Ramsgate & St L 1899 Directory - O

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Last Name Initials Occupation No or house Road
O'Brien D B   25 Grange Road
O'Connor Dominick James Leo assistant Insurance Supt 3 Ayton Cottages Ayton Road
O'Keefe Mrs   39 Grange Road
O'Leary Alfred Charles tailor 2 Paragon Place Paragon Street, West Cliff
O'Leary Mrs   51 Winstanley Crescent
O'Reilly Nicholas Sheltn   9 Royal Crescent, West Cliff
O'Shea Nelson   17 Meeting Street
Oakley Mrs lodging house 35 Camden Square
Oates Arthur lodging house 70 Plains of Waterloo
Oblein John   5 Nelson Crescent
Oclee William   Kepler Cottage Union Street
Oclee Mrs   Lawn Cottage Chatham Street
Oclee Henry   43 Boundary Road
Odell William   8 Cambridge Terrace Church Road
Odell Albert John   17 Boundary Road
Odell Joseph furniture dealer 134 High Street
Offen John   11 Ashburnham Road, St Lawrence
Offen Robert John   Portlight Poplar Road
Offen George   107 Winstanley Crescent
Offen Hy fishmonger 145 Boundary Road
Offen Frederick   1 Bings Cottages Montague Road
Offen George   26 Townley Street
Ofield Arthur lodging house 20 Wellington Crescent, East Cliff
Ofield Charles   Crescent Villa Crescent Road
Ofield George Frederick   Meadow Lodge Southwood Road
Okill Sidney lodging house 5 Liverpool Lawn, West Cliff
Olby Alfred lead & glass merchant (stores)   Bethesda Street
Olby Alfred paperhanging warehouse 50 Hardres Street
Olby Alfred lead and glass merchants 27 King Street
Olby Alfred   5 Albion Terrace Mount Albion Road, East Cliff, St Lawrence
Olby Henry   4 Albion Terrace Mount Albion Road, East Cliff, St Lawrence
Oliver William Alfred   40 Chapel Road, St Lawrence
Oliver Mrs   1 Dagmar Villas Ellington Road
Oliver Albert   136 King Street
Olliffe Mrs H Providence Tavern 31 Queen Street
Olsen Olof   8 Vincent Row Bellevue Cottages
Ordish Mrs Marion dressmaker 28 King Street
Ordish J G hair dresser 28 King Street
Orfeur Frederic William   Greenlea Ellington Road
Orford G A sign & glass writer 5 Woodford Avenue
Orlandini & Co Café Royal confectioners 64 Harbour Street
Osborn Charles Henry   21 Flora Road
Osborn Charles Earl St Vincent 99 King Street
Osborne Frederick   113 Boundary Road
Osborne William George architect 36 Hardres Street
Osborne H E chemist 25 Queen Street
Osborne Mrs   St Denis Grange Road
Oshea Jerome   1 Cross Street, West Cliff
Osman Harry   26 Flora Road
Osmond Mrs   18 Vale Road
Osmond Richard David   New Cottage Staffordshire Street
Osmond Richard David marine store dealer   Cleavers Lane
Ottaway Geo F grocer 113 High Street
Ovenden Mrs   9 Addington Street
Ovenden Frank   2 Cambrian Villas Margate Road
Ovenden John   9 Belmont Street
Ovenden William   St Martins Villa Picton Road
Overton James   41 (Hillside House) Albert Road, East Cliff, St Lawrence
Owen Mrs   6 Queens Road, East Cliff
Oxley Misses A E & H school Clifton House Ellington Road

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