The Queens Own Royal West Kent Regiment

Roll of Honour - S


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H    I   
















Sacker A A J S/9110 Pte   Smith F W L/8421 Pte
Sackett R 242237 Pte   Smith G   2nd Lieut
Saddington G H (MM) G/1435 Sgt   Smith G G/20028 Pte
Saddleton G F G/18509 Pte   Smith G S/1243 Pte
Sadler A J G/15431 Pte   Smith G A L/7655 Pte
Sage A L/8200 Pte   Smith G A G/8355 L/Cpl
Sage F C B 206372 Pte   Smith G H L/8504 Pte
Sage J S L/10571 Pte   Smith G W G/31160 Pte
Saint R S/8956 Pte   Smith H S/747 Pte
Sale W H 201178 Cpl   Smith H G/9877 Pte
Sales W H 201178 Cpl   Smith H G/31387 L/Cpl
Sallis A F G/24743 Pte   Smith H G/94 Cpl
Salter A E G/18150 Pte   Smith H G/20578 Pte
Salter J W G/16112 Pte   Smith H G/2384 Pte
Sampson A G/1942 Cpl   Smith H L/11013 Pte
Sampson C G/11554 Pte   Smith H J G/30630 Pte
Sampson R G/1539 Pte   Smith H L/11554 Pte
Sams A 241677 Pte   Smith H C 240127 Pte
Sams C   2nd Lieut   Smith H A G/10616 L/Cpl
Samuel G G   Lieut   Smith H E G/11000 Pte
Samuel W B 203183 Pte   Smith H F 204597 Pte
Samways S G S/674 Pte   Smith H H G/28867 Pte
Sandell L W G/20767 L/Cpl   Smith H P 204597 Pte
Sanders C A G/11238 Pte   Smith H R (MC)   Lieut
Sanders F G/28411 L/Cpl   Smith H U G/1871 Pte
Sanders F J L/8203 Pte   Smith H W G/4991 Pte
Sanders S E   2nd Lieut   Smith H W G/12151 Pte
Sandford J L/8737 Pte   Smith H W J G/19617 Pte
Sands A J 10253 Pte   Smith J G/12848 Pte
Sands E G/1408 Pte   Smith J G/28147 Pte
Sands F G/16539 Pte   Smith J G/29718 Pte
Sands W S/1150 Pte   Smith J C G/19959 Pte
Sandwell W G/17569 Pte   Smith J J L/9586 Pte
Sanford J L/8737 Pte   Smith J W G/14578 L/Cpl
Sansom H G/29099 Pte   Smith J W G/15004 Pte
Sansom J H G/1107 L/Cpl   Smith L C W G/1311 Pte
Sansome F S 241703 Pte   Smith L E G/24650 Pte
Sansum C J 240920 L/Cpl   Smith N G/4143 Pte
Santer J G/2738 Pte   Smith P G/3500 Pte
Santes J G/2738 Pte   Smith P A G/18091 Pte
Santon J W 205934 Pte   Smith H P E L/10521 Pte
Sapey A C G/18316 Pte   Smith P E G/10276 Pte
Sargeant A H G/15901 Pte   Smith P J H G/17966 Pte
Sargeant J E G/9681 Pte   Smith P T   Lieut
Sargent S A G/7646 Pte   Smith R 203235 Pte
Sargent W G/23129 Pte   Smith R S/275 L/Cpl
Sarney A F 5179 Pte   Smith R G/30072 Pte
Saunders A J G/8234 Pte   Smith R G/19389 Pte
Saunders A V L/10181 Pte   Smith R H G/18130 Pte
Saunders D G/57 Cpl   Smith S G/14582 L/Cpl
Saunders E G/11866 Pte   Smith S 11668 Pte
Saunders E G/19098 Pte   Smith S G S/8453 Pte
Saunders F H G/12322 Pte   Smith S O G/4154 Pte
Saunders J H (MM) G/11614 L/Sgt   Smith T G/5530 Pte
Saunders T W G/1257 Sgt   Smith T C G/1126 Pte
Saunders W B L/4607 CSM   Smith T W G/12472 Pte
Saunders W H G/7592 Pte   Smith W G/1743 Pte
Saunders W T 6336107 Pte   Smith W G/20179 Pte
Saunderson J L/10106 Pte   Smith W S/5778 Pte
Savage J E G/15269 Pte   Smith W S/8426 Pte
Saveall G   2nd Lieut   Smith W L/10539 Pte
Saville A E G/28914 Pte   Smith W H G/24744 Pte
Saville B 205946 Pte   Smith W G/8841 Cpl
Saward B L G/9069 Pte   Smith W G/23130 Pte
Saward J C L/7632 Sgt   Smith W A G/25927 L/Cpl
Sawford W G/4987 Pte   Smith W A G/24475 Pte
Sawkins E A G/5155 Pte   Smith W A G/2358 Pte
Sawyer A B G/27802 Pte   Smith W F G/30247 Pte
Sawyer F G G/510 Pte   Smith W G G/9191 Pte
Saxby E J 240823 Pte   Smith W H G/5018 Pte
Sayer H 205088 Pte   Smith W H G/17521 Pte
Sayers J TF/7318 Pte   Smith W H S/379 Pte
Sayers K R   2nd Lieut   Smith W H 204643 Pte
Scadeng W J G/131 Cpl   Smith W J G/943 Pte
Scading W J G/131 Cpl   Smith W J 205336 Pte
Scanlon W L/10966 Pte   Smithers F G L/9269 Pte
Scarratt R L (MM) G/13301 Pte   Smithyes F T G/20571 Pte
Scates J G/17655 Pte   Smoothy F L G/3924 Pte
Schofield A 21337 Pte   Smyth E P   Lieut
Schofield E W N G/2168 Pte   Smyth J G/1084 Pte
Scholey S G/597 Pte   Smyth W O G/7091 Pte
Schuleberg H G/31224 Pte   Smythe C M (MM) G/816 Cpl
Scoffield C D G 242440 L/Cpl   Smythe J G/1084  Pte
Scotchmur W T 201313 Pte   Snare T D J G/5171 Pte
Scott A E (MM) G/23885 Pte   Snelgrove F A   2nd Lieut
Scott A T L/9221 Pte   Snell H G/1503 Pte
Scott E C 205625 Pte   Snelling L G/15554 Pte
Scott G W H G/30556 L/Cpl   Snoddon J G/36652 Pte
Scott H B G/13484 Pte   Snook W A 200062 Pte
Scott J J (MC)   Capt   Snooks F E L/9707 Cpl
Scott J M L/6613 Pte   Soames A R   Capt
Scott T G/5341 Pte   Soane N (MM) G/16696 Cpl
Scott W 205418 Pte   Soans W H S/324 Pte
Scott W 242315 Pte   Sole G 11055 Pte
Scotting R G/13234 Pte   Somerfield G G/9669 Pte
Scotton E R G/29386 Pte   Songhurst A J G/19296 Cpl
Scrace H (MM) G/12175 L/Cpl   Sonley J E G/6355 Pte
Scriven F L/6676 Pte   Sontag H J G/3731 Pte
Scriven W G/5371 Pte   Sorrell J L/10545 Pte
Scudder W R S/1113 Pte   Sorrell L L/8612 Pte
Scully J L/6743 Pte   Sotham R C   Lieut
Scutt S V S/897 Pte   Souton H G/18517 Pte
Seabrook E F W G/28823 Pte   South F 205913 Pte
Seager A G/750 Pte   South H G/11175 L/Cpl
Seager C L/10937 Pte   South T J L/8586 Pte
Seager R W 9724 Dmr   South W E S/1065 Sgt
Seal G L/8761 Pte   Southall F W G/2204 Pte
Seal H G/28541 Pte   Southee H T S/194 Cpl
Seal J N G/1025 L/Cpl   Southgate H A   2nd Lieut
Seal R D S/1018 Cpl   Southwell L G/31060 Pte
Seale G L/8761 Pte   Spackman A V S/1854 L/Cpl
Seaman H R L/8627 Cpl   Spain L W G/4749 Pte
Seamark W G/3918 Pte   Sparks B W G/30491 Cpl
Seammence F H L/10025 Cpl   Sparrow A G/14637 Pte
Seanor T H G/31599 Pte   Sparrowhawk R G 201144 Pte
Searle C G/38889 Pte   Spear L J H G/15101 Pte
Searle E L/8932 Pte   Spearing S W G/1144 L/Cpl
Searle H S 241287 Pte   Speller C G/36163 Pte
Searle W 201115 Pte   Spence B A G/25849 Pte
Searle W G/17890 Pte   Spence E J G/30248 Pte
Sears A G/10508 Pte   Spence J 205912 Pte
Sears S J (MM) G/4960 Cpl   Spence S C G/31123 Pte
Seates J G/17655 Pte   Spencer C G/11980 Pte
Seddon J T G/26249 Pte   Spencer C A G/8830 Pte
Sedge F C G/24296 Pte   Spencer T G/28565 Pte
Seeds W L/8514 Pte   Spendiff W G 203998 Pte
Seeney G G/2967 Pte   Spicer D S/979 Pte
Seeney W G/2967 Pte   Spicer G E 242507 Pte
Selby H J G/1925 Pte   Spillett S T G/4863 Pte
Self A E G/18061 Pte   Spink W L/10426 Pte
Sellen C L G/21130 Pte   Spinks A E L/9115 Pte
Sellens J W L/6596 Pte   Spinks F R G/28901 Pte
Selley J 241230 Pte   Spinks G G/2772 Pte
Selves J S/159 Pte   Spooner A C L/9380 Pte
Semark    F TF/2590 Pte   Spooner W G/23571 Pte
Semark W G/3918 Pte   Spoore S G G/15107 Pte
Semmence F H L/10025 Cpl   Spottiswood A B G/15345 Pte
Sendles W L/11185 Pte   Spratt H O W 204425 Pte
Sessions H G G/11640 Pte   Spratt J G/8292 Pte
Setchell H C G/39247 Pte   Spratt T G/19001 Pte
Sewell A G L/10797 L/Cpl   Sprigge R A G/8779 Pte
Sewell C H (VC)   Lieut   Springbett G T (MM) G/10838 Sgt
Sewell D C C   Lieut   Springett A G/12830 Pte
Sewell H G/18317 Pte   Springett E L/6490 Pte
Sexton A E G/18221 Pte   Springett G H 68553 Pte
Shand H F G/24492 Pte   Springett L A G/7269 Pte
Shand J L/8968 Pte   Springett W T R G/4864 Pte
Shambrook J G/19677 Pte   Spurdon W L/7194 Pte
Shannon A G/6765 Pte   Spurling A C G/13463 Pte
Sharman E G/3674 Pte   Spurrell G F G/7717 Cpl
Sharp A G/11153 Pte   Squire F   2nd Lieut
Sharp C G/18518 Sgt   Squires H E G/20442 Pte
Sharp E F L/6581 Pte   Squirrell F G/18136 Pte
Sharp E T G/19678 Pte   Stacey A J G/30994 Pte
Sharp F L/7411 Pte   Stacey R H A G/15945 Pte
Sharp H H G/25947 Pte   Stackpool T S/397 Pte
Sharp J G/5325 Pte   Staff W W 240832 Sgt
Sharp O R L/8626 Cpl   Stafford W G L/9810 Pte
Sharp P G/24465 Pte   Staines C W G/17471 Pte
Sharpe A G/4171 Pte   Staines J M 202308 Pte
Sharpe A E L/10449 Pte   Staines S G/25964 Sgt
Sharpe J G/19551 Pte   Stalker D G/1620 Pte
Sharpe J G/5325 Pte   Stambridge T H G/2266 Pte
Sharpe R S G/1037 Pte   Stamp A 240479 Sgt
Sharples F G/4288 Pte   Stanbridge P G/19686 Pte
Sharratt A A (MM) G/7129 Sgt   Stanbridge T H G/2266 Pte
Shattock H E   Capt   Standen G W G/25215 Pte
Shaw A A  S/9084 Pte   Standen J R L/8678 Dmr
Shaw B (MSM) G/23959 L/Cpl   Standen T G/23324 Pte
Shaw C A 202405 Pte   Standing T G/23324 Pte
Shaw C J G/19553 Pte   Standing T R 240026 Sgt
Shaw C R G/24646 Pte   Standley H H 202715 Pte
Shaw F W L/9624 Pte   Stanford W L/6807 Pte
Shaw F W G/11794 Pte   Stanley C C G/13060 Pte
Shaw G A 203295 Pte   Stanley D G/9840 L/Cpl
Shaw H G/18898 Pte   Stanley H W G/20132 Pte
Shaw H 36253 Pte   Stanley J G/29153 Pte
Shaw H J G/9633 L/Cpl   Stannard H G/2369 Pte
Shaw J A E G/10556 Pte   Stansell L B (MM)   2nd Lieut
Shaw W L/8260 Pte   Stanton G S/210 Pte
Shean J L/7531 Pte   Stanton G M   2nd Lieut
Sheen W F G/1729 Pte   Stanyon A G/28857 L/Cpl
Sheldon J G/17493 Pte   Staples J L/7128 Pte
Sheldon T G/5490 Pte   Staples N F G/7056 Pte
Sheldrake W G TF/2134 Pte   Staples S G G/12263 Pte
Sheldrick E W G/18348 Pte   Stapleton F G/17896 Pte
Shelford P S/193 Pte   Stapleton G F G/9048 Pte
Shelley G 10614 Pte   Stapleton G H G/9589 Pte
Shelley W I G/30323 Pte   Stapleton H A G/15563 Pte
Shelton F G/9167 Pte   Stapleton T R S/108 Pte
Shepherd D A G/19727 Pte   Stapley E S/10 L/Cpl
Shepherd E G L/8964 Pte   Stapley P E G/31392 Pte
Shepherd H 18685 Pte   Starkey A G/484 Sgt
Shepherd J G/20129 Pte   Starling W J G/8500 Sgt
Shepherd W G/19452 Pte   Startup R B L/8251 Sgt
Shepherd W D 242246 Pte   Steane A S/967 Pte
Shepherd W H G/10628 Pte   Stears S G/23810 L/Cpl
Sheppard D A G/19727 Pte   Stedman A L/8501 Sgt
Sheppard G H L/11447 Pte   Stedman G W L/9228 Sgt
Sheppard H G/2349 Pte   Stedman S G/998 Pte
Sheppard H W 241651 Pte   Stedman T W F L/8015 Pte
Sheppard J W G/8579 Pte   Steed D S/239 Pte
Sheppard S G/18782 L/Cpl   Steed J R G/4092 Pte
Sheppey-Greene N G S   Lieut   Steel F G/21528 Pte
Sheridan N B 27066 Pte   Steel J R L/8858 Pte
Sheriff K   2nd Lieut   Steel S J L/8766 Pte
Sherwood R V TF/4547 Pte   Steele A C J   2nd Lieut
Shields A S G/18 Pte   Steer G H G/3303 Pte
Shields  H G/38650 Pte   Steer W G/2953 Pte
Shilco E (MM) 204389 Pte   Steers S J 205346 Sgt
Shillibeer F C L/6518 L/Cpl   Steggall P G G/8532 L/Cpl
Shilling A T A 202536 Pte   Steggell P G G/8532 L/Cpl
Shine A G 204805 Pte   Steggles S G G/18124 Pte
Shinn L J T G/19252 Pte   Stein J G/20161 Pte
Shirley S J 203297 Pte   Stemp J S/516 Pte
Shock H G E 11569 Pte   Stenning W J G/17889 Pte
Shoebridge J G/12315 Pte   Stenson J L/11471 Pte
Shoebridge S A TF/241587 Pte   Stephens A E G/25955 Pte
Shoesmith C W 201262 Pte   Stephens R M   Lieut
Shopland E J G/13421 Pte   Stephens S T G/23867 Pte
Short F C G/7329 Pte   Stephenson A L/9873 Pte
Short F L   Capt   Stephenson P S G/14519 Pte
Shorter F S G/6250 Pte   Stepney R A G/25943 Pte
Shorter H J B G/8584 Pte   Sterry M J (MM & DCM) G/21501 Sgt
Shorting G G/2547 Pte   Stevens A J G/21025 Pte
Shrubb A T J 205062 Pte   Stevens A S G/3809 Pte
Shrubb J W 240166 Pte   Stevens C E G/19177 Pte
Shrubsole F G/10667 Pte   Stevens C J G/10113 Pte
Shufflebotham S H G/28870 Pte   Stevens E B S/9307 L/Cpl
Shuttlewood A E P G/21216 Pte   Stevens E G/11388 Pte
Shuttleworth H G/19926 Pte   Stevens H E G/13021 Pte
Sibbald W L/7524 Sgt   Stevens H F B   Lieut
Sibbons W A A G/6874 Pte   Stevens J E G/30825 Pte
Sibley F G/14956 Pte   Stevens P   Lieut
Silcock J C G/5709 L/Cpl   Stevens P J 201373 Pte
Sillitoe E L/3089 CQMSgt   Stevens R A G/9207 Pte
Silver G M G/7067 Pte   Stevens T L/10213 Pte
Simcoe F G/28864 Pte   Stevens W S/644 Pte
Simes J G/12427 Pte   Stevens W G L/8763 Pte
Simmonds F R G/25363 Pte   Stevenson A L/9873 Pte
Simmonds F J G/11583 Pte   Stevenson A G/25861 Pte
Simmonds W G G/5064 Pte   Stevenson F J S/8855 Pte
Simmonds W T G/9026 Pte   Stewart J B G/16383 Pte
Simmons A L G/5686 Cpl   Stewart J R   2nd Lieut
Simmons E G G/4980 Pte   Stewart S J 202453 Pte
Simmons F A 24426 L/Sgt   Stibbon T 205660 Pte
Simmons J H 5406 Pte   Stickings W T L/7521 Sgt
Simmons W J G/18593 Pte   Stickells A J G/6673 Pte
Simon E G/7466 L/Cpl   Stigand C H (OBE)   Major
Simons H G G/27451 Pte   Stiles H J S/7554 Pte
Simons W G/16305 L/Cpl   Still C G/28592 Pte
Simons W S G/8460 Pte   Stilwell M J   Lieut
Simpkin G G/2332 Pte   Stirling D G/31603 Pte
Simpson F G/25338 Pte   Stock A J L/7694 Cpl
Simpson J A G/39046 Pte   Stock H G E G/11569 Pte
Simpson R C 203997 Pte   Stock P G/11569 Pte
Simpson S G/3660 Pte   Stock S L/10183 Pte
Simpson T G/699 Sgt   Stockbridge A G/18565 Pte
Simpson W 241895 Pte   Stockbridge T J G/14957 Pte
Sims H B G/8885 Pte   Stockman H J G/36743 L/Cpl
Sims V A G/7475 Pte   Stodart S M G/23143 Pte
Sims W L/11198 Pte   Stokes C G/15354 Pte
Sims W A G/542 Pte   Stokes F H G/30249 Pte
Sinclair E C G/10655 Pte   Stokes J H (MC)   Capt
Sinclair E W G/6703 Pte   Stone A T S/393 Pte
Sinden H A G/11744 Pte   Stone C J P G/3194 Pte
Singleton J S/8364 Pte   Stone C W G/20577 Pte
Singyard E G/25294 Dmr   Stone D A G/8184 Pte
Sirey H E G/2859 Pte   Stone G H G/17970 Pte
Siriett A E G/25303 Pte   Stone J L/7705 L/Cpl
Sivyer H A G/11113 Pte   Stone T W G/28498 Pte
Skeen G T G/29388 Pte   Stone W G/25428 Pte
Skeggs J A G/10849 Pte   Stoneham H G/848 Pte
Skeggs L J S G/20861 Pte   Stoner E G/17968 Pte
Skeggs T G/23638 Pte   Stones T F   2nd Lieut
Skelton C G/6003 Pte   Stonham F K G/7685 Pte
Skerritt C H L/5284 Pte   Storr C R G/19227 Pte
Skews N G/1586 Pte   Stow E E G/6691 Pte
Skidmore H S 202364 Pte   Stracey A J G/30994 Pte
Skiller J S/510 Pte   Strachan H A G/11146 Pte
Skilton A W L/10240 Pte   Strand A J G/18508 Pte
Skingle A G/6125 Pte   Stratford H G/12440 Pte
Skinner A E 202537 L/Sgt   Stratton S V G/29750 Pte
Skinner D H   Capt   Stratton T W G/15355 Pte
Skinner E G/31334 Pte   Streatfeild T B M   2nd Lieut
Skinner F G/10243 Pte   Streatfield B R G/1558 Pte
Skinner H G/3714 Pte   Streatfield E H G/12173 Pte
Skinner J L/7785 Pte   Streatfield G G/9603 Pte
Skinner J 203241 Cpl   Streatfield T B M   2nd Lieut
Skinner R 200974 Sgt   Street E G/1718 Pte
Skinner R F G/1510 Pte   Streeter E L G/6280 Pte
Skipper T H (DCM) 201103 Sgt   Streeter G G/2889 L/Cpl
Skottowe G   2nd Lieut   Stretton H G G/24742 Pte
Slack F L/7415 Pte   Stringer W 202670 L/Cpl
Sladden E G G/15460 Pte   Stringer W J 202541 L/Cpl
Slade A G/4638 Pte   Stroud F G/12306 Pte
Slade A H G/12370 Pte   Stroud F R G/15463 Pte
Slade G T 9656 Cpl   Strudwick D G/17654 Pte
Slade J G/524 Pte   Strudwick G G/7369 Pte
Slarks W G/19336 Pte   Stuart W E M   2nd Lieut
Slater C G/31396 Cpl   Stubbs A J   2nd Lieut
Slater H 205529 Pte   Stubbs H L/7195 Pte
Slater J N G/31872 L/Cpl   Stubbins T G/5270 Pte
Slater J W L/9243 Pte   Sturge G F G/2826 Pte
Slaymaker A G G/10203 Pte   Sturgess C J G/18650 Pte
Sleath F W G 240864 Cpl   Styles A G/53 Pte
Sleed J R G/4092 Pte   Styles A G G/3801 L/Cpl
Slight W A G/12604 Pte   Styles C T G/6287 Pte
Sly P H C G/16449 Pte   Styles F H 242443 Pte
Smale J C G/2820 Pte   Styles J G/4422 Pte
Smele R G E G/21790 Cpl   Sullivan B J 242245 Pte
Smith A G/17019 Pte   Sullivan D L/6153 Pte
Smith A G/13492 Pte   Sullivan G 200544 Pte
Smith A G/20133 Pte   Sullivan J G/6124 Pte
Smith A S/8823 Pte   Sullivan J S/7139 Pte
Smith A G/24377 Pte   Sullivan J L/10318 Pte
Smith A E G/38809 Pte   Sullivan J 202944 Pte
Smith A 203140 Pte   Sullivan J L L/9543 Sgt
Smith A G/18756 Pte   Sullivan M S/8477 Pte
Smith A A G/8691 Pte   Sullivan W G/1093 Sgt
Smith A C G/29568 Pte   Sully A J 206354 Pte
Smith A E G/8535 Pte   Summers P C G/7128 L/Cpl
Smith A E S/8926 Pte   Summers W G   Capt
Smith A H L/10621 L/Cpl   Surkitt W A G/19804 Pte
Smith A H L/9010 Dmr   Suter G E 205646 Pte
Smith A J G/11104 Pte   Suter R O G/2274 Pte
Smith A L G/619 Pte   Sutherland J L C (MC)   Lieut
Smith A T L/10556 Pte   Sutton J E G/20033 Pte
Smith C 205837 Sgt   Sutton R G/5471 Pte
Smith C A G/9804 L/Cpl   Sutton V C W   2nd Lieut
Smith C E SR/9318 Pte   Sutton W G G/12349 Pte
Smith C H G/953 L/Cpl   Swain A E G/31750 L/Cpl
Smith C H L/8497 L/Cpl   Swain A J L/8834 Pte
Smith C J G/30555 Pte   Swaine A J L/8834 Pte
Smith C W G/12821 L/Cpl   Swaine F J G/25127 Pte
Smith D G/1619 Pte   Swales R J G/1665 Cpl
Smith E   2nd Lieut   Swan H G/991 Pte
Smith E 203978 Pte   Swan H C G/11882 Pte
Smith E 241382 Pte   Swan J G/2541 Pte
Smith E P G/18319 Pte   Swan J V G/25850 Pte
Smith E A G/20572 Pte   Swansbury F G/18591 Cpl
Smith E C G/24649 Pte   Sweeney J H S/6896 Pte
Smith E E S/1011 Pte   Sweetman A G/3357 Pte
Smith E E L/10681 Pte   Sweetman A E G/4155 Pte
Smith E H G/4128 Pte   Sweetman F G/5458 Pte
Smith E J G/5827 Pte   Sweetser P J G/12246 Pte
Smith E J G/3471 Pte   Swift J 205628 Pte
Smith F L/7463 Pte   Swift W C G/2040 Pte
Smith F G/6454 Pte   Swindell F G G/10204 Pte
Smith F G/11650 Pte   Swindell F J (MM) G/3256 Pte
Smith F G/11941 Pte   Swingwood R G/28566 Pte
Smith F G/10615 Pte   Sydenham E G G/901 Pte
Smith F G/8309 Sgt   Sykes J 205563 Pte
Smith F (MM) G/25919 Sgt   Sykes N G/20128 Pte
Smith F C L/8059 Sgt   Sykes W E   Lieut
Smith F C 241254 Pte   Symonds H J G/7723 Pte
Smith F G G/4213 Cpl   Symonds J E S/1228 Pte
Smith F S G G/1479 Pte          

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