Ramsgate & St L 1914/15 Directory - R

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Raab Leonard John Conrad   86 Thanet Road (St Lawrence )
Radbourn William James   7 Monkton Place
Radcliffe Alfred   Lowther D'Este Road, East Cliff
Radford William Charles   11 Thanet Road (St Lawrence )
Radford Mrs dressmaker Holmlea Ellington
Raffe Harry Victor   66 Winstanley Crescent
Ralph F H M (BA) Assistant Master - St Lawrence College Hollicondane Hollicondane Road
Ralph Mrs   7 Church Road
Ralph Thomas smith   Pysons Road, Northwood
Ralph Herbert Thomas   6 Woodfern Villas Hardres Road
Ralph George lodging house 1 Arklow Villas Bellevue Road, East Cliff
Ramsgate & District Angling Association   A J Darker - hon sec 11 West Cliff Arcade
Ramsgate & District Electric Supply Co Limited   Charles E Hume - resident  engineer & manager lighting station Princes Road
Ramsgate Co-operative Society Limited   G A Harvey - sec 35  York Street
Ramsgate Co-operative Society Limited   G A Harvey - sec 33  York Street
Ramsgate Coal Co   coal merchants    York Street
Ramsgate Cooperative Society Ltd     130 High Street
Ramsgate Cooperative Society Ltd     132 High Street
Ramsgate Cycling & Motoring Club headquarters Alfred G Tapsell - hon sec 29 King Street
Ramsgate Day Nursery   conducted by Sisters of St Josephs Convent, Broadstairs 70 Hereson Road
Ramsgate Home for Smack Boys   supt - James Woodward; matron - Mrs Woodward   Military Road
Ramsgate Mission Hall   coffee stall   The Harbour
Ramsgate Pure Ice Co Limited P S Secretary - Isle of Thanet Ice Co   The Harbour
Ramsgate Pure Ice Co Limited   E R T Croxall, managing director & sec   High Street
Ramsgate Shipping Co Limited     25 Military Road
Ramsgate Shipping Co Ltd   W W Harman - sec 58 Queen Street
Ramsgate Smack Owners Coal Co Limited   J R H Acock - sec 20  York Street
Ramsgate Smack Owners Coal Co Limited   stores 18 Military Road
Ramsgate Smack Owners Coal Co Limited   stores 17 Military Road
Ramsgate Water Works     Whitehall Water Works Margate Road
Ramsgate, Cinque Ports & County Permanent Building Society offices W H Langstaff - sec 1  York Street
Rand Miss Elizabeth dressmaker 23 Cumberland Road
Rand Mrs J W   23 Cumberland Road
Randall Mrs   8 Upper Dumpton Park Road
Randall William   8 (Marlborough House) Dane Road
Randall George   5 Salisbury Avenue, St Lawrence
Randall Thomas John   3 Archway Road
Randall William Thomas   22 Denmark Road
Rapkin John B   14 Albion Place
Ratcliff Harry   Fairfield Dane Park Road
Ratcliff Richard   14 New Alfred Cottages
Ratcliff William Edward coal merchant 169 King Street
Ratcliff William   Beryl Villa Dane Park Road
Rawlinson Miss Elizabeth milliner 32 Hardres Street
Rawlinson Henry   22 Sydney Road, St Lawrence
Rayner Mrs   5 Chatham Place
Raynes George William   1 Lillian Road
Read William   8 Kent Place
Read George   56 Church Road
Read J working cutler 3 Alexandra Road
Read Thomas William lodging house 10 Hibernia Street
Read Charles Ernest   The Nile Dumpton Road
Read C Ramsgate Journeyman Bakers Association 32 (Ship Inn) Harbour Street
Read Mrs   6 Vicarage Cottages Newington Road, St Lawrence
Read Joseph lodging house 42 Camden Square
Read Richard fly proprietor Paragon Mews Paragon Street, West Cliff
Read Thomas   32 Effingham Street
Read Walter   14 Shaftesbury Street, East Cliff
Read Frederick   10 Mill Cottages
Read George Thomas   81 Boundary Road
Read Wm   Alma Cottage Alma Road
Read William   2 Boundary Road
Read Frank dairyman 5 Paragon Cottages Paragon Street, West Cliff
Read John   60 (Holmelea) Crescent Road
Read Edwin   26 Townley Street
Read George Harry   The Cottage Elms Avenue
Read Mrs lodging house 11 Spencer Square, West Cliff
Reader Mrs   1 Elgar Cottages Union Street
Reading Daniel   80 Southwood Road
Reading Richard lodging house 5 (Nelson Lodge) Albert Street, West Cliff
Reading W muster master Harbour Offices Harbour Parade
Reading D paymaster & store keeper Harbour Offices Harbour Parade
Reay Henry George   4 Gordon Terrace Rodney Street
Redbourn Percy   16 Albert Road, East Cliff, St Lawrence
Redbourn & Cook   garage   Granville Mews
Redhouse Mrs   2 Cavendish Street
Redman A B builder 86 (Edinbro Villa) Grange Road
Redman Mrs   18 Rodney Street
Redman William John   30 Seafield Road, St Lawrence
Redman James   54 Boundary Road
Redman William tailor 40 Grange Road
Redman Frederick Charles   58 Cannonbury Road
Redman Mrs   142 Crescent Road
Redwood Ambrose lodging house 19 Camden Square
Redwood Henry   55 Bloomsbury Road
Reed Thomas Edward coachsmith   Bethesda Street
Reed Samuel   24 Hardres Street
Reed Charles   2 Chandos Terrace Boundary Road
Reed Thomas   65 Hardres Street
Reeves William Alfred   7 Anns Road
Reeves Ernest   5 Packers Lane
Reeves Frederick   1 Hibernia Street
Reeves James Vivian   14 St Patricks Road
Reeves A Norman confectioner 11a High Street
Reeves James   20 Church Road
Reeves Henry   Valletta Dane Park Road
Reeves Fred   28 Church Road
Regnard Joseph   6 Sion Hill
Regnard Mrs lodging house 6 Sion Hill
Reilly Leonard George   14 Roseberry Avenue
Reitz J H   66 (Wolfhagen) Crescent Road
Relf John   2 Park Cottages West Dumpton
Relph Thomas lodging house 115 Margate Road
Renew Henry Benjamin   13 Lillian Road
Rennels Charles   11 St Lukes Avenue
Rennie & Co. tailors 5 Chatham Street
Renninson Miss   51 Queen Bertha Road
Repton Miss trained nurse & home for Convalescents 99 West Cliff Road
Revell Frederick   1 Gordon Road
Revell Thos shopkeeper 20 Albert Street, West Cliff
Revell William   19 Sydney Road, St Lawrence
Revell John Richard   15 Alexandra Road
Revell Thomas Henry   17 Adelaide Gardens, West Cliff
Revell Edward   21 Brunswick Street
Revell John Frederick   20 St Patricks Road
Revell George Henry   2 Edith Cottages Clements Road
Revell Edwin Stephen   20 Hertford Street, West Cliff
Revell Harry   33 Sussex Street
Revell James   6 Church Road
Revell Miss   18 Hibernia Street
Revell Ernest Albert   37 St Davids Road
Rew Edward James   5 Hibernia Street
Rew Mrs Emma Annie lodging house 34 Hardres Street
Reynolds Arthur   74 Southwood Road
Reynolds George insurance agent 6 Dane Park Road
Reynolds Miss   6 Dane Park Road
Reynolds Rt bootmaker 144 King Street
Reynolds Charles   42 Denmark Road
Reynolds Robert   80 Hereson Road
Reynolds James stationer 9  York Terrace, West Cliff
Rhind E S Oak Hon Sec - Primrose League, King Harman Habitation Conservative Offices Cliff Street, West Cliff
Rhodes Stephen   9 Finsbury Road
Rhodes Miss lodging house 8 Albion Place
Rice Henry B   48 Church Road
Rich Nathaniel   47 (Ryhope) Southwood Road
Richards James   8 Monkton Place
Richards John   18 Hardres Street
Richards William   7 Penshurst Road, East Cliff, St Lawrence
Richards Thomas   11 Artillery Road
Richards Miss   86 South Eastern Road
Richards Chas Christopher caretaker Foresters Hall Chapel Place Alley
Richards Miss S E shopkeeper 43 Belmont Street
Richards Mrs   3 Belmont Villas Ellington Park Road
Richards George general shop & post office 6 Highfield Villas Northwood, St Lawrence
Richards Ivor Westbourne Private Hotel 3 Paragon, West Cliff
Richards James   29 Belmont Street
Richardson John William   75 Hereson Road
Richardson Robert   5 Garden Row
Richardson Mrs wardrobe dealer 98 Hardres Street
Richardson George   16 Townley Street
Riches Thomas   55 (Boughton House) Edith Road
Riches Paulin Fred   46 Queen Bertha Road
Richford Alfred Thomas   3 Holland Villas Ellington Park Road
Richford Frank   4 Harwood Villas Margate Road
Richford George poulterer 7 Queen Street
Richmond Miss lodging house 6 Willsons Road
Ridgwell William   2 Highfield Villas Northwood, St Lawrence
Ridgwell & Brown Misses boarding house 27 Augusta Road, East Cliff
Ridley Mrs C E   St Edith & St Olave Albion Road, East Cliff
Ridley Mrs   11 Camden Square
Riekie Harry   20 Picton Road
Rieusset Miss   4 Muir Road
Rigby Mrs   23 (Carew House) Codrington Road
Rigby Vernon   31 (Francis Cottage) Duncan Road
Rigby William   74 Crescent Road
Rigden William Henry   Kepler Cottage Union Street
Rigden William mechanical & electrical engineer Ellington Works Princes Road
Rigden Henry sen   24 Staffordshire Street
Rigden H   Fish Market The Harbour
Rigden Alfred   16 Belmont Street
Rigden Henry G   13 Belmont Street
Rigden Henry jun   28 Staffordshire Street
Rigden William mechanical & electrical engineer (office) 127 Margate Road
Rigden Ernest   3 Alliance Road
Rigden H jun   Fish Market The Harbour
Ring Mrs Rose lodging house 6 Albion Place
Risi Guiseppe ice cream vendor 135 King Street
Rivers Miss   69 (Argyle House) South Eastern Road
Roalf Mrs Jane lodging house 53 (Meldon House) West Cliff Road
Roalf Thomas Stephen   62 Hardres Street
Robarts E T & Co bootmakers 23 King Street
Robbins Mrs   30 Avenue Road, East Cliff, St Lawrence
Roberts Mrs E A   31 (Ingham) Crescent Road
Roberts Thomas stationer & post office 81 Grange Road
Roberts Mrs   18 Upper Dumpton Park Road
Roberts Ambrose apartments 3 Camden Road
Roberts Mrs   91 West Cliff Road
Roberts Miss school for girls Townley House Chatham Street
Robertson A S The Refectory Tavern 112 Harbour Parade
Robertson A S The Refectory Tavern 114 Harbour Parade
Robertson John Edmans   39 Ashburnham Road, St Lawrence
Robertson Mrs   147 Grange Road
Robertson William   68 Thanet Road (St Lawrence )
Robertson Albert Sidney   4 Kent Terrace
Robins Mrs   12a Broad Street
Robins George   4 Kingsley Villas St Lukes Road
Robinson Charles   1 Alexandra Road
Robinson John Henry   Sunnycote St Mildreds Road
Robinson Henry   47 Vale Road
Robinson Percy   29 (Richmond Lodge) South Eastern Road
Robinson Alfred A   25 Clifton Road
Robinson Jock   65 Alexandra Road
Robinson Charles lodging house 3 Stanley Cottages Downs Road
Robinson John Henry solicitors & commisioners for oaths & deputy coroner 23 Cavendish Street
Robinson & Allfree   solicitors & commisioners for oaths 23 Cavendish Street
Robson Robert Gordon   45 Queen Bertha Road
Rochester Thomas lodging house 1 Royal Road, West Cliff
Roddy William   2 Jessamine Villas Percy Road
Roder Mrs lodging house 18 Royal Road, West Cliff
Roe John (BA. CANTAB) head master- St Georges Commercial Schools School House Church Road
Roe John BA Cantab 29 (Belvidere) Augusta Road, East Cliff
Roe Miss H M Assistant Mistress - St Lawrence College Junior School Hollicondane Hollicondane Road
Roe Richard   7 Kent Terrace
Rogers Charles James   4 Anns Road
Rogers Chas   22 (Melrose) Albert Road, East Cliff, St Lawrence
Rogers James boot repairer 85 Hardres Street
Rogers Mrs   7 Dumpton Park Drive, St Lawrence
Rogers John William builder - office 40 Belmont Road
Rogers John William proprietor - South Eastern Cycle Works Belmont Works Ellington Park Road
Rogers John   13 Jubilee Terrace Grosvenor Road, St Lawrence
Rogers Thomas   7 Jubilee Terrace Grosvenor Road, St Lawrence
Rogers Wallace Herbert   3 Mount Pleasant Cottages Rodney Street
Rogers Thomas   46 Duncan Road
Rogers William   Hannis Villa Dane Park Road
Rogers John Edward   63 Winstanley Crescent
Rogers William Richard   7 Flora Road
Rogers Percy   2 Whites Cottages
Rogers Edward John   47 Finsbury Road
Rogers Frank Henry decorator 161 Grange Road
Rohan James   50 (Callan) Crescent Road
Rolfe Frederick William   7 Camden Road
Rolls Frederick James   16 Spencer Square, West Cliff
Rolls Miss   119 (St Aubins) Crescent Road
Romain Hyam   22 (Belmont) Hatfield Road
Romney Studios Ltd   photographers 88 High Street
Rone Thomas   142 Grange Road
Rooker Arthur fruiterer 58 King Street
Rootes Norman   Ash Lawn Elms Avenue
Rootes Frederick   25 Finsbury Road
Rootes Misses K & L drapers 50 Queen Street
Rootes Misses K & L drapers 49 Queen Street
Roots Mrs   42 Royal Road, West Cliff
Roots Miss   14 Camden Road
Rose Mrs   Beverley Rawdon Road
Rose Miss   Elm Grove Elms Avenue
Rose Arthur Hartland   22 (Brussels House) Vale Square
Rose Miss E confectioner 4 Spencer Street, West Cliff
Rose Harry   7 Margate Road
Rose William watchmaker 27 Harbour Street
Rose William   3 Brownlow Villas Vale Road
Rose George Edward   11 Hatfield Road
Rose Henry   47 Boundary Road
Rosenblatt Morris boarding house 22 Wellington Crescent, East Cliff
Rosenburg Norman estate agents 42 Queen Street
Rothwell Mrs   155 Boundary Road
Rothwell Mrs lodging house 29 Effingham Street
Rothwell Walter   1 Belmont Villas Ellington Park Road
Rothwell James   141 Boundary Road
Rothwell Charles Percival lodging house 1 Dundonald Road
Rouch Charles Frederick   15 Dumpton Park Drive, St Lawrence
Roud Charles   2 Theodore Terrace Margate Road
Round William Henry   12 Kingsley Villas St Lukes Road
Rouse Frank shopkeeper 28 Central Road
Rouse Charles   Penang Truro Road, East Cliff
Rousell James   7 Winstanley Crescent
Rouviere Rev A Urban   St Augustines Abbey St Augustines Road, West Cliff
Rowe Charles   10 Picton Road
Rowe Arthur John   29 Penshurst Road, East Cliff, St Lawrence
Rowe G & T ironmongers 1 High Street
Rowe Mrs   138 Southwood Road
Rowell G H   104 Hereson Road
Rowland Walter James   69 Chapel Road, St Lawrence
Rowland Jn Hy confectioner 1 Dumpton Road
Rowlands Mrs   20 Dundonald Road
Rowley Alfred   37 (Porthleven) Grove Road
Rowlinson Mrs M   3 South Eastern Road
Royal Army Medical Corps   Lieut Col P C Burgess, commanding; Sergt-Major H Parker, drill instructor (Drill Hall) 67 (Smiths Yard) King Street
Royal Field Artillery, 3rd Home Counties (Cinque Ports) Brigade (3rd Kent Battalion) headquarters  Major S H Page, commanding; 2nd Lieut R H Chard, commanding left section; 2nd Lieut E A Clarke; Sergt-Major Sydney H Hildyard RFA Instructor) 174 High Street
Royal Harbour Lavatories     Harbour Gates Harbour Parade
Royal London Insurance Offices   W F Saull - district supervisor 76 High Street
Royal Palace Theatre   William Joseph Attack - lessee & manager   High Street
Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals   W Ware - inspector 7 Picton Road
Royal Temple Yacht Club   Ernest Wright steward   West Cliff Mansions, West Cliff
Royle Miss   89 Crescent Road
Ruffell Edward William insurance agent 11 Kingsley Villas St Lukes Road
Ruhl Edwin S   13 Edith Road
Rumney & Son tailors 14 West Cliff Road
Rumney Ernest Arthur   40 (Oakdene) Ellington Road
Rusk Misses lodging house Bleak House Pegwell Road
Ruskin George   41 Queen Bertha Road
Russell Samuel   2 Hereson Road
Russell Alfred   10a Alma Road
Russell Miss   Linley Truro Road, East Cliff
Russell Mrs lodging house 15 Paragon, West Cliff
Russell William   43 Hardres Street
Russell Miss   37 Bloomsbury Road
Russell Sidney Henry   5 Hereson Terrace Dumpton Road
Russell Edwin Wensley   95 Hereson Road
Russell Alfred   28 Percy Road
Russell James   53 St Lukes Avenue
Russen Walter   45 (Harefield) South Eastern Road
Russen W Surveyor - Customs & Excise & Old Age Pensions & National Health Insurance Office 108 High Street
Rutherford Henry watchmaker 154 Southwood Road
Rutland William lodging house 20 Abbots Hill
Rutter Mrs A E   41 (Silverleigh) Picton Road
Rutter Edward lodging house 3 Camden Square
Rutty W H butcher 135 High Street
Ryan Alfred   15 St Patricks Road
Ryan Miss   Hawkhurst Dumpton Road
Ryan Timothy   67 Alexandra Road
Ryan James   53 Bellevue Road, East Cliff
Ryan Mrs   42 Flora Road
Ryan James   11 Finsbury Road
Ryder Isaac   3 Rose Cottages Church Lane
Ryder Dudley H   118 Crescent Road
Rye Charles   64 Bellevue Road, East Cliff
Ryley E W Inspector - Kent County Council Weights & Measures Office   Cavendish Street
Rymer Jacob hair dresser 26 King Street
Rymer Jacob hair dresser 28 King Street
Ryves Edmund W L   33 (Lindenville) Hollicondane Road

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