th March 29th December 1947 John Michael RUMBOLD William George / Olive Daisy 70 St James Avenue schoolmaster    
28th March 14th January 1948 Nicol Adrian HOLLADAY Harold William / Ena Maisie 37 Wilfred Road, St Lawrence ship writer    
28th March 27th September 1947 Valerie Ann GEAL Richard / Gladys Irene 48 Apsley Road, South Norwood, S.E.25. lorry driver    
28th March 20th February 1948 Brian Steven MACKEAN Horace Albert Steven / Eileen Maud 4 Chilton Villas, Chilton labourer    
28th March 5th November 1947 Jacqueline Rosina LAWRENCE Ernest James / Lily Violet 82 Royal Road labourer    
28th March 13th February 1948 Natalie Ann FISHER Herbert Ernest / Gertrude Augusta 58 Newington Road miner    
28th March 24th December 1947 Alan Paul SHERRINGTON Frederick Arnold / Violet Rosetta 1 Chilton Cottages, Downs Road shop fitter    
25th April 12th November 1947 Vicky BUSH Kenneth / Lilian 27 Napleton Road electrician    
25th April 14th March 1948 Patricia HURTON Victor William / Doris Septina 46 Summerfield Gardens electrician    
25th April 4th March 1948 Wendy Ann JANES George Ernest / Eileen Rosetta 37 Telham Avenue, St Lawrence off licence manager    
25th April 14th March 1948 Philip REDMAN Leslie Alfred / Cecilia 31 Ellington Road boat repairer    
25th April 4th January 1948 Joanne Margaret RICHARDS Kenneth Henry / Margaret 48 Melbourne Avenue van driver    
12th May 16th April 1933 Clarence James HUNTER Clarence James / Mary Ann Hainault, Haine Road, Ramsgate grocer    
23rd May 28th March 1948 Philip Michael BALDOCK Edward Albert / Marjorie Doreen 35 Riversdale Road stoker    
23rd May 27th December 1947 Susan BOOTES James Donald / Florence Emily Edith 42 Coleman Crescent labourer    
23rd May 5th April 1948 Christine Mary JAMES Oliver John / Marina Minnie 33 Fairlight Avenue gas fitter    
23rd May 23rd January 1948 Brenda Joyce TUMBER Victor John / Amelia May 34 Riversdale Road agricultural worker    
23rd May 19th April 1948 Gillian Rose BROWN James William / Fay Rose 4 Downs Road bus conductor    
23rd May 18th June 1947 Angela Marilyn HAINBRIDGE William Ernest Leslie / Winifred May 25 Bradley Road foreman bricklayer    
6th June 27th April 1948 Marigold Elizabeth Jane DEVESON Horace John / Lilian Elizabeth Kingswood, Sandwich Road, Cliffsend, Ramsgate shepherd    
20th June 16th March 1948 Patricia Ann RENDELL Edward Alfred / Edith Florence 1 Strand Cottages, Sandwich Road, Cliffsend photographer    
27th June 16th March 1948 Elaine Margaret SKELTON Joseph Henry / Margaret Reid Masson, New Road civil servant    
27th June 19th May 1948 Linda Mary CORK George William / Lydia Alice 1a Bush Avenue grocer    
27th June 13th March 1948 Catherine Mary HEATH Ernest Sidney /Mary Alexandria 52 Grange Road bank clerk    
27th June 18th April 1948 Carol NEWING Percy / Phyllis Margaret 2 Court Cottages, Stodmarsh engineer    
27th June 3rd December 1947 Margaret Dorothy MEADOWS Frank Silk / Eileen May 148 Margate Road electrical engineer    
27th June 3rd December 1947 Nicholas Alan MEADOWS Frank Silk / Eileen May 148 Margate Road electrical engineer    
18th July 29th March 1948 Michael Alan KING Albert Alfred William / Mary Beatrice 10 Lorina Road railway worker    
25th July 30th April 1948 Graham Victor ROOST Laurence Victor / June Rose 28 Colombo Square dock man   William Florence BLAY; Kenneth HOSKIN
25th July 19th January 1948 Alexandra Mary GIBBENS Royston Philip / Doris Elizabeth 1 Pole Ash Cottage, Spratling Street farm worker   Mabel ELLIS; Betty GIBBENS; Robert GIBBENS
22nd August 2nd April 1948 Raymond Colin TAPPENDEN Maurice Reginald / Margaret 19 Ashburnham Road agricultural worker    
22nd August 24th June 1948 Dennis Richard POINTER Horace Richard / Emmie Millicent 31 Downs Road Post Office Engineer    
22nd August 13th April 1946 David John James SAMBOW Alfred / Sadie 3 High Street, St Lawrence textile designer    
22nd August 22nd February 1948 Brian Norman MILLER Gilbert / Lucy 7 Adelaide Gardens lorry driver    
22nd August 12th April 1948 Linda Elizabeth HOARE Ambrose Bertie / Muriel May 3 Holbrook Drive fitters assistant    
22nd August 6th February 1948 Paul Michael BROWN Harry / Rene 129 Melbourne Avenue miner    
22nd August 3rd July 1948 Peter Cyril BOWES Cyril / Edith Margaret 33 Week Street, Maidstone police constable    
22nd August 20th June 1947 Larry Stewart Stephen PENN Ernest Philip Godfrey / Ivy May 12 Hamilton Close labourer    
29th August 21st April 1948 Sheila Ann KNIGHT Frederick Alfred William / May Phyllis Mary 13 Melbourne Avenue fire lighter    
29th August 14th July 1948 Philip John TITHERINGTON Roy / Dorothy Lillian 137 Southwood Road driver mechanic    
26th September 3rd August 1948 Sydney LEES Sydney / Phyllis Irene 18 Manston Road civil servant    
26th September 2nd June 1948 Margery Caral BENNETT Harold / Margery 13 Hillbrow Road builders labourer    
26th September 27th April 1948 John Michael COLLEDGE William / Mellie Joyce 58 Southwood Gardens commercial traveller    
26th September 21st July 1948 Philip Leslie JOB Albert Leslie / Jessie 144 Melbourne Avenue bricklayer    
26th September 26th November 1947 Michael Philip RICHARDSON Harry / Rennie 67 Burshill Crescent unemployed    
26th September 15th July 1948 Stephen Richard Kenneth ROWLAND Thomas / Mary 112 Grange Road builders labourer    
26th September 21st May 1948 Rodney William COX Rodney / Joan 25 Colombo Square bricklayer    
26th September 8th April 1948 Raymond JAMES Charles William / Isabel Irene 22 Bathurst Close labourer    
26th September 28th July 1948 Barry WHITEHEAD Harold / Ruby Ivy 39 Duncan Road builders labourer    
26th September 9th July 1948 Raymond Winston MACPHERSON Frederick / Dorothy May 133 Crescent Road domestic    
10th October 21st July 1948 Heather Margaret ROWDEN Geoffrey / Stephanie Edith Cliffsend Nurseries R.A.F.   Olive PEARSON; Christine BILLS; Alan ROWDEN
10th October 3rd July 1948 Christopher John BRADLEY John / Dorothy Frances Heathfield, Foads Lane yacht skipper   William HEYWOOD; Elizabeth BLOE
17th October 8th June 1948 Roy BEER Edward William / Beatrice Lydia 2 Manston Court Cottages bus driver    
17th October   Meredith John SCOURFIELD- THOMAS Norman Winston / Mavis Helene Garden Cottage, Manston school teacher    
17th October   Janet Patricia DAVIS Frederick Charles / Eva Emily Jubilee Cottage, Manston farm labourer    
17th October   Malcolm John ROWLETT Charles Victor / Elsie Ellen 4 High Street, Manston coach builder    
17th October 24th October 1940 Rosetta Astrid DADSON Charles Henry / Patience Jessie 1 Spratling Street, Manston foreman labourer    
17th October 9th July 1946 Arthur Robert Patrick DADSON Eileen May 1 Spratling Street, Manston      
17th October   Jeannie HOLLANDS Frank Richard / Agnes 1 Preston Villas, Manston gardener    
17th October   John Stuart PATTERSON Percy William / Frances Elizabeth 2 Haine Farm Cottages, Haine farmer    
24th October 7th April 1948 Jeremy Peregrine HENZELL-THOMAS Peter / Cythia Jane Whitehall Farm, Whitehall Road articled clerk    
24th October 6th September 1948 Sandra Mary BELSEY Alfred John William / Evelyn Mary 32 Riversdale Road baker    
24th October 4th May 1948 Thomas William POPE Edwin Thomas / Olive Ivy Dewell, London Road works foreman    
24th October 19th March 1948 Dennis Frank TERRY Arthur Frank  / Alexandra Rose 20 Whitehall Road locomotive fireman    
?? October 24th October 1948 Linda Mary BRISCOE James Patrick / Mary 41 Queen Bertha Road motor mechanic    
?? October 16th October 1946 Peter William Quentin REYNOLDS Cecil William / Maria Mercy 50 Newington Road painter & decorator    
?? October 5th September 1948 Martin Philip MILLS Raymond Basil / Dylis Eileen 12 Northwood Road Army    
28th November 31st August 1943 Gillian PINER Leonard / Constance 19 Stirling Way traveller    
28th November 17th September 1947 Graham Leonard PINER Leonard / Constance 19 Stirling Way traveller    
28th November 28th April 1948 John Norman DRURY Bertie Norman / Phyllis Louisa 4 Whitehall Road Driver British Railways    
28th November 26th September 1948 Beryl Linda BOOTH Stephen Ernest / Iris Bessie Ethel 25 Newinton Road, St Lawrence painter    
28th November 26th September 1948 Roy Warren BOOTH Stephen Ernest / Iris Bessie Ethel 25 Newinton Road, St Lawrence painter    
28th November 27th September 1948 Pamela Keiran BENGE Ronald Edward / Ivy Florence Dawning, Newlands Road clerk    
28th November 2nd October 1948 Margaret Joan SMITH Henry Robert George / Joan Lillian 10 Melbourne Avenue butcher    
28th November 23rd September 1948 Susan Linda PAY Albert / Helen Jessie 14A Whitehall Road, St Lawrence Chief Petty Officer R.N.    
28th November 27th July 1948 Lynda Edith BENEFIELD Frank Leonard / Betty Joan Little Cliffsend Farm ambulance driver    
28th November 3rd June 1948 Raymond Arthur HARRIS John / Lena Elsie 6 Cheriton Avenue, Newington, St Lawrence labourer    
28th November 10th October 1945 Carolyn Anne MORRIS John / Vera Kennesl, London Road pool attendant    
28th November 6th September 1948 John Peter PARKER John Stanley / Louisa Horteuse 20 Goodwin Road Dept. Manger    
28th November 28th July 1948 Raymond Patrick O'BRIEN Patrick Joseph / Daisy 60 Southwood Road bus driver    
26th December 16th June 1948 Judith BRINDLEY William Ewart / Kathleen 35 Telham Avenue miner    
26th December 4th December 1948 Jacqueline DANTON Charles Christopher / Barbara Joan 56 Newington Road stoker    
26th December 14th August 1948 Graham James TYLER George Edward / Lilian Dorothy 141 Melbourne Avenue Army    
26th December 23rd November 1948 John William EDWARDS John Slaten / Emily Ellen 2 Fairlight Avenue miner    

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