Ramsgate Parish Register Extracts from 1901

St Lawrence Baptisms 1941-1942


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Date   First Name Last Name Parents ABODE Trade Comments  
Baptised           Occupation    
2nd February   Patricia Anne TITHERINGTON Ernest / Lilly Daisy 23 Cheriton Avenue, St Lawrence Southern Railway Fireman    
2nd February   David Richard HILL Richard Edward / Laura Alice Laurick, Newland Road, Ramsgate milkman    
2nd February   Ann Mary HARRIS Reginald Harold / Kate Gertrude 3 Princes Avenue, St Lawrence factory manager    
25th February   Ronald Leonard Edward SHEPPARD Leonard John / Doris Maud 4 Herbert Road, St Lawrence driver Royal Artillery    
2nd March   Valerie Carol WELLER Frederick Cecil / Lillian Peggy Nethercourt Hill, St Lawrence Constable Borough Police    
2nd March   Roy Charles WHISKIN Ronald Philip / Edna Hilda 36 Clifton Road, St Lawrence engineering fitter    
2nd March   Jean Margery JANMAN Christopher Edward / Rose Margery 3 Myrtle Cottages, St Lawrence cowman    
6th April   Barry Leonard SMITH Leonard Francis / Nora Margaret 256 Margate Road, Ramsgate carpenter    
6th April   Patricia Ann MORECROFT Frederick George / Constance Evelyn 48A Picton Road, Ramsgate builders manager    
4th May   Pamela Elizabeth KINGSLAND John / Catherine Mabel 112 Newington Road, St Lawrence master baker    
4th May   Ronald YOUNG Thomas Walter / Edith 31 Wilfred Road, Ramsgate postman    
4th May   David Arthur DUNWELL Arthur George / Hilda Evelyn 157 Grange Road, Ramsgate newsagent    
1st June   Patricia Joan JACKSON David Leonard / Ellen Kathleen 140 Crescent Road, Ramsgate R.A.F.    
1st June   Peter Allan HAYWARD Albert Edward / Elsie May 53 Chapel Road, St Lawrence postman    
12th June   Frank William SIMMONS George William / Charlotte Rose 2 Violet Avenue, Northwood, Ramsgate A.R.P. ADULT  
3rd July   Peter BUSH Kenneth Harold King / Lillian Sofia 37 Bloomsbury Road, Ramsgate electrician    
3rd August   George Henry CLARK George Henry / Mary Elizabeth 6 Marden Avenue, St Lawrence labourer    
3rd August   David Barry HEWETT Nancy Winnifred 5 Queens Avenue, St Lawrence      
7th September   Barbara Ann HALDEN Robert Peter / Doris Irene 45 Ashburnham Road, St Lawrence R.A.F. Sergeant    
7th September   Michael Laurence SOLLY Harold Kitchener / Violet Roubles Holbrood Drive, St Lawrence general labourer    
7th September   John BURRILL John Robert / Esther Ruth 9 Grosvenor Road, St Lawrence L/Bomer R.A.    
7th September   Roy Harold FARBRACE Harold / Margaret Emily 47 High Street, St Lawrence A.G.  R.A.F.    
7th September   Anthony Roy EUDEN John William / Irene Frances 42 Central Road L/Bomb R.A.    
2nd November   Pamela Joy LARKINS Herbert Frederick / Ellen Mary 30 Gwyn Road, Ramsgate general labourer    
7th December   William Robert STEWART William John / Amy Elizabeth 132 Southwood Road, St Lawrence painter    
7th December   Veronica Molly HART Horace Robert / Violet Catherine 11 Nethercourt Hill, Ramsgate constable    
7th December   Antony John DEVERSON Angus Robert / Lillian Doris 13 Marvose Avenue, Ramsgate aircraft engineer    
7th December   Christabelle Anne CARTER Bernard George / Bella Ellen Tabernacle Cottages, Northwood, Ramsgate Aircraftsman R.A.F.    
27th December   Joy Monica BARKER Reginald Owen / Hilary Grace Ruth Greenbanks, London Road, St Lawrence medical practitioner    
27th December   Dorothy Joyce JOHNSON William James / Charlotte Ruth 37 Telham Avenue, St Lawrence Corporation Attendant PRIVATE  
Date Born First Name Last Name Parents ABODE Trade Comments Godparents
Baptised           Occupation    
4th January   George Henry SPAIN Clarence Godfrey / Joan Irene Bridgeside, Newington, St Lawrence engineer Merchant Navy    
4th January   Keith JAMES Walter Henry Richard Arthur / Edna Beatrice 56 Chilton Lane, St Lawrence horseman    
1st March   Patricia Joan GUTRIDGE Richard Thomas / Winifred Amelia 69 Seafield Road, Ramsgate seaman gunner RN    
5th April   Pauline Dorothy HOUGHAM Herbert Edward / Doris 2 Myrtle Cottages, Whittaker Gunner R.A.    
5th April   Colleen Andrew PORT Florence May 2 Myrtle Cottages, St Lawrence      
5th April   Beryl Ann HOARE Ambrose Bertie / Muriel May 7 Holbrook Drive locomotive farmer    
5th April   Edward William Horace CARRETT Edward / Rhoda Grace 50 Manston Road porter    
5th April   Colin Leonard FOORD Edgar Leonard / Muriel Evelyn 21 Lorne Road A.B. seaman    
5th April   Robert Laurence Harry MARSHALL Laurence Joseph / Grace Amelia 43 Southwood Road bricklayer    
5th April   Patricia Ann WATERS William Henry / Sarah Amelia 2 Allenby Road fireman    
5th April   June GOODBOURN James / Edith 20 Seafield Road bricklayer    
30th April   David YOUNG Alfred Robert / Alice Marjorie Little Oaks, Cliffs End solicitor    
3rd May 7th March 1942 Leonard John PRICE Archibald John / Edna May 26 Telham Avenue, Newington, Ramsgate miner    
3rd May 7th December 1941 Rosemary June OLIVE William George / Emily 45 Ellington Road R.N.   Nellie KNIGHT; Margaret SKINNER; Alfred SKINNER.
3rd May 18th October 1941 Gail Anne MARSH Harrison / Mabel Ashboro, Holbrook Drive, Ramsgate R.A.F.   Grace ADAMS; Ivy HOGBEN; Walter ALMOND.
7th June 1st April 1942 Dallas Elizabeth Jane HASLEWOOD Richard Noel Lyon Dering / Joan Catherine 368 Margate Road, Ramsgate journalist   Arthur GARNET; Ivy HOARE; Ethel MELDRUM.
7th June 15th April 1942 David Edward George TICEHURST Percy Edward / Gladys 8 Saxon Road bus driver   Charles FIELD; Dorothy FIELD
7th June 11th May 1942 Pauline Nancy CURTIS Horace Edwin / Alice Elizabeth 21 Manston Road, St Lawrence plasterer   Louisa MILLS; Beatrice WOODWARD; George MILLS.
28th June   Barry Ernest AUSTEN Norman Charles / Nancy Helana Alice Ferndale, Monston farmer Manston Church  
28th June   Derek William COBBETT Frederick William / Pearl Olive 6 Spratling St, Manston   Manston Church  
5th July 4th June 1942 Joan Ann KING Albert Alfred William / Mary Beatrice 10 Lorina Road railwayman   Mabel SMITH & parents
5th July 1st December 1942 Janice Eileen Valerie BOYLETT William Walter / Kathleen Florence Valetta, Kings Avenue soldier   Ivy GERTRUDE; Kathleen Mary GIBBS; Bertram GIBBS
5th July 2nd March 1942 John Walter PIDDUCK Thomas Richard / Rose Gladys Roseridge, Mayforth Garden soldier   Doris SACKETT; Edward SACKETT; Walter WINTER
24th July 26th May 1942 Primrose Margaret WALPOLE Ernest Edward / Kathleen Jessie 274 Margate Road, Ramsgate R.A.F. W/O   Margaret CHURCH; Mollie WALPOLE; Alfred CHURCH
2nd August 28th May 1942 Jean STAMPER Arthur Bernard / Gertrude Ada Rose 69 Chapel Road, St Lawrence R.A.F. Sergeant   Lottie LEE; Cornelius SMITH
2nd August 26th June 1942 Denis John CAVELL Gladys Irene 91 Whitehall Road, St Lawrence     Edith BELSEY; Arthur COOK, Edward SANDWELL
2nd August 27th December 1940 Sheila Mary PHILPOTT Thomas Ernest Arthur / Ivy Elizabeth Frances 4 Clifton Road, St Lawrence soldier   Mabel JORDAN; Emily JENNER
9th August 26th July 1942 Terence Anthony Richard INGE Reginald Richard / Bernice Daphne Gwendoline 28 Manston Road soldier   Norman John PARK; Herbert Arthur INGE; Joyce NICHOLLS
9th August 27th December 1941 Michael Bernard REDWOOD Bernard Herbert Thomas / Alice Elizabeth 14 Bradley Road R.A.F.   Frank SHARP; Louisa Marion DAVY
12th August 21st June 1942 Richard William ELLIS Merfyn / Mabel Frances 5 Dundonald Road miner   George PARSONS; Albert GIBBENS; Doris GIBBENS.
30th August 4th August 1942 Janet Eileen Rosemeary DENTON Arthur Reggie / Ellen Jane 2 Bloomsbury Road soldier   Edith Gertrude COCKS & parents
6th September 6th July 1942 Patricia Kay REYNOLDS Cecil William / Maria Mercy 50 Newington Road Police W R   Alice BUGDEN; Daisy HOLNESS; Charlie CORNELIUS
4th October 19th July 1942 Bridget ASHBY William Harold / Nellie Isabel 67 High Street, St Lawrence police constable   Edith WILLIAMS & parents.
4th October 19th July 1942 Judith ASHBY William Harold / Nellie Isabel 67 High Street, St Lawrence police constable   Edith WILLIAMS & parents.
4th October 26th July 1942 Norman Arthur William CRAMPTON Norman James / Minnie Mary Alicia, London Road soldier   Agnes FLURER; Fred W L FLURER; Maud CRAMPTON
11th October 26th July 1942 Jean Margaret FLETCHER Joseph William Henry / Vera Ethel Ebenezer Cottages, Spratling Street      
6th December 29th August 1942 Frederick John HOWARD Ernest Leonard / Daisy Elizabeth 1 Fleming Cott. Woodnesborough      
6th December 29th September 1942 Brenda Olive RICHARDSON Frederick Stokes / Rose Olive The Haven, Court Lees, Whitstable      
6th December 31st March 1942 Douglas BURTON Victor John / Ella Olive May 86 Newington Road      
10th December   Rose Emily MILLROSS   Southwood Road   ADULT  
26th December   Sheila Maureen FROST   Manston soldier Manston  

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