The Queens Own Royal West Kent Regiment

Roll of Honour - R


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Co Cr>Cu





H    I   
















Rabbeth W G G/9082 L/Cpl   Roberts E G/6838 Pte
Rabey W T G/8591 Pte   Roberts E J L/6320 Pte
Rackham B J 204141 Pte   Roberts F S/235 Pte
Radford A S G/15145 Pte   Roberts F W (MC)   Capt
Ralph J D L/10395 Pte   Roberts G W G/5303 Pte
Ralph W J G/12834 Pte   Roberts H G/9304 Pte
Ramm H G/18313 Pte   Roberts H J G/10434 Pte
Ramsden J 205490 Pte   Roberts J G/13312 Pte
Randall A A G/2387 Pte   Roberts J E G/24735 Pte
Randall C E 241163 L/Cpl   Roberts R G G/29383 L/Cpl
Randall G 205180 Pte   Roberts T W   2nd Lieut
Randall S H L/8418 Pte   Roberts W L/10939 Pte
Randall T A G/2773 L/Cpl   Robertshaw P T G/20023 Pte
Rankin H B G/3142 Pte   Robertshaw W G/20022 Pte
Rankin R (DCM & Bar) G/1219 RSM   Robertson A G/32882 Pte
Ransley E G/18495 Sgt   Robertson G L/6558 Pte
Ransom C J L/8395 Pte   Robertson H L G/18642 L/Cpl
Ransom H E G/18489 Pte   Robertson J G/18906 Pte
Ransom W F G/18490 L/Cpl   Robertson W G/16389 L/Cpl
Ransome E G L/4921 CSM   Robertson-Ross P M   Capt
Rapson H T   Capt   Robinson A A G/2063 Pte
Rasey T P 204923 Pte   Robinson A G L/9697 Cpl
Rash C W G/17470 Pte   Robinson A H L/9906 Pte
Ratcliffe P W G/11807 Pte   Robinson F W 7829 L/Cpl
Ratcliffe R H G/10300 Pte   Robinson G L/9791 Cpl
Raven H G L/7894 Pte   Robinson G L/11682 Pte
Ravenscroft E G/20756 Pte   Robinson H TF/3678 Pte
Ray J W G/2528 Pte   Robinson H G/192 Pte
Raymond F G/314 Pte   Robinson H G/18651 Pte
Rayner G W S/939 Sgt   Robinson H G/1576 Pte
Rayner O R G/15152 Pte   Robinson H G/17650 Pte
Rayner W T G/10142 Pte   Robinson H E G/11707 L/Cpl
Raynes F L/9890 Pte   Robinson H J   2nd Lieut
Raynes J R G/4674 Pte   Robinson L W G/177 Pte
Raynor T G/3887 Pte   Robinson W 205644 Pte
Rayson A J L/10444 Pte   Robinson W G G/4826 Pte
Read B A S G/2058 Pte   Robinson W J 241811 Pte
Read B C G/5056 L/Cpl   Robson A A L/10604 L/Cpl
Read G L/10578 Pte   Roche R J   Major & QM
Read G C G/17336 Pte   Rochester C W G/27787 Pte
Read H G/8649 Pte   Rodda R 204631 Pte
Read J G 242450 Pte   Roddam J G/18170 Pte
Read T W G/20568 Pte   Rodney B W   2nd Lieut
Read W A 648 Pte   Rodwell R H G/15342 Pte
Read W T G/12355 Pte   Rodwell W G/10275 Pte
Reay I G/19726 Pte   Roff G 200603 Pte
Record V R 200298 L/Sgt   Roffey H G/17325 Pte
Redding E J   2nd Lieut   Rogers A L/7281 Cpl
Redford A G/5173 Pte   Rogers A L/6258 Sgt
Redford T G/5528 Pte   Rogers A T L/13572 Pte
Redgrave J E B G/17502 Pte   Rogers B L/8373 Pte
Redler H T G/10524 Pte   Rogers E J G/1313 Pte
Reed A E L/9527 Pte   Rogers F G G/2869 Pte
Reed A G G/21100 Pte   Rogers H L/9510 Pte
Reed E W (MM) G/6785 Sgt   Rogers H G/1245 Pte
Reed H L/6002 Pte   Rogers H G G/24641 Pte
Reed H G G/391 Pte   Rogers J A G/17487 Pte
Reed W G/21563 Pte   Rogers J H G/36763 Pte
Reeder G S 201210 Pte   Rogers M G/9384 Pte
Rees D G/31594 Pte   Rogers O J L/7375 Cpl
Reeve C E G/20172 Pte   Rogers T G/3441 L/Cpl
Reeves A H G/11715 Pte   Rogers T G/8896 Pte
Reeves F G/17878 Pte   Rogers V G/8599 Pte
Reeves H J L/7767 L/Cpl   Rolfe F G G/4962 Pte
Reeves J S/9238 Pte   Rolfe F W 202659 Pte
Reeves J 204461 Cpl   Rolfe P G/15095 Pte
Reeves W L/8322 Pte   Rolfe S L/6721 Pte
Reffell G S G/23879 L/Cpl   Rollins J G/5146 Pte
Regis C S/915 Sgt   Rollins J G/223 Pte
Reid D G/10418 Cpl   Rollins W G/7268 Pte
Reid H P G/10837 Pte   Rollinson A G/29527 Pte
Reilly F G S/1073 L/Cpl   Rolph E H G/2532 Sgt
Reilly W (MM) G/218 Pte   Romerill A J H G/10282 Pte
Relf E F G/1205 Pte   Rook S H G/25480 Pte
Relf H A G/13010 Cpl   Rookley J G/17651 Pte
Rennie J 242233 Pte   Root A G/18327 Pte
Renwick W T 18497 Pte   Roots W S/856 Sgt
Restell P J D L/10078 Pte   Roper G G/27006 Pte
Revelle R C   2nd Lieut   Roper W J G/3184 Pte
Rey E C 204241 Pte   Roscoe A (MC)   2nd Lieut
Reynolds B T G/13344 Pte   Roscoe J D 242313 Pte
Reynolds C A G/4141 Pte   Rose G L/9356 Cpl
Reynolds F H G/24263 Pte   Rose R R G/12307 Pte
Reynolds F J G/28805 Pte   Rose S (MM) G/12053 Pte
Reynolds G G/11779 Pte   Rose S G/10999 Pte
Reynolds G 203252 Pte   Rose S J L/9331 Pte
Reynolds W T 24227 Pte   Rose W A L/9878 Pte
Rhind W S/517 Pte   Rose W H G/31055 Pte
Rhodes F C G/9848 Pte   Rosendale S L/10380 Pte
Rice I S L/9198 Pte   Rosendale W A L/9773 A/Sgt
Rice M K A 20126 Pte   Ross R C G/4233 L/Cpl
Rice W J G/17653 Pte   Ross W U   Capt
Rich H G/17349 Pte   Rossiter B S F G/8279 Pte
Rich H 202527 Pte   Routledge W L/7753 Pte
Richards A G/1330 Pte   Row N D G/31785 Pte
Richards A L TF/1416 Pte   Rowcliffe A S/8825 L/Cpl
Richards C 20834 Col Sgt   Rowden W H G/10187 Pte
Richards D T 203133 Pte   Rowe C G/18942 Pte
Richards G L/5794 Pte   Rowe W G/4903 Pte
Richards G G/2386 Pte   Rowe W E G/25863 Pte
Richards G F G/5461 Pte   Rowe W J G/18499 Pte
Richards H E G/28806 Pte   Rowell W E G/13190 Pte
Richards L F G/27370 Cpl   Rowing W S S/9057 Pte
Richardson A S/427 Pte   Rowland H N G/7442 Cpl
Richardson A B   2nd Lieut   Rowlands W G/20013 Pte
Richardson C J G/7306 L/Cpl   Rowles A E G/3007 Cpl
Richardson E G/5377 L/Cpl   Rowlstone R G/4758 Pte
Richardson E J L/9473 Pte   Royal A G/28940 Pte
Richardson G L/8302 Pte   Royle A W L/7831 Pte
Richardson G W 205723 Pte   Royle J A G/31598 Pte
Richardson H G G/18661 Pte   Royle J A G/18157 Cpl
Richardson J S G/13434 Pte   Roythorne R L/8154 CSM
Richardson N 205431 Pte   Ruby J TF/2477 Pte
Richardson R G/6256 Pte   Ruck A J P 26556 Pte
Richardson T A (MM) G/17458 Pte   Ruck E W G/24733 Cpl
Richardson W L/7319 Pte   Ruck W J G/17545 Pte
Richardson W A I   2nd Lieut   Rudall B A   2nd Lieut
Riches G A G/13278 Pte   Rudd B G/28852 L/Cpl
Riches W E G/20016 Pte   Rudd E 203131 Pte
Richmond A P G/409 Pte   Rudd R C B 200297 Pte
Richmond C H G/11587 Pte   Rudge G J W G/20563 L/Cpl
Rickard A L/6592 Pte   Rudge T W S/6582 Pte
Rickard J N G/30981 Pte   Ruewell J G/1873 L/Cpl
Rickards J G/10743 Pte   Ruff E J 23600 Pte
Rickeard J N G/30981 Pte   Ruffle H G/17648 Pte
Ricketts C G/28407 Pte   Rule A TF/1976 Pte
Ricketts G E G/5690 Pte   Rumens W E G/9786 Pte
Ricketts J M W 203423 Pte   Rumley E G/12391 Pte
Rickitt C G/28407 Pte   Rundle G G/227 Pte
Ricks A G/18494 Pte   Russell A E G/15275 Pte
Riddall F G/9951 Pte   Russell A N G/12103 Pte
Riddle E G/19321 Pte   Russell A S 203353 Pte
Riddles F H G/8415 Pte   Russell B L/10867 Pte
Ride A S G/24639 Pte   Russell D L/7226 L/Cpl
Ridge A G/6438 Pte   Russell E L/9385 Pte
Ridgers J L/6621 L/Cpl   Russell F L/10664 Pte
Ridges W H 203249 Pte   Russell J G/8031 Pte
Ridgley H T G/24384 L/Cpl   Russell J S/395 Pte
Ridgway L A 240739 Cpl   Russell J A 242438 Pte
Ridley F W G/20565 Pte   Russell J E 206364 L/Cpl
Ridley H G/4008 Pte   Russell J G H S   2nd Lieut
Riess T G G/145 Sgt   Russell J W G/6614 Pte
Rigden G E G/20019 Pte   Russell J W 205730 Pte
Riggs A C (MM) L/10520 Pte   Russell O 203781 Pte
Riggs C E G/31426 Pte   Russell S H G/2113 Pte
Riggulsford H T L/10023 Pte   Russell T G/18500 Pte
Riley G L/10701 Pte   Russell W G/6547 Pte
Riley S J G/18219 L/Cpl   Rust E W G/321 Pte
Ringe G H G/2337 L/Cpl   Rust W G/18279 Pte
Ringland J G/423 Pte   Ruth W G/4007 L/Sgt
Rippon B A 205648 Pte   Rutherford T T G/11299 Pte
Risley E C G/18732 Pte   Rutley H W L/10067 L/Cpl
Rivers F C 202756 Pte   Rutt J G/3664 Pte
Rivett E G/16118 Pte   Rutt O G/28853 Pte
Rivett F 202983 Pte   Ryall A E G/24567 Pte
Rix W G/2635 L/Cpl   Ryan D G/17412 Pte
Rix W W G/13448 Pte   Ryan D G/6484 L/Cpl
Robbins A H G/20180 Pte   Ryan E P L/7667 Pte
Robbins H G/21532 L/Cpl   Ryan F G S/1167 Pte
Robbins W G G/19737 Sgt   Ryan G T L/10670 Pte
Roberson F L/9362 Pte   Ryan J P L/8142 L/Cpl
Roberton H L G/18642 L/Cpl   Ryan M G/18274 Pte
Roberts A W J S/9271 Pte   Rye E G/30979 Pte
Roberts D L L/10573 Pte   Rye H J G/11413 Pte

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