Ramsgate & St L 1899 Directory - G

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Last Name Initials Occupation No or house Road
Gadd William Turle   2 Arthur Terrace Ellington Road
Gadd W F pharmaceutical chemist 59 Queen Street
Gallini Misses   21 West Cliff Terrace Mansions Pegwell Road
Galloway John William Volunteer Inn 6 Plains of Waterloo
Gamble George   1 Vasconia Villas High Street
Gamble Harry rifle range 4 West Cliff Arcade
Gambrell William   1 Paradise
Gambrell George   10 Cavendish Street
Gammon Geo general shop 137 Boundary Road
Gammon John caretaker Foresters Hall Chapel Place Alley
Gammon Peter lodging house 28 Hibernia Street
Gander Walter   25 Castle Road
Gardiner James John   Stanmore House South Eastern Road
Gardner Harry   33 Plains of Waterloo
Gardner George Henry   Woodwards Cottage James Passage, West Cliff
Gardner & Co ale stores   Margate Road
Gardner Matthew Thomas   Fish Market The Harbour
Gardner George   3 Artillery Road
Gardner Henry   24 Chapel Road, St Lawrence
Gardner M T lodging house 13 (Harbour View) Kent Terrace
Gardner Miss   65 Crescent Road
Gardner Edward   12 Paradise
Gardner Joseph   20 Chapel Road, St Lawrence
Garlinge Mrs Jane laundress 3 St Lukes Avenue
Garner Horace   Chapel Cottage Grange Road
Garner William draper 12 Queen Street
Garner William   Landsfield Cottage South Eastern Road
Garner Miss   14 Montefiore Place Hereson Road
Garred Mrs   7 Kent Place
Garrett Major ND (RA)   5 Dundonald Road
Garrick Miss   97 West Cliff Road
Garton Edmond   12 Flora Road
Garwood William fisherman 6 James Street, West Cliff
Garwood William lodging house 87 Hardres Street
Garwood William James   10 Spencer Square, West Cliff
Gate Alfred   20 Broad Street
Gates Trayton   31 Flora Road
Gates Albert   35 Hardres Street
Gatti C   18 Effingham Street
Gatti & Sons   restaurant 104 Harbour Street
Gatti & Sons   restaurant 102 Harbour Street
Gatti & Sons   restaurant 100 Harbour Street
Gatti & Sons   restaurant 106 Harbour Street
Gaunt Wm   Daphne House Ellington Road
Gawthorpe George   15 Alexandra Road
Geach Wm confectioner 34 Addington Street
Geddes William J manager - Crundall William & Co - timber & slate merchants Memel Yard West Cliff Road
Geddes Mrs   2 Mount Pleasant Villas Margate Road
Geddes W J   Spring Bank South Eastern Road
Gee Frank   11 Frederick Cottages
Geering Henry   59 Alexandra Road
Geering John Hy baker 32 Bellevue Road, East Cliff
General Steam Navigation   coal stores 12 Military Road
George Charles James   7 Avenue Road, East Cliff, St Lawrence
George Mrs   3 (Stalheim) Queens Road, East Cliff
George Henry   2 Lane Cottages Grange Road
George James   11 Effingham Street
Geraut Mrs   7 (Preston Lodge) Queen Bertha Road
Gessey Mrs Elizabeth The Admiral Fox   Grange Road
Giannini Geo The Hope & Anchor Tavern 15 Brunswick Street
Gibbens Joseph   7 Eagle Hill
Gibbens Cornelius   34 Bloomsbury Road
Gibbens Joseph greengrocer 7 Grange Road
Gibbens Edward   2 Montefiore Place Hereson Road
Gibbens Robert   Hockley Cottage High Street, St Lawrence
Gibbens William   5 Irchester Street, East Cliff
Gibbens Edward   62 Cannonbury Road
Gibbens William     High Street, St Lawrence
Gibbens Stephen   2 Elizabeth Terrace Mews Cottages
Gibbens Mrs Elizabeth grocer 22 Castle Road
Gibbons Edward   10 Jubilee Terrace Grosvenor Road, St Lawrence
Gibbons Fredk Hy pork butcher 117 High Street
Gibbs & Son saddlers 28 Queen Street
Gibbs Jn R   Lindn Cottage Grange Road
Gibbs Miss Florence The Flying Horse 1 Ellington
Gibbs Miss Julai E dressmaker 1 Lorne Road
Gibbs George tea agent 3 Codrington Villas Codrington Road
Gibbs & Sons   saddlers   High Street, St Lawrence
Gibson George   14 Cross Street, West Cliff
Gibson Rev William Wesleyan Watcombe Grove Road
Giddy Misses boarding house 4 (Lorne House) Royal Road, West Cliff
Giffard Samuel sail maker 22 Liverpool Lawn, West Cliff
Gifford Richard lodging house 43 Camden Square
Gifford William   2 Buckleys Cottages Southwood Road
Gifford Charles   1 Hesse Villas Southwood Road
Gifford Charles   18 Claremont Gardens, St Lawrence
Gifford William   10 Belmont Street
Gifford Thomas     High Street, St Lawrence
Gifford Mrs   16 Union Street
Gifford Miss C M   3 Hatfield Road
Gifford Mrs   37 Royal Road, West Cliff
Gifford Edward   19 Cavendish Street
Gilbert Herbert Charles   37 Boundary Road
Gilbert Col Edward William   23  (Augusta House) Bellevue Road, East Cliff
Giles William   39 Boundary Road
Giles Mrs   5 Herbert Road
Giles William   15 Percy Road
Gilham Thomas   11 Southwick Terrace Duncan Road
Gilham Thomas upholsterer 11 Plains of Waterloo
Gill M H   Laurel Bank South Eastern Road
Gill George   11 West Cliff Terrace Mansions Pegwell Road
Gillett William W   4 Montefiore Place Hereson Road
Gillow Edward   25 Willsons Road
Gillow Thomas   Leicester Villa South Eastern Road
Giraud G & E drapers 79 High Street
Girvin Miss dressmaker 54 Cannonbury Road
Gisby Edward Jesse   38 Turner Street
Gisby George   7 Monkton Place
Gisby Mrs   45 Hardres Street
Gisby Frederick   66 Winstanley Crescent
Gisby Mrs   3 Leopold Road
Gisby Peter   4 Reginald Terrace St Georges Road
Gladwin Henry   31 Cannonbury Road
Glenny Mrs   St Boniface Hollicondane Road
Glisbey Walter   Fleetwood Thanet Road (St Lawrence )
Glover James   51 Avenue Road, East Cliff, St Lawrence
Glynn Richard   31 Monkton Place
Glynn Mrs   2 Garfield Terrace Grove Road
Goddard Mrs   2 Herbert Cottages Montefiore Cottages
Goddard Samuel   61 Hardres Street
Godfrey Henry lodging house 4 Albion Place
Godfrey Henry Thomas   22 Percy Road
Goggin James   23 Montague Road
Going Henry   58 Alexandra Road
Golden Maurice Patrick   1 Poplar Road
Goldfinch Edward   137 King Street
Goldfinch Henry   Lime Kiln Cottage Boundary Road
Goldfinch Joseph   30 (Stanley Villa) Belmont Road
Golding George   38 Flora Road
Golding Albert   42 Finsbury Road
Golding William Walter   19 Meeting Street
Goldring Henry   12 Claremont Gardens, St Lawrence
Goldsack J C   Llanberis Grove Road
Goldsack James Coach & Horses 110 High Street
Goldsack Frederick William   Florence Villa Dundonald Road
Goldsmith Charles   23 Church Road
Goldsmith Mrs lodging house 3 Kent Place
Goldsmith Daniel fishmonger 2 King Street
Goldsmith William Terry lodging house 31 Liverpool Lawn, West Cliff
Goldsmith Mrs Sarah Ann lodging house 29 Princes Street
Goldsmith John Hy bottled beer store 122 High Street
Goldsmith James   28 Rodney Street
Goldsmith Mrs Sarah E lodging house 12 (Downs View) Kent Terrace
Goldsmith Stephen   20 Princes Street
Goldsmith Wm Henry   3 Bellevue Cottages
Goldsmith George   9 Newcastle Hill
Goldsmith Miss   4 Sion Hill
Goldup Harry   5 Syndale Place, East Cliff (St Lawrence)
Gomm William   Napleton Villa Southwood Road
Goodban Mrs   42 Chapel Road, St Lawrence
Goodban Henry   32 Chapel Road, St Lawrence
Goodban Frank   1 Dove Place Packers Lane
Goodbourn Ernest lime burner Spencer Villas Hollicondane Road
Goodbourn A E lime and whiting manufacturer 21 Abbots Hill
Goodbourn Henry   2 Hengist Villas Southwood Road
Goodbourn Edward Young   1 Thanet Road (St Lawrence )
Goodbourn John Shepherd   1 Allison Villas Duncan Road
Goodbourn George builder 3 Trinity Terrace Victoria Road
Goodbourn William   17 Alma Road
Goodbun George Strevens   9 James Street, West Cliff
Goodbun George Strevens grocer 46 Cannonbury Road
Goodburn George   27 Castle Road
Goodchild Philip   Wharfedale Thanet Road (St Lawrence )
Goodchild Joseph bricklayer 1 Armstrong Villas Artillery Road
Goodchild William   Elstob Dane Park Road
Goodchild Thomas N   8 Southwood Terrace Southwood Road
Goodchild Mrs A lodging house 22 Bellevue Road, East Cliff
Goodchild Mrs John   18 Shaftesbury Street, East Cliff
Goodchild James bricklayer 16 Shaftesbury Street, East Cliff
Goodchild Richard Cannon House Furnishing Stores 128 High Street
Goodchild James   20 Camden Square
Goodfellow Thomas Bradley   7 Nelson Crescent
Goodhew S & A fancy repository 28 High Street
Goodhew Mrs Shearly   28 High Street
Goodman Alfred George   1 Hillside Villas Cemetery Road
Goodman James   55 Boundary Road
Goodson Benjamin H   26 Meeting Street
Goodson Mrs   Hazeldean Crescent Road
Goodwin William   2 Montefiore Terrace Hereson Road
Goodwin Alfred John   3 Westbourne Terrace South Eastern Road
Goodwin Thomas   3 Lime Cottages Hereson
Goodwin Charles baker 2 George Street
Goodwin Miss   Florence Villa Edith Road
Goodwin Alfred   Winifred Cottage Hereson
Goodwin Mrs   31 Plains of Waterloo
Goodwin Albert grocer 95 Boundary Road
Goodwin Charles   60 Winstanley Crescent
Goodwin C   1 Tritches Cottages Hereson
Gordon Miss boarding house 3 Royal Road, West Cliff
Gordon Miss boarding house 34 Royal Road, West Cliff
Gordon Miss boarding house 2 Royal Road, West Cliff
Gordon Mrs   3 Grosvenor Villas Grange Road
Gore William     Newcastle Hill
Gore Alfred   10 Albion Hill
Gore Henry   3 Chapel Road, St Lawrence
Gore Mrs   3 Dove Place Packers Lane
Gore John lodging house 10 Bellevue Road, East Cliff
Gorham William Henry   10 Mews Cottages
Gorham John   2 Anns Road
Gorham William Hy   48 Chapel Road, St Lawrence
Gosling Henry   4 South Eastern Terrace Margate Road
Gouger John Wesley   57 Crescent Road
Goulden W E   67 Crescent Road
Goulden George   4 Montefiore Terrace Hereson Road
Goulden Henry James   85 West Cliff Road
Goulden Wm bootmaker 7 Alexandra Road
Graf Christopher teacher of music 4 Rose Hill, West Cliff
Graf Mrs Mary lodging house 4 Rose Hill, West Cliff
Graham Mrs   1 Suffolk Terrace Crescent Road
Graham Frederick   2 Hardres Street
Graham William   2 Hardres Street
Graham John   121 Hardres Street
Grainger William   8 King Harman Terrace Southwood Road
Grainger Jabez   2 Rose Cottages Church Lane
Grant R & Co coal merchants 52 Addington Street
Grant Walter   61 Plains of Waterloo
Grant Edward   7 Claremont Place Castle Road
Grant William lodging house 32 Hibernia Street
Grant & Co coal merchants 2  York Street
Grant Mrs Elizh lodging house 1 Albion Place
Grant R & Co coal stores 20 Military Road
Grant Job   2 Church Avenue
Grant William   1 Farley Cottages Farley Place
Grant R & Co coal merchants 50 Addington Street
Grant Richard   3 Ernest Terrace St Georges Road
Grant William   16 Chapel Place
Grant Mrs   Hainault Ellington Road
Grant Edward S lodging house 1 Kent Place
Grant W smack owner 30 Military Road
Grant Richard lodging house 38 Abbots Hill
Gray Thomas Scarth   11 (Southboro Villa) Belmont Road
Gray Arthur   4 Newington Terrace Newington Road, St Lawrence
Greaves Mrs   Fernlea Ellington Road
Green E B C   4 Aberdeen Villas Ellington Road
Green Mark Jesse   7 Cavendish Place
Green Mrs Vincent   St Olave Albion Road, East Cliff
Green Horace   40 (Mount Albion Villa) Albert Road, East Cliff, St Lawrence
Green Chas ham & beef shop 13 Harbour Street
Green Charles ham & beef shop 6 Harbour Street
Green Charles   2 (Stoke House) West Cliff Road
Green Mrs   Alexandra House The Elms
Greene E assistant master Chatham House College Chatham Street
Greenfield John baker 18 Queen Street
Greengrass C J boot maker 4 Camden Road
Greengrass Arthur   27 Vale Road
Greengrass C J bootmaker 29 Plains of Waterloo
Greenland Miss   49 (Calais Villa) Grange Road
Greenstreet Stephen The York Arms - PH 33 King Street
Greenstreet Stephen The York Arms - PH 35 King Street
Greey H B master - Trinity Schools   Hereson Road
Greey H B   Trinity School House Hereson Road
Gregory Mrs M lodging house 2 La Belle Alliance Square, East Cliff
Gregory John   Holmewood Grange Road
Greig William   35 Flora Road
Grenside Miss   17 Queen Bertha Road
Griffiths Arthur David MRCS, LRCP, physicisn & surgeon 11 Albert Road, East Cliff, St Lawrence
Grigg Miss E J dressmaker 99 High Street
Grigg John   17 Trinity Place
Griggs Mrs   20 Vale Road
Griggs Thomas   10 West Cliff Road
Griggs T & Son ironmongers 14 King Street
Griggs Charles Godden   3 Aberdeen Villas Ellington Road
Griggs Henry chimney sweep 87 King Street
Griggs Thomas   3 Bolton Street, Margate Road
Griggs George secretary - Ramsgate & Cinque Ports Building Society 19 Effingham Street
Griggs Henry Larrett builder 22 Vale Road
Griggs William   Mill Cottages Newington Road, St Lawrence
Griggs Geo   Keyston Lodge The Elms
Griggs George accountant 19 Effingham Street
Griggs Edward   2 Bethesda Street
Griggs Robert   7 Montague Road
Griggs George   25 Belmont Street
Griggs William Francis   1 Henry Villas Packers Lane
Griggs Mrs A   19 Effingham Street
Griggs Mrs   21 Hill Brow Road
Griggs Mrs Elizabeth Ann lodging house 11 George Street
Griggs John general shop 104 King Street
Griggs William Edmund   71 Chapel Road, St Lawrence
Grimble Mrs W A shopkeeper 143 Boundary Road
Grimsey Walter   17 James Street, West Cliff
Grimson Ernest   11 Percy Road
Grinham Charles   23 Belmont Street
Grinham Richard Thomas   10 Claremont Gardens, St Lawrence
Groom Mrs   13 Claremont Gardens, St Lawrence
Groombridge James   1 Temperance Cottages Packers Lane
Groombridge Miss Esther laundress 42 Denmark Road
Groombridge Walter James   2 St Lukes Avenue
Groombridge Thomas   22 Artillery Road
Grosvenor Mrs   Ferndale Villa Crescent Road
Groves Miss   39 Bellevue Road, East Cliff
Grummant Joseph builder Shadingfield House Grange Road
Grummant Joseph & Sons builder 4 Adelphi Terrace Grange Road
Guillan Misses   71 West Cliff Road
Gunner Mrs Jane lodging house 23 Paragon, West Cliff
Gunton John William   12 Hatfield Road
Gurney Mrs   12 Osborne Villas Margate Road
Gurr William C Falstaff Inn 18 Addington Street
Guyot Louis   48 Alexandra Road
Gwyn Charles J   55 (Ivy House) Queen Street
Gwyn & Co wine & spirit merchants 51 Queen Street
Gwyn & Co bonded stores 14 Military Road
Gwyn & Co   wine & spirit merchants 4 Effingham Street
Gwyn & Co   wine & spirit merchants 3 Effingham Street
Gwyn & Co   wine & spirit merchants 3 Effingham Street
Gwyn & Co   wine & spirit merchants 4 Effingham Street

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