Ramsgate & St L 1899 Directory - H

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Last Name Initials Occupation No or house Road
Hacker Charles   1 Blenheim Villas Crescent Road
Hadaway William lodging house 15 Camden Road
Hadaway Albert Ernest   13 Cambridge Terrace Church Road
Hadley Miss boarding house 11 Albion Place
Haffenden Frederick   3 Cedar Villas Picton Road
Haffenden Mrs Annie laundress   Hereson Road
Hagar James William   1 Gothic Villas Codrington Road
Hagar Walter lodging house 21 Camden Road
Hagar Miss Frances fancy draper 2a Addington Street
Haggis Alfred   28 Staffordshire Street
Haines Albert James   1 Cannon Road
Haisell William   81 Hardres Street
Halfpenny John Arthur insurance agent 32 Flora Road
Hall John William lodging house 5 Cliff Street, West Cliff
Hall George lodging house 4 Woodford Avenue
Hall Andrew William   2 St Georges Villas St Georges Road
Hall Arthur confectioner 74 Harbour Street
Hall Mrs Thirza laundress 2 Lorne Road
Hall James   11 Southwood Terrace Southwood Road
Hall Charles   1 Southwick Terrace Duncan Road
Hall Miss S lady supt St Helens (formerly Cottage) Convalescent Home 50 Bellevue Road, East Cliff
Hall Robert   14 Trinity Place
Hall Miss   22 Cannonbury Road
Hall Miss   86 Thanet Road (St Lawrence )
Hall Misses   Thornhill Villa The Elms
Hall Francis lodging house 17 Royal Crescent, West Cliff
Hall Frederick shopkeeper 2 Meeting Street
Hall Philip   2 Grasmere Picton Road
Hall E & Co ladies & childrens outfitters 2 Addington Street
Hall Mrs   2 Granville Gardens Truro Road, East Cliff
Halsey Sidney   8 Irchester Street, East Cliff
Halsey Samuel Thomas lodging house 34 Liverpool Lawn, West Cliff
Halstead Geo E MD, BS, BSc, BA - physician Albion Hill House Albion Hill
Hamblin William   9 Triplecote Dumpton Park Road
Hambrook Henry   12 Montefiore Place Hereson Road
Hambrook Charles Thomas   32 Montague Road
Hambrook John   1 Prospect Terrace Terrace Cottages
Hambrose Joseph   12 Monkton Place
Hamilton Mrs   140a King Street
Hamilton John   2 Garden Row Cottages Garden Row
Hamilton Thomas   8 Newcastle Hill
Hamlin Jonathan   25 Townley Street
Hamlin John     Newcastle Hill
Hammon Allen Edward East Kent Arms - PH 27 Chatham Street
Hammon George   1 Eagle Hill
Hammond F W   171 King Street
Hammond Mrs   99 Boundary Road
Hammond Henry Geo   53 Boundary Road
Hammond Thomas   1 Cambrian Villas Margate Road
Hammond Eustace William   8 West Cliff Road
Hammond Arthur Edmund   2 Vernon Cottages High Street, St Lawrence
Hammond Mrs Amy dressmaker 2 Vernon Cottages High Street, St Lawrence
Hammond Mrs   4 Alma Road
Hammond Henry G   17 Montague Road
Hammond Miss lodging house 7 (Worcester House) Wellington Crescent, East Cliff
Hammond Henry Blyth (JP)   West Cliff Lodge St Augustines Road, West Cliff
Hammond Mrs   16 Guildford Lawn
Hammond George & Co Lloyds shipping & consular agents 20  York Street
Hammond Allen Edward   8 Chatham Place
Hamshaw Misses   Malta Villa The Elms
Hanbury Edwin Charles   St Etheldredas Villa South Eastern Road
Hancock Mrs H lodging house 74 Hardres Street
Hancocks Rev Thomas Baptist 3 Ellington Terrace Ellington Road
Hand Mrs   48 Percy Road
Hands Mrs   21 Monkton Place
Hannaford James   13 Artillery Road
Hannaford William   19 Artillery Road
Hannaford William   21 Shaftesbury Street, East Cliff
Hanslow Mrs laundress 8 Claremont Place Castle Road
Hanson James   38 Hardres Street
Harbour Stores     5 Military Road
Harbour Stores     6 Military Road
Harbour Stores     4 Military Road
Harding Miss   1 Rose Villas Picton Road
Harding Frederick   21 Winstanley Crescent
Harding William Thomas   36 Boundary Road
Harding Mrs   39 Hardres Street
Hards John William   37 Alexandra Road
Hardy Jack Allen   1 St Andrews Terrace St Andrews Road
Harker Mrs   Norman Villa Southwood Road
Harland James   48 Winstanley Crescent
Harland Mrs   14 Leopold Street
Harley Edward   77 Crescent Road
Harlow William   37 Hardres Street
Harlow William jobmaster, carriages& dog carts on hire Bull & George yard High Street
Harlow William   8 Staffordshire Street
Harlow John   10 Staffordshire Street
Harlow Alfred   1 Bell Cottages Ashburnham Road, St Lawrence
Harlow Stephen William   32 Finsbury Road
Harman Mrs   Gowan Cottage Hereson Road
Harman John florist   Edith Road
Harman James dairy 8 Adelphi Terrace Grange Road
Harman John florist Rowena Southwood Road
Harmer William H   1 Rose Villas Margate Road
Harmer William Thomas   1 Wellington Cottages Lorne Road
Harmer Charles   9 Broad Street
Harmes Edmund   6 Alma Road
Harmes George   1 Montague Road
Harnett Henry   55 Winstanley Crescent
Harnett Mrs   Percy Crescent Road
Harnett Charles   Rosslyn Southwood Road
Harnett Mrs   6 Kent Villas Central Road
Harper Frederick   3 Denmark Road
Harris Frederick   30 Winstanley Crescent
Harris Charles   19 Monkton Place
Harris Rev H S   5 Chatham Place
Harris Samuel   19 Abbots Hill
Harris William   1 Bellevue Road, East Cliff
Harris William coal dealer   Terrace Cottages
Harris Sl. M hair dresser 6 Kent Place
Harris Robert & Son bricklayers 38 Addington Street
Harris Mrs   3 Florry Cottages Hereson Road
Harris Richard   1 Eagle Yard
Harris Rev Simcha Hy school Chatham House College - Townley Castle Chatham Street
Harris Robert   5 Cornwall Terrace Ayton Road
Harris Henry   15 Flora Road
Harris John   5 St Georges Villas St Georges Road
Harrison Alfred Thomas   2 Mays Road
Harrison Mrs   32 Ashburnham Road, St Lawrence
Harrison William Walter   50 Winstanley Crescent
Harrison Walter lodging house 12 La Belle Alliance Square, East Cliff
Harrison-Smith H   Bronte Victoria Road
Harry James   61 Vale Road
Hart Lazarus general warehouse 9 Harbour Street
Hart Lazarus general warehouse 7 Harbour Street
Hart Henry   143 High Street
Hart Henry coffee house 52 King Street
Hart Mrs   4 Ellington
Hart Misses   7 Arthur Terrace Ellington Road
Hart Mrs   15 Belmont Street
Hart Mrs Elizabeth laundress 26 Montague Road
Hartley Mrs   9 Codrington Villas Codrington Road
Hartry Henry   9 Mews Cottages
Harty Mrs   9 Southwick Terrace Duncan Road
Harty Mrs   3 Salem Cottages
Harty William   21 Wellington Crescent, East Cliff
Harvey George A   9 (Thorndale Villa) Belmont Road
Harvey Miss   Alice Villa Edith Road
Harvey G A sec - Ramsgate Co-operative Society Limited 33  York Street
Harvey Francis R   Thurgoland Crescent Road
Harvey G A sec - Ramsgate Co-operative Society Limited 35  York Street
Harvey & Co   drapers 78 (Hardres House) Hardres Street
Haskings J proprietor - Red Lion Livery Stables   King Street
Haskings John jobmaster Royal Mews Queen Street
Haskings John   93 West Cliff Road
Haskins J job master 41 Effingham Street
Haskins Mrs Jane lodging house 41 Effingham Street
Haslewood Mrs   103 West Cliff Road
Hasluck Mrs   Dunham Lodge Hereson Road
Hatcher Miss   1 Hawthorn Villas Codrington Road
Hathaway Miss Hannah head mistress - St Georges National & Commercial Schools School House Church Road
Hatton Thomas   Elms House The Elms
Hatton thomas smack owner   Turner Street
Hawkes Edward John (LRCP & S Edin) physician & surgeon 4 West Cliff Road
Hawkes Daniel fishmonger 120 King Street
Hawkes Mrs E fishmonger 24 King Street
Hawkes George Edward   Alexandra Cottage Margate Road
Hawkes William oilman 91 King Street
Hawkes William oilman 93 King Street
Hawkes John   20 Alfred Cottages
Hawkeswell James   1 Shoults Villas St Lukes Avenue
Hawkins Arthur   5 Eagle Hill
Hawkins John Davey   3 West Cliff Mansions, West Cliff
Hawkins Ernest Walt   5 Balmoral Place, East Cliff
Hawkins William   22 Hardres Street
Hawkins Chas stationer 31 Addington Street
Hawkins F W preventive officer Custom House Offices Harbour Street
Hawkins John draper 13 Queen Street
Hawkins John   4 Bristol Place
Hawkins Mrs   1 Garden Row
Hawkins John draper 11 Queen Street
Hawkins F W   10 Arklow Square
Hay George beer retailer 130 King Street
Haycock Silas Henry watch manufacturer 106 High Street
Hayes George dentist 121 High Street
Haynes Mrs   3 Ethelbert Terrace Vale Road
Haynes & Son sculptors & masons 16 West Cliff Road
Haynes J C Hon Sec - Young Mens Christian Association (Ramsgate Branch) 52 Queen Street
Hayward Frederick W   37 Cannonbury Road
Hayward Charles   Alma Cottage Alma Place
Hayward Arthur tobacconist 3 West Cliff Arcade
Hayward Arthur confectioner 1 West Cliff Arcade
Hayward Mrs   1 Edith Cottages Clements Road
Hayward & Lintott Bull & George Hotel Bull & George Hotel 14 High Street
Hazeldine George   63 Winstanley Crescent
Hazelgrove Hy J lodging house 71 Addington Street
Hazelwood Alfred grocer 48 Denmark Road
Hazelwood Alfred grocer 46 Denmark Road
Head Mrs   59 Vale Road
Head Mrs Elizabeth lodging house 30 Liverpool Lawn, West Cliff
Heading Mrs lodging house 4 Prospect Terrace, West Cliff
Hearn Mrs   47 Boundary Road
Hearnden John   3 Flora Road
Hearnden Hy D greengrocer 6 Percy Road
Hearne Thomas William   2 Newington Terrace Newington Road, St Lawrence
Heath T H Hon Sec - Young Mens Christian Association (Ramsgate Branch) 52 Queen Street
Heath Thomas H   Braeside Margate Road
Hedgcock George dairyman - wholesale & retail 31 Chatham Street
Hedges William lodging house 16 Hibernia Street
Hedges Richard   4 Mays Road
Hedges William   3 Bethesda Street
Hedley Henderson   Stockton Villa Ellington Road
Heed George William   5 Triplecote Dumpton Park Road
Hembert Miss   Alpha Villa Southwood Road
Hemmings George   18 Chapel Place
Henderson Mrs   13 (Royal Villa) Vale Square
Henneker William Edward   12 Winstanley Crescent
Henniker Vincent professor of music 2 Thyra Villas High Street
Henson Samuel lodging house Avenue Lodge Bellevue Avenue
Heritage William   1 Lime Cottages Hereson
Heritage Peter   16 Trinity Place
Herman Jn Manchester Unity Odd Fellows 32 Harbour Street
Herrenberg J P professor of languages 1 Ellington Villas Ellington Road
Herridge George   Covecot Packers Lane
Herrold Henry M   3 The Larches Dundonald Road
Hewes Mrs M A lodging house 63 Plains of Waterloo
Hewett James William picture frame maker 36 Addington Street
Hewett Richard baker 38 High Street
Hewitt C   2 Clevedon Villas Crescent Road
Hewitt Frederick Edward   13 Cumberland Road
Heyburn Mrs   1 Farley Place
Heyburn Frederick John   3 Florence Cottages
Heyburn William   1 Cross Road, Margate Road
Heyes Joseph   19 Townley Street
Heys George Frederic   Ellerslie Ellington Road
Hibbs Miss ladies School 26 (Welby House) Augusta Road, East Cliff
Hibbs Miss ladies School 25 (Welby House) Augusta Road, East Cliff
Hibbs Miss ladies School 27 (Welby House) Augusta Road, East Cliff
Hicks Mrs   34 Spencer Square, West Cliff
Hicks R G (MRCSE, LRCPL) surgeon Seamans Infirmary & General Hospital West Cliff Road
Hicks Mrs   5 Frederick Place Hereson Road
Hicks Robert Grieve (MRCS, LRCP) physician & surgeon 126 High Street
Hicks Thomas coach builder 2 Camden Road
Hicks Thomas coach builder 4 Camden Road
Hicks Mrs   10 Royal Road, West Cliff
Hicks Miss C T matron Nethercourt Convalescent Home St Lawrence (Environs)
Hicks Whitmore   Highlands Ellington Road
Hicks Thomas lodging house 49 Plains of Waterloo
Hicks Frederick coffee & dining rooms 23  York Street
Hicks Frederick coffee & dining rooms 25  York Street
Hicks Samuel   58 Denmark Road
Hieatt Alexander John Queens Head Inn 78 Harbour Street
Higgs Mrs   1 Elms Villas The Elms
Hight Major Edward Lancelot   Leskinfere South Eastern Road
Hill Miss Sarah Ann lodging house 6 Bellevue Road, East Cliff
Hill Mrs   23 Cannonbury Road
Hill Miss   69 Crescent Road
Hill Mrs   2 Morden Cottages
Hill Thomas shopfitter 160 High Street
Hill Thomas   160 (Washington Lodge) High Street
Hill Mrs   84 Boundary Road
Hills Joseph shoemaker 28 Cavendish Street
Hills John   2 Castle Road
Hills Joseph shoemaker 12 Cavendish Street
Hills William H dealer in antiques 40 King Street
Hills Miss   Trafalgar Villa West Cliff Road
Hills Edwin grocer 1 Flora Road
Hills Edwin grocer 4 Flora Road
Hills Mrs   4 James Street, West Cliff
Hinds Henry   57 Queen Street
Hinds & Son architects 57 Queen Street
Hinds Harry G R   2 Birch Villas The Elms
Hinds Frederick fruiterer 2 Philpotts Cottages Southwood Road
Hinds Edward   Freda Cottage Grange Road
Hinge Edward Thomas nurseryman 1 Hereson Cottages Hereson Road
Hinton Henry lodging house 3 Wellington Terrace Picton Road
Hiscocks Robert Thos   12 Albion Place
Histed William   7 Broad Street
Hitchcock Hy Stephen   12 Hertford Street, West Cliff
Hitchcock Mrs boarding house 16 (Rock View) Albion Place
Hitching William   7 Camden Road
Hitter Arthur lodging house 26 Camden Square
Hoade Chas Fredk lodging house 2 Arklow Villas Bellevue Road, East Cliff
Hoare Charles   Fernlea Poplar Road
Hobbs Mrs Sarah lodging house 15 Alexandra Terrace Grange Road
Hobbs Edward cash draper & outfitter 74 (Alliance House) King Street
Hobbs Edward   76 (Alliance House) King Street
Hobbs Edward Ramsgate Machine Depot 86 King Street
Hobbs Robert butcher 33 Queen Street
Hobbs Edward J insurance agent Myrtle Villa Ellington Road
Hobbs Charles lodging house 5 Adelaide Gardens, West Cliff
Hobbs Alfred Victor   21 Trinity Place
Hobbs Mrs   29 Cannonbury Road
Hobbs Thomas S   78 Hardres Street
Hobbs Neal D draper 5 Grange Road
Hobbs & Co   cycle mas. 39 Turner Street
Hobday Thomas bootmaker   High Street, St Lawrence
Hobday Henry   7 Frederick Place Hereson Road
Hobday Richard Henry   St Andrews Villa Codrington Road
Hobday Stephen   6 Triplecote Dumpton Park Road
Hobday William   3 Lorne Road
Hobday Joseph   1 Claremont Cottages Castle Road
Hobday Frederick pianoforte tuner 100 High Street
Hobday Henry   2 Florence Terrace Harrison Road
Hobday Hy fruiterer   The Market
Hobday John William   12a Alma Road
Hobson John   80 Winstanley Crescent
Hockin A   2 Claremont Gardens, St Lawrence
Hodge Alfred C   18 Percy Road
Hodges Mrs   1 Camden Square
Hodges Alfred   6 Bristol Place
Hodges G Sergt Instructor - Headquarters (A Company) 1st Volunteer Battalion) The Buffs) East Kent Regiment 11 Cavendish Street
Hodgkinson Percival   2 Cecil Cottages Southwood Road
Hodgman Mrs   4 Claremont Place Castle Road
Hodgman John plumber 3 Brunswick Street
Hodgman Walter George corn dealer 128 King Street
Hodgman Alfred D jun   44 Bellevue Road, East Cliff
Hodgman Frederick   15 Abbots Hill
Hodgman A D contractor   Willsons Road
Hodgman Robert   30 King Street
Hodgman A D livery stables 30 King Street
Hodgman Gustavus   33 Hardres Street
Hodgman W G   84 (Thanet House) Thanet Road (St Lawrence )
Hodgman Mrs Richd   15 Effingham Street
Hodgman A D furniture warehouse   Belmont Road
Hodgman A D corn dealer 78 Queen Street
Hodgman Henry   30 Turner Street
Hodgman Robert E brake proprietor Priory Mews Priory Road, West Cliff
Hodgson Leonard   Upper Court High Street, St Lawrence
Hodgson John Barnet Mayor 1 Royal Crescent, West Cliff
Hodgson L G sec - Isle of Thanet Building Society 58 Queen Street
Hodgson & Son agents - Sun Insurance Office 58 Queen Street
Hodsoll William Arthur   2 Clydesdale Villas Picton Road
Hogben George S lodging house 4 Kent Place
Hogben Mrs   9 Cottage Road
Hogben Walter George   10 Mill Cottages
Hogbin George   2 Wellington Cottages James Passage, West Cliff
Hogbin James   40 Denmark Road
Hogbin George   1 Maitland Villas Grange Road
Hogbin William George sub postmaster - Post Office 58 Queen Street
Hogbin Stephen George   6 Priory Road, West Cliff
Hogbin george   29 Willsons Road
Hogbin William butcher   High Street, St Lawrence
Hogbin John   83 Crescent Road
Hogwood Francis John   2 St Lukes Avenue
Hogwood Mrs Fras dressmaker 6 Alexandra Road
Hoile William Henry   9 Flora Road
Hoile John   14 Boundary Road
Hoile George Edward   71 Boundary Road
Hoile Hy shoemaker 8 Belmont Street
Holbourn Stephen James   34 Vale Road
Holbrook John lodging house 30 Camden Square
Holbrook Horace fruiterer 2 Townley Street
Holbrook Wm greengrocer 42 Abbots Hill
Holbrook Brothers   greengrocers (stores)   Albion Mews
Holden Mrs   50 Denmark Road
Holden Alfred   1 Townley Street
Holladay Mrs   75 Hardres Street
Holland Louis lodging house 11 Cottage Road
Holland Mrs ladies School 27 (Welby House) Augusta Road, East Cliff
Holland William   3 Queen Bertha Road
Holland Frederick William   Agnes Villa The Elms
Holland Mrs ladies School 25 (Welby House) Augusta Road, East Cliff
Holland Mrs ladies School 26 (Welby House) Augusta Road, East Cliff
Hollands William John   5 Cambridge Terrace Church Road
Hollands Joseph   3 Ivy Lane, West Cliff
Hollands Wm Edwd   2 Highland Terrace Ellington Park Road
Hollands Arthur   10 New Alfred Cottages Frederick Cottages
Hollands James   James Cottage James Passage, West Cliff
Hollands Hy Thos grocer 22 Addington Street
Hollands Mrs   11 James Street, West Cliff
Hollaway Mrs J   1 Richford Cottages Grange Road
Hollaway William B   2 Grange Villas Grange Road
Hollaway William Frederick   3 Grange Villas Grange Road
Hollinshead Mrs   2 Brooklyn Villas Picton Road
Holloway H G   Faversham Villa Southwood Road
Holloway Henry Geo jun collector of Queens Taxes 108 High Street
Holloway Bertie Isaac   2 Herbert Road
Holloway Mrs Alice lodging house 36 Spencer Square, West Cliff
Holloway Henry   25 Cumberland Road
Holman Charles marine store dealer 119 King Street
Holman Frederick   10 Lorne Road
Holman Miss   5 Dover Terrace Grange Road
Holman Mrs   18 Chapel Road, St Lawrence
Holman Fredk G builder & decorator 12 Garden Row
Holmans Richard   8 Jubilee Terrace Grosvenor Road, St Lawrence
Holmes Geo Edward   31 Belmont Street
Holness Frank   2 Cottage Mews
Holness Richd William Maidstone Arms PH 19 Camden Road
Holness Thomas James   33 Avenue Road, East Cliff, St Lawrence
Holness James lodging house 64 Bellevue Road, East Cliff
Holness Henry luggage porter 15 Denmark Road
Holness Robert   15 Cannonbury Road
Holton Alfd Chas Hy   70 Alexandra Road
Holyer Charles Admiral Harvey   Lower Harbour Street
Holyer Nicholas C Cinque Ports Arms 4 King Street
Holyer Charles Richardsons Hotel 20 Harbour Street
Home Gilbert builder 1 Beatrice Villas Leopold Road
Home Charles   45 Winstanley Crescent
Home Charles builder 6 Denmark Road
Home & Colonial Limited     28 Harbour Street
Honey Edward Thomas   31 Meeting Street
Honeybone Major Thos George   Kelvin House Albion Road, East Cliff
Honeysett Joseph   109 Winstanley Crescent
Honnor Thomas   33 Montague Road
Honnor Mrs   37 Flora Road
Hood Mrs   Holly Bank Napleton Road
Hood Martin   12 Royal Crescent, West Cliff
Hood Mrs   10 Cambridge Terrace Church Road
Hook Miss   3 Workhouse Yard, St Lawrence
Hooker Mrs   107 Boundary Road
Hooker William   32 Alma Road
Hooker Gilbert Nethersole (MA Cantab) private tutor 2 Richmond Villas South Eastern Road
Hooker Miss   Cottington Manston Road, St Lawrence
Hooker N (MA) assistant master South Eastern College Hollicondane
Hooker Edmund   7 Rodney Street
Hooker William   17 Alexandra Road
Hooper Frank James   5 Church Avenue
Hooper Mrs John Hill   30 Augusta Road, East Cliff
Hope Thomas   21 Denmark Road
Hope Misses   Glencoe Villa Crescent Road
Hope Joseph   9 Denmark Road
Hope Richard builder 85 Crescent Road
Hope Robt bricklayer 10 Brunswick Street
Hope George   Youngs Cottage Church Lane
Hope Richard plumber 24 Albert Street, West Cliff
Hope John   24 Flora Road
Hope Edward A grocer 10  York Street
Hopkins John M carrier Crackstake Ellington Place
Hopkinson Osmund fried fish shop 112 King Street
Hopley Stephen   30 Bloomsbury Road
Horn John   28 Chapel Road, St Lawrence
Horn Jas   Woburn Cottage High Street, St Lawrence
Horn Mrs   75 Chapel Road, St Lawrence
Horn Wm Francis lodging house 28 Abbots Hill
Horne Frederick William   5 Gertrude Terrace Castle Road
Horne William John Paragon Inn 81 Addington Street
Horne James fishmonger 67 Addington Street
Horne Mrs   50 King Street
Horne George lodging house 65 Plains of Waterloo
Horne Charles Hertford Inn 56 Hertford Street, West Cliff
Horne Mrs Hannah lodging house 2 Vale Road
Horne Charles   44 Alexandra Road
Horne Thomas   1 Townley Cottages, West Cliff
Horne George   62 Boundary Road
Horne George   125 King Street
Horne Thomas   23 Liverpool Lawn, West Cliff
Horne George   8 Paradise
Horton Edward     High Street, St Lawrence
Horton Ayers   31 Vale Road
Horton James   1 Francis Terrace High Street, St Lawrence
Horton Miss Fanny preparatory school 88 Hardres Street
Horton Hy   Jessama Dane Park Road
Horton Charles   1 Vine Cottages High Street, St Lawrence
Horton Ayers Henry   7 Freeland Terrace Hereson Road
Horton Edward John gardener 4 Vicarage Cottages Newington Road, St Lawrence
Horton Mrs   Rochester Lodge Ellington Place
Horton George   1 Naivesink Villas Mays Road
Hosking Miss   48 Goshen Finsbury Road
Hothersall George Derby Arms   Margate Road
Hothersall Mrs Alice general shop   Margate Road
Hougham Wm Thos Rose & Crown Inn 97 High Street
Hougham Thomas William bootmaker   High Street, St Lawrence
Hougham Henry   20 Monkton Place
Hougham Ernest bootmaker 7 Plains of Waterloo
Hougham Ernest   6 St Lukes Avenue
Houghton William bath chair proprietor 38 Effingham Street
Houghton Wm plumber 16a Albert Street, West Cliff
Houghton William plumber 21 Liverpool Lawn, West Cliff
Howard Henry John   2 Hexham Cottages Chapel Place Lane
Howard Charles   7 Artillery Road
Howard Thos bootmaker 19 Avenue Road, East Cliff, St Lawrence
Howard Henry   39 Royal Road, West Cliff
Howard William   13 Boundary Road
Howard James Henry Prince Coburg 72 King Street
Howard William   31 Finsbury Road
Howe John lodging house 1 (Lynton House) Liverpool Lawn, West Cliff
Howell Mrs L lodging house 2 Augusta Road, East Cliff
Howell Thomas musical instrument repairer 2 Cavendish Street
Howell W A & Co ironmongers 3 West Cliff Road
Howell James Thomas   6 Wellington Terrace Picton Road
Howell Mrs Charles   3 Shakespeare Terrace Margate Road
Howes George   28 Plains of Waterloo
Howland Stephen   West Cliff Terrace Mansions (The Lodge) Pegwell Road
Howlett Harry   4 Ethelbert Terrace Vale Road
Howlett Walter   8 Trinity Place
Hubbard Dennis   17 Shaftesbury Street, East Cliff
Hubbard William Alex solicitor & town clerk & clerk to District Council 11 Nelson Crescent
Hubbard John fishmonger 22 Plains of Waterloo
Hubbard W A town clerk Town Hall Queen Street
Hubbard Fredk Thomas   1 James Terrace Cemetery Road
Hubbard Henry William   3 Frederick Place Hereson Road
Hubbard Frederick William   4 Paragon Cottages Paragon Street, West Cliff
Hubbard Edward   109 Hardres Street
Hubbard Dennis coach painter   Church Lane
Hubbell Ira   35 Alma Road
Huckle Isaac   2 Blenheim Terrace Crescent Road
Huckstep James lodging house 31 Hardres Street
Huckstep Harry   2 Southwood Terrace Southwood Road
Hudson Henry John   3 Unity Place
Hudson Charles James   Holland House High Street
Hudson Mrs   51 Denmark Road
Hudson W H   164 (Westbeech) High Street
Hudson Francis   18 Alma Road
Hudson Charles James steam flour mills   Margate Road
Hughes Alfred James   2 Cambrian Villas Alpha Road
Hughes Daniel   22 Staffordshire Street
Hughes George   2 Jacksons Cottages Bellevue Cottages
Hughes Charles   1 Philpotts Cottages Southwood Road
Hughes Miss   149 High Street
Hughes Harold hair dresser 84 King Street
Hughes Edwin Thomas er & grocer 157 King Street
Hughes Stephen Robt greengrocer 19 Plains of Waterloo
Hughes William   15 Ashburnham Road, St Lawrence
Hull George   18 (Amariah) James Street, West Cliff
Humble Mrs   47 (Beulah) Grange Road
Humphrey Richard   2 Sunnyside Villas Cemetery Road
Humphrey Robert   38 Bloomsbury Road
Hunot Mrs   19 Alexandra Terrace Grange Road
Hunt Mrs Fanny lodging house 6 Vale Square
Hunt Frederick Charles   22 Jubilee Terrace Grosvenor Road, St Lawrence
Hunt James   16 Boundary Road
Hunt William Henry   1 Enderby Villas Ellington Park Road
Hunt William J   25 Winstanley Crescent
Hunt Edward   4 Garden Row
Hunt William Hy station master St Lawrence Railway Station (SER) Newington Road, St Lawrence
Hunt William Henry station master S E Railway Station Margate Road
Hunt William Hy local supt - The L.C.& D. Railway Terminus   Harbour Street
Hunt William   5 Finsbury Road
Hunter Mrs   2 St Pauls Cottages Salem Cottages
Hunter & Son plumbers 90 High Street
Hunter James   6 Belmont Street
Hunter Walter A   2 Victoria Villas Ellington Park Road
Hunter Henry     Harbour Place
Hunter Mrs   2 Brownlow Villas Vale Road
Hunter Miss   13 Chapel Place
Hunter Walter   6 Rose Hill, West Cliff
Hunter Frederick John   12 Bristol Place
Hunter & Son painters & plumbers     Broad Street
Huntley Mrs Turner boarding house 32 Adelaide Gardens, West Cliff
Hurle Edwin   10 Montefiore Cottages
Hurley William H   4 Memel Place
Hurst Joseph Coleman   2 Ivy Cottages Terrace Cottages
Hurst Mrs   6 Bellevue Cottages
Hurst Benjamin   26 Belmont Street
Hurst Miss   7 Chapel Place
Hurst Albert Edward   6 Shaftesbury Street, East Cliff
Hurst Edward   57 Hardres Street
Hurst George   20 Shaftesbury Street, East Cliff
Huskins Misses   16 La Belle Alliance Square, East Cliff
Hutchings Miss Emma florist & fruiterer 15 Harbour Street
Hutchings Miss   3 Hart Terrace Grange Road
Hutchinson Charles   Hessle Dundonald Road
Hutton Mrs   2 Elms Park Terrace The Elms
Huxstep Henry   3 Bloomsbury Road
Huxstep Daniel   1 Buckleys Cottages Southwood Road
Huxstep Edward   151 King Street
Huxstep William   1 Nethercourt Cottages High Street, St Lawrence
Huxstep Mrs   73 Chapel Road, St Lawrence
Hyatt Thomas Noble   66 Alexandra Road

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