Ramsgate Parish Register Extracts from 1901

St Lawrence Baptisms 1915-1916


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Date Date First Name Last Name Parents ABODE Trade Comments
Baptised born         Occupation  
19th January 23rd November 1914 Stanley Arthur HOUGHAM Alfred John / Florence Ethel 24 Chapel Road labourer  
24th January 21st October 1914 Frederick Kitchener Nelson WRIGHT Percy Frederick William / Nellie Louisa 1 Flora Cottages, Hereson Road labourer  
31st January 1st December 1914 Eva Jessie SETTERFIELD George Thomas / Edith Rochester 38 Boundary Road labourer  
31st January 31st December 1914 Eva Sarah ROGERS John / Fanny Matilda 13 Grosvenor Road Chief Warder H.M. Prison Service  
31st January 25th November 1914 Kathleen Margaret Susannah MINTER Percy James / Susannah 42 Bloomsbury Road, St Lawrence fisherman  
7th February 13th October 1914 Walter Edward George TURNER Walter George / Margaret Ann 3 Bell Cottages, St Lawrence stoker  
7th February 28th November 1914 Frank Alfred PATTERSON Albert / Rosa Jane Spratling Street, St Lawrence labourer  
21st February 30th November 1914 Joan Clare SUTTON Charles John Bush / Florence Charlotte Laura 18 Rawdon Road civil servant  
28th February 30th December 1914 Edmund Thomas TUTT Edmund Thomas / Rose 20 Grosvenor Road, St Lawrence labourer  
28th February 2nd November 1913 Lucy FASSAM William George / Amy 18 Grosvenor Road, St Lawrence labourer  
2nd March 1st February 1915 Elsie Vera GORRINGE William Edward / Anne Maria 7 King Edward Road, St Lawrence fisherman  
2nd March 1st February 1915 Robert John GORRINGE William Edward / Anne Maria 7 King Edward Road, St Lawrence fisherman  
21st March 8th December 1914 William Albert PHILPOT Henry / Mabel Louise 21 Ashburnham Road, St Lawrence police constable  
21st March 3rd January 1915 John Edward ERNEST Ernest / Ellen Maud 29 High Street, St Lawrence painter  
21st March 7th February 1915 Ivy May CULLEN Frank James / Annie 91 Southwood Road, St Lawrence groundsman  
27th March     Ada PITTOCK Thomas William / Mary Jane 190 Grange Road, St Lawrence saddler adult
28th March 10th February 1915 Richard Ernest George BEAN Richard John / Ethel Gwendoline 19 Princes Street carpenter  
28th March 15th February 1915 Frederick Walter Thomas FAGG Thomas Edward / Ellen Louisa 20 Claremont Gardens grocers assistant  
28th March 22nd January 1915 Gwendoline Dorothy PHILLIPS Alfred / Mary Ann 5 Chilton Cottages dealer  
4th April 7th March 1915 Mabel Beatrice SMITHERS Ernest Edward / Ellen Mary 108 Southwood Road, St Lawrence labourer  
18th April 19th January 1915 Albert GOLDSACK James / Ellen Mary 32 Chapel Road hotel porter  
21st April 20th December 1915 Diana Maud PARKER Albert / Dorothy Lilian Newington, St Lawrence grocer  
2nd May 28th February 1915 Eileen Mercy Clara HAMMON Herbert Thomas / Emily Clara 2 New Alfred Cottages, Ramsgate auctioneers porter  
9th May 31st March 1915 Doris Millie PAUL Frederick John / Amelia Jane Australian Arms, Ashburnham Road, St Lawrence beer retailer  
9th May 16th April 1915 Clara Mary Warner COURT Albert John Warner / Lily May 79 Chapel Road, St Lawrence baker  
12th May 8th March 1915 William Arthur FENNELL William Henry / Ellen 109 Southwood Road, St Lawrence labourer  
16th May 10th March 1915 Muriel Joan ATTACK Edward / Gladys Muriel 2 Armdale Cottage, Southwood Road, St Lawrence bioscope operator & electrician  
16th May 24th March 1915 William LANGRIDGE Thomas Philpott / Elizabeth 134 Southwood Road, St Lawrence decorator  
20th May 5th May 1915 Alfred Cuthbert TAPSELL Alfred George / Della 54 Queen Bertha Road, St Lawrence clerk  
23rd May 20th April 1915 Frederick Stanley Walter Robert BRISTOW Frederick William Trowbridge / Rose Ellen 69 Chapel Road, St Lawrence labourer  
23rd May 26th December 1914 William Frank Edward DEAN William Henry / Ada Victoria 138 Southwood Road, St Lawrence labourer  
30th May 19th February 1915 Dorothy Alice KENNETT Sidney Frank / Alice Mary Northwood nurseryman gardener  
2nd June 13th February 1915 Gladys Margaret HAWKES Alfred John / Kate Louise 76 High Street, St Lawrence barman  
6th June 24th April 1915 Norah Peggy FRIGHT Stephen William / Ethel Alma 44 York Street, Broadstairs china & glass merchant  
6th June 9th May 1915 Vera May MOUNT Elgar / Helen Elizabeth Manston Ct, St Lawrence milkman  
20th June 26th May 1915 Ellen Rose ROGERS Edward John / Rosa Ellen 3 Lorne Road, St Lawrence cycle repairer  
23rd June 26th March 1891 Rose Annie MARTIN James Henry / Lydia Beasley 138 Grange Road, St Lawrence upholsterer  
27th June 1st May 1915 Marjorie ANCELL Henry Dawson / Ada Mary Helvellyn, Ellington Park Road, Ramsgate bank clerk  
27th June 13th April 1915 Frederick George LAMBERT Frederick Thomas / Ada 1 Seafield Road, St Lawrence printer  
4th July 24th May 1915 Beatrice Mary ROFFEY Thomas / Alice 6 Field Terrace, Chilton railway signalman  
4th July 30th May 1915 Frank William FAGG Alfred / Elizabeth Ann Cliffs End Cottage, St Lawrence farm labourer  
11th July 9th May 1915 Doris May LARKIN Charles / Nellie May 9 Ashburnham Road, St Lawrence gardener  
1st August 3 June Jean Evelyn PITFIELD Gilbert Edward / Evelyn Mary 8 Southwood Road, St Lawrence dairy manager  
1st August 23rd February George Henry MADGWICK Harry / Edith Lizzie Cliffs End Cottages, St Lawrence wagoner at St Catherines, Manston
15th August 15 July Ellen Louisa ( should read Nellie Louisa) KEMP Henry William Thomas / Mary Louisa Felderland, Eastry farm labourer at Manston
22nd August 31st May Rosaleen Mary SHEPPARD Edward / Laura Adelaide Emily 1 Ashburnham Road, St Lawrence painter  
22nd August 28th June Leonard Thomas SAUNDERS Thomas / Florence Valentine Chilton Cottages, St Lawrence labourer  
22nd August 4th August Doris Emily SWAN Richard James / Sarah Ann 11 Claremont Gardens mariner  
6th September 20th July Kenneth HURRELL Thomas Champion / Elizabeth 1 Princes Avenue, Newington waiter  
19th September 28th August Kathleen Edith MAPLE Ernest James / Elizabeth Mary 1 Osmond Terrace, Whitehall Road, St Lawrence salesman  
19th September 26th August Percy Victor LUCAS George / Elizabeth 12 Claremont Gardens fisherman  
19th September 28th August Leslie Alfred Veronica HUGHES Alfred Alexander / Ethel Lydia 26 Seafield Road, St Lawrence sailor RN  
26th September 6th August Sidney Eric WYLES George / Bertha Ellen 5 Chilton Terrace,Chilton, St Lawrence gardener  
30th September 21st September Louisa Rose HAWKES George William / Louisa Preston Villa, Manston groom private
10th October 13th September Nellie Emily GLENN Edwin Francis Cooper / Nellie 31 Herbert Road, St Lawrence french polisher  
17th October 27th June William Albert ELLIOTT Alfred Israel / Elizabeth Annie 3 Queens Avenue, Newington, St Lawrence engineer  
17th October 17th October Frederick Lyne COLE Leonard Baker / Winifred Mary Bijou Villa veterinary surgeon private
17th October 15th August Elsie Louise FORSTER Alfred Edward / Amy Rawling Black Cottages, Haine labourer St Catherines, Manston
17th October 27th August Percy John BOOTES William George / Daisy Jane New Cottages, Haine labourer St Catherines, Manston
27th October 24th September May HICKMAN Frank / Mary Elizabeth Alice 2 Strand Cottages, Cliffs End professional golfer  
6th November 29th June Betty Clare WRIGHT Louisa Braeside, Margate Road               private
7th November 29th September Joan Emily THORNTON Harry / Emily 4 Bay View Villas, St Lawrence clothier  
7th November 10th September Harold Henry TOWNER John Thomas / Minnie Gertrude 50 Bloomsbury Road, Ramsgate railway shunter  
13th November 10th November Raymond REDWOOD Thomas / Winifred Maud Manston market gardener private
28th November 4th September Annie Caroline SPRATT Sidney Charles James / Mary Ann 44 Addington Street, Ramsgate engineer  
28th November 19th October Winifred Mary MAPLE Charles Henry / Harriet Mary Jubilee Cottages, Manston milkman Manston
12th December 8th September Nicholas John SHEPHERD William Henry / Catherine Agnes 54 Chapel Road, St Lawrence police constable  
16th December 18th August 1897 Constance GARNER              185 Grange Road, St Lawrence                    adult
19th December 20th November William David DARTNELL David / Emma Charlotte 24 Chapel Road, St Lawrence tugman  
20th December 1899 William SOLLY                 The Homes, Manston                adult - at St Catherines Manston
20th December 1902 John DEBLING                The Homes, Manston                  adult - at St Catherines Manston
20th December 1901 Margaret FOSTER                           The Homes, Manston                  adult - at St Catherines Manston
20th December 1901 Mabel DAVIS                               The Homes, Manston                   adult - at St Catherines Manston
26th December 10th November Cyril Henry Eric ROWLAND Walter James / Elizabeth Mary 42 Chapel Road, St Lawrence brickmaker  

Date Date First Name Last Name Parents ABODE Trade Comments
Baptised born         Occupation  
2nd January 10th November 1915 Doris Lilian GEERING Albert Arthur John / May Maria 11 Chapel Road, St Lawrence Royal Field Artillery  
16th January 9th November 1915 Frederick John HARRISON Louis John / Florence Ellen Ozengell, St Lawrence waggoner  
6th February 6th January 1916 Edward James WALKER John / Julia Elizabeth 11 Claremont Gardens, St Lawrence farm labourer  
6th February 30th December 1915 Ernest Frank SPAIN Ernest Thomas / Minnie May 81 Chapel Road, St Lawrence baker  
13th February 27th September 1915 John Albert HORN Albert Arthur / Ada Caroline Eleanor 12 King Edward Road, St Lawrence fisherman  
13th February 23rd January 1916 Frederick Henry BARNES Percy / Florence 16 Claremont Gardens, St Lawrence labourer  
20th February 16th December 1915 Gladys Mary WHITE William Thomas / Ellen Jane High Street, Manston labourer  
19th March 24th February 1916 John Arthur PETLEY Thomas Arthur / Ellen Louisa 28 Chapel Road, St Lawrence carman  
19th March 1st February Albert George WALLER Thomas / Lilian Rose Hopper Manston, St Lawrence labourer  
22nd March 21st March 1916 George Frank MAXTED Frederick John / Emily Florence 8 Bloomsbury Road, St Lawrence labourer private
26th March 14th February Dennis John RICHES Paulin Fred / Elizabeth Maggie 3 Codrington Road, Ramsgate civil servant  
2nd April 14th January Robert Pemberton Alan JAMES         2 Newington Mill Cottages, St Lawrence             
16th April 5th January 1892 Kathleen Louise BEAVER Arthur Headly / Ada Emma 1 Edith Road, St Lawrence bank clerk adult
16th April 22nd April 1872 Susan ASHBY             21 Bloomsbury Road, St Lawrence               adult
16th April 13th February 1916 Donald Frederick HUDSON James / Mabel Gertrude 7 Chilton Terrace, St Lawrence cowman        
23rd April 20th March Phyllis Gwendoline Muriel BARBER Harry William / Edith Emily Elizabeth 19 Ashburnham Road, St Lawrence soldier  
23rd April 24th February Mary Ethel LAWRENCE William Grimley / Mary Ann 104 Grange Road, St Lawrence soldier          
30th April 11th April James William Albert GOODBOURN James / Edith Lydia 20 Seafield Road, St Lawrence bricklayer  
9th May 6th April Ida Violet Evelyn BUTLER Sidney / Florence 31 Lorne Road, St Lawrnce grocer private
14th May 8th April Harold John WARDELL John Edward / Mary Elizabeth 26 Ashburnham Road, St Lawrence R/N  
21st May 10th April Nigel Kenneth Walton TAYLOR William Bernard / Alice 10 Clifton Road, St Lawrence soldier      
28th May 28th April Edith Emily AUSTEN Alfred Thomas / Edith Elizabeth 11 Whitstable Road, Canterbury railway carman      
28th May 20th March Percival Owen SPAIN Walter John / Elizabeth Florence Northwood Farm farmer  
11th June 30th March Charles Frederick LANSDOWNE George John / Ethel Maud 30 Herbert Road, St Lawrence riggers labourer  
25th June 21st March Jessie Phyllis Clara TUTT Edmund Thomas / Rose 20 Grosvenor Road, St Lawrence bricklayers labourer  
2nd July 28th May Frank John PALMER John Edward / Elsie Brockman 15 Broad Street, Ramsgate carpenter  
7th July 17th May Sidney John GRIGGS Alfred Richard / Selena Emma 22 High Street, St Lawrence carriage cleaner SE & C Railway  
16th July 13th May Lilian Grace PETLEY Percy William James / Lilian Fanny 13 High Street, St Lawrence insurance agent  
23rd July 18th November 1915 Joan Marie FOSTER Arthur William / Lilian Abigail 19 Poplar Road, Ramsgate outfitter  
6th August 16th June Margaret PELLATT Frederick / Margaret Vincents Farm Cottage farm foreman Manston
6th August 11th March 1912 George Richard STURGESS Edwin Sturgess / Frances Emma Garlinge Cottage Homes Manston sailor Manston
6th August 18th July Cyril James PHILPOTT Percy / Grace Elizabeth Haine, St Lawrence gardener Manston
26th September 31st August Felix Allen MATTHEWS George / Marion Mildred 45 Edith Road, St Lawrence riding master Kings Dragoon Guards  
1st October 25th August Rose Phyllis DRAYSON Stephen Joseph / Rose Annie 5 Syndah Place, St Lawrence baker  
8th October 3rd August Francis Charles George SOUTHEY Harry Francis / Agnes Mary 1 Armadah Villas, Southwood Road, St Lawrence baker  
15th October 28th July Edward SOUTHAM Alice 60 Chapel Road, St Lawrence                
15th October 5th September Reginald Frank John VENN George John / Eleanor Annie 69 Seafield Road, St Lawrence soldier  
15th October 27th August Phobe Mary SUDDS Frederick John / Elizabeth Jane 78 High Street, St Lawrence soldier  
22nd October 28th August Ronald Thomas HAMMON Herbert Thomas / Emily Clara 5 Alexander Road, St Lawrence auctioneers porter  
12th November 8th October Ernest Leonard BAILEY William / Louisa Mary Haine market gardener  
21st November 18th October 1880 Joseph Percival CROWTHER Charles Henry / Clara Jane Cliffs End electrical engineer serving in the Army adult
24th December 16th September Clifton Alfred ROBINSON Alfred Augustus / Daisy Ellen Crackstake, St Lawrence carpenter  
28th December 7th July Joan COOPER Francis Bastow / Mabel Salome Oakfield Newington, St Lawrence M.D.  

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