Ramsgate Parish Register Extracts from 1901

St Lawrence Baptisms 1945-1946


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Date Born First Name Last Name Parents ABODE Trade Comments Godparents
Baptised           Occupation    
7th January 4th November 1944 Barry William CRABB Ronald / Elizabeth 5 Buxton Road, Northwood, Ramsgate H.M. Forces   Emma POTT; Ronald CRABB; Elizabeth CRABB
7th January 1st November 1944 John Ronald BAKER Sydney / Frances 3 Chilton Villas, Pegwell H.M. Forces   Joan BOYES; Sydney BAKER; Frances BAKER
4th February 13th October 1944 Arthur John MILLER Arthur George Thomas / Violet Eileen 46 Dane Road Army   Ivy STUPPLES; John REDPATEN & parents
4th February 24th December 1944 Roger Noel BOYS William Leslie / Fiona Ellen Harriett Salem, St James Avenue Navy P/O   Mercy REYNOLDS; Cecil REYNOLDS & parents
4th February   David Charles BOOTES James Donald / Florence Emily Rosemary, West Dumpton Lane Army   Winifred BODLEY; Eric BODLEY & parents
13th February   Harry James John LUFT Harry James / Hannah Buckland, Nethercourt Hill, Ramsgate Army    
4th March 26th November 1944 Ian Roderick HOLLADAY Harold William / Ena Maisie 37 Wilfred Road, St Lawrence R.N.   Elsa HOLLADAY; George STUPPLES; Ronald HOLLADAY
4th March 31st July 1939 Yvonne June HOWE Walter George / Minnie Florence 91 Southwood Road Army   Lily TITHERINGTON; Dorothy ROTHWELL; Jim MACKINN
4th March 14th February 1945 Michael HOWE Walter George / Minnie Florence 91 Southwood Road Army   Lily TITHERINGTON; Dorothy ROTHWELL; Jim MACKINN
4th March 14th February 1945 Malcolm HOWE Walter George / Minnie Florence 91 Southwood Road Army   Lily TITHERINGTON; Dorothy ROTHWELL; Jim MACKINN
11th March 25th January 1945 Margaret Anne LIVINGSTONE Robert James / Gladys Violet Merside, St Lawrence Avenue doctor    
11th March 22nd February 1945 Pamela Jacqueline ELLIS Jack / Grace 46 Grange Road H.M. Forces    
18th March 9th September 1944 Anthony John JOLLEY George Edward / Mabel Dorothy Freda Bradgate House, Lydden, Margate shipwright ADOPTED Gustave W KLEIN; Stella Eileen KLEIN
19th March 21st January 1945 Jacqueline CAPES John Albert / Ella Victoria 86 Newington Road Army    
16th December 10th December 1944 Janis HARRIS George Henry / Minnie Blanche 34 Winstanley Crescent, Ramsgate labourer HOSPITAL / PRIVATE  
16th March 5th March 1945 Lee Richard Dering HASLEWOOD Richard Noel Lyon Dering / Joan Catherine 27 Marrose Avenue, Northwood journalist HOSPITAL / PRIVATE / publicly admitted 27.11.1949  
24th March 9th November 1944 David Arnold GRUBB Arnold Page / Margaret Burnshall, St Lawrence Avenue Captain R.A. PRIVATE John S GRUBB; Jack QUINTEN;  Daphne PORTSMOUTH
24th March 4th March 1945 Valerie Ann DICKINSON Whitfield / Elizabeth Mary Ann 28 Telham Avenue miner PRIVATE Dennis DICKINSON; Ivy B PEAKE; Eveline HUTCHINSON
1st April 1st February 1945 Michael Raymond MILLS Raymond Basil / Dylis Eileen 12 Northwood Road Army   Dorothy MORGAN; George BUTLER
1st April 9th March 1945 Jennifer Lynne KADWELL William Thomas / Dorothy Elizabeth Ivanhoe, New Road, Newington R.A.F.   Minnie LINGFORD; Ann OUZMAN; Cecil WRAIGHT
13th April 7th February 1945 Alan Arthur FOORDE George Arthur / Joyce Edith 8 Marden Avenue Army RAMSGATE HOSPITAL  
6th May 5th February 1945 Linda Ann WARD John Chadwick / Olive Emma St Neots, Mayforth Gardens fireman    
6th May 2nd April 1945 Cheryl Jane MARRIOTT George Joseph / Syliva Doreen Choldswood RM Haine R.A.F.    
6th May 9th April 1945 Emmanuel Christopher MCGRATH James Henry / Ellen Rebecca 121 Newington Road coal merchant    
6th May 17th April 1945 Graham Richard AINSCOUGH Richard Thomas / Margaret Joan 67 Woodlands Road, Gillingham fireman    
6th May 10th January 1945 Peter ADDLEY Clifford Charles George / Doris Mabel 12 Claremont Gardens Army    
6th May 15th August 1944 Edward George BING Ernest George / Jessie 33 Newington Road Army    
6th May 6th May 1941 Alan Charles GIFFORD William Henry / Violet Elizabeth 6 Claremont Gardens, St Lawrence R.N.    
11th December 1944? 23rd October 1945? Michael John DAVEY   48 Newington Road   RAMSGATE HOSPITAL  
27th May 17th February 1945 Diane WARBRICK Clifford / Margaret Irene 13 Bush Avenue R.A.F.   Beryl MILLER; Fred MILLER
5th June   Terence Raymond SMITH George William / Pamela Louisa 52 Chapel Road H.M.Army    
24th June 8th May 1944 David Robert MILLER Robert / Ethel May 8 Nethercourt Gardens cabinet maker   S C WYBORN; A WYBORN
24th June 11th April 1945 Michael John MILLER Sydney / Phyllis Irene 18 Manston Road, St Lawrence civil servant   M BUTLER; F LEES
24th June 1st October 1944 John Richard CURRIE Alexander Murdock / Phyllis Jane 49 Chapel Road R.A.F.   F M BAILEY; F E DUDMAN
24th June 10th November 1943 Michael Alan HEARD Douglas Casley / Florence Joyce Penmill, Goodwin Road builder   A J MIDDLETON; Vera Constance MIDDLETON
24th June 2nd December 1944 Janet Brenda HEARD Douglas Casley / Florence Joyce Penmill, Goodwin Road builder   W WOODWARD; E BARNETT
7th July 24th May 1945 Joyce BOOTHMAN Robert / Dorothy 13 Grosvenor Road R.N.   Lucy COMPTON & parents
22nd July 26th June 1945 Vance Eric ARKINSTALL Eric Sidney / Mahalia Ada 37 Burshill Crescent R.N.     Z.A.F.   Alfred COOPER & parents
5th August 7th June 1945 Penelope Joan FULLER Douglas Stephen / Joan Elizabeth White Walls, 153 Newington Road Army   John S PORT; Eva PORT; Lucy SHEPPARD
26th August 25th April 1945 Eileen Margaret HOUGHAM Herbert Edward / Doris Whittaker 18 Burshill Crescent, Ramsgate Army   Florence May PORT; Mercy HODGES; Neville HODGES
26th August 26th August 1944 Roderick William OATES Joe William / Annie May 56 Vale Road Merchant Navy   Audrey SMITH; Harry SMITH
2nd September 18th August 1945 Brenda Dawn CLARK George Henry / Mary Elizabeth 6 Marden Avenue, St Lawrence Army   Betty HARVEY; Derek HARVEY
23rd September 6th August 1945 Christine BROWNE Albert / Ivy 38 Burshill Crescent R.A.F.   Lorna AHRONSON; Reginald AHRONSON
23rd September 4th August 1945 William John LAING Ivor William / Hilda Joyce 69 South Western Rd, Twickenham (11 Lorina Rd) clerk   Albert E MIRIAMS; Hilda M M MIRIAMS
23rd September 18th September 1944 Dawn Florence RICHARDSON Frederick Stokes / Rose Olive The Haven, Court Lees, Whitstable (Arosa, Holbrook Drive) farmer   Ivy HOGBIN; Edward H HOGBIN; Florence M BASHFORD
28th September 11th September 1945 Judy Ann HOUGHTON Reginald Francis / Mabel Eileen 40 Burshill Crescent, Ramsgate Army   Kathleen SNELLING; Alice PEMBLE; Jack PEMBLE
28th October 13th July 1945 Arthur Harold COUZINS Arthur Harold / Alice Margaret 22 Goodwin Road electrician    
28th October 18th September 1945 Peter John HOULT Edward Walter / Winifred Lucy 39 Fairlight Avenue gardener    
28th October 12th August 1945 Edward Victor Leonard COX Victor Ernest / Doris Jessie 49 Newington Road agriculture    
28th October 15th July 1938 Pamela Doreen GRAY Thomas William / Lily Mabel 4 Manston Road wood machinist    
28th October 26th May 1945 Pauline Janet EKE Donald Albert / Eileen Betty 12 Cheriton Avenue Army    
28th October 21st March 1945 Lancelot Harding HUGHES Lancelot Milton / Grace Emily 12 Cheriton Avenue miner    
28th October 19th August 1945 Irene Margaret STEWART William John / Amy Elizabeth 132 Southwood Road, St Lawrence painter & decorator    
28th October 28th June 1945 Albert William FANE Albert Henry / Constance Marjorie 77 Seafield Road labourer    
28th October 25th June 1943 George Albert GREENSTREET Esmond George / Eileen Grace 128 Southwood Road, St Lawrence miner    
28th October 21st August 1944 Keith Esmond GREENSTREET Esmond George / Eileen Grace 128 Southwood Road, St Lawrence miner    
28th October 23rd August 1945 Ronald Douglas FALCONER Leonard / Florence Emily 12 High Street, St Lawrence      
28th October 6th May 1945 Jillian Elizabeth MOORE Roy / Phyllis Monica Austen, St Mildreds Avenue optician    
28th October 10th September 1945 Julian Barry THOMAS Basil Sidney / Cicely Alice 37 Picton Road L T Army    
28th October 21st June 1945 John Alan RICHARDSON John Henry / Rene Vara 67 Burshill Crescent heavy driver    
4th November 23rd June 1945 Graham John PEGDEN Austin / Marjorie Eilleen Mary 62 Station Approach Road Army   Winifred EVANS; George PEGDEN; William EVANS
25th November 15th October 1945 John Bernard CARTHEW Frank George / Enid Frances Glenside, Nethercourt Gardens buyer   Bertha DICKENS; Trevor COBB; Cyril BARTON
25th November 2nd November 1945 Henry Arthur SHAW Dorothy May Elmlodge, 3 High Street, St Lawrence     Marjorie SHAW; Edward SHAW; Thomas SHAW
25th November 27th September 1945 Derek Raymond MOORE Edward Henry James / Ivy Beatrice Violet 73 Newington Road Depot Manager   George MOORE; George COOMBES. Lilian COOMBES
23rd December 25th September 1945 Christoba Graham INGE Walter Frank / Maria Lara 123 Newington Road Army   Herbert Stewart INGE; Blanche INGE; parents
23rd December 27th November 1945 Anthony Michael MACKINS Winifred Emma 41 Chapel Road     Ernest MACKINS; Reginald MACKINS; Winifred Mary MACKINS
Date Born First Name Last Name Parents ABODE Trade Comments Godparents
Baptised           Occupation    
1st January   Daisy May ALEXANDER (MCGRATH) Walter Leonard / Florence Ada 51 Ashburnham Road   ADULT  
1st January   Ethel Mary REID ( MANNERING) John / Bertha The Chaler, Elmstone Road   ADULT  
1st January   Patrick Michael STEVENS Charles Henry / Gladys Annie 100 South Eastern Road   ADULT  
13th January 14th December 1945 Wendy Adele POWELL Kenneth / Madeline Joyce Adele 28 Southwood Road R.A.F.   parents
27th January 2nd September 1945 Leslie Donald Gordon MACKEAN Horace Victor Diamond / Doris Grace Ethel 36 Telham Avenue, St Lawrence Corporation Employee   Phyllis MACKEAN
27th January 27th December 1945 Robert John ELLIS Edward George / Rosetta Lillian 32 Clifton Road, St Lawrence newsagent   Gladys ELLIS & parents
27th January 29th December 1945 Anthony Bernard CRIBBENS Leslie George / Veronica Amy 57 Whitehall Road milkman   Geoffrey HOARE; Gladys HOARE
27th January 21st September 1945 Valerie Lydia Lucy MILLER Gilbert Arthur / Lucy Lilian 10 Adelaide Gardens lorry driver   Daniel MYNHEER; Lydia MYNHEER
27th January 7th September 1945 Wendy Veronica CHAMBERS George Edward / Millicent Georgina 27 Marden Avenue, Newington, Ramsgate Army   Clarence CHAPMAN; Dorothy ROCHE
19th February 3rd October 1945 Pamela Joan SHARP Arthur Herbert / Joan 14 Goodwin Road dairyman   Marjorie PITT & parents
24th February 23rd November 1945 Trudy FRIEND Arthur / Florence Laura 66 Station Approach Road, Ramsgate draughtsman   Reginald TULLEY; Margaret SUMMER; Margary SERRISA
24th February 9th December 1945 Brian CHAPMAN Arthur Reginald / Evelyn 12 Mayforth Gardens R.A.F.   Beryl SAVIN; Reginald CHAPMAN
26th February 25th November 1945 John Robert LESSELS Robert Murray / Margaret Mary 18 Marden Avenue R.A.F.   Sydney LASSELS; Myfanwy HUGHES
24th March 7th November 1945 John Dennis RICHES Norman Frederick / Janet 26 Christopher Road, East Grinstead, Sussex Army    
24th March 3rd March 1946 Victor HORTON Victor William / Doris Septina 27 Whitehall Road electrician    
24th March 16th October 1945 David Ernest SPAIN Ernest William / Olive Alice 5 Norman Road, Ramsgate taxi proprietor    
24th March 10th December 1945 Alan Reginald JARVIS Leslie Joseph / Florence Margaret Braithwaite, Seaview Road, Cliffsend bricklayer    
24th March 12th May 1943 Arthur William PARFITT Joseph / Betty Susie 13 Marden Avenue miner    
24th March 13th December 1945 Helen BROWN Harold James / Irene Eleanor 13 Marden Avenue carpenter    
24th March 21st January 1946 Barbara Maria PLATT Frederick John / Margarite May La Chauie, Wallwood Road      
24th March 30th January 1946 Michael John LEWRY George / Nora Beatrice 160 Southwood R.A.F.    
24th March 4th July 1938 Julie LEWRY George / Nora Beatrice 160 Southwood R.A.F.    
12th April 17th January 1946 Richard James Rowley DUNSTAN Roy / 61 Ashburnham Road R.N.    
28th April 9th January 1946 Brian David BARRETT Arthur Henry / Margaret Alice 146 Southwood Road gardener    
28th April 1st July ?? Julian Edward ORBELL Maurice / Phyllis Ada Croygate, Pegwell Road commercial clerk    
28th April 22nd March 1946 Roger ANDREWS Joseph Cecil / Mandie Doris 63 Southwood Road electrician    
28th April 9th January 1946 David BROWN Edwin Harry / Lilian Mabel Bertice, Queens Avenue master bookmaker    
28th April 10th March 1946 Alan Michael EASTERS Ernest Sidney / Rhoda Cecelia Hilldene, 140 Margate Road fitter    
28th April 5th February 1946 Stephen Frederick SMALL Ronald George / Elsie May Windy Ridge, Princes Avenue, St Lawrence carpenter    
28th April 8th November 1945 Margaret Ann THORNTON Reginald Stanley / Beatrice Evelyn 25 Herbert Road painter & glazier    
28th April 3rd March 1946 Jane BUSH Kenneth Harold King / Lillian Sofia 27 Napleton Road electrician    
28th April 9th February 1946 Derek Barry DUNK Philip Henry / Elizabeth Phyllis 40 Whitehall Road, St Lawrence locomotive fireman    
28th April 23rd March 1946 Richard Norman RODWAY Alfred John / Dorothy Ethel 1 Queensgate Road caterer    
28th April 18th March 1946 Janice Beryl WHISKIN Ronald Philip / Edna Hilda Rouilda, Clements Road carpenter    
28th April 3rd February 1946 Janet Edith COSGROVE Arthur Edward / Edith Alice Findon, 43 Ashburnham Road advertising agent    
28th April 2nd March 1946 Vivienne Janice HILL Harold Thomas / Vera Louise 29 Fairlight Avenue shop assistant    
28th April 11th February 1946 Carol Jean KNELLER Harry James / Florence Lilian St Helens, St James Avenue railway guard    
14th May 15th April 1946 April Janet YOUNG Mary 72 Ellington Road     Amy WIGGINS
19th May 3rd March 1946 Susan Elizabeth DRYLAND Edward Ronald / Doris Eileen Westcot, The Grove, Cliffsend nurseryman   M BLOBER; E GARDNER; H LANE
26th May 8th February 1946 Michael John ROGERS Roy Edward / Jessie Kathleen Emily 27 High Street, St Lawrence R.A.F.   Charles FAGG; Laura PAGE; parents
26th May 9th May 1945 Veronica Elaine TUMBER Victor John / Mary May Ramblers, Holbrook Drive, Ramsgate farm worker   Dorothea MOYES; Fred MOYES; Violet SHORT
26th May 6th May 1943 Colin Roger MOYES Frederick William / Dorathea Lenheath, St James Avenue, Ramsgate baker   Victor TUMBER; Frederick SPICE
26th May 23rd October 1946 Sandra Bernadette HOARE Ambrose Bertie / Muriel May 3 Holbrook Drive railway worker   John JEFFERIES; Mabel MARSH; Ivor JEFFERIES
26th May 27th February 1945 Diane Lesley SPICER Herbert Ernest / Nancy Winifred 75 Nixon Avenue Petty Officer R.N.   Pat HEWITT; Jack SPICER
26th May 5th January 1946 William Alfred Edward MEADES Thomas / Muriel Elsie Gertrude 102 Southwood Road miner   Robert WRIGHT; James SAYTCH; Beatrice SAYTCH
23rd June 14th February 1937 Margaret Gladys WALKER Percy John / Winifred Kate Lavina, St James Avenue, Ramsgate hairdresser   Elsie BRYANT; Charles BRYANT
23rd June 16th July 1940 Jean Winifred WALKER Percy John / Winifred Kate Lavina, St James Avenue, Ramsgate hairdresser   Elsie BRYANT; Charles BRYANT
23rd June 10th December 1942 Eileen Elsie WALKER Percy John / Winifred Kate Lavina, St James Avenue, Ramsgate hairdresser   Elsie BRYANT; Charles BRYANT
23rd June 26th April 1946 Jean Pamela ADAMS Clifford James / Bertha Mary 2 Roman Road, Ramsgate foreman   Florance FOAD; Jack DYER; Violet CALLEN
23rd June 23rd March 1946 Wendy Ann TAYLOR Stanley / Dora 188 Newington Road, Ramsgate Petty Officer R.N.   Gladys Bertha NEPSTED; Clifford Stephen PARKES
23rd June 23rd April 1946 Margaret Avril SPICE Raymond Ronald  / Ava Ruth Sunlea, St James Avenue, Ramsgate lorry driver   Edward Frederick TAYLOR; Frances Emma CORNIFERT
23rd June 9th May 1946 Edward Malcolm TAYLOR Edward Frederick / Helen 94 Coleman Crescent, Ramsgate painter & decorator   Raymond SPICE; Arthur TAYLOR
23rd June 6th February 1946 Margaret Elizabeth MURREY William Scott / Mary Matilda St James Villa, St James Avenue, Ramsgate labourer   Mary Matilda TWYMAN
23rd June 30th May 1946 Brian William MCGRATH James Henry / Ellen Rebecca 121 Newington Road retired   William George SPICER
30th June 15th March 1946 Mary Josephine WALKER Joseph Villers / Mary Tilley The Lanes, London Road medical officer   Oonagh HUGGARD & childs grandparents
30th June 31st January 1946 Susan Angela HENSHAW Arthur George /Nellie Ingleby, Nethercourt Hill invoice clerk   Daisy HYMAN; Victor HYMAN
30th June 28th May 1946 Lesley Patricia CARTER Leslie Edwin / Olive Jane 132 Southwood Road, St Lawrence interior decorator   Stella MOORE; William MOORE
30th June 28th February 1946 Ian FEARN Alec / Helen Doreen Lynwood, Stancombe Avenue head brewer   Douglas MARSH
30th June 27th April 1946 Stuart Edward MARSH Douglas Cecil Ernest / Jean Evelyn 19 Wood Drive, Bettswood, Kent company director   Yvonne MARSH; Alec FEARN & father
28th July 22nd November 1945 Angela Joanne OATES Joe William / Annie May 56 Vale Road builder   Eileen ELLIS; George ELLIS; Catherine PALMER
28th July 4th June 1946 Roger Peter PAY Albert Ayres / Helen Jessie 14A Whitehall Road, St Lawrence Chief Petty Officer R.N.   Hilda DORAN; Edward EDWARDS & parents
28th July 14th April 1946 Janet DRURY Bertie Norman / Phyllis Louisa 4 Whitehall Road Southern Railway Fireman   Olive BROWNING; Sidney BROWNING; Olive SAUNDERS
28th July 11th May 1946 David John THOMAS Ewan Arthur / Irene Epsly 120 Crescent Road furnisher   Edith COX & parents
28th July 10th May 1946 Anthony David WOOD Stephen Frank / Ellen Florence Violet Lyndale, Farm Road builder   Ellen SEAL; Henry SEAL; Edward PAGE
28th July 9th July 1946 Angela Jean FOX Raymond / Lillian Violet 12 King Edward Road Warrant Officer R.A.F.   Ada HORNE; Joan MATTHEWS
28th July 17th May 1946 Nigel David FOORD Ronald Frank / Joyce 12 Grosvenor Road, St Lawrence carpenter & joiner   Frank FOORD; Grace FOORD, Irene FOORD
4th August 15th July 1946 Clifford SPAIN James Henry / Agnes 6 Bradley Road ships engineer   Betty WEATHERSPOON; John JENKINS & parents
22nd September 27th April 1946 Philip Francis SOUTHBY William Francis / Gwyneth 5 Burshill Crescent student teacher   Hilda DORAN; George SOUTHBY; William SOUTHBY
22nd September 6th May 1946 Pter Francis LEWIS William Leonard / Vera Frances 106 Southwood Road, Ramsgate dairyman   Evelyn GILLHAM; Denis ATKINS; William LEWIS
22nd September 10th April 1946 Colin Richard LONDON Richard Henry / Ethel Lillian 4 Pegwell Avenue, St Lawrence Army   Kathleen COLVILLE; Gordon DOBSON; Robert LONDON
22nd September 14th July 1946 Ann Frances VICKERS Harry George / Elfreda Edith Barden, Haine Road R.A.F.   Maise CHAPMAN; Alfred VICKERS; Alfred ARRENBARG
22nd September 17th August 1946 Beryl May ABRAHAMS Leonard Thomas James / Doris Lillian Glendor, Haine Road carpenter   Alfreda VICKERS; Doris ABRAHAMS; Harry VICKERS
22nd September 24th May 1946 Valerie Joyce BOOTH Stephen Ernest / Iris Bessie Ethel 25 Newinton Road, St Lawrence Railway Wagon Painter   Joyce WARREN; Vera ROGERS; Frederick DIX
22nd September 5th May 1946 David John BROWN Donald Leslie / Flora Iris Elaine Nelbeck, St Lawrence Avenue Army   Alfred ROBERTS; Vera ROBERTS; Flora ROBERTS
29th September 18th May 1946 Arthur Frederick HAMMOND James Arthur / Gladys Winifred 42 Bradley Road rope splicer   Arthur HAMMOND; Florence COCKINGS
29th September 11th June 1946 Robert Francis JENNINGS Francis Robert Harold  / Frances Kathleen 9 York Street manager timber merchant   Winifred MARSH; Cecil MARSH; Thomas SIMONS
6th October 31st July 1946 Gillian SCHOFIELD Frederick Russell / Mary Evelyn 33 Southwood Road civil servant   Vera WALES; George WALES; Sheila CUNNINGHAM
6th October 3rd August 1946 Geoffrey Frederick BUTCHER Frederick Edgar / Betty Patricia Joan 88 Southwood Road civil servant   Hilda MARTIN; Kenneth SHERSBY; Norman GIBBONS
6th October 16th April 1945 Lesley HARRISON Frederick / Kitty 63 Edith Road builder   Kathleen SOLLY; Victor SOLLEY; Blanche BUCKMASTER
27th October 2nd September 1946 Jenifer BERKS Richard Edwin / Hilda May 9 Fairlight Avenue storekeeper   Ellen ST JULIAN; William ELLOWAY & parents
27th October 28th August 1946 Catherine Margaret PARISH Charles William / Kathleen Louise 91 Whitehall Road, St Lawrence Navy   Elizabeth CAVELL; Lilian BELSEY; Jack CAVAN
27th October 4th September 1946 Brenda Margaret COBB Trevor John / Elsie Fenella 27 Norman Road schoolmaster   Edna WINTER; Patrick COBB & parents
27th October 16th June 1946 Brenda Mary GREENSTREET Esmond George / Eileen Grace 128 Southwood Road, St Lawrence miner   Kathleen FISHER; Edgar BRAY & parents
27th October 15th September 1946 Sheena Joyce FOORD Thomas Albert / Doris May 57 Edith Road, Ramsgate gardener   Alice LANG; Mabel CARTHEW & parents
27th October 14th July 1946 Janet Mary DUGDALE George Charles / Elsie May 29 Herbert Road, Ramsgate plater   Jessie AUSTEN; Lily HOLMES & parents
17th November 17th July 1946 Lance Graham NIGHTINGALE Samuel / Ruby 82 High Street, Ramsgate general foreman   John NIGHTINGALE; Alice NIGHTINGALE & parents
17th November 18th October  1946 Julie Alice ROWORTH Ambrose / Molly 5 Grosvenor Road R.A.F.   Edward BUSH; Violet Alice BUSH; Violet BUSH
24th November   Kenneth John CROWTHER   2 Catherine Terrace, Chapel Road, St Lawrence      
24th November 6th October 1946 Rodney James TITCHENER Ernest / Lily 2 Marden Avenue carpenter & joiner   Phyllis MILHAM; Frank MILHAM; George LALHORN
24th November 19th November 1945 Janet Rose REDWOOD Bernard Thomas / Alice Elizabeth 39 Marden Avenue, St Lawrence salesman   Rose SHARP; Louisa DAVEY
24th November 10th November 1945 Jeanette Audrey PART Henry Frederick / Frances 47 Marden Avenue motor driver   Winifred KNIGHT; Donald KNIGHT
24th November 15th September 1946 Maureen Joyce BURTON Frederick Harold / Joyce Lilian 39 Napleton Road bus driver   Veronica WELLS; Amy LASLETT
24th November 29th September 1946 David John HARRIS John / Lena Elsie 6 Cheriton Avenue, Newington, St Lawrence railway worker   George HINTON; Henry GRIGGS; Selina GRIGGS
24th November 2nd August 1946 Anthony Robin THOMAS Edward Anthony / Lydia 3 Coast Guard Cottages, Pegwell bricklayer   Fred CLARK; Vida THOMAS
8th December 15th September 1946 Susan Ruth GREGORY Kenneth Barnfield / Muriel Alice 51 Park Road electrical fitter   Elsie GREGORY; Kathleen MORISON; Frederick GREGORY
22nd December 6th April 1946 Pauline Jane GERMAN Albert George / Violet Alpine 36 Newington Road batman   Pauline HANTON; Pauline DOREAS & parents
22nd December 2nd November 1946 Peter Harvey ROLFE Peter / Audrey 37 Alexandra Road clerk   Frank MEADOWS; Phyllis FOWLER; Peter ROLFE
22nd December 27th October 1946 Patricia Agnes CRAMPTON Norman James / Minnie Mary Wychling, London Road builder   William FLUER; Agnes FLUER; Doreen HARDS
29th December 27th November 1946 Joan Ann Maria KING Walter / Joan May 1 Howard Coots, Mount Sion, Tunbridge Wells painter   Joseph WOODLAND; Elsie WOODLAND; Rose BLACKSTOCK

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