Ramsgate 1895 Directory - D

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Last Name Initials Occupation No or house Road Area District
DaCosta M   66A King Street   Ramsgate
DaCosta L Boarding House 10 Augusta Road   Ramsgate
DaCosta Mrs   66 King Street   Ramsgate
Dadd W   1,Hesse Villas Southwood Road   Ramsgate
Dadds Mrs     Southwood Road   Ramsgate
Dale E greengrocer 2 Townley Street   Ramsgate
Dale G general shop 50 Royal Road   Ramsgate
Dale F   4 Unity Place   Ramsgate
Danes J   17 Percy Road   Ramsgate
Daniel O F   20 Albion Place   Ramsgate
Daniel O & A solicitors, notaries public, perpetual commissioners for oaths 1 Effingham Street   Ramsgate
Daniel Misses   Sussex House Victoria Road   Ramsgate
Daniel A H   6 Chapel Place   Ramsgate
Daniel J W   Foyers South Eastern Road   Ramsgate
Daniels J smith &c. 66 Hardres Street   Ramsgate
Danton S firewood merchant   Vale Road   Ramsgate
Danton R   Lime Kiln Cottage Dumpton Park Road   Ramsgate
Danton A   17 Claremont Gardens, Chapel Road St Lawrence Ramsgate
Danton G   1,Cecil Cottages Southwood Road   Ramsgate
Danton H   14, Boundary Place Boundary Road   Ramsgate
Danton I   Honeysuckle Inn Hereson   Ramsgate
Danton A manager - Fells & son, grocery & provisions stores 26 York Street   Ramsgate
Danton S   3 Thatched Cottages   Ramsgate
Danton S   4 Bloomsbury Road   Ramsgate
Danton T W   10 Bloomsbury Road   Ramsgate
Danton J   2, Denmark Cottages Boundary Road   Ramsgate
Danton J Royal Oak Shades 66 Harbour Street   Ramsgate
Danton J M   42, Oxford Terrace Boundary Road   Ramsgate
Danton Mrs East Cliff oyster & refreshment rooms 10 Kent Place   Ramsgate
Danton Mrs     High Street St Lawrence Ramsgate
Danton J     Southwood Road   Ramsgate
Darby Mrs pork butcher 67 High Street   Ramsgate
Darby J   White Horse   St Lawrence Ramsgate
Darby W   5 Guildford Lawn   Ramsgate
Darby W   11 Hibernia Street   Ramsgate
Darby W R   8 Cavendish Street   Ramsgate
Darby C   17 Artillery Road   Ramsgate
Darby G     Buckstone Road Northwood Ramsgate
Darby H     Chapel Road Northwood Ramsgate
Darby H   Elm Cottage   St Lawrence Ramsgate
Darby H   Jackey Bakers Farm Buckstone Road Northwood Ramsgate
Darby S porter 59 Plains of Waterloo   Ramsgate
Darling & Co mineral water manufactory 17 Turner Street   Ramsgate
Darling Mrs J   Brunswick House Turner Street   Ramsgate
Darling J   28 Turner Street   Ramsgate
Davey W T   6,Florry Cottages Hereson   Ramsgate
Davey Miss   67 Plains of Waterloo   Ramsgate
Davey J   2 Farley Place   Ramsgate
Davidson W S   Northwood House Margate Road   Ramsgate
Davidson J   Prospect Lodge Grange Road   Ramsgate
Davies Mrs   2, Eddystone Villas Duncan Road   Ramsgate
Davies Miss Mount Spencer School 22 Spencer Square   Ramsgate
Davis Mrs   St Marys     Ramsgate
Davis B   15 Church Road   Ramsgate
Davis Miss   7,Westbourne Terrace South Eastern Road   Ramsgate
Davis W L   40 Spencer Square   Ramsgate
Davis J tobacconist 20 King Street   Ramsgate
Davison W   51 Addington Street   Ramsgate
Dawes E   31 Brunswick Street   Ramsgate
Dawes W J   22 Leopold Street   Ramsgate
Dawkins F jeweller 152 King Street   Ramsgate
Dawkins A F     Ivy Lane   Ramsgate
Dawkins A J West Cliff cycle works 22 West Cliff Road   Ramsgate
Dawkins J   Pylades, 52 Royal Road   Ramsgate
Dawkins Mrs boarding house Harbour View, 13 Kent Terrace   Ramsgate
Dawkins J   Homerville South Eastern Road   Ramsgate
Dawson R   27 Brunswick Street   Ramsgate
Dawson J jun   12 Albert Street   Ramsgate
Dawson G   Temperance Hotel, 1, Elgar Place Boundary Road   Ramsgate
Dawson G   33 Chatham Street   Ramsgate
Day H   32 Brunswick Street   Ramsgate
Day C C tobacconist 3 West Cliff Arcade   Ramsgate
Day C C   8,Westbourne Terrace South Eastern Road   Ramsgate
De Berave Mrs   2,Florry Cottages Hereson   Ramsgate
Deacon A engraver & copperplate printer 84 High Street   Ramsgate
Deacon R   10, Southwick Terrace Duncan Road   Ramsgate
Deal Miss   10 Prospect Terrace   Ramsgate
Deane Capt W   2 Arklow Square   Ramsgate
Debling W fishmonger 111 King Street   Ramsgate
Delitsch Mrs   5, Blenheim Terrace Crescent Road   Ramsgate
Delitsch Mrs ladies outfitter, baby linen warehouse 116 High Street   Ramsgate
Dell W M   8 Hatfield Terrace   Ramsgate
Dello W   2 Claremont Place   Ramsgate
Denford B J A   18 Belmont Street   Ramsgate
Denham G professor of music The Downs Dane Park   Ramsgate
Dennard D   13 Flora Road   Ramsgate
Denne F   14 Monkton Place   Ramsgate
Denne W   12 Liverpool Lawn   Ramsgate
Denne H dairyman & confectioner 141 High Street   Ramsgate
Dennis T   Cheslea Villa Dundonald Road   Ramsgate
Dennis J com. Boatman 4,Coast Guard Station Victoria Parade   Ramsgate
Dennis J   Sunnyside Duncan Road   Ramsgate
Dennis H   3, Farley Place Boundary Road   Ramsgate
Densumbe J   Vale Cottage, 21 Vale Road   Ramsgate
Denton Mrs   Glanmire, 20 Vale Square   Ramsgate
Desormeaux T P hairdresser   Margate Road   Ramsgate
Deverson Miss E dressmaker 5 Vale Road   Ramsgate
Deverson T   3,Melrose Cottages Hertford Street   Ramsgate
Deverson F   2 Hibernia Street   Ramsgate
Deverson C   Elnathan, 5 Vale Road   Ramsgate
Deveson S & Co coal, coke & soda merchants 16A High Street   Ramsgate
Deveson S coals 11 Military Road   Ramsgate
Deveson S coals 2 Military Road   Ramsgate
Deveson S coal store   Staffordshire Street   Ramsgate
Deveson S & Co soda store   Broad Street   Ramsgate
Deveson F C butcher Norfolk House, 9 Adelphi Terrace Grange Road   Ramsgate
Deveson S   2, Acorn Villas The Elms   Ramsgate
Dew F C & Co Manager - Ramsgate Marina Pier & Lift Co Ltd 22 Granville Marina   Ramsgate
Dew F C & Co Manager - Ramsgate Marina Pier & Lift Co Ltd 19 Granville Marina   Ramsgate
Diamond W   7 Cross Street   Ramsgate
Diamond G   68 Plains of Waterloo   Ramsgate
Dicey Mrs   1, Grange Villas Grange Road   Ramsgate
Diddams J R   19, Watchman Terrace Bloomsbury Road   Ramsgate
Diddams Miss   7 Lorne Road   Ramsgate
Diggins Miss dressmaker 6, East Cliff Terrace Bellevue Road   Ramsgate
Diggins J R   6, East Cliff Terrace Bellevue Road   Ramsgate
Digman Mrs   The Cosy, 22 Osborne Villas Margate Road   Ramsgate
Dike Mrs   34 Hibernia Street   Ramsgate
Dike Mrs   6 Abbots Hill   Ramsgate
Dillon E M   Clovelly     Ramsgate
Dilnot J cornfactor, greengrocer & seedsman 60 High Street   Ramsgate
Dines T   29 Montague Road   Ramsgate
Dines J   5 Castle Road   Ramsgate
Dines G     Chapel Road St Lawrence Ramsgate
Dines G   1 Hern Hill Villas, Chapel Road St Lawrence  Ramsgate
Diver & Hogben   blacksmiths   Leopold Street   Ramsgate
Divers H H   44 Camden Square   Ramsgate
Dixey J   7 Hibernia Street   Ramsgate
Dixon E L (MRCVSL) veterinary surgeon   High Street   Ramsgate
Dixon F outfitters, tailors, hatters & hosiers 45 High Street   Ramsgate
Dixon P   21 Adelaide Gardens   Ramsgate
Dobell J   Chelmsford House Duncan Road   Ramsgate
Docwra Mrs   13 Willsons Road   Ramsgate
Dodd Miss   16 Vale Road   Ramsgate
Donetta G pastrycook 15, 16 Granville Marina   Ramsgate
Donnithorne T   2 Leopold Street   Ramsgate
Donovan J   53 Plains of Waterloo   Ramsgate
Double Miss ladies school Athelstan House Crescent Road   Ramsgate
Double H   5, Arthur Terrace Ellington Road   Ramsgate
Dougherty Mrs   9 Claremont Gardens, Chapel Road St Lawrence Ramsgate
Doughty W   17 Meeting Street   Ramsgate
Doughty H   5 Monkton Place   Ramsgate
Doughty J   Rathlin Villa Ellington Road   Ramsgate
Doughty     2 Granville Road   Ramsgate
Doughty Mrs W   46 Hertford Street   Ramsgate
Doughty G   30 Hibernia Street   Ramsgate
Doughty Rev T   Rushbourne Mount Albion Road   Ramsgate
Douglas Miss dressmaker 28 Leopold Street   Ramsgate
Douglas D   28 Leopold Street   Ramsgate
Dowker G   6 High Street St Lawrence Ramsgate
Dowker G   2,Laburnham Villas South Eastern Road   Ramsgate
Dowland Mrs   26 Montague Road   Ramsgate
Dowland S baker & c.   Granville Road   Ramsgate
Dowland S baker & confectioner 1, Gordon Terrace Cross Road   Ramsgate
Dowland W C   6 Arklow Square   Ramsgate
Dowle J   31 Townley Street   Ramsgate
Dowling R grocer, wine & spirit merchant - R M Stores 2, Adelphi Terrace Grange Road   Ramsgate
Dowling R grocer, wine & spirit merchant - R M Stores 1, Adelphi Terrace Grange Road   Ramsgate
Down A   Chilton Tavern Chilton Villas Chilton Ramsgate
Down J   1 Chapel Terrace, Chapel Road St Lawrence Ramsgate
Downs W   6 Guildford Lawn   Ramsgate
Downs G B   Hare & Hounds Margate Road   Ramsgate
Dows J   18 Royal Road   Ramsgate
Draper Mrs   11 Woodford Avenue   Ramsgate
Dray W florist & seedsman 53 Queen Street   Ramsgate
Dray W   Ellington Nurseries Picton Road   Ramsgate
Dray F   49 Alexandra Road   Ramsgate
Drayson W steward - The Ramsgate Constitutional Club 38 Queen Street   Ramsgate
Drayson J   31, Oxford Terrace Boundary Road   Ramsgate
Drayson W   2,Victoria Villas Victoria Road   Ramsgate
Drayson H   12 Albion Hill   Ramsgate
Drayson F   1,Victoria Villas Victoria Road   Ramsgate
Drayson F steward - Ramsgate Club 56 Harbour Street   Ramsgate
Drayson E Q   22 Artillery Road   Ramsgate
Drew C T   7 Percy Road   Ramsgate
Drew C T   East View Crescent Road   Ramsgate
Drincqbier Mrs   Sparkeford Ellington Road   Ramsgate
Drincqbier H French warehouse 25 High Street   Ramsgate
Drincqbier H poulterer & licensed dealer in game 24 High Street   Ramsgate
Drury S   1,St Pauls Cottages King Street   Ramsgate
Drury     2, Frederick Place Hereson   Ramsgate
Dry Mrs   5 Memel Place   Ramsgate
Dryden Mrs   2,West Cliff Villas West Cliff Road   Ramsgate
Drysdale Mrs   23 Royal Road   Ramsgate
Duckering S       Northwood Ramsgate
Duckett W   170 High Street   Ramsgate
Duckworth J   Stanley House Vale Road   Ramsgate
Dudley J W   27 Plains of Waterloo   Ramsgate
Duff W B   Harold House, Syndale Place Avenue Road   Ramsgate
Duff     1,Zion Villas, Myrtle Terrace Thanet Road   Ramsgate
Duffett W G   Stonecross Stables Ellington Park Road   Ramsgate
Dugwell W   3 Mews Cottages   Ramsgate
Dugwell F furniture dealer 46 King Street   Ramsgate
Dunbar & Co tailors 77 High Street   Ramsgate
Dunkley W   73 Addington Street   Ramsgate
Dunn W H   Westbourne House     Ramsgate
Dunn W   Hollicondane Cottages Dane Park   Ramsgate
Dunn W E   10 Hatfield Terrace   Ramsgate
Dunn Mrs   Westbourne House, 3 Paragon   Ramsgate
Dunn C   6 Cavendish Street   Ramsgate
Dunn E R plumber, writer &c. 90 Queen Street   Ramsgate
Dunn E R     Addington Street   Ramsgate
Dunn G J auctioneer, agent Royal Fire & Life 10 Vale Road   Ramsgate
Dunn G J auction rooms & offices   Cliff Street   Ramsgate
Dunn Mrs W   10 Castle Road   Ramsgate
Dunn R G & Son complete furnishing warehouse 63 Queen Street   Ramsgate
Dunn W R   Hope Lodge     Ramsgate
Dunn R G   15 Royal Road   Ramsgate
Dunn S   19 Cumberland Road   Ramsgate
Dunn W H   Westbourne Lodge Paragon Place   Ramsgate
Dunn R G & Son furnishing warehouse 92 Queen Street   Ramsgate
Dunt J   13 Paragon   Ramsgate
Dunt J Parochial offices - asst overseer Poor Rates 91 High Street   Ramsgate
Dunt H M Offices General District Rate - collector 91 High Street   Ramsgate
Dunt H M   3 Spencer Square   Ramsgate
Dupleix Misses   Invermay Southwood Road   Ramsgate
Durham J E   Haroldene     Ramsgate
Dutton T   Castleacre Ellington Road   Ramsgate
Dutton T J registrar of births & deaths 72 High Street   Ramsgate
Dyason D   4,Paragon Cottages Paragon Place   Ramsgate
Dyer J   21 Abbots Hill   Ramsgate
Dyer C F chemist 3, Adelphi Terrace Grange Road   Ramsgate
Dyer H boot repairing depot 6 Camden Road   Ramsgate
Dyke J   3, Lansdown Terrace Cottage Road   Ramsgate
Dyson Rev W H   Watcombe Grove Road   Ramsgate

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