Ramsgate Parish Register Extracts from 1901

St Lawrence Baptisms 1943-1944


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Date Born First Name Last Name Parents ABODE Trade Comments Godparents
Baptised           Occupation    
3rd January 2nd October 1942 Frederick Ian MARTIN Frederick George / Hildred Adelaide Mary 88 Southwood Road soldier   Geoffrey C GIBBENS; Ronald COLEMAN; Betty GIBBENS
19th January   Brian David ANDREWS Thomas Henry / Gladys Evone Dove Cote, Cliifs End Grove   PRIVATE  
24th January 2nd December 1942 Albert Paul WELLER Frederick Cecil / Lillian Peggy Coppins, Nethercourt Hill, Ramsgate police constable   William POINTER; Patricia PARKS & parents
7th February 25th December 1942 Marion Alfreda FISHER Alfred Charles / Esther Edith Amelia 35 Cheriton Avenue soldier   Hilda PARKER & parents
7th March 8th September 1942 Terrance George PIDDUCK Ernest Alfred / Gladys Terry 4 Walnut Tree Cottages, Haine, St Lawrence farm labourer    
7th March 6th January 1939 Valerie Rose Lillian ALDER Stanley Clifford / Rose Frances Ada Field Villa, St James Avenue H.M. Forces    
7th March 2nd June 1940 Joan Doris ALDER Stanley Clifford / Rose Frances Ada Field Villa, St James Avenue H.M. Forces    
7th March 6th May 1931 Ronald Edward BRISTOW Frederick William Trowbridge / Rose Ellen 16 Cheriton Avenue labourer    
14th March 12th December 1942 Christopher William JUDGES Percy Ftrederick / Hilda Grace Gerzint, Mayforth Gardens, Ramsgate H.M. Forces    
14th April 26th January 1943 Michael William Terry NEEVES Arthur Edward / Hilda Grace 25 Norman Road gardener    
6th June   Diane Margaret GEE Stanley James / Doris Kathleen 22 Nethercourt Hill, Ramsgate H.M. Forces    
6th June   Peter Frank BOOTH Stephen Ernest / Iris Bessie Ethel 25 Newinton Road, St Lawrence H.M. Forces    
6th June   Jean May FOORD Thomas Albert / Doris May 57 Edith Road, Ramsgate H.M. Forces    
6th June   Brian John COX Albert Edward / Olive May 4 Myrtle Cottages, St Lawrence, Ramsgate farm labourer    
12th June 8th April 1943 Laurence Stuart Ian INGE Walter Frank / Maria Lara Ashboro, Holbrook Drive, Ramsgate soldier   Mabel MARSH; Herbert S INGE; Blanche INGE
13th June 29th April 1943 Georgina Doris HORTON Henry George / Ivy 3 Manston Court Cottages, Manston farm labourer    
4th July 24th April 1943 Roger Derek MILES Henry William / Ena Annie Louise 34 Clifton Road, Ramsgate lenghtman    
4th July ?? 17th May 1943 Valerie Hazel SMITH Alfred Gooch / Mabel Jessie 5 Norman Road, Ramsgate motor engineer    
4th July ?? 15th May 1942 Eileen May GOLDSMITH William Edward / Violet 111 Southwood Road, St Lawrence Royal Navy    
1st August 30th May 1943 Rosemary STAMPER Arthur Bernard / Gertrude Ada Rose 69 Chapel Road, St Lawrence R.A.F.    
1st August 7th May 1943 Gloria Dawn RATCLIFF Frederick / Ethel Dora 41 Chilton Lane, St Lawrence R.A.F.    
1st August 16th April 1943 Anthony Owen CASTLE James Owen / Eleanor Olive 159 Grange Road H.M. Forces    
5th September 21st July 1943 Joy Maureen BURTON Edward / Grace Wheatsheaf Inn, St Lawrence paint sprayer    
3rd October   Brian Charles CRABB Elizabeth Rachael 6 Buxton Road, Ramsgate      
3rd October   John Victor MILES Joyce Eva 154 Newington Road      
3rd October   Michael John ELLEN Albert George / Ellen Mary 12 Dundonald Road H.M. Forces    
3rd October   Richard Frederick ARNOLD Frederick Albert / Annie Adelade 20 Herbert Road, St Lawrence H.M. Forces    
10th October 19th August 1943 Ralph William BOURNE Ralph William / Marcia Joyce 19 Downs Road, Ramsgate police constable    
7th November 3rd September 1943 Diane Elizabeth WOODWARD Horace Charles / Lillian Emma 75 High Street, St Lawrence market gardner   Doris WOODWARD; Winnifred WOODWARD; Henry WOODWARD
7th November 28th September 1943 Yvonne Phyllis Diane GIBBS Bertie James / Kathleen Margaret May 66 Manston Road tile slabber   Phyllis GIBBS; Kathleen BOYLETT; William BOYLETT
5th December 9th October 1943 George William DOWN George Edward / Gertrude Elsie Southwood Bungalow, Kings Avenue R.N.   Augustus DRAYSON; Clara DRAYSON
5th December 4th June 1938 John Michael KEEL George Walter / Olive Winifred 66 Queen Bertha Road Southern Railway worker   George POWELL; Louisa POWELL
5th December 13th September 1943 Martin George KEEL George Walter / Olive Winifred 66 Queen Bertha Road Southern Railway worker   George POWELL; Louisa POWELL
5th December 12th October 1943 Reginald Gorge PIDDUCK Thomas Richard / Rose Gladys Rosebridge, Mayforth Gardens R.A.S.C.   Bessie WINTER; Edward SACKETT; Walter WINTER
5th December 1st October 1943 John Frederick LARKINS John Coates / Florence May 93 Whitehall Road, St Lawrence gas fitter   Dorothy TAYLOR
14th December 25th August 1943 John Philpott AUSTEN Norman Charles / Nancy Helana Alice Ferndale, Manston farmer    
14th December 4th June 1943 Rex GOODBAN Reginald Albert / Winifred Kathleen Phyllis Minster, Nethercourt Farm Road, Ramsgate farmer    
29th December 8th March 1937 Roger Stuart EASON Arthur Stuart / Necia Iris Fivways, London Road, Ramsgate engineer   Thomas DUNCAN; Freda TREWEEKS; Janet EASON
29th December 24th August 1943 Andrina Madelaine HUGGARD Ronald McEwan / Phyllis Marjorie The Old Cott, Fish Lane, Aldwick, Bognor Regis accountant   Shelagh Wendy Annette HILL, Madelain WHITE
29th December 6th December 1936 Oonah Maureen HUGGARD Ronald McEwan / Phyllis Marjorie The Old Cott, Fish Lane, Aldwick, Bognor Regis accountant   Oonah HUGGARD
29th December   Hewitt Richard HUGGARD Ronald McEwan / Phyllis Marjorie The Old Cott, Fish Lane, Aldwick, Bognor Regis accountant   R N HILL; Irene HUGGARD
29th December   Frances Anne HUGGARD Ronald McEwan / Phyllis Marjorie The Old Cott, Fish Lane, Aldwick, Bognor Regis accountant   Sibyl OWSLEY; Oonah HUGGARD
Date Born First Name Last Name Parents ABODE Trade Comments Godparents
Baptised           Occupation    
2nd January 26th September 1943 David James HAMMOND James Arthur / Gladys Winifred 42 Bradley Road rope splicer   Christine ANDREWS & parents
2nd January 20th August 1943 Keith John FUTTER Hora Victor / Ellen Elizabeth 92 Station Approach Road, Ramsgate engine fitter   Laura TULLEY; Gerald TULLEY; Reginal FULLER
2nd January 2nd August 1943 Norman Patrick DADD Montague / Marjorie 58 Manston Road accountant   Irene TEALL; George TEALL
6th February   David John TITHERINGTON Ernest / Lilly Dorothy Isabel 192 Grange Road, Ramsgate H.M. Forces    
6th February 15th July 1943 Michael William LEWIS William Leonard / Vera Francis 106 Southwood Road, Ramsgate R.A.F.    
6th February 4th August 1943 Wendy Patricia Diane BUSHELL George Henry / Maria May 44 Dundonald Road, Ramsgate machinist    
6th February 15th March 1941 Lionel Geoffrey Victor BUSHELL George Henry / Maria May 44 Dundonald Road, Ramsgate machinist    
20th February 27th November 1943 Julia Georgina BERRY Lawrence Allan / Haidee Florence 13 Northwood Road electrician   Frances Kathleen SIMMONS; Alice Georgina SIMMONS; Francis R H JENNINGS
26th February 5th January 1944 Julia Winifred FEARN Alec / Helen Doreen Lynwood, Staneornse Avenue brewer   Winifred MASON & parents
5th March 18th January 1944 Terence Raymond COOK Raymond Percival / Eileen May 24A Station Approach Road, Ramsgate radio engineer    
5th March 10th November 1943 Maureen Rosalie SOLLY Edward Laurence James / Joan The Gables, 71 Downs Road, Ramsgate plumber, heating engineer    
1st April 12th December 1934 John Henry JOHNSON William James / Charlotte Ruth 166 Newington Road     William J JOHNSON; Margaret JOHNSON & parents
1st April 3rd June 1932 Patricia DAVIES Bert / Hetty 71 Whitehall Road, St Lawrence     Beatrice DAVIES & parents
1st April   John Henry William LAMING Henry George / Alice Elizabeth 35 Wilfred Road engine driver   Percy HOBSON & parents
1st April   Doreen Mavis HOBSON Percy Gordon / Clara Beatrice 15 Lilian Road engine driver   Henry G LAMING; Alice E LAMING & father
2nd April   Ann Jessica PILCHER Leonard George / Eva Blanche 33 Napleton Road electrical engineer   Kate FAIRHALL; Jessie Maud BUSHELL; Frederick POPE
2nd April   Diane June CRIBBENS Leslie George Edward / Veronica Amy 12A Whitehall Road R.A.F.   William HOARE; Winifred CLEVELAND; Gladys KIRBY
23rd April   Roger John Edward SAUNDERS Albert John / Rosina Beatrice 37 Percy Road, Ramsgate H.M. Forces   Albert SAUNDERS; Harry PECKHAM; Doris PECKHAM
7th May   Brenda Ann HOLNESS Sylvia Vera Wycliff, Cliffs End Grove, nr Ramsgate     Ann EBBSWORTH; Mrs GILLET
7th May   Maureen Diana NEEVE Alfred Edwin / Alice Violet 8 Rawden Road, Ramsgate stoker   Kate E KIY
4th June   Barry James HITCH Alfred Joseph / Hannah Loise 23 Lorne Road, St Lawrence fireman   Florence LANCASTER; William H LANCASTER; Frederick C HITCH
2nd July   Linda Mary FORWOOD William Henry Buckley / Ethel May 42 Grange Road, Ramsgate master boot repairer   Frederick FRENCH; Eva FRENCH; Stella PAGE
2nd July   Georgina Mary DEBLING George Thomas / Ethel Florence 43 Cheriton Avenue, St Lawrence R.N.   Ester Florence MATTHEWS; Jessie SMITH; Samuel MATTHEWS
2nd July   Beryl May DUCKETT Stanley / Florence 28 Grosvenoe Road clerk   Mrs WARD
2nd July   Rodney John RODWAY Alfred John / Dorothy Elsie 1 Queensgate Road caterer   Rhoda NAIRNE; Ronald NAIRNE
6th August   Pauline TUCKERMAN John William / Dorothy Alice 199 Grange Road R.N.   Blanche INGE; Lily TITHERINSTON; Ernest TITHERINSTON
6th August   Terence Stanley ALDER Stanley Clifford / Rose Frances Ada Field Villa, St James Avenue H.M. Forces   Doris BRISTOW; Arthur ALDER; Frederick BRISTOW
6th August   Veronica Ann PRICE Archibald John Jones/ Edna May 49 Telham Avenue miner   Maud MIRIAMS; Louisa POPE
9th August   John Michael Arthur SHARP Arthur Herbert / Joan Hillcrest, Goodwin Road dairyman   Arthur SHARP; Joan SHARP
19th August   Ann Maureen SHEPHERD Frederick Arthur / Ivy Gertrude 50 Bloomsbury Road H.M. Forces    
19th August   Barbara Ann HUNT John Henry / Marjorie Jessie Marjan, Mayforth Gardens R.N.   Winifred ALLEN; Lillian ELLS; Alfred F ALLEN
19th August 28th March 1944 Brenda Elaine ALLEN Alfred Francis / Winifred Sophia Franwyn, 1A Holbrook Drive, Newington Road H.M. Forces   Marjorie HUNT; Lillian ELLIS; John H HUNT
24th August 28th May 1944 Robert William McLAREN Robert / Florence Lilian 8 Telham Avenue, Ramsgate miner HOSPITAL  
31st August 23rd July 1944 Barry Hector BUSHELL Muriel Vera 25 Cheriton Avenue, St Lawrence Shorts, Chatham HOSPITAL  
3rd September 17th January 1944 Anthony Lloyd PAGE Lloyd Alton / Grace Lilian 10 Granville Avenue soldier   Harrison William MARSH; Vincent George MARSH
3rd September   David Charles MAYO Maurice Charles / Doris May 10 Granville Avenue bricklayer   Norman KELLER; Robedt CRAMPTON
3rd September 2nd June 1944 Pamela WRIGHT Norman Victor / Evelyn 21 Napleton Road die caster   Florence FLETCHER; Nora FULLER; Alfred ABBOTT
3rd September   Eric Sidney BODLEY Eric Sidney / Daisy Rosemary, West Dumpton Lane glazier   Francis PLAYFORD; Jack PLAYFORD
3rd September   Ann Marguerite WHITAKER Walter George Frederick / Marjorie Kathleen 4 Cliffsend Cottages R.A.F.   May DRAKE; Victor WHITAKER
3rd September   Gillian Anne Mary THOMAS Colin Walter / Winifred Ethel 59 High Street, St Lawrence R.A.F.   Mary DANN
3rd September   Simon Frank INGE Walter Frank / Maria Lara Ashborough, Holbrook Drive, Ramsgate soldier   Blanche Elizabeth  INGE; Herbert STUART
3rd September   Leslie George LEE Robert / Lottie Elizabeth 3 Haine Cotts, Hain furnaceman   Violet PERKINS; George ROWLAND
9th September 18th July 1944 Carol Ann ALLEN John Joseph / Sophia 31 Southwood Road painter PRIVATE  
23rd September 12th September 1944 Frederick Charles ROTHWELL Charles Henry / Evelyn Margaret 142 Grange Road R.A.F.   Winifred SINCLAIR & parents
23rd September 10th August 1944 Michael John SOLLY Sidney Walter Francis / Hilda Alice 12 Seafield Road soldier   Doreen BARMER; Edward J NORTHCASTER
1st October 23rd August 1944 Carole Anne MELLISH John (dec'd) / Kathleen Massen, New Road, Newington     Harold J RAWLINSON; Alice D RAWLINSON; Evelyn MARSH
1st October 5th May 1944 Ann SMITH Cornelius / Gertrude Nellie 69 Chapel Road, St Lawrence labourer    
9th October 5th May 1944 Pamela Kay JENNER Harry Louis / Emily Alice 19 Lorina Road Army Sergeant   Frances JORDAN & parents
5th November 28th February 1944 Barbara Marilyn TAYLOR Ellis Howarth / Mollie Georgina Arkers, London Road R.A.F.   Mary BURDEN; John LEACHLEWIS
5th November 14th September 1944 Michael Anthony BROWN Donald Leslie / Flora Iris Elaine Welbeck, St Lawrence Army   Cecil HOWARTH; Evelyn HOWARTH
5th November 13th August 1944 David Richard RANSOM Frederick Henry / May Beatrice Bay View, Pegwell Avenue aircraft fitter   Bessy BETTS; Herbert BETTS
5th November 22nd September 1944 Donald Patrick WILLIAMS Herbert Albert / Eileen Edith James Terrace, Boughton, nr Faversham aircraft fitter   Joyce HORTON; Leslie FRY
5th November 18th May 1944 Jean Edith COLLYER Frederick Arthur / Mabel Florence 21 Grosvenor Road R.A.F. Corporal   Grave COLLYER; Joyce GOLDSMITH
27th November 8th November 1944 Marilyn Joyce AYERS Frederick William / Marjorie Joyce 69 Whitehall Road R.N.   Pamela COCK; Joan KING & parents
3rd December   William John Mark BOYLETT William Walter / Kathleen Florence 180 Newington Road Army R.E.   Edmund RICHARDS; Eileen BENNETT; Bert GIBBS
23rd December 3rd May 1944 Richard Arthur KEMPE Lionel Arthur / Lily Constance 17 Nethercourt Gardens, Ramsgate R.A.F.   Nora SMITH; Leonard SMITH; Ernest SPAIN
23rd December 26th November 1944 Laura Patricia COOKE Edward / Gladys Elsie 4 Fairlight Avenue labourer   Doris NEWMAN; Laura COOKE; Jack NEWMAN

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