Ramsgate Parish Register Extracts from 1901

St Lawrence Baptisms 1935-1936


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Date First Name Last Name Parents ABODE Trade Comments
Baptised         Occupation  
6th January Colin Antony Edward WHITE Hubert Edward / Lilian Martha 33 Fairlight Avenue labourer  
6th January Ronald George WALKER William James / Gytha 75 Coleman Crescent, Ramsgate gardener  
6th January Albert Derek WALKER William James / Gytha 75 Coleman Crescent, Ramsgate gardener  
6th January Brian Michael SAYER Leslie George Edward / Ethel May 34 Fairlight Avenue, St Lawrence grocers assistant  
6th January Kenneth Leslie SAYER Leslie George Edward / Ethel May 34 Fairlight Avenue, St Lawrence grocers assistant  
6th January Douglas Ivor SAYER Leslie George Edward / Ethel May 34 Fairlight Avenue, St Lawrence grocers assistant  
6th January Jean Mary RANKINE John Bertram / Hilda Amt 9 Clifton Road, St Lawrence miner  
6th January Iris May MOODY Frederick / Doris Ruth Southwood Tavern, St Lawrence licenced victualler  
6th January Peter George DUNWELL Arthur George / Hilda Evelyn 99 Ellington Road, Ramsgate newsagent  
6th January Jean Margaret HODGES Frederick John / Florence Sarah 24 Clifton Road, St Lawrence baker  
3rd February William James KNIGHT Albert Edwards / Nellie 36 Coleman Crescent, St Lukes, Ramsgate labourer  
3rd February Florence Ivy COLLINS George / Ellen Brandford, 40 Approach Road, Ramsgate decorator  
3rd February Anthony Frederick HEWETT Frederick Thomas / Delza Winifred 4 Marden Avenue, St Lawrence lorry driver  
3rd February Sylvia Jean BRIDGLAND Ernest Page / Violet Adelaide 24 Fairlight Avenue, St Lawrence lorry driver  
3rd February David Albert HOLLIDAY Albert James / Winifred 39 Whitehall Road, St Lawrence upholsterer  
3rd February Elsie Rose SETTERFIELD Annie 39 Ashburnham Road, St Lawrence       
3rd March Derrick Edward DOWN Edward / Violet Gladys 15 Clifton Road, St Lawrence baker  
3rd March George Bernard Henry PAGE George Henry Thomas / Ivy Ellen 15 Cheriton Avenue, St Lawrence farm labourer  
3rd March Jean Elizabeth EDWARDS Griffiths James / Gladys Margaret 46 Newington Road, St Lawrence miner  
3rd March Hugh John OWEN Phillip John / Olive May Bangor, Northwood Road, Ramsgate insurance agent  
3rd March Mary Angela Margaret TERRY James George / Laura Chilton 105 Crescent Road, Ramsgate advertising manager  
3rd March Reuben Michael George SHARMAN Reuben George / Jessica Elizabeth 191 Newington Road, Ramsgate wine & spirits rep  
3rd March Shirley May SIMMONS Henry John / Dorothy Ella 29 Manston Road, St Lawrence motor driver  
3rd March Jean LUMBARD Arthur Leslie / Minnie Hilda 66 Folkestone Road, Dover motor driver  
3rd March Gladys Elizabeth Ellen PIDDUCK Ernest Alfred / Gladys Terry 4 Walnut Tree Cottages, Haine, St Lawrence farm labourer  
7th April Mary Elizabeth RIGDON George Henry / Charlotte Mary 28 Bloomsbury Road, St Lawrence labourer  
7th April Gerald Lewis BASSETT Gerald Pengelly / Ethel May 14 Paragon, Ramsgate RAF  
7th April Rosemary RACE Isaac / Rosa Gwendoline 2 Belle Cottages, St Lawrence mechanic  
7th April Raymond Arthur Charles MILLER Gilbert Arthur / Lucy Lilian 91 Southwood Road baker  
7th April Ronald Charles William MYNHEER Daniel Arthur / Lydia Laura Bleak House, Pegwell Road builder  
7th April Evelyn Dora RATCLIFFE Frederick / Ethel Dora Devon, Downs Road, St Lawrence labourer  
20th April Geoffrey Thomas ENGLISH Charles / Isabel The Gardens, Nethercourt, St Lawrence market gardener  
5th May Brian Ernest MC MULLIN Henry Ernest / Sarah 6 Lorina Road, St Lawrence Southern Railway cleaner  
5th May Derek Frederick MUNDAY Edward James / Dorothy 7 Bradley Road, Ramsgate Corporation labourer  
5th May Raymond Charles SHARP Wilfred Charles / Jenny Eleanor 20 Marden Avenue, St Lawrence hotel cook  
5th May Leonard Douglas LAWRENCE Edward Douglas / Doris Irene 22 Grosvenor Road, St Lawrence labourer  
5th May Pamela Elizabeth FOORD Frank Frederick / Grace Beatrice 12 Grosvenor Road, St Lawrence painter  
5th May John Patrick FARRIER Ernest Maurice / Lilly Katharine Cannon Inn, Ellington Place, St Lawrence licenced victualler  
5th May Eileen Winifred HALLAMS George William / Winifred Margaret 9 Manston Road, St Lawrence laundry part proprietor  
2nd June Terence ELLENDER Gilbert / Gwendoline 6 Cheriton Avenue, Newington, St Lawrence bus driver  
7th July Daphne Margaret GEE Stanley James / Doris Kathleen Montrose, 22 Nethercourt Hill, St Lawrence insurance agent  
7th July Iris Rose Honor MORGAN George / Grace 41 Ellington Road, Ramsgate labourer  
7th July Anne Elizabeth BIGHAM Albert / Amy 31 Nixon Avenue, Ramsgate miner  
7th July Janet Clarisa MORTIMORE Reginald Charles William / Clarisa 23 Sugden Road, Battersea, SW 17 electrician  
7th July June Avril MARSH Harrisin / Mabel Clovelly, Northwood Road, Ramsgate coach painter  
7th July Brian SWANN Louis / Annie 7 Marden Avenue, Ramsgate miner  
7th July June Margaret Lily MOCKETT Edward / Violet Lily 49 Ellington Road, Ramsgate bricklayer  
7th July Michael George BRISLEY Horace Walter / Grace Frances Strachin, Northwood Road, Ramsgate foreman fitter  
19th July Joseph Frederick ELBRO Frederick Henry / Hester Marie 10 North Avenue, Ramsgate Private Dorset Regiment  
4th August Edward William FULLER William George / Florence Gladys May 14 Telham Avenue, Ramsgate plasterer  
4th August Robert Michael COOK Percy Robert / Phoebe Amy 6 Claremont Gardens, St Lawrence painter  
4th August John Arthur STUPPLES John Alfred / Ivy Victoria 4 Allenby Road, Ramsgate motor driver  
4th August Audrey Margaret WHEATLEY Robert Edward / Ivy Winnifred 8 Fairlight Avenue, St Lawrence laundry worker  
4th August Derek KIDDELL Percy Sumpter / Gladys Jessie 20 Bush Avenue, Newington milk roundsman  
4th August Michael John SAYER William Robert / Dorothy Francis 48 Telham Avenue, Newington joiner  
7th August Edwin Arthur CURTIS Horace / Alice 21 Manston Road, St Lawrence plasterer  
1st September Patricia Barbara HULL Henry James / Daisy Catherine 10 North Avenue, Ramsgate RAF  
1st September Morris John SMITH Maurice Philpott / Dorothy Milbourne, Downs Road flour miller  
1st September Patricia Anne CLAPSON Francis Steven / Elsie May 5 Clairmont Gardens, St Lawrence groundsman  
1st September Patricia GOLDSMITH George Henry / Elizabeth Anna 61 Norman Road, St Lawrence wholesale newsagent  
1st September June HALL Samuel / Kate Emily 4 Providence Cottages, Ashburnham Road, St Lawrence stone mason  
2nd September Lilian Eileen GIFFORD William / Nellie 154 Southwood Road, St Lawrence labourer  
20th September Eric William LASLETT William Robert / Margaret Cora 48 Fairlight Avenue, St Lawrence traveller  
20th September Roy Ernest LASLETT William Robert / Margaret Cora 48 Fairlight Avenue, St Lawrence traveller  
20th September Joyce Margaret LASLETT William Robert / Margaret Cora 48 Fairlight Avenue, St Lawrence traveller  
29th September Anthony Charles HOGBEN Frederick Charles / Doris Kathleen 67 Shooters Hill Road, Blackheath, SE ships baker  
6th October Pauline Sari WOOD John Norman / Grace Ethel 172 Hereson Road, Ramsgate baker  
6th October Eric George COX Avor (believed to be Ivor) / Lillian Rose 3 Marden Avenue, St Lawrence miner  
6th October Bernard Frank WHEATLEY Sidney Harold / Ellen Rose 10 King Edward Road, St Lawrence waiter  
10th October Robert Edward Ashley LONG Douglas / Jessie Florence 40 Nethercourt Hill, St Lawrence    
3rd November Michael Robert ABBOTT Leslie Robert / Phyllis 10 Nethercourt Hill, St Lawrence commercial traveller  
16th November Anne Caroline Eunice MAINHOOD Albert Ewart / Eunice Decima Overton, St Mildreds Road, Ramsgate tutor  
29th November William VAN LAUN Henri Thomas / Ethel Everard The Homestead, London Road, Ramsgate dog breeder  
1st December James Frederick MACKINS William / Rose 24 Grosvenor Road, Ramsgate lorry driver  
1st December Brian John SHAW Wallace / Edith 17 Lorina Road, Ramsgate platelayer  
1st December Janet Emily CHAMPS Charles Arthur Lewis / Emily Elizabeth 60 Margate Road, Ramsgate shop assistant  
11th December Lydia Maude GOODBOURN Horace George / Mary Ann Hammersmith, London master tailor adult conditional
Date First Name Last Name Parents ABODE Trade Comments
Baptised         Occupation  
5th January William John MEPSTED Reginald Horton / Gladys Regina 25 Cheriton Avenue, St Lawrence lorry driver  
5th January Ronny Ernest POTTER William Gilbert / Rose Ivy Kathleen 13 Ashburnham Road, St Lawrence labourer  
5th January Jean SERGIUSON William Henry / Dorothy May 27 Cheriton Avenue, St Lawrence salesman  
5th January George Robert GRAY George William / Violet Ena 42 Vale Road, Ramsgate carpenter  
11th January Dorothy Gladys MUNDAY   49 Ashburnham Road    
2nd February John Frederick SWAIN Frederick / Edith 4 Alpha Road, Ramsgate labourer  
1st March Frank Ernest BARRETT Arthur Henry / Anne Rosetta 160 Southwood Road, St Lawrence RAF  
1st March Dennis John OTTAWAY Ernest Richard / Doris Mary 19 Bush Avenue, St Lawrence coach painter  
24th March Raymond Armstrong ROBINSON William Bayles / Florence Elizabeth 28 Dundonald Road, St Lawrence miner private & died later
5th April Patricia Joyce BURTON Alfred Frederick / Doris Emily 196 Grange Road, St Lawrence milk roundsman  
5th April Anne Patricia READMAN Joseph Andrew / Nellie Launceston, Park Road, Ramsgate ships mechanic  
5th April Norman RUSSELL Isaac / Elizabeth Fanny 135 Southwood Road, St Lawrence miner  
5th April Betty Margaret DENYER Frederick Arthur / Rosie Ethel Amy 93 Station Appraoch Road, Ramsgate fitter railway  
5th April John Edward WOOD Sidney Edward / Ena Dora Neame House, Station Road, Herne Bay decorator  
5th April Tonetta HAMMOND William Stanley / Renee Stapley Westcot, Cliffs End, St Lawrence engineer RAF  
3rd May Peter Graham FINCH Frank / Florence 91 Westcliff Road, Ramsgate motor driver  
3rd May Geoffrey Stanley REDWOOD Stanley George / Alfreda Nellie Delron, Burlington Gardens, Margate labourer  
29th May Ivy Eileen MACKEAN Horace Victor / Doris Grace 36 Telham Avenue, St Lawrence labourer  
30th May Connie GLEESON George William / Connie Ida 131 Crescent Road, Ramsgate rigger RAF  
7th June Marjorie Rose HITCH Alfred Joseph / Hannah Louisa 23 Lorne Road, St Lawrence painter  
5th July Raymond John TIPPING Harold John / Ethel Violet 22 Laurince Road, St Lawrence bus conductor  
5th July Richard John CORNWELL Sydney Alfred / Lily Hilda Constance 57 Norman Road, St Lawrence bank clerk  
5th July Michael Robert GARDNER Robert Henry / Mary 46 Chilton Lane milk roundsman  
5th July Kathleen Elizabeth BURBRIDGE Walter Harold / Jane Elizabeth 56A High Street, St Lawrence labourer  
17th July Harold DURRANT Leonard / Alice 13 High Street, St Lawrence marine engineer adult
24th July Margaret Olive HEARD Douglas Casley / Freda May Iddesleigh, Downes Road, St Lawrence builder  
2nd August John Arnold RIPP Cyril George / Violet Mon-Seratte, Homeleigh Road, Northwood civil servant  
2nd August Kenneth Stephen FOX Joseph / Emily 44 Marden Avenue, St Lawrence furniture porter  
2nd August Gillian Margaret PAYNE Edward / Violet Crowland, Chilton Lane, St Lawrence locomotive fireman  
2nd August Sheila Joy HARDMAN George Robert / Lucy Irene 33 Marden Avenue, St Lawrence wireless operator  
2nd August George Robert James HARDMAN George Robert / Lucy Irene 33 Marden Avenue, St Lawrence wireless operator  
28th August Norman Jack SMITH Maurice Leslie / Ellen Dorothy 9 Lorina Road, St Lawrence locomotive fireman  
6th September William Norman CURTIS Norman Wilfred / Louisa Emily 17 Lorina Road, St Lawrence builders labourer  
6th September Elizabeth Rosetta ISAACS William George / Winifred Maud 17 Fairlight Avenue, St Lawrence labourer  
6th September Betty Elizabeth Esther CAVELL James Wilmot / Elizabeth Esther 21 Telham Avenue, St Lawrence brickmaker labourer  
6th September John Albert MATHIAS Albert Hector / Elsie Lily 10 Wracklemarsh, Blackheath, SE 3 electrical engineer  
12th September Erika Adele Vera CARTWRIGHT William / Margarete Berta Adele West Winds, Pegwell Avenue, Ramsgate schoolmaster  
4th October Roy Patrick SMITH Cornelius / Gertrude Nellie 69 Chapel Road, St Lawrence labourer  
4th October Alan Geoffrey FINCH Frank Nelson / Eleanor Agnes 9 Caldon Terrace, Canterbury painter  
4th October Beryl BROMLEY Stanley Thomas / Kathleen 75 Whitehall Road, St Lawrence police constable  
4th October Pamela Anne DRIVER Clemont John / Lilly Elizabeth 92 High Street, St Lawrence commercial traveller  
1st November Keith William ROSE William Edward / Sheilah Constance 7 Bush Avenue, Newington mechanic RAF  
1st November Michael John MAYO Maurice Charles / Doris May Claremont, St James Avenue, Westminster bricklayer  
1st November Brian Vincent MAYO Maurice Charles / Doris May Claremont, St James Avenue, Westminster bricklayer  
7th November Malcolm Ryswinn YOUNG Ryswinn Henry / Gwendoline 3 Poplar Road, Ramsgate teacher  
21st November Arthur Terence ROBINSON Terence / Mary Upper Court, St Lawrence solicitor  
3rd December Margaret Ann GOODBOURN Frank Richard / Lydia Maud 79 Newington Road   adult
3rd December Mary Hewes GOODBOURN Frank Richard / Lydia Maud 79 Newington Road   adult
6th December Peter Alexander HANNENT Louis Alexander / Edna Doris Kents Bank, Nethercourt Gardens, St Lawrence master baker  
6th December Marylyn Rosemary Joy SAUNDERS Alfred / Marjery May 80 Boundary Road, Ramsgate gardener  
6th December Ronald James LAURENCE Edward Douglas / Doris Irene 22 Grosvenor Road, St Lawrence labourer  
6th December Marion PEARCE John William / Gladys Marion 63 Newington Road, St Lawrence commercial traveller  
6th December Shirley Ann FOAD Albert Stephen / Florence Violet 6 Winnifred Avenue, Ramsgate printer  
6th December Malcolm SWANN Lousis / Ada Alice 7 Marden Avenue, St Lawrence miner  
6th December Barbara Ann Waalfenden BELLIS Sidney / Doris 36 Queensgate Road, Ramsgate tailor  
6th December Gloria Phyllis JONES Clifford Henry / Phyllis Irene 23 Rawden Road, St Lawrence handyman  

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