Ramsgate & St L 1914/15 Directory - B

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Back George   3 St Andrews Terrace St Andrews Road
Bacon Charles Arthur   14 Codrington Road
Bacon P T J   8 Clarendon Gardens
Bacon D'Arcy Johnston   Danes Cliffe Ashburnham Road, St Lawrence
Badger J Marshall   2 Brockenhurst Road, East Cliff
Badger J M Sec - Young Mens Christian Association   Rose Hill, West Cliff
Baggallay Mrs   Elmhurst Truro Road, East Cliff
Bailey William   8 Edith Cottages Clements Road
Bailey John   2 Leopold Road
Bailey George   25 St Georges Road
Bailey Albert   27 Artillery Road
Bailey Jn Steadman lodging house 121 Margate Road
Bailey Mrs   26 Hereson Road
Bailey Edward   5 Flora Road
Bailey William Edward   2 (Harold Cottage) James Street, West Cliff
Bailey Mrs   20 Vale Road
Bailey William James   5 Bolton Street, Margate Road
Bailey Robert   25 Sussex Street
Bailey Robert George   56 Boundary Road
Bailey Mrs   15 Upper Dumpton Park Road
Bailey Miss   7 Bloomsbury Road
Bailey Mrs shirt & collar dresser 22 Effingham Street
Bailey Albert Leader   21 Camden Square
Bailey Miss   15 (Ravenswd) Albert Road, East Cliff, St Lawrence
Baily Edward pharmaceutical chemist 9 Queen Street
Baily Misses   2 Enderby Villas Ellington Park Road
Baines Mrs   5 Cannonbury Road
Baker Charles Henry   Maycroft Ellington
Baker Mrs   4 Central Road
Baker Frederick John   25 Belmont Road
Baker Walter   21 (Clydesdale) Grove Road
Baker Walter   3 Welby Villas Whitehall Road, St Lawrence
Baker Benjamin L   56 (Carnavon) Crescent Road
Baker Clifford lodging house 6 Cavendish Place
Baker Samuel lodging house 9 Field Terrace Chilton Lane
Baker Ernest   14 Mafeking Terrace St Andrews Road
Baker Richard   131 King Street
Baker Mrs   4 Bloomsbury Road
Baker George William   16 Roseberry Avenue
Baker William Thomas signwriter 34  York Street
Baker Henry   53 Hereson Road
Baker Walter Hiram   29 (Wilfred) Grove Road
Baker Alfred baker 5 Turner Street
Baker James   3 Bethesda Street
Baker Robert   44 Bloomsbury Road
Baker Charles   5 Hollicondane Terrace Hollicondane Lane
Baker Alfred   150 Grange Road
Baker Edward Charles   59 Chapel Road, St Lawrence
Baker Richard Ernest   81 (Jeanette House) South Eastern Road
Baker Walter Hiram school attendance officer Town Hall Queen Street
Baker William Arthur   4 Dumpton Park Drive, St Lawrence
Baker Frederick   6 Southwood Road
Baker Robert   2 Chilton Villas Pegwell Road
Baker James   10 Hollicondane Terrace Hollicondane Lane
Baker Benjamin John   6 Gordon Road
Balaam Hy fruiterer 28 Grange Road
Balch Mrs   9 Clarendon Gardens
Baldock Harry J draper 12 Queen Street
Baldock Percy confectioner 122 King Street
Baldock Henry   12 Roseberry Avenue
Baldock Albert   3 Newland Terrace Margate Road
Baldwin Miss   13 Poplar Road
Baldwin Mrs   50 Cannonbury Road
Baldwin Mrs   19 Royal Road, West Cliff
Baldwin Edmd Joseph lodging house 112 (Hawthorn Lodge) Crescent Road
Baldwin, Hughes & Frake Limited   wholesale egg merchants 9 Ellington
Ball Walter Henry   46 Percy Road
Ball George   23 (Milton) Duncan Road
Ball Frank   106 Hereson Road
Ball Mrs   63 West Cliff Road
Ballard Walter private entrance from Madeira Walk 62 Harbour Parade
Ballard W J builder works Church Road
Ballard William James boarding house 33 Grove Road
Balster Gilbert Ewan   4 Holland Villas Ellington Park Road
Bamber Miss   26 (Shenfield) Crescent Road
Banger Mrs M A refreshment rooms   Pegwell Road
Banger William nurseryman   Pegwell Road
Banger Brothers   nurserymen   Pegwell Road
Banks Mrs   Eastcot Victoria Road
Bannister Isaac   51 Crescent Road
Bantock Herbert Edward   27 St Georges Road
Barber John Frank tobacconist 31 King Street
Barclay Mrs   32 (Seacroft) Albert Road, East Cliff, St Lawrence
Barden James   3 Gordon Road
Barker Mrs   2 Archway Road
Barker Thomas James   3 Trinity Place
Barker Pinder   Greenhalgh Montefiore Avenue
Barker Charles boarding house 1 Paragon, West Cliff
Barker George Arthur   29 Alexandra Road
Barnard Harold Lait   Wakefield Lodge Avebury Avenue
Barnard Aubrey   77 Hereson Road
Barnard Howard Clive   70 Ellington Road
Barnden Henry Amos   Saxon Ellington
Barnes Walter T lodging house 8 Effingham Street
Barnes George   4 Church Avenue
Barnes John   4 Ethelbert Road
Barnes John   4 Sydney Road, St Lawrence
Barnes William Henry pianoforte manufacturer 2 Dumpton Park Drive, St Lawrence
Barnes Ernest   52 Percy Road
Barnes Hy Wm Hope   13 Alpha Road
Barnes Alfred   37 Alexandra Road
Barnes James P   21 (Clovelly) Southwood Road
Barnes Percy   16 Claremont Gardens, St Lawrence
Barnett Barman   9 Lyndhurst Road, East Cliff
Barnett Baron   96 Hardres Street
Barnett Baron Lewis   35 Hardres Street
Barnett Miss   25 Royal Road, West Cliff
Barnett Samuel fancy goods 5 The Colonnade
Barnett Samuel fancy goods dealer 62 Harbour Parade
Barnett Edward de Lacy   3 Northwood Terrace Margate Road
Barnett Samuel fancy goods dealer 64 Harbour Parade
Barns Arthur fruiterer 2 The Colonnade
Barns Arthur bazaar 106 Harbour Parade
Barrett Miss   7 Wroxham Villas Rawdon Road
Barrett Charles greengrocer 28 Meeting Street
Barrett Walter H   1 Clarendon Gardens
Barrett Charles Henry   28 Effingham Street
Barrett Charles   30 Meeting Street
Barrett William   25 Bloomsbury Road
Barrett Daniel   24 Hereson Road
Barrow Charles   50 Percy Road
Barrow George   34 Percy Road
Barrow Charles   99 Boundary Road
Barrow George shoemaker 2 Percy Road
Barrows George   Hope Villa Cottage Road
Barry Alfred lodging house 23 Royal Road, West Cliff
Barter Col B St John   Tramore St Mildreds Road
Bartingale Mrs   3 Balmoral Place, East Cliff
Bartingdale Guy Cecil (BA)   56 (Atherlea) Hollicondane Road
Bartingdale G C (BA) Assistant Master - St Lawrence College Hollicondane Hollicondane Road
Bartlett Peter   6 Florence Terrace Harrison Road
Bartlett Miss   Albion Lodge Cottage Road
Bartlett William David   114 Southwood Road
Bartlett Mrs   5 Florence Cottages Coronation Road
Bartlett Jonathan   5 Dumpton Park Drive, St Lawrence
Bartlett John lodging house 54 Plains of Waterloo
Bartlett Charles F Red Lion Hotel   King Street
Bartlett Arthur Richard   32 Flora Road
Barton Wm Ths butcher 39 Addington Street
Barton Thomas   12 Fitzroy Avenue
Barton Joseph   3 Park Cottages West Dumpton
Barton Henry   35 Duncan Road
Barwick John   13 Montefiore Cottages
Bashford Charles Edwin   14 Brunswick Street
Baskerville Rev North Free Church of England 47 Grange Road
Bassant Edward Q general dealer 33 Central Road
Bassett Cecil   10 Woodford Avenue
Bateman Clement J secretary & collector - Ramsgate & St Lawrence Royal Dispensary   Broad Street
Bateman Capt Clement James   13 Crescent Road
Bath Mrs lodging house 6 Adelaide Gardens, West Cliff
Bath George   31 Plains of Waterloo
Bath James Charles   2 Flint Cottages
Batstone Clement William lodging house 32 Adelaide Gardens, West Cliff
Batt James   17 Priory Road, West Cliff
Battersby Mrs   9 Woodford Avenue
Bausch W assistant master Chatham House College Chatham Street
Bax Mrs     Northwood, St Lawrence
Bax John Henry   75 St Lukes Avenue
Bax George   4 Margate Road
Bax Mrs   20 Chapel Road, St Lawrence
Bax William Edward shopkeeper 4 Claremont Gardens, St Lawrence
Bax Albert   49 Winstanley Crescent
Bax Frederick   1 Hexham Cottages Chapel Place Lane
Bax Thomas   68 Winstanley Crescent
Bax George   3 Bell Cottages Ashburnham Road, St Lawrence
Bax Thomas   11 Camden Road
Bax George lodging house 4 Hibernia Street
Bayley Francis   15 James Street, West Cliff
Bayley Frederick Walter   26 Jubilee Terrace Grosvenor Road, St Lawrence
Bayly Edward   90 (Francis Villa) High Street, St Lawrence
Beach Nathaniel B   39 St Davids Road
Beach House School   Miss B Martin - principal 1 Penshurst Road, East Cliff, St Lawrence
Bean Mrs   18 Montefiore Cottages
Bean George   12 Winstanley Crescent
Bean Mrs Rutly   1 Mount Pleasant Villas Margate Road
Bean Misses   4 Crescent Road
Bean Harry   5 Cecilia Road
Bean Richard   3 Catherine Terrace Chapel Road, St Lawrence
Bean Mrs A   14 Salisbury Avenue, St Lawrence
Bean Mrs   2 Mount Pleasant Villas Margate Road
Bear Richard Clifford agent - General Steam Navigation Cos Offices Clock House The Harbour
Bear Richard Clifford   15 (Bonnie View) Albion Place
Bear F & Co machine merchants 1 Guildford Lawn
Bear Walter M   5 Queen Bertha Road
Bear Frederick Benjamin   73 Thanet Road (St Lawrence )
Bear A H   73 Thanet Road (St Lawrence )
Bear F & Co machine merchants & agents   Paragon Street, West Cliff
Beauchamp Alfred Thomas   83 Boundary Road
Beaulah Mrs   6 Royal Road, West Cliff
Beaulah & Swaine   photographic artists 6 (West Cliff Studio) Royal Road, West Cliff
Beaven Mrs A E shopkeeper 1 Edith Road
Beck John Edward Thomas   6 Gordon Terrace Rodney Street
Beddall William   60 Denmark Road
Bedforth Mrs lodging house 33 Spencer Square, West Cliff
Beech Mrs   23  (Augusta House) Bellevue Road, East Cliff
Beech Charles   5 Trinity Place
Beeching Moses & Co yacht builders   Military Road
Beeching Miss   53 Crescent Road
Beeching Aubrey Cecil J   29 Salisbury Avenue, St Lawrence
Beer Ernest   11 Ayton Cottages Ayton Road
Beer Reuben   5 Hardres Street
Beer George John   24 Effingham Street
Beer Wallace   137 King Street
Beer Joseph   2 (Folkestone Villa) Dundonald Road
Beer William Edward   2 Seaburg Villas Napleton Road
Beer Charles   11 St Davids Road
Beer Alfred   4 Ashburnham Road, St Lawrence
Beer Frederick   144 Southwood Road
Beer Edwin   43 Margate Road
Beerling James & Son coal merchants 56 Duncan Road
Beerling Charles   72 South Eastern Road
Beerling Miss apartments 36 Belmont Road
Beerling Edward Hy   49 Alexandra Road
Beerling Edward   49 Margate Road
Beerling William Robert   51 Margate Road
Beevor Horace   5 (Penistone House) High Street, St Lawrence
Belasco Rev George S   Temple Cottage Hereson
Belasco Rev George S librarian The Hall, Montefiore College Hereson
Bell Arthur bookbinder 15 Addington Street
Bellamy Misses milliners 79 High Street
Belle Vue Hotel   Walter E Impett   Pegwell Road
Bellerby Rev A C B (BA) St Lawrence College Hollicondane Hollicondane Road
Belsey James   13 Upper Dumpton Park Road
Belsey Mrs   2 Clunns Cottages Cross Street, West Cliff
Belsey James   26 Central Road
Belsey Edwin   45 Duncan Road
Belsey Joseph   8 Percy Road
Belsey Mrs   15 Lillian Road
Belsey Isaac     Thanet Cottages, Northwood
Belsey Emma Jane Paragon Inn 81 Addington Street
Belsey William Henry   7 Leonard's Avenue
Belsey Charles   14 Fitzroy Avenue
Belsey Henry   2 Churchill Cottages Union Street
Belsey James Isaac     Thanet Cottages, Northwood
Benedict Miss   13 Vale Road
Benefield Arthur Robert   1 Seafield Road, St Lawrence
Bennett James lodging house 3 Townley Street
Bennett Robert lodging house 5 Townley Street
Bennett Benjamin   17 Broad Street
Bennett James grocer 158 King Street
Bennett Henry butcher   Mays Road
Bennett George tobacconist 156 King Street
Bennett James   37 Brunswick Street
Bennett George   80 Grange Road
Bennett Mrs   1 Oakwood Villas West Dumpton
Bennett Benjamin T   71 Addington Street
Bennett William   3 Mafeking Terrace St Andrews Road
Bennett James William   21 Priory Road, West Cliff
Bennett Albert R   26 Sydney Road, St Lawrence
Bentley Miss   St Finbarre Ellington
Benton M E grocer 5 Ashburnham Road, St Lawrence
Benton Miss   60 Cannonbury Road
Berlin Mrs   97 Hereson Road
Berlinger M   7 Montefiore College Hereson
Bernsdorff Isidore   39 St Patricks Road
Berridge Mrs M   6 Augusta Road, East Cliff
Berry Horace fruiterer 43 Queen Street
Berry William Fredk Royal Standard Hotel 2 Albion Hill
Berry William Fredk Royal Standard Hotel 4 Albion Hill
Berry Charles   2 Alma Cottages Hereson
Berry William fruiterer   Bethesda Street
Berry William   91 Boundary Road
Berry Frederick   21 Monkton Place
Berry William   30 Alma Road
Berry William Frederick confectioner 3 The Colonnade
Berry William Frederick refreshment rooms 1 The Colonnade
Berry John Bourne (MRCS Eng, LSA) surgeon 13 Albion Place
Berry Daniel Joseph   93 Southwood Road
Berry William greengrocer 177 King Street
Bethell Mrs   4 West Cliff Terrace Mansions Pegwell Road
Bettridge Albert Edward provision dealer 47 King Street
Bettridge Joseph William grocer 101 Margate Road
Betts Joseph   5 Doris Villas Dumpton Park Road
Betts William John   32 (Mayfair) Crescent Road
Betts Frederick Charles   5 Kingsley Villas St Lukes Road
Bevan Percy Central Commercial Hotel 30 High Street
Bevan Rev Raymond Francis (MA) Vicar of St Lawrence St Lawrence Vicarage Manston Road, St Lawrence
Bevan Prosser John Arthur   4 Northwood Terrace Margate Road
Bevis Mrs   8 Fitzroy Avenue
Bevis Arthur   15 Monkton Place
Bice James   1 Fern Villas Downs Road
Bickford Thomas George   9 Camden Square
Bickford Thomas James   8 Hibernia Street
Biddis Mrs lodging house 34 Abbots Hill
Biggs James   59 St Lukes Avenue
Biggs Mrs   2 Garden Row Cottages Garden Row
Billingham Bernard   Bramley Gilbert Road
Billington John Hugh   132 Crescent Road
Billington William   27 Cavendish Street
Billot Philip   Good Hope Dane Park Road
Billot Philip hon sec - Holy Trinity Mens Club   Hereson
Bing Frederick Harry   7 Hibernia Street
Bing John Apps   25 Cecilia Road
Bing George Henry   13 High Street
Bing Miss   1 Montefiore College Hereson
Bing George general dealer 20a Church Road
Bing Daniel greengrocer 132 King Street
Bing Daniel   61 Cecilia Road
Bing Mrs   5 Edith Cottages Clements Road
Bingham Mrs   6 Queens Avenue, St Lawrence
Bingham Edward   4 Belvedere Terrace Northwood, St Lawrence
Bingham Henry Thomas   7 Cannonbury Road
Binnie William   35 Seafield Road, St Lawrence
Birch Miss E lodging house 6 Cannonbury Road
Birch Mrs   17 Princes Street
Birch Mrs   82 South Eastern Road
Birch Walter   5 Margate Road
Birch Gilbert Henry   7 Denmark Road
Birch Mrs   1 Abbots Hill
Birch James   57 Margate Road
Birch George   69 Margate Road
Bird James furniture dealer 17 King Street
Bird Miss lodging house 33 Adelaide Gardens, West Cliff
Birkett Thomas   63 Southwood Road
Bishenden Thomas   6 Clarendon Gardens
Bishop Henry George   5 Newington Terrace Newington Road, St Lawrence
Bishop Frederick   11 Alma Road
Bishop Archibald S H   76 Hereson Road
Bishop Mrs   Cecil House Truro Road, East Cliff
Bishop Horace Frederick   50 Church Road
Bishop William   1 Woodford Avenue
Bishop James photographer 11 George Street
Bishop Mrs   26 Cannonbury Road
Bishop Stephen   52 Upper Dumpton Park Road
Blackburn Miss   19 (Sonning) Poplar Road
Blackburn Joseph   43 St Georges Road
Blackburn Horace   11 Meeting Street
Blackburn Edward Robertson   6 Flora Road
Blackburn Mrs   153 Boundary Road
Blackburn & Son house furnishers, furniture depositories & undertakers 71 King Street
Blackburn & Son house furnishers, furniture depositories & undertakers 69 King Street
Blackburn Mrs W P   7 Wellington Crescent, East Cliff
Blackburn Ebenezer baker 138 High Street
Blackburn George Edward & Son builders & decorators 42 (Cumberland House) Hereson Road
Blackburn George J lodging house 4 Guildford Lawn
Blackburn Jn   9 (Groveside) Grove Road
Blackburn John decorator 51 Hereson Road
Blackburn Alfd Rd B   14 Cecilia Road
Blackburn & Son house furnishers, furniture depositories & undertakers 73 King Street
Blackburn George   8 Dumpton Park Drive, St Lawrence
Blackburn Rd bootmaker 84 Boundary Road
Blackett Henry P   12 Codrington Road
Blackie Robert apartments 158 High Street
Blackie Alex apartments 148 High Street
Blackman Stephen Frederick   39 Winstanley Crescent
Blackman Mrs   8 Hatfield Road
Blackman John   1 Irchester Villas Irchester Street, East Cliff
Blackman Stephen   90 Hardres Street
Blackwell Alfred   32 Percy Road
Blake Mrs   19 (Sandown) Codrington Road
Blake James   24 Monkton Place
Blake Richard Hoskin   23 Rodney Street
Blake Mrs E lodging house 30 Abbots Hill
Blake Charles Edward   11 Brunswick Street
Blanford Alfred   37 Hardres Street
Blastland Henry Chas   15 Boundary Road
Blay William   1 Alliance Road
Bligh Edwin   8 Ellington
Bligh James & Waters Limited coach builders   Broad Street
Bligh James   34 Upper Dumpton Park Road
Bligh William   48 Upper Dumpton Park Road
Bligh James Frederick   8 Triplecote Dumpton Park Road
Bligh W H & Co printers 5 Hardres Street
Blinko Mrs   19 Crescent Road
Blinko & Sons stationers, booksellers & librarians 27 Queen Street
Blinko Harry   2 St Marys Villas Marlborough Road, The Elms
Blinko John   65 (Eversley) Ellington Road
Blinko & Sons stationers, booksellers & librarians 25 Queen Street
Blower George Frederick (LDS) dentist 11 Royal Road, West Cliff
Blwe Charles C   51 (Downing) Edith Road
Board Stephen   2 Beresford Road
Board Peter   41 Camden Square
Board of Trade Labour Exchange   manager - T J Chell 6 Turner Street
Boarman Silas   7 Chatham Place
Boddilly Arthur Harry   29 Duncan Road
Bodilley Frederick James   2 Gladstone Villas Vale Road
Bodley Rueben tar paving contractor 25 Hereson Road
Bodley Sidney Thomas furniture dealer 15 Plains of Waterloo
Bolton John   31 Finsbury Road
Bomford Albert Henry   39 Grange Road
Bomford A H Managing Director - The Ramsgate & County steam laundry Limited  & carpet beating works near the Windmill Grange Road
Bond Walter   20 Claremont Gardens, St Lawrence
Bond Tom Videan   18 Codrington Road
Bond William   27 Flora Road
Bond William   Trinity Lodge Victoria Road
Bond James Robert   32 Upper Dumpton Park Road
Bond Frederick E   9 (Merridale) Hatfield Road
Bond Tom V   Glenfield Dane Park Road
Bond James   12 Upper Dumpton Park Road
Bond Tom Videan engineer & iron & brass founder 16 Plains of Waterloo
Bond Tom Videan engineer & iron & brass founder 18 Plains of Waterloo
Bond Tom Videan engineer & iron & brass founder 20 Plains of Waterloo
Bond Tom Videan engineer & iron & brass founder 14 Plains of Waterloo
Bond Horace   159 Boundary Road
Bonning Arthur   12 St Andrews Road
Bonugli Michael confectioner 63 King Street
Bonugli Nicolas registered lodging house 3 Kent Villas Central Road
Bonugli Michael refreshment stall   Harbour Parade
Bonugli Nicolas registered lodging house 4 Kent Villas Central Road
Bonynge George Hy   24 Southwood Road
Boodle Harry   36 High Street, St Lawrence
Boon John   1 Blucher Villas
Boon William   4 Staffordshire Street
Boone Misses   1 Trentham Villas North Avenue, The Elms
Boorman William lodging house 16 Abbots Hill
Bootes Bertie Edward lodging house 27 Effingham Street
Bootes Arthur Ernest   25 Salisbury Avenue, St Lawrence
Bootes Amos   69 Winstanley Crescent
Booth Barton insurance agent 83 Cecilia Road
Booth William   50 Denmark Road
Boots Cash Chemists Limited     22 Harbour Street
Boots Cash Chemists Limited     20 Harbour Street
Boots Cash Chemists Limited     24 Harbour Street
Boreham Miss lodging house 4 Augusta Road, East Cliff
Borer Samuel   3 St Lukes Avenue
Borradaile Mrs   30 (Albert Villa) Vale Square
Borton George   Earlsfield Dane Park Road
Borton Mrs   51 Ellington Road
Boskett James   14 Percy Road
Bostock Robt Chignell   17 Ellington Road
Boughton John   36 Winstanley Crescent
Boughton Henry Thomas   10 Unity Place
Boughton Ernest   51 Bloomsbury Road
Boulind Mrs   Tintagel Villa Dumpton Road
Boulter Henry Edwin   46 Effingham Street
Boulter Henry Edwin printer - offices of Kent Argus 46 Effingham House Effingham Street
Boulton Albert John   6 Margate Road
Bounds Alfred   19 Plains of Waterloo
Bourdillon Thomas Fulton   30 (Homecroft) South Eastern Road
Bourdon Joseph lodging house 10 Adelaide Gardens, West Cliff
Bourn Henry   122 Southwood Road
Bourne Humphrey & Sons linen drapers 33 (Albion House) High Street
Bourne Humphrey & Sons linen drapers 31 (Albion House) High Street
Bourne Humphrey & Sons linen drapers 35 (Albion House) High Street
Bourne Humphrey & Sons linen drapers 37 (Albion House) High Street
Bourner George   19 Brunswick Street
Bourner Albert Frederick   51 Percy Road
Bovies James   107 Boundary Road
Bowden Yabsley   3 Ophir Villas Dumpton Road
Bowen Frank   3 (Prospect House) Prospect Terrace, West Cliff
Bower Mrs   8 (Corby) Crescent Road
Bowers Charles   2 Cecilia Road
Bowers Arthur John   38 Upper Dumpton Park Road
Bowers Miss S H lodging house 66 Margate Road
Bowes Albert Edward Red Rover Inn 1 Upper Dumpton Park Road
Bowey Mrs   2 Broad Street
Bowler Fred   3 Dundonald Road
Bowler Miss   25 Willsons Road
Bowles William   Ladbroke Villa Marlborough Road, The Elms
Bowley Charles William   25 Codrington Road
Bowman Mrs   Mabel Villa Alliance Road
Bowman William   11 Boundary Road
Bown Sidney William   1 Mafeking Terrace St Andrews Road
Bown Mrs   48 (High Land) Hereson Road
Bowrah William   1 Cambrian Cottages
Bowring Mrs A L apartments 57 Thanet Road (St Lawrence )
Bowtell Mrs Isabel fancy draper 58 Boundary Road
Bowyer Samuel   5 Poplar Road
Box Capt W F Hon Sec - Thanet Bowls Club   Montefiore Avenue
Box Capt William Frederick (ASC)   17 Penshurst Road, East Cliff, St Lawrence
Boyden Hy George fruiterer 50 Royal Road, West Cliff
Boyland H S Supt - Working Mens Club Union Convalescent Home   Pegwell Road
Boyton Mrs   11 Prospect Terrace, West Cliff
Bracey Joshua tailor 58 Alexandra Road
Bracey Joshua Edward   59 Percy Road
Brackenbury A B draper 11 Queen Street
Brackenbury A B draper 13 Queen Street
Bradfield Arthur Frederick   15 Penshurst Road, East Cliff, St Lawrence
Bradley Mrs   4 Clements Cottages Clements Road
Bradley Walter James   4 Baden Villas Hardres Road
Bradley Miss   3 Avenue Road, East Cliff, St Lawrence
Bradley Robert   30 Alexandra Road
Bradley Thomas greengrocer 14 High Street, St Lawrence
Bradley William Manser   150 (Stokes Cottage) Southwood Road
Bradshaw Mrs   12 Victoria Parade, East Cliff
Bradshaw W G Hon Sec - St Lawrence College Hollicondane Hollicondane Road
Brenan Rest (The Home for Girls)   matron - Miss Bull 21 Vale Square
Brenchley Albert Osborne   2 Welby Villas Whitehall Road, St Lawrence
Brenchley Frederick Ernest   3 Belvedere Terrace Northwood, St Lawrence
Brenchley Mrs   16 St Georges Road
Brenchley Arthur   Upper Court Cottage Newington Road, St Lawrence
Brenchley Richard   5 Ethelbert Road
Brenchley William   Providence Cottage Margate Road
Brett A G, MA sec - Ramsgate & St Lawrence Liberal Club 4 Chatham Place
Brett Mrs   3 Beresford Road
Brett Arthur George tailor 28 Hardres Street
Brett Albert Edward   10 St Davids Road
Brett Walter   4 Beresford Road
Brett Richard   21 Montague Road
Brett Mrs   19 St Lukes Avenue
Brett Charles   87 Margate Road
Brettell George Charles lodging house 38 Hardres Street
Brewer George   1 Bristol Place
Brewer Harry   29 St Davids Road
Brewer William carpenter workshop Union Place
Brewer William carpenter 18 Church Road
Brice John   24 Hibernia Street
Brice Frederick   85 Addington Street
Brice Alfred Edward   146 Southwood Road
Bridal Edward   2 Harwood Villas Margate Road
Briden William   45 Grove Road
Bridgland Frank   59 Boundary Road
Briers Arthur   Rosedale Chilton Lane
Briggs Francis Charles greengrocer 12 Turner Street
Briggs Mrs Edith furnished apartments 43 (Abberley Lodge) Thanet Road (St Lawrence )
Briggs Mrs   6 Lyndhurst Road, East Cliff
Briggs Mrs   8 Shaftesbury Street, East Cliff
Briggs Sinclair   66 Plains of Waterloo
Bright Edward   103 (St Margarets) South Eastern Road
Brighton Albert   23 Hereson Road
Brightwell William   4 Church Road
Brill Mrs L dressmaker 2 Claremont Gardens, St Lawrence
Brimley Mrs   4 Balmoral Place, East Cliff
Brindley William James lodging house 2 Highland Terrace Ellington Park Road
Brinkler Mrs   2 Southwood Road
Brinkler Miss (ARCM, LRAM) teacher of music 8 Lawn Villas (Silverdale) Guildford Lawn
Bristow Mrs E   6 Vale Road
Bristow Mrs   39 High Street, St Lawrence
Bristow Henry   58 Ellington Road
Bristow Mrs   22 Chapel Road, St Lawrence
Britcher Arthur   70 Percy Road
Britton Charles James shopkeeper 37 Albert Street, West Cliff
Britton & Son butchers 22 Queen Street
Britton Miss   1 (Thyra House) South Eastern Road
Britton Charles James   17 Denmark Road
Britton John butcher 1 Hereson Road
Britton Henry   17 Boundary Road
Britton John   182 High Street
Broad Mrs   20 Liverpool Lawn, West Cliff
Brocklehurst Mrs   13 (Vernon) Grove Road
Brockman Archibald   34 Avenue Road, East Cliff, St Lawrence
Brockman John   10 Fitzroy Avenue
Brockman Walter Thomas   36 Sydney Road, St Lawrence
Brockman Horace E   2 Batts Place  York Street
Brockman Walter Thomas basket & hamper mfr 4 Camden Road
Brockman Walter   70 Thanet Road (St Lawrence )
Brockman Walter Thomas basket & hamper mfr 2 Camden Road
Brockman Frederick   7 Sydney Terrace West Dumpton
Brockman Arthur   39 Crescent Road
Brockman Miss L dressmaker 12 Dundonald Road
Brockman Walter Thomas basket & hamper manufacturer 15 1/2 King Street
Brockman Edward   12 Dundonald Road
Brockman Charles   37 St Lukes Avenue
Brockman William     Northwood, St Lawrence
Brockman Frederick general dealer 27 Montague Road
Brockman Charles William   11 Belvedere Terrace Northwood, St Lawrence
Brockmans Hotel       Harbour Parade
Brodie Miss   10 Lyndhurst Road, East Cliff
Bromley Mark S   11 Alpha Road
Bromley Joseph   17 Dane Park Road
Brook Miss   101 West Cliff Road
Brookes Robert George teacher of music 14 Vale Road
Brooks Leonard James lodging house 7 Vale Square
Brooks Augustus   5 Harwood Villas Margate Road
Brooks John William   69 (Fluelen) Southwood Road
Brooks Captain J H   Stirlings North Avenue, The Elms
Brooks Misses   66 (Brisbane) South Eastern Road
Brooks Henry George   4 Edith Cottages Clements Road
Brooks Nathaniel   39 Ellington Road
Brooks George W   3 Vale Square
Brown Collis   1 Leopold Road
Brown John   2 Leonard's Avenue
Brown Thomas   61 Boundary Road
Brown Ernest   95 Southwood Road
Brown Richard E   10 Ayton Cottages Ayton Road
Brown George   4 Leopold Street
Brown Jesse shoeing smith 26 High Street, St Lawrence
Brown Albert   3 Clements Cottages Clements Road
Brown Walter   30 Denmark Road
Brown Walter   45 St Patricks Road
Brown Henry boarding house 16 Wellington Crescent, East Cliff
Brown Frederick William   15 Seafield Road, St Lawrence
Brown Harry   110 Southwood Road
Brown Thomas shopkeeper 31 Salisbury Avenue, St Lawrence
Brown John   8 Bay View Villas Manston Road, St Lawrence
Brown Arthur   Elmbrae Elms Avenue
Brown Miss F lodging house 1 Wellington Crescent, East Cliff
Brown Charles Ernest   70 Plains of Waterloo
Brown William Henry   32 Roseberry Avenue
Brown Mrs furnished apartments 18 (Burmah House) Albion Hill
Brown Frederick   12 Bristol Place
Brown Thomas   2 Priory Vills Northwood, St Lawrence
Brown George inspector St Lawrence Railway Station (SE&CR) Newington Road, St Lawrence
Brown Arthur Edward   55 Percy Road
Brown James A   42 (Penagar) Grove Road
Brown Ernest Patrick   35 Royal Road, West Cliff
Brown Charles   3 Terrace Cottages
Brown Alfred   31 Chatham Street
Brown Miss   26 (Warley Croft) Vale Square
Brown Thomas Matthew   53 Margate Road
Brown William Richard   1 Wellington Cottages
Brown & Ridgwell Misses boarding house 27 Augusta Road, East Cliff
Brownfield Alexander   14 La Belle Alliance Square, East Cliff
Browning William   3 Spencer Villas Hollicondane Road
Browning Robert John   73 Upper Dumpton Park Road
Browning Mrs   66 Church Road
Brumhill S E District Manager - Liverpool Victoria Legal Friendly Society 118 Grange Road
Brundle Nathan insurance supt 4 Enderby Villas Ellington Park Road
Bryan Robert Anthony   35 Picton Road
Bryant George E   8 (Roseneath) St Mildreds Road
Bryant Henry Charles grocer 130 King Street
Bryant Mrs   16 Princes Street
Bryant Samuel   14 Princes Street
Bryant Benjamin Frederick   Faythe Lodge Marlborough Road, The Elms
Bryant Frederick   10 Albion Hill
Bryant Alfred   9 Hibernia Street
Bryant & Co   confectioners 44 Harbour Street
Bryant & Co   confectioners 42 Harbour Street
Bubb Edward   16 Montague Road
Bubb Walter   17 Montague Road
Bubb Mrs lodging house 42 (Hengist Villa) Southwood Road
Bubb Walter   53 Albert Street, West Cliff
Buchanan James William   4 New Alfred Cottages
Buck Mrs   Lylecot Northwood, St Lawrence
Buck Alfred   1 Augusta Road, East Cliff
Buckby Misses   19 Edith Road
Buckley Charles   7 Edith Cottages Clements Road
Buckley Mrs   4 Mews Cottages
Buckley George upholsterer 16 Staffordshire Street
Buckmaster Mrs   Augustine Villa West Cliff Road
Buddle James & Son builders & decorators 9 James Street, West Cliff
Buddle Albert Henry   6 Dane Park Road
Buddle William   4 Irchester Street, East Cliff
Buddle James & Son builders & decorators 14 Liverpool Lawn, West Cliff
Buddle Robert   1 Batts Place  York Street
Buddle Miss   20 Cannonbury Road
Buddle James & Son builder & decorator yard Spencer Street, West Cliff
Buddle Miss   5 Cottage Road
Budds Edward   7 Lawn Villas (Edharwen) Guildford Lawn
Budds Edward James Hy   20 Penshurst Road, East Cliff, St Lawrence
Bugden William Richard   Rockville West Dumpton
Bugden John   34 Bloomsbury Road
Bugden William Hy   9 Mill Cottages
Bugden Miss S Railway Tavern   Chatham Street
Bugden Jn K builder   Chatham Street
Bugden Walter Thomas   10 Trinity Place
Bugden Mrs   Rockdove Elms Avenue
Bugden Walter   89 St Lukes Avenue
Bugden James greengrocer 7 James Street, West Cliff
Buist Mrs   20 Roseberry Avenue
Bull Ernest   28 St Patricks Road
Bull Arthur   14 Margate Road
Bull William Collins (MA)   95 (Rathlin) Ellington Road
Bull Miss Matron - Brenan Rest (The Home for Girls) 21 Vale Square
Bull Mrs   29 High Street, St Lawrence
Bull William lodging house 25 Meeting Street
Bull Mrs   2 Morden Cottages
Bull William lodging house 4 Cavendish Place
Bull George   18a Alma Road
Bull George Coulson Robins (MB Lond, FRCS Eng, LDS Irel) dentist 7 (Memel House) West Cliff Road
Bullen James   39 Flora Road
Bullock Mrs   21 Cavendish Street
Bullock Alfred Edward   10 Shaftesbury Street, East Cliff
Bunce Henry L picture frame maker 102 High Street
Burbridge George   125 Hereson Road
Burbridge Mrs   33 Montague Road
Burbridge Alfred   3a Woodford Avenue
Burbridge Alfred sign writer 27 George Street
Burbridge Henry   32 Montague Road
Burchett John   1 Field Terrace Chilton Lane
Burchfield William Cranfield   Cransama Ellington
Burchnall John W chemist & post office 60 Queen Street
Burden Joseph Foresters Arms PH 48 Boundary Road
Burgess John hair dresser 2 West Cliff Arcade
Burgess Arth Jn lodging house 12 Bellevue Road, East Cliff
Burgess Joshua   50 St Patricks Road
Burgess Mrs   Mount Pleasant Cottage St Mildreds Road
Burgess Hy Thatcher   26 Picton Road
Burgess Robert Henry   12 Dane Park Road
Burgess George hair dresser 13  York Street
Burgess Mrs M E hairdresser 64 High Street
Burgess Charles   10 Clifton Road
Burgess John   31 Priory Road, West Cliff
Burgess Lieut Col P C Commanding - Royal Army Medical Corps 67 (Smiths Yard) King Street
Burley Jacob   1 Newington Cottages Newington Road, St Lawrence
Burley John   2 Stanley Cottages Stanley Place
Burnand Sir Francis Cowley (BA)   6 (Leicester House) St Mildreds Road
Burnand Sir Francis Cowley (BA)   18 Royal Crescent, West Cliff
Burnap Frank lodging house 11 Effingham Street
Burney Albert E lodging house 21 Spencer Square, West Cliff
Burns Peter   48 Southwood Road
Burroughs Richard   Augustine Cottage Priory Road, West Cliff
Burrows James Henry   8 Dane Park Road
Burrows William   4 Bolton Street, Margate Road
Burt Miss Clara E   34 Ellington Road
Burt William   Brightholm Elms Avenue
Burt William Stephen bootmaker 89 Cecilia Road
Burt Wilfred   4 Oakwood Villas West Dumpton
Burt Rev A Winnibald   St Augustines Abbey St Augustines Road, West Cliff
Burt Rev J Winnibald   St Augustines Abbey St Augustines Road, West Cliff
Burt Miss A Supt - Isle of Thanet Rescue Home 19a (Braeside) Margate Road
Burt William bootmaker 29 Boundary Road
Burt William   1 Gibson Terrace Rodney Street
Burt Frederick George confectioner 13 Chatham Street
Burt Charles Richd A   5 (Brewery Cottage) Broad Street
Burton Frederick   5 Cross Street, West Cliff
Burton Charles   11 Bristol Place
Burton Oliver Edward (BA Cantab) private tutor Clare Lodge Montefiore Avenue
Burton William   4 Rose Villas Margate Road
Burton Charles   53 (Gladys Villa) Percy Road
Burton Frederick John butcher 47 Winstanley Crescent
Burton William Alfred   34 Flora Road
Burton Mrs   18 Vale Road
Burtt George Thomas   53 Ellington Road
Bury Rev Fenton Ernest (MA) curate of St Lukes 20 (Ravenscourt) Hollicondane Road
Busbridge Richard   1 Enderby Villas Ellington Park Road
Busbridge Rd station master St Lawrence Railway Station (SE&CR) Newington Road, St Lawrence
Busbridge Richard station master S E Railway Station Margate Road
Busbridge Edward   2 Terrace Cottages
Busbridge Herbert   Eridge Dane Crescent
Busbridge R Station Master - The SE&C Railway Terminus   Harbour Parade
Bush Rd Hy   38 (Mary Villa) Belmont Road
Bush Harry George The Alexandra Hotel 70 Harbour Parade
Bush Tom   21 Trinity Place
Bush Richard   1 Queensley Villas St Lukes Road
Bushell Thomas   84 Church Road
Bushell John Eagle Hotel 153 High Street
Bushell Mrs costumier 48 Picton Road
Bushell Thomas William   48 (Emscote) Picton Road
Bushell Miss Ann apartments 47 (Scotney) South Eastern Road
Bushell Alfred   2 Church Avenue
Bushell Henry   13 Rodney Street
Bushell Walter   5 Montague Road
Bushell Alfred Thomas   82 Thanet Road (St Lawrence )
Bushell William Henry   14 Seafield Road, St Lawrence
Bushell Richard James   5 Paradise
Bushell Thomas Peter     Margate Road
Bushell John Richard   2 Lewis Cottages Hereson
Bushell Alfred lodging house 7 Addington Street
Bushell Alfred Jas lodging house 34 Adelaide Gardens, West Cliff
Bushell John   123 Margate Road
Bushell Henry Thomas   43 Seafield Road, St Lawrence
Buss Mrs   32 Picton Road
Bussey Harry   36 Finsbury Road
Bussey Frederick John boot repairer 5 Plains of Waterloo
Bussey Henry tobacconist 139 High Street
Bussey Leonard Prince Coburg 72 King Street
Bussey Miss   Olivette La Belle Alliance Square, East Cliff
Butcher Mrs M A newsagent   The Market
Butcher Albert Edward   3 Seafield Road, St Lawrence
Butcher Edward   14 Hill Brow Road
Butcher George Hastings (MRCVS) veterinary surgeon 15 Dundonald Road
Butcher Richard   89 Winstanley Crescent
Butcher Mrs   3 Garden Row
Butcher Mrs M A newsagent 138 King Street
Butler H Bertram   17 West Cliff Terrace Mansions Pegwell Road
Butler Frederick baker 38 Grange Road
Butler Edward William   16 (Northbourne) Hollicondane Road
Butler Miss   12 (Undercliff) Hollicondane Road
Butler Bros butchers 26 Bellevue Road, East Cliff
Butler Sidney   31 Lorne Road
Butler Mrs Charles   9 Cannonbury Road
Butler Richard Thomas grocer 31 Camden Square
Butler Percy William lodging house 46 Flora Road
Butler James insurance agent 2 Glent Villas Dumpton Park Road
Butler Bros butchers 61 King Street
Butler Mrs F C   34 South Eastern Road
Butler Alfred   11 Trinity Place
Butler Mrs   10 St Lukes Avenue
Butler Charles   6 Bethesda Street
Butler & Co   shopkeepers 25 Crescent Road
Buttle Arthur Edward   5 Ellington Road
Button James   43 Winstanley Crescent
Button Frederick   1 Percy Road
Buttress Richard lodging house 23 Camden Square
Byne Mrs A M   34 (St Elmo) Dundonald Road
Byrne Mrs E lodging house 5 Paragon, West Cliff
Byrnes Mrs E apartments Chelsea Villa Dane Park Road
Byron John   Kirkby St Mildreds Road

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