The Queens Own Royal West Kent Regiment

Roll of Honour - Ch to Cl


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Co Cr>Cu





H    I   
















Chad J G/24942 Pte   Christian A R (MM) G/18364 Pte
Chadney W C G/7729 Pte   Christie G G/20811 Pte
Chadwick G H G/38660 Pte   Christmas F B G/7610 Cpl
Chaffer W J G/23542 Pte   Christmas S C G/12061 Pte
Chalke R H G/18666 L/Sgt Christopher B W G/25822 Pte
Chalklin F T J L/9322 L/Sgt   Christopher T H B G/5830 Pte
Challis W G S/628 Sgt   Chudley F G/19977 Pte
Chambers A G/5214 Pte   Chugg S H 241226 Pte
Chambers F D G/15278 Pte   Church F V G/12897 Pte
Chambers F G L/6266 Pte   Church W H G/11230 Pte
Chambers H F (MM) G/4928 Cpl   Churchill F D 242275 Pte
Chambers H W 212 Sgt          
Chamberlain E G G/14553 Pte   Clack F W 265621 Pte
Chamberlain J T G/32886 Pte   Clackett G A A G/4902 L/Cpl
Chamberlain W C S/1880 Pte   Clackett W J G/5222 Pte
Chamberlain W J G/3710 Pte   Clamp L P 204077 Cpl
Chambers W G/31626 Pte   Clapson G A G/2470 Pte
Chambers W H TF/212 Sgt   Clarey C G/2423 Pte
Champion A G/15491 Pte   Clark A E L/7550 Pte
Champion C E L/10629 Sgt   Clark A G G/2695 Sgt
Champion G H L/7418 Pte   Clark A J L/10675 Pte
Champion H W L/8546 L/Sgt   Clark C D Lt-Col
Champion J E H TF/1330 Pte   Clark C H 204408 Pte
Champkin F G/3817 Pte   Clark C W   2nd Lieut
Chandler A J 203390 Pte   Clark E W G/5910 Pte
Chandler A J S/8557 Pte   Clark F G 201049 Pte
Chandler S G/840 Pte   Clark G S/8510 Pte
Chandler W G/24682 Pte   Clark G 201393 Pte
Channon J A P G/2268 Pte   Clark G 205907 L/Cpl
Chantler H G/18605 Pte   Clark H G/6492 Pte
Chaplin R E G/4813 L/Cpl   Clark J G/28343 Pte
Chapman A L L/10789 Pte   Clark J G/30888 Pte
Chapman C G/24500 Pte   Clark J A G/30890 Pte
Chapman C E G/18817 Pte   Clark J J G/30889 Pte
Chapman E R B G/18356 Pte   Clark J T L/10303 L/Cpl
Chapman F G/17413 Pte   Clark P J G/8004 Sgt
Chapman F W S/8635 L/Cpl   Clark R A 205034 Pte
Chapman G W G/979 Pte   Clark S G/25823 Pte
Chapman G T G/14510 Pte   Clark S G G/29763 Pte
Chapman H G/623 Pte   Clark T S/8945 Pte
Chapman H G G/29517 Pte   Clark T H L/10092 Pte
Chapman H J (MC)   2nd Lieut   Clark T H (MM) L/10880 Pte
Chapman J G/7730 Pte   Clark T J G/1670 Pte
Chapman J L/10365 Pte   Clark W A G/10594 Pte
Chapman J L/9857 Pte   Clark W F G/2245 Pte
Chapman J G/9135 Pte   Clark W G G/32864 Pte
Chapman L G/4104 Pte   Clark W T L/10317 Pte
Chapman L A G/3931 L/Cpl   Clarke A G/11033 Pte
Chapman W G/19628 Pte   Clarke C F G/13407 Pte
Chapman W A L/10358 Pte   Clarke E G/38690 Pte
Chapman W J 242413 Pte   Clarke E A L/10459 Pte
Chapman W J 1332 Pte   Clarke F L/6518 L/Cpl
Chappell A T G/21642 Pte   Clarke F A G/8966 Pte
Chappell C J G/10537 Pte   Clarke G G/18659 Pte
Chappell G G/24245 Pte   Clarke G 203445 Pte
Chappell H A G/20469 Pte   Clarke G R S/646 Pte
Chappell W A G/19866 Pte   Clarke G G/9439 Pte
Chard J G/29492 Pte   Clarke G A G/10437 Pte
Charles L G/21328 Pte   Clarke G E G/9310 Pte
Charlesworth J J G/20073 Pte   Clarke G E C G/5605 Pte
Charman N G/25350 Pte   Clarke H G/6492 Pte
Charman W L/9450 L/Cpl   Clarke H W G/18134 Pte
Chatfield H G/10162 Pte   Clarke J G/28343 Pte
Chatfield H L/10102 Pte   Clarke J H L/11513 Sgt
Chatfield J G/2899 Pte   Clarke J W G/5706 Pte
Chatfield W G/17792 Pte   Clarke L S H 204191 Pte
Chatten E H G/36691 Pte   Clarke R G G/29364 Pte
Cheary T R 12087 Pte   Clarke R H G/24595 Pte
Cheasman H H G/9616 Pte   Clarke R H   2nd Lieut
Checkley F G/10048 Pte   Clarke W S/347 L/Cpl
Chedyoy A E G/18901 Sgt   Clarkson A M G/8082 Pte
Chedzoy A E G/18901 Sgt   Clavey A G/4125 L/Cpl
Cheel G 240177 L/Cpl   Claxton B G/30836 Pte
Cheers E S/8687 Pte   Clayton A 19484 Pte
Cheeseman A R G/28305 Pte   Clayton J G/17058 Pte
Cheeseman C G/24432 Pte   Clayton V A G/29622 Pte
Cheeseman E G/19333 Pte   Clear V R G/18053 Pte
Cheeseman E L/7312 Pte   Cleary J W G/5039 Pte
Cheeseman E G/2130 Pte   Cleaver C L G/8089 Pte
Cheeseman H W F G/5162 Pte   Clegg S S G/11925 Pte
Cheeseman T G G/1741 Pte   Clegg T L/10918 Pte
Cheeseman W A G/9311 Pte   Cleggett W J L/9964 Pte
Cheesman E G/2130 Pte   Cleland-Hollamby D M   2nd Lieut
Cheesman E G/19365 Pte   Clements A W G/10274 Pte
Chell A E L/11801 Pte   Clements C G/3976 Pte
Chenery F H G/30880 Pte   Clements E S/8363 Pte
Cheney W H 3643 Pte   Clements J G/13065 Pte
Cheron H E S/9142 Cpl   Cleversley H G/6141 Pte
Cherry R C G/11601 Pte   Clews R G/25496 L/Cpl
Cheshire F G/29362 Pte   Clibbon W G G/6393 Pte
Cheshire G G/929 Cpl   Clibbon W G G/4930 Pte
Chesser A G/5639 Pte   Clifford W J G/20213 Pte
Chessum A G/9551 Pte   Clift E L G/1081 Pte
Chessum A A G/39156 Pte   Clift H R (DCM) L/7963 Pte
Chessum S G/12204 Pte   Clifton F 241609 Pte
Chester T G/7019 Pte   Clifton G G/24688 Pte
Chick E G/24685 Pte   Clifton G G/9216 Pte
Childerley F G/18129 Pte   Clifton J G/16555 Pte
Childs H G/18792 L/Cpl   Clifton W E G/25103 Pte
Childs J R G/11421 Pte   Clipsham A E G/18340 Pte
Childs W H G/10774 Pte   Clough F T G/5869 Pte
Chiles H F S/1217 Pte   Clough H F   Lieut
Chilvers W W G/1735 Cpl   Clough J G/19923 Pte
Chinn C V G/3159 Pte   Clout A G/18292 Pte
Chittenden H G/2892 L/Cpl   Clout G L/8423 Pte
Chittenden W D NR/20237 Pte   Cloute G L/8423 Pte
Chitty F L G/20697 Pte   Clover B J G/25903 Pte
Chivers W H G/10776 Pte   Clutterbuck A G/7607 Pte
Chown F 241335 Pte   Clyne W TF/1356 Pte

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