Ramsgate 1895 Directory - P

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Last Name Initials Occupation No or house Road Area District
Packer Mrs   Vine Cottage Hereson   Ramsgate
Packer J   58 Royal Road   Ramsgate
Packer       Irchester Street   Ramsgate
Packer W   52, Oxford Terrace Boundary Road   Ramsgate
Packer J carpenter 47 West Cliff Road   Ramsgate
Packer E   16, Finsbury Terrace Boundary Road   Ramsgate
Packer E   18 Chatham Street   Ramsgate
Packer D   41 Finsbury Road   Ramsgate
Packer G       Northwood Ramsgate
Packer H   8 Hibernia Street   Ramsgate
Packer C   3 Bellevue Road   Ramsgate
Packer G   97 King Street   Ramsgate
Packer E carrier 4 Sussex Street   Ramsgate
Packer A   46 Bellevue Road   Ramsgate
Padbury F   5 Bethesda Street   Ramsgate
Pagden Mrs   3, Ellington Terrace Ellington Road   Ramsgate
Pagden W builder 2 Alpha Road   Ramsgate
Pagden W venetian blind maker & house decorator   Grove Road   Ramsgate
Page & Sons grocers &c. 1 Harbour Street   Ramsgate
Page & Sons bonded vaults 15 Military Road   Ramsgate
Page W G   2 Queen Street   Ramsgate
Page     3 Clarkes Cottages, Chapel Road St Lawrence Ramsgate
Page     19 Claremont Gardens, Chapel Road St Lawrence Ramsgate
Page W   12 Staffordshire Street   Ramsgate
Page & Sons wine & spirit merchants 2, 4, 6 Queen Street   Ramsgate
Page J W   31 Sussex Street   Ramsgate
Page Miss E   Leinster Lodge, 14 York Terrace   Ramsgate
Page Pilcher & Co grocers &c. 13 King Street   Ramsgate
Page A   5, Lansdown Terrace Cottage Road   Ramsgate
Page Mrs R   4, Serene Place Hereson   Ramsgate
Page D   16 Bellevue Road   Ramsgate
Page Mrs G   5, Serene Place Hereson   Ramsgate
Page Mrs   2 Cavendish Place   Ramsgate
Page Miss   St George, 27 Vale Square   Ramsgate
Page H   8 Hibernia Street   Ramsgate
Page & Sons wine & spirit merchants Charlotte Court York Street   Ramsgate
Page H   1 Claremont Gardens, Chapel Road St Lawrence Ramsgate
Page G   Upper Court Cottage   St Lawrence Ramsgate
Page G   Satis House The Elms   Ramsgate
Page Pilcher   13 King Street   Ramsgate
Paget Miss Church Exten. Association depot 56 High Street   Ramsgate
Paige Mrs   4 Augusta Road   Ramsgate
Pain W   21 Trinity Place   Ramsgate
Pain F   8 Meeting Street   Ramsgate
Pain T P   22 Chatham Street   Ramsgate
Pain R   32 Alexandra Road   Ramsgate
Pain H   1,Liverpool Villas Liverpool Lawn   Ramsgate
Pain D   6 Augusta Road   Ramsgate
Pain C   14 Shaftesbury Street   Ramsgate
Pain J newsagent, bookseller, stationer & advertising agent 15 York Street   Ramsgate
Paine E   Wellington Hotel, 74 High Street   Ramsgate
Paine Mrs   9 Hatfield Terrace   Ramsgate
Palmer Mrs   Denmark House, 11 Royal Road    
Palmer W   29 Alexandra Road   Ramsgate
Palmer J   7 Hern Hill Villas, Chapel Road St Lawrence Ramsgate
Palmer T toll collector   Market Place   Ramsgate
Palmer Very Rev Swithbert Sub-Prior St Augustines Monastery St Augustine's Road   Ramsgate
Palmer Mrs   Stone Cross, 3 Victoria Crescent Ellington Park Road   Ramsgate
Palmer Mrs   54 Canonbury Road   Ramsgate
Palmer T   18 Denmark Road   Ramsgate
Palmer Mrs   6,Montefiore Terrace Hereson   Ramsgate
Palmer F T Granville Marina Studio 1 Granville Marina   Ramsgate
Palmer-Davis Mrs A   St Marys Grange Road   Ramsgate
Pamment Miss   87 Addington Street   Ramsgate
Pantony Miss   1 Augusta Road   Ramsgate
Paramore C   15A Trinity Place   Ramsgate
Paramour A N   2 Chatham Street   Ramsgate
Paramour J   Lorne House Lorne Road   Ramsgate
Paramour C   21 Chatham Street   Ramsgate
Paramour A E       Northwood Ramsgate
Paramour Mrs   13 Percy Road   Ramsgate
Paramour J   Alexandra Villas,41 Vale Road   Ramsgate
Paramour E jun     Sacketts Cottages Northwood Ramsgate
Paramour E sen     Sacketts Cottages Northwood Ramsgate
Paramour A   21 Percy Road   Ramsgate
Paramour E       Northwood Ramsgate
Pardoe Miss   Restholme, 1, Arklow Terrace Bellevue Road   Ramsgate
Parke T W   Ivy Lodge Crescent Road   Ramsgate
Parker W   12 Sussex Street   Ramsgate
Parker Miss E D   75 West Cliff Road   Ramsgate
Parker S   34 Camden Square   Ramsgate
Parker W   21 Canonbury Road   Ramsgate
Parker A   10 Canonbury Road   Ramsgate
Parker Mrs N   14 Albion Place   Ramsgate
Parker R   26 Central Road   Ramsgate
Parker Miss   8, Mount Albion Terrace Avenue Road   Ramsgate
Parker J   Alma Inn La Belle Alliance Square   Ramsgate
Parker A   5, Gordon Terrace Cross Road   Ramsgate
Parkes E C   Allendene Codrington Road   Ramsgate
Parkes     Chapel Cottage Ellington Place   Ramsgate
Parkin A B   4, Vincent Villas Crescent Road   Ramsgate
Parncutt H J   19 Finsbury Road   Ramsgate
Parncutt Miss   12, Cumberland Place Hereson   Ramsgate
Parnell J A   29 Percy Road   Ramsgate
Parnell W T   2, Victoria Villas Ellington Park Road   Ramsgate
Parnum R   33 Alma Road   Ramsgate
Parrott Mrs   7 Guildford Lawn   Ramsgate
Parry W G   8 Paragon   Ramsgate
Parsons E   Ethelbert Villa St Mildreds Road   Ramsgate
Parsons W furniture dealer 1 & 3 Camden Road   Ramsgate
Parsons Mrs   5, Mount Albion Terrace Avenue Road   Ramsgate
Parsons Mrs   101 Hardres Street   Ramsgate
Partington Mrs   Maesmor Albion Road   Ramsgate
Partington Mrs   South View House, 3 Sion Hill   Ramsgate
Paterson J G   1 Florence Terrace   Ramsgate
Pattenden G & M upholsterers & dressmakers 8 Effingham Street   Ramsgate
Pattenden H W   20 Hibernia Street   Ramsgate
Patterson J   1, Blenheim Terrace Crescent Road   Ramsgate
Paul H   3 Union Street   Ramsgate
Pavey & Co chemists 104 High Street   Ramsgate
Pavey H J& Co chemists 68 King Street   Ramsgate
Pay C   1,Spencer Cottages Paragon Place   Ramsgate
Pay J   33 Meeting Street   Ramsgate
Pay J   2,Westbourne Terrace South Eastern Road   Ramsgate
Payne F   13 Avenue Road   Ramsgate
Payne W     Albion Mews   Ramsgate
Payne Smith Rev R   The Vicarage Manstone Road St Lawrence Ramsgate
Payne R   8 Eagle Hill   Ramsgate
Payne H   2, Clarence Villas Avenue Road   Ramsgate
Payne C T   Trafalgar Hotel Royal Road   Ramsgate
Payne A T   8,Ranelagh Terrace Margate Road   Ramsgate
Payne H   Lyndon Stables Edith Road   Ramsgate
Peachy Mrs wardrobe dealer 109 King Street   Ramsgate
Peak Miss   13 Cavendish Street   Ramsgate
Pearce A H   Fairplace The Elms   Ramsgate
Pearce Mrs   29 Adelaide Gardens   Ramsgate
Pearson F   7 Rose Hill   Ramsgate
Peat E   3 Claremont Place   Ramsgate
Peck J J   7 Addington Street   Ramsgate
Peck J J   52A Addington Street   Ramsgate
Pedder J W family draper, milliner & dressmaker 36 Queen Street   Ramsgate
Peek W   4 Lorne Road   Ramsgate
Peel J     Forge Alley St Lawrence Ramsgate
Peete G grocer   Anns Road   Ramsgate
Peete G grocer &c. 53 Finsbury Road   Ramsgate
Pegden G   3,Harbro' Villas South Eastern Road   Ramsgate
Pegden W   47 Hardres Street   Ramsgate
Peirce & Son bill posters & advertising agents 131 High Street   Ramsgate
Peirce Mrs   131 High Street   Ramsgate
Pemble C   14, Alfred Cottages Hardres Street   Ramsgate
Pennefather W   7 Cliff Street   Ramsgate
Pennells Mrs   79 Hardres Street   Ramsgate
Penny S   2 Kent Place   Ramsgate
Penny T   29 Vale Road   Ramsgate
Penny Mrs   11 Brunswick Street   Ramsgate
Penny A   13 Princes Street   Ramsgate
Penny G   8 Adelaide Gardens   Ramsgate
Penny W   13 Brunswick Street   Ramsgate
Penny W   11 Cross Street   Ramsgate
Penston G R   Percy Villa Edith Road   Ramsgate
Pepper J C   2, Hilda Villas Dundonald Road   Ramsgate
Pepper Mrs   1, The Sycamores Duncan Road   Ramsgate
Pepper C A   1A Abbots Hill   Ramsgate
Percy Mrs J   11 Prospect Terrace   Ramsgate
Percy R L H   28 Effingham Street   Ramsgate
Perkins Miss   Thanet House, 16 Vale Square   Ramsgate
Perkins R B   12 Lorne Road   Ramsgate
Perkins Miss   8 Wellington Crescent   Ramsgate
Perkins G general dealer 105 King Street   Ramsgate
Perrett W H   4, Codrington Villas Codrington Road   Ramsgate
Perring J   6 Grosvenor Road   Ramsgate
Perritt T J   3, Cambridge Terrace Church Road   Ramsgate
Perry S   35 & 38 Central Road   Ramsgate
Perry Mrs J coal office 66 High Street   Ramsgate
Perry W   9 Brunswick Street   Ramsgate
Perry H J agent Westminster Fire, General & Life, Crown & Accident 66 High Street   Ramsgate
Perry Mrs   Cumberland House Hereson   Ramsgate
Perry Mrs   Eldad House Ellington Road   Ramsgate
Perry Mrs J coal store 9 Plains of Waterloo   Ramsgate
Perry H J   2, Vincent Villas Codrington Road   Ramsgate
Perry G E   1, Francis Villas Anns Road   Ramsgate
Perry E   10 Belmont Street   Ramsgate
Perry E S   Etheldreda's Villa South Eastern Road   Ramsgate
Perry A S oilman, St Augustines Schools 1 Artillery Road   Ramsgate
Perry Mrs coals 16 Military Road   Ramsgate
Perryman J   14 Albion Hill   Ramsgate
Peterson G   7 Trinity Place   Ramsgate
Petley T   14 Denmark Road   Ramsgate
Petley A E   5 Eagle Hill   Ramsgate
Petley J   13 Denmark Road   Ramsgate
Petley J grocer &C. Margate Road Post Office   Margate Road   Ramsgate
Petley E   48 Canonbury Road   Ramsgate
Petley A C   32 Denmark Road   Ramsgate
Petley H general shop Dane Stroud House Granville Road   Ramsgate
Petley H   12, Oxford Terrace   Ramsgate
Petley Mrs   36 Townley Street   Ramsgate
Petley J general shop & post office 2 Alexandra Road   Ramsgate
Pett R B   1, Blenheim Villas Crescent Road   Ramsgate
Petter     23 George  Street   Ramsgate
Petters J oyster & refreshment rooms 6 York Street   Ramsgate
Pettifer Mrs   12 Paragon   Ramsgate
Pettit G   1,Montefiore Terrace Hereson   Ramsgate
Pettit W J   34 Alexandra Road   Ramsgate
Pettitt J   38, Oxford Terrace Boundary Road   Ramsgate
Pettman T E Professor of Music 13, Cliffdale Arklow Square   Ramsgate
Pettman W S   3,Hermon Villas Picton Road   Ramsgate
Pettman Miss teacher of music 1, Albans Villas The Elms   Ramsgate
Pettman Mrs   2, Katherine Villas Picton Road   Ramsgate
Pettman E   5,South Eastern Terrace Margate Road   Ramsgate
Pettman A     Sacketts Cottages Northwood Ramsgate
Petts     Saxon Villa Ellington   Ramsgate
Petts J carrier Redwood House Southwood Road   Ramsgate
Petts W     High Street St Lawrence Ramsgate
Pewtner Miss   1,Hermon Villas Picton Road   Ramsgate
Phelps Mrs J   Vincent House Belmont Road   Ramsgate
Phillips Mrs   77 Addington Street   Ramsgate
Phillips W   8 Cavendish Place   Ramsgate
Philpot R S confectioner & tobacconist 1A Bellevue Road   Ramsgate
Philpot Mrs   2 Augusta Road   Ramsgate
Philpot J   2 Union Street   Ramsgate
Philpot E general shop 2, Gordon Terrace Cross Road   Ramsgate
Philpott S G     Cavendish Street   Ramsgate
Philpott A   14 Canonbury Road   Ramsgate
Philpott W P   Christina Villa Picton Road   Ramsgate
Philpott W   1 Alma Cottages Dumpton Ramsgate
Philpott W   7 Finsbury Road   Ramsgate
Philpott S   39 Canonbury Road   Ramsgate
Philpott S G   Wendover House High Street   Ramsgate
Philpott S G confectioner & mineral water manufacturer 16 High Street   Ramsgate
Philpott R W stationer, library, fancy repository, agent Beaseley, dyer 81 High Street   Ramsgate
Philpott R   Cooper's Cottages Southwood Road   Ramsgate
Philpott Miss   9 Claremont Place   Ramsgate
Philpott Mrs laundress 22 Denmark Road   Ramsgate
Philpott J   11 Ayton Road   Ramsgate
Philpott H   129 King Street   Ramsgate
Philpott H     High Street St Lawrence Ramsgate
Philpott H   Southwood Water Works Southwood Road   Ramsgate
Philpott G A     High Street St Lawrence Ramsgate
Philpott G F greengrocer & c., post & telegraph office 1, Dover Terrace Grange Road   Ramsgate
Philpott E   25 Castle Road   Ramsgate
Philpott W   4, Devonshire Terrace Duncan Road   Ramsgate
Philpott E coal dealer   Southwood Road   Ramsgate
Phippard J W general shop 124 King Street   Ramsgate
Phipps Capt   24 Spencer Square   Ramsgate
Phipps J P painter, paperhanger &c. 14, Finsbury Terrace Boundary Road   Ramsgate
Pidduck W   17, Finsbury Terrace Boundary Road   Ramsgate
Pidduck I     High Street St Lawrence Ramsgate
Pidduck H   11,Montefiore Cottages Montague Road   Ramsgate
Pidduck S   39 Finsbury Road   Ramsgate
Pidduck B   1,Southwood Cottages Southwood Road   Ramsgate
Pidduck A H   2 Rose Villas St Lawrence Ramsgate
Pidgeon E C   2, Newport Villas Duncan Road   Ramsgate
Pieno Capt   2, Ellington Terrace Ellington Road   Ramsgate
Pierce W I   91 Crescent Road   Ramsgate
Pierce     3,Montefiore Cottages Montague Road   Ramsgate
Pierce J F   75 Crescent Road   Ramsgate
Pierce & Taylor blacksmiths Harbour Place Harbour Street   Ramsgate
Pigott Miss   2, Clifton Villas Duncan Road   Ramsgate
Pilcher C confectioner & tobacconist 33 West Cliff Road   Ramsgate
Pilcher Mrs J M   79 West Cliff Road   Ramsgate
Pilcher J   Leicester Villa South Eastern Road   Ramsgate
Pilcher G   5 Hern Hill Villas, Chapel Road St Lawrence Ramsgate
Pilcher Bros butchers 52 High Street   Ramsgate
Pilcher H   Waterloo Cottage Irchester Street   Ramsgate
Pile W   27 Percy Road   Ramsgate
Pinchbeck Mrs K   1, Elms Park Terrace The Elms   Ramsgate
Pinder H RAOB, AOD Freemasons Arms Princes Street   Ramsgate
Pinker Miss   Stafford House St Mildreds Road   Ramsgate
Pinkham W   24 Shaftesbury Street   Ramsgate
Pinkham & Isemonger   9 Military Road   Ramsgate
Pinkham R   Isemonger     Ramsgate
Pinkham R   9 Abbots Hill   Ramsgate
Pinkham R   35, Oxford Terrace Boundary Road   Ramsgate
Pinkham L M   1 Abbots Hill   Ramsgate
Piper C   51 Alexandra Road   Ramsgate
Piper G   1 Claremont Place   Ramsgate
Piper T   26 Alexandra Road   Ramsgate
Pitcher I   27 Townley Street   Ramsgate
Pitcher Miss pianoforte & music warehouse 83 High Street   Ramsgate
Pitcher H   22 Hertford Street   Ramsgate
Pitcher W C   2, Dover Terrace Grange Road   Ramsgate
Pite A R Architect - Dane Park Estate Office 44 Effingham Street   Ramsgate
Pite A R   10 Chapel Place   Ramsgate
Pitt & Scotts Foreign Agency Office   York Street   Ramsgate
Pittock T   3, Beech Cottages Grange Road   Ramsgate
Plato J   10, Montefiore College Hereson   Ramsgate
Pledge G R   16 Cavendish Street   Ramsgate
Pledge E draper &c. Waterloo House, 21 King Street   Ramsgate
Pluck W R     Southwood Road   Ramsgate
Plummer F H   31 Royal Road   Ramsgate
Pointer Miss   21 Artillery Road   Ramsgate
Pointer R   1 Twin Cottages, Chapel Road St Lawrence Ramsgate
Pointer W   2,Memel Cottages, Chapel Road St Lawrence Ramsgate
Pointer J   1,Pleasant Cottages Southwood Road   Ramsgate
Pointer G   23 Brunswick Street   Ramsgate
Pointer F W   Brompton Villa Dundonald Road   Ramsgate
Pointer F W earthenware & hardware stores 15 Turner Street   Ramsgate
Pointer F W grocer & provision merchant 63 King Street   Ramsgate
Pointer W   4, Watchman Terrace Bloomsbury Road   Ramsgate
Pointing W   1, Claremont Villas Dundonald Road   Ramsgate
Pollard W   5,Myrtle Terrace Thanet Road   Ramsgate
Pollard J H   3, Elms Park Terrace The Elms   Ramsgate
Pollard G R M (LRCP, Lon, MRCS Eng) surgeon Augusta Villa Bellevue Road   Ramsgate
Pollard F L H   12 Bellevue Road   Ramsgate
Polwarth J   2,Canham Cottages Southwood Road   Ramsgate
Poole J S   69 Hardres Street   Ramsgate
Poole H   3 Albert Street   Ramsgate
Poole M J tailor & hatter 54 Queen Street   Ramsgate
Poole Miss teacher of music 69 Hardres Street   Ramsgate
Poole M J   12 Chapel Place   Ramsgate
Poole H E (MRCVS) veterinary surgeon 41 Grange Road   Ramsgate
Pope Mrs   2, Maitland Villas Grange Road   Ramsgate
Popham J Leybourne   5 Prospect Terrace   Ramsgate
Popple Mrs   Prospect Lodge, 2 Prospect Terrace   Ramsgate
Porcher W   18 Leopold Street   Ramsgate
Porritt F W   8, Oxford Terrace Boundary Road   Ramsgate
Porritt Mrs   Wheatsheaf Inn   St Lawrence Ramsgate
Port C   12 Bloomsbury Road   Ramsgate
Port W H builder & brickmaker Elm Lodge Ellington   Ramsgate
Port W W   7, Harrison Terrace Canonbury Road   Ramsgate
Pott Mrs     High Street St Lawrence Ramsgate
Pott Miss   59 Addington Street   Ramsgate
Pott Misses   1, Acorn Villas The Elms   Ramsgate
Potter W   13 Alma Road   Ramsgate
Potter Mrs S greengrocer 132 King Street   Ramsgate
Potter W   34 Central Road   Ramsgate
Potter G S   Montefiore Villa South Eastern Road   Ramsgate
Pottle C   8 Alma Road   Ramsgate
Pow F C   1,Frederick Villas Southwood Road   Ramsgate
Powell A   27 Camden Square   Ramsgate
Powell H H manager - Thanet Boot Repairing Co. 60 King Street   Ramsgate
Powell M agent - Gardner & Co, Ash Brewery 1, 2 St Lawrence Terrace   Ramsgate
Powell R Parochial Office, Assistant Overseer 8, Hart Terrace Grange Road   Ramsgate
Powell Mrs A grocery stores   Leopold Street   Ramsgate
Powell Mrs A grocer, tea dealer, wine & spirit merchant 51 Queen Street   Ramsgate
Powell Miss   6 Princes Street   Ramsgate
Powell Mrs French cleaner & dyer 2,Hermon Villas Picton Road   Ramsgate
Powell J J Livingstone café & hotel 41 King Street   Ramsgate
Powell J A fruiterer, greengrocer & dairyman, Registrar of Marriages 43 Queen Street   Ramsgate
Powell M   20 Finsbury Road   Ramsgate
Power Rev J     West Cliff Road   Ramsgate
Powers Rev T   St Augustines Monastery St Augustine's Road   Ramsgate
Powling Mrs   27 Wellington Crescent   Ramsgate
Pratt Miss   Berwyn Albion Road   Ramsgate
Pratt W   2, Wellington Cottages Albert Street   Ramsgate
Pratt W   7,Gibson Terrace Rodney Street   Ramsgate
Pratto A   3A, Cumberland Place Hereson   Ramsgate
Prebble G   Temperance Hotel Ellington Park Road   Ramsgate
Prebble G     Chatham Street   Ramsgate
Preddy E T   20 Bellevue Road   Ramsgate
Prescott J M   75 Plains of Waterloo   Ramsgate
Prestedge T   Hollicondane Cottages Dane Park   Ramsgate
Preston     2, Cambridge Terrace Church Road   Ramsgate
Preston S baker & confectioner 103 High Street   Ramsgate
Preston J H     Sacketts Cottages Northwood Ramsgate
Preston H M surgeon dentist 96 High Street   Ramsgate
Preston A J baker & confectioner 10, Hart Terrace Grange Road   Ramsgate
Prett J E decorator 7, Oxford Terrace Boundary Road   Ramsgate
Prewett W   Paragon Baths Paragon   Ramsgate
Price & Co tobacconists & Theatre toilet rooms 48 High Street   Ramsgate
Price G H   5,Osborne Villas Margate Road   Ramsgate
Price J   19 Albion Place   Ramsgate
Price G   Pegwell Cottage   Pegwell Ramsgate
Price Mrs   Pauline Villa Trinity Place   Ramsgate
Price M A   Caroline Villa Southwood Road   Ramsgate
Price W B clerk & sexton St Georges 44 Hardres Street   Ramsgate
Price Mrs   81 West Cliff Road   Ramsgate
Price G   53 Alexandra Road   Ramsgate
Price & Co wholesale & retail tobacconists 31 King Street   Ramsgate
Price C   1, Aberdeen Villas Ellington Road   Ramsgate
Prickett Miss   2 Wellington Crescent   Ramsgate
Priest J   6 Ellington   Ramsgate
Priestley S cycle works 6 Turner Street   Ramsgate
Priestly T   22 Canonbury Road   Ramsgate
Priestly S cycle & mail cart depot   Turner Street   Ramsgate
Prior Dr G professor of music, Mus Doc Oxon Agnes Villa The Elms   Ramsgate
Pritchard J   4 Alexandra Road   Ramsgate
Pritchard T   13, Oxford Terrace Boundary Road   Ramsgate
Pritchard F   1 Pear Tree Cottages Dumpton Ramsgate
Pritchard F   19 Sussex Street   Ramsgate
Pritchard B   6, Serene Place Hereson   Ramsgate
Pritchard A L   Conyngham Cottage, 158 High Street   Ramsgate
Pritchard J   17 Sussex Street   Ramsgate
Proctor J   Crown Hotel, 30 York Street   Ramsgate
Prophet Mrs   7, Mount Albion Terrace Avenue Road   Ramsgate
Prouse J com. Boatman 7,Coast Guard Station Victoria Parade   Ramsgate
Pryce Miss     Southwood Road   Ramsgate
Pryce R J   2, Victor Villas Edith Road   Ramsgate
Pryce & Judd manufacturing ironmongers, gasfitters &c. 24 Queen Street   Ramsgate
Prynn Mrs     Vicarage Cottages St Lawrence Ramsgate
Prynn A shipwright 10 Military Road   Ramsgate
Prynn A shipwright 24 Effingham Street   Ramsgate
Pugh     Argyle Cottage Lorne Road    Ramsgate
Pugh J grocer 13, 14, Cumberland Place Hereson   Ramsgate
Pugin Mrs   St Edwards, The Grange St Augustine's Road   Ramsgate
Pullen F   10 Adelaide Gardens   Ramsgate
Pullen Mrs   9 Chapel Place   Ramsgate
Pullinger H M butcher 54 King Street   Ramsgate
Pullman H   10 Abbots Hill   Ramsgate
Purkis C G   2, Cambridge Villas Grange Road   Ramsgate
Purnell Miss   Sea View, 4 Nelson Crescent   Ramsgate
Purtridge R   1, Beatrice Villas Ellington Road   Ramsgate
Pygott W F   36 Royal Road   Ramsgate

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