Ramsgate & St L 1899 Directory - P

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Last Name Initials Occupation No or house Road
Packer William B   20 Boundary Road
Packer Ebnzr boot dealer 18 Chatham Street
Packer Augustine   2 Dover Terrace Grange Road
Packer Daniel Henry   Valentine Cottage Terrace Cottages
Packer Joseph George   58 Royal Road, West Cliff
Packer Mrs   15 Artillery Road
Packer Clement   3 Bellevue Road, East Cliff
Packer Augustine   7 St Georges Villas Union Road
Packer Daniel   41 Finsbury Road
Packer William Stephen   111 Boundary Road
Packer E   4 Sussex Street
Packer Joseph lodging house 47 West Cliff Road
Packham Hy   Cruiserath South Eastern Road
Padbury Frederick   5 Bethesda Street
Pagden Wm builer 2 Alpha Road
Pagden Mrs   4 Ellington Terrace Ellington Road
Pagden William builder 1 Grove Road
Page Henry Hollicondane Tavern   Hollicondane
Page Charles   30 Chapel Road, St Lawrence
Page Daniel lodging house 16 Bellevue Road, East Cliff
Page G hon treasurer - Ramsgate Club 56 Harbour Street
Page George   5 Aylesbury Terrace Dane Road
Page George   Satis House The Elms
Page Henry   1 Claremont Gardens, St Lawrence
Page & Sons bonded stores 15 Military Road
Page William   12 Staffordshire Street
Page Miss   14 (Leinster Lodge)  York Terrace, West Cliff
Page Mrs   31 Sussex Street
Page Mrs   2 Mildred Terrace Cemetery Road
Page Stanley (FSI by exam) surveyor, auctioneer, estate agent & sanitary expert 1 Harbour Street
Page Henry lodging house 8 Hibernia Street
Page James Edwin   19 Claremont Gardens, St Lawrence
Page & Sons wine merchants 4 Queen Street
Page & Sons wine merchants 6 Queen Street
Page Stephen   4 Herbert Road
Page Alfred Duchess of Kent 116 King Street
Page & Sons wine merchants 2 Queen Street
Page Miss   27 (St George) Vale Square
Page George   Upper Court Cottage Newington Road, St Lawrence
Page George   5 Serene Place Hereson Road
Page Mrs   2 Cavendish Place
Page & Sons   grocers & c. 1 Harbour Street
Page Pilcher & Co   grocers & c 13 King Street
Page, Son & Stapley   ventilating & sanitary experts 1 Harbour Street
Paget Miss Eleanor Church Extension Assocaition 139 High Street
Paige Mrs Frederick lodging house 19 Wellington Crescent, East Cliff
Pain William   1 Princes Road
Pain Daniel Hawkes   43 Avenue Road, East Cliff, St Lawrence
Pain Charles   14 Shaftesbury Street, East Cliff
Pain Zacariah James   50 Alexandra Road
Pain John stationer 55 High Street
Pain David lodging house 6 Augusta Road, East Cliff
Pain Thomas Percy grocer 22 Chatham Street
Pain David newsagent & stationer 15  York Street
Pain Edward James   5 Mill Cottages
Pain Robert   32 Alexandra Road
Pain F luggage porter 8 Shaftesbury Street, East Cliff
Paine Mrs   2 Cambridge Villas Grange Road
Paine George   Elm Cottages The Elms
Paine Edward The Wellington Hotel 74 High Street
Palmer John   46 Chapel Road, St Lawrence
Palmer Mrs   Wellington House Crescent Road
Palmer John   1 Central Road
Palmer Harry hair dresser 117 King Street
Palmer Mrs Charlotte confectioner 10 Abbots Hill
Palmer William   29 Alexandra Road
Palmer Mrs A lodging house 11 (Denmark House) Royal Road, West Cliff
Palmer Fred T photographer 1 Granville Marina
Palmer Thomas Stephen   Sherwood Villa Dundonald Road
Pammant Miss Emma lodging house 87 Addington Street
Pantony Miss Emma lodging house 1 Augusta Road, East Cliff
Panwels Joseph   69 Thanet Road (St Lawrence )
Paramor Henry Allen   2 Chatham Street
Paramor Albert Edward   Lorne House Lorne Road
Paramor John   41 Vale Road
Paramor Alfred   21 Percy Road
Paramour Benjamin baker 24  York Street
Paramour Charles lodging house 21 Chatham Street
Pardoe Miss   51 Bellevue Road, East Cliff
Parker Joseph Otway ironmonger 24 Queen Street
Parker Stephen lodging house 34 Camden Square
Parker John The Alma Inn   La Belle Alliance Square, East Cliff
Parker William   21 Cannonbury Road
Parker William Robert smack owner (stores)   Paragon Street, West Cliff
Parker Joseph Otway ironmonger 1  York Street
Parker Miss E D   75 West Cliff Road
Parker Charles   3 Thanet Road (St Lawrence )
Parker Alfred   5 Gordon Terrace Cross Road, Margate Road
Parker Albert   10 Cannonbury Road
Parker Mrs   1 Garden Row Cottages Garden Row
Parker J O   92 (Shen Den) Thanet Road (St Lawrence )
Parker William   26 Central Road
Parker Samuel lodging house 1 (The Nile) Albert Street, West Cliff
Parker Frank lodging house 2 Melrose Cottages Hertford Street, West Cliff
Parker Thomas   1 Newland Villas Margate Road
Parker Thos W   Ivy Lodge Crescent Road
Parker Miss   34 Avenue Road, East Cliff, St Lawrence
Parker Mrs Nicholas   14 Albion Place
Parker Ebenezer Charles   Allen Dene Codrington Road
Parkin A B   95 Crescent Road
Parks Edmund   52 Alexandra Road
Parncutt Thomas   12 Cumberland Place Hereson Road
Parncutt Henry John   19 Finsbury Road
Parnell James Alfred   29 Percy Road
Parnell W T   Boston Villa Crescent Road
Parnell Edward   22 Southwood Terrace Southwood Road
Parnum Robert   33 Alma Road
Parry William Griffiths   9 Paragon, West Cliff
Parry Mrs   Karrakatta Ellington Road
Parsons Walter furniture dealer 1 Camden Road
Parsons Walter furniture dealer 3 Camden Road
Parsons Mrs Julia lodging house 101 Hardres Street
Parsons Mrs Elizh lodging house 28 Avenue Road, East Cliff, St Lawrence
Parsons Edwin   Ethelbert Villa St Mildreds Road
Parsons William Robert   8 Hardres Street
Parsons Walter furniture dealer 134 King Street
Partridge R   1 Beatrice Villas Ellington Road
Paterson John   1 Blenheim Terrace Crescent Road
Paterson Joh  George   1 (Florence Terrace) Albert Road, East Cliff, St Lawrence
Patten Mrs   Southdene St Mildreds Road
Pattenden George greengrocer 45 King Street
Pattison Charles   4 Belsey Terrace Grange Road
Paul Henry   3 Union Street
Pavey & Co chemists 104 High Street
Pavey Henry Jn   Fern Cottage Ellington Road
Pay John   22 (Edina) Belmont Road
Pay Clarence   1 Morden Cottages
Payne William Spencer lodging house 32 Spencer Square, West Cliff
Payne P G S   8 West Cliff Terrace Mansions Pegwell Road
Payne Frederick lodging house 77 Plains of Waterloo
Payne Henry J   18 Avenue Road, East Cliff, St Lawrence
Payne Henry   35 Cannonbury Road
Peake Stephen   4 Lorne Road
Peake Miss Elizh lodging house 13 Cavendish Street
Peal George   53 Alexandra Road
Peal Joseph Edward     High Street, St Lawrence
Pearce Mrs   29 Adelaide Gardens, West Cliff
Pearce James   3 Montefiore Cottages
Pearce George   18 Alexandra Road
Pearce J F   Winnifred Crescent Road
Pearce Isaac White   91 Crescent Road
Pearcey E J   4 Cedar Villas Picton Road
Pearson William   76 Boundary Road
Pearson William Henry     Crescent Mews, West Cliff
Pearson Frederick   7 Rose Hill, West Cliff
Peck Mrs Emily tobacconist 52a Addington Street
Peck Mrs   7 Addington Street
Peck J Capel (MA) resident master South Eastern College Hollicondane
Pedder J W draper 36 Queen Street
Peek Robert   2 Ellington
Peete George general shop 51 Finsbury Road
Pegden William   47 Hardres Street
Pegram Frederick   31 Princes Street
Pegram & Co   tea agents 50 High Street
Peirce L & Son bill poster & c 131 High Street
Peirce John   3 Hereson Cottages Hereson Road
Pellman Edwin   15 Trinity Place
Pemble Charles   41 Belmont Street
Pennells Mrs Mary Ann lodging house 79 Hardres Street
Penney Arthur   13 1/2 Princes Street
Penney George Charles   8 Adelaide Gardens, West Cliff
Penney William   50 Hertford Street, West Cliff
Penney Stephen lodging house 2 Kent Place
Penney Stephen jun   3 Shaftesbury Street, East Cliff
Penney Mrs   56 Alexandra Road
Penno Mrs   2 Ellington Terrace Ellington Road
Penny William   13 Brunswick Street
Pepin Albert James Freemasons Tavern 71 High Street
Pepper Joseph   2 Hilda Villas Dundonald Road
Peppercorn Mrs   5 Suffolk Terrace Crescent Road
Percy Richard sailmaker 28a Effingham Street
Percy James   16 Chatham Street
Perkins George   91 Hardres Street
Perkins Miss Hannah lodging house 8 Wellington Crescent, East Cliff
Perkins Miss   16 (Thanet Housse) Vale Square
Perkins Richard   12 Lorne Road
Perress Misses   Cliff Lodge St Mildreds Road
Perrett William Henry smack owner 4 Codrington Villas Codrington Road
Perrin William   12 Cumberland Road
Perritt Thomas John   3 Cambridge Terrace Church Road
Perry C J (BA) resident master South Eastern College Junior School Hollicondane
Perry Samuel jun   35 Central Road
Perry Jn coal merchant 16 Military Road
Perry Walter   9 Brunswick Street
Perry Ernest   Westover Hollicondane Road
Perry Albt Sl. oilman 1 Artillery Road
Perry George Edward   1 Francis Villas Anns Road
Perry John coal depot 9 Plains of Waterloo
Perry Jn   Eldad House Ellington Road
Perry Samuel   38 Central Road
Perry Hugh J   Sonning Poplar Road
Perry F   Cumberland House Hereson Road
Perry William Thomas   8 Cross Street, West Cliff
Perry John coal merchant 59 High Street
Perry John coal store Providence Yard Hardres Street
Perryman James Richard   28 Finsbury Road
Perryman Thomas lodging house 79 Plains of Waterloo
Peter Col Edward Nicolls   Kent Villa Grange Road
Peters William   6 Horace Terrace Cemetery Road
Petersen George   7 Trinity Place
Petley William   11 West Cliff Road
Petley Henry   9 Camden Square
Petley Thomas William   14 Denmark Road
Petley Mrs   48 Cannonbury Road
Petley John grocer; post office   Margate Road
Petley Arthur Charles   32 Denmark Road
Petley Edward   32 Boundary Road
Petley Joseph   2 (Royal Cottage) Townley Cottages, West Cliff
Petley Emmerson Thomas lodging house 13 Denmark Road
Petter George Henry fried fish shop 23 George Street
Petters James fishmonger 6  York Street
Pettifer Mrs Mary lodging house 12 Paragon, West Cliff
Pettit William   54 Alexandra Road
Pettitt John   83 Boundary Road
Pettman Mrs S A   2 Katherine Villas Picton Road
Pettman T E professor of music 13 (Cliffdale) Arklow Square
Pettman William S   3 Hermon Villas Picton Road
Petts John coal & coke dealer Redwood Cottage Southwood Road
Petts William   Gregorys Cottage High Street, St Lawrence
Petts Mrs   Saxon Villa Ellington
Petts Thomas   4 Bolton Street, Margate Road
Petts F H   3 Hamilton Villas Crescent Road
Phillips William   Canonbury House Grange Road
Phillips James   14 Montague Road
Philpot Robert S tobacconist 1a Bellevue Road, East Cliff
Philpot Wm general dealer 6 Artillery Road
Philpot Edward general shop 2 Gordon Terrace Cross Road, Margate Road
Philpot Hy greengrocer   High Street, St Lawrence
Philpot E J cycle agent 89 High Street
Philpott Robt   Ethelbert Terrace (Valerie) Vale Road
Philpott Edward G   99 Winstanley Crescent
Philpott Stephen George mineral water manufacturer 16 High Street
Philpott John   11 Trinity Place
Philpott Sidney   33 Vale Road
Philpott Mrs   6 Central Road
Philpott Mrs   22 Denmark Road
Philpott Edward   Pantile Cottage Southwood Road
Philpott William   13 Ashburnham Road, St Lawrence
Philpott Richard William fancy stationer 81 High Street
Philpott John   12 Union Street
Philpott Stephen George   Tanavalla Ellington Road
Philpott Robert   7 Ellington
Philpott William   7 Finsbury Road
Philpott Stephen George mineral water manufacturer 1a Cavendish Street
Philpott Joseph   14 Cannonbury Road
Philpott George Albert pork butcher 38 King Street
Philpott Robert refreshment rooms Flint Cottage Southwood Road
Philpott Miss Maria laundress 9 Claremont Place Castle Road
Philpott Thomas   3 Union Place
Philpott William Peake   Christina Villa Picton Road
Philpott Geo F greengrocer; post office 1 Dover Terrace Grange Road
Philpott Harry   4 St Lawrence Terrace Hollicondane Road
Phippard Joseph     Packers Lane
Phippard John William shopkeeper 124 King Street
Phipps Joseph painter 24 Boundary Road
Pickering Miss   8 Theodore Terrace Margate Road
Pidduck Mrs Agnes laundress   High Street, St Lawrence
Pidduck Mrs   43 Ashburnham Road, St Lawrence
Pidduck John   15 Finsbury Road
Pidduck George   63 Chapel Road, St Lawrence
Pidduck Henry   11 Montefiore Cottages
Pidduck William   18 Boundary Road
Pidduck Albert   Rose Cottage Manston Road, St Lawrence
Pidduck Stephen   39 Finsbury Road
Pigott Miss   2 Clifton Villas Duncan Road
Pilcher George   50 Chapel Road, St Lawrence
Pilcher John   41 Crescent Road
Pilcher Mrs   79 West Cliff Road
Pilcher Bros   butchers 52 High Street
Pile Edward   4 Triplecote Dumpton Park Road
Pile William   27 Percy Road
Pile John   36 Flora Road
Pill Joseph Thomas   Edith Cottages Clements Road
Pinder Henry G The Artillery Arms - PH 36 West Cliff Road
Pinder Henry G Artillery Arms   Royal Road, West Cliff
Pinker Miss   Stafford House St Mildreds Road
Pinkham Robert Hy   77 Boundary Road
Pinkham William   24 Shaftesbury Street, East Cliff
Pinkham Richard lodging house 24 Abbots Hill
Pinkham Mrs   5 Trinity Terrace Victoria Road
Pinkham & Isemonger   shipwrights 9 Military Road
Piper George   1 Claremont Place Castle Road
Piper Charles   11 Denmark Road
Piper Thomas Samuel   26 Alexandra Road
Pitcher Charles   6 Alma Place
Pitcher Isaac   27 Townley Street
Pitcher Isaac Ernest   22 Hertford Street, West Cliff
Pitcher Miss fanny music warehouse 83 High Street
Pitcher William Charles   Courtney Southwood Road
Pitcher Thomas   6 Coburg Cottages
Pitcher Ernest   6 Herbert Road
Pite Alfred Robert   Fonthill Grange Road
Pite Alfred R architect 46 Effingham Street
Pittit James Edward   9 Montefiore Cottages
Pittock Thomas   8 Beech Cottages Grange Road
Pittuck Charles   8 Garden Row
Playfoot Mrs   49 Ashburnham Road, St Lawrence
Pledge Mrs   1 Rodbourne Villas Crescent Road
Pledge Gilbert R   1 Springfield Ellington Road
Plummer Frederick H   31 Royal Road, West Cliff
Pointer Frederick William general stores 15 Turner Street
Pointer Henry Thomas   23 Brunswick Street
Pointer Miss A Alice draper (The Bon Marche) 32 Addington Street
Pointer Wallace John   7 Mill Cottages
Pointer William   29 Chapel Road, St Lawrence
Pointer Frederick William   Brompton Villa Dundonald Road
Pointer Fredk Wm grocer 137 High Street
Pointer James   19 Ashburnham Road, St Lawrence
Pointer Frederick William grocer 63 King Street
Pointer Robert   69 Chapel Road, St Lawrence
Pointer Miss   21 Artillery Road
Pointing Wm C tailor 1 Claremont Villas Dundonald Road
Pollard Frank lodging house 12 Bellevue Road, East Cliff
Pollard B   33 Thanet Road (St Lawrence )
Pollard George R M LRCP, Lond, MRCS Eng - physician & surgeon 25 (Augusta Villa) Bellevue Road, East Cliff
Pollard Joseph Henry (ARAM)   3 Elms Park Terrace The Elms
Pollard John bath chair proprietor 5 Addington Street
Pollard Richard   1 Rodney Street
Polworth James   1 Canham Cottages Ashburnham Road, St Lawrence
Pool Henry   3 Albert Street, West Cliff
Pool Mrs   12 West Cliff Terrace Mansions Pegwell Road
Poole & Co tailors 56 Queen Street
Poole James Scott   69 Hardres Street
Poole Miss F teacher of music 69 Hardres Street
Poole M J   Birkdale Crescent Road
Poole & Co tailors 54 Queen Street
Pope Mrs   2 Maitland Villas Grange Road
Pope John   2 Packers Lane
Popham Col John L   5 Prospect Terrace, West Cliff
Popple Mrs Mary lodging house 2 (Prospect Lodge) Prospect Terrace, West Cliff
Porcher William   18 Leopold Street
Porritt Frederick William   23 Boundary Road
Porritt Henry   7 Herbert Road
Port Sidney R cement merchant 66 High Street
Port Sydney R hon sec - Ramsgate Cycling Club (headquarters & reading rooms) 4 High Street
Port Charles   23 Townley Street
Port William Wallace   19a Addington Street
Port William Henry builder Elm Lodge Ellington
Porter Jas   55 (Danescliffe) Ashburnham Road, St Lawrence
Potbury E W   2 Elswick Villas Artillery Road
Pott Mrs     High Street, St Lawrence
Pott Miss   1 Acorn Villas The Elms
Pott Miss Sarah lodging house 59 Addington Street
Potter Samuel   24 Leopold Street
Potter Walter   13 Alma Road
Potter William   34 Central Road
Potter Mrs Harriet greengrocer 132 King Street
Pottle Walter   1 Cambrian Villas Alpha Road
Pottle Charles   8 Alma Road
Pottle Alfred   10 Alma Road
Pottle Frederick   5 Newcastle Hill
Pow Frederick C   2 Twin Villas Southwood Road
Powell Robert   8 Hart Terrace Grange Road
Powell Walter H steward - Constitutional Club 38 Queen Street
Powell Edward   2 Dagmar Villas Ellington Road
Powell M brewers agent 1 St Lawrence Terrace Hollicondane Road
Powell H H manager - Thanet Boot Repairing Co. 60 King Street
Powell M brewers agent 2 St Lawrence Terrace Hollicondane Road
Powell James A fruiterer & registr of marriages 43 Queen Street
Power Rev Joseph   St Augustines Abbey St Augustines Road, West Cliff
Powling Miss H lodging house 27 Wellington Crescent, East Cliff
Prall Z E   10  York Terrace, West Cliff
Prato Andrew   3 Cumberland Place Hereson Road
Pratt Miss   Berwyn Albion Road, East Cliff
Pratt William   7 Gibson Terrace Rodney Street
Pratt William   3 Gibson Terrace Rodney Street
Prebble Mrs Elizabeth Temperance Hotel   Chatham Street
Prebble Mrs Joyce laundress   Southwood Road
Preist George Arthur   6 Ellington
Prescott William   7 Chapel Road, St Lawrence
Prescott John M   75 Plains of Waterloo
Prestedge Thomas   6 Leopold Road
Prestedge Thomas Hy   54 Chapel Road, St Lawrence
Preston H Michell surgeon dentist 96 High Street
Preston Samuel baker 103 High Street
Preston Anthny Jn baker 10 Hart Terrace Grange Road
Preston George   22 Hibernia Street
Preston Samuel   15 Chapel Place
Prett John Elgar   21 Boundary Road
Prett William   11 Lorne Road
Prewett William proprietor Paragon Baths Paragon, West Cliff
Price Mark Antony   Caroline Villa Southwood Road
Price Mrs   Pauline Villa Trinity Place
Price A G, MA assistant master Chatham House College Chatham Street
Price George Six Bells Inn   High Street, St Lawrence
Price Charles photographer 48 High Street
Price Thomas   81 West Cliff Road
Price William Baker clerk & sexton St Georges Church 44 Hardres Street
Price Stephen   22 Alexandra Road
Price Wallace S   2 Whites Cottages
Price Charles   1 Aberdeen Villas Ellington Road
Price Mrs lodging house 19 Albion Place
Price George Henry   5 Osborne Villas Margate Road
Price & Co   wholesale tobacconists 48 High Street
Prickett Miss M lodging house 2 Wellington Crescent, East Cliff
Prideaux Col. William Francis (CSI)   1 West Cliff Terrace Mansions Pegwell Road
Priestley Samuel bicycle maker 1 Turner Street
Priestley Samuel   Eastwick Victoria Road
Priestley Samuel bicycle maker 6 Turner Street
Prior William   18 Albion Place
Pritchard Frederick   21 (East View) Thanet Road (St Lawrence )
Pritchard Edward G   11 Alexandra Road
Pritchard Mrs   33 Boundary Road
Pritchard John   4 Alexandra Road
Pritchard John   17 Sussex Street
Procter Henry Charles hairdresser 1 Shah Place
Proctor Henry   46 Percy Road
Prophet Mrs   32 (Beulah Cottage) Avenue Road, East Cliff, St Lawrence
Prynn William   7 Vicarage Cottages Newington Road, St Lawrence
Pugh John grocer 14 Cumberland Place Hereson Road
Pugh John grocer 13 Cumberland Place Hereson Road
Pugin Mrs   The Grange Grange Road
Pugin Mrs   St Edwards St Augustines Road, West Cliff
Pugin Cuthbert Welby architect St Edwards St Augustines Road, West Cliff
Pullen Frederick   10 Adelaide Gardens, West Cliff
Pulleu Mrs   9 Chapel Place
Pullinger Harry butcher 54 King Street
Pullman Frederick M   33 Bellevue Road, East Cliff
Pullman Herbert lodging house 9 Abbots Hill
Pullman Herbert   5 Horace Terrace Cemetery Road
Pullman Frederick smack owner 21 Military Road
Purdy Miss lodging house 3 Arklow Villas Bellevue Road, East Cliff
Purton Rev W A (BA) vice principal and chaplain South Eastern College Hollicondane
Puzey H N   1 Hardres Street
Pysden Henry     Newcastle Hill

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