Ramsgate & St L 1899 Directory - D

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Last Name Initials Occupation No or house Road
D'Eath Harry H   7 Vale Square
Da Costa Aaron boarding house 10 Augusta Road, East Cliff
Dadson Mrs     Southwood Road
Daisy William   1 Bolton Street, Margate Road
Dale Walter   4 Unity Place
Dale Edwin fruiterer 50 Royal Road, West Cliff
Damen William   14 Lorne Road
Dane William   22 Flora Road
Dane Park Estate Office     46 Effingham House Effingham Street
Danes Joseph   7 Heathcote Villas Margate Road
Daniel Owen   Richmond House The Elms
daniel James William   Foyers South Eastern Road
Daniel Hy Kenyon solicitor 1 Effingham Street
Daniel Owen Fisher clerk - Ramsgate Burial Board Office 1 Effingham Street
Daniel Arthur Henry Albert notary public; commissioner for oaths 1 Effingham Street
Daniel Owen Fisher notary public; commissioner for oaths 1 Effingham Street
Daniel Miss   Sussex House Victoria Road
Daniel Owen Fisher clerk - St Lawrence Intra Burial Board Office 1 Effingham Street
Daniel Arthur H   6 Chapel Place
Daniels Jn blacksmith 53 Hardres Street
Daniels Jn blacksmith   Packers Lane
Danton George   1 Cecil Cottages Southwood Road
Danton Isaac   28 Jubilee Terrace Grosvenor Road, St Lawrence
Danton Joseph William   4 Boundary Road
Danton Stephen   17 Bloomsbury Road
Danton George R   13 Trinity Place
Danton James Martin   91 Boundary Road
Danton Henry William   15a Trinity Place
Danton Stephen   3 Thatch Cottages Castle Road
Danton Mrs   6 Henry Villas Packers Lane
Danton Henry   1 Finsbury Cottages Finsbury Road
Danton George   Chalk Pit Cottage Hollicondane Road
Danton William T   25 Bloomsbury Road
Danton Alfred   17 Claremont Gardens, St Lawrence
Darby William   5 Guildford Lawn
Darby Henry Charles   3 Bristol Place
Darby Frederick John pork butcher 67 High Street
Darby Mrs   5 Claremont Gardens, St Lawrence
Darby Edward   2 Eagle Yard
Darby Harry   Elm Cottage High Street, St Lawrence
Darby & Son greengrocers   High Street, St Lawrence
Darby Samson   59 Plains of Waterloo
Darby John White Horse Inn   High Street, St Lawrence
Darby Charles Edward   17 Artillery Road
Darby William lodging house 16 Abbots Hill
Darling & Co   mineral water factory   Turner Street
Darrington Mrs lodging house 6 Sion Hill
Darwent Mrs   38 (Myrtle House) Avenue Road, East Cliff, St Lawrence
Dash Harry   17 Jubilee Terrace Grosvenor Road, St Lawrence
Davey Mrs Emily lodging house 67 Plains of Waterloo
Davey William Turner   6 Florry Cottages Hereson Road
Davey Mrs   2 Farley Place
Davidson William S   19 Guildford Lawn
Davies John   1 Newington Terrace Newington Road, St Lawrence
Davies Miss Emily Mary Mount Spencer School 22 Spencer Square, West Cliff
Davis Frederick boot maker 17 Cumberland Road
Davis William   1 Midlothian Cottages Stanley Place
Davis William Thomas   Beulah Ellington Road
Davis Frederick   3 Devonshire Terrace Duncan Road
Davis William   6 Union Place
Davis Benjamin   15 Church Road
Davis Miss   8 Prospect Terrace, West Cliff
Davis James lodging house 15 Guildford Lawn
Davis Thomas   18 Turner Street
Davis Mrs Arthur Palmer   1 Hengist Villas Southwood Road
Davis Misses   7 Westbourne Terrace South Eastern Road
Dawes Mrs   4 New Alfred Cottages Frederick Cottages
Dawes Edward   31 Brunswick Street
Dawkins Alfred   Wilsons Cottage Ivy Lane, West Cliff
Dawkins Mrs Jane lodging house 52 Royal Road, West Cliff
Dawkins Albert Jezzard cycle depot 22 West Cliff Road
Dawson George   10 Vincent Row Bellevue Cottages
Dawson George   High View St Mildreds Road
Dawson George     Newcastle Hill
Dawson James   5 Dove Place Packers Lane
Dawson Mrs   27 Brunswick Street
Dawson Samuel John   36 (Malham) Albert Road, East Cliff, St Lawrence
Dawson Jabez bootmaker 12 Albert Street, West Cliff
Dawsons   Temperance Hotel 33 Chatham Street
Day Edwin watchmaker 67 King Street
Day Mrs lodging house 6 Royal Road, West Cliff
Day Charles C   8 Westbourne Terrace South Eastern Road
Day Mrs   32 Brunswick Street
de Burgh Capt Ulick hon sec - Royal Temple Yacht Club 6 West Cliff Mansions, West Cliff
De Costa J clothier 66 King Street
De Costa Madame wardrobe dealer 66a King Street
Deacon Richard coal & wood dealer 10 Southwick Terrace Duncan Road
Deacon Alfred engraver 84 High Street
Deane Mrs   2 Arklow Square
Debbing Hy fish dealer 5 Plains of Waterloo
Debling William fishmonger 111 King Street
Debling George   1 Newcastle Hill
Debling Mrs   4 Newcastle Hill
DeBrave Mrs   2 Florry Cottages Hereson Road
Delahay Alfred   23 Willsons Road
Delitch Mrs F ladies outfitter 116 High Street
Dell Arthur John   6 Westbourne Terrace South Eastern Road
Denford Benjamin J A   18 Belmont Street
Denham George teacher of music The Downs Hollicondane Road
Denne Frederick   14 Monkton Place
Denne William lodging house 12 Liverpool Lawn, West Cliff
Denne Herbert dairy 141 High Street
Dennis John   Sunnyside Duncan Road
Dennis Edward lodging house 32 Camden Square
Dennis Thomas   Chelsea Villa Dundonald Road
Dennis Henry   149 Boundary Road
Dennord Daniel John   19 Flora Road
Dennord C   25 Flora Road
Dennord William   13 Flora Road
Denny Capt Hugh   5 Sion Hill
Densham Albert   6 Nassau Villas Cemetery Road
Denyer A   13 West Cliff Terrace Mansions Pegwell Road
Desormeaux Thomas hair dresser 2 Margate Road
Devenport Misses H & M nursing institution 45 Grange Road
Devenport Misses   41 Grange Road
Deverson Frederick William lodging house 2 Hibernia Street
Deverson Charles   5 Vale Road
Deverson Miss Elizh dressmaker 5 Vale Road
Deverson Charles jun   17 Vale Road
Deverson William leather merchant 95 High Street
Deverson Mrs   3 Melrose Cottages Hertford Street, West Cliff
Deverson & Co   coal stores   Turner Street
Deveson S & Co coal stores   Staffordshire Street
Deveson Samuel & Co coal merchants 11 Military Road
Deveson Samuel & Co coal merchants 10 Military Road
Deveson Samuel & Co coal merchants 2 Military Road
Deveson Frederick butcher 9 Adelphi Terrace Grange Road
Deveson Ernest   3 Transvaal Villas Edith Road
Deveson Samuel   2 Acorn Villas The Elms
Deveson Samuel & Co coal & coke merchants 16 High Street
Dew F C manager - Ramsgate Marina Pier & Lift Co Lim (Office) 19 Granville Marina
Dew F C proprietor - American Shooting Saloon 18 Granville Marina
Dew F C proprietor - American Shooting Saloon 19 Granville Marina
Dew F C proprietor - Marina Restaurant & Theatre of Varieties 18 Granville Marina
Dew F C manager - Ramsgate Marina Pier & Lift Co Lim (Office) 18 Granville Marina
Dew Frederick Charles Manager   The Granville Pier
Dew F C proprietor - Marina Restaurant & Theatre of Varieties 19 Granville Marina
Dew Frederick Charles   6 Albion Terrace Mount Albion Road, East Cliff, St Lawrence
Diamond Willaim   7 Cross Street, West Cliff
Dibbs George Henry   4 Enderby Villas Ellington Park Road
Dicey Mrs   1 Grange Villas Grange Road
Diddams John Richard   6 Seafield Road, St Lawrence
Diddams Walter   1 Beech Cottages Grange Road
Diggins John Richard   14 Augusta Road, East Cliff
Dignam Mrs   The Cosy Margate Road
Dike Mrs Mary Ann lodging house 5 Abbots Hill
Dike John lodging house 3 Cottage Road
Dilnot John fruiterer 60 High Street
Dines Thomas   29 Montague Road
Dines John Jordan   5 Castle Road
Dines George   58 Chapel Road, St Lawrence
Ditch George Edward   47 Bellevue Road, East Cliff
Dive Charlie   3 Shoults Villas St Lukes Avenue
Divers Henry Herbert   1 Birch Villas The Elms
Divers & Hogben   shipsmiths   Leopold Street
Dixie james lodging house 7 Hibernia Street
Dixon Mrs   26 Rodney Street
Dixon Frederick & Co outfitters 45 High Street
Dixon Henry   4 Eva Villas Hereson Road
Dixon Henry Royal Oak Tap   Harbour Street
Dixson E L (MRCVS Lond) veterinary surgeon Bull & George yard High Street
Dobbin Henry   5 Ellington
Dobell Mrs   Chelmsford House Duncan Road
Dodd Miss   Monte Rosa Grange Road
Dodsworth F & Co grocers   High Street, St Lawrence
Doherty A H (BA) resident master South Eastern College Hollicondane
Donetta G manager - Colonnade Café Co   The Colonnade
Donetta G refreshment rooms 16 Granville Marina
Donetta G & Co restaurant 23 Harbour Street
Donetta G refreshment rooms 15 Granville Marina
Donnelly Rt   Upnor House Vale Road
Donnithorne Thomas   2 Leopold Street
Donovan John   19 Cannonbury Road
Dore Mrs lodging house 20 Albion Hill
Dormer William Henry   2 Cedar Villas Picton Road
Double Miss Henrietta ladies school 64 Hertford Street, West Cliff
Double Miss lodging house 17 Nelson Crescent
Dougherty Mrs   9 Claremont Gardens, St Lawrence
Doughty Jn   Anlaby Grange Road
Doughty Mrs   46 Hertford Street, West Cliff
Doughty Harry   5 Monkton Place
Doughty William   16 Staffordshire Street
Doughty Mrs lodging house 30 Hibernia Street
Douglas Miss lodging house 28 Leopold Street
Dover John H   Percy Villa Edith Road
Dowker Miss matron Seamans Infirmary & General Hospital West Cliff Road
Dowker George   2 Laburnham Villas South Eastern Road
Dowland Stephen baker 1 Gordon Terrace Cross Road, Margate Road
Dowland Wm Gosby lodging house 6 Arklow Square
Dowling Rt grocer 2 Adelphi Terrace Grange Road
Dowling Rt grocer 1 Adelphi Terrace Grange Road
Down William   6 Guildford Lawn
Down William shipwright   Leopold Street
Downes A C manager - Lloyds Bank Lim. 17 Harbour Street
Downs George Benjamin Ramsgate College Netherfield Margate Road
Dows Mrs lodging house 18 Royal Road, West Cliff
Dray William florist   Margate Road
Dray Thomas   49 Alexandra Road
Dray Pearson   4 Granville Grove Castle Road
Dray William florist   Picton Road
Dray William florist 53 Queen Street
Drayson Frederick   1 Victoria Villas Victoria Road
Drayson Edward Q shopkeeper 31 Central Road
Drayson William Jas A   4 Hill Brow Road
Drayson John   69 Boundary Road
Drayson W & F coal merchants   Victoria Road
Drayson William   2 Victoria Villas Victoria Road
Drincqbier Mrs   5 Poplar Road
Drincqbier H poulterer 24 High Street
Drincqbier H provision merchant 25 High Street
Drury Joseph   32 Turner Street
Drury Stephen James   1 St Pauls Cottages Salem Cottages
Dry Mrs   5 Memel Place
Dryden Mrs   2 West Cliff Villas West Cliff Road
Drysdale Mrs R lodging house 23 Royal Road, West Cliff
Duckering Sl (MRCS)   9 Theodore Terrace Margate Road
Duckett W E publisher - East Kent Times 5 Hardres Street
Duckett William Edward   170 High Street
Duckworth Arthur   Prospect Lodge Grange Road
Dudley John saddler 27 Plains of Waterloo
Dudman Leslie   93 Hardres Street
Duff Mrs   19 Thanet Road (St Lawrence )
Dugwell Francis furniture dealer 46 King Street
Dugwell Wm furniture dealer 8 Abbots Hill
Dunbar & Co tailors 77 High Street
Duncan Mrs   5 Bristol Place
Dunhill Henry   2 Clifton Lawn
Dunk Harry George   10 Paradise
Dunkley William jun pianoforte tuner 73 Addington Street
Dunlop Mrs   Roskeven St Mildreds Road
Dunn Edmund R plumber & decorator 90 Queen Street
Dunn Mrs Mry. laundress 10 Castle Road
Dunn Walter Edward   10 Hatfield Road
Dunn Mrs proprietress - Westbourne Private Hotel & Boarding Establishment 3 Paragon, West Cliff
Dunn R G & Sons furniture stores   Cliff Street, West Cliff
Dunn Mrs G J   10 Vale Road
Dunn Clifford Edmund printer 4 Cavendish Street
Dunn R G & Sons complete house furnishers 63 Queen Street
Dunn R G & Sons complete house furnishers 92 Queen Street
Dunn Miss   14 West Cliff Terrace Mansions Pegwell Road
Dunn Stephen   19 Cumberland Road
Dunn R G & Sons   15 Royal Road, West Cliff
Dunn William George   8 Anns Road
Dunn R G & Sons complete house furnishers 67 Queen Street
Dunt Harry M   7 Royal Crescent, West Cliff
Dunt Harry M collector of District Rate - St Georges Parochiel Office 91 High Street
Dunt Mrs lodging house 13 Paragon, West Cliff
Dupluix Miss   17 Alexandra Terrace Grange Road
Dupuy William   27 Albert Street, West Cliff
Durham James   16 (Haroldene Albert Road, East Cliff, St Lawrence
Durham William   1 Fashoda Villas St Georges Road
Dutton Thomas J registrar of births & deaths & collector of Queens taxes for St Lawrence 60 Queen Street
Dutton Thomas J secretary Seamans Infirmary & General Hospital West Cliff Road
Dutton Thomas J   Castle Acre Ellington Road
Dutton Thomas J sec - Seamans Infirmary & General Hospital Office 60 Queen Street
Dyason Daniel   7 Ashburnham Terrace Southwood Road
Dyer Henry bootmaker 6 Camden Road
Dyer Charles Frederick chemist 3 Adelphi Terrace Grange Road
Dyer Thomas William   68 Alexandra Road
Dyer Richard John   3 The Poplars Duncan Road
Dyer James lodging house 7 Albion Place
Dyson William Henry Congregational The Gables South Eastern Road

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