Ramsgate & St L 1914/15 Directory - L

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Lacey Frederick William tobacconist 45 Queen Street
Lacey Alfred George   Wimbledon Villa Chilton Lane
Ladd Gabriel   30 Hibernia Street
Lake George Sec -Ramsgate & St Lawrence Coffee Tavern Co Limited (Offices) 7 Hardres Street
Lake George   5 Queen Street
Lake George Sec - Ramsgate & St Lawrence Coffee Tavern Co Limited (Offices) 9 Hardres Street
Laker Miss dressmaker 3 Rose Hill, West Cliff
Laker George   2 Belmont Villas Ellington Park Road
Lambert Robert   8 St Patricks Road
Lambert James   33 Hereson Road
Lambert Edward John dining rooms 8  York Street
Lambert William Valentine bootmaker 23 Denmark Road
Lambert Redwood lodging house 20 Chatham Street
Lambert George Edward   1 Herbert Road
Lambert Mrs   Wenderton Truro Road, East Cliff
Lambert Miss lodging house 26 Liverpool Lawn, West Cliff
Lambert Richard   154 King Street
Lambert James   103 Boundary Road
Lambert Horace John   26 Upper Dumpton Park Road
Lambert Tom   72 Thanet Road (St Lawrence )
Lambert George   Oak Villa Dane Park Road
Lambert Robert   31 Boundary Road
Lambert James   1 Beresford Road
Lambert & Vendeville   boarding house 12 Royal Road, West Cliff
Lamberton Alfred Jn   3 Cecilia Road
Lambourne Mrs   106 Thanet Road (St Lawrence )
Laming John Thomas beer retailer 11 Margate Road
Laming Thomas   8 Clifton Road
Laming Henry   6 Belvedere Terrace Northwood, St Lawrence
Lamplugh Henry R (Arco0     South Eastern Road
Lanchester Misses   11 Queen Bertha Road
Land Miss   77 Grange Road
Lane Edward   7 Cottage Road
Lanfear Mrs lodging house 6 Leopold Street
Lanfear A H   Fish Market The Harbour
Lanfear Alfred Henry ships chandler (stores)   Cottage Road
Lanfear Alfred Henry   39 (Churston) Grove Road
Lanfear Mrs   Abbots Langley Villa Dane Park Road
Lang Eugene Augustus   41 Spencer Square, West Cliff
Langdon Edward Thomas   1 St Augustines Road, West Cliff
Langdon Mrs   77 Plains of Waterloo
Langford Miss lodging house 4 Cannonbury Road
Langley John   162 (Melancthon Villa) High Street
Langley Sidney John   150 High Street
Langley Rev Edwin (MA) Rector of Holy Trinity The Rectory Albion Road, East Cliff
Langley John dining rooms 91 King Street
Langley Miss   94 Hardres Street
Langridge Thomas   19 Dane Road
Langridge Thomas Philpott   134 Southwood Road
Langridge Thomas B   27 Meeting Street
Langridge James   3 Florence Terrace Harrison Road
Langridge Miss E lodging house 5 Spencer Square, West Cliff
Langridge & Howard   cycle agents 30 Boundary Road
Langstaff William Hy   Eskdale Grove Road
Langstaff W H Sec - Ramsgate, Cinque Ports & County Permanent Building Society 1  York Street
Langworthy John   88 High Street, St Lawrence
Large Edward J refreshment rooms 37  York Street
Larkin Charles greengrocer 43 High Street, St Lawrence
Larkin John Daniel   11 Salisbury Avenue, St Lawrence
Larkin Arthur & Co (RPC) plumbers 16 Effingham Street
Larkin William   77 St Lukes Avenue
Larkin Walter   2 Bell Cottages Ashburnham Road, St Lawrence
Larkin Mrs   Cliff Cottage Terrace Cottages
Larkin Arthur & Co (RPC) plumbers 14 Effingham Street
Larking Charles   14 Camden Square
Larkins Miss   10 Herbert Road
Larkins Albert   44 Hertford Street, West Cliff
Larkins Thomas Trowbridge   18 Trinity Place
Larkins Thomas greengrocer 11 Southwood Road
Larkins Henry   4 Anns Road
Larkins Charles   77 Southwood Road
Larkins Thomas   34 Boundary Road
Larkins Harry greengrocer 13 Bloomsbury Road
Larkins Thomas   5 Albert Terrace King Edward Road
Larkins George   34 Seafield Road, St Lawrence
Laslett Mrs   76 Grange Road
Laslett Thomas Newnham architect 6 Brockenhurst Road, East Cliff
Last Mrs L dressmaker 1 Herbert Terrace Dumpton Road
Last Harry Richard   5 Belvedere Terrace Northwood, St Lawrence
Latham Alfred James   73 Alexandra Road
Latham William Henry Rising Sun - PH 2 Effingham Street
Latter Albert A draper 14 Grange Road
Laughton Miss   Cambridge Villa Dumpton Road
Laughton Mrs E   26 Dundonald Road
Laurence Walter Ernest   136 Southwood Road
Laurence Mrs   32 Salisbury Avenue, St Lawrence
Laurence George Henry   30 Upper Dumpton Park Road
Laurie Daniel   6 La Belle Alliance Square, East Cliff
Lavender James   24 Cumberland Road
Lawbuary Herbert Victor   51 Cecilia Road
Lawler Arthur   11 Chapel Road, St Lawrence
Lawrence Sidney James   34 (Marcella) Hollicondane Road
Lawrence H C (MA) Army Class Master - St Lawrence College Hollicondane Hollicondane Road
Lawrence Miss   7 Vale Road
Lawrence W G & Sons bakers 48 (Excelsior Bakery) High Street, St Lawrence
Lawrence James   13 High Street, St Lawrence
Lawrence James Hunt   63 Edith Road
Lawrence W G & Sons bakers 46 (Excelsior Bakery) High Street, St Lawrence
Lawrence Francis George proprietor of bathing machines 1 Willsons Road
Lawrence Wm Grimley jun   168 (Fairview) Grange Road
Lawrence Mrs   86 Boundary Road
Lawrence W G jun. secretary  St Lawrence Parish Hall High Street, St Lawrence
Lawrence William   97 Southwood Road
Lawrence Thomas   Oxford House Dumpton Road
Lawrence Walter Charles   142 Southwood Road
Lawrence John   1 Elizabeth Terrace Mews Cottages
Lawrence Edward   47 Ashburnham Road, St Lawrence
Lawrence Miss Eva (LICM) teacher of music 27 (Belle Grove) Southwood Road
Lawrence Mrs   27 Chapel Road, St Lawrence
Lawrence Arthur John Ethelbert   27 (Belle Grove) Southwood Road
Lawrence Thomas Hare & Hounds Inn   Margate Road
Lawrences Bathing Establishment       The Sands
Laws Ernyst Graham (BA, BSc OXON) Assistant Director - Ramsgate Technical School   Clarendon Gardens
Laws Mrs H   19 Vale Road
Lawson Miss M A lodging house 1 Kent Terrace
Layfield William Soppet   61 Southwood Road
Lazarus & Son jewellers 75 King Street
Le Gallais Miss   9 Boundary Road
Le Grand Vernon bootmaker 62 Margate Road
Lea Frank   36 Duncan Road
Leaf William   11 (Charlton) St Mildreds Road
Leaman Mrs   2 Albert Terrace King Edward Road
Ledner Miss   30 Chapel Road, St Lawrence
Lednor Charles   Venice Villa Ellington
Lednor Richard Thomas   2 Princes Street
Lednor R T & Co brass finishing & relaquering works 2 Princes Street
Lednor Charles William   38 Camden Square
Lednor Charles brass finisher (stores)   Bethesda Street
Lednor Charles ironmonger 55 King Street
Lednor Charles ironmonger 53 King Street
Ledsham Charles optician 34 Queen Street
Ledwidge Mrs F Jordan   22 (Lynton) St Mildreds Road
Lee Arthur John   40 (Fairfield) South Eastern Road
Lee Joseph John   35 Plains of Waterloo
Lee Mrs   95 Winstanley Crescent
Lee Edward   15 (Highbury) Codrington Road
Lee Joseph   5 Codrington Road
Lee Mrs Milly lodging house 31 Albert Street, West Cliff
Lee Arthur J Secretary -The Ramsgate Constitutional Club   Cliff Street, West Cliff
Lee Arthur J District Agent - Thanet Conservative & Constitutional Association Offices   Cliff Street, West Cliff
Lee Arthur J Sec - Ramsgate & St Lawrence Conservative Association   Cliff Street, West Cliff
Leech Mrs   167 Grange Road
Leeds Ernest J grocer 6 Finsbury Road
Lees Alex   70 (The Cosy) Margate Road
Legg Leonard   3 Mews Cottages
Legg Mrs   27 Hill Brow Road
Lehmann Henry   3 Rodney Street
Leigh Mrs   71 Cecilia Road
Leigh-Lye Miss Hon Supt - Young Womens Christian Association Home 39 (Carlton House) Spencer Square, West Cliff
Leigh-Lye Mrs   5 Crescent Road
Leighton Mrs   5 Gordon Road
Leman Mrs   26 Effingham Street
Leman John   9 Bellevue Road, East Cliff
Leman Harry baker 6 Percy Road
Leman William John hair dresser 15 Margate Road
Leney A & Co Limited mineral water stores   James Street, West Cliff
Leney A & Co Ltd   brewers (stores) 9 Hertford Street, West Cliff
Lennard Frank   67 Cecilia Road
Leno Clark William   The Haven Dumpton Road
Lepper William printer 29 Margate Road
Lepper Henry   20 Winstanley Crescent
Leslie Gordon Foy Boat Hotel 8 Sion Hill
Lester Mrs   38 Margate Road
Leuliette Victor hon sec Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals 28a Effingham Street
Levens Rev Samuel principal - Townley Castle for Boys & Girls   Chatham Street
Levett Harry   80 Winstanley Crescent
Levy Mrs K   101 Hereson Road
Lewin Frederick Henry   4 Olive Grove Trinity Place
Lewin Mrs   49 Grange Road
Lewis Jim   20 Union Street
Lewis Charles   145 Grange Road
Lewis Walter   73 Winstanley Crescent
Lewis Mrs   47 Bellevue Road, East Cliff
Lewis Richard Robert   9 Salisbury Avenue, St Lawrence
Lewis Mrs E café 15 Wellington Crescent, East Cliff
Lewis Charles S Elms Hotel 4 Richmond Road
Lewis Walter   7 Theodore Terrace Margate Road
Lewis Mrs   14 West Cliff Terrace Mansions Pegwell Road
Lewis Richard Robert tailor & seamens outfitter 134 King Street
Lewis Miss   Allandale Chilton Lane
Lewis Henry   22 St Georges Road
Lewis Jack hairdresser 49 Plains of Waterloo
Lewis Walter K   3 East Cliff Terrace Bellevue Road, East Cliff
Lewis William John The Wellington Hotel 74 High Street
Lewis & Weeks   jewellers 1 Queen Street
Lewis, Hyland & Linom   family drapers & outfitters 31 Harbour Street
Lewis, Hyland & Linom   family drapers & outfitters 37 Harbour Street
Lewis, Hyland & Linom   family drapers & outfitters 35 Harbour Street
Lewis, Hyland & Linom   family drapers & outfitters 33 Harbour Street
Lewis, Hyland & Linom   family drapers & outfitters 29 Harbour Street
Lewonski Richard William   8 Willsons Road
Liddle William   7 Kent Place
Liles Miss   75 Crescent Road
Lill John Thomas   27 Plains of Waterloo
Lilly Agnes apartments 22 Albion Hill
Lilly's Imperial Bazaar & Servants Free Registry Office     6 Albion Hill
Lilwall John   27 Windmill Lodge Grange Road
Lincoln Mrs   50 High Street, St Lawrence
Lincoln Mrs   69 Grange Road
Lincoln Richard Edward Alfred   35a High Street, St Lawrence
Lincoln John Richard   5 Leopold Road
Linden Mrs lodging house 16 Guildford Lawn
Linscott John grocer 16 Addington Street
Linton Charles rag stores 24 Townley Street
Lipton Limited   tea & provision merchants 4 High Street
Lissington William Thomas   2 Ethelbert Terrace Vale Road
Litt Miss   55 Picton Road
Little Charles   12 James Street, West Cliff
Littler Misses   10 Herbert Terrace Dumpton Road
Littlewood Clarke Herbert Dell   Pegwell Lodge Pegwell Road
Llewellyn Frederick Clive   7 Royal Crescent, West Cliff
Lloyd Graham   14 Chapel Place
Lloyd Harold bootmaker 157 High Street
Lloyd Samuel   Milton House Vale Road
Lloyd Horatio Frank   21 Sydney Road, St Lawrence
Lloyd Henry   35 High Street, St Lawrence
Lloyd Mrs   2 Camden Square
Lloyd Mrs     Forge Lane
Lloyd-Unwin W & Mrs   3 West Cliff Mansions, West Cliff
Lloyds Bank Ltd   manager - A C Downes 49 High Street
Lloyds Bank Ltd   manager - A C Downes 51 High Street
Lobb William John   32 (Rowena) Southwood Road
Lock William   6 Gordon Terrace Gordon Road
Lock Frank   22 Jubilee Terrace Grosvenor Road, St Lawrence
Lockitt Miss boarding house 23 (Kenmure) Wellington Crescent, East Cliff
Lockyer William John   57 Cecilia Road
Lohmann Berkeley   46 (Rotherwood) Southwood Road
Lomax Miss dressmaker Erin Villa Dumpton Road
London & Provincial Meat Stores    butchers 16 High Street
London County & Westminster Bank Limited   manager - D R Evans 53 High Street
Long William   4 St Lukes Avenue
Long John   43 Cecilia Road
Long Alfred John   12 Muir Road
Long Frederick   24 Artillery Road
Long Robert Green   41 Winstanley Crescent
Long William   8 Sydney Terrace West Dumpton
Longley Mrs   11 Monkton Place
Longley John   7 Broad Street
Longley Frederick Walter   57 Hereson Road
Longley Charles Sutton lodging house 1 Paragon Place Paragon Street, West Cliff
Longley Mrs   38 Hertford Street, West Cliff
Longley Thomas  Gilbert plumber 1 Baden Villas Hardres Road
Longley G C builder 41 Albert Street, West Cliff
Longley Geo C lodging house & builder 12 Adelaide Gardens, West Cliff
Longley Albert carpenter 29 Liverpool Lawn, West Cliff
Longley Walter Edward   104 Southwood Road
longley George carpenter (workshop)   Crescent Mews, West Cliff
Longman Henry B   4 Penshurst Road, East Cliff, St Lawrence
Lord Miss E J   5 Hatfield Road
Lord Mrs   7 Seafield Road, St Lawrence
Lott William   2 St Augustines Road, West Cliff
Loud Alfred William   47 Denmark Road
Love William James   8 Cannonbury Road
Love George   71 Alexandra Road
Lovegrove Charles Douglas   73 (Eugelberg) Southwood Road
Lovell Miss   48 Margate Road
Loveman Ernest John   12 Herbert Road
Lovett George E grocer 79 Addington Street
Lovett Percival John   11 Picton Road
Low Mrs   14 Hatfield Road
Low J M (MA) Assistant Master - St Lawrence College Hollicondane Hollicondane Road
Lowman Mrs   45 Hereson Road
Lowndes Mrs   Stone Cross Ellington Park Road
Lowther Misses J & H lodging house 10 Prospect Terrace, West Cliff
Lucas Alfred   74 Winstanley Crescent
Lucas George   12 Claremont Gardens, St Lawrence
Lucas Edward   9 Belmont Street
Lucas George   2 Thatch Cottages Upper Dumpton Park Road
Lucas Arthur Albert George lodging house 7 Cliff Street, West Cliff
Lucas Albert Edward   15 (Milford) Poplar Road
Lucas Richard lodging house 4 Farley Place
Luck John William baker 22 Grange Road
Luckett Alfred   7 Hereson Terrace Dumpton Road
Luff James   1 Winifred Villas Hereson
Lukehurst Miss M A dressmaker 47 Bellevue Road, East Cliff
Lumbus Mrs   10 Royal Road, West Cliff
Lumer Jacob ladies tailor & costumier 56 Queen Street
Lumpers' Mission     17 Albert Street, West Cliff
Lurcock Mrs   2 Rose Cottages Church Lane
Lurcook Mrs   3 Thatch Cottages Upper Dumpton Park Road
Lush George William   11 Unity Place
Lux Hyman tailor 93 Margate Road
Lyall Maurice   12 (Ottery) South Eastern Road
Lynam Mrs lodging house 2 Adelaide Gardens, West Cliff
Lynam Mrs   18 Spencer Square, West Cliff
Lynch Mrs   4 Ayton Cottages Ayton Road
Lyndsell Arthur George   44 Bellevue Road, East Cliff
Lyne John George   Portland House Vale Road
Lyon Miss   12 Hardres Street
Lyons J & Co Ltd refreshment rooms   Harbour Parade

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