Ramsgate & St L 1914/15 Directory - T

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Taafe William James grainer 60 Royal Road, West Cliff
Taft Albert   17 St Lukes Avenue
Tamplin Henry   Lime Kiln Cottage Stanley Place
Tamplin Charles Harris (LRCP, Edin, MRCS) physician & surgeon 13 (Royal Villa) Vale Square
Tandy T H headmaster Chatham House College Chatham Street
Tanson William Edward   5 Elizabeth Cottages Packers Lane
Tanton Stephen   Townley Cottage Chapel Place Lane
Tappenden James   149 Southwood Road
Tapsell Henry   157 (Grosvenor House) Grange Road
Tapsell Alfred   103 (Salisbury Villa) Crescent Road
Tapsell Charles Henry Duke of York 25 Addington Street
Tapsell Alfred G hon sec - Ramsgate Cycling & Motoring Club 29 King Street
Tapsell Mrs   51 Ashburnham Road, St Lawrence
Tapsfield Joseph Kidd   91 Grange Road
Tarbox George MacDonald   2 Buckstone Road, Northwood
Tarver Frederick   178 (Woodbury House) High Street
Tarver Frederick branch Manager - The Ocean Accident & Guarantee Corporation Limited 66 High Street
Tassell Charles Frederick   11 Belmont Road
Tate Mrs   40 Margate Road
Tayler Norman   91 Hereson Road
Taylor William Thomas   2 Albion Place
Taylor Edward bricklayer 4 Alma Road
Taylor Thomas George (CE) - Borough Engineer & Surveyor Municipal Offices Albion House Albion Place
Taylor Henry Roberts   Douglaston Queens Road, East Cliff
Taylor Mrs   18 Artillery Road
Taylor Mrs H lodging house 1 Arklow Square
Taylor William   26 Plains of Waterloo
Taylor Mrs   59 Cecilia Road
Taylor Thomas George   Ballaclaque Ellington Park Road
Taylor George John lodging house 53 Thanet Road (St Lawrence )
Taylor Frederick   37 Flora Road
Taylor Charles   43 St Lukes Avenue
Taylor Frank bootmaker 29 George Street
Taylor Henry grocer 143 Grange Road
Taylor Ernest   63 Duncan Road
Taylor John lodging house 25 Hardres Street
Taylor Harry   1 Ivy Cottages Terrace Cottages
Taylor Joseph beer retailer 140 High Street
Taylor Ernest   64 Boundary Road
Taylor Stephen   61 Hereson Road
Taylor Francis George lodging house 17 Liverpool Lawn, West Cliff
Taylor Thomas Hy lodging house 66 Hereson Road
Taylor Charles William lodging house 60 Hertford Street, West Cliff
Taylor William Stephen bootmaker 34 High Street
Taylor Rd Hobbs lodging house 6 Hibernia Street
Taylor Walter   3 Royal Road, West Cliff
Taylor E W registered lodging house 2 Kent Villas Central Road
Taylor Walter   5 James Street, West Cliff
Taylor George   10 Cross Street, West Cliff
Taylor Stephen   3 Cornwall Terrace Ayton Road
Taylor Charles jun.   14 Cross Street, West Cliff
Taylor Charles   1 Cottage Mews
Taylor Harry   4 Coronation Road
Taylor William James   7 Meeting Street
Taylor Mrs   18 Denmark Road
Taylor Frank S boot repairer 1 Ayton Cottages Ayton Road
Taylor Mrs   4 Triplecote Dumpton Park Road
Taylor Mark   35 St Davids Road
Taylor George   72 Winstanley Crescent
Taylor Walter tea rooms 28 Margate Road
Taylor William Hy dairy   Chilton Lane
Taylor Mrs   2 St Georges Cottages Church Lane
Taylor Mrs bathing machine proprietress 8 (Freeland Lodge) Cecilia Road
Taylor E W registered lodging house 1 Kent Villas Central Road
Taylors Bathing Establishment       The Sands
Tebbutt Miss lodging house 2 Guildford Lawn
Tepaiva Alfred   21 Edith Road
Terrell Mrs   40 Hertford Street, West Cliff
Terrell Miss Martha lodging house 77 Addington Street
Terry Edmund   6 Brunswick Street
Terry Henry   121 Hardres Street
Terry William   33 Hardres Street
Terry Frank chair caner 6 Brunswick Street
Terry Walter Henry   179 Grange Road
Terry James   96 Grange Road
Terry Edward Wood   12 Bloomsbury Road
Terry Albert   6 Central Road
Terry Thomas Maynard   113 Boundary Road
Terry Charles Henry   23 Avenue Road, East Cliff, St Lawrence
Terry Arthur   Ringmer Margate Road
Terry Ernest   32 St Patricks Road
Terry Miss   60 High Street, St Lawrence
Tewart Mrs   4 Poplar Road
Thain James   5 Bay View Villas Manston Road, St Lawrence
Thain Charles   2 (Norfolk Villa) Codrington Road
Thanet Bowls Club   Hon Sec - Capt W F Box   Montefiore Avenue
Thanet Bowls Club Ltd   Jn C Goldsack sec (registered office) 36 High Street
Thanet Timber Co   timber & slate merchants; G E Venner manager   West Cliff Road
The Capital & Counties Bank Limited branch E E Ogier - manager 3 Queen Street
The Capital & Counties Bank Limited branch E E Ogier - manager 5 Queen Street
The Central Library   fancy & toy dealers 3 High Street
The Domestic Bazaar Co Ltd     40 Harbour Street
The Domestic Bazaar Co Ltd     38 Harbour Street
The Fremlin Memorial Sanitorium (St Lawrence College)   Mrs E Turnbull, matron   Margate Road
The Granville Hotel   proprietors - Spiers & Pond Limited The Granville Hotel Victoria Parade, East Cliff
The Kings Theatre The Ramsgate & District Popular Amusements Co Ltd managing director - Reginald V Crow   King Street
The Marina Electric Amusements & Promenade Pier       Granville Marina
The Ocean Accident & Guarantee Corporation Limited   Frederick Tarver - branch manager 66 High Street
Theobald Miss A E (MUS BAC NY) Joint principal - Stanley House School for Girls   Vale Road
Theobald Mrs   10 Lyndhurst Road, East Cliff
Thicke James John music warehouse 83 High Street
Thomas Mrs   1 Dane Park Road
Thomas Frederick Andrew plumber & decorator 5 Edith Road
Thomas Mrs C F   31 Penshurst Road, East Cliff, St Lawrence
Thomas Arthur   Ellington Ellington Park Road
Thomas John Seven Stars Inn   Hardres Street
Thomas Mrs   40 Flora Road
Thomas George   15 Dane Road
Thomas Edwin James   Maud Villa Pegwell Road
Thomas Arthur ladies & gentlemens tailor 40 High Street
Thomas Arthur   13 Salisbury Avenue, St Lawrence
Thomas Mrs   4 (Mildreda) Hollicondane Road
Thomas Frederick A plumber & decorator (works) 59a Crescent Road
Thomas Frank butcher 29 Chatham Street
Thomas Percy Philip   30 Salisbury Avenue, St Lawrence
Thomas Henry   12 Salisbury Avenue, St Lawrence
Thomas William   78 South Eastern Road
Thompson Mrs Jane greengrocer 1 Spencer Street, West Cliff
Thompson Abraham   130 Southwood Road
Thompson Walter James Cannon Inn   Ellington Place
Thompson John   Leonard Villa Balmoral Place, East Cliff
Thompson Christian   10 Monkton Place
Thompson Mrs   20 Shaftesbury Street, East Cliff
Thompson Mrs   21 Picton Road
Thompson William Hy   27 Seafield Road, St Lawrence
Thompson George   86 Crescent Road
Thompson Arthur Frederick   45 Picton Road
Thompson Joseph Hy   2 Memel Place
Thompson W J sec - Ramsgate Parochial Soup Kitchen   Church Road
Thompson Mrs   14 Albert Road, East Cliff, St Lawrence
Thomson Miss A   29 Bellevue Road, East Cliff
Thomson Frederick C   14 Sydney Road, St Lawrence
Thomson Miss   Northwood Court Margate Road
Thomson Miss   Kentfield Lodge Willsons Road
Thomson William Engineer - Ramsgate Corporation Gas & Water Offices   Boundary Road
Thomson Miss   160 High Street
Thomson William   Skelmorlie Montefiore Avenue
Thorncroft Norton Edward baker   Sydney Road, St Lawrence
Thorncroft Norton Edward confectioner 1 Dumpton Park Drive, St Lawrence
Thorne Mrs K lodging house 5 La Belle Alliance Square, East Cliff
Thorne Harry   3 Arthur Terrace Herbert Road
Thorner Thomas lodging house 10 Cannonbury Road
Thornington Henry   17 Seafield Road, St Lawrence
Thornley John Stock Crown Hotel 30  York Street
Thornton William Edwin relieving & vaccination officer, collector to the  Guardians & Inspector under the "Infant Life Protection Act" 83 St Lukes Avenue
Thornton Harry wardrobe dealer 134 High Street
Thornton John Walter   24 Salisbury Avenue, St Lawrence
Thornton Mrs lodging house 13 Guildford Lawn
Thornton Henry Robert   30 Picton Road
Thornton Herbert   13 St Davids Road
Thornton Mrs   4 Salisbury Avenue, St Lawrence
Thorp William Frederick   1 Melrose Cottages Hertford Street, West Cliff
Thorp William   1 Mount Pleasant Cottages Rodney Street
Thorp Miss A B toy & fancy bazaar 25 Harbour Street
Thorp Arthur   6 Garden Row
Thouless Benjamin   45 Albert Street, West Cliff
Threader Charles draper 1 Hereson Terrace Dumpton Road
Thrower Mrs   58 Margate Road
Thrussell Wm insurance agent 1 Alpha Road
Thurstin Brothers fried fish shop 12 Camden Road
Thurston John   34 Albert Street, West Cliff
Ticehurst Robert   17 James Street, West Cliff
Tickner John   13 Sydney Road, St Lawrence
Tilbrook Alfred Henry   Woodville Marlborough Road, The Elms
Tilbury Mrs Charlotte greengrocer 12 Addington Street
Till Ernest   33 Belmont Street
Till John   4 Wroxham Villas Rawdon Road
Tiltman Mrs   44 Picton Road
Timmins William John   6 New Alfred Cottages
Tindall Mrs   51 South Eastern Road
Tisdell B H Castle Hotel 66 Harbour Parade
Tissington Walter tailor 46 Hardres Street
Tobias Lew ladies outfitter 13a King Street
Todd Charles   38 Finsbury Road
Todd Mrs   1 Princes Road
Todd George insurance agent 186 High Street
Todd James   8 Anns Road
Tomalin Joseph   47 Bloomsbury Road
Tomlin Herbert Bankes G   17 St Mildreds Road
Tomlin Mrs   47 Hereson Road
Tomlinson Mrs dressmaker 60 Grange Road
Tomlinson Edward   71 Seafield Road, St Lawrence
Tomlinson Herbert Alfred   184 Grange Road
Tompsett William   2 Ellington
Tomson Martin John Read JP Court Stairs Pegwell Road
Tomson & Wotton Lim.     Cannon Brewery Cannon Road
Tomson & Wotton Ltd   brewers Ramsgate Brewery Queen Street
Toombs John F   13 Delamere Villas Dumpton Park Road
Tootell Miss   8 (Lansdowne) Hollicondane Road
Topley Percy James french polisher 10 Vale Square
Torre John J   4 Royal Crescent, West Cliff
Tottman Jn   Chanty Cottage Ellington Place
Tottman Martin John   15 West Cliff Road
Tottman Mrs   169 Grange Road
Towne Robert B   2 Mays Villas Mays Road
Towner John   50 Bloomsbury Road
Towner William   9 Cross Street, West Cliff
Towner Henry William luggage porter 9 Townley Street
Townley Castle School for Girls     2 Chatham Place
Townley Castle School for Girls     3 Chatham Place
Townley Castle School for Girls     1 Chatham Place
Townsend Miss lodging house 8 Nelson Crescent
Townsend Frederick Stephen newsagent 105 Southwood Road
Tozer William   102 Hereson Road
Tozer Mrs E   2 St Andrews Terrace St Andrews Road
Tozer Henry   10 Montague Road
Tracey George   Sea View Cottage Pegwell Avenue
Travers John   7 Spencer Square, West Cliff
Treadaway Thos Frank   36 Alexandra Road
Treadaway Mrs   6 (Canegrove) Dumpton Park Drive, St Lawrence
Treadaway Ernest   18 St Georges Road
Tree Samuel potato salesman   Edith Road
Tremain Frederick William   8 Unity Place
Tremain Robert William confectioner 74 Harbour Parade
Tremain Robert William confectioner 72 Harbour Parade
Tremaine William Henry   27 Priory Road, West Cliff
Tremaine George   22 Bloomsbury Road
Trew Frederick   51 Alexandra Road
Trimble Mrs   30 West Cliff Road
Tritton Ernest Richard   8 Southwood Road
Tritton R assistant master Chatham House College Chatham Street
Trowbridge Charles William   2 Sussex Street
Trowbridge Julius William   1 The Cedars North Avenue, The Elms
Truman John P   Parkholme Ellington
Truman Henry George   1 Pegwell Avenue
Try Edward Wallace   Syndale House Avenue Road, East Cliff, St Lawrence
Try Miss   39 Avenue Road, East Cliff, St Lawrence
Tuck Mrs E   51 Duncan Road
Tuck Edwin Henry   1 Ethelbert Road
Tucker Albert   1 Salisbury Avenue, St Lawrence
Tucker John Edwin   49 Boundary Road
Tucker Frederick   1 Stanley Cottages Downs Road
Tucker Charles   22 Union Street
Tucker Henry grocer & provision merchant 7a High Street, St Lawrence
Tucker Mrs   49 St Lukes Avenue
Tucker Henry   3 Chilton Villas Pegwell Road
Tucker Mrs   43 (Silverdale) Picton Road
Tucker William Henry   11 Dane Road
Tucker Walt Edmund   40 Boundary Road
Tucker Thomas Robert   35 (Waltham) Southwood Road
Tucker William   74 (Oakfield House) Grange Road
Tucker Albert Robert   20 Brunswick Street
Tucker Stephen Charles   30 Ashburnham Road, St Lawrence
Tucker Mrs Sarah smack owner 31 Military Road
Tucker Mrs lodging house 24 Spencer Square, West Cliff
Tucker George   Glenvalon Elms Avenue
Tucker Henry Marsh   33 (Fairview) South Eastern Road
Tuckett James   2 Paragon, West Cliff
Tuckett Mrs apartments 2 Paragon, West Cliff
Tupholme Mrs   37 West Cliff Road
Turmaine George   16 Church Road
Turnbull Mrs   65 South Eastern Road
Turnbull Mrs E Matron - The Fremlin Memorial Sanitorium (St Lawrence College)   Margate Road
Turner William   60 Church Road
Turner F proprietor - Fun Parlour 17 Granville Marina
Turner Mrs   5 Artillery Road
Turner Edward   19 Trinity Place
Turner Harry The Elephant & Castle 8 Hereson Road
Turner Thomas   2 Providence Villas Mews Cottages
Turner Arthur H baker 16 Camden Road
Turner George   6 Crescent Road
Turner Mrs   5 Mews Cottages
Turner Miss L school 22 Augusta Road, East Cliff
Turner Walter   16 High Street
Turner Robert   5 Gordon Terrace Gordon Road
Turner Frank proprietor - American Shooting Saloon   Granville Marina
Turner William Studham   37 Finsbury Road
Turner Miss   10 Dundonald Road
Turner Alfred   25 Percy Road
Turner Thomas greengrocer 14a Chatham Street
Turner Mrs   25 Brunswick Street
Turner Frederick lodging house 27 Camden Square
Turner Thomas   1 Hollicondane Terrace Hollicondane Lane
Turner Mrs   14 Alexandra Road
Turner Alfred Samuel   36 Albert Road, East Cliff, St Lawrence
Turner Albert James   3 Doris Villas Dumpton Park Road
Turner & Co   oilmen 84 Queen Street
Turners Cycle Stores   A R Applin - proprietor 2a  York Street
Turnham Sydney bootmaker 44 Denmark Road
Turtle Robert   3 Muir Road
Turtle Robert   Union Cottage Union Street
Tutt Edmund Thomas   20 Jubilee Terrace Grosvenor Road, St Lawrence
Tutt James shopkeeper 7 Hill Brow Road
Twigg Miss   22 Albion Place
Twigg John Worrell fruiterer & greengrocer 98 High Street
Twigg Frank saddler & trunk maker 18 High Street
Twigg F Sec - Isle of Thanet Motor Co Ltd 1  York Terrace, West Cliff
Twineham Rd lodging house 113 Margate Road
Twist Edward James   89 Hereson Road
Twyford Mrs   31 (Pevensey) Codrington Road
Twyman Henry   3 Dove Place Packers Lane
Twyman Mrs   Turtlecot Packers Lane
Twyman Thomas   6 Dove Place Packers Lane
Twyman Frederick   11 Ellington Road
Twyman Stanley beer retailer   Willsons Road
Twyman Stephen Alfred   3 Church Avenue
Twyman Ernest Alfred insurance agent 8 Seafield Road, St Lawrence
Twyman John   3 Elizabeth Cottages Packers Lane
Tyrrell James   39 Seafield Road, St Lawrence
Tyrrell Joseph N   72 Percy Road

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