The Queens Own Royal West Kent Regiment

Roll of Honour - Br


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Co Cr>Cu





H    I   
















Bracey A V G/31820 Pte   Brooker J L/9816  Pte
Brackley A J L/9596 Pte Brooker J S/1106 Pte
Bradford C L/9766 L/Cpl   Brooker J G G/798 Pte
Bradford C H G/23675 Pte   Brooker W H TF/2683 Pte
Bradford F L/8320 Pte   Brooks C R G/18122 Pte
Bradford H T G/5752 Pte   Brookes C E G/6276 Cpl
Bradley J W G/18561 Pte   Brookes L R G/32888 Pte
Bradley P W   Lieut   Brooks C J G/23762 Pte
Bradley T G/3020 Pte   Brooks J L/6289 Pte
Bradley T G/29126 Pte   Brooks J G/21326 Pte
Bradley W B G/20957 Pte   Brooks J G/3238 Pte
Bradley W H L/8123 Pte   Brooks P G/75 L/Sgt
Bradley W V G/21503 L/Cpl   Brooks S E G/20455 Pte
Brady G A G/9614 Pte   Brooks W C 242274 Pte
Bragg C W S/8898 Pte   Brooks W T L/8330 Pte
Brain E G/24849 Pte   Broom A J 204987 Pte
Braithwaite A L/8018 Pte   Brooman A F G/968 Pte
Braithwaite G 203992 Pte   Brooman H G/7418 Pte
Bramble E W L/9595 Pte   Broome H J G/6944 Pte
Bramble H G/4705 Pte   Broomfield E (MM) G/11616 Pte
Bramble J H S/8476 Pte   Broomfield H L/10083 Pte
Bramble S D G/16298 L/Cpl   Brotherhood E J G/15440 Pte
Brampton A G/18668 Pte   Broughton P W (MM) G/3734 L/Cpl
Branch A G/11935 Pte   Broughton W L S/720 Sgt
Branch J S P L/10223 Pte   Brouitt W R G/3896 Pte
Brand S A G/18135 Pte   Brown A G/1235 Pte
Brannon J S/962 Pte   Brown A L/9802 L/Cpl
Brathwaite G 203992 Pte   Brown A E (MM) G/18697 Pte
Braund G T G/19155 Pte   Brown A E G/9103 Pte
Braund R 241387 Pte   Brown A H   2nd Lieut
Brawn G T G/19155 Pte   Brown C A G/14780 Cpl
Bray A


Pte   Brown C J 241762 Pte
Bray S G G/18054 Pte   Brown C P G/9042 Pte
Brazier H G G/11216 Pte   Brown C W G/69 Pte
Breakspear F G/5424 Pte   Brown E G/4244 Pte
Breeds W W G/46 Pte   Brown E G/36811 Pte
Breeze H J TF/3824 Pte   Brown E C   Lieut
Brennan J 26577 Pte   Brown E C   2nd Lieut
Brennan J J L/8236 Pte   Brown E G G/18234 Pte
Brenchley S A G/1587 Pte   Brown E J L/9230 Pte
Brett A G/898 Pte   Brown F S/7474 Pte
Brett F 241693 Pte   Brown F A G/11822 Pte
Brett V A G/19936 Pte   Brown F E L/9923 Pte
Brett W H G/10535 Pte   Brown F P   2nd Lieut
Brewer W T G/16165 Pte   Brown F R G/2600 L/Sgt
Brewster F J L/5552 Cpl   Brown G L/6669 Pte
Brewster G J G/19187 Pte   Brown G G/1990 Pte
Breze W G/5119 Pte   Brown G L/5940 Pte
Briant T L/8734 Sgt   Brown G E L/9501 Sgt
Brickell S G/10824 Cpl   Brown G E G/4753 Pte
Bridge D G/26260 Pte   Brown G J S/325 Pte
Bridge H S/1213 Cpl   Brown G S G/3789 Pte
Bridge S 204371 Pte   Brown G W G/5387 Pte
Bridgeman W B G/8925 Cpl   Brown H 1700 Pte
Bridger H M G/16171 Pte   Brown H G/4087 Pte
Bridges F V G/23856 Pte   Brown H L/10936 Pte
Bridgland H H L/10441 Pte   Brown H G/4891 Pte
Bridgland V A 202476 Pte   Brown H S 241011 Sgt
Brigden R W G/7598 Pte   Brown J 1099 Pte
Briggs E W G/21543 Pte   Brown J L/6669 Pte
Briggs T H G/2897 Pte   Brown J G/25659 Pte
Bright H G/17599 Pte   Brown J G/12863 Pte
Bright R J G/987 Pte   Brown J S/343 Pte
Brightmore J L/8617 Pte   Brown J A G/4173 L/Cpl
Brignell F G G/18379 Pte   Brown J E G   Capt
Brill W L/7203 Pte   Brown J T G/18644 Pte
Brinkley J 202911 Pte   Brown O P   2nd Lieut
Brinkworth C G/11377 Pte   Brown R J G/320 Pte
Brinkworth L G/24589 Pte   Brown S J TR10/38181 Pte
Briselden C G E G/8496 Pte   Brown T C 241880 Pte
Brissenden F G/18399 Sgt   Brown T W M L/10347 Pte
Brister J A G/16622 Pte   Brown W G/10062 Pte
Bristow A E L/6162 CSM   Brown W E


Bristow C G   2nd Lieut   Brown W E TF/1138 Pte
Bristow C R G/27303 Pte   Brown W E 242405 Pte
Bristow E G G/18812 Pte   Brown W F L/9352 Pte
Bristow L S/8933 Pte   Brown W H (MM) G/5266 Sgt
Britcher J J F G/19037 Sgt   Browne E G/568 Cpl
Britter H L 200093 Pte   Browning H N G/18420 Pte
Britton F (MM) 240926 Cpl   Brownjohn W H G L/10824 Pte
Britton F G G/12133 Pte   Bruce J R G/31306 Pte
Briveau C H G/11249 Pte   Bruce W T L/9864 Pte
Broad A P 20079 Pte   Brunger A G/3211 Pte
Broad C N G/1601 L/Cpl   Brunger A W G/4333 Pte
Broad H G/3422 Pte   Bruton A G/14921 Pte
Broad J A 1589 Cpl   Bryan J W G/16739 Pte
Broad T H G/11165 Pte   Bryan W M S/8941 Pte
Broadley W E L/11448 Pte   Bryant A G/10591 Pte
Broadwood M F   2nd Lieut   Bryant C E G/3383 Pte
Brock-Hollinshead L   Major   Bryant C F G/30043 Pte
Brockwell C R G/4647 Pte   Bryant H G/6904 Pte
Brockwell E G G/11017 Pte   Bryant J G  G/12009 Pte
Bromfield T A G/11022 Sgt   Bryant S S G/4676 Pte
Bromley E W TF/4278 Pte   Bryant T L/8734 Sgt
Bronwin H J G/511 Pte   Bryant W G/4146 Cpl
Brook C G/7419 L/Cpl   Brydon G (MM) G/4746 Sgt
Brook J G/4938 Pte   Bryett F A L/9986 Pte
Brook W G/11619 Pte   Bryne R J G/20788 Pte
Brooke F J 202203 Pte   Bryson R F G/20655 Pte

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