Ramsgate & St L 1899 Directory - C

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Last Name Initials Occupation No or house Road
Cadby Albert   6 Ernest Terrace St Georges Road
Cadman E J   64 Boundary Road
Cadman Walter   58 Winstanley Crescent
Cadman Mrs lodging house 6 Spencer Square, West Cliff
Callenso Mrs Ellen Jane Kings Arms 142 King Street
Callenso Mrs R greengrocer 14 Albert Street, West Cliff
Calver Mrs   Harold House Avenue Road, East Cliff, St Lawrence
Cameron Mrs E   3 Bell Cottages Ashburnham Road, St Lawrence
Camfield John   38 Hertford Street, West Cliff
Campbell James Clarke   78 Boundary Road
Campbell Miss   Holmewood Poplar Road
Campbell Maj-Gen J G   31 (Cuba House) Willsons Road
Campbell John Lacy   7 Newcastle Hill
Cannon William J   20 Denmark Road
Canter John   4 Belmont Street
Cantwell William piano tuner 17 Osborne Villas Margate Road
Capel Mrs   2 Syndale Place, East Cliff (St Lawrence)
Capes Mrs   87 West Cliff Road
Card Albert William   17 Hibernia Street
Carden Edward   8 Mill Cottages
Carden Joseph John Crown Hotel 30  York Street
Carden William   5 Unity Place
Carlier Mrs   72 Hardres Street
Caro Mrs   7 Thanet Road (St Lawrence )
Carpenter Thomas Bourne grocer 120 High Street
Carpenter James W The Alexandra - PH 70 Harbour Street
Carr Copley J (LRCP Edin, MRCS Eng)   Oak Hill The Elms
Carr Miss E M A The Harp 108 Harbour Street
Carr Miss E M A The Harp 110 Harbour Street
Carr Samuel   16 Percy Road
Carr Mrs A   4 Armstrong Villas Artillery Road
Carroll George Henry   1 Florence Cottages
Carson Charles   73 Winstanley Crescent
Carter Isidore hairdresser; post office 12 Granville Marina
Carter Albert   9 Irchester Street, East Cliff
Carter Mrs   4 Aylesbury Terrace Dane Road
Carter Miss Sarah T lodging house 4 St Augustines Road, West Cliff
Carter Mrs   Kassala Hereson Road
Carter Harry James   3 Highland Terrace Ellington Park Road
Carter Isidore hairdresser 11a High Street
Carter Miss Charlotte E boarding house Cloddeth Grove Road
Carter Mrs   2 Frederick Villas Crescent Road
Carter George Henry   5 Elizabeth Terrace Mews Cottages
Case Major Middleton F M   25 Spencer Square, West Cliff
Case A Pinson (MRCVS Lond) veterinary surgeon 60 Royal Road, West Cliff
Caseley William Robert   9 Vale Road
Caseley William smack owner 19 Military Road
Caseley Robert   15 (Laburnham Cottage) Vale Road
Caseley Samuel   56 Bellevue Road, East Cliff
Caseley Fred   4 Horace Terrace Cemetery Road
Caseley W R sailmaker 32 Military Road
Caseley George   10 Willsons Road
Cashman Thomas   2 Kings Road
Caspall Albert   8 Leopold Street
Caspall William Charles   28 Monkton Place
Caspall James   10 Irchester Street, East Cliff
Caspall Mrs   20 Cumberland Road
Caspell Mrs   24 Alexandra Road
Cassell Fras William dairy 1 Plains of Waterloo
Cassell Robert   5 St Lukes Avenue
Cassell William confectioner 51 King Street
Cassidy Joseph Lamont (MD) physician Leicester House St Mildreds Road
Cassingham Thomas   2 Vincent Villas Codrington Road
Castle Mrs George   3 Eagle Hill
Castle Mrs   2 Malvern Villas Codrington Road
Castle Thomas   17 Flora Road
Castle George lodging house 58 Hardres Street
Castle William Frederick   19 Camden Square
Castle Robert John   St Stephens Crescent Road
Castle William   3 Lorne Villas Lorne Road
Castle William beer retailer   Margate Road
Castle John   47 Finsbury Road
Castle William B   1 Unity Place
Castle George   Ealing Villa Picton Road
Castle William lodging house 13 (Leopold House) Abbots Hill
Castle Mrs Sarah Ann general shop 162 King Street
Caswell Miss   The Limes Crescent Road
Catt Isaac   Wellington Cottage Mews Cottages
Catt George Isaac   9 Cliff Street, West Cliff
Catt Alfred John   2 Memel Place
Catt George   4 Lorne Villas Lorne Road
Cattelle Mrs   2 Wilton Villas Codrington Road
Caught Miss   16 Royal Crescent, West Cliff
Caunter John Sidney   24 Belmont Street
Cavell Horatio   3 Kent Terrace Central Road
Cavell Charles   12 Castle Road
Cavie Jn Fredk grocer 6 Finsbury Road
Cayley Albert George   39 Alexandra Road
Cecil Lord Brownlow   Cecil House Truro Road, East Cliff
Chalis Thomas F lodging house 27 West Cliff Road
Challenor Edwd John   8 Effingham Street
Challenor Albert tailor 3 Grange Road
Challis Frederick J     Southwood Road
Challis Charles dairy 140 High Street
Challis Geo beer retailer 140 High Street
Chamberlain Mrs & Miss   49 Bellevue Road, East Cliff
Chamberlain Mrs   5 Belsey Terrace Grange Road
Chambers R H   10 (Deepdene) Albert Road, East Cliff, St Lawrence
Chambers Elijah   5 Belmont Road
Champion Miss   88 (Durban) Thanet Road (St Lawrence )
Champneys Francis   22 Wellington Crescent, East Cliff
Champs Alfred George   11 Mews Cottages
Champs Henry   28 Alexandra Road
Champs Frederick   83 Winstanley Crescent
Chancellor Miss   Lansdowne St Mildreds Road
Chancellor Mrs   Elcot St Mildreds Road
Chandler John Frederick   11 Spencer Square, West Cliff
Chandler Richard   10 Percy Road
Chandler Charles   21 George Street
Chandler Thomas   37 Thanet Road (St Lawrence )
Chandler Mrs   54 Hertford Street, West Cliff
Chandler William Thomas tailor 67 Hardres Street
Chandler Edward   4 Newland Terrace Margate Road
Chandler Thomas   4 Hazelwood Crescent Road
Chandler Edward   10 Denmark Road
Chandler Charles   25 Finsbury Road
Chandler Frederick   22 Finsbury Road
Chaning-Pearce Joseph (MD, MB, LRCP Lond) physician & surgeon 4 (Montague House) Victoria Parade, East Cliff
Chantler Edward   11 Vale Road
Chantrell George R lodging house Douro Plains of Waterloo
Chantry Robert   4 Ranelagh Terrace Margate Road
Chaplin Joseph grocer 1 Hatherley Terrace Margate Road
Chapman Rupert Charles   3 Morden Cottages
Chapman Edward grocer 147 King Street
Chapman Mrs   Rutland Villa St Mildreds Road
Chapman Mrs Sarah dressmaker 3 Morden Cottages
Chapman J W   nursery grounds West Cliff Road
Chapman Edward   149 King Street
Chapman George   6 West Cliff Road
Chapman Jn Wm grocer 147 Boundary Road
Chapman Miss   22 Royal Road, West Cliff
Chapman Miss Frances   Purbeck House Grange Road
Chapman Henry   Derby Cottage Margate Road
Chapman Thomas W   Grassholme Crescent Road
Chapman George   8 Vale Square
Chapman Mrs   11 Victoria Parade, East Cliff
Chapman George     High Street, St Lawrence
Chapman William John   1 Memel Place
Chapman Lewis   38 Winstanley Crescent
Chapman Mrs Eliza lodging house 2 Ventnor Villas Duncan Road
Chapman Alfred   101 Boundary Road
Chapman William Robert jun   1 Montefiore Terrace Hereson Road
Chapman John   7 Willsons Road
Chapman John Walter nurseryman & c 168 High Street
Chapman John W floral nursery   High Street
Chapman Mrs   18 Hardres Street
Chapman George bootmaker 2 Addington Street
Chapman Misses E & A lodging house 2 Albert Street, West Cliff
Chapman Charles Edward   9 West Cliff Road
Chapman Wm Robert plumber 70 Boundary Road
Chapman Frederick   3 Enderby Villas Ellington Park Road
Chappell Mrs Mary Ann general shop 1 North Pole Cottages Hereson Road
Chard Thomas   107 (Norbury Villa) West Cliff Road
Charles Mrs   12 Vale Road
Charles Harry   16 Cavendish Street
Charrington Frederick   13 Margate Road
Chase Miss   Abbotsford Hollicondane Road
Chayney & Co scale makers 145 High Street
Chayney Thomas S   Bijou Villa High Street
Chaytor Rev H J (BA) resident master South Eastern College Hollicondane
Cheesman Arthur Henry Albert King of Denmark - PH 1 Denmark Road
Cheesman Arthur Henry King of Denmark PH 8 Boundary Road
Cheshire Thomas   20 Royal Road, West Cliff
Cheshire Wm   Ivy Dene Ellington Place
Chiddention John   35 Brunswick Street
Chidley Mrs school Constantia Lyndhurst Road, East Cliff
Child H C corset manufacturer 4 Cliff Street, West Cliff
Child Mrs   55 (Westfield) Thanet Road (St Lawrence )
Child Mrs   Unwin Cottage Central Road
Child H C corset manufacturer 2 Cliff Street, West Cliff
Child William Charles confectioner 64 King Street
Child H C ladies outfitter 62 Queen Street
Chittenden George   34 Plains of Waterloo
Chopelin Hubert fruiterer 87 High Street
Chotzner J (PhD)   8 Montefiore College Hereson
Chotzner J (PhD)   9 Montefiore College Hereson
Christian John   2 Newcastle Hill
Church Edward   Chapel Cottage Chapel Place Lane
Church Mrs   1 Cecil Terrace Grange Road
Church Henry James   6 Cambridge Terrace Church Road
Church Mrs   Aylesbury Villa Dundonald Road
Church William   5 Jubilee Terrace Grosvenor Road, St Lawrence
Church W H   2 Cannon Road
Cladingbowl Wm   39 Belmont Street
Clanchy Mrs   7 Arklow Square
Clapp William George   36 Vale Road
Clapson John   17 1/2 Meeting Street
Clapson Charles   3 Syndale Place, East Cliff (St Lawrence)
Clapson Francis George   8 Meeting Street
Clare Mrs Rebecca dressmaker 3 Hardres Street
Clare Miss   21 Osborne Villas Margate Road
Clare Mrs   Oxford Lodge The Elms
Claringbold William   24 Turner Street
Claringbold Abraham   2 Princes Road
Claris Miss   38 Vale Road
Claris George   40 Percy Road
Claris Frederick   30 Plains of Waterloo
Clark Wm Fredk builder 2 Ellington Villas Ellington Road
Clark George   115 Boundary Road
Clark Miss   58 Cannonbury Road
Clark Mrs   2 Ellington Villas Ellington Road
Clark Mrs   29 Meeting Street
Clark Thomas   20 Rodney Street
Clark James   34 Chapel Road, St Lawrence
Clark Mrs Ruth grocer 46 Boundary Road
Clark William lodging house 10 Vale Square
Clark Arthur   18 Camden Square
Clark W   4 Granville Marina
Clark Henry   33 Finsbury Road
Clark Mrs Elizh Ann newsagent 80 High Street
Clark Henry   54 Denmark Road
Clark George   9 Chapel Road, St Lawrence
Clarke Misses   Sea View St Mildreds Road
Clarke Walter lodging house 1 Nelson Crescent
Clarke Herbert James   12 Townley Street
Clarke James Bricklayers Arms 59 King Street
Clarke Mrs   11 Mill Cottages
Claxton J A (BA) assistant master South Eastern College Hollicondane
Claxton J A (BA)   1 Thyra Villas High Street
Clayden William Wheatsheaf Inn   High Street, St Lawrence
Clayson Mrs   2 Bellevue Cottages
Clayson Mrs M A The Flying Horse 1 Ellington
Clayson Henry   3 Elizabeth Terrace Mews Cottages
Clayson Mrs   15 Townley Street
Clements Frederick James   Loch Leven Grange Road
Clements George lodging house 46 Bellevue Road, East Cliff
Clendon John   95 West Cliff Road
Cleveland Richard Hy   57 Boundary Road
Cleveland William insurance agent 7 Irchester Street, East Cliff
Clifford Mrs H   148 High Street
Clifton George   6 St Lukes Avenue
Clifton Philip   1 Beaconsfield Villas Margate Road
Clinton David   7 Cottage Road
Clinton Mrs Fras lodging house 7 Cottage Road
Clover James   9 Mill Cottages
Clutton John Henry   Lowther D'Este Road, East Cliff
Cobb William   24 Brunswick Street
Cobbold Ernest confectioner 7 James Street, West Cliff
Cock William   2 Bolton Street, Margate Road
Cockburn Geo   Oak Villa, 1 The Elms
Cockburn Edward   The Croft Ellington Road
Cockburn Ed. ironmonger 32 High Street
Cockburn George accountant and sec - Ramsgate Corporation Gas and Water Offices 114 Hardres Street
Cockle Major George   Truro Lodge Wellington Crescent, East Cliff
Cocks Thomas A   12 Cannonbury Road
Cogger Mrs   23 Belmont Road
Cogill Jas   Agra House Ellington Road
Cohen Miss   1 Florry Cottages Hereson Road
Coke Archibald   Durleigh Dene Crescent Road
Colborne Mrs   Edith Lodge Edith Road
Cole Clifton   9 Cannonbury Road
Colegate Roger Chas carpenter 42 King Street
Coleman John   4 Church Road
Coleman A S tailor 44 Plains of Waterloo
Coleman Wm baker 4 Addington Street
Coleman Benjamin   9 Effingham Street
Coleman Stephen lodging house 4 Hatherley Terrace Margate Road
Coleman William confectioner 5 High Street
Coleman Frederick Ambrose   1 Hermon Villas Picton Road
Coleman Samuel   3 King Harman Terrace Southwood Road
Coleman Frederick J principal - The Vale College 23 Vale Square
Coleman Mrs   19 Montague Road
Coleman A S tailor 23 Avenue Road, East Cliff, St Lawrence
Coleman Mrs Alice dressmaker 9 King Harman Terrace Southwood Road
Coleman John   5 Hazelwood Crescent Road
Coles & Co ironmongers 14  York Street
Coles & Co ironmongers 12  York Street
Colgate Mrs S frame maker 52 Queen Street
Colgate George Booth   15 Shaftesbury Street, East Cliff
Colgate Benjamin frame maker & post office 43 King Street
Colgrove Mrs   11 Winstanley Crescent
Collard Miss Fanny lodging house 4 Vale Square
Collard John   2 Frederick Place Hereson Road
Collard Miss boarding house 3 (Throwley House) Nelson Crescent
Collard Miss lodging house 19 Spencer Square, West Cliff
Collard Fras. Fletcher   7 Adelaide Gardens, West Cliff
Collens Alfred   27 Willsons Road
Collett Mrs E A   53 Bellevue Road, East Cliff
Colley Henry   16 Sussex Street
Colliass Henry jun   16 Osborne Villas Margate Road
Colliass Hy general smith   Pysons Road, Northwood
Colliass Henry grocer 12 South Eastern Terrace Margate Road
Collier R Morris   1 Rose Hill, West Cliff
Collin Charles H   47 Albert Street, West Cliff
Collings John B   36 Winstanley Crescent
Collins John Leonard   2 Eddystone Villas Duncan Road
Collins William   18 La Belle Alliance Square, East Cliff
Collins Rev Jsph Wm (BA)   Holy Trinity Rectory Albion Road, East Cliff
Collyer George   Rose Hill Cottage Rose Hill, West Cliff
Colman Henry   14 Alfred Cottages
Colson O C S   50 Cannonbury Road
Coltham Edward insurance agent Highland Cottage Ellington Park Road
Colthup Frederick   75 Alexandra Road
Colvill George   2 Reginald Terrace St Georges Road
Colvill Mrs Mary Jane dressmaker 2 Reginald Terrace St Georges Road
Colwell G photographer 14 Broad Street
Colyer Charles   79 Crescent Road
Combes Albert   3 Southwood Terrace Southwood Road
Comfort Mrs M C lodging house 2 Victoria Parade, East Cliff
Commerford Nicholas William   1 Paragon Cottages Paragon Street, West Cliff
Commerford Harry Geo   19 Bloomsbury Road
Compton Frederick lodging house 19 George Street
Conconi Frederick William whiting manufacturer 121 King Street
Conconi Frederick Wm whiting manufacturer 14 Artillery Road
Conolly Richard   11 Shaftesbury Street, East Cliff
Conway Harry   57 Plains of Waterloo
Cook Albert   161 Boundary Road
Cook Edward   151 Boundary Road
Cook Henry   37 Townley Street
Cook William   11 Castle Road
Cook Samuel B   Doris Ellington Road
Cook Ernest butcher 93 Boundary Road
Cook Robert Felmar   5 Ivy Lane, West Cliff
Cook Mrs   4 Southwick Terrace Duncan Road
Cook Thomas   3 St Georges Cottages Church Lane
Cook William   90 Hardres Street
Cook Levi   Belmont Cottage Belmont Road
Cook Thomas   9 Meeting Street
Cook Henry   Moss Rose Cottage King Street
Cook George Gilbert   Springfield Lodge Southwood Road
Cook Miss   2 Rodbourne Villas Crescent Road
Cooke Mrs   The Bungalow St Mildreds Road
Coole Frederick   4 Poplar Road
Coombe William   Beverley House South Eastern Road
Coomber Charles   3 Seafield Road, St Lawrence
Coomber Alfred John   9 Bloomsbury Road
Coombes Miss   6 Hatfield Road
Cooper Richard Jas   151 High Street
Cooper Miss     Southwood Road
Cooper William jun.   3 Farley Place
Cooper John   5 Henry Villas Packers Lane
Cooper Thomas   Lewis Cottage Farley Place
Cooper William   4 Farley Place
Cooper Alexander   16  York Street
Cooper William   2 Shoults Villas St Lukes Avenue
Cooper Robert   4 Leopold Street
Cooper Alexander   16 Turner Street
Cooper George Richard   28 Alma Road
Cooper Charles   4 Pleasant Villas Victoria Road
Cooper Charles William   57 Vale Road
Copas John   2 Florence Cottages
Copeland Lieut-Col Alfred James   3 Victoria Parade, East Cliff
Coppin Hy Jas Royal Standard Hotel 2 Albion Hill
Coppin Hy Jas Royal Standard Hotel 4 Albion Hill
Corbalas J B     Dundonald Road
Corben Harry whitesmith 5 Garfield Terrace Grove Road
Corben Harry smith   Cottage Mews
Corbidge W Charles   40 Winstanley Crescent
Corbin James lodging house 13 (St Helens Villa) Belmont Road
Corbin William   16 Brunswick Street
Corbin Edward Royal Oak Hotel   Harbour Street
Corder Thomas Edmund   16 Winstanley Crescent
Corder Frederick lodging house 66 Hardres Street
Corder Miss Leah dressmaker 37 Effingham Street
Cork John   26 Sussex Street
Cork Lewis Walter   158 King Street
Cork Mrs   13 Church Road
Cork Edward John   135 King Street
Cork Charles   18 Union Street
Cork Henry George   9 Ranelagh Terrace Margate Road
Cork Miss F R   11 Boundary Road
Cornford David   7 Paradise
Cornforth W   44 Royal Road, West Cliff
Cornwell Hugh John   6 Trinity Terrace Victoria Road
Corrie Clifford boot repairer 2 Nassau Villas Cemetery Road
Cosgrave Mrs   7 Albany Villas Duncan Road
Costen Miss   6 Dover Terrace Grange Road
Cotterell James   40 Alexandra Road
Cottew Geo bookseller 39 High Street
Cottew William Stokes   Hewkley Crescent Road
Cotton Charles (FRCP Edin) physician Seamans Infirmary & General Hospital West Cliff Road
Cotton Mrs   1 Seafield Road, St Lawrence
Cotton Mrs   40 Spencer Square, West Cliff
Cotton Charles (FRCP Edin, MRCS) physician 42 Spencer Square, West Cliff
Cottrell Mrs   5 Baltic Villas Edith Road
Couchman John Benj pawnbroker 29 High Street
Couchman John B   The Ferns South Eastern Road
Coules Jn upholsterer 56 Royal Road, West Cliff
Coules Henry   17 Denmark Road
Coules Jn upholsterer 24 Townley Street
Coules Mrs L lodging house 75 Addington Street
Coules Miss dressmaker 75 Addington Street
Coules Henry   75 Addington Street
Coulson A manager - Pearks Stores - tea merchants 19 Harbour Street
Coulson A manager - Pearks Stores - tea merchants 21 Harbour Street
Coulter Mrs   Edelweis Southwood Road
Court Misses   Brecon House Dundonald Road
Court Frederick Thomas   3 Midlothian Cottages Stanley Place
Court Harry   22 Alma Road
Court Frank   Chase Villa Dundonald Road
Court Mrs   10 Bristol Place
Court Thomas   5 Francis Terrace Anns Road
Courthope Miss   32 Royal Road, West Cliff
Courtney Guy Budd MA, CANTAB, MD, BC - physician 28 Augusta Road, East Cliff
Courtney Edward M   East Cliff House Wellington Crescent, East Cliff
Courtney Mrs   36 Royal Road, West Cliff
Coveney Edward electrical engineer 1 Elswick Villas Artillery Road
Coveney Mrs   70 Hardres Street
Cowell J J   28 Townley Street
Cowell J grocer 79 Addington Street
Cowland William coach wheel maufacturer 12 Belmont Street
Cowland William coach wheeler 73 Hardres Street
Cox George   2 Belsey Terrace Grange Road
Cox Henry Robert   1 Salem Cottages
Cox Mrs dressmaker 4  York Street
Cox Frank   13a Alma Road
Cox Frederick   13 Jubilee Terrace Grosvenor Road, St Lawrence
Cox George Thomas   13 Turner Street
Cox Richard S agent to the County of Kent Friendly Society 55 Hardres Street
Cox Mrs M A dairy 86 High Street
Cox John   2 Nethercourt Cottages High Street, St Lawrence
Cox William   43 Winstanley Crescent
Cox Peter   1 Gertrude Terrace Castle Road
Cox Thomas Police Office - Sergeant 1 Poonah Villas Southwood Road
Cox Mrs John   29 Brunswick Street
Cox Alfred Herbert   2 Lowther Cottages Chapel Place Lane
Cox Arthur William   1 (Brae Side) Belmont Road
Cox Mrs   3 Stanley Cottages Stanley Place
Cox James   5 Queen Street
Cox George   13 Alexandra Road
Cox Albert   3 Boundary Road
Craft Frederick William   25 Cannonbury Road
Craig Alexander   2 Ventnor Villas Margate Road
Craigie Mrs H C   3 Granville Marina
Craigie Mrs H C   6 Granville Marina
Craigie Mrs   7 Granville Marina
Craigie Mrs H C   5 Granville Marina
Cramp Miss dressmaker 16 King Street
Cramp Thomas Hatton   Dawn Villa Dane Park Road
Crampton Harry wine & spirit merchant 58 Harbour Street
Crampton Harry proprietor - Cramptons Hotel 60 Harbour Street
Crampton Mrs   3 (Trinity Lodge) Victoria Road
Crane R Newton   3 West Cliff Terrace Mansions Pegwell Road
Craycraft Mrs Eliza marine store 85 King Street
Craycraft Mrs Eliza marine store 83 King Street
Craycraft Walter   5 Packers Lane
Craycraft Henry   19 Denmark Road
Creasy Mrs   6 Northumberland Villas Dundonald Road
Creed Henry   Vine Cottage Grange Road
Creedy Harry   37 Avenue Road, East Cliff, St Lawrence
Cribb William Thomas   2 Flora Road
Cribbens Charles Edward   1 Elizabeth Cottages Packers Lane
Crick Edward   Acuba Villa Lyndhurst Road, East Cliff
Crick Edward draper 106a King Street
Crick Edward draper 106 King Street
Crick Edward grocer 103 King Street
Crickett Mrs   12 Royal Road, West Cliff
Crickett John     Queens Court
Crocker Miss Annie lodging house 27 Spencer Square, West Cliff
Crocker Mrs C fruiterer 46 High Street
Crole James fruiterer 26 King Street
Crole Henry   1 Melrose Cottages Hertford Street, West Cliff
Crompton James   16 Cannonbury Road
Crook Miss lodging house 31 Spencer Square, West Cliff
Crosoer Thomas B assist sec - Royal Temple Yacht Club 6 West Cliff Mansions, West Cliff
Crosoer William   63 Crescent Road
Crosoer Thomas B school attendance officer 11 Vale Square
Cross Miss   Rose Villa Ellington Road
Cross J W manager - National Provincial Bank of England Limited (Ramsgate Branch) 52 Harbour Street
Cross Henry confectioner 82 Queen Street
Crosse Rev Thomas George (MA) Vicar of St Lawrence St Lawrence Vicarage Manston Road, St Lawrence
Crouch Edward Thomas shoe maker 63 Hardres Street
Crouch Richard   57 Alexandra Road
Crouch Edward   1 Elizabeth Terrace Mews Cottages
Crouch Frederick Chas   1 Daisy Villas Ellington Road
Croud Alfred George   21 Claremont Gardens, St Lawrence
Crow Albert Edward John   Mill Cottage Grange Road
Crow Mrs   14 Guildford Lawn
Crow Joseph   26 Monkton Place
Crow Mrs Georgiana tobacconist 20 Queen Street
Crowe Ernest E   3 Hazelwood Crescent Road
Cruikshank John   1 Osborne Villas Margate Road
Crump William   3 Anns Road
Crundall William & Co timber & slate merchants Memel Yard West Cliff Road
Crundwell Wm John   11 Dane Road
Crundwell Henry   13 Dane Road
Crundwell Albert   4 Gordon Terrace Cross Road, Margate Road
Cull James   2 Beaconsfield Villas Margate Road
Cull Miss   106 Hardres Street
Cull Mrs   Arter Cottage Margate Road
Cullen Charles   9 Cross Street, West Cliff
Cullen Mrs   4 Bellevue Cottages
Cullen George Alfred plumber 13 Townley Street
Cullen William   10 Cross Street, West Cliff
Cullen William   2 Cottage Road
Cullen Edwin   7 Bethesda Street
Culmer John   37 Finsbury Road
Culmer William Peake   24 Albert Street, West Cliff
Culver Fredk whitesmith 10 Broad Street
Culver George   6 Ranelagh Terrace Margate Road
Culver Mrs   34 Finsbury Road
Culver Reginald Edgar   1 South Eastern Terrace Margate Road
Cumming Mrs   Falkenstein Albion Road, East Cliff
Cumper Francis walter   Claremont Dane Park Road
Cunnington William lodging house 16 Spencer Square, West Cliff
Curle Harry stationer 7 Chatham Street
Curling Major William K   Priory Villa West Cliff Road
Curling Henry Thomas Woodman Inn 17 Hardres Street
Curling Richard   Eva Cottage Rodney Street
Curling Stephen   26 Artillery Road
Curling William JP Chylton Lodge Augusta Road, East Cliff
Curtis Charles   5 Townley Street
Curtis William   3 Ellington
Cuthbert William George   9 Hibernia Street
Cutting T W   28 Vale Road
Cutting Charles storekeeper - Trinity Stores Clock House The Harbour

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