Ramsgate Parish Register Extracts from 1901

St Lawrence Baptisms 1939-1940


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Date First Name Last Name Parents ABODE Trade Comments
Baptised         Occupation  
1st January Sylvia Joan HOLLANDS Leonard Howard / Violet May 23 Manston Road, St Lawrence GPO engineer  
1st January Esme Margaret PLAYFORD William Edward / Margaret Nova 107 Crescent Road clerk  
5th February Clement Edward George WILKINSON Clement / Ellen 1 Granville Avenue, Newington, St Lawrence miner  
5th February Norma Ann ELLIS Edward George / Rosetta Lillian 32 Clifton Road, St Lawrence newsagent  
5th February Leslie Eric PINDER Eric / Charlotte Annie 71 Whitehall Road, St Lawrence restaurant manager  
5th February Robert Esmond THOMAS Arthur William / May Winnifred 9 Newington Road, St Lawrence carpenter RAF  
5th February Michael John DOMAILLE Harold / Eileen Ina Glenderov, Kings Avenue, Newington, St Lawrence seaman  
5th February Wendy WOOD Richard Claud / Doris May 18 Bush Avenue, St Lawrence Pullman Car attendant  
5th March Brian Frank WARD Frank / Florence 19 Claremont Gardens, St Lawrence labourer  
5th March Enid Grace PRITCHARD Osgood / Gladys 60 Chilton Lane, St Lawrence window dresser  
5th March Beryl BODLEY Sydney / Winnifred 36 Belmont Road, Ramsgate painter  
5th March Pamela Iris BOOTH Stephen / Iris 25 Newinton Road, St Lawrence grocers assistant  
5th March Robin Thomas GARDNER Robert / Mary 41 Chilton Lane, St Lawrence milk roundsman  
5th March Brian Michael DRISCOLL Frederick Charles / Phylis 26 Hillbrow Road, Ramsgate labourer  
5th March Derrick Gordan JAMES Phyllis 3 Telham Avenue, St Lawrence    
5th March Janet Mavis PALMER Edward Thomas / Dorothy Irene 28 Lorina Road, St Lawrence miner  
2nd April David & Leonard CRABB Ronald / Elizabeth Rachel 6 Buxton Road, Ramsgate labourer  
2nd April Jean Carol FULLER Douglas Harry? / Rosa Kathleen Redriffe, Downs Road law clerk  
2nd April Brian Anthony KADWELL William Thomas / Dorothy Elizabeth Sunnycote, Pegwell Road brewer manager  
2nd April Maureen Lillian MACKINS William Hadway / Mary Evelyn 196 Linksfield Road, Westgate handyman  
17th April John Edward VANLAUN Henri Thomas /  Ethel Everard The Homestead, London Road, Ramsgate    
28th April Robert John BARNES Henry Robert / Eva Theresa   RAF instructor  
6th May Tessa Mary HUDSON Kenneth Charles / Mary Isabel Westways, St Mildreds Avenue, St Lawrence miller  
7th May Jaqueline Ann WRATTEN John Grenville / Ada Elsie 70 Manston Road motor driver  
7th May Stanley Arthur THORNTON Reginald Stanley / Beatrice Evelyn 25 Herbert Road painter  
7th May Anthony John BINGHAM Allan John / Eileen Patricia Cantaur, Saxon Road insurance agent  
7th May Brian Colin PHILPOTT Thomas Ernest / Ivy Elizabeth 74 Coleman Crescent, Ramsgate gardener  
7th May Julia Ann BRAWA Albert Thomas / Evelyn Marie 15 Bush Avenue window cleaner  
7th May Cyril Arthur ASHBY Arthur Henry / Edith Lillian 57 Burshill Crescent labourer  
4th June Donald Walter MILLS George / Louisa 21 Manston Road, St Lawrence paper maker  
4th June John Hugh ELLAM Alfred / Doris 134 Southwood Road miner  
4th June Valerie Ann CRESSWELL Edward George / Amy Winnifred 20 Clifton Road linotype operator  
4th June Gloria Ivy RICHARDSON Frederick Stokes / Rose Olive The Haven, Court Lees, Whitstable dairyman  
4th June Roselea ATKINSON Daniel / Alice 5 Fairlight Avenue, St Lawrence labourer  
4th June Josephine Ann ASHBY William Harold / Nelly Isabel 67 High Street, St Lawrence police constable  
4th June Denzil Alfred Thomas COOMBES Denzil / Grace Ella Bleak House, Pegwell Road ward ground worker  
15th June Stephen Robert CASTLE Stephen Robert / Alice May 83 Newington Road    
15th June Robert John CASTLE Stephen Robert / Alice May 83 Newington Road    
15th June Alice May HEWES Horace Ernest / Mary Ann 83 Newington Road    
15th June Mary Ann PEACOCK George Cooper / Harriet Catherine 79 Newington Road    
19th June Sheila May FRIEND Sidney Arthur / Louie Clara May 28 Wilfred Road    
2nd July Molly LEE Robert / Lottie Elizabeth 20 Hillbrow Road, Ramsgate    
2nd July Janet Elizabeth POTTER Thomas Henry / Dorothy Ivy 89 Newington Road, Ramsgate    
2nd July Janet Rosemary MIRIAMS Frederick William / Edith May 342 Margate Road, Ramsgate    
2nd July Paul Burgar TELL John William / Vera Kathleen 27 Ellington Road, Ramsgate    
2nd July Edward John CRAYERCRAFT Joan 69 Seafield Road, Ramsgate    
2nd July Raymond KNIGHT Albert Edward / Nellie May 20 Hillbrow Road, Ramsgate    
2nd July Sheila Iris HART Horace Robert / Violet Catherine 11 Nethercourt Hill, Ramsgate    
2nd July Maureen Agnes TIFT George Edward / Agnes Georgina Buzzard, 61 Ashburnham, Ramsgate    
2nd July Michael Graham ARGAR Alan John / Rose Alice Euginie 40 Burshill Crescent, Ramsgate    
2nd July Henry David REEVE Henry Benjamin / Nellie Maud 11 Burshill Crescent, Ramsgate    
2nd July Pamela Ann SOLLEY Joan The Gables, Downs Road, Chilton    
2nd July Doreen Grace MARKS Dorothy Grace 27 Fairlight Avenue, Newington, Ramsgate    
9th July Bridget ROBINSON Terence / Mary Upper Court, St Lawrence, Ramsgate solicitor alledged date of birth 27th May 1939
15th July Hilary June ROBERTSON John Sealey / Robina Frotune Gak, Goodwin Road, St Lawrence clerk, Borough Health Department  
6th August June Elizabeth BEVAN Jack Laonel / Winnifred Dora Jackwin, Holbrook Drive, St Lawrence coal miner  
6th August Bryan Stuart YOUNG Alfred Charles / Isabella Ashington, Holbrook Drive, St Lawrence    
6th August Mary Elizabeth Ann BULL Joseph / Edith Frances 13 Wilfred Road, St Lawrence master chimney sweep  
6th August Danny George SPAIN James Henry / Agnes Bridgeside, Newington, St Lawrence    
6th August John Edward CRAMP Norman Robert / Ivy Mary 10 Downs Road, St Lawrence coal merchants manager  
6th August Bernard Victor FUTTER Horace Victor / Ellen Elizabeth 92 Station Approach, Ramsgate railway fitter  
6th August Ethel Beatrice WOOD Alfred James / Ethel Georgina Albion Cottages, College Road, Ramsgate    
6th August Derek Edwin MOYS George Edwin / Esther Louisa 81 Nixon Road, Ramsgate labourer  
6th August Jean Sophie ROSBOROUGH Ruby Stella Bridgeside, Newington, St Lawrence    
9th August Christopher Neil MOORE Sidney / Edith 33 Nethercourt Gardens, St Lawrence    
12th August Donald Edmund TUCKER John Stanley / Emily Margaret 24 Manston Road, St Lawrence   bapt.12.08.1939 at St Josephs RD Church of England
3rd September Alan Ernest ASHDOWN Alfred Henry / Ellen Winnifred 33 Bloombury Road, Ramsgate    
3rd September Michael James COX Harold Ernest / Elsie Alice Lewes, Mayforth Gardens, Ramsgate    
3rd September Dorothy Ann COLLIER Horace John / Dorothy Winifred 27 Coleman Crescent, Ramsgate    
3rd September Julie Brenda WILLIAMS Henry Albert / Eileen Edith Sunlea, St James Avenue, Ramsgate    
4th September William Joseph DIXON Ruth 25 Fairlight Avenue, St Lawrence    
10th September John Richard POLLARD Frederick Charles / Marjorie May High Street, Manston labourer  
1st October Michael Harold HARVEY Reginald Albert / Maud Elizabeth 81 Chapel Road, St Lawrence    
1st October Rita Ann HUGHES Frank Charles / Elsie Elizabeth 99 Southwood Road    
1st October William John WRATTEN William Wellesley / Gweneth Joan 60 Manston Road, St Lawrence    
1st October Peter John WYBOURN John Stephen / Joan Dorothy Adva Ghur, The Grove, Cliffsend, St Lawrence    
1st October Paul ROGERS Cecil William / Grace Victoria Ivydene, Ellington Place, St Lawrence    
1st October Pamela Mary WALLIS Leonard Stanley / Doris Mary Grafton, The Grove, Cliifsend, St Lawrence    
1st October Brian James BOOTES James Frederick / Margaret Helena 38 Chilton Lane, St Lawrence    
1st October Eileen Marjorie HORROCKS Patrick / Mary 25 Gairlight Avenue, St Lawrence    
5th November Pamel Ann Margaret HUBBELL Harold Richard / Dorias 43 Wilfrid Road, St Lawrence    
5th November Norman William BUSH David John / Ivy Rose 43 Southwood Road, St Lawrence    
5th November Jean HERITAGE James / Rose Mary 118 Southwood Road, St Lawrence    
5th November Bernard Hadley CAPP George William / Olive Winnifred Rathgar, Gilbert Road, Ramsgate    
5th November Laurence Reginald CULLEN Lawrence Reginald / Marvis 2 Telham Avenue, St Lawrence    
18th November Simon Patrick Cowland COOPER Michael Twiss / Peggy Louise St Laurence Vicarage County Council Officer  
18th November Brian Michael BUCKINGHAM Sidney George / Rosina Florence 39 Marden Avenue, St Lawrence chef  
18th November Raymon Victor SPAIN Clarence Godfrey / Joan Irene 100 Crescent Road, Ramsgate merchant service seaman  
18th November David James SQUELCH Henry James / Eleanor Kathleen 136 Crescent Road, Ramsgate scalemaker  
18th November Terence John EUDEN John William / Irene Frances 20 Dundonald Road, Ramsgate soldier R.A.  
5th December Gertrude May MITCHELL George William / May Maud 3 Catherine Terrace, St Lawrence   born 08.01.1926 - conditional
27th December Penelope Louisa GRANT Robert Alfred / Barbara Violet Alice San Fabian, London Road, Ramsgate medical practitioner born 02.09.1939
Date First Name Last Name Parents ABODE Trade Comments
Baptised         Occupation  
7th January Colin Lewis JAMES Frederick William George / Ivy Christine 15 High Street, St Lawrence brewery botler  
7th January Ernest William Richard READ Ernest Walter / Ivy May 20 Dundonald Road, Ramsgate R.Naval Patrol  
7th January Ronald Edward George HAYWARD Albert Edward / Elsie May 55 Chapel Road, St Lawrence postman  
4th February Janic Wendy Lloyd HUGHES Lancelot Milton Lloyd / Grace Emily 97 Ellington Road, Ramsgate surveyor manager colliery  
4th February Joan Sylvia YOUNG William / Elizabeth Jean 3 Vicarage Cottages, St Lawrence collier  
10th February Samuel Ernest TAYLOR Thomas / Gwendoline Rose 59 Burshill Crescent, St Lawrence manager N.A.A.F.I.  
3rd March Edward Percy CLINCH Alfred Stanley / Mary Grace 100 Southwood Road, St Lawrence roundsman  
3rd March Constance REES Glyn / Lily 134 Southwood Road, St Lawrence R.A.F. construction  
3rd March Eileen Florence CURTIS Norman Wildred / Louisa Emily 17 Claremont Gardens, St Lawrence labourer  
3rd March Raymond John MICHAM Francis Carlton / Phyllis Muriel 5 Coastguard Cottages, Sandwich Road, St Lawrence seaman  
3rd March Mavis Jean FISHER Eileen Grace 103 Southwood Road, St Lawrence    
1st April Sarah Anna ROWLAND Sarah /William Henry 3 Telham Avenue, Ramsgate    
6th April Michael David STUPPLES John Alfred / Ivy Victoria 4 Allenby Road, Ramsgate MT driver  
7th April Betty Anne ROBERTS William John / Cissie Mary 3 Marden Avenue, St Lawrence miner  
7th April Virginia Anne WHITLING Norman Alfred / Violet Florence 65 Park Road, Ramsgate corn merchant  
7th April Kenneth Edward FARRIER Ernest Maurice / Lily Katharine 17 Bush Avenue, St Lawrence barman  
7th April Brian Keith PEEBLES William Mackay / Muriel Clara 75 South Eastern Road, Ramsgate RAF  
7th April Graham Frederick Arthur RATCLIFFE Frederick / Ethel Dora 41 Chilton Lane, St Lawrence newsagent  
7th April Eileen MILLS Jack / Fanny Margaret 46 Fairlight Avenue, St Lawrence R.N.R.  
5th May Brian Stanley JOHNSON Stanley Thomas / Dora Margaret 102 Hardres Street, Ramsgate labourer  
5th May Peter Donald BROWN Donald Leslie / Flora Elaine 37 Wilfred Road, St Lawrence police sergeant  
5th May Rita Marjorie DADD Montague Ellis / Marjorie Doreen 38 Manston Road, St Lawrence accountant  
5th May Christine Irene TEALL George Herbert / Irene Gertrude Astley, Stanley Road, Broadstairs provision manager  
5th May Brian Edward HOPKINS Thomas Edward / Gertrude Ivy 151 High Street, Ramsgate miner  
5th May John Anthony GARDEN Albert Louis / Margaret Ellen 59 Chapel Road, St Lawrence butcher  
31st May William John MORGAN George Llewellyn / Grace Honour 110 Grange Road, Ramsgate bricklayer  
2nd June Michael Percy WOOD Percy Alfred / Lillian 20 Royal Road, Ramsgate R.A.F. (AC2)  
2nd June Valerie Lillian WOOD Percy Alfred / Lillian 20 Royal Road, Ramsgate R.A.F. (AC2)  
30th June Valerie Ann SORLY Albert Thomas / Ruby Ethel 18 Burshill Crescent, Ramsgate    
7th July Pauline Ann KADWELL William Thomas / Dorothy Elizabeth Sonnycote, Pegwell Road, Ramsgate    
4th August Betty FULLER William George / Florence Gladys 9 Ayton Road, Ramsgate plasterer  
4th August Edna Christiana PRICE Archibald John / Edna May 26 Telham Avenue, St Lawrence miner  
3rd November Peter Charles Darby BRITTON Charles Walter / Eleanor Doris 18 Gwyn Road, Ramsgate baker  
3rd November Beryl Amelia PALMER Albert / Amelia 131 Crescent Road, Ramsgate A.F.S.  
8th December Margaret Elizabeth HARLOW Alfred Robert / Ivy Constance 30 Ashburnham Road, St Lawrence clerk  
10th December Madekine Joyce Adele BROWN Frances Louise 226 Newington Road   ADULT

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