Ramsgate & St L 1914/15 Directory - N

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Nailor George   53 Chapel Road, St Lawrence
Nairne Albert   10 Muir Road
Nairne James   44 Boundary Road
Nairne Arthur Charles   8 Muir Road
Nalson Frank butcher 3 Richmond Road
Napier Mrs   22 Seafield Road, St Lawrence
Nash Albert Edward   5 Ellington
Nash Walter John   10 High Street, St Lawrence
Nash Mrs Evelyn   125 Crescent Road
Nash Arthur   Suffolk Lodge North Avenue, The Elms
Nash John Cornelius   26 South Eastern Road
Nash William butcher 10 High Street, St Lawrence
Nash James   156 Southwood Road
Nash Mrs   65 Plains of Waterloo
Nash Arthur   Fish Market The Harbour
National Deposit Friendly Society   sec - Richard Earle 5 Theodore Terrace Margate Road
Neale Joseph A   55 Thanet Road (St Lawrence )
Neale Joseph A confectioner 65 High Street
Neales Thomas Howard   83 West Cliff Road
Neame George Edward   26 Artillery Road
Neame Louise M   82 (Rock Corry) Crescent Road
Neaves Mrs   2 Naivesink Villas Mays Road
Neaves James   4 Catherine Terrace Chapel Road, St Lawrence
Nelson Mrs E   5 West Cliff Terrace Mansions Pegwell Road
Nelson James & Sons Ltd butchers 88 King Street
Nelson James & Sons Ltd butchers 150 King Street
Nelson James & Sons Limited   butchers 107 High Street
Nesbit Charles H F dairy 69 Queen Street
Nethersole Henry   25 Rodney Street
Neves William   13 Monkton Place
Neves Henry   85 Margate Road
New Palce Steamers Limited  offices   20  York Street
Newby Mrs   70 South Eastern Road
Newby George Henry   56 Hardres Street
Newby Mrs   104 (Monckton House) South Eastern Road
Newby Edward George builder & decorator workshops Victoria Road
Newby Horace lime burner 13a Plains of Waterloo
Newby Jn   Bennington Ellington Park Road
Newby Miss   1 (Glen Lyn) Picton Road
Newby Mrs   84 (Thanet House) Thanet Road (St Lawrence )
Newby Mrs dressmaker 4 Gloucester Villas St Lukes Road
Newby Horace Samuel   Alma Villa Dumpton Road
Newby Edward George   2 Penshurst Road, East Cliff, St Lawrence
Newby Edward   4 Gloucester Villas St Lukes Road
Newby Bros   brickmakers   West Dumpton
Newing William   2 Eagle Hill
Newing Richard William   24 Winstanley Crescent
Newing Mrs lodging house 4 Meeting Street
Newing Stephen   23 Central Road
Newing Alfred   38 St Patricks Road
Newington John   77 (Seafield Cottage) Seafield Road, St Lawrence
Newington Frederick   26 Seafield Road, St Lawrence
Newington Thomas   28 Seafield Road, St Lawrence
Newlyn Mrs H C dressmaker 172 High Street
Newlyn Harry Charles   172 High Street
Newman Walter Frederick   73 Hereson Road
Newman Charles   17 Sydney Road, St Lawrence
Newman Morris   Vale House Vale Square
Newman Mrs   8 Royal Crescent, West Cliff
Newman Thomas lodging house 53 Plains of Waterloo
Newman Thomas   104 Hardres Street
Newman Morris lodging house 15 West Cliff Road
Newman George   40 Percy Road
Newman J H hairdresser 51 Duncan Road
Newman Miss L E dressmaker 17 Sydney Road, St Lawrence
Newman Henry   6 Mill Cottages
Newmarch Alfred Thomas cycle agent 1 Bellevue Road, East Cliff
Newnham Mrs   24 St Patricks Road
Newton William J B   15 (Minerva House) Southwood Road
Newton Miss Annie lodging house 20 Hardres Street
Newton Walter   14 Denmark Road
Newton Miss   2 Clifton Lawn
Nicholas George William   16 Chatham Street
Nicholas John   25 St Patricks Road
Nicholass Dennis   82 Church Road
Nicholls Henry James lodging house 32 Belmont Road
Nichols Charles L grocer 95 King Street
Nichols William   38 Church Road
Nichols Ernest John carpenter 26 Hardres Street
Nichols Robert   1 Victoria Villas Ellington Park Road
Nichols Mrs Mary Ann lodging house 26 Hardres Street
Nichols Thomas John   16 Cannonbury Road
Nicholson William David   1 Sydney Road, St Lawrence
Nicklin William   1 (Brae Side) Belmont Road
Nightingale Mrs M boarding house 14 Augusta Road, East Cliff
Nixon A   2 Granville Marina
Nixon F   Fish Market The Harbour
Nixon Frederick   24 (Mascotte) Crescent Road
Nobes John   5 Sydney Road, St Lawrence
Noble Frederick plasterer 146 Grange Road
Noble Miss   47 (Myrtle Villa) Edith Road
Norfolk Mrs   63 Grange Road
Norman Harry   Camden House Camden Square
Norman Mrs   19 (Cintra) Albert Road, East Cliff, St Lawrence
Norman H C (BA OXON) head master -County School for Boys (Kent Education Committee)   Clarendon Gardens
Norman H C (BA Oxon)   Eastfield North Avenue, The Elms
Norman Hulbert Charles (BA OXON) Director -Ramsgate Technical School   Clarendon Gardens
Norman Bros   millers 23 (The Windmill) Grange Road
Norrington Jesse   38 Sydney Road, St Lawrence
Norris Walter Thomas   5 Belmont Street
Norris John Godden   126 Grange Road
Norris Mrs   4 Codrington Road
Norris Miss   32 Codrington Road
Norris George   18 Lorne Road
Norris Miss E E costumier 32 Margate Road
Norris William   10 Flora Road
Norris Walter   11 Belmont Street
Norris William Henry   15 Alpha Road
Norris Mrs   27 Alexandra Road
Norris Henry   18 Sydney Road, St Lawrence
Norris Henry George   35 Brunswick Street
Norton Richard George   19 Thanet Road (St Lawrence )
Nottage Mrs Mary lodging house 38 Royal Road, West Cliff
Novell Alfred   145 Southwood Road
Nowell William George   8 Hereson Terrace Dumpton Road
Nowell William   8 Albert Terrace King Edward Road
Nunneley John Cyril   20 West Cliff Terrace Mansions Pegwell Road

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