Ramsgate Parish Register Extracts from 1901

St Lawrence Baptisms 1933-1934


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Date First Name Last Name Parents ABODE Trade Comments
Baptised         Occupation  
1st January Keith John LAMBERT Ernest Peter / Hilda Florence 2 Clifton Road, St Lawrence labourer  
1st January Dorothy Margaret Lillian BARNES Arthur / Dorothy Lucy 40 Telham Avenue, St Lawrence miner  
1st January Eileen Frances PARKER Clifford Stephen / Hilda Lily 4 Chilton Lane, Chilton, St Lawrence labourer  
1st January Norma SMITH James Bernard / Susan Josephine 44 Marden Avenue, St Lawrence miner  
1st January Derek Thomas SWAFFER Frank Henry / Hettie Lillian Fairhaven, Queens Avenue, St Lawrence carpenter  
1st January George William PIDDUCK John William / Ellen Alice 22 Newington Road, St Lawrence baker  
5th February John Stephen HODGES Frederick John / Florence Sarah 77 Crescent Road, Ramsgate baker  
5th February Peter Frederick GRIGGS William Alfred / Clara Annie 154 Grange Road, Ramsgate plumber  
5th February Ada Kathleen BRANDRICK Enoch / Lily 47 Chapel Road, St Lawrence labourer  
5th February Ernest BROWN Ernest Henry / Eleanor Elsie 6 Queens Avenue, Newington coach painter  
5th February Richard John MAY Harold Percy / Everill 16 Wharton Road, Dumpton engineer  
5th February Dorothy Ann WHITE Edward William / Ivy Elizabeth Bayview, Norman Road decorator  
13th February Colin Leonard HUXSTEP   7 Gwyn Road   private
19th February John William Henry JOHNSON Claude / Emily Winifred 9 High Street, Manston farm labourer  
5th March Bessie Irene KNIGHT Albert Edward / Nellie May 36 Coleman Crescent, St Lukes, Ramsgate labourer  
5th March Frank George APPLEBY Frederick George / Mary Hesleigh, Norman Road, St Lawrence taxi driver  
31st March Gwyneth TUCKER Thomas / Edith 39 Belmont Road, Ramsgate miner  
2nd April Brian James REDWOOD Alfred / Lilian May 15 Marden Avenue, St Lawrence relayer  
2nd April Benjamin Charles SPILLARD Charles Frederick / Evelyn 89 Ellington Road, Ramsgate Sgt RAF  
2nd April Donald Francis HARMAN Francis Robert / Marjorie Anne 27 Telham Avenue, St Lawrence Sgt RAF  
2nd April Norman Charles LAKER Charles Edwin / Edith Lucy Holmstead, Manston Road, St Lawrence drapers porter  
2nd April David George MORGAN George Llewellyn / Grace Honour 10 Marden Avenue, St Lawrence miner  
2nd April Reginald William CASPELL William George Henry / Lilian Florence May 6 Fitzroy Avenue, Ramsgate motor driver  
8th May Patricia Maureen FORTESCUE Hugh Thomas / Margaret Lilian Syria, Nethercourt Hill, St Lawrence police officer  
8th May Bertha Alicia SAYER William Albert / Laura Louisa 3 Grosvenor Road, St Lawrence wood merchant  
8th May Joan Mary SACKETT Arthur Digerson / Olive Mary Shepton, Ashburnham Road, St Lawrence stone mason  
8th May Benjamin Samuel Thomas DORES Samuel / Alice Eveylen 2 Newington Terrace, St Lawrence miner  
8th May Edward Ernest James MUNDAY Edward James / Doris Evelyn Hillcrest, Newington, St Lawrence gardener  
8th May Georgina Phoebe CLAPSON William Charles / Marian Margaret 19 Claremont Gardens, St Lawrence bricklayer  
8th May George Ernest Walter JAMES George Ernest Walter / Eileen Rosetta 13 Cheriton Avenue, Newington, St Lawrence drayman  
8th May Patricia Ann JOHNSON Charles Frederick James / Doris Anne Christina 68 Havelock Street, Canterbury railway shunter  
8th May Maureen Jose BUSH David John / Ivy Rose 17 Clifton Road, St Lawrence electrician  
11th May Eileen Margaret Wheeler LUCAS Ivy c/o Kathelda, Manston Road, St Lawrence     
11th May Arthur Frederick WILLIAMS Arthur William / Alice Emily 32 Newington Road, St Lawrence hosiery salesman  
11th May Marguerite May WILLIAMS Arthur William / Alice Emily 32 Newington Road, St Lawrence hosiery salesman  
11th May Kathlyn Alicia WILLIAMS Arthur William / Alice Emily 32 Newington Road, St Lawrence hosiery salesman  
4th June Eva May HAISMAN William / Mary 128 Verney Road, Camberwell, SE mariner adult
4th June Shirley Rosina TYRELL James Thomas / Rosina Lilian 39 Seafield Road, St Lawrence electrician  
4th June Brian Edward STRATTEN Edward William / Emily Ethel 184 Richmond Road, Dalston, E8 police officer  
4th June Joyce Dorothy HAYNES Arthur Leslie / Ellen Nora 128 Southwood Road, St Lawrence general labourer  
6th June Patricia Martha Mirna Denise WHITE Hubert Edward / Lilian Martha 14 Telham Avenue, St Lawrence butcher  
6th June Derek Hubert Frederick WHITE Hubert Edward / Lilian Martha 14 Telham Avenue, St Lawrence butcher  
2nd July Avril Joy SMALLWOOD Sidney James / Mabel Florence 40 Dundonald Road, Ramsgate RAF  
2nd July Sheila Mary HOOKER Eric Alfred / Maud Caroline Windy Ridge, Princes Avenue, St Lawrence plumber  
2nd July Barbara Jean PAGE Edward William / Kate Elizabeth 25 Telham Avenue, St Lawrence fireman Southern Railway  
2nd July John Phillip KESSELER Lodewyk Reiner / Eva Gwendoline 38 Marden Avenue, St Lawrence chef  
2nd July Leslie Cecil BALL Cecil George / Eva Annie Cosy Hire, Cliffs End, St Lawrence telegraph linesman  
2nd July Betty Doris PEIRCE Albert Edmund / Ivy Doris 22 Seafield Road, St Lawrence handyman  
2nd July Alan John DOHERTY Oswald / Vera Alice Mary 54 Picton Road, Ramsgate RAF  
2nd July Oswald Roy DOHERTY Oswald / Vera Alice Mary 54 Picton Road, Ramsgate RAF  
29th July John Wilfred HUDSON Kenneth Charles / Mary Isabella Westways, St Mildreds Avenue, Ramsgate flour miller  
6th August Joyce Mary Mercer MORRIS William Urbane / Agnes Dorothy Herondene, Clifton Road, Ramsgate railway crossing keeper  
13th August Muriel Edith REGNARD Harold Willie Paul / Edith May 14 High Street, Manston RAF  
13th August Douglas Ivan Keith DADSON Henry Charles / Patience Jessie 8 Pouces Cottages, Manston, St Lawrence general labourer  
3rd September Ronald Frederick HALLIDAY George Henry / Edith Emma 52 Colman Crescent, Ramsgate builders labourer  
3rd September Granville Charles WILLIAMS William Charles / Minnie 38 Fairlight Avenue, Ramsgate miner  
7th September Thomas VAN LAUN Henri Thomas / Ethel Everard The Homestead, London Road, Ramsgate dog breeder  
26th September Alan Geoffrey Roy BUTLER Frederick William / Florence May 18 Manston Road, St Lawrence Civil Servant P.O.  
1st October Michael Ernest FARRIER Ernest Maurice / Lily Katharin The Cannon Inn, Ellington, St Lawrence licencee  
1st October Brian Charles COLLYER Frederick Arthur / Mabel Florence 30 Seafield Road, St Lawrence gardener  
1st October Ann Victoria TAYLOR William / Dorothy Maud 99 Margate Road, Ramsgate miner  
1st October Muriel Patricia HOWARD Alfred James / Alice Elizabeth 48 Picton Road, Ramsgate butcher  
5th November Alan Barnes SIMPSON Ethel Kate 24 Denmark Road, Ramsgate    
5th November Raymond Frederick DENYER Frederick Arthur / Rosie 99 Ellington Road, Ramsgate fitter  
3rd December Gladys Pauline CHIDWICK Frederick Charles / Alma Gladys 7 Chilton Terrace, Chilton horseman  
10th December Ruth Sabina PALMER William McDonald / Jessie Asiel, Queens Avenue, Newington pianoforte teacher adult
21st December Valerie Ernestine Georgina PAGE Horace / Gladys Faith 112 Grange Road, Ramsgate plate man (hotel work)  
Date First Name Last Name Parents ABODE Trade Comments
Baptised         Occupation  
5th January Delphine Lela MARTIN-TOMSON William John / Delphine Augustin Kingsgate, Kent company director  
7th January Iris Louis JOHNSON Ernest Cyril / Edith Mabel 68 Newington Road, St Lawrence Corporal RAF  
7th January Bernice Elizabeth SIMPSON Harry Edward / Ellen Maud 33 Cheriton Avenue, St Lawrence Royal Navy  
7th January Patience Rose COOPER Horace / Elizabeth Rose 9 Park Road, Ramsgate shop assistant  
4th February Joyce Margaret FAGG Thomas Edward / Ellen Louisa 20 Clairmont Gardens, St Lawrence grocers assistant  
4th February Percy Edward GRIGGS Alfred Richard / Laura Emma 8 Clairmont Gardens, St Lawrence Southern Railway coalman  
25th February Margaret JONES William Henry / Mabel Ella 14 Telham Avenue, St Lawrence colliery official private
4th March Dennis ROBSON Dennis / Mary Annabella 44 High Street, St Lawrence car cleaner  
1st April Peter Frederick PITCHER Edward / Winnifred Edith 79 Coleman Crescent, Ramsgate bakers roundsman  
24th April Sydney Thomas CORBEN Sydney Thomas Woodrow / Emily 49 Cheriton Avenue, St Lawrence RAF canteen manager  
6th May Dorothy Ada SHATTEN Edward William / Emily Ethel 184 Richmond Road, Dalston, E8 police constable  
6th May Michael Barwick DARBY Lewis Barwick / Rita Elizabeth Dilrushia, Newington Road, St Lawrence builder  
6th May Stella Anne WICKENDEN Albert / Winnifred Anne Little Newlands, Northwood omnibus driver  
6th May James PERRY James / Marie 231 Margate Road, Ramsgate dog track manager  
6th May Jack Peter Edward DOWELL Alice Eleanor 119 Newington Road, St Lawrence    
6th May Franklyn BOWEN John Dennis / Mabel Lillian 57 Crescent Road, Ramsgate plumber  
6th May Dennis Arthur ELLIS Edward George / Rosetta Lillian 32 Clifton Road, St Lawrence newsagent  
6th May Delia Ethel COBB Albert James / Ethel Maud 24 Seafield Road, St Lawrence cellarman  
6th May Roy Arthur WILLIS Albert Frederick / Annie Wall End Farm, Upstreet cowman  
3rd June Jean Dorothy MOORE Robert James / Hilda May 31 Seafield Road, St Lawrence miner  
11th June Margaret MC CAIG David / Mary Newton Stewart, Watchester Avenue, Ramsgate deceased adult
14th June Pamela Edith BURTON Frederick Thomas / Freda Emmaline 19 High Street, St Lawrence motor mechanic  
1st July Dorothy May HORTON David John / Lydia Grace Haine Villa, Manston, St Lawrence brick works  
1st July June Rose BECKETT Henry Rhodes / Florence Annetta 27 Telham Avenue, St Lawrence RAF  
1st July Rosemary Kathleen TAPPENDEN Charles Edward / Dorothy Kathleen 20 Alfred Cottages, Hardres Street, Ramsgate lorry driver  
4th July Pamela COUSINS Alfred Arthur Ernest / Ivy 120 Dane Valley Road, Margate van driver  
26th July Leslie Ronald DAVIS Thomas / Gladys Verna 26 Lorina Road, St Lawrence RAF fitter  
5th August George Ernest ROWLAND Henry John / Ellen Louise 1 Cottages, Little Cliffs End labourer  
5th August Doris May DEBLING George Thomas / Ethel Florence 9 Belmont Street, Ramsgate Royal Navy  
5th August Rebecca Elizabeth FULLER James Richard Edmund / Francis Emma Valencia, Cliffs End Road farm labourer  
5th August June Rosemary STUPPLES John Alfred / Ivy Victoria Grace 4 Allenby Road, Ramsgate motor driver  
5th August John KEITH John / Irene 18 Nixon Avenue, Ramsgate miner  
2nd September Jean Ivy WARD Frederick Arthur James / Ivy Lily Eleanor Hurstville, Kings Avenue, St Lawrence motor mechanic  
2nd September Marjorie Joan WALTAR William Henry / Elizabeth Mary 14A Whitehall Road, St Lawrence electrician Southern Railway  
7th September Brian Richard BARROW Harry Richard / Doris Ivy Gwendoline Gillian, Gilbert Road, Ramsgate insurance clerk  
7th September Derek Albert Louis GARDNER Albert Louis / Margaret Ellen 4 Hollicondane Road milk roundsman  
7th September Michael Arthur BUCKMASTER Leonard / Blanche 56 Crabtree Lane, Fulham, SW 6          
13th September Alister Gordon MAXWELL Arthur Rycroft Gordon / Dora 91 Whitehall Road, St Lawrence RAF  
21st September Peter YOUNG Thomas Walter / Edith 29 South Eastern Road, St Lawrence postman  
4th October John Frederick READ Reginald Edwin / Caroline Helena 59 Chapel Road, St Lawrence bricklayer  
7th October Dennis Hubert ANDERSON Hubert Amos / Edith Elizabeth 14 Reginald Road, Bexhill lorry driver  
7th October Dorothy Millicent AUSTIN Walter Henry / Elsie 23 Rawdon Road, St Lawrence provisions manager  
7th October Victor Roy SMITH John Alfred / Alice Olive Oljun, Station Approach Road, Ramsgate pullman assistant  
7th October John Oliver SMITH John Alfred / Alice Olive Oljun, Station Approach Road, Ramsgate pullman assistant  
7th October Jean KEELING John William / Mary Ellen 4 Poplar Road, Ramsgate miner  
4th November Arthur Richard HORNE Arthur Herbert / Lilly Ellen 3 Newington Road, St Lawrence Royal Navy  
4th November Pamela Ann FACEY Walter George / Vera M 46 Southwood Road, St Lawrence cook  
4th November Alan Vivian DARTON Arthur Reginald / Ellen June 32 Bloomsbury Road, St Lawrence Army  
4th November Barbara Ann SACKETT Arthur Digerson / Olive Mary Shepton, Ashburnham Road, St Lawrence mason  
2nd December Ruth Mary COX Ernest / Edith 83 Chapel Road, St Lawrence lorry driver  
2nd December Alan Henry BARTLETT Robert Harper / Doris 46 Marden Avenue, St Lawrence waiter  
2nd December William George ISAACS William George / Winifred Maud 17 Fairlight Avenue, St Lawrence labourer  
2nd December Kathleen HAMMENT Louis Alexander / Edna Doris 43 High Street, Dover baker confectioner  
2nd December Terance FOAD Albert Steven George / Florence Violet St Stevens, Northwood Road, Ramsgate printers compositor  
2nd December Peter Michael Robin STEVENS Edwin Albert / Monica Revenge, Whitehall Road, Ramsgate insurance clerk  
30th December John Arthur THOMAS Arthur William / May Winnifred 2 Bury Road, Shillington, Bedfordshire RAF carpenter  

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