Ramsgate & St L 1914/15 Directory - J

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Jackson Henry   25 St Davids Road
Jackson Ernest   8 Harrison Terrace Harrison Road
Jackson Ernest shopkeeper 8 Alexandra Road
Jacobs James   7 Penshurst Road, East Cliff, St Lawrence
Jacobsen William Henry furniture dealer 27 (Arcadia) La Belle Alliance Square, East Cliff
James Alfred Herbert lodging house 7 Southwood Road
James George   11 Cannonbury Road
James J Victoria dining rooms 104 Harbour Parade
James Arthur   2 Anns Road
James J Victoria dining rooms 102 Harbour Parade
James J Victoria dining rooms 100 Harbour Parade
James William   31 Townley Street
James Edward William   26 Belmont Road
James Charles M   40 St Patricks Road
James Edward   13 Cottage Road
Jamieson Mrs   74 Edith Road
Jane Jn Henry confectioner 4 Cavendish Street
Jane Miss   2 Staffordshire Street
Jane John confectioner 1 Broad Street
Janes Alfred fried fish shop   Lorne Road
Janes Walter Richard   4 Albert Terrace King Edward Road
Jaricof Rev Paul   St Augustines Abbey St Augustines Road, West Cliff
Jaricot Rev Paul prefect St Augustines College (Order of St Benedict) Grange Road
Jarman Abram. Charles greengrocer 5 Bellevue Road, East Cliff
Jarman John   4 Myrtle Cottages Forge Lane
Jarman B   5 Arthur Terrace Herbert Road
Jarman William   6 Seafield Road, St Lawrence
Jarman Bros builders (workshop)   Cliff Street, West Cliff
Jarman Miss   24 Paragon, West Cliff
Jarman Mrs lodging house 23 Abbots Hill
Jarman H J assistant clerk Harbour Offices Harbour Parade
Jarman James William   4 Arklow Terrace Bellevue Road, East Cliff
Jarman John Isaac   27 Ellington Road
Jarratt Harry   27 (Penrhyn Lodge) Picton Road
Jarrett Mrs   21 Poplar Road
Jarvis John   34 Belmont Road
Jarvis Walter   8 Park Cottages West Dumpton
Jarvis Charles Chester   7 Montague Road
Jarvis Harry   17 Lorne Road
Jarvis Alfred   6 Doris Villas Dumpton Park Road
Jarvis &  Hallums   laundry Manston Cottage Manston Road, St Lawrence
Jay Alfred Hewett   31 Spencer Square, West Cliff
Jaycock Edwin farmer Granville Farm Thanet Road (St Lawrence )
Jefferies Mrs H confectioner 64 King Street
Jefferyes Reginald confectioner 47 Queen Street
Jeffrey William lodging house Fern Cottage Meeting Street
Jeffries James   38 Percy Road
Jenkins William David shopkeeper 49 Hereson Road
Jenkins Frederick Albert   11 Mafeking Terrace St Andrews Road
Jenkins J E D (MA) Assistant Master - St Lawrence College Junior School Hollicondane Hollicondane Road
Jenkinson Mrs   76 Southwood Road
Jennings William printer & publisher of Thanet Advertiser   Church Hill
Jennings William   3 Chapel Place
Jennings Alfred butcher 129 King Street
Jennings Alfred butcher 127 King Street
Jennings Walter   9 Woodfern Villas Hardres Road
Jennings Mrs   1 Elms Park Villas North Avenue, The Elms
Jennings Mrs   18 Union Street
Jennings Frederick   2 Monkton Place
Jennings Mrs H T   9 Edith Road
Jennings Mrs   6 Monkton Place
Jensen Mrs   1 Pleasant Villas Dumpton Park Road
Jervis Joseph   4 Vale Road
Jewell Alfred   26 Clifton Road
Jewell J Trafalgar Hotel   Royal Road, West Cliff
Jezard Frederick Walter lodging house 25 Margate Road
Jinks Henry tobacconist 3 West Cliff Arcade
Jinks Henry   29 Priory Road, West Cliff
Joad Miss   Cottington Manston Road, St Lawrence
Joad Alfred George James   2 Finsbury Cottages Finsbury Road
Joad George   93 Winstanley Crescent
Johncock Thomas   5 Daisy Villas Garden Row
Johnson William   88 Grange Road
Johnson Herbert   4 (Broadview) Sion Hill
Johnson James   84 Hardres Street
Johnson Henry William   2 St Andrews Road
Johnson Thomas James   41 Cecilia Road
Johnson John Charles   11 Broad Street
Johnson William   7 Syndale Place, East Cliff (St Lawrence)
Johnson Mrs   35 (Holmsdale) South Eastern Road
Johnson Harry C   Tor House West Cliff Road
Johnson Isaac   Belmont Cottage Belmont Road
Johnson Mrs   20 Artillery Road
Johnson William   22 (Maud Villa) Southwood Road
Johnson William   29 Sussex Street
Johnson Miss   76 Edith Road
Johnson Richard   14 (Calcutta Villa) Dundonald Road
Johnson Mrs   Mayes Villa Mays Road
Johnson Frederick   143 Southwood Road
Johnston Arthur Stanley furniture dealer 13 Cavendish Street
Johnston A L (LRCP, S Edin) physician General Hospital & Seamans Infirmary West Cliff Road
Johnston Miles (MB, CH B Edin)   Coldstream Montefiore Avenue
Johnston Cornelius   29 Artillery Road
Johnston Mrs   24 Picton Road
Johnston Hy insurance agent 24 Picton Road
Johnston A Lionel physician & surgeon 42 Spencer Square, West Cliff
Jokel Edward   12 Church Road
Jones William   4a Woodford Avenue
Jones Mrs Martha lodging house 78 Thanet Road (St Lawrence )
Jones William (AFC) smith & farrier   Packers Lane
Jones James   7 Redvers Villas Hardres Road
Jones Frank lodging house 7 Abbots Hill
Jones Mrs   15 Thanet Road (St Lawrence )
Jones Henry lodging house 4 Alpha Road
Jones William David   46 South Eastern Road
Jones Stephen   64 Denmark Road
Jones George Peter   8 Chatham Place
Jones Alfred Thomas   132 Grange Road
Jones Edwin   27 Salisbury Avenue, St Lawrence
Jones William   62 (Krasnoe) Crescent Road
Jones Alfred Thomas   32 Rodney Street
Jones Thomas   96 Crescent Road
Jones William B Chief Constable 6a (Police Station)  York Street
Jones George general shop 1 Richmond Road
Jones William (AFC) smith 4 Broad Street
Jones Miss   21 Dundonald Road
Jones William B   6a  York Street
Jones John   29 (Gloucester House) Albert Road, East Cliff, St Lawrence
Jones Charles   34 Alma Road
Jong Nicholas   6 Montefiore Cottages
Jordan Mrs   33 Flora Road
Jordan William Edward   1 Jessamine Villas Percy Road
Jordan Edward lodging house Rose Cottage Farley Place
Jordan William lodging house Bay Cottage West Dumpton
Jordan Robert   11 Cross Street, West Cliff
Jordan Thomas James fried fish shop 24 Albert Street, West Cliff
Jordan Mrs   12 Hertford Street, West Cliff
Jordan Thomas James shopkeeper 30 Hertford Street, West Cliff
Jordan Samuel D   1 (Roma) Prices Avenue
Joslin Frederick Charles corn factor; post office 13 Margate Road
Josling William Manchester Unity Independent Order of Odd Fellows (Loyal Isle of Thanet Lodge) 153 (Eagle Inn) High Street
Josling Henry Willie Woodman Inn 17 Hardres Street
Josling William   18 Bethesda Street
Joy Mrs   7a Woodford Avenue
Joy Ernest   13 Winstanley Crescent
Joy Mrs   35 Grange Road
Joyce James   10 Claremont Gardens, St Lawrence
Judge George   27 Avenue Road, East Cliff, St Lawrence
Judges Edwin James   8 St Andrews Terrace St Andrews Road
Jull Miss   4 High Street, St Lawrence
Jupp Edward   21 Central Road
Jupp Robert   6 Bolton Street, Margate Road
Jury William F Lessee - Royal Victoria Theatre & Pavilion   The Colonnade

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