Ramsgate Parish Register Extracts from 1901

St Lawrence Baptisms 1907-1908


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Date Date First Name Last Name Parents Abode Trade Comments
Baptised born         Occupation  
6th January   Walter John TOLMAN Martin John / Susannah 13 Grosvenor Road labourer  
6th January   Eva Sylvia MAYO Charles Henry / Maud Harriet Ellington Park Road butcher  
13th January   Gladys Kathleen KEMBER Herbert Charles / Minnie Maria 37 Tivoli Road, Margate inspector of postman  
13th January   Eunice Merle Audrey HAWES Charles Aubrey / Florence Elizabeth 17 Herbert Road, Southwood grocer  
13th January   Harold Edmund PAGE Edmund James / Edith Emma 24 Alexandra Road workman  
13th January   Ernest Raymond PATTERSON Albert / Rosa Jane Spratling Street, Manstone labourer  
20th January   Terence Daniel Mc Alpin BOYLAND Herbert Samuel / Martha Elizabeth Pegwell Bay manager of convalescent home  
20th January   Grace Emily Mildred GARDENER William Arthur / Grace Charlotte 9 Lilly Terrace, Herbert Road labourer  
20th January   Frederick Ernest TOMLINSON Herbert Alfred / May 177 Grange Road drapers assistant  
26th January   Ronald Littlewood CLARKE Herbert Dell / Eliza Jane Pegwell Lodge solicitor  
27th January   Alice Agnes LONGLEY Robert John / Alice Jane 8 Lilly Terrace, Herbert Road painter  
3rd February   Walter Cyril LAWRENCE Walter Charles / Eliza 21 Southwood Road, St Lawrence labourer  
10th February   Gladys Mary MIRAMS Ernest Henry / Mary Ann "Homelea" Ellington. St Lawrence groundsman recreation ground  
10th February   James Edward MINTER Percy James / Susannah 37 Albert Street, Ramsgate fisherman  
10th February   Ronald PARKER Oliver / Annie Forge Lane, St Lawrence ostler  
20th February   William DARBY Alfred / Elizabeth Ann Northwood farmer  
3rd March   Leonard Frederick PRICHARD Frederick George / Theresa 52 Witherington Road, Highbury, London commercial clerk  
10th March   Leslie Cyril Lewis WATERS Frederick Charles / Ellen Elizabeth Seafield Road, St Lawrence police constable  
10th March   Hilda May CROSS Percy Richard / Annie Elizabeth 11 Clifton Road, St Lawrence grocers assistant  
14th March   Kathleen Violet COLLENS Alfred Saunders / Edith 3 King Edward Road, Southwood, St Lawrence tailor  
22nd March   Florence EASTOF Henry / Elizabeth Chapel Road, St Lawrence painter  
22nd March   Doris May MIRAMS Arthur William / Eliza Jane Chapel Road, St Lawrence labourer  
22nd March   Arthur William MIRAMS Arthur William / Eliza Jane Chapel Road, St Lawrence labourer  
22nd March   Leonard Frederick MIRAMS Arthur William / Eliza Jane Chapel Road, St Lawrence labourer  
22nd March   Jack MIRAMS Arthur William / Eliza Jane Chapel Road, St Lawrence labourer  
22nd March   Violet Annie LAWRENCE William / Annie Chapel Road, St Lawrence painter  
20th March   Ernest ISAACS Charles John / Julia Florence Providence Cottages, Ashburnham Road, St Lawrence labourer  
23rd March   Bertram Ernest Walter BAKER Samuel Abner / Eleanor Grace Stanley Villas, Chilton carman  
27th March   Amy Jane SMITH Thomas George / Edith Elizabeth Claremont Gardens, St Lawrence insurance agent  
27th March   Arthur REDMAN William John / Mary Emma Louise 4 Seafield Road painter  
31st March   Hilda Dorothy Irene BINGHAM Edward Robert / Lily Monkton blacksmith  
15th April   Maine Denise Williamson MELLERSH William Francis / Hilda Evelyn 28 Wimpole Street, London LDS, RCS, England  
1st May   Robert Melvin SUMMERS Robert Beevor / Helen Katherine 14 Victoria Mansions, West Hampstead civil engineer  
5th May   Frank Leslie SHARP Arthur / Alice Manston labourer  
12th May   Joseph Henry Hutchinson COLLEY Henry / Maud Southwood labourer  
19th May   Elsie May GARDNER Henry George / Eva Mary Chapel Road, St Lawrence labourer  
19th May   Violet Alice SPRATT James Elvares / Elizabeth Jordan Winstanley Crescent, Margate Road, Ramsgate carman  
19th May   Margaret Elizabeth PHILPOTT Frederic George / Margaret Eliza Claremont Gardens, St Lawrence gardener  
19th May   Irene May HART Herbert Charles / Mary Elizabeth Queens Avenue, St Lawrence gardener  
26th May   Leslie Arthur WILLIAMS William / Jennie Haine farm labourer  
2nd June   Robert Harry DYASON Harry / Edith Lydia Helensdene, Ellington Park Road ironmongers assistant  
9th June   Eilenn Maud BRICE Alfred Edward / Florence 7 Southwood Terrace, Southwood Road labourer  
9th June   Ellen Elizabeth Mary RAYFIELD Edmund / Ellen Louisa 4 Myrtle Cottages, High Street office porter  
16th June   Edward William FORD Edward Richard / Elizabeth Hannah 35 Albert Street sailor  
16th June   William Thomas GRIGGS Thomas William / Florence Mary 2 Cannon Cottages blacksmith  
16th June   Mary Alice Susannah PICKMORE Amos / Dorothea Mildred 6 Birchington Terrace journalist  
23rd June   Frederick William DILNOT John / Eliza Haine labourer  
30th June 19th May 1907 May Louisa NEEVES James / Ellen Louisa 4 Catherine  Terrace, Chapel Road, St Lawrence labourer  
7th July   William Henry APPLETON Martha Annie Sherwood, Dundonald Road singlewoman  
14th July 5th June 1907 Frederick Sydney NAILOR Henry George / Florence Mary 52 Chapel Road, St Lawrence sailmaker  
28th July   Herbert Stanley JARRETT Harry / Mary Edith Penshyn Lodge travellor  
28th July   Ethel Florence WOODWARD Henry Walter Charles / Louisa 2 Lily Terrace, Herbert Road labourer  
28th July   Elsie May SETTERFIELD Alfred Ernest / Annie 73 Chapel Road labourer  
30th July   Arthur Samuel Edwin BAKER Samuel Abner / Eleanor Grace 1 Stanley Cottages, Chilton carman  
31st July 6th October 1905 Louisa Winifred BUSHELL John Richard / Elizabeth Jane 1 Lily Terrace, Seafield Road fisherman  
4th August   Elsie Edith REDWOOD Alfred / Alice 10 Field Terrace, Chilton carman  
4th August   Edward William CHAPMAN Frederick John / Rose 12 Clifton Road decorator  
11th August 17th September 1897 Sidney Alfred JOHNSON Rose Obree Calcutta Villa, Dundonald Road labourer  
11th August 16th January 1900 Ernest John BUSHELL John Richard / Elizabeth Jane 1 Lily Terrace, Seafield Road fisherman  
11th August 5th March 1902 Kate Elizabeth BUSHELL John Richard / Elizabeth Jane 1 Lily Terrace, Seafield Road fisherman  
11th August 8th January 1904 May Dorothy BUSHELL John Richard / Elizabeth Jane 1 Lily Terrace, Seafield Road fisherman  
11th August 23rd May 1905 Dorothy Louisa BURRILL John / Mary Ann 1 Chilton Cottage labourer  
11th August 5th June 1907 Alffed Lionel BURRILL John / Mary Ann 1 Chilton Cottage labourer  
25th August 5th July 1907 Joyce Margery AYRES Frank Robson / Alice Bertha Avondale, Higham near Rochester clerk  
25th August 12th July 1907 Alice Maud TOTTMAN John / Elizabeth Chantry Cottage, Ellington Place labourer  
25th August 10th June 1907 Annie Elizabeth HIDE William Thomas / Mariah Jane 10 Belevedere Terrace, Northwood motorman  
25th August 1st August 1907 John Henry WOOD William / Frances Mary 34 Percy Road signal man  
25th August about 13/14 years Martin FAIRBROTHER - Manston Cottage Homes -  
25th August 23rd February 1896 Edward GRANGER George / Ellen Manston Cottage Homes labourer  
25th August 1898? Arthur KIMBER George / Harriet Manston Cottage Homes labourer  
1st September 12th August 1907 Charles Cecil MAPLE Charles / Louisa 2 Pegwell Avenue gardener  
8th September 21st July 1907 Florence Ellen THORNER George Thomas / Florence Edith 12 Edwards Terrace, Seafield Road labourer  
8th September 10th May 1907 Edward John MOSES Walter John / Martha Hannah 12 Southwood Terrace sailmaker  
15th September 17th June 1907 Gladys Ethel KEMP Henry James / Ellen Maria 2 Priory Villas, Northwood tanksman  
23rd September 22nd June 1907 Violet Isabel SAUNDERS Thomas / Florence 8 Providence Cottages labourer  
6th October 8th September 1907 Winifred Elsie HOLLIDAY Ernest William / Annie 3 Field Terrace, Chilton labourer  
6th October 25th August 1907 Stanley Walter James BUGDEN Walter Thomas / Elizabeth 2 Torrington Villas, Northwood, St Lawrence labourer  
10th October 17th August 1907 Norman Wilfred CURTIS James / Florence May 1 Canham Cottage, Ashburnham Road labourer  
20th October 28th September 1907 Dorothy May HOLLIDAY Bartholomew / Mary Jane 41 St Patricks Road, Hereson carter  
26th October 19th October 1907 Henry Richard HODGES Alfred / Louisa 81 Chapel Road fisherman  
27th October 12th August 1907 Francis Walter BAYLEY Frederick Walter / Florence Emma 3 Southwood Terrace, St Lawrence shipwright  
3rd November 13th September 1907 Lewis Leslie LODGE Thomas / Elizabeth Jolly Farmer, Manston publican  
3rd November 21st September 1907 Kathleen Jessie CHURCH George Alfred / Jessie Eliza Preston Villas, Manston labourer  
10th November 15th December 1905 Leslie Cyril NORRIS John William / Evelyn 14 Vale Square riding master  
10th November 21st September 1907 Frederick Yardley HOSKER David Yardley / Matilda Ethel Villa, Seafield Road carpenter  
17th November 12th February 1907 Ada Elizabeth RANDALL Emily 3 Coopers Cottages -  
24th November 9th October 1907 Harold Charles WALL Charles / Mary Jane 6 Belvedere Terrace, Northwood stoker RN  
24th November 21st October 1907 Alfreda Nelly LEDNOR Alfred / Nelly Louisa Venice Villa, Ellington market gardener  
24th November 4th September 1901 Walter Alexander MILLROSS Alexander / Rosa Emily 2 Penn Cottages, Southwood postman  
24th November 21st October 1907 Edward Douglas LAWRENCE Edward James / Mabel Gertrude 29 Finsbury Road greengrocer  
24th November 21st September 1907 Percy Russell GOWER Percy James / Clara 3 Lyle Terrace, Seafield Road journeyman butcher  
24th November 9th March 1900 Annie Rosetta GIFFORD William George / Eliza Matilda 1 Philpotts Cottage labourer  
24th November - Kate Emily GIFFORD William George / Eliza Matilda 1 Philpotts Cottage labourer  
2nd December 7th October 1907 Alfred Charles David ASHBY Ernest / Barbara 4 Claremont Gardens labourer  
15th December 14th November Herbert PILGRIM Bertie / Ethel Elsie Lily Violet 10 Claremont Gardens labourer  
22nd December 3rd September Doris Muriel ALLBROOK Joseph / Jeanetta Danewold, Ellington Road traveller  
22nd December 7th October Lily Evelyn PIDDUCK George / Louise 40 Chapel Road, St Lawrence labourer  


Date Date First Name Last Name Parents Abode Trade Comments
Baptised born         Occupation  
3rd January 27th October 1907 Edward James MONDAY Edward / Ellen 1 Welby Villas, Whitehall fireman on railway  
19th January 21st December 1907 Edith Emily MATTHEWS Samuel Kingdom / Louisa Huckley Cottage, St Lawrence fisherman  
26th January 1st October 1907 Florence Kathleen SPAIN Frederick Charles / Francis Caroline Newington Bridge farmer  
26th January 22nd December 1907 Alfred William  Thomas FRIEND William Thomas / Agnes 2 Clifton Road, St Lawrence engine driver  
2nd February December Iris May PATTERSON Albert / Rosa Jane Spratling Street, Manstone labourer  
16th February 12th August Winifred Mary PULL George Henry / Alice Hilda 1 Ellington able seaman  
16th February 30th November Irene Doris JARVIS Harry Jarvis / Annie Elizabeth 51 Ashburnham Road brewers labourer  
1st March 23rd January Rosalind Longley DOWN Samuel / Agnes Elizabeth 39 Chapel Road fisherman  
5th March 7th March 1890 Gertrude Annie BRYAN Frederick Thomas / Emily 12 Harbour Street, Ramsgate drapers assistant  
7th March 5th February 1907 Mabel Elizabeth WARREN Herbert James / Ellen Sophie High Street, Manston labourer  
7th March   Edwin MANNING - Cottage Homes, Manston -  
7th March adult Henry George ISAACS - Cottage Homes, Manston -  
7th March adult Charles Frederick WILLIAMS - Cottage Homes, Manston -  
7th March adult Rose PRICE - Cottage Homes, Manston -  
7th March adult Winifred PHIPPS - Cottage Homes, Manston -  
7th March adult Edith Florence WILLIAMS - Cottage Homes, Manston -  
7th March adult Bessie JOHNSON - Cottage Homes, Manston -  
7th March adult Edith May SOLLY - Cottage Homes, Manston -  
7th March adult Hilda Maud READ - Cottage Homes, Manston -  
7th March   Lilian Blanche HIDE - Cottage Homes, Manston    
7th March   John HICKSON - Cottage Homes, Manston    
1st March   Alfred John GRAINGER Edward / Eliza Jane Preston Villas, Manston cycle agent  
1st March   Sydney GRAINGER Edward / Eliza Jane Preston Villas, Manston cycle agent  
1st March   Rosa GRAINGER Edward / Eliza Jane Preston Villas, Manston cycle agent  
10th March   Stephen BOURNE - Cottage Homes, Manston -  
13th March   Barbara Marjorie PACK not known Alicia, Newington Road -  
13th March   May ROBINSON - Alicia, Newington Road -  
15th March   Ella May GEORGE Robert Harrington / Mary 2 Alexander Terrace, Seafield Road porter  
29th March   James Elgar Ambrose REDWOOD Ambrose / Rosa 2 Pegwell Avenue porter  
29th March   Ivy Mary Emma WRIGHT Thomas George / Lizzie 6 Chilton Terrace dairyman  
5th April   Alice Mary CURL George Angus / Alice Frances 26 Ashburnham Road fisherman  
5th April   William John KEELER Edward John / Minnie Haine farm labourer  
11th April 8th March 1908 Charles Thomas WESTBROOK Leonard Thomas / Edith Camelot, Crescent Road brewers clerk  
12th April   Harold David SHEPHERD William Henry / Catherine Agnes 54 Chapel Road police constable  
12th April   Madeline Edith TAPPENDEN Edward / Lily Appletons Cottage, Whitehall coalman on S.E.R.  
26th April   Ernest John GOODBAN Harry Stephen James / Clara Ann 19 Ashburnham Road shipsmith  
26th April   Charles Henry HORTON Stephen James / Sarah Jane Cliffs End labourer  
26th April   Edward Ernest GOODBAN Ernest Edward William / Elizabeth Sarah 1 Sydney Road, Ramsgate motorman  
3rd May   Grace Mary COLLYER Charles Thomas / Edith 2 Claremont Gardens gardener  
10th May   Sophie May KEMP Harry Lewis / Emily Cliffs End market gardener  
17th May   David George FAGG Arthur James / Helen 1 Tilbury Villas, Whitehall, St Lawrence stocker  
17th May   James William WALKER George Henry / Annie 1 Whitehall Cottages labourer  
19th May 12th May 1908 Constance Phyllis CRAMPTON Frederick James / Daisy Maud 1 Bay View Villas collector  
24th May   Walter William Robert STEAD Robert / Ethel Bessie 3 Vicarage Cottages decorator  
31st May   Leslie Alfred PARAMOR Henry Allen / Helen 1 Allen Cottages. Northwood gardener  
31st May   Florence Beatrice TOMSETT William / Ellen 2 Ellington auxiliary postman  
7th June   Edith Emily PREBBLE Thomas / Emily Manstone waggoner  
7th June   Ruby May SETTERFIELD George Walter / Thurza Thornton 5 Chilton Cottages brick labourer  
14th June   Bessie Kathleen PARSONS Herbert / Ellen Mary 40 Finsbury Road coach builder  
21st June   Frederick Edward SMITHERS Ernest Edward William / Ellen Marion 22 Southwood Terrace painter  
21st June   Frank Montague SPAIN Walter John / Harriet Louise 2 Newington Terrace horse dealer  
21st June   Walter Thomas CHITTENDEN Ernest / Elizabeth Julia 39 Ashburnham Road carrier  
28th June   Doris RUSSELL George / Emma Elizabeth 34 Plantation Road, Faversham guard on railway  
19th July   George CARTER William / Jane 3 Myrtle Cottages fisherman  
26th July   Leslie Ernest HAVILAND Frank / Jane Chilton Tavern, St Lawrence public house keeper  
29th July   Augustin Henry OCLEE Augustin Edward / Louisa Elizabeth Olive Villa, Seafield Road railway goodsman  
6th August 27th November 1898 Enid Adelaide Alice Carew BROWN George Edward / Mary Jane Alice 8 Bay View Villas, St Lawrence schoolmaster  
9th August 11th July 1908 Alfred William John HOUGHAM Alfred John / Florence 35 St Patricks Road labourer  
16th August 9th May 1908 Eileen DARBY Alfred / Elizabeth Ann Agnes House, Northwood farmer  
16th August 2nd June Rubina Ellen FAGG Richard Thomas / Elizabeth Poleash, Manston labourer  
23rd August 3rd August Doris Lilian MIDDLETON David / Elsie 2 Buckleys Cottage waiter  
23rd August 3rd June Grace Gertrude HOLLOWAY Bertie Isaac 15 Clifton Road carpenter  
6th September 8th July 1908 Celia Minnie Irene HOGBIN Prestley / Irene Matilda 33 Addington Street butcher  
30th September   Thomas Frederick SAUNDERS Thomas / Florence Valentine 8 Providence Cottages labourer  
11th October   Hilda Ivy FAGG Herbert Walter / Caroline Elizabeth 3 Buckley Cottages, Southwood Road petty officer  
18th October   Arthur John SCHERSBY Arthur / Jessie Elizabeth 1 Grosvenor Road carman  
25th October   Clifford George MIRAMS Ernest Henry / Mary Ann Holmlea, Ellington groundsman  
29th October 21st October1908 Violet SMITH Humphrey Charles / Emma Jane 3 Welby Villas, Whitehall, St Lawrence laundryman  
23rd October 31st August Annie PELLATT Frederick / Margaret Vincent Cottage, Manstone labourer  
1st November   Kathleen WILLMOTH William Ailles / Emily 5 Ellington, St Lawrence carman  
1st November   John KNIGHT George William / Mercy Haine Cottages, St Lawrence engine driver  
1st November   Clara WHITING William Joseph Walter / Emma Elizabeth 10 High Street, St Lawrence laundryman  
15th November 2nd October Thomas Hayden HOWE Thomas / Kate 57 Hardres Street, Ramsgate motor driver  
15th November 7th September Lillian Rose GOODBAN Albert / Rose Whitehall Farm, St Lawrence labourer  
22nd November 27th September Helen Louisa DILNOT John / Eliza Haine Cottages, St Lawrence labourer  
28th November 7th September 1908 Frederick James HOLLANDS Henry George / Louisa 143 Boundary Road, Ramsgate mariner  
13th December 9th November 1908 Ruth Phyllis FRANKLIN Charles Augustus / Amy Kathleen Hylton, Seafield Road manager for singers  
13th December 3rd November 1908 Ivy Florence GRIGGS Thomas William / Florence Mary 1 Myrtle Cottages, St Lawrence blacksmith  
9th December 4th November 1908 Eleanor Laura BROWNE Edward / Constance Annie Highlands, Manston gentleman Manston 
27th December 15th October 1908 Aldridge James HUDSON James / Mabel Gertrude Manston milkman  Manston

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