Ramsgate Parish Register Extracts from 1901

St Lawrence Baptisms 1921-1922


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Date Date First Name Last Name Parents ABODE Trade Comments
Baptised born         Occupation  
9th January 10th December 1920 Reginald Gordon GOLDSMITH William / Ethel Florence 26 Grosvenor Road, St Lawrence sailor RN  
9th January 13th December 1920 Joan Lilian Kathleen MOODY Gordon Stanley / Kathleen Jessie 26 Grosvenor Road, St Lawrence Railway clerk  
16th January 7th November 1918 Lilian Edith HUGHES Florence Maud 15 Ashburnham Road, St Lawrence domestic servant  
16th January 3rd November 1920 Frederick John BAKER Edward Charles / Kate Sarah 59 Chapel Road, St Lawrence carpenter  
16th January 1st December 1920 Nora Rosalie DEARLOVE William Henry / Esther 39 High Street, St Lawrence labourer  
20th January   George Arthur William PAYNE   Cottage Homes, Manston    Manston
6th February 23rd December 1920 Doris Ethel ISAACS John / Clara 80 High Street storeman  
13th February 17th December 1920 Dennis Walter LUCAS George / Elizabeth 12 Claremont Gardens, St Lawrence fisherman  
20th February   Annie Ivy CASTLE   Cottage Homes, Manston    Manston
21st February 9th February 1921 Jack FISHER James Benjamin / Keziah 103 Southwood Road, St Lawrence labourer  
27th February 2nd January 1921 Ellen Lucy TOMPSETT William / Ellen 2 Ellington, St Lawrence labourer  
27th February 3rd January 1921 Phyllis Irene BUTLER Frederick William / Florence May 12 Seafield Road, St Lawrence engineers fitter  
27th February 31st December 1920 Dorothy FASSAM William George / Amy 18 Grosvenor Road, St Lawrence painter  
13th March 12th October 1920 Percy Henry SHEPHERD William Henry / Catherine Agnes 54 Chapel Road, St Lawrence police constable  
13th March 4th November 1920 Alan Cyril SCRIVENS Harry James / Caroline 29 South Eastern Road, Ramsgate commercial clerk  
13th March 5th February 1921 Sarah Edith RIGDEN Thomas Henry / Sarah Edith 30 Bloomsbury Road, St Lawrence labourer  
13th March 20th February 1921 Cyril NICHOLS Alfred William / Grace Emily 26 Herbert Road, St Lawrence porter  
14th March 13th March 1921 Charles Edward BUNDY Reginald Frank / Florence Kathleen 49 Chapel Road, St Lawrence miner  
17th March 7th February 1921 Megan JONES Benjamin John / Martha 62 High Street, St Lawrence electrician  
24th March 24th September 1920 Hugh St. Lawrence DANNATT Percy Hugh / Gisele Alberta Henri Constance 174 Grange Road, St Lawrence schoolmaster  
17th April 10th February 1921 Herbert George MCKENDRICK Herbert George / Alice 6 Chilton Terrace, St Lawrence fitters mate  
22nd April 6th January 1920 Bernard William ABEL Clifford William George / Bertha Mary 39 Belmont Road grocer  
24th April 11th November 1920 Barbara Christina PHILLIPS Osborne / Edith Cottage Homes, Manston     
25th May 9th April 1921 Dennis Farrar TIERNEY Richard / Lilian May 53 Winchester Street, Belgravia civil servant  
25th May 31st December 1920 Ivy Elizabeth AYERS Edward William / Emma 85 Ellington Road, Ramsgate grocer  
25th May 12th March 1921 Ralp Bernard STANLEY Percy Edward / Theresa Janet 61 Southwood Road, St Lawrence schoolmaster  
5th June 3rd May 1921 Ivy Emily Muriel HALLET Frank / Emily Annie Lambert House, Margate Road chauffeur  
5th June 8th May 1921 Peggy Janet GIBBENS Robert Edward / Alice Mary 60 High Street, St Lawrence baker  
5th June 19th June 1921?? Reginald William Thomas GIBBENS Joseph William Steven 86 Boundary Road, Ramsgate groundsman  
5th June   Francis Clifford CORDY Benjamin / Alice May 60 High Street, St Lawrence engineer  
19th June 28th April Anthony Michael Healy BAYLEY Michael Warwick George / Ethel Beatrice 31 Ellington Road, Ramsgate Lieut. Com RN Retd.  
26th June 24th May Elsie Victoria May SETTERFIELD John Edwin / Elise May 154 Southwood Road labourer  
17th July 9th June 1921 Barbara Georgina WEST George Henry / Alice Mabel 11 Cecilia Road gardener  
24th July 30th April 1921 Stanley Walter LAURENCE Stanley Walter / Doris Victoria 142 Southwood Road, St Lawrence wagon greaser  
24th July 24th January 1921 Kathleen Alice Elsie CLAW Douglas James / Maud 4 Chilton Villas labourer  
4th August   Edith GOLDSACK James / Ellen Mary 32 Chapel Road, St Lawrence hotel porter  
7th August 26th July Violet May ADAMS Mac / Louise Ellen 1 Vine Cottages, Pegwell Bay labourer A.Rowland HEDLEY, Vicar of St Oswald, Fulham
7th August 9th July Lionel Alexander BANGER Herbert Stanley / Alice Francis Braeside, Cliffsend, nr Ramsgate gardener  
7th August 5th April 1921 Margaret Joan DAWSON Robert Arthur / Angela Rose 5 Spratling, St Lawrence, Manston carpenter  
7th August   Netta BLOGG    Cottage Homes, Manston    Manston
28th August 10th June 1921 Leonard Arthur BOOTES William George / Daisy Jane Haine Cottages, St Lawrence labourer  
4th September 4th August 1921 Rose Lillian Kathleen MOODY Albert Sidney / Alice Blanche 131 Southwood Road, St Lawrence painter  
11th September 21st November 1920 James Leslie ROGERS Edward John / Rosa Ellen 10 King Edward Road cycle maker H.G.H.BRICE Ass. Cur. St. West Norwood
18th September 18th August 1921 Kathleen Margaret May BOYLETT George William / Ellen Sarah 9 Chapel Road, St Lawrence builders labourer H.G.H.BRICE Ass. Cur. St. West Norwood
18th September 4th July 1921 Rowland SANKEY Eric Charles Mace / Nellie Evelyn 146 Crescent Road architects assist H.G.H.BRICE Ass. Cur. St. West Norwood
25th September   Percival William Albert HUCKSTEP Albert / Carrie Amelia Jubilee Cottage, Manston labourer Manston
9th October 30th July 1921 William WILLMOTH Arthur / Florence Amy 169 Grange Road, Ramsgate greengrocer  
9th October 6th August 1921 Joan Winifred HEWETT Frederick / Lilian Seale Cottage, The Vine, Sevenoaks policeman  
16th October 31st August 1921 Ella May COX Edward James / Ellen Gertrude 71 Seafield Road window cleaner  
16th October 28th August 1921 Albert William BUDDLE William Arthur / Olive May 30 Dane Park Road police constable  
16th October 13th September Dennis MILLER Percival John / Florence Gertrude 3 Manston Road, St Lawrence baker  
23rd October 25th August 1921 Eileen May FRIEND Ethel May 2 Newington Cottages, St Lawrence domestic servant  
6th November 2nd October 1921 Leslie William METTAM George William / Lilian Beatrice 6 Prices Avenue, St Lawrence Royal Marine Light Infantry  
6th November 6th April 1921 John Bernard MAY James Richard / Ella 83 Ellington Road, St Lawrence schoolmaster  
27th November 25th October 1921 Mary TAPSELL Alfred George / Della 54 Queen Bertha Road, St Lawrence clerk  
27th November 28th August 1921 Irene Doris STEABBEN Joseph / Ellen 31 Herbert Road, St Lawrence dairyman  
27th November 24th April 1921 Ronald Victor FARNELL John / Emily 31 Seafield Road, St Lawrence shoe repairer  
4th December 1st November 1921 Linda HOLLOWAY William Alfred / Helen New Cottages, Spratling, St Lawrence, Manston coach builder  
11th December 6th November 1921 Owen Michael Venables ARGLES Edward Venables / Mary Maud Pegwell Bay Captain Indian Army  
11th December 16th October 1921 Donald Sydney HUGHES Sydney Robert / Marjorie Annie 37 High Street, St Lawrence policeman  
11th December 23rd November 1921 Leslie Edwin MATHEWS William Stanley / Gertrude Mary 31 Lorne Road, St Lawrence fisherman  
18th December 23rd October 1921 Robert Charles LARKINS Charles Henry / Bertha Christine 100 Southwood Road engineeer P.O.  
Date Date First Name Last Name Parents ABODE Trade Comments
Baptised born         Occupation  
5th February 22nd November 1911 William Hadaway TITHERINGTON John Mitchell / Lillian Louise 24 Grosvenor Road box maker  
5th February 2nd October 1917 John Mackins TITHERINGTON John Mitchell / Lillian Louise 24 Grosvenor Road box maker  
5th February 26th May 1921 Albert Vincent TITHERINGTON John Mitchell / Lillian Louise 24 Grosvenor Road box maker  
19th February 18th December 1921 Edna May BASS Arthur Edward / Ethel May 33 Lorne Road aircraft fitter  
20th February 9th December 1921 William George GIFFORD William George / Nellie Annie 154 Southwood Road general labourer  
26th February 19th January 1922 Walter Arthur James HOOPER Walter Maurice / Dorothy Hariet 3 Bloomsbury Road gardener  
5th March 7th January 1922 Betty Gladys HORLAND Frederick Walter James / Edith 2 King Edward Road chef  
19th March 30th January 1922 Leslie Charles GRIGGS Alfred Richard / Selina Emma 8 Claremont Gardens. St Lawrence coalman S.E. Railway  
19th March 9th February 1922 Hilda Daisy OVENDEN Lewis George / Alice 55 Chapel Road painter  
2nd April 11th January 1922 Joan Mary LOHMANN Berkeley Hermann / Edith Mary 5 Edith Road schoolmaster  
2nd April 2nd January 1922 Bertram Donald POINTER Frederick / Lillian 27 High Street engineer  
5th April 2nd September 1917 Archibald Henry JEFFRIES Percival / Harriet Ann Married Quarters Aerodrome Manston airman R.A.F. Manston
5th April 11th October 1919 Barbara Ivy JEFFRIES Percival / Harriet Ann Married Quarters Aerodrome Manston airman R.A.F. Manston
5th April 17th January 1916 Vivienne Edith Cavell JEFFRIES Percival / Harriet Ann Married Quarters Aerodrome Manston airman R.A.F. Manston
15th April   Robert William JEFFRIES Percival / Harriet Ann Married Quarters Aerodrome Manston airman R.A.F.  
16th April 14th February 1922 Florence Emily Valentine SIVIL Thomas / Patience Mary Milton, Duncan Road insurance superintendent  
16th April 15th March 1922 Robert George PETTMAN Douglas Frederick / Rebecca Jessie 3 Providence Cottage, Ashburnham Road motor driver  
23rd April 14th February 1921 Archibald MORLING William Archibald / May 172 Grange Road officer in army  
23rd April 28th October 1917 Doris MORLING William Archibald / May 172 Grange Road officer in army  
30th April 13th March 1922 Betty Joyce WATSON Harold Stanley / Ella Adeline 32 Dundonald Road bank clerk  
30th April 14th November 1921 Evelyn Gladys GILLHAM Walter / Dorothy May 108 Southwood Road, St Lawrence postman  
30th April 4th March 1922 Olive Joan BARBER Oliver / Harriet Ada 77 Chapel Road, St Lawrence horse clipper  
7th May 5th February 1922 Frances Annie Mary SMITH Cornelius / Gertrude Nellie 69 Chapel Road, St Lawrence labourer  
7th May 7th March 1920 Doris May BRISTOW Frederick William / Rose Ellen 3 Myrtle Cottages labourer  
7th May 3rd February Hilda TAPPENDEN Hilda Florence 22 Chapel Road, St Lawrence     
7th May 2nd January 1921 Henry Thomas Walter SKINNER Alfred / Emily Eliza 1 Cox's Lane, Northwood labourer  
7th May 17th April Gladys Lilly Elsie COUCHMAN Thomas William / Lilly Rose Florence Agnes House, Northwood colliery official  
14th May 11th April James Joseph WALE Frederick William / Ellen Jane 2 Clifton Road, St Lawrence police constable  
14th May 22nd March Ethel Winifred GRIGGS John Edmund / Alice Kate 81 Chapel Road, St Lawrence school caretaker  
14th May 4th April Ronald Walter COOKE Walter Henry / Elsie Ellen 5 Spratling Street, Manston airman R.A.F.  
21st May 20th April Kenneth Leonard RICKWOOD Leonard Victor / Hilda Muriel 4 Adelaide Gardens, Ramsgate machinist  
21st May 4th April Alice Louisa FAGG Thomas Edward / Ellen Louisa 20 Claremont Gardens grocers assistant  
22nd May 14th April Florence Winifred FENNELL William Henry / Ellen 104 Southwood Road labourer  
22nd May 5th April Cecilia Joan Georgina STONE Arthur John / Alice Mary 1 Alexander Road butler  
22nd May 12th May Violet Evelyn MARSH Harry George / Violet Muriel 58 Winstanley Crescent builder  
4th June 5th February 1922 George Elvey HALL George Elvey / Kate 3 Belvedere Terrace, Northwood general labourer  
4th June 4th January Arthur Robert LANGRIDGE Thomas Philpott / Elizabeth 134 Southwood Road, St Lawrence painter  
4th June 5th May Ernest Victor COX James Victor / Alice Mary Myrtle House, Northwood labourer  
4th June 9th March 1920 Rosemary COOMBES Frank / Alice Maud Charlotte 105 Ellington Road draughtsman  
11th June 25th May 1922 Thomas James CHARLES George Frederick / Evelyn Married Quarters Aerodrome Manston Aircraftsman R.A.F.  
25th June 15th May Donald Ernest SINGER Arthur Frederick / Ethel Ellen 6 Bloxhall Road, Leyton cabinet maker  
25th June 11th December 1921 Arnold William HATCHER Walter Charles / Edith Ellen Jubilee Cottages, Manston dairyman  
2nd July 21st May Bernard Bertram GREENSTREET George Bertram / Ruth 3 Ashburnham Road, St Lawrence driver of steam waggon  
10th July 4th May 1915 Alfred CLACKETT William Frederick / Helen Rosina 5 Spratling Street Road, Manston blacksmith  
16th July 15th June Eileen Betty HARDING Walter / Lillian Mary 25 High Street licensed victualler  
23rd July 17th June Doris Enid KEMP Harry Louis / Emily 1 Railway Cottages, Cliffs End waggoner  
23rd July 13th May Joan PIDDUCK Arthur John / Margaret Elizabeth Ozengell, St Lawrence general labourer  
13th August 11th July 1922 Ronald Victor SAYERS Frederick Charles / Margaret Spratling Street, Manston labourer  
20th August 12th July 1922 Robert William John OFFEN William John / Dorothy Mary 28 Queens Road gas inspector  
20th August 3rd August 1922 Frances Eileen HILL Charles / Kathleen High Street, Manston Musical Instructor R.A.F.  
27th August 9th July Jocelyn Iris Thurza KEEN Charles / Elsie May 10 Hatfield Road, Ellington Road supervisor  
31st August 25th February 1913 Arthur John NEWBY Arthur Thomas / Agnes Kate George Ville, Cranbrook, Kent Lieut Canadian Expeditionary Force  
31st August 16th January 1916 Thomas Hobbs NEWBY Arthur Thomas / Agnes Kate George Ville, Cranbrook, Kent Lieut Canadian Expeditionary Force  
3rd September 11th August 1922 Thomas Roy CURTIS Thomas Henry / Rose 6 Manston Road baker  
14th September 20th July Richard William WELCH Percy William Louis / Ellen Elizabeth Constance 15 Ferme Park Road, Stroud Green, London manufacturers agent  
1st October 30th August Harold Alfred HORTON Victor Hugh / Elsie Lilian 54 Crescent Road laundryman  
1st October 15th August Charles Henry Reginald BAILEY Richard / Louisa Sarah Lucy Jane 9 Claremont Gardens, St Lawrence brickmaker  
1st October 22nd August Maureen Ethel SHAW William Henry / Ethel Helena Wellington Cottage, Dover Battery Sergeant Major  
8th October 11th September William Thomas DEAN William Henry / Ada Victoria 7 Clifton Road mechanic  
8th October 10th September 1922 Charles Richard FAGG Alfred / Elizabeth Ann Cliffs End Cottage labourer  
8th October 18th January 1916 Alan John BIBBY John / Edith May 22 Married Quarters, Aerodrome Manston airman R.A.F.  
8th October 6th August 1922 Douglas Robert BIBBY John / Edith May 22 Married Quarters, Aerodrome Manston airman R.A.F.  
15th October 16th September Peggy Blanche PEARD John Joseph / Lola Elizabeth 85 Ellington Road, Ramsgate grocers manager  
29th October 3rd October Frederick Charles CRAYCRAFT Frederick John / Winifred Annie 69 Seafield Road, St Lawrence labourer  
5th November 5th September Frederick William Charles REDMAN Frederick William / Peggy 14 Bloomsbury Road tailor  
19th November 5th November Margaret Helen GRIGGS Ernest Walter / Sissie Kate 33 Bloomsbury Road butcher  
26th November 1st October John Ernest BRICE Alfred Edward / Florence 146 Southwood Road, St Lawrence painter  
26th November 21st October 1922 Harold Claud GRIMES John Patrick / Elizabeth Annie 29 Married Quarters, Aerodrome Manston airman R.A.F.  
10th December 1st November Jack Norman Richard ABBOTT John Henry Bristow / Edith Rachel 10 Herbert Road painter  
24th December 13th November Amelia Elizabeth LINDSAY William / Florence 1 Chapel Road, St Lawrence fisherman  
31st December 9th December Edith Mabel HOUGHAM Edward Henry / Gladys Lewis 14 Victoria Road plateman  

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