Ramsgate & St L 1914/15 Directory - D

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D'Eath Mrs   72 (The Ferns) Southwood Road
Da Costa Mrs   99 Hereson Road
Da Costa J clothier 66 King Street
Da Costa Madame wardrobe dealer 66a King Street
Da Costa Bros   tailors 6 Abbots Hill
Dadd Mrs   6 Jubilee Terrace Grosvenor Road, St Lawrence
Dadson Mrs   6 Spencer Square, West Cliff
Daisy William   Primrose Villa Packers Lane
Daisy John   7 Packers Lane
Dale Walter   1 Whites Cottages
Dale Albert   2 Gordon Terrace Rodney Street
Dales George Fox   15 (Nevern) Grove Road
Dalton Harry William lodging house 28 Belmont Street
Daly Henry J   29 Willsons Road
Danaher Timothy   7 Thanet Road (St Lawrence )
Dancy Horace M (MD) surgeon 14 (Wellington House) Wellington Crescent, East Cliff
Dancy & Morgan   physicians & surgeons 14 (Wellington House) Wellington Crescent, East Cliff
Dancy & Morgan   physicians & surgeons 25 Bellevue Road, East Cliff
Dane William   5 Lillian Road
Danes Mrs lodging house 117 Margate Road
Danes Joseph John   87 Winstanley Crescent
Danford Miss   29 Picton Road
Daniel K & W solicitors 1 Effingham Street
Daniel Henry Kenyon   15 Vale Square
Daniel H Kenyon Daniel clerk - Ramsgate Burial Board Office 1 Effingham Street
Daniel Dan Williams Royal Harbour Inn 65 Addington Street
Daniel Mrs Arthur   Chylton Lodge Augusta Road, East Cliff
Daniel James William   90 (Foyers) South Eastern Road
Daniel Mrs Owen   Richmond House North Avenue, The Elms
Daniel Henry Kenyon solicitor, notary public; commissioner for oaths 1 Effingham Street
Daniel H Kenyon Daniel clerk - St Lawrence Intra Burial Board Office 1 Effingham Street
Daniels William   8 Belvedere Terrace Northwood, St Lawrence
Daniels Henry Oswald   Sandiway Avebury Avenue
Danton George   17 Delamere Villas Dumpton Park Road
Danton John   Honeysuckle Inn Hereson
Danton William Thomas   11 King Edward Road
Danton George R   1 Montague Road
Danton James   2 Dane Park Road
Danton John   Frederick Villa Whitehall Road, St Lawrence
Danton Mrs market gardener   Cox's Lane, Northwood
Danton Henry William   15a Trinity Place
Danton Alfred Isaac Providence Tavern 31 Queen Street
Danton Mrs   17 Claremont Gardens, St Lawrence
Danton Edward Henry   48 Denmark Road
Danton George carpenter 1 Southwood Road
Danton Stephen   17 Bloomsbury Road
Danziger H   8 Montefiore College Hereson
Darby Frederick E J   20 (Highclere) South Eastern Road
Darby Henry farmer Jackey Bakers Farm Northwood, St Lawrence
Darby George farmer Jackey Bakers Farm Northwood, St Lawrence
Darby Mrs   90 Crescent Road
Darby Alfred   6 Theodore Terrace Margate Road
Darby William marine store dealer 143 King Street
Darby Chrales Edward   3 (Torpoint) Dumpton Park Drive, St Lawrence
Darby William Hy greengrocer 19 La Belle Alliance Square, East Cliff
Darby Henry Charles   16 Alexandra Road
Darby Frederick E J pork butcher 67 High Street
Darby William coal merchant 12 Irchester Street, East Cliff
Darby Harry   2 Thanet Cottages, Northwood
Darby George   19 Rodney Street
Darby Harry carrier 34 High Street, St Lawrence
Darby Henry Galor   38 Picton Road
Darby Billot Misses dressmakers 3 (Torpoint) Dumpton Park Drive, St Lawrence
Dare A G (MA) Assistant Master - St Lawrence College Hollicondane Hollicondane Road
Darker A J Hon Sec - Ramsgate & District Angling Association 11 West Cliff Arcade
Darker Alfred James   2 Pleasant Villas Victoria Road
Darker Alfred James confectioner 10 Kent Place
Dash Harry bootmaker 28 Leopold Street
Daughters of the Cross (Convent)   Mary Emanuel - lady superior 142 High Street
Davies Miss   138 Crescent Road
Davies Miss Emily Mary Mount Spencer School 22 Spencer Square, West Cliff
Davies William boarding house 7 Nelson Crescent
Davies Gordon John   Parkville West Dumpton
Davies Frederick George assessor & collector of Kings Taxes for parish of St Lawrence 154 Grange Road
Davies Mrs   7 Harrison Terrace Harrison Road
Davis William Hy coal dealer 20 Upper Dumpton Park Road
Davis Mrs   40 (Ivydene) Southwood Road
Davis Miss   48 South Eastern Road
Davis Thomas   86 High Street, St Lawrence
Davis William Benjamin   Cecilia Villa Dane Park Road
Davis William   1 Midlothian Cottages Stanley Place
Davis Thomas   7 Hollicondane Terrace Hollicondane Lane
Davis Mrs boarding house 25 Augusta Road, East Cliff
Davis Sydney James   13 Broad Street
Davis Frederick boot repairer 186 Grange Road
Davis Hy Pearmain   19 Hollicondane Road
Davis Frederick bootmaker 72 Edith Road
Davis Benjamin   15 Church Road
Davis Miss   8 Prospect Terrace, West Cliff
Davis Walter   2 Florence Cottages Coronation Road
Davison Gustavus lodging house 1 Prospect Terrace, West Cliff
Dawes Miss   7 Crescent Road
Dawes James   9 Crescent Road
Dawes William John   9 Sussex Street
Dawes Edward   31 Brunswick Street
Dawkins Albt Jezzard   36 Albert Street, West Cliff
Dawkins Albert   41 St Patricks Road
Dawkins Mrs Jane lodging house 52 Royal Road, West Cliff
Dawkins Mrs lodging house 39 West Cliff Road
Dawson Arthur Wenham   14 (Ravensdale) Hollicondane Road
Dawson Mrs E lodging house 26 Abbots Hill
Dawson Ernest Noel   2 Spencer Villas Hollicondane Road
Dawson George Temperance Hotel 33 Chatham Street
Dawson George   92 Boundary Road
Dawson Jabez collector of coal duty & clerk & sexton of Christ Church 12 Albert Street, West Cliff
Dawson George   90 Boundary Road
Dawson Richard   1 Dove Place Packers Lane
Dawson's Motor Garage     88 Boundary Road
Day Edwin   23 Harbour Street
Day William fishmonger 8 Abbots Hill
Day E & Son watchmakers 23 Harbour Street
Day Edward James fried fish shop 133 High Street
Day Richard Thomas watchmaker 52 King Street
Day Thomas William   3 Abbots Hill
Day Henry   18 La Belle Alliance Square, East Cliff
Dayborn William   54 Queen Bertha Road
Dayer Henry James   75 Boundary Road
de Fontaine Mrs   100 (Cruiserath) South Eastern Road
Deacon Edgar Samuel engraver 84 High Street
Dean Albert   18 Poplar Road
Deane Henry   129 High Street
Dearle Miss F A   4 Hatfield Road
Dearle Mrs   22 Camden Square
Debling Henry   9 Trinity Place
Debling Arthur   2 Packers Lane
Debling William   1 Ophir Villas Dumpton Road
Debling Albert John   9 Percy Road
Deley George P   10  York Terrace, West Cliff
Delitsch Mrs F ladies outfitter 116 High Street
Dell Arthur John grocer 131 Grange Road
Dels Walter   36 Chapel Road, St Lawrence
Demment Herbert Lyall   Ivy Dene Ellington Place
Dench Thomas   6 Leonard's Avenue
Denford Benjamin   52 Hardres Street
Denham Mrs lodging house 3 Cavendish Street
Denman Arthur   62 (Tudor Lodge) Royal Road, West Cliff
Denne Mrs   2 Arklow Square
Denne Herbert   37 Townley Street
Denne George Alfred   42 Alexandra Road
Dennis Henry   149 Boundary Road
Dennis Frederick confectioner 4 Plains of Waterloo
Dennison William   42 Winstanley Crescent
Dennison Mrs   6 (Domneva) Hollicondane Road
Denniss, Paine & Co   drapers 21 King Street
Denniss, Paine & Co   drapers 18 King Street
Denny Mrs   5 Penshurst Road, East Cliff, St Lawrence
Dent Mrs   13 St Patricks Road
Dent Miss F Bowerbank (lady resident) Girls Friendly Society Home of Rest 12 Albion Place
Desormeaux Thomas Walter tobacconist 25 Chatham Street
Devenald Mrs   76 South Eastern Road
Devenport Miss   59 Grange Road
Deverson Mrs   2 Hardres Cottages Church Lane
Deverson John Penfold   23 Percy Road
Deverson Mrs   55 Winstanley Crescent
Deverson W T teacher of violins 94 Crescent Road
Deverson Charles jun   17 Vale Road
Deverson Charles   5 Vale Road
Deverson William George   8 Chatham Street
Deverson Jn bootmaker 45 Addington Street
Deverson John   39 Queen Bertha Road
Deverson Arthur   8 Alma Road
Deveson Samuel & Co coal, salt & soda merchants 11 Military Road
Deveson Samuel & Co coal, salt & soda merchants 2 Military Road
Deveson Samuel V   54 (Woodstock) Ellington Road
Deveson Frederick   Myrtle Villa Dumpton Road
Deveson Samuel & Co coal, coke, salt & soda merchants   Truro Road, East Cliff
Deveson Ernest farmer Chilton Farm Chilton Lane
Deveson Samuel & Co coal, salt & soda merchants 10 Military Road
Deveson Samuel & Co coal, salt & soda merchants stores Staffordshire Street
Deveson Frederick butcher 20 (Norfolk House) Grange Road
Deveson Edward   69 Plains of Waterloo
Devling William   8 Union Street
Dew F C The Shades Restaurants 19 Granville Marina
Dew F C   4 Granville Marina
Dew F C proprietor - Marina Theatre Excelsior Picturedrome   Granville Marina
Dew F C The Shades Restaurants 18 Granville Marina
Dibling Samuel Henry   58 Percy Road
Dickenson W H Missionary - Ramsgate Seamens Mission   Farley Place
Dickenson Walter Hy lodging house 17 Nelson Crescent
Dicker Frederick John   2 Sydney Road, St Lawrence
Dicker William   17 Royal Crescent, West Cliff
Dickinson Mrs E G   32 South Eastern Road
Diddams Walter   181 Grange Road
Dierden Mrs   6 Hereson Terrace Dumpton Road
Diggins Miss dressmaker 57 Bellevue Road, East Cliff
Dike Frederick James   5 Hereson Road
Dike John   32 Hibernia Street
Dilnot John fruiterer 60 High Street
Dimes John J   31 Monkton Place
Dimick Capt Thomas Henry   38 (Ellis-Stan House) Hollicondane Road
Dines Charles E   16 Flora Road
Dines Mrs   1a Montefiore Cottages
Dines George   44 Chapel Road, St Lawrence
Dines Ernest   1 Arthur Terrace Herbert Road
Dines Frederick Charles   4 Trinity Place
Diplock Arthur Alfred   46 St Patricks Road
Ditch George Edward   22 Picton Road
Dive Frank   5 Anns Road
Dive Charley lodging house 24 Abbots Hill
Divers Henry Herbert   1 Birch Villas Elms Avenue
Divers Henry Richard   77 Margate Road
Divers Mrs   9 Belvedere Terrace Northwood, St Lawrence
Divers & Hogben   motor engineers 4 Princes Street
Divers & Hogben   shipsmiths   Leopold Street
Divers & Hogben   motor garage 44 Effingham Street
Divers & Hogben   motor engineers 6 Princes Street
Divers & Hogben   motor garage 42 Effingham Street
Divers & Hogben   motor engineers 8 Princes Street
Dixon Robert William   7 Leopold Road
Dixon Hy Alfred   41 (Leslie) Grove Road
Dixon Alfred - Assistant Borough Surveyor Municipal Offices Albion House Albion Place
Dixson Edward Lyne MRCVS Lond, PVMA) veterinary surgeon 185 High Street
Dobbin Mrs Mary dressmaker 19 Seafield Road, St Lawrence
Dobbin Henry   19 Seafield Road, St Lawrence
Dodd Frederick lodging house 99 Margate Road
Dodington Mrs   18a Bellevue Road, East Cliff
Donetta G refreshment rooms 16 Granville Marina
Donnelly Lieut - Col Robert   12 St Mildreds Road
Doorman Thomas fishmonger 19 Chatham Street
Doorne Mrs lodging house 76 Boundary Road
Doreen Madame wardrobe dealer 10 West Cliff Arcade
Dorey George   14 Delamere Villas Dumpton Park Road
Dorsett Loius North Pole Inn 85 Hereson Road
Dothie Rev William Plaskett (MA) Congregational 27 Duncan Road
Double Commander Thorpe (RN) inspecting commander of Ramsgate Division Coastguard Station Victoria Parade, East Cliff
Douch James   36 St Patricks Road
Doughty Chas Thomas   10 Alexandra Road
Doughty Harry   39 Plains of Waterloo
Doughty William   17 Camden Square
Douglas Henry   9 Willsons Road
Douglas Arthur   9 Herbert Road
Douglas Oswald Henry   11 Cecilia Road
Doust William   52 Denmark Road
Doust George   19 Clifton Road
Dowell Thomas lodging house 71 Plains of Waterloo
Dowker Mrs   50 (Southdene) St Mildreds Road
Dowle Alfred Nilus   3 Ethelbert Terrace Vale Road
Dowling Robert grocer & wine merchant 4 Grange Road
Dowling Robert grocer & wine merchant 6 Grange Road
Down Samuel lodging house 19 Guildford Lawn
Down Thomas C   65 Edith Road
Downes A C manager Lloyds Bank Ltd 51 High Street
Downes A C manager Lloyds Bank Ltd 49 High Street
Downs Herbert John insurance agent 2 Torrington Villas Northwood, St Lawrence
Dows Mrs   79 West Cliff Road
Dowsing John Basil newsagent 141 Grange Road
Drandas James   95 West Cliff Road
Drane George Henry   54 (Carlton) Southwood Road
Dray William & Son florist Newlands Nursery Margate Road
Dray William & Son florist & fruiterer 15 Harbour Street
Dray Thomas   67 Margate Road
Drayson Miss Rose dressmaker 18 Belmont Street
Drayson Frederick L   18 Belmont Street
Drayson Edward Quested   18 Chapel Road, St Lawrence
Drayson Mrs   Claremont Dane Park Road
Drayson John   69 Boundary Road
Drayton- Thomas Mrs   6 Wellington Crescent, East Cliff
Drew George   9 Mafeking Terrace St Andrews Road
Drincqbier Mrs   63 Thanet Road (St Lawrence )
Drury John Thorn solicitor & commissioner for oaths & clerk to the Borough & County Justices 77 High Street
Drury J Thorn   35 (The Anchorage) Ellington Road
Drury Stephen James   1 St Pauls Cottages
Drury, Thurgood, Hatfield & Co   accountants 13 High Street
Dry Edward   9 Camden Road
Dryden Mrs   2 West Cliff Villas West Cliff Road
Du Bray Louis   Wilton Croft High Street, St Lawrence
Dubrec Mrs   The Lawn Victoria Road
Duckering Sl (MRCS)   9 Theodore Terrace Margate Road
Duckett Mrs   151 Grange Road
Duckett Henry   28 Dundonald Road
Duckett James William   31 (Leamington) Grove Road
Duckworth Arthur   122 (Prospect Lodge) Grange Road
Dudley John   28 St Georges Road
Duff William B   15 Abbots Hill
Duffield Mrs   26 Sussex Street
Dugwell Francis   11 Flora Road
Dugwell William furniture dealer 65 King Street
Dunbar Rev Sir Charles Gordon -Cumming BART   Elmina Albion Road, East Cliff
Dunbar & Co   tailors 73 High Street
Duncan George James   4 Queens Road, East Cliff
Duncan John lodging house 29 Cavendish Street
Duncan Sydney Wallace   39 Duncan Road
Dundas James (MD, DPH, DTM) - medical officer of health and school medical officer Municipal Offices Albion House Albion Place
Dunham Chas   Montrose Albion Road, East Cliff
Dunham John apartments Oxford Lodge Marlborough Road, The Elms
Dunk Harry George   20 Percy Road
Dunk Mrs   1a Gordon Road
Dunk James   133 Crescent Road
Dunkley William   5 Vale Square
Dunlop Mrs   33 Picton Road
Dunn R G & Sons Ltd carpet beating warehouse   West Cliff Road
Dunn R G & Sons furniture stores   Cliff Street, West Cliff
Dunn Edmund ASSOC SAN INST., registered plumber, decorator & sanitary & electrical engineer (order offices & show rooms) 90 Queen Street
Dunn Edmund ASSOC.SAN. INST.-registered plumber & c. (works) 23 Addington Street
Dunn Walter Edward   48 (Clinthill) Ellington Road
Dunn Arthur Francis   29 Royal Road, West Cliff
Dunn Edward Charles   173 (Vine Cottage) Grange Road
Dunn Edward   1 Vicarage Cottages Newington Road, St Lawrence
Dunn R G & Sons complete house furnishers 67 Queen Street
Dunn Edmund Richard   4 (Highcliffe) Prospect Terrace, West Cliff
Dunn Mrs Annie lodging house 10 Vale Road
Dunn Edmund ASSOC SAN INST., registered plumber, decorator & sanitary & electrical engineer (order offices & show rooms) 92 Queen Street
Dunn John lodging house 2 Oakwood Villas West Dumpton
Dunn John   2 Irchester Villas Irchester Street, East Cliff
Dunn R G & Sons complete house furnishers 63 Queen Street
Dunn R G & Sons complete house furnishers 59 Queen Street
Dunn Miss H   Denham House Marlborough Road, The Elms
Dunt Harry M   37 Spencer Square, West Cliff
Dunt Harry M - collector of general district rates & C. Municipal Offices Albion House Albion Place
Dunwoody William George (MD) physician & surgeon, medical officer & public vaccinator, Ramsgate District, Isle of Thanet Union Dashwood House Ellington Road
Dupe Mrs E A boarding house 13 Abbots Hill
Dupleix Miss   31 Grange Road
Dutton Miss (BA) Menstone House School for Girls   Victoria Parade, East Cliff
Duxbury George C (ARCA LOND) Head Master -Ramsgate School of Art (Kent Education Committee)   Clarendon Gardens
Duxbury-Woods Rev William (MA) Congregational 2 The Cedars North Avenue, The Elms
Dwyer Michael Patrick   46 Winstanley Crescent
Dyason Harry   92 Crescent Road
Dye Ernest   21 Hollicondane Road
Dye Elijah   Na Gilda Ellington Park Road
Dye E & Son   house furnishers 6 Hardres Street
Dye E & Son   house furnishers 56 High Street
Dyer Albert   15 Cottage Road
Dyer Frederick Thos   31 Belmont Road
Dyer James Hy boot repairer   Cottage Road
Dyer Mrs A boarding house 7 Albion Place
Dyers Ozonic Aerated Water Co.       Cannonbury Road

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