Ramsgate & St L 1899 Directory - T

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Last Name Initials Occupation No or house Road
Taafe William James   16 Vale Road
Tagg Mrs   8 Serene Place Hereson Road
Tamplin Charles H (LRCP, Edin, MRCS) physician & surgeon 17 Paragon, West Cliff
Taniere Mrs   3 Albion Place
Tanton Stephen   Townley Cottage Chapel Place Lane
Tapp William   24 Finsbury Road
Tappenden M J G   Spencer Villas Hollicondane Road
Tapper James   35 Royal Road, West Cliff
Tapsell Alfred   Salisbury Villa Crescent Road
Tapsell G W baker & jobmaster 4 Grange Road
Tapsell Mrs   Grosvenor House Grange Road
Tapsell Miss Minnie school Denham House The Elms
Tapsfield J Kidd draper & outfitter 21 (Waterloo House) King Street
Tapsfield J Kidd outfitter 18 (Waterloo House) King Street
Tarr Miss   61 West Cliff Road
Tassell William   1 Mount Albion Road, East Cliff, St Lawrence
Tate Mrs   7 Osborne Villas Margate Road
Tatnell Robert lodging house 1 St Augustines Road, West Cliff
Taylor Joseph   5 Bellevue Road, East Cliff
Taylor T butcher 46 Plains of Waterloo
Taylor George   32 Hertford Street, West Cliff
Taylor William   11 Claremont Gardens, St Lawrence
Taylor Charles   4 St Georges Villas St Georges Road
Taylor george   Sharrow House South Eastern Road
Taylor Francis George   17 Liverpool Lawn, West Cliff
Taylor Mark beer retailer 81 Alexandra Road
Taylor George   1 Ivy Cottages Terrace Cottages
Taylor William James   4 Ivy Lane, West Cliff
Taylor George   72 Winstanley Crescent
Taylor Thomas butcher 61 King Street
Taylor Robert   21 Willsons Road
Taylor H W   14 ( St Elphins) Albert Road, East Cliff, St Lawrence
Taylor T G CE- Borough Surveyor (office) 3 Broad Street
Taylor David Hamilton   1 Louise Villas Southwood Road
Taylor Ernest chiropodist Paragon Baths Paragon, West Cliff
Taylor A S   5 Cecil Terrace Grange Road
Taylor William Stephen bootmaker 34 High Street
Taylor Miss   25 Hardres Street
Taylor T G (CE) borough surveyor 142 High Street
Taylor Rd Hobbs lodging house 6 Hibernia Street
Taylor George   12 Artillery Road
Taylor Edward bricklayer 1 Church Road
Taylor CHarles E T   Freeland Lodge Cemetery Road
Taylor Mrs   49 West Cliff Road
Taylor Mrs   2 St Marys Villas The Elms
Taylor Mark beer retailer 79 Alexandra Road
Taylor Chas general dealer 1 Clunns Cottages Cross Street, West Cliff
Taylor Mrs   18 Denmark Road
Taylor Archibald   8 Vincent Row Bellevue Cottages
Taylor Thomas   9 Rodney Street
Teale Charles   62 Royal Road, West Cliff
Tegart Miss   Rowden Villa Grange Road
Templar William ship chandler 29  York Street
Templar William ship chandler 31  York Street
Temple Mrs   Kenilworth Edith Road
Tennent Albert & Co coal merchants 15 1/2 King Street
Tennent Albert & Co coal merchants 23 Harbour Street
Tennent Albert   1 Vincent Villas Crescent Road
Terrell Miss Martha lodging house 77 Addington Street
Terrell Mrs   40 Hertford Street, West Cliff
Terry Edward   6 Brunswick Street
Terry Charles   24 Alma Road
Terry William   4 Packers Lane
Terry John Edward   3 Princes Road
Terry William Bedford Inn 29 West Cliff Road
Terry Miss   1 Vernon Cottages High Street, St Lawrence
Terry Mrs   2 Blenheim Villas Crescent Road
Terry Mrs   6 Frederick Place Hereson Road
Tewart Edward L   7 Guildford Lawn
The Creameries Way Farm Dairy Depot   69 Queen Street
The Universal 6 1/2d Bazaar     38 Harbour Street
Theobolds Owen le Mare (LRCP Lond, MRCS) physician & surgeon Milton House Vale Road
Thomas Mrs   3 Aylesbury Terrace Dane Road
Thomas Mrs H   19 Liverpool Lawn, West Cliff
Thomas Mrs   40 Flora Road
Thomas Frank butcher 29 Chatham Street
Thomas Wm Geo lodging house 20 Abbots Hill
Thomas Henry   12 Camden Square
Thomas Miss E   3 Ballure South Eastern Road
Thomas Mrs   1 Dane Park Road
Thompson Walter James dairyman 5 Paragon Cottages Paragon Street, West Cliff
Thompson Joseph   7 Sion Hill
Thompson Hy   Eversleigh Edith Road
Thompson H Post Master - Post Office 44 High Street
Thompson Thomas   4 Holland Villas Ellington Park Road
Thompson Mrs Jane greengrocer 1 Spencer Street, West Cliff
Thompson Mrs   4 Wellington Terrace Picton Road
Thompson H Post Master - Post Office 42 High Street
Thompson Alfred   2 Rose Villas Picton Road
Thompson Mrs   The Limes Duncan Road
Thompson Misses   15 West Cliff Terrace Mansions Pegwell Road
Thomson Mrs I B   Kentfield Lodge Willsons Road
Thorn Thomas lodging house 81 Plains of Waterloo
Thorncroft Norton Edward baker 10 Adelphi Terrace Grange Road
Thornington Mrs   1 Waterworks Cottages Southwood Road
Thornton Henry William relieving officer 11 Hardres Street
Thornton Edward agent - Pickford & Co, carriers 7  York Street
Thornton Henry Robert   5 James Terrace Cemetery Road
Thorp William Frederick   10 Sion Passage, West Cliff
Thorp William   1 Mount Pleasant Cottages Rodney Street
Thorp Mrs L fancy bazaar 25 Harbour Street
Thorpe Mrs   4 Devonshire Terrace Duncan Road
Thorpe Mrs   1 Elms Park Terrace The Elms
Thorpe Arthur   3 St Georges Villas St Georges Road
Thouless Benjamin   45 Albert Street, West Cliff
Thurgar Joseph   25 Brunswick Street
Thurston Edward Samuel   5 Alma Place
Ticehurst Albert E greengrocer 4 Percy Road
Ticehurst Thomas   2 Finsbury Cottages Finsbury Road
Tickner John   75 Winstanley Crescent
Tidman William   8 Church Road
Tidman David   53 Plains of Waterloo
Tighe James   Mayo House Mount Albion Road, East Cliff, St Lawrence
Tilbe Henry S greengrocer 13 Chatham Street
Tilbury Mrs Charlotte greengrocer 12 Addington Street
Tilson Humphrey inspector to the National Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Children 2 Aberdeen Villas Ellington Road
Timms Mrs   Little Rose Cottage Farley Place
Tindall Henry assistant insurance sup Newington Villa Newington Road, St Lawrence
Tipper John E   5 Cedar Villas Picton Road
Tissington Walt. tailor 19 Albert Street, West Cliff
Tissington Walter tailor 16 Liverpool Lawn, West Cliff
Todd Henry   7 Vincent Row Bellevue Cottages
Todd Mrs   12 Hill Brow Road
Todd John   9 Vincent Row Bellevue Cottages
Todd John   2 Temperance Cottages Packers Lane
Todd Thomas   Rochester Cottage Ellington Place
Todd Stephen   19 Hill Brow Road
Tolfree George lodging house 3 Abbots Hill
Tolfrey Miss   12 Dane Park Road
Tomalin Mrs   1 Bellevue Villas The Elms
Tomlin Mrs   20 Trinity Place
Tomlinson John   4 Cecil Terrace Grange Road
Tompkins Benjamin beer retailer 61 High Street
Tompkins Benjamin beer retailer 63 High Street
Tomson Martin R J   Court Stairs Pegwell Road
Tomson & Wotton Lim.     Cannon Brewery Cannon Road
Tomson & Wotton Ltf   brewers Ramsgate Brewery Queen Street
Tooke Charles tailor 18  York Street
Toombs John Frederick   31 Alma Road
Toombs Jn   Francis Villa Anns Road
Toop Mrs   25 (Florence Villa) Vale Road
Torriani Mrs P N   89 Crescent Road
Tottman John   1 Lane Cottages Grange Road
Tow Mrs   5 Wellington Terrace Picton Road
Towers W G (BA) resident master South Eastern College Junior School Hollicondane
Towner Henry William   9 Townley Street
Townsend Mark Alfred tailor 9 Woodford Avenue
Townsend William lodging house 8 Nelson Crescent
Tozer William   3 Freeland Terrace Hereson Road
Tozer Samuel lodging house 24 Cavendish Street
Tozer Henry   17 Rodney Street
Tracey Campbell   Penagar Grove Road
Tracey George   15 Thanet Road (St Lawrence )
Tracey Campbell assistant master Chatham House College Chatham Street
Tracey James   3 Henry Villas Packers Lane
Tracey Rev Frederick principal Chatham House College Chatham Street
Treadaway Mrs   7 Southwood Terrace Southwood Road
Tremaine George   2 New Alfred Cottages Frederick Cottages
Trevelyn Mrs   31 (Don Ovan) Vale Square
Trew Charles   22 Bloomsbury Road
Troughton Charles   2 Grosvenor Villas Grange Road
Troughton Walter George   8 Heathcote Villas Margate Road
Trouse Frederick   2 Unity Place
Trowbridge Charles William insurance agent 2 Sussex Street
TRUE George H refreshment house 22 King Street
Truman John Perkins   Ivanhoe Grange Road
Trumpeter William   13 Henry Villas Packers Lane
Truscott James Bartlett   2 The Poplars Duncan Road
Try Mrs   39 Avenue Road, East Cliff, St Lawrence
Tubb James lodging house Hibernia Cottage Cottage Road
Tucker Mrs Edith general shop 30 Boundary Road
Tucker John lodging house 19 Chatham Street
Tucker Walter general shop 31 Denmark Road
Tucker Mrs   52 Chapel Road, St Lawrence
Tucker G Graham architect 20 Hertford Street, West Cliff
Tucker Henry Marsh   Fairview South Eastern Road
Tucker William   Oakfield House Grange Road
Tucker Mrs   Florida Grange Road
Tucker Thomas   5 Ernest Terrace St Georges Road
Tucker Thomas smack owner 31 Military Road
Tucker William   1 Dane Road
Tucker Henry   1 Balmoral Place, East Cliff
Tucker George   4 Hatfield Road
Tucker Thomas Robert fisherman 26 La Belle Alliance Square, East Cliff
Tucker Stephen Charles   30 Ashburnham Road, St Lawrence
Tucker Charles   22 Union Street
Tucker John Edwin   49 Boundary Road
Tugwell Mrs   13 Osborne Villas Margate Road
Tully Mrs   4 Leopold Road
Turmaine Alfred George lodging house 2 Hatherley Terrace Margate Road
Turnbull Mrs   2 Ballure South Eastern Road
Turnbull Walter   1 Hilda Villas Dundonald Road
Turner Mrs   7 Turner Street
Turner Mrs   4 Henry Villas Packers Lane
Turner Henry   Homecroft South Eastern Road
Turner Edward   19 Trinity Place
Turner George   31 West Cliff Road
Turner Harry   26 Ashburnham Road, St Lawrence
Turner Mrs   108 Hardres Street
Turner Miss   2 Dundonald Villas Dundonald Road
Turner Alfred   3 Ashburnham Road, St Lawrence
Turner Albert Edward   1 Francis Terrace Anns Road
Turner William   9 Alma Road
Turner Thomas Sharp baker 12 Denmark Road
Turner Thomas   45 Finsbury Road
Turner Miss   13 Vale Road
Turner Miss L school 21 Augusta Road, East Cliff
Turner Charles   5 Lyndhurst Road, East Cliff
Turner Frederick firewood dealer (stores)   Albion Mews
Turner & Co oilmen 80 Queen Street
Turner John watchmaker 34 Queen Street
Turner Frederick lodging house 28 Camden Square
Turner Edward   7 Percy Road
Turtle Rbt fly proprietor 15 Plains of Waterloo
Tutt James shopkeeper 8 Hill Brow Road
Twigg Frank saddler & harness maker 18 High Street
Twineham Richard   3 Sunnyside Villas Cemetery Road
Twyford George   Pevensey Codrington Road
Twyman Ernest Alfred insurance agent 4 Claremont Gardens, St Lawrence
Twyman F H   Lecarrow The Elms
Tyhurst Mrs R   53 Thanet Road (St Lawrence )
Tyler Josiah boot stores 15 Queen Street
Tyler George accountant 17 (Vincent House) Belmont Road
Tyler William LCM - teacher of music 3 Victoria Villas Ellington Park Road
Tyrrell Frederick surgeon Easton House Queen Street

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