The Queens Own Royal West Kent Regiment

Roll of Honour - Ca to Ce


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Co Cr>Cu





H    I   
















Cable W L/7867 L/Cpl   Carpenter G 202480 Cpl
Cadby S A L/7463 Pte   Carpenter G T L/7233 Pte
Cade W B G/4756 Pte   Carr A O G/11802 Pte
Cadell A B   2nd Lieut   Carr B R G/24433 Pte
Cain G H G/20983 Pte   Carr T H L/9207 Pte
Cain H T L/9877 L/Cpl   Carre G T   Lieut
Callaby A G/7778 Pte   Carrett C L G/4558 Pte
Caller C E G/4820 Pte   Carrington W A G/29300 Pte
Caller E G/989 Pte   Carroll T G/11383 Pte
Callo(a)way C G/4311 Pte   Carruthers D P G/8389 Sgt
Calnan G G/10361 Pte   Carson W G/5324 L/Cpl
Calnan J L/7255 Pte   Carswell P G/10063 Pte
Calver R C G/10084 L/Cpl   Carter C H G/24592 Pte
Calvert W J G/6341 L/Cpl   Carter F G/13476 Pte
Cambidge T   2nd Lieut   Carter G H S/1080 Pte
Cambridge T   2nd Lieut   Carter G L L/10001 Pte
Cambrook H (MC)   2nd Lieut   Carter H G/16529 Pte
Came H C   2nd Lieut   Carter H G/6459 Pte
Camp G 203505 Pte   Carter H A G/8179 Pte
Camp G R 30705 Cpl   Carter H C G/28723 Pte
Camp W G/21235 Pte   Carter H W G/30210 Pte
Campbell E G/11275 Pte   Carter J G/10565 Pte
Campbell R G/18189 Pte   Carter J W S/6372 Pte
Campbell W H G/5419 Pte   Carter P W 241242 Pte
Camper R S L/7806 Cpl   Carter S C   2nd Lieut
Campin W E G/25491 Pte   Carter W (DCM) G/767 Sgt
Camplin E   2nd Lieut   Carter W J G/603 Pte
Camplin G A G/2718 CSM   Carter W E J G/28725 Pte
Candle G H 203995 Pte   Carter W H L/7739 Pte
Candler G B G/2095 Pte   Cartwright J 205075 Pte
Cann W H L/7886 Pte   Carver E 23649 Pte
Cannings E A G/8356 Cpl   Carver R C G/4416 L/Cpl
Cannon J G/31667 Pte   Carvey E G/4666 Pte
Cansdale A A G/15148 Pte   Cascarine 201682 Pte
Canty J L/6793 L/Cpl   Cascarino 201682 Pte
Capel T E G/17790 Pte   Casey J G/30951 Pte
Capner E C P G/31131 Pte   Cassam A E G/7216 Pte
Caraco R C G/24323 Pte   Cassidy J S/9091 Pte
Carbett A J G/17247 Pte   Cassom A E G/7216 Pte
Card C W G/17961 Pte   Castle J H G/10420 Pte
Card D R G/27411 Pte   Catchpole J G/4683 Pte
Card E F G/14706 Pte   Cater A G/24548 Pte
Card F G/3885 L/Cpl   Cater J G/16763 Pte
Card R H T G/31262 Pte   Cathcart D A   2nd Lieut
Carden T A S/200 Pte   Catherwood C T 203656 Cpl
Careless J G/5101 Pte   Catley G W G/36722 Cpl
Carey M E (MC)   2nd Lieut   Catling W F G/30662 Pte
Carlisle F B   Major   Catt A W (MC)   2nd Lieut
Carlsson J W F G/24068 Pte   Caudle G H 203995 Pte
Carman R J S/355 Pte   Caulder A L/9003 Pte
Carne F T 242034 Pte   Cavanagh J G/3298 L/Cpl
Carnell H G/23720 Pte   Cavanagh W J G/891 Pte
Carnochan A B 1000 Pte   Cawley H F G/18355 Pte
Carpenter A D G/15716 Pte   Cawthorne J 242143 Pte
Carpenter A G L/6594 Cpl   Cecil T J G/11471 Pte
Carpenter E F G/8820 Pte                   

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