Ramsgate 1895 Directory - W

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Last Name Initials Occupation No or house Road Area District
Wade R   2,Lime Cottages Hereson   Ramsgate
Wagg G H   17 Cumberland Road   Ramsgate
Wakeford G Supt Prudential Assurance Co 31 Effingham Street   Ramsgate
Wakerell Mrs dressmaker 41 Hardres Street   Ramsgate
Waldron J   20,Osborne Villas Margate Road   Ramsgate
Waldron G   43 Finsbury Road   Ramsgate
Waldron J tailor 4 Hardres Street   Ramsgate
Waldron Mrs L H   6 Rose Hill   Ramsgate
Waldron C E   6 Rose Hill   Ramsgate
Wales E J   6,Montefiore Cottages Montague Road   Ramsgate
Wales G baker & confectioner 102 King Street   Ramsgate
Wales H   22 Turner Street   Ramsgate
Wales R J tailor   Sussex Street   Ramsgate
Walford Mrs   2,Elms Villas The Elms   Ramsgate
Walford Miss M   Ladbroke Villa The Elms   Ramsgate
Walker G H   Goodwill Cottage, 13 Vale Road   Ramsgate
Walker       Southwood Road    
Walker W oil & colour, glass & china stores 4,The Quadrant Grange Road   Ramsgate
Walker T   33 York Street   Ramsgate
Walker T     Southwood Road   Ramsgate
Walker J   4 Hill Brow Road   Ramsgate
Walker G   10 Turner Street   Ramsgate
Walker Capt W   2,Granville Gardens Mount Albion Road   Ramsgate
Walker A   12 Abbots Hill   Ramsgate
Walker Mrs   2,Osborne Villas Margate Road   Ramsgate
Wall Rev W   Eglos Ellington   Ramsgate
Wall C   Mount St Lawrence Grange Road   Ramsgate
Wall H   2 Paradise   Ramsgate
Wall Miss   Roselea Crescent Road   Ramsgate
Wall Mrs   11, Boundary Place Boundary Road   Ramsgate
Wall W H   30 Monkton Place   Ramsgate
Wall W   9,Finsbury Terrace Boundary Road   Ramsgate
Wallace D   Hilda Cottage Spencer Street   Ramsgate
Waller H   2,Midlothian Cottages Stanley Place   Ramsgate
Waller G   23,Southwood Terrace Southwood Road   Ramsgate
Waller Mrs   5 Townley Street   Ramsgate
Waller Mrs   63 West Cliff Road   Ramsgate
Waller R   Memel Lodge Memel Place   Ramsgate
Waller W   23 Alma Road   Ramsgate
Wallinger Mrs W H A   69 Crescent Road   Ramsgate
Wallrond Mrs   9, Harrison Terrace Canonbury Road   Ramsgate
Walsh Col   Abberley Lodge Bellevue Road   Ramsgate
Walsh Mrs   26,Oxford Terrace Boundary Road   Ramsgate
Walsh Col   Abberley Lodge Thanet Road   Ramsgate
Walter C J   7 Chatham Place   Ramsgate
Walter J   6 Woodford Avenue   Ramsgate
Walter W   11 Wellington Crescent   Ramsgate
Walter Miss   Briar Lodge Grange Road   Ramsgate
Walters E   17,Southwood Terrace Southwood Road   Ramsgate
Wanstall G dairyman 6,Pleasant Villas Victoria Road   Ramsgate
Wanstall R   33 Camden Square   Ramsgate
Ward T     Chapel Road St Lawrence Ramsgate
Ward Kite & Co tea dealer 106 King Street   Ramsgate
Ward Misses fancy repository, British & Foreign Bible depot 55 High Street   Ramsgate
Ward M   32 Camden Square   Ramsgate
Ward Mrs   18 Nelson Crescent   Ramsgate
Ward Mrs   2, Castledene Villas Edith Road   Ramsgate
Ward Mrs R boarding house 15 Wellington Crescent   Ramsgate
Wardell E   20,Southwood Terrace Southwood Road   Ramsgate
Warden H   Myrtle Cottage Turner Street   Ramsgate
Warden Miss   6 York Terrace   Ramsgate
Warden A   13 Finsbury Road   Ramsgate
Ware Mrs   3 Wellington Crescent   Ramsgate
Warman S G agent to Phoenix fire office - assessor Income Tax 127 High Street   Ramsgate
Warman Mrs   2,Pleasant Villas Victoria Road   Ramsgate
Warmisham S   13 Chatham Street   Ramsgate
Warner Mrs   Delta House, 1 Prospect Terrace   Ramsgate
Warner J   14 Mews Cottages   Ramsgate
Warner J   12 Alexandra Road   Ramsgate
Warner E       St Lawrence Ramsgate
Warre A   West Cliff House Pegwell Bay Road   Ramsgate
Warren E       Northwood Ramsgate
Warren A M   3 Chatham Place   Ramsgate
Warren Mrs   5,Florry Cottages Hereson   Ramsgate
Wastall E E  (J.P.) Brooklands South Eastern Road   Ramsgate
Wastall E G & Co wine merchants 61 Queen Street   Ramsgate
Watchman Mrs   2,Hesse Villas Southwood Road   Ramsgate
Waterman J marine store dealer 117, 119 King Street   Ramsgate
Waterman J     Central Road   Ramsgate
Waters E   3 Balmoral Place   Ramsgate
Waters J   8 Lorne Road   Ramsgate
Waters Miss   Convalescent Home Nethercourt Mansion   Ramsgate
Watson A       St Lawrence Ramsgate
Watson Mrs   Trinity House Avenue Road   Ramsgate
Watson R   33 Brunswick Street   Ramsgate
Watson W T   Norfolk Villa Codrington Road   Ramsgate
Watson W   Cambrian Cottages Grove Road   Ramsgate
Watson     Mercy Cottage, 6 Mount Albion Terrace Avenue Road   Ramsgate
Watson E   20 Brunswick Street   Ramsgate
Watson A W   2, Claremont Villas Dundonald Road   Ramsgate
Watson G   1, Malvern Villas Codrington Road   Ramsgate
Watts W H   8 Camden Square   Ramsgate
Watts J   21 Alexandra Road   Ramsgate
Watts R   Valerian Grange Road   Ramsgate
Watts W   The Woodlands St Mildreds Road   Ramsgate
Weatherley N   2,Leopold Villas Leopold Street   Ramsgate
Weatherley J T   1,Leopold Villas Leopold Street   Ramsgate
Weaver C boatman 11,Coast Guard Station Victoria Parade   Ramsgate
Weaver J A   Highlands Ellington Road   Ramsgate
Webb T   12,Bella Vesta Cottages Southwood Road   Ramsgate
Webb G W boot maker 69 High Street   Ramsgate
Webb R   Elysian Codrington Road   Ramsgate
Webb Miss   8 Leopold Street   Ramsgate
Webb H M builder & carpenter   Grange Road   Ramsgate
Webb J G   St Johns Villa St Mildreds Road   Ramsgate
Webb Miss T (ALCM) teacher of music   Codrington Road   Ramsgate
Webb J   Laverstoke Belmont Road   Ramsgate
Webb J   43 Albert Street   Ramsgate
Webb M builder &c   Grange Road   Ramsgate
Webb Mrs   20 Chatham Street   Ramsgate
Webb A J   5 La Belle Alliance Square   Ramsgate
Webb & Son boot & shoe manufacturers 50 Queen Street   Ramsgate
Webb     13 Granville Marina   Ramsgate
Webb F J   68 Hardres Street   Ramsgate
Webb W   14,Osborne Villas Margate Road   Ramsgate
Webb     4,Harbro' Villas South Eastern Road   Ramsgate
Webber J   19 Meeting Street   Ramsgate
Webster Sergt   South Eastern College Cottages Dane Park   Ramsgate
Weeden W   5,Montefiore Place Hereson   Ramsgate
Weeks Mrs J C manager Victoria Temperance Hotel Broad Street   Ramsgate
Weeks Mrs J C manageress Victoria Temperance Hotel, 7 & 9 Hardres Street   Ramsgate
Weeks Mrs   34, Oxford Terrace Boundary Road   Ramsgate
Weeks Mrs wagonette proprietress 1 Bethesda Street   Ramsgate
Weeks J   24 Plains of Waterloo   Ramsgate
Weeks G agent Gresham Life Office 14 Arklow Square   Ramsgate
Weeks     Naseby Villa Crescent Road   Ramsgate
Weigall H (JP)   Southwood House     Ramsgate
Weinstock L   1, Sea View Place, 12 York Terrace   Ramsgate
Welch F H   Knockholt Grange Road   Ramsgate
Welch F H grocer & provision merchant 53 High Street   Ramsgate
Well-Blundell C   16, 17 West Cliff Terrace Pegwell Bay Road   Ramsgate
Wellard W   4, Stanley Cottages Stanley Place   Ramsgate
Wellard H   1,Cornwall Terrace Ayton Road   Ramsgate
Wellard J   10 Hardres Street   Ramsgate
Wellard Mrs   2 Trinity Place   Ramsgate
Wellard Mrs grocer &c. 31 Camden Square   Ramsgate
Wellard F general shop, beer & bottled ale dealer 18 Cumberland Road   Ramsgate
Wellden G tailor, habit maker & gentlemens mercer 40 High Street   Ramsgate
Weller Sam hatter & hosier 35 Queen Street   Ramsgate
Weller G   3 Newington Terrace St Lawrence Ramsgate
Wellman G   4, Oxford Terrace Boundary Road   Ramsgate
Wells G   5 Alma Road   Ramsgate
Wells T   10 Shaftesbury Street   Ramsgate
Wells T   5 Belmont Street   Ramsgate
Wells T   23 Monkton Place   Ramsgate
Wells J   5, Florence Terrace Canonbury Road   Ramsgate
Wells J   4, Frances Terrace Anns Road   Ramsgate
Wells Miss E   25 Wellington Crescent   Ramsgate
Wells G   1 Monkton Place   Ramsgate
Wells F J   17 Camden Road   Ramsgate
Wells A   20 Meeting Street   Ramsgate
Wells A   Red Lion Hotel King Street   Ramsgate
Wells B F   Dane Villa Belmont Road   Ramsgate
Wells E   12 Cumberland Road   Ramsgate
Wells J   22 Hibernia Street   Ramsgate
Wells E J   25 Camden Square   Ramsgate
Wells Mrs   White House, 32 Royal Road   Ramsgate
Wells L   21 Monkton Place   Ramsgate
Wells J   10 Belvidere Cottages, Buckstone Road Northwood Ramsgate
Welshford     2 Liverpool Lawn   Ramsgate
Wenham J   11 Bristol Place   Ramsgate
Wenham G   2,Clewer Villas Winstanley Crescent   Ramsgate
Wenn Mrs   1,Midlothian Cottages Stanley Place   Ramsgate
Wensley W   88 Hardres Street   Ramsgate
Wesley H   4,Cornwall Terrace Ayton Road   Ramsgate
Wesley Mrs   19 Augusta Road   Ramsgate
West J C tailor 3 Willsons Road   Ramsgate
West J   2 Chapel Terrace, Chapel Road St Lawrence Ramsgate
West A W   9,Jubilee Terrace Grosvenor Road   Ramsgate
West A   24 Percy Road   Ramsgate
West A   40 Effingham Street   Ramsgate
West C Captain Fire Brigade 17 York Street   Ramsgate
West C   25 La Belle Alliance Square   Ramsgate
West E   Albert Lodge, 37 Albert Street   Ramsgate
West F   28 Canonbury Road   Ramsgate
West G   15 Finsbury Road   Ramsgate
West G nurseryman & florist Lily Grove Ellington Road   Ramsgate
West H   9 Camden Road   Ramsgate
West W   3, Devonshire Terrace Duncan Road   Ramsgate
West J   23 Sussex Street   Ramsgate
West J   2,Judith Villas Margate Road   Ramsgate
West J bootmaker 49 Albert Street   Ramsgate
West J   1,King Harman Terrace Southwood Road   Ramsgate
West J   28 Effingham Street   Ramsgate
West J bootmaker 43 West Cliff Road   Ramsgate
West J C   5 Chatham Place   Ramsgate
West T   2,Chandos Place Boundary Road   Ramsgate
West H J   1,Sherlock Villas Grange Road   Ramsgate
Westlake Mrs   26 Hardres Street   Ramsgate
Westlake W   3 Percy Road   Ramsgate
Weston H chemist & druggist 16 King Street   Ramsgate
Weston Mrs     Southwood Road   Ramsgate
Weymouth Mrs   11 Sunnyside Villas   Ramsgate
Weymouth & Co     Cemetery Road   Ramsgate
Whales W A   Prince Albert King Street   Ramsgate
Wharrier Mrs   Sea View, 6 Kent Terrace   Ramsgate
Wharton H   13, West Cliff Terrace Pegwell Bay Road   Ramsgate
Wheeler J T   35 Spencer Square   Ramsgate
Wheeler J   63 Vale Road   Ramsgate
Wheeler A   7 Shaftesbury Street   Ramsgate
White     13,Boundary Place Boundary Road   Ramsgate
White J   5 Lorne Road   Ramsgate
White W manager - National Provincial Bank of England Lmtd   Harbour Street   Ramsgate
White     3 Rodney Street   Ramsgate
White F W   1 Granville Road   Ramsgate
White J   20 Camden Square   Ramsgate
White Mrs M confectioner 1A George Street   Ramsgate
White J & H builders   Meeting Street   Ramsgate
White J   6 Mews Cottages   Ramsgate
White J   2,Chiswick Villas South Eastern Road   Ramsgate
White H G builder Warwick Ellington Road   Ramsgate
White H B   2, Holland Villas Ellington Park Road   Ramsgate
White Mrs   18 Hill Brow Road   Ramsgate
White F W   Fern Cottage Meeting Street   Ramsgate
White Miss   Clarence Villa, 19 Vale Square   Ramsgate
White F   2, Syndale Place Avenue Road   Ramsgate
White E W   25 Liverpool Lawn   Ramsgate
White E   1, Triplecote Dumpton Park Road   Ramsgate
White E   2, Morden Villas, 6 Willsons Road   Ramsgate
White C   7,Frederick Cottages Hardres Street   Ramsgate
White A   3, Southwick Terrace Duncan Road   Ramsgate
White & Ellis drapers 12, 14 Harbour Street   Ramsgate
White H   23 Church Road   Ramsgate
White W   White Villa, 2 Synagogue Villas Hereson   Ramsgate
White Mrs   2, Gibson Terrace Rodney Street   Ramsgate
White W   29 Albert Street   Ramsgate
White W umbrella maker 4 Turner Street   Ramsgate
White W   6,Granville Terrace Victoria Parade   Ramsgate
White T   1,St Davids Villas South Eastern Road   Ramsgate
White Mrs A   Phoenix Lodge     Ramsgate
White Miss   6 Royal Crescent   Ramsgate
White Miss   2 Royal Crescent   Ramsgate
Whitehead W F   21,Jubilee Terrace Grosvenor Road   Ramsgate
Whitehead W R   12 Shaftesbury Street   Ramsgate
Whitehead & Mercer solicitors & commissioners for oaths 108 High Street   Ramsgate
Whitehead Miss   Somerville The Elms   Ramsgate
Whiteley E   1,Frederick Villas Crescent Road   Ramsgate
Whiter Mrs   Osborne Villa Grange Road   Ramsgate
Whitfield J tailor Postmans Arms, 82 High Street   Ramsgate
Whiting Rev J B   St Lukes Vicarage Dane Park   Ramsgate
Whitmore W harbour missionary Sailors Church Military Road   Ramsgate
Whitmore W   19 Townley Street   Ramsgate
Whitmore A butcher 1,Frederick Place Hereson   Ramsgate
Whittingham A E     Thanet Road   Ramsgate
Whittingham Mrs   8,Granville Terrace Victoria Parade   Ramsgate
Whittingham A   28 Spencer Square   Ramsgate
Whittingstall Mrs   18 Albion Hill   Ramsgate
Whittington W   1,Southwood Terrace Southwood Road   Ramsgate
Whittle F refreshment rooms 88 High Street   Ramsgate
Whitty J I (LL.D)   1,Rodbourne Villas Crescent Road   Ramsgate
Whorlow G   64 Plains of Waterloo   Ramsgate
Wicks H C   51 Plains of Waterloo   Ramsgate
Wiggett J   7,Seig Terrace Winstanley Crescent   Ramsgate
Wigglesworth T coffee house & dining rooms 51 Harbour Street   Ramsgate
Wigley W   16 Albion Hill   Ramsgate
Wildash J   6,Harold Villas Winstanley Crescent   Ramsgate
Wildash H   7,Harold Villas Winstanley Crescent   Ramsgate
Wilkes T   Stags Head, 3 Harbour Street   Ramsgate
Wilkie K W (JP)   Ellington, 2 Victoria Crescent Ellington Park Road   Ramsgate
Wilkins C   Gardeners House Southwood Road   Ramsgate
Wilkins     Huggett Villa Trinity Place   Ramsgate
Wilkinson T furniture repository;agent for Sutton & Co, carriers 1, Monkton Place High Street   Ramsgate
Wilkinson T furniture repository;agent for Sutton & Co, carriers Monkton Place Ramsgate
Wilkinson T repository Monkton Place Ramsgate
Wilkinson T   5 Flora Road   Ramsgate
Wilkinson R   1,Newland Terrace Margate Road   Ramsgate
Wilkinson Miss   17 West Cliff Road   Ramsgate
Wilkinson H   14 Flora Road   Ramsgate
Wilkinson G   15 Flora Road   Ramsgate
Willett C H stationer & fancy dealer 5 Harbour Street   Ramsgate
Willey Mrs   14 Staffordshire Street   Ramsgate
Williams Miss   9 Augusta Road   Ramsgate
Williams A plumber & glazier 16A Albert Street   Ramsgate
Williams A plumber &c. 21 Liverpool Lawn   Ramsgate
Williams E   Richardson Hotel, 20 Harbour Street   Ramsgate
Williams     Monte Rosa Grange Road   Ramsgate
Williams Miss   11 Willsons Road   Ramsgate
Williams Mrs   1 West Cliff Road   Ramsgate
Williams Mrs   2,Myrtle Terrace Thanet Road   Ramsgate
Williams Mrs   3 Clarendon Gardens   Ramsgate
Williams Mrs   14 Paragon   Ramsgate
Williams Mrs   Beulah Ellington Road   Ramsgate
Williams Rev C L (MA)   Christ Church Vicarage Crescent Road   Ramsgate
Williams R hairdresser 4,Finsbury Terrace Boundary Road   Ramsgate
Williams D   3 Belvidere Cottages, Buckstone Road Northwood Ramsgate
Williams W   24 Bellevue Road   Ramsgate
Williams Miss     High Street St Lawrence Ramsgate
Williams J R   Clover House     Ramsgate
Williams E bath chair proprietor 1 Canonbury Road   Ramsgate
Williams Miss school for young gentlemen Richmond House The Elms   Ramsgate
Williams Miss teacher of music Chepstow Villa Picton Road   Ramsgate
Williams T   1 Belvidere Cottages, Buckstone Road Northwood Ramsgate
Willis A   14 Princes Street   Ramsgate
Willis H B   15 Albion Place   Ramsgate
Willis S   1,Winstanley Cottages Winstanley Crescent   Ramsgate
Willis T   2,Salop Cottages, 39 Denmark Road   Ramsgate
Willmot E A   56 Alexandra Road   Ramsgate
Willmoth W   2 Margate Road   Ramsgate
Willows J E L Maj Gen   Woodland Villa Edith Road   Ramsgate
Wills     5 Anns Road   Ramsgate
Wills Sir H W   East Court House Victoria Parade   Ramsgate
Willson O   8,Montefiore Cottages Montague Road   Ramsgate
Willson C solicitor 26 High Street   Ramsgate
Willson G   Dudley House, 29 Grange Road   Ramsgate
Willson C   St Edith Albion Road   Ramsgate
Wilmot Miss   3,Montefiore Place Hereson   Ramsgate
Wilmoth J   6, Southwood Terrace Southwood Road   Ramsgate
Wilshin(en) Mrs   Sion Lodge Albert Street   Ramsgate
Wilson J   15 Townley Street   Ramsgate
Wilson A   21 Willsons Road   Ramsgate
Wilson T   51 Hardres Street   Ramsgate
Wilson T   16 Cumberland Road   Ramsgate
Wilson T   Wilson House,9 Wellington Crescent   Ramsgate
Wilson W police sergt 2 Irchester Street   Ramsgate
Wilson W   26 Bellevue Road   Ramsgate
Wilson J   3,Cornwall Terrace Ayton Road   Ramsgate
Wilson E   5 Dane Park Road   Ramsgate
Wilson Mrs   9 James Street   Ramsgate
Wilson J A   4 Claremont Gardens, Chapel Road St Lawrence Ramsgate
Wilson S R   Carew House Codrington Road   Ramsgate
Wilson S R bookseller, stationer, printer & trade valuer 36 Harbour Street   Ramsgate
Wilson T   5,King Harman Terrace Southwood Road   Ramsgate
Wilson Tom dining rooms & family commercial temperance hotel 107 High Street   Ramsgate
Wilson S baker & confectioner 30 Hertford Street   Ramsgate
Windsor Miss   Fairholme Albion Road   Ramsgate
Windsor C G P   Elba Albion Road   Ramsgate
Winkle R   East Kent Arms Chatham Street   Ramsgate
Winn Miss   Shalimar House, 13 York Terrace   Ramsgate
Winslow A S     High Street St Lawrence Ramsgate
Winter Mrs   6,Trinity Terrace Victoria Road   Ramsgate
Wire J   2,Poonah Villas Southwood Road   Ramsgate
Witherden T gasfitter 14 Hibernia Street   Ramsgate
Witherden T bellhanger & gasfitter 6 Canonbury Road   Ramsgate
Witherden G   10 Ayton Road   Ramsgate
Witherden G A   Somerset Villa Hereson   Ramsgate
Witherden Misses   123 High Street   Ramsgate
Witherden T H locksmith & bell hanger   Princes Street   Ramsgate
Withers Miss   Farlight     Ramsgate
Wood F J   39 Addington Street   Ramsgate
Wood A F   Ship Inn, 32 Harbour Street   Ramsgate
Wood A   3, Triplecote Dumpton Park Road   Ramsgate
Wood C R butcher 46 Queen Street   Ramsgate
Wood & Co D Collard manager 43,Oxford Terrace Boundary Road   Ramsgate
Wood Miss Resident Invalid & Convalescent Home for Children 3, 4 Albion Terrace   Ramsgate
Wood Mrs   7 Monkton Place   Ramsgate
Wood Mrs   22 Belmont Street   Ramsgate
Wood Mrs S   1 Irchester Street   Ramsgate
Wood R   14,Southwood Terrace Southwood Road   Ramsgate
Wood R   6 Staffordshire Street   Ramsgate
Wood S   47 Denmark Road   Ramsgate
Wood W   26 Denmark Road   Ramsgate
Wood J   19 Abbots Hill   Ramsgate
Wood     1 Mill Cottages St Lawrence Ramsgate
Wood J   1 Cannon Cottages St Lawrence Ramsgate
Wood J T   16,Alfred Cottages Hardres Street   Ramsgate
Wood J     Crescent Road   Ramsgate
Wood J   3 Shaftesbury Street   Ramsgate
Wood J T   2,Stanley Cottages Stanley Place   Ramsgate
Wood J   21 West Cliff Road   Ramsgate
Wood J   4,Cambridge Terrace Church Road   Ramsgate
Wood Mrs   22 Alexandra Road   Ramsgate
Wood W   3,Prospect Terrace Shaftesbury Street   Ramsgate
Woodcock W J   2,Harbro' Villas South Eastern Road   Ramsgate
Woodgate J   Australian Arms Southwood Road   Ramsgate
Woodhall J W builder & ladder maker, agent Kent Friendly Society; Phoenix Fire 4,Belmont Villas Ellington Park Road   Ramsgate
Woodhall J W   18A Chatham Street   Ramsgate
Woodhall J W builder &c. Agent for Phoenix Fire Office Ravenscourt Dane Park   Ramsgate
Woodhams Miss   32 Spencer Square   Ramsgate
Woodruff W   The Maisonette, 23 Vale Road   Ramsgate
Woodruff M   12 Bethesda Street   Ramsgate
Woodruffe Miss   48 Bellevue Road   Ramsgate
Woodward Mrs   1 Cannon Road   Ramsgate
Woodward T bath chairman Ashburnham Lodge Southwood Road   Ramsgate
Woodward C F       Pegwell Ramsgate
Woodward C E   49 Finsbury Road   Ramsgate
Woodward D   3,Southwood Cottages Southwood Road   Ramsgate
Woodward E   65 Alexandra Road   Ramsgate
Woodward G   8 James Street   Ramsgate
Woodward H   Hollicondane Cottages Dane Park   Ramsgate
Woodward H   19,Jubilee Terrace Grosvenor Road   Ramsgate
Woodward J   Louis Cottage Hereson   Ramsgate
Woodward J T   16 Alfred Cottages   Ramsgate
Woodward J C   4,Trinity Terrace Victoria Road   Ramsgate
Woodward J C fly proprietor stables 34 Townley Street   Ramsgate
Woodward R   13 Hill Brow Road   Ramsgate
Woodward T     Brickfield Cottages West Dumpton Ramsgate
Woodward J G   24 Abbots Hill   Ramsgate
Woodward W   9,Southwood Terrace Southwood Road   Ramsgate
Woodward W   6,South Eastern Terrace Margate Road   Ramsgate
Woodward Mrs   3 Castle Road   Ramsgate
Woodward W   11 Hill Brow Road   Ramsgate
Woodward W   22 Hill Brow Road   Ramsgate
Wooldridge G A   7 Hatfield Terrace   Ramsgate
Woolf Mrs   41 Addington Street   Ramsgate
Woolf Mrs   6 Spencer Street   Ramsgate
Woolings G   Albany House Grange Road   Ramsgate
Woolward Capt   4 Chapel Place   Ramsgate
Worsley R C (MRCS Eng, FRCP Lon) physician & surgeon Dashwood House South Eastern Road   Ramsgate
Worsley J   21 Plains of Waterloo   Ramsgate
Worsley R C physician & surgeon Dashwood House Ellington Road   Ramsgate
Worth Miss E vocalist 14 Royal Road   Ramsgate
Wortham F   Silverlea, 14 Royal Road   Ramsgate
Wotton J   Cannon House, 128 High Street   Ramsgate
Wotton E solicitor 32 Augusta Road   Ramsgate
Wotton J   Cannon House Cannon Road   Ramsgate
Wotton T   Claremont, 29 Vale Square   Ramsgate
Wotton E solicitor, registrar   George Street   Ramsgate
Wraight C   1,Devonshire Terrace Duncan Road   Ramsgate
Wraight F J carriage works   Eagle Hill   Ramsgate
Wraight W   1,Memel Cottages, Chapel Road St Lawrence Ramsgate
Wratten A   35 Belmont Street   Ramsgate
Wren G   30 Vale Road   Ramsgate
Wright W   2,Hazelwood Crescent Road   Ramsgate
Wright T   67 Alexandra Road   Ramsgate
Wright Mrs   Greenbank     Ramsgate
Wright Mrs   Devonshire House, 3 East Cliff Terrace Bellevue Road   Ramsgate
Wright J   2 Highfield Villas, Buckstone Road Northwood Ramsgate
Wright H   3,Rose Villas Picton Road   Ramsgate
Wright W   8 La Belle Alliance Square   Ramsgate
Wright J general & fancy draper 21 & 23 High Street   Ramsgate
Wrightson Mrs M A matron - Lady Rose Weigalls training home for girls Dover House, 51 Grange Road   Ramsgate
Wrightson Misses bakers 70 King Street   Ramsgate
Wrightson Mrs L baker & pastrycook 78 High Street   Ramsgate
Wrightson Mrs   Shirburn Villa South Eastern Road   Ramsgate
Wrightson P O   7,Jubilee Terrace Grosvenor Road   Ramsgate
Wrightson H   41 Belmont Street   Ramsgate
Wyatt Capt   Albion Cottage Cottage Road   Ramsgate
Wyborn E   2, Norton Cottage Alpha Road   Ramsgate
Wyles H   2,Waltham Cottages Winstanley Crescent   Ramsgate


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