Ramsgate Parish Register Extracts from 1901

St Lawrence Baptisms 1903-1904


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Date Date First Name Last Name Parents Abode Trade Comments
Baptised born         Occupation  
4th January 25th October 1902 Dorothy Grace AMOS Harry / Alice King Edward Road mariner  
9th January 20th November 1902 Eileen Lucy GIBBS John Barwick / Emma Grange Road saddler  
16th January 13th December 1902 Mary Elizabeth WILLMOTT James William / Hannah Manston Road gardener  
18th January 10th August 1902 Constance Alexandra READER John David / Constance Louisa 29 Montague Road labourer  
25th January   Norman Henry IRELAND Frank Charles / Lucy Rose 8 Lilly Terrace, Herbert Road labourer  
4th February   John Gammon READ John Borton / Edith Jessie Holme Lea, Crescent Road, Ramsgate gentleman  
8th February   Dorothy Minnie WILLIAMS Thomas / Winifred 2 Judith Villas, Northwood labourer  
15th February 10th December 1902 Bessie Mabel SCOTT Harry / Rose Alice 63 Chapel Road gardener  
15th February   Beryl Elizabeth WHITE Frederick / Emily Newington Terrace, Whitehall butcher  
1st March   Marjorie Irene JARRATT Harry / Mary Edith Penryn Lodge, Ramsgate commercial traveller  
8th March   Louisa Mary PARAMOR Henry Allen / Ellen Northwood gardener  
8th March   Elsie Violet OSBORNE Frederick Thomas / Ellen Haine farm labourer  
15th March   Maud Beatrice COLLEY William Henry / Maud No 1 Buckley Cottage, Southwood Road carman  
15th March   Charlotte Ellen HOWLAND Alfred / Charlotte Stanley Cottages, Chilton farm labourer  
15th March   James Frederick LAMBERT James / Eliza Annie 9 Lilly Terrace, Herbert Road ship rigger  
15th March   Albert Henry CROUCHER Henry Edgar / May Rebecca Haine farm labourer  
15th March 1890 Alice MORRIS George / Annie Cottage Home, Manston labourer  
15th March 1895 Elizabeth Mary COOK unknown / Emily Cottage Home, Manston labourer  
15th March 1896 Louisa WALKER   Cottage Home, Manston labourer  
22nd March 5th January 1903 Leonard George NEEVES Benjamin / Elizabeth Jane 3 Catherine Terrace, Chapel Road farm labourer  
22nd March 9th February 1903 Rose Ellen PIDDUCK Albert Henry / Rose Harriet Rose Cottage, ,Manston Road butcher  
27th March   Frank BURRILL John / Mary Ann Chilton Cottage labourer  
27th March   Florence Violet BURRILL John / Mary Ann Chilton Cottage labourer  
29th March 4th February 1903 Frederick Herbert MATTHEWS Frederick James / Edith Jane 39 Ashburnham Road coal merchant  
29th March 19th January 1903 Henry John HOLLANDS Henry George / Louisa Lawn Cottage, Boundary Road mariner  
29th March 1st March 1903 Pleasant Emily HORNE Charles / Annie Elizabeth 2 Spencer Cottages, Addington Street fisherman  
5th April 20th February 1903 Cecil Scotsan PARR William / Dora Elizabeth Dalkeith, Southwood master shop fitter  
12th April   Alfred James HORTON Stephen James / Sarah Jane Cliffs End farm labourer  
12th April 7th January 1895 Florence Maud SHARPE Arthur / Alice Jubilee Cottages, Manston farm labourer  
19th April   John Leslie MIRAMS John / Fanny Salisbury Terrace, Dane Road butcher  
29th April 7th March 1903 Frances Margaret KNIGHT Mary Elizabeth Claremont Gardens singlewoman  
31st May 29th April 1903 Robert William DOWN Samuel / Agnes High Street, St Lawrence fisherman  
31st May 26th January 1903 Alfred John BRICE Alfred Edward / Florence 6 Claremont gardens labourer  
31st May 10th July 1901 Stephen William Henry JONES Stephen Charles / Eliza Southwood labourer  
31st May 5th April 1903 Ernest Albert JONES Stephen Charles / Eliza Southwood labourer  
21st June 21st May 1903 Frank Thomas GIBBENS Edwin / Emma Cliffs End farm labourer  
21st June 16th May 1903 Charles Frederick TERRY Edwin Thomas / Annie Grosvenor Road carpenter  
24th June 7th May 1903 Ernest Arthur HOLLOWAY Bertie Arthur / Edith Lydia 4 Bay View Villas, Manston Road carpenter  
28th June 11th May 1903 Frederick Ernest DUEL Henry James Howe / Rhoda Ellen 6 Grange Road hairdresser  
5th July 3rd May 1903 Lacey William BLUNT William John / Minnie Jane Coastguard, Pegwell coastguard  
5th July 4th May 1903 Ernest George DANTON George Riley / Elizabeth Ellen 3 Chilton Terrace labourer  
5th July 12th May 1903 John William RELF John / Emma Ann Thanet Mill Cottage labourer  
5th July 25th May 1903 Dorothy Edith HOLLANDS William / Ellen 4 St Patricks Road, Ramsgate labourer  
12th July 22nd June 1903 Albert Lewis GARDNER Henry / Eva Chapel Road, St Lawrence labourer  
29th July 9th June 1903 Mabel Gertrude MALE Ernest / Frances Elizabeth 2 Richford Cottages gardener  
2nd August 15th June 1903 Grace Ella ANNING Frederick George / Mary Ann 22 Southwood Terrace carman  
2nd August 6th June 1894 Edith Mabel SAYER William Thomas / Emily Sarah Manston woodman  
2nd August 28th March 1896 Ann Marie SAYER William Thomas / Emily Sarah Manston woodman  
16th August 29th December 1902 Edward BROWN John Thomas / Julia Kimbolton, Hunts farmer  
16th August 21st July 1903 Ernest LAWRENCE William / Annie Chapel Road painter  
16th August 21st July 1903 Edward LAWRENCE William /Annie Chapel Road painter  
16th August 8th July 1903 Edward William GARDNER William Arthur / Grace Charlotte Claremont Gardens labourer  
26th August 6th August 1903 Edward Ernest CURTIS James / Florence Ashburnham Road labourer  
30th August 6th August 1903 Kate Elizabeth JOHNSON George / Rose Beatrice Jubilee Cottage, Manston labourer  
30th August 23rd July 1903 Millicent Emma HUCKSTEP William Frank / Harriet Ann Haine, St Lawrence engine driver  
12th September 28th July 1903 Charles Robert NELSON Henry Bywater / Charlotte Halliwell St Lawrence Vicarage manufacturer  
13th September 29th June 1903 Annie Maud EVANS Philip John / Annie Jane Chilton Farm picture restorer  
20th September 5th August 1903 Horace Thomas Andrew MATTHEW Horace / Mabel Grosvenor Road painter  
20th September 12th August 1903 Winifred Florence FEARN George / Florence Winstanley Crescent railway official  
2nd October 6th June 1903 Frances Rose PLUCK William Robert / Rosa Elizabeth 28 Townley Street cab driver  
4th October 28th August 1903 Dorothy Ellen Irene PARSONS Herbert / Ellen 28 Avenue Road coach painter  
11th October 8th September 1903 Reginald Alfred PARAMOUR Alfred Samuel / Dora Janet 5 Catherine Terrace, Chapel Road postman  
18th October 30th July 1903 Ellen Doris WHITLING Alfred George / Caroline Mary Ann 4 Devonshire Terrace, Duncan Road miller  
18th October 29th August 1903 Albert Ernest PELLATT Frederick / Margaret Vincent Manston labourer  
25th October 27th April 1903 Winifred Mary MORGAN Nelson Victor / Rose Hannah 107 High Street, Margate printer  
1st November 8th September 1903 Doris Lillian PIDDUCK George / Louisa 13 Seafield Road labourer  
8th November 8th October 1903 Gordon Herbert MACK Peter / Florence Newington Hill miller  
24th November aged about 40 years (Mrs) Clara (SAGE) SEAGER Thomas / Maria Manstone Wheelwright (Gravesend)  
25th November 26th August 1903 Richard Alfred TURNER Richard / Maud Laura Chilton Cottage, St Lawrence labourer  
6th December 23rd October 1903 Nora Evelyn IMPETT Alfred Robert / Clara South Eastern Road dairyman  
6th December 23rd October 1903 Hilda SHERSBY Arthur / Jessie Elizabeth 1 Grosvenor Road carter  
6th December 30th October 1903 Dolly TOTTMAN Martin John / Susannah 2 Seafield Cottages labourer  
13th December 5th September 1903 Reginald Ian O'Brien HANCOCK George / Geraldine 2 Daisy Villas, Ellington Road professional musician  
13th December 21st October 0903 Harriet Elizabeth YOUNG George / Maria Haine labourer  
16th December 2nd July 1902 James Eric POTTER Robert Pead / Emmie Bay View Villas, Manston Road school teacher  
20th December 7th November 1903 Ellen Rose WALKER George Henry / Annie 19 Claremont Gardens labourer  
27th December 7th June 1903 Henry HURRELL Thomas Champion / Elizabeth Sarah Southwood butler  
27th December 15th October 1903 Violet SAUNDERS Thomas / Florence Providence Cottage, Southwood hawker  
Date Date First Name Last Name Parents Abode Trade Comments
Baptised born         Occupation  
3rd January 22nd November 1903 Florence Janet SHEPHERD William Henry / Catherine Agnes 15 Grosvenor Road police constable  
13th February 4th January 1904 Ernest Peter LAMBERT Horace John / Emily 4 Seafield Road labourer  
14th February 11th January 1904 William John APPLETON James / Ellen Field Terrace blacksmith  
19th February 23rd November 1903 Clifford William DURST Charles / Mary Southwood tutor  
19th February 4th August 1902 Grace Marjorie DURST Charles / Mary Southwood tutor  
19th February 4th October 1901 Charles James DURST Charles / Mary Southwood tutor  
21st February 24th December 1903 Maud Irene CROWHURST Charles William / Charlotte Louisa Monte Rosa, Grange Road commercial traveller  
21st February 18th December 1903 Lily Daisy SETTERFIELD Alfred Ernest / Annie 73 Chapel Road labourer  
21st February   George Hilary James FARLEY Kate 3 Bell Alley singlewoman  
21st February 13th December 1903 Percy Walter LAWRENCE Walter Charles / Eliza 21 Southwood Terrace labourer  
21st February 11th November 1903 Edward John Horton SINCLAIR Henry / Harriett Fanny 38 Chapel Road labourer  
8th March 7th June 1903 Elsie CURLING Noah Miles / Annie Redwood Cottage, Southwood carrier  
8th March 9th August 1887 Bessie BLIGH Edwin James / Jane 8 Ellington coach builder  
13th March 16th February 1904 Ernest Alexander COOPER Alexander Henry / Emma 5 Albert Terrace, Southwood boatman  
20th March 17th January 1904 Elsie Margaret CURLING Alfred / Amy Sarah 6 Grosvenor Road police constable  
27th March 29th January 1904 Horace Leslie PATTERSON Albert / Rosa Jane Spratling Street, Manston labourer  
27th March 26th March 1904 Kathleen Letitia FLETCHER Charles / Alice Jane 15 Grange Road carpenter  
22nd April 12th January 1904 Leslie Alfred DARBY Alfred / Elizabeth Northwood, St Lawrence farmer  
24th April 23rd February 1904 John George GARDNER John Thomas /Harriet Chilton, St Lawrence milkman  
24th April 6th January 1904 Katy Emily Naomi ABBOTT George / Kate Elizabeth 3 Lily Terrace, Herbert Road fisherman  
24th April 29th March 1904 Arthur Thomas SHARPE Arthur / Alice Poleash, Manston labourer  
1st May 3rd April 1904 Harold Arthur STONE William John / Mary Grange Road fruiterer  
8th May 30th March 1904 Isabel Marjorie HOLMES Annie 59 High Street, Ramsgate singlewoman  
8th May 14th March 1904 Frank FULLER Frank / Maria Ann 2 Newington Cottages miller  
15th May 13th March 1904 Mary Florence BARKER George Arthur / Mary Ann 18 Claremont Gardens fisherman  
15th May 5th March 1904 Doris Irene HYATT Thomas Noble / Emily 17 Grosvenor Road scaffolder  
15th May 13th April 1904 Elsie Dorothy WOOD Stephen Alfred / Susannah Louisa 1 Arthur Terrace, Herbert Road carman  
22nd May 6th March 1904 Henry Allen PARAMOR Henry Allen / Frances 1 Allen Cottages. Northwood gardener  
22nd May 5th April 1904 Lillian Maud MAYO Charles Henry / Maud Harriet 2 High Field Villas, Northwood butcher  
22nd May 16th March 1904 Alfred James Marvellous MATTHEWS Alfred / Rose Mary 1 Edward Terrace, Southwood fisherman  
29th May 28th March 1904 George Dudley HAYES George Martin / Esther 8 Chapel Place dentist  
12th June 10th May 1904 Albert Edward HOLNESS Frederick William / Ada Jane Hereson dairyman  
12th June 24th February 1904 Florence Margaret CLARK James / Ann Belsey Northwood able seaman RN  
12th June 26th March 1904 Gladys Edith PAGE Edmund James / Edith Emma Hereson mineral water manufacturer  
22nd June 22nd May 1904 Ethel Palmer PAGE Mary Ann 2 Edith Villas, Chapel Road singlewoman  
3rd July 17th April 1904 Eric Brailsford HILTON George Edward / Blanche 4 Laurel Cottages, Chilton plasterer  
3rd July 18th May 1904 Winifred Mary NAILOR Henry George / Florence Mary 53 Elsie Terrace, Chapel Road sailmaker  
3rd July 1st June Edith Florence COTTON William George / Florence 1 Seafield Cottages, Southwood publican  
8th July 6th May 1904 Alice May REDMAN William Laurence / Bertha Minnie 15 Claremont Gardens labourer  
10th July 9th June 1904 Herbert Arthur CASPELL William / Kate Louisa 1 High Field Villas, Northwood brickmaker  
24th July 17th June 1904 Frederick Henry CHAPMAN Frederick John / Rose 10 Raneleigh Terrace, Margate Road painter  
24th July 9th June 1904 George John BURTON Arthur Diggerson / Winifred Adeline 8 Claremont Gardens. St Lawrence baker  
31st July 31st July 1904 Jeannette COURT Harry / Jeanette Olive Villa, Seafield Road gardener  
3rd August 16th July 1904 George William Ewen NEEVES Benjamin / Elizabeth Jane 30 Chapel Road labourer  
7th August 21st March 1904 Stanley Edward PRISGROVE William / Evelyn Cliffs End carter  
7th August 19th June 1904 Frank Harry PREBBLE Thomas / Emily Pouces Cottage, Minster labourer  
14th August 16th May 1904 Dorothy Burchfield FREEMAN Thomas / Mary Meeting Street, Ramsgate bookseller  
14th August 27th June 1904 Graham Reginald COURT Frederick John / Annie Newington builder  
21st August 11th July 1903 Emily Edith ATKINS George / Elizabeth Ann 5 Ellington, St Lawrence fire lighter SER  
25th August   Winifred Helen DILNOT John / Eliza Haine market gardener  
28th August 26th June 1904 Rose Helen HUNT Frederick Charles / Rose Helen 22 Grosvenor Road bricklayer  
28th August 20th July 1904 Herbert Edward TOMLINSON Herbert Alfred / May 3 Beech Cottage, Grange Road draper  
4th September 28th July 1904 Cecil Frank LAMBERT Frank / Millie Louisa 51 Ranelagh Road, Willesden foreman L&N.W. railway  
4th September 13th July 1904 Marjorie Louise WESTON Edwin Harry / Louise 17 Regents Parade, North Finchley manager at provision shop  
4th September 19th July 1904 William James HUCKSTEP William Henry / Emma Elizabeth Manston labourer  
4th September 21st June 1904 Harry William ROGERS Ernest George / Matilda Haine labourer  
11th September 4th August 1904 William Isaac HOLLANDS Henry George / Louisa 29 Winstanley Crescent mariner  
11th September 14th July 1904 Arthur James BEVIS Arthur / Ellen Rose 5 Seafield Road mariner  
2nd October 27th June 1903 Victor Frederick BEERLING George William / Aubrelia Jane 4 High Street, St Lawrence labourer  
2nd October 24th July 1904 Freddy PALMER John Edward / Emma Jane 46 Chapel Road carpenter  
5th October 14th December 1902 Gracie Ellen MUNDAY Edward / Ellen 1 Welby Villas, Whitehall fireman  
5th October 9th September 1904 Mabel Lily MUNDAY Edward / Ellen 1 Welby Villas, Whitehall fireman  
9th October 23rd August 1904 Doris Elizabeth WITHERDEN Joseph Hollens / Elizabeth 65 William Street, Sittingbourne petty officer RN  
9th October 30th July 1904 Walter George MATTHEWS Frederick James / Edith Jane Ashburnham Road coal dealer  
16th October 26th August 1904 Minnie Gertrude REDWOOD Henry / Lucy 2 Frances Terrace carter  
13th November 7th September 1904 William Henry Buckley FORWOOD William Thomas / Jane Buckley 5 The Quadrant, Grange Road boot maker  
4th December   Cyril Edmund GIBBS Edmund Edward Stephen / Lucy Maud Manston coachman  
11th December 2nd June 1904 Harold Henry MIRAMS John / Fanny Maria 3 Jubilee Terrace, Southwood Road butcher  
14th December   William George CLIFTON George / Alice 14 Herbert Road labourer  
18th December 19th November 1904 Florence Emily Irene KEMP Harry Louis / Emily 2 Pegwell Avenue farm labourer  
21st December 1st September 1904 Herbert William John TEALL William John Impett / Alice Ann 9 Lilly Terrace, Herbert Road publican  

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