The Queens Own Royal West Kent Regiment

Roll of Honour - Bu to By


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H    I   
















Bubbers W J G/27365 Pte   Burrell A R G/20658 Pte
Bubear W G 241313 Pte   Burrell R F T   2nd Lieut
Buchanan C G/10157 Pte   Burrell W G/2735 Pte
Buchanan J G/1621 Pte   Burren A 203340 Pte
Buchanan J G/16351 Pte   Burrluck G E L/9871 L/Cpl
Buck F H S/9300 Pte   Burrluck O A 6811 Pte
Buck J G G/6638 L/Cpl   Burrows A T L/10489 Pte
Buckby E T G/30209 Pte   Burrows J L/8119 Sgt
Buckingham B G/17511 Pte   Burrows R H G/8521 Pte
Buckingham P E (MC)   2nd Lieut   Burrows S H G/23874 Pte
Buckland J G/6822 Pte   Burrows W J G/28713 Pte
Buckle C C C   2nd Lieut   Bursell R E S/31463 Pte
Buckle H G/1227 Pte   Burstow A E L/10077 Pte
Buckle M P  (DSO)   Major   Burt A R G/9518 Pte
Buckley R F G/23623 Pte   Burt C G/8379 L/Cpl
Buckley W A G/31444 Pte   Burt E L/8991 Pte
Buckmaster E J G/7499 Pte   Burt W L/8564 Pte
Bucknole L T 203172 Sgt   Burt W L/8631 Pte
Budd S G G/1541 Sgt   Burtenshaw W A G/1673 Pte
Buddell F G/8445 CQMS   Burton A J L G/10593 L/Cpl
Budden H G G/17590 Pte   Burton C W G/2753 Pte
Budgen A G/9586 Pte   Burton E A G/20062 L/Cpl
Budgen T G/8638 Cpl   Burton F P G/2867 Pte
Buggy A V G/8438 Pte   Burton F W L/8486 Pte
Bull H G/18723 Pte   Burton F W 240762 Cpl
Bull W A L/7629 Pte   Burton G G/29079 Pte
Bull W J G/4967 Pte   Burton J (MM) G/28509 Pte
Bullimore P A W G/31109 Pte   Burton T G/494 Pte
Bullin T J L/10072 Pte   Burton W E G/18139 L/Cpl
Bullman H R H   2nd Lieut   Burwell A J G/10475 Pte
Bullock E E G/29760 Pte   Bury A M  215101 Pte
Bullock E G 203014 Pte   Busby A H G/622 Pte
Bullock F G/242125 Pte   Busby G W G/18354 Pte
Bullock H C G/12828 Pte   Bush A R G/4473 Pte
Bullock J G/31037 Pte   Bush C H G/28710 Pte
Bullock S J G/24543 Pte   Bush F G/23685 Pte
Bulman W H 205888 Pte   Bush R F G G/2877 Pte
Bulwer F G/26565 Pte   Bush T H 241474 Pte
Bunce W C G/18794 Cpl   Bushell E J G/15301 Pte
Bunce V A G/5423 Pte   Bushell J W G/6271 Pte
Bunting E A G/832 Cpl   Bushell T V G/18428 Pte
Bunting H 240896 Pte   Bushell W S G/207 Pte
Burberry H A G/14720 Pte   Bushnell S 203307 Cpl
Burbury F W   Lieut-Col   Buss R W G/11777 Pte
Burbury J F   2nd Lieut   Buss W D G/9783 L/Cpl
Burchell A E G/18172 L/Cpl   Butcher A E 204477 Pte
Burchett E 18789 Pte   Butcher G G/8965 Pte
Burchett G F G/5031 Pte   Butcher G F 202478 Pte
Burdekin F G/19483 Pte   Butler A G G/10245 Pte
Burden C B 205441 Pte   Butler A W G/16384 Pte
Burden J G/23490 Pte   Butler E G/36682 Pte
Burden W G/5163 Pte   Butler F G/31 Pte
Burdge F G/3843 Pte   Butler H L/8866 Pte
Burfoot W H G/4178 Pte   Butler J L/9658 Pte
Burgess A L/10145 Pte   Butler T F G/5745 Pte
Burgess C W 242119 Pte   Butler V T G/2861 Pte
Burgess L H G/16997 Pte   Butler W L/10423 Pte
Burgess W H TF/1511 Pte   Butler W W G/3807 L/Cpl
Burgin A L/9579 Pte   Butson H R S/740 Pte
Burke C G 240932 Pte   Butterworth L C G/7100 Pte
Burles P H G/12901 Pte   Button G S/1086 CSM
Burman C G/8852 Pte   Button A L/7635 Pte
Burnard H A 19133 Pte   Button F A 240416 Pte
Burnett E J G/11186 Pte   Button E L W G/7712 Sgt
Burningham E C S/8902 Pte   Buttwell J (MM) G/1421 Sgt
Burningham O F G/12459 Pte   Buxton F G/2090 L/Cpl
Burns R 202885 Pte   Buxton L A G/9444 Pte
Burr C J F   Lieut   Byram H G/16533 Pte
Burr R G/4927 Pte   Byrne C G/10288 L/Cpl
Burr W L/8356 Sgt   Byrne H R S/3752 C/Sgt
Burrage V A G/20945 Pte   Byrne R J G/20788 Pte

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