Ramsgate & St L 1899 Directory - A

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Last Name Initials Occupation No or House Road
Aalbregt & Co cycle depot 93 High Street
Abbott Mrs   2 Hardres Cottages Church Lane
Abbott William   New Cottage Lorne Road
Abbott Frederick   3 Holland Villas Ellington Park Road
Abbott Richard   6 Ayton Cottages Ayton Road
Abbott Richard   5 Lorne Road
Abbott Brothers Limited dairy farmers 88 Queen Street
Abigail John   Danesborough Hollicondane Road
Abrahams Isaac lodging house 11  York Terrace, West Cliff
Abram Henry professor of music 2 Heather Villas Dundonald Road
Acock Thomas   Dunluce Crescent Road
Acock James   1 Lorne Villas Lorne Road
Acock Alfred Wm lodging house 11 Adelaide Gardens, West Cliff
Acock John R H sec - Smack Owners Ice Co   Military Road
Acock J R H Secretary - Ramsgate Smackowners Ice Co Limited 33 Adelaide Gardens, West Cliff
Acock J R H   33 Adelaide Gardens, West Cliff
Acott Frederick   2 Heathcote Villas Margate Road
Acquier Mrs   6 Poplar Road
Acres George   19 Adelaide Gardens, West Cliff
Adam Mrs M T   Malvern House Albion Road, East Cliff
Adams James   1 Ranelagh Terrace Margate Road
Adams Edward   25 Percy Road
Adams Samuel James   5 Ventnor Villas Margate Road
Adams John William   St Mildred Grange Road
Adams William   25 Alma Road
Adams Josiah agent Kent Fire and Life Office 30 Hardres Street
Adams John timber merchant (store) 35 Military Road
Adams Edward   8 Mews Cottages
Adams Frank   10 James Street, West Cliff
Adams James   12 Bellevue Cottages
Adams George   3 Pleasant Villas Victoria Road
Adams James Duke of York 25 Addington Street
Adams Stephen   2 King Harman Terrace Southwood Road
Adams John timber merchant   Military Road
Adams Thomas James   105 Boundary Road
Adams John   Crown Timber Yard Church Road
Adams Miss   19 Princes Street
Adams Mrs Lucy lodging house 16 Royal Road, West Cliff
Adams George egg & yeast merchant 1 Trinity Terrace Victoria Road
Adams John W   Florence Cottage High Street
Adams Henry William   35 Alexandra Road
Adams William   13 Shaftesbury Street, East Cliff
Adams John William chimney cleaner 2 Camden Square
Adams John timber merchant (store) 34 Military Road
Adams Henry   1 Clifton Villas Duncan Road
Adby Henry   1 Dundonald Villas Dundonald Road
Addington Timber, Slate & Cement Co Limited       High Street
Adkins Miss   1 Wilton Villas Codrington Road
Adkins George   65 Hardres Street
Admiralty Coast Guards Workshop     7 Military Road
Afgan Samuel   8 Bellevue Road, East Cliff
Aggleton William   60 Hertford Street, West Cliff
Agius Rev A Ambrose   St Augustines Abbey St Augustines Road, West Cliff
Aiano Charles   8 Southwick Terrace Duncan Road
Ainslie Brothers butchers 27 High Street
Ainslie Brothers butchers 88 King Street
Aird Thomas   14 Winstanley Crescent
Akhurst Mrs   Bramerton Crescent Road
Alden Henry William   17 Winstanley Crescent
Alexander Mrs L lodging house 28 Bellevue Road, East Cliff
Allan Mrs   7 Southwick Terrace Duncan Road
Allan Gordon   14 Broad Street
Allan Mrs   Waverley Lodge St Mildreds Road
Allan Eman Edward watchmaker 9 George Street
Allardyce Mrs   The Anchorage Ellington Road
Allen Henry   2 Frederick Villas Southwood Road
Allen Mrs lodging house 23 Albion Place
Allen John Thomas   29 Spencer Square, West Cliff
Allen Frederick Ayre vet. Surgeon 40 Royal Road, West Cliff
Allen William   Dane Park House Dane Park Road
Allen Stephen bootmaker 3a Meeting Street
Allen Mrs   8 Poplar Road
Allen Stephen bootmaker 27 Boundary Road
Allen Henry lodging house 41 Camden Square
Allen Albert   44 Turner Street
Allen Frederick James   7 Hatfield Road
Allen Walter   2 Guildford Villas South Eastern Road
Allen Rev Wm Edwd (MA)   2 Vasconia Villas High Street
Allistone Mrs   25 Montague Road
Allnutt Edwin F   Inglewood High Street, St Lawrence
Allright Henry Chas Royal Harbour Inn 65 Addington Street
Allright Mrs   9 Sion Passage, West Cliff
Allright George lodging house 27 Adelaide Gardens, West Cliff
Allright G N Lord Nelson 66 Queen Street
Allright John lodging house 18 Cavendish Street
Allsworth Walter   28 Belmont Street
Allsworth William   40 Turner Street
Allsworth John   4 Frederick Place Hereson Road
Allsworth Mrs   42 Turner Street
Allwright Henry Charles job master   Crescent Mews, West Cliff
Allwright William E   8 Augusta Road, East Cliff
Ambers Henry   22 (Providence Cottage) Ashburnham Road, St Lawrence
Ambrose Mrs Mary Ann laundress 26 Alma Road
Ambrose Henry William carrier 27 Royal Road, West Cliff
Ambrose R Librarian - Ramsgate Public Library & Technical Schools 22 Cavendish Street
Ambrose William   5 Montefiore Terrace Hereson Road
Ambrose S   79 Chapel Road, St Lawrence
Ambrose Christopher William   1 Harbour Street
Ambrose Samuel   26 Alma Road
Ambrose Mrs Sarah wardrobe dealer 1 Broad Street
Ames Mrs Ada manageress Truro Hotel Victoria Parade, East Cliff
Amos John   9 Garden Row
Anderson Charles   38 Spencer Square, West Cliff
Anderson Robert   Argyle House South Eastern Road
Anderson Joseph   Onslow Villa Crescent Road
Anderson James   Bonhill South Eastern Road
Anderson James lodging house 13 Spencer Square, West Cliff
Andrews Mrs   6 Cecil Terrace Grange Road
Andrews John Richard   24 Cumberland Road
Andrews John   2 Ernest Terrace St Georges Road
Andrews Mrs Annie lodging house 7 La Belle Alliance Square, East Cliff
Andrews Wm fishmonger 20 Addington Street
Andrews John beer retailer   Southwood Road
Andrews Valentine Christopher   Bathrst Codrington Road
Andrews William lodging house 20 Spencer Square, West Cliff
Andrews Mrs   1 St Marys Villas The Elms
Andrews Miss   4 Balmoral Place, East Cliff
Andrews Thomas   51 Vale Road
Andrews Mrs   14 Alexandra Road
Andrews John   7 Cumberland Place Hereson Road
Andrews Joseph Fras   8 Baltic Villas Edith Road
Andrews Robert jun   5 Southwood Terrace Southwood Road
Andrews George   3 Paradise
Andrews Robert   12 Southwood Terrace Southwood Road
Angold Thomas   7 Louisa Terrace St Georges Road
Anning John Alfred   21 Princes Street
Anning James   2 Princes Street
Anning Alfred James   11 Princes Street
Anscombe Frederick   7 Albert Road, East Cliff, St Lawrence
Ansell Thomas   5 Trinity Place
Ansell Francis   1 Whites Cottages
Ansell Jas fish hawker 3 Garden Row
Ansell W J   14 Bethesda Street
Ansell Mrs   7 Claremont Gardens, St Lawrence
Ansett Edward   11 Chapel Road, St Lawrence
Ansley Albert   5 Claremont Place Castle Road
Ansley George   Oaktree House High Street, St Lawrence
Ansley Charles   2 Claremont Cottages Castle Road
Ansley Christopher   73 Alexandra Road
Ansley William   6 Cumberland Place Hereson Road
Ansley Mrs   30 Alma Road
Applebee Miss   14 Plains of Waterloo
Appleton George   Rose House Manston Road, St Lawrence
Appleton Miss dressmaker 3 (Elm Villa) Belmont Road
Appleton William James   3 Gertrude Terrace Castle Road
Appleton Charles William   3 (Elm Villa) Belmont Road
Appleton James   2 Newington Cottages Newington Road, St Lawrence
Appleton William   47 Avenue Road, East Cliff, St Lawrence
Apps Miss   19 Willsons Road
Apps Harry   3 Clements Road
Archer Mrs   2 Finsbury Road
Archer Joseph   13 Hertford Street, West Cliff
Argue James   Clyde Villa Southwood Road
Argues Kent Drug Stores     60 Queen Street
Arkend Simon bootmaker 16 Leopold Street
Arman William J   7 Ayton Cottages Ayton Road
Armfield John Henry   1 West Cliff Road
Armitage Hy Ramsay   2 (Kent House) Kent Terrace
Armstrong Miss   37 (Danesbury House) Albert Road, East Cliff, St Lawrence
Armytage Mrs   14 Vale Square
Arnold Mrs   176 (Marion Cottage) High Street
Arnutt Mrs   3 Packers Lane
Arter Thomas   35 Boundary Road
Ascough George   1 Wellington Crescent, East Cliff
Ashbee Charles F professor of music Milton Duncan Road
Ashbee George   Milton Duncan Road
Ashby Mrs   Ethel Lodge Castle Road
Ashby Frederick John   158 High Street
Ashby Thomas   27 Sussex Street
Ashby Arthur   19 Southwood Terrace Southwood Road
Ashby Edward   1 Olive Grove Trinity Place
Ashby Frederick Charles   43 Hardres Street
Ashby Frederick   83 Hardres Street
Ashby Thomas   110 Hardres Street
Ashby William   20 Montague Road
Ashby George   14 Bloomsbury Road
Ashby Thomas   31 Avenue Road, East Cliff, St Lawrence
Ashdown Herbert   18 Jubilee Terrace Grosvenor Road, St Lawrence
Ashdown Hy toy retailer 65 High Street
Ashdown Mrs M A grocer 32 King Street
Ashdown William   2 Beatrice Villas Leopold Road
Ashdown Miss   1 Heather Villas Dundonald Road
Ashdown Hy dining rooms 59a High Street
Ashdown Arthur   2 Winstanley Crescent
Ashenden Thomas   4 Church Avenue
Ashenden Mrs Mary M   Fountain Inn  York Street
Ashley Miss   1 Leicester Terrace Crescent Road
Assister Mrs Elizabeth laundress 3 Philpotts Cottages Southwood Road
Assister James plumber 3 Chatham Street
Atherton John James   22 Shaftesbury Street, East Cliff
Atkins Edward   6 Winstanley Crescent
Atkins John boot maker 26 Brunswick Street
Atkins Frederick   Kingston Poplar Road
Atkins Daniel   6 Newington Terrace Newington Road, St Lawrence
Atkins Mrs   56 Cannonbury Road
Attriall Thomas   3 Woodford Avenue
Attride Edward Charles   29 Winstanley Crescent
Attride Edward Hammond   10 Guildford Lawn
Attridge George   45 Albert Road, East Cliff, St Lawrence
Attwell James John grocer 19 Queen Street
Attwell Joseph Henry   5 Bellevue Cottages
Attwell George Stephen   3 Castle Road
Attwell Henry J newsagent   The Market
Attwell Richard T   13 Meeting Street
Attwell Henry Sims   13 Adelaide Gardens, West Cliff
Attwell William John   1 Flora Cottages Hereson
Attwood Geo gas fitter 22 Brunswick Street
Attwood John George zinc worker 73 Boundary Road
Atwood Mrs   5 Dane Park Road
Aubourg Misses J & R ladies school 54 Plains of Waterloo
Aubrey George William   Ellington Cottage Grange Road
Aukervitsch Simon tailor 2 Adelaide Gardens, West Cliff
Austen Mrs F   Willow Hyrst Poplar Road
Austen Samuel   2 South Eastern Terrace Margate Road
Austen John wheelwt 10 Frederick Place Hereson Road
Austen Wm Hy builder 1 Eva Villas Hereson Road
Austen Mrs Mary Ann lodging house 7 Cecil Terrace Grange Road
Austen Stephen   21 Albert Street, West Cliff
Austen Edgar brewer Regent Brewery Belmont Street
Austen Edgar   5 (Regent House) Queens Road, East Cliff
Austen Arthur grocer & post office 10 Boundary Road
Austen William George   9 Cumberland Place Hereson Road
Austen John   52 Hertford Street, West Cliff
Austen Albert James Elms Hotel 4 Grove Road
Austen George Richd bricklayer (workshop) 7 Cumberland Place Hereson Road
Austen George Richd bricklayer Beaconsfield House Arklow Square
Austen Alfred   7 Woodford Avenue
Austen William   2 Percy Villas Mews Cottages
Austen Miss   Trinity Cottage Victoria Road
Austen Robert lodging house 46 Addington Street
Austen Miss   44 Chapel Road, St Lawrence
Austen Mrs Sarah Golden Ball   Union Street
Austen William Bell Inn 89 King Street
Austen Mrs   150 King Street
Austen Arthur Henry   65 Boundary Road
Austen & Friend Misses lodging house 22 La Belle Alliance Square, East Cliff
Austin Josiah Edward   Ravensdale Hollicondane Road
Austin Josiah Edward mineral water manufacturer 3 Victoria Road
Austin Rev J   St Augustines Abbey St Augustines Road, West Cliff
Austin Rev L prefect St Augustines College (Order of St Benedict) Grange Road
Austin George   Observatory Villa West Cliff Road
Austin Miss lodging house 1 Paragon, West Cliff
Austin George   37 Alma Road
Austin Mrs   6 Claremont Villas Dundonald Road
Austin George William confectioner 69 High Street
Avery Robert   7 Montefiore Cottages
Avery Albert   1 Herbert Cottages Montefiore Cottages
Avery Robert Thomas   3 Olive Grove Trinity Place
Axon Frederick   6 Bloomsbury Road
Axon Daniel   51 Boundary Road
Ayres Mrs   St Helier Crescent Road
Ayres Mrs   9 Queen Bertha Road
Ayton Charles James insurance agent 1 Vincent Row Bellevue Cottages
Ayton Alma W C fruiterer 18a Harbour Street
Ayton A W C   2 Hatfield Road

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